Bird With the Crystal Plumage

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Dalmas and Julia started to feel an inexplicable fear as the mysterious stalker shadows them every step of the way. Everywhere they go, whether it was during the day or at night, they expected to see the stalker.

Things took a sinister turn when Dalmas received a series of threatening letters from the stalker. The letters were full of aggressive and dark messages that made Dalmas and Julia extremely uncomfortable. They alerted the police, telling them that they were being targeted by a potential serial killer.

The police began to investigate, but progress was slow and the killer seemed to be one step ahead of them. Everywhere they went, the police found clues that only deepened the mystery. Photos of Julia and Dalmas were left on their doorstep, and the phone calls from the stalker only increased.

Meanwhile, Dalmas and Julia continued to feel helpless and threatened. They sought solace in each other, but the killer had become a constant presence in their lives. Most of all, they wanted to know who this killer was and why he was targeting them.

Desperate to find out who the mysterious stalker was, Dalmas and Julia decided to take matters into their own hands. They started investigating on their own in order to get to the bottom of the case. Clues began to pile up, but they still couldn’t make sense of it all.

One night, Dalmas and Julia noticed a figure lurking outside their apartment. When they tried to approach the figure, it vanished into the shadows. This made them suspect that it was the stalker, and that he was watching them.

The next day, Dalmas and Julia found more evidence that made them believe the stalker was real. They decided to set a trap to capture him. They planted wire taps in various spots around the apartment, and Dalmas made a fake recording of Julia that he would use to lure the stalker out.

The plan worked, and the stalker was eventually apprehended. It turned out that the stalker was their old neighbor, an eccentric man who had developed an obsession with Dalmas and Julia. His motive was to prove that he was better than them and wanted to make them pay for it.

Dalmas and Julia were relieved that they were finally safe again. They had faced a terrifying ordeal, but they were glad that it was finally over. Now they could go back to their lives without the fear of being followed or harassed anymore.

Some scenes from the AI movie Bird With the Crystal Plumage


Dalmas and Julia are getting ready for their day. They are both in a hurry and barely make eye contact. As they head towards the door, Dalmas pauses.


Do you feel like someone is watching us?


What? No, why?


I don’t know, I just have this feeling like someone is watching us.


It’s probably just your nerves. Come on, let’s go.

Dalmas and Julia both leave the apartment, but the feeling of being watched lingers.


As Dalmas and Julia walk down the street, they notice someone following them at a distance. The figure is wearing a hood and keeps its head down.

Dalmas and Julia nervously exchange glances and quicken their pace. The figure follows suit, but never gets too close. Both of them are filled with dread.



Dalmas and Julia enter a park in an attempt to lose their stalker. They walk quickly, but the figure follows them all the way.


We need to do something. We can’t just keep running.


I know, but what can we do?

Dalmas and Julia come to a stop and turn to face their stalker. The figure stops in its tracks and slowly raises its head.

The hood falls off, revealing the face of their old neighbor.


Hello Dalmas, Julia. It’s time for us to have a little chat.


Dalmas and Julia are standing at the front desk of the police station. The officer behind the desk is listening to their story with a skeptical expression.


You’re saying this person has been stalking you for weeks?

Dalmas and Julia both nod. They look exhausted and scared.


And you’re sure it’s this neighbor of yours?


Yes, we saw his face.


Okay, let me make a few calls and see what we can do.

The officer turns to make some calls, leaving Dalmas and Julia to wait. The minutes tick by as they nervously wait for a response.

Suddenly, the officer turns back to them with an urgent look on his face.


We have to move quickly. The suspect is seen in a nearby park. We need to apprehend him before he gets away.

Dalmas and Julia exchange a worried glance. They take a deep breath and follow the officer out of the police station.


Dalmas, Julia and the officer approach the park cautiously. Suddenly, they see the suspect standing in the middle of the park. He turns to face them, a smug smirk on his face.

The officer draws his weapon and yells at the suspect to put his hands up. The suspect just smirks and slowly raises his hands.

Suddenly, a loud shot rings out and the suspect falls to the ground. The officer slowly lowers his gun, a shocked expression on his face.

Dalmas and Julia exchange a relieved glance. The stalker is finally gone and they are safe.


Dalmas and Julia are walking home after a long day. They can finally relax, knowing that the stalker is gone for good. As they approach their apartment building, they hear a noise coming from the street corner.

Dalmas steps closer and notices a figure dressed in a hoodie standing in the shadows. He takes a deep breath and cautiously approaches the figure.


Is anyone there?

The figure stays silent, but its eyes glow in the darkness. It stares at Dalmas and Julia for a few seconds before slowly backing away and disappearing into the shadows.

Dalmas and Julia exchange a relieved glance. They have finally been set free from the clutches of their stalker.



Dalmas and Julia are packing their things, preparing to move out.


I can’t believe it’s over.


Me neither.

They both look around their apartment with sad eyes. They had been through so much here, and it’s time to move on.

Dalmas hugs Julia tightly and they both take one last look around before leaving. As they walk out, they see the figure of the stalker one last time. He is just standing there, watching them as they leave.

Dalmas and Julia take a deep breath and walk away, together.


Author: AI