The Running Man

In a world where survival is the only option, Ben Richards fights for truth, justice, and his chance at freedom.

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By 2017, the world had changed drastically. The global economy had collapsed, and the United States had become a totalitarian police state. The government had taken control of all cultural activities and silenced any opposition. The citizens were living in fear, afraid to speak out and express their opinions.

To pacify the population, the government created game shows that featured convicted criminals fighting for their lives. The most popular of these games was The Running Man, hosted by the ruthless Damon Killian. In this game, runners had to evade stalkers and certain death for a chance to be pardoned and set free.

But not all of the runners were criminals. Ben Richards was a former police officer who had been wrongly accused of a massacre. He was sent to The Running Man despite being innocent. Now, he must survive the game and expose the truth behind his conviction.

Chapter 1:

The sun had set behind the towering buildings of Los Angeles, casting a dark shadow over the desolate streets. The air was thick with the stench of pollution and decay. Ben Richards walked down the deserted sidewalk, his hands shoved deep in his pockets.

He had been walking for hours, trying to avoid any confrontations with the police. Ever since the government had taken control, the police had become more aggressive and less forgiving. One wrong move, and Ben could find himself locked up in a cell, accused of a crime he didn’t commit.

Ben had been a police officer himself once, before he was framed for a massacre. The government had accused him of shooting innocent civilians, even though he had no recollection of doing so. The evidence against him was fabricated, and the trial was a sham.

He had been sentenced to participate in The Running Man, a game show that promised freedom to any convict who survived the challenges. The game was brutal, and many runners died in the process. But Ben knew he had to survive if he wanted to prove his innocence.

As he walked, he saw a flicker of light in the distance. Curiosity getting the better of him, he made his way towards it. As he got closer, he saw that it was a TV screen, broadcasting the latest episode of The Running Man.

He watched as a runner was chased by a stalker, a former hockey player turned killer. The runner barely made it out alive, but the audience cheered and applauded. Ben felt sick to his stomach. How could they find entertainment in the suffering of others?

But his thoughts were interrupted as he heard footsteps coming towards him. He turned to face a group of police officers, their weapons drawn.

“Freeze!” one of them yelled. “Put your hands up and don’t move!”

Ben hesitated for a moment, then slowly raised his hands. He knew he was in trouble.

Chapter 2:

Ben Richards, a former cop, has been wrongly accused of mass murder and sentenced to participate in The Running Man, a deadly game show where criminals must fight for their lives against trained killers for a chance at freedom. As Ben wakes up in the game’s compound, he is introduced to his fellow runners, but before he can get to know them, he is taken to meet his first stalker, Sub-Zero.

Sub-Zero is a former hockey player turned killer, armed with a sharpened hockey stick, wearing a helmet with embedded blades, and a full suit of Kevlar armor. The crowd goes wild as Sub-Zero enters the arena, and Ben’s heart races as he realizes the true danger he is in.

The Running Man is broadcasted all over the country, and the audience is encouraged to interact with the show by betting on the outcome and even offering suggestions to the stalkers on how to kill the runners. The set of the show is lavish, with neon lights, flamethrowers, and a large video screen broadcasting the action.

With a nod from Damon Killian, the show’s host, the game begins. Ben runs for his life, dodging and weaving through the maze of steel containers and metal scaffolding, with Sub-Zero hot on his heels