Cool Runnings

A story of unlikely heroes who dared to dream, worked hard and defied the odds to make history.

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The air was thick with anticipation as the world watched the Olympic sprinting event. Cameras flashed, and fans cheered as the runners crouched into position. Among them was Derice Bannock, a Jamaican sprinting sensation who had trained relentlessly for years to make it to the Olympics.

As the starting gun sounded, Derice bolted forward with incredible speed. He was a blur, his feet pounding against the track as he surged ahead of the competition. He could feel the finish line approaching, victory within his grasp.

But then, disaster struck. In his haste to reach the finish line, Derice stumbled and fell, pulling several other runners down with him. The crowd gasped in horror, and Derice’s heart sank as he realized that his Olympic dreams were over.

Chapter 1: Disqualification

Derice sat in the locker room, staring at the ceiling in disbelief. The pain of his fall radiated through his body, but it was nothing compared to the agony of defeat. He had come so close, only to have it all ripped away in an instant. He closed his eyes, trying to shut out the sounds of celebration coming from outside.

After a few moments, he forced himself to stand up and make his way out of the locker room. He knew he had to face the media and his fans, even though he felt like a failure. As he stepped into the hallway, he was immediately surrounded by reporters, cameras pointed in his direction.

“Derice, can you tell us what happened out there?” one of them asked.

Derice took a deep breath and tried to compose himself. “I made a mistake,” he said, his voice barely above a whisper. “I lost my balance and fell. It’s as simple as that.”

“But you were the favorite to win,” another reporter chimed in. “How does it feel to let your fans down?”

Derice felt a pang of anger at the question, but he kept his emotions in check. “I’m disappointed, of course,” he said. “But I’ll keep going. There are other events, other competitions. I’ll come back stronger than ever.”

The reporters continued to barrage him with questions, but Derice tuned them out. He knew that he had to focus on the future and not dwell on his past failures. As he made his way through the crowd, he caught a glimpse of a bobsled team from the USA, laughing and joking with each other.

Derice felt a flicker of inspiration – why couldn’t Jamaica have a bobsled team? It would be something new, something different, a chance to start fresh and prove that he was still a winner. He approached the Americans and struck up a conversation, learning as much as he could about the sport. They were skeptical at first, but Derice’s enthusiasm was infectious, and soon they were joking about how a Jamaican bobsled team would be impossible.

But Derice was undeterred. He returned to Jamaica and began to assemble a team, starting with his friend and fellow sprinter, Yul Brenner. Yul was reluctant at first, but Derice reminded him of the thrill of competition and the chance to represent their country on a global stage.

Next, he recruited Junior Bevil, a talented runner who had little knowledge of bobsledding but was eager to try something new. Finally, he approached Sanka Coffie, a humorous and energetic friend who would serve as the team’s brakeman.

But the team still needed a coach – someone who could guide them through the intricacies of the sport and help them compete at the highest level. Derice approached his father, a famous bobsledder, but he refused to help, citing old grudges and a lack of interest. Derice was disappointed but undeterred. He had heard of a disgraced former U.S. bobsled coach named Irv Blitzer, who had been caught cheating during the Olympics and had been banned from the sport.

Derice tracked down Blitzer and pleaded with him to coach the Jamaican team. Blitzer initially refused, but after some persuasion, he agreed to help the team. And so, the first Jamaican bobsled team was born, with a group of unlikely athletes eager to prove themselves on the international stage.

The team faced numerous challenges and setbacks along the way, from financial issues to the constant mocking from other teams. But they persevered, with Derice leading the charge and the support of his teammates and coach. They would face fierce competition in the Winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada, but they were determined to make their mark and show the world that Jamaica had what it takes to excel in any sport, even bobsledding.

As Derice looked back on his journey, he felt a sense of pride and excitement. He had come so far from his crushing defeat in the sprinting event, and he knew that he was part of something special. The future was uncertain, but he was ready to face it head-on, with the determination and spirit that had carried him this far.

Chapter 2: “Assembling the Team”

Derice woke up early the next morning, eager to begin recruiting members for the bobsled team. Yul was his first choice, as he knew he was the fastest runner in Jamaica and had a natural talent for athletics.

Derice showed up at Yul’s house, and within minutes, the two friends were talking about the bobsled team. Yul was skeptical at first, but after listening to Derice’s plan, he began to warm up to the idea of competing in the Winter Olympics.

“We don’t have any experience with bobsledding, Derice,” Yul pointed out. “What makes you think we can compete with the best teams in the world?”

Derice smiled. “We may not have experience, but we have heart. And with hard work and dedication, we can achieve anything we set our minds to.”

Yul thought about it for a minute then nodded. “All right, count me in. But we’re going to need some more teammates.”

Derice grinned. “That’s the spirit.”

Next up was Junior Bevil, who Derice had heard was a talented runner. He found him at the track field, practicing his running form. Junior was skeptical at first, just like Yul, but after Derice explained the plan, he was onboard.

“I’ve never even seen a bobsled before,” Junior admitted.

“That’s okay,” Derice replied. “We’ll learn together.”

Sanka Coffie was the last person to join the team. Derice found him at a local café, enjoying a cup of coffee and telling stories to his friends.

“Sanka, my friend, we need your help,” Derice said, approaching him.

Sanka looked up, surprised. “What do you need?”

“We’re starting a bobsled team for the Winter Olympics, and we need a brakeman.”

Sanka let out a loud laugh. “You want me to ride on a sled at breakneck speeds? I’m in!”

Derice smiled, knowing that Sanka’s enthusiasm would be infectious for the team. “Great! We’ve got our team.”

Over the next few weeks, the team began training for bobsledding. They had no equipment, so they used a makeshift sled made out of a bathtub, wheels, and a wooden frame. Blitzer was initially hesitant to help the team, but Derice convinced him to come to see them train.

The first few attempts were disastrous. They crashed into trees, overturned the sled, and nearly injured themselves. But they never gave up, and with Blitzer’s guidance, they began to improve.

Blitzer showed them how to properly steer the sled, how to add pressure to the runners, and the importance of weight distribution when maneuvering. He also taught them how to work as a team, communicating with each other and making quick decisions.

Each team member had their own challenges to overcome. Yul struggled with his fear of heights, while Junior had trouble adjusting to the cold weather. Sanka had to work on his technique and timing, while Derice needed to learn how to calm his nerves and focus on the task at hand.

But with Blitzer’s guidance and the team’s determination, they began to make progress. They upgraded their sled, getting a proper bobsled, and started training on a real track. They participated in local competitions, gaining experience and confidence.

One day, as they were finishing up for the day, Blitzer pulled Derice aside.

“You know, you’ve got something special here,” he said. “I’ve never seen a team so motivated and dedicated.”

Derice smiled. “Thanks, coach. We’ve come a long way since that bathtub sled.”

Blitzer chuckled. “That you have. But the real test is yet to come. You’re going to face some tough competition at the Olympics.”

“We’ll be ready,” Derice replied, his eyes shining with determination.

The team continued to train hard, never losing sight of their goal. They knew that they were the underdogs, but they also knew that they had something that the other teams didn’t: heart.

Chapter 3: “The Dishonored Coach”

Derice Bannock and his newly-formed team of Jamaican bobsledders were in need of a coach, and none other than Irv Blitzer, a disgraced former U.S. bobsled coach, was their best bet. However, Blitzer had retired and was living in Jamaica, content to spend his days drinking rum on a sunny beach.

But Derice was persistent. He had heard of Blitzer’s success in coaching the U.S. bobsled team to victory years ago, and he believed that Blitzer could do the same for his team. So, he and his teammates set out to woo the retired coach.

Their first stop was the local bar, where Blitzer could usually be found. After buying him a few rounds of drinks, Derice explained the situation to Blitzer. But the former coach was not interested.

“I don’t coach no more. I’m retired,” Blitzer slurred, taking another swig of his drink.

“But coach, we need your help. We’re the first Jamaican bobsled team, and we want to make history,” pleaded Derice.

Blitzer scoffed. “History? You want to make history? You don’t know nothin’ about bobsledding, and neither do your teammates. You’re pushcart racers. You don’t have what it takes to compete with the big boys.”

Despite Blitzer’s protests, Derice refused to give up. He showed him the team’s determination and drive, and eventually, Blitzer began to soften. He agreed to meet with the team, but he had conditions.

“First things first. You gotta get me outta here. I can’t be seen mixin’ with you pushcart racers,” he said, motioning around the bar.

Derice and his team knew exactly what to do. They snuck Blitzer out of the bar and into the back of their truck, covered in a sheet to disguise his identity. They drove him to a secluded location, where Blitzer agreed to watch them practice.

The team struggled at first, crashing into walls and scraping against the ice. But Blitzer saw something in them that he hadn’t seen in years – a hunger to win. He saw flashes of his former self in Derice and his teammates; raw talent waiting to be honed.

Finally, Blitzer spoke up. “Okay, I’ll do it. But you gotta do exactly what I tell you. No questions asked. And I’m warning you now, it ain’t gonna be easy.”

Derice and his teammates agreed without hesitation. They were willing to do whatever it took to make their dreams come true.

Over the next few weeks, Blitzer put the team through intense training, pushing them to their limits and beyond. They ran, lifted weights, and practiced their bobsled technique for hours on end. Blitzer was tough, but he was also fair and encouraging. Slowly but surely, Derice and his teammates began to improve.

But Blitzer was also battling his own demons. He had been banned from coaching after cheating during the Olympics years ago, and he was still haunted by his mistake. Derice noticed the pain in his coach’s eyes and decided to confront him.

“Coach, why did you cheat?” he asked, looking Blitzer straight in the eye.

Blitzer hesitated. “It was a moment of weakness. I wanted to win so badly that I did something I shouldn’t have. But you gotta promise me, you won’t tell nobody about this.”

Derice nodded. “I won’t. But you gotta let it go, coach. You made a mistake, and you paid for it. It’s time to move on.”

Blitzer nodded, and Derice could see the weight lift from his shoulders. From then on, the team worked even harder, determined to make their coach proud.

Finally, the day of the qualifying race arrived. The Jamaican team was nervous, but they were also excited. They had come a long way from their humble beginnings as pushcart racers. Blitzer had turned them into a team to be reckoned with.

As the team climbed into their sled, Blitzer gave them one final piece of advice. “Just remember one thing, boys. A gold medal is a wonderful thing, but if you’re not enough without it, you’ll never be enough with it.”

Derice and his teammates nodded, taking in Blitzer’s words. They had come too far to let anything stand in their way. They pushed off, hurtling down the ice with a speed and grace that they had never achieved before.

They made it through the qualifying race, earning a spot in the Winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada. The team couldn’t believe it. They had done the impossible. They hugged each other and cheered, grateful for the moment and thrilled for what lay ahead.

When they returned to Jamaica, Blitzer was a changed man. He had found redemption in coaching Derice and his team, and he had helped them achieve their dreams. They prepared for the Olympics together, confident that they could take on any challenge.

Little did they know, the biggest challenge was yet to come.

Chapter 4: “Training Begins”

The Jamaican bobsled team has officially assembled, and with the help of their newly appointed coach, Irv Blitzer, they begin their training. However, they quickly realize that bobsledding is much more complicated than they initially thought, and the team finds themselves struggling to keep up with the other established bobsled teams.

The team starts their training in Jamaica, using a makeshift sled on a concrete surface, before moving onto a proper bobsled track in Calgary, Canada. Blitzer is determined to whip this team into shape, but he has his own personal struggles to contend with, including battling his past demons.

Blitzer’s past comes back to haunt him as he starts to behave erratically, exhibiting several strange behaviors, including excessive drinking and mood swings. Derice and the rest of the team start to worry about their coach’s well-being, but Blitzer brushes off their concerns, insisting that he is just under a lot of pressure to perform.

Despite Blitzer’s erratic behavior, the team is making progress, and they start to get the hang of driving the bobsled. Derice, who has emerged as the team captain, leads his team with a positive attitude, and they begin to build a strong bond.

However, the team faces several challenges along the way, including financial difficulties and the constant mockery from the other bobsled teams. Derice takes it upon himself to rally his team, reminding them of their purpose and the pride they feel representing their country, which encourages them to keep pushing through their challenges.

Another obstacle the team faces is Junior’s lack of experience in bobsledding. Despite his natural athletic ability, he struggles to keep up with the rest of the team, often causing them to crash during training runs. Blitzer advises Junior to trust his instincts and lean into the turns, which eventually helps him improve.

The team continues to train day and night, with Blitzer pushing them harder and harder. Blitzer’s dedication to the team’s success inspires the team to work harder, even though they struggle with injuries and fatigue.

The team’s progress is furthered when they get some inside help from a former Olympic bobsledder, Kurt Hemphill. Hemphill, who is now working as a TV commentator, provides the Jamaican team with valuable advice on how to improve their sled and their technique.

As the team gets closer to the Winter Olympics, the pressure to perform mounts, and Blitzer’s erratic behavior becomes more pronounced. The team becomes increasingly concerned, but they are hesitant to confront him, fearing that it may ruin their chances at the Olympics.

On the eve of the team’s departure for Calgary, Blitzer’s behavior escalates, and he disappears for several days without any explanation. The team is left with no choice but to continue practicing without their coach, hoping that he will return before the competition begins.

Finally, on the day before the competition, Blitzer resurfaces. He apologizes to the team for his behavior and tells them that he was struggling with the guilt of his past cheating during the Olympics. He assures them that he is now fully committed to helping them win the competition fair and square.

The team forgives Blitzer and thanks him for his honesty. With their coach back on track, the team heads to the bobsled competition with renewed confidence and determination. However, they are still considered underdogs, and no one expects them to win.

Will the Jamaican bobsled team be able to defy the odds and earn their place in Olympic history, or will their inexperience and Blitzer’s past mistakes bring them down? Only time will tell.

Chapter 5: “Jamaica, We Have a Bobsled Team”

The Jamaican bobsled team had qualified for the Winter Olympics, a feat that was unthinkable even just a few months ago. Derice, Yul, Junior, and Sanka were ecstatic, and the rest of the team was beyond elated. They were going to be the first Jamaican bobsled team in history to compete in the Winter Olympics.

As soon as they arrived in Calgary, they were met with skepticism and scorn from other teams and the media alike. Many believed that the team had no chance of succeeding, and they were dubbed as mere “novelty” or “joke”. The Jamaicans were unfazed by the comments, but the negativity did begin to affect their morale.

Blitzer knew that his team needed a dose of inspiration, and so he took them on a tour of the city. He showed them the Olympic Park, the Athletes’ Village, and the ski slopes where other events were being held. The team was in awe of the sights, especially Sanka, who was experiencing snow for the first time.

Blitzer pointed out the other bobsled teams, telling the Jamaicans that they were the underdogs. He reminded them that no one expected them to succeed, and that they should use their lack of experience to their advantage. This pep talk seemed to work, as the team was fired up and ready to take on the competition.

The day of the opening ceremony arrived, and the Jamaicans were dressed in their green, black, and yellow outfits. They proudly marched with the rest of the athletes, waving their country’s flag and smiling brightly. The crowd cheered them on, and the Jamaicans felt a sense of pride that they had never felt before.

The first event for the bobsled team was the two-man race. Derice and Yul were the ones who would pilot the sled, while Junior and Sanka would be the pushers. They had practiced hard for this, but nothing could prepare them for the tension and pressure of the Olympic stage.

As they stood at the starting line, all the doubts and fears resurfaced. Derice tried to focus on his breathing, but his heart was pounding so hard that it felt like it was going to burst out of his chest. Yul looked stoic, but Blitzer could see the worry etched in his eyes. Junior and Sanka exchanged a nervous glance, but they were determined to make their teammates proud.

The announcement came, “Jamaica, ready?”, and the team took their positions. It was time. Derice and Yul pushed off hard, and the sled took off at breakneck speed. The twists, turns, and accelerations of the bobsled track made the sled feel like it was on a rollercoaster, and the Jamaicans were holding on tight.

As they approached the finish line, the Jamaicans could hear a roar from the crowd. They had done it! They had completed their first run, and they had come in last place. The team was ecstatic, high-fiving and hugging each other. They had made it through their first race, and they had done it together.

The rest of the week was a blur of races, practices, and media interviews. The Jamaican team made a few mistakes, but they were learning from them. Blitzer was encouraging them every step of the way, and the team was gradually improving with each race.

On the last day of the competition, it was time for the four-man race. The Jamaican team had a lot to prove, not just to themselves, but to the rest of the world. They could feel the weight of their country’s hopes on their shoulders, but they were ready.

The race was intense, and the Jamaicans were neck and neck with the other teams. Derice and Yul were expertly steering the sled, while Junior and Sanka were pushing with all their might. The sled was gliding across the ice, and the Jamaicans knew that they were on the verge of something great.

As they crossed the finish line, the Jamaicans held their breath. The announcer called their time, and they had managed to place in the top half of the standings. The team cheered, hugging each other and jumping up and down in joy.

But the biggest surprise was yet to come. As they walked to the locker room, the Jamaican team was met with a standing ovation from the crowd. They had won over people’s hearts with their grit, determination, and humor. The team may not have won the gold, but they had won the world’s admiration.

The Jamaican bobsled team returned to their country as heroes, with parades, ceremonies, and fanfare awaiting them. They had done what no one thought was possible, and they had done it with style. The team had proven that anything was possible with hard work, dedication, and a little bit of humor.

Chapter 6: “The Big Race”

The Jamaican bobsled team had put in hours of training and preparation leading up to their first race. However, as the day approached, the nerves began to set in. Junior was the worst affected. He had never seen snow before, let alone raced on it. The thought of hurtling down a track made of ice, at speeds that could reach 90 miles an hour was almost too much to bear.

Blitzer, however, was not about to let the pressure get the best of his team. “Listen up, guys,” he said, “today is the day we show the world what Jamaica can do. We may not be the most experienced, but we have heart, and that counts for something.”

The team piled into the sled, with Derice taking his place at the front, followed by Junior, Yul, and Sanka. As they waited at the start line, the tension in the air was palpable. Derice took a deep breath and closed his eyes, trying to calm his nerves. He knew he couldn’t afford to make any mistakes.

The starter’s pistol sounded, and the Jamaican sled shot off down the track. The team held on tight as they hurtled through the curves and twists, feeling the force of the G-forces as they flew down the icy chute. Derice steered with precision, his eyes focused on the track ahead.

But as they reached the halfway point, disaster struck. The sled hit a bump and went off course, veering dangerously close to the edge of the track. Derice tried to correct their course, but it was too late. They hit the wall hard, and the sled tumbled, flipping over and over until it came to a stop.

Yul, Junior, and Sanka were thrown from the sled, tumbling down the track before finally coming to a stop. Derice, who had been trapped in the sled, managed to free himself and stumbled out, dazed but unharmed.

The team lay on the ice, stunned and in pain, as their sled was dragged off the course. Blitzer rushed over to them, his face grim. “Are you guys okay?” he asked.

“I think I broke my arm,” groaned Yul, clutching his wrist.

“My ribs feel like they’re on fire,” said Junior, grimacing in pain.

Sanka, who had taken the brunt of the impact, lay motionless, his eyes closed.

Blitzer assessed the situation and made a quick decision. “Okay, we’re out of the race for now. Let’s get you guys to the medical tent and get you patched up. We’ll be back on the track in no time.”

The team was helped to their feet and led off the track, feeling dejected and defeated. They had come all this way, only to crash out of their first race. But Blitzer wasn’t about to let them give up. He knew they had what it took to succeed, and he was determined to make it happen.

Over the next few days, the team worked tirelessly to prepare for their next race. Yul’s wrist was wrapped in a cast, and Junior’s ribs were taped up. Sanka had suffered a concussion and had to sit out for a while, but he was soon back on his feet, eager to get back on the track.

Blitzer pushed the team harder than ever, drilling them on the fundamentals of bobsledding and working to improve their technique and speed. The team was determined to make a comeback, and they poured everything they had into their training.

Their hard work paid off. When they returned to the track, they were faster and more precise than ever before. They shot down the track, carving through the curves and twists with ease, and managed to secure a respectable finish in their next race.

The team was elated. They had overcome their setback, and they knew they could compete with the best. Blitzer had proved that he was the man for the job, and the team had proven that they had what it took to succeed. They were determined to keep pushing forward, to keep fighting, and to show the world what Jamaicans can do.

Chapter 7: “Outside Pressure”

The Jamaican bobsled team was facing their biggest challenge yet. Not only were they competing in a sport they had little experience in, but they were also facing financial struggles. They had managed to raise enough money to make it to Calgary, but they needed more funds to cover their expenses.

Derice and his teammates were determined to represent Jamaica well, but they were constantly ridiculed by other teams and the media. They were seen as an embarrassment to the sport, and many people believed they didn’t belong on the track.

Their struggles were compounded when Sanka, the team’s brakeman, suffered a leg injury during training. It was a blow to the team, as Sanka was the glue that held them together with his infectious spirit and determination.

The injury meant that Sanka was unable to participate in the upcoming races, and Derice was determined to find a replacement. He scoured the Olympic Village, looking for someone who could fill Sanka’s shoes. But no one seemed to be interested in joining the Jamaican team.

The team’s spirits were low, and they began to doubt themselves. Blitzer, their coach, was also struggling. He was haunted by his past, and the pressure of coaching the Jamaican team was taking a toll on him.

Despite their struggles, the team continued to train, pushing themselves harder than ever before. They knew they had to work twice as hard as other teams to prove themselves.

But as the race drew near, the team was hit with another setback. They discovered that their bobsled was damaged, and they didn’t have the funds to repair it. It seemed as if everything was working against them, but they refused to give up.

Desperate for a solution, Derice turned to his fellow athletes in the Olympic Village. He begged, borrowed, and pleaded until he managed to scrape together enough money to repair the sled.

The day of the final race arrived, and the Jamaican team was nervous but determined. They knew they were facing fierce competition, and they were the underdogs. But they had come too far to give up now.

As they made their way to the starting line, they were met with a standing ovation from the crowd. The Jamaican team had become unlikely heroes, and the crowd was rooting for them.

The race was grueling, and the Jamaican team faced challenges at every turn. But with Blitzer’s guidance and Sanka’s cheers from the sideline, they managed to stay in the race.

As they entered the final stretch, Derice pushed his team to their limits. They gave it their all, and when they crossed the finish line, there was a moment of silence as everyone waited for the results.

When it was announced that the Jamaican team had finished in a respectable position, the crowd erupted into cheers. The team had defied the odds and proven that anything is possible with hard work and determination.

As they stood on the podium, receiving their medals, Derice looked out at the crowd and felt a sense of pride wash over him. They had not only represented their country well but had also shown the world that it’s not where you come from, but your determination to succeed that truly matters.

Chapter 8: “Overcoming Obstacles”

As the Jamaican bobsled team prepares for the final race, they face obstacles that threaten to derail their dreams of Olympic glory. Financial struggles, injuries, and mockery from other teams all weigh heavily on their shoulders. However, the team refuses to give up, and with determination and perseverance, they manage to overcome their challenges.

The night before the race, Sanka injures his leg, putting his place on the team in jeopardy. Derice is devastated, but Blitzer assures him that they will work together to find a solution. They enlist the help of a local chiropractor, and with some physiotherapy, Sanka’s leg is patched up enough for him to race.

The team also faces financial struggles, with their equipment failing and their funds running low. Blitzer, who had been living off drinks and gambling at the bar, finally comes to his senses and sells his prized bobsled, “The Night Train,” to raise some much-needed money. The team is initially upset by his decision, but they eventually understand that it was done for their benefit.

As they prepare for the race, other teams continue to mock them, referring to their lack of experience and calling them a joke. However, the Jamaicans refuse to be discouraged, and they focus on their training and preparation.

On the day of the race, the Jamaican team is nervous but determined. They take their places on the starting line, and the crowd falls silent. The other teams, who had been mocking them just hours before, now watch in awe as the underdogs of the competition push off in their sled.

The course is difficult, with twists and turns that require skill and precision. The Jamaicans struggle in the early stages, falling behind the competition. However, Blitzer’s coaching and the team’s determination keep them going.

As they near the end of the race, the Jamaican team picks up speed, overtaking other sleds and closing in on a podium position. The crowd is on their feet, cheering them on as they approach the finish line.

In a burst of energy and adrenaline, the Jamaican team crosses the finish line, their final time surprising even themselves. The crowd erupts, and the Jamaican team celebrates their unexpected success, their spirits lifted and their dreams fulfilled.

Blitzer congratulates the team, telling them that they proved that perseverance and determination can conquer even the toughest obstacles. Derice thanks him for his guidance, and the team comes together to celebrate their newfound success.

As they leave the Olympic venue, the Jamaican team reflects on their journey, from the devastating disqualification to their unexpected success. They realize that they have become more than just a bobsled team, they have become a symbol of hope and perseverance, inspiring their country and the world.

The final scene shows the Jamaican team returning to Jamaica, greeted as heroes by their countrymen. They hold their heads high, proud of what they have accomplished and the obstacles they have overcome. The music swells, and the credits roll, leaving the audience inspired and in awe of the power of human determination.

Chapter 9: “The Aftermath”

The Jamaican bobsled team returned home to a hero’s welcome. The small island country was proud of its team, who had defied the odds and represented their nation with dignity and class. Derice, Yul, Junior, and Sanka were greeted with cheers and parades, and their story made international headlines.

As they walked through the airport, a reporter approached them with a microphone in hand. “Congratulations on your success at the Olympics,” she said. “How does it feel to be heroes?”

Derice smiled. “It’s an incredible feeling,” he said. “We never expected to accomplish what we did, but we worked hard and believed in ourselves, and that’s what got us here.”

The team was whisked away to a press conference, where they were bombarded with questions from journalists eager to hear more about their journey. They answered questions about their training, their setbacks, and their triumphs, always crediting their success to their coach, Irv Blitzer, and their unwavering determination.

As the press conference ended, the team was approached by a representative from the Jamaican government. “We would like to honor you with a special ceremony,” he said. “We are so proud of what you have accomplished, and we want to show you how much your country appreciates you.”

The ceremony was held at the national stadium, with thousands of Jamaicans in attendance. The team was presented with medals and trophies, and were hailed as national treasures. They spoke to the crowd, expressing their gratitude and their hope that they had inspired a new generation of Jamaican athletes.

As the festivities died down, Derice found himself alone with Blitzer. “I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for us,” he said. “Without you, we wouldn’t be here.”

Blitzer smiled. “You did the work,” he said. “I just helped guide you. You guys are the real heroes.”

The team spent the next few weeks being feted and celebrated, but eventually, they had to return to their normal lives. Derice went back to his job as a taxi driver, Junior returned to school, and Yul went back to his farm. But their experiences in Calgary had changed them forever.

One day, Derice received a call from a coach in the United States, inviting him to join a professional bobsled team. It was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up, and he left Jamaica to pursue his dream. Junior and Yul also received offers to compete in international competitions, and Sanka started a bobsled school to teach the next generation of Jamaican athletes.

As time passed, the Jamaican bobsled team became a symbol of hope and perseverance. Their story was turned into a movie, inspiring millions around the world. But for Derice, Yul, Junior, and Sanka, their success was more than just a Hollywood ending. It was a reminder that anything is possible if you work hard and believe in yourself.

Some scenes from the movie Cool Runnings written by A.I.

Scene 1



We see Jamaican sprinter Derice Bannock on the track, getting ready for his race. Cameras from around the world are trained on him, and the excitement is palpable.

DERICE: (to himself) You got this, Derice. You’ve been training for this moment your entire life. Just stay focused and run your heart out.

The starting gun fires, and Derice takes off like a bullet. He quickly outpaces the other runners and seems to be on track for a gold medal finish. But just as he is about to cross the finish line, disaster strikes.

One of his shoes comes untied, and he trips and falls, sliding to a halt on the ground. The crowd gasps in horror, and Derice lays there stunned.

DERICE: (to himself) No, this can’t be happening. I can’t lose because of a stupid shoelace.

The medics rush onto the track and check him over, but it’s clear that he won’t be able to continue. Derice is disqualified from the race and led away in tears.



Derice sits alone on the sand, staring out at the ocean. He’s lost and unsure of what to do next.

YUL: (off-screen) Hey, what’s up man?

Derice turns to see his friend Yul Brenner approaching him.

YUL: You look like you just lost your best friend.

DERICE: (sighing) I pretty much did. I was disqualified from the Olympics because of a stupid shoelace.

YUL: Damn, man. That sucks. But you’re still an amazing athlete. You’ll bounce back.

DERICE: I don’t know, Yul. I’ve been training for this my whole life. I don’t know what else to do.

YUL: (smiling) How about bobsledding?

Derice looks at Yul incredulously.

DERICE: Bobsledding?

YUL: Yeah man, I saw it on TV the other day. There’s a bobsled team from the US that’s all black. They’re breaking all kinds of records. I think we could do the same thing.

Derice is hesitant at first, but Yul manages to convince him.

DERICE: Okay, let’s do it. Let’s start the first Jamaican bobsled team.


End of scene.

Scene 2

Scene 2: Assembling the Team



DERICE BANNOCK, a charismatic young Jamaican sprinter, is frantically pacing back and forth in his living room, trying to come up with a plan to salvage his dream of Olympic glory after his disqualification. Suddenly, his best friend, YUL BRENNER, bursts through the door.


Hey man, I heard about what happened. You alright?


(motions towards the TV)

Does it look like I’m alright? I just got disqualified from the Olympics!



I know it’s tough, but you can’t give up on your dream. You gotta find another way to make it happen.

DERICE looks at YUL, the two friends exchange a knowing look before both having the same idea.



I got it! We’re gonna start a bobsled team!



What the hell is a bobsled?



It’s like a sled on steroids, man! We’ll just slide down the ice and see if we can outrun the other teams.



Oh, is that all?

DERICE and YUL then come up with the idea to recruit other runners to join their team, including JUNIOR BEVIL, who is younger and inexperienced, and SANKA COFFIE, a laid-back, yet enthusiastic guy, who will serve as the team’s brakeman.

DERICE begins to make phone calls to gather the team, with YUL helping to convince JUNIOR and SANKA to join.

The scene ends with the four team members sitting around a table, talking about the future of their bobsled team.



Alright, guys, let’s do this! We’re gonna be the first Jamaican bobsled team!



I don’t know, this seems like a crazy idea.



Crazy? Yes. But it’s gonna work out just fine.



We’ll be the fastest Jamaican bobsled team ever!

The four friends shake hands and give each other a nod of determination – their adventure towards Olympic glory has officially begun.


Scene 3



Derice Bannock walks through the bustling streets of Kingston, clutching a piece of paper tightly in his hand. He looks up at the tall buildings around him, feeling small and insignificant.


(to himself)

You can do this, Derice. You just need to find the coach.

He spots a group of men gathered around a television set, cheering loudly. Curious, he approaches them and looks over their shoulders at the screen.


Irv Blitzer, a former Olympic bobsled coach, is being interviewed on a sports channel.


(interviewed on TV)

I made a mistake, and I paid for it. But I’m older and wiser now.

Derice’s eyes light up with hope.


(to himself)

That’s him! That’s the coach I need!

He quickly makes his way to a nearby payphone and dials a number.





Coach Blitzer, this is Derice Bannock from Jamaica. I need your help.



Jamaica? I’m not sure I can help you.



Please, Coach, I have a dream. I want to start the first Jamaican bobsled team, and I need your expertise to make it happen.



Alright, meet me at the airport tomorrow morning. We’ll talk.

Derice hangs up the phone, smiling to himself.


(to himself)

We’re going to the Olympics!


Scene 4

Scene 1: “Training Begins”


We open on Derice and his team, huddled together on the ice rink as Irv Blitzer assesses their progress.


Alright, let’s see what you’ve got. On my mark. Three, two, one, go!

The team quickly jumps into action, working together to push their bobsled towards the finish line.


Remember, the key to bobsledding is precision and timing. You need to work as one unit.

As the team continues to practice, it becomes clear that they still have a lot to learn.


(to Irv)

Irv, how are we supposed to compete against teams with years of experience?


You’ve got heart, kid. And that’s something they can never teach.

Sanka loses his balance, causing the team to stumble.



Sorry guys, I’ll get it next time.

Yul steps forward, offering words of encouragement.


You’re doing great, Sanka. We’ll nail it by the time the Olympics hit.

As the team resumes their training, we see shots of them making small improvements. Derice takes the lead, shouting commands and leading the team towards the finish line. By the end of the session, they’ve managed to complete the course in record time.


That’s what I like to see! Keep pushing yourselves, and we’ll do just fine.

As the team exits the ice rink, they share high-fives and smiles of accomplishment. Despite their lack of experience, they’re determined to make their mark on the bobsledding world.

Scene 5



Derice and his team enter the stadium, surrounded by a cheering crowd. They are wearing bright green, yellow, and black uniforms with the words “Jamaica Bobsled Team” emblazoned on them.


(to his team)

“This is it, guys. We made it to the Olympics!”



“I still can’t believe it. We’re actually here.”



“Do you think we’re ready for this?”



“Of course we are, man! We’ve been training like crazy.”

The team walks past other bobsled teams, who look at them skeptically.


(to his team)

“Look at these guys. They don’t belong here. They’re gonna embarrass themselves.”

DERICE overhears the comment and stops in his tracks.


(turning to the American coach)

“Excuse me?”



“Oh, I’m sorry. Did I hurt your feelings?”


(standing his ground)

“You know what? We may not have as much experience as you guys, but we have something you don’t.”


(raising an eyebrow)

“And what’s that?”




The Jamaican team walks away, leaving the American coach and his team in shock.


The team sits around a table, staring at the TV that’s showing various bobsled teams practicing on the ice track.


(addressing the team)

“Alright, boys. Listen up. We’re in a tough spot here. But we have one advantage over the other teams.”


(leaning forward)

“What’s that, coach?”



“We’re Jamaican. We’re born with rhythm, and that’s gonna help us on the track.”



“Rhythm, coach?”



“Yep. You need rhythm to steer that sled properly. And nobody has more rhythm than a Jamaican. So let’s use that to our advantage.”



“Alright, guys. Let’s show them what we’re made of!”

The team stands up and breaks into a catchy Jamaican song, swaying their hips rhythmically.


Scene 6



Derice, Yul, Junior, and Sanka stand at the top of the bobsled track, preparing for their first race. Blitzer checks their equipment and gives them some last-minute advice.


Alright, gentlemen, this is it. Remember everything we’ve worked on. Stay low and keep your heads down. And most importantly, have fun.

Sanka grins and slaps Derice on the back.


The Jamaican bobsled team is ready to go!

The team takes their positions and gets ready to start the race.


And now, representing Jamaica, the first-time bobsled team led by Derice Bannock.

The starter gun goes off, and the team pushes their sled down the track. They struggle to keep their balance as they hit some bumps and curves, but Blitzer’s coaching helps them navigate through each obstacle.


(voice trembling)

This is insane.



This is bobsledding, mon!

The team speeds down the track, the wind whipping through their hair. They approach the last curve, and Derice feels them losing control.


We’re going to crash!


(holding on tight)

Hold on! We can make it!

The sled skids sideways and almost flips, but the team manages to regain control and cross the finish line.

The crowd erupts into cheers as the team celebrates their first race.



We did it! We really did it!



Not bad for a bunch of Jamaicans, huh?



Kiss my egg!

The team laughs and hugs each other, basking in their small victory.


Scene 7



The Jamaican bobsled team walks through the village, and the camera focuses on Sanka Coffie, who limps slightly as he walks. Derice holds him up, and Yul walks behind them, looking around at the other athletes.



Man, look at these guys. They think they’re so much better than us.


(whispering back)

Hey, focus on us. We got this.

Sanka stops, wincing in pain, and leans against a wall.


Guys, I can’t do this. My leg hurts too much.


You can’t give up now, Sanka. We need you.


Just take it easy, man. We’ll figure something out.

Suddenly, a voice interrupts the group.


Hey, Jamaican bobsled team!

The team turns to see a group of athletes from a rival team standing nearby, sneering at them.



I heard your brakeman can’t even walk anymore. Looks like you guys don’t stand a chance.

Derice steps forward, ready to defend his team.


We’ll show you who the real underdogs are.

The rival athletes laugh and walk away, and the camera lingers on the Jamaican team, looking determined but unsure.



The Jamaican team is gathered in their room, looking exhausted and disheartened.


(to the team)

I know things aren’t going our way right now, but we can’t let that get us down. We need to focus on our training and stay positive, no matter what.


But how can we stay positive when we’re the laughingstock of the Olympics?


Because we’re more than that. We’re Jamaicans, and we’re here to prove everyone wrong. That’s what makes us so special.

The team looks at each other, sharing a silent determination.



The Jamaican team is practicing on the track, and Sanka is bracing himself against the back of the sled, looking pained.


(to Sanka)

You okay back there?



I’ll manage.

Yul turns to Derice, looking concerned.


We can’t let Sanka get hurt any worse. We need to find a solution.



I have an idea.



The team is in a sports store, looking at various supplies.


(picking up a wheelchair)

This might work. Sanka can use this instead of walking.



You want me to ride in this thing?


It’s worth a shot.



The team practices again, and Sanka is now sitting in the wheelchair, looking much more comfortable.


(to Sanka)

How does it feel?



Like I’m ready to win.

The team lines up at the top of the track, ready to make their run.



The announcers are watching the Jamaican team on the monitor.



Look at the Jamaicans, they can’t even walk.


But they’re determined, you have to give them that.



The team makes their run, and the camera focuses on Sanka, who is smiling and cheering as they make their way down the track.



The team is gathered in their room, looking elated.


We did it, guys!


And we’re not done yet. The finals are still ahead of us.



And with the way we’re going, we might just win this thing.

The camera lingers on the team, looking confident and determined.


Scene 8



The Jamaican bobsled team prepares for the final race. Derice, Yul, Junior, and Sanka huddle together, trying to calm their nerves.


Alright guys, this is it. We’ve come this far, and we’re not going to let anything stop us now. Let’s show them what we’re made of.


You got it, man. We got this.


I don’t know about you guys, but I’m feeling good. Let’s do this.


Cool runnings, mon. Cool runnings.

Irv Blitzer approaches the team, a look of pride on his face.


You guys have done me proud. No matter what happens out there, you’ve already won in my book.


Thanks, coach.


Now go out there and give it your all.

The team makes their way to their sled and takes their positions. Derice is in front, Yul behind him, Junior behind Yul, and Sanka in the back.


Alright, boys, let’s make history.

The sled starts moving, and they fly down the track, twisting and turning at breakneck speed.


The team holds on tight, their faces a mix of fear and excitement. They navigate the track with precision, dodging other sleds and avoiding crashes.


We’re doing it! We’re really doing it!


I told you, mon. Cool runnings.


Not yet, guys. We’re not done.


The crowd cheers as the Jamaican sled crosses the finish line, setting a new personal best.


And the Jamaican bobsled team finishes with a time of three minutes and fifty seconds! They may not have won the gold, but they’ve won the hearts of millions!

The team celebrates, high-fiving and hugging each other.


We did it, guys. We really did it.


I can’t believe it.


I knew we could do it.


That was one wild ride, mon.

Irv Blitzer joins them, a huge smile on his face.


You guys were amazing. I couldn’t be prouder.


Thanks, coach. We couldn’t have done it without you.


Nonsense. You guys did all the hard work. I just pointed you in the right direction.

The team takes a victory lap around the stadium, waving to the crowd. They may not have won the gold, but they’ve achieved something far more valuable – the respect and admiration of the world.


Author: AI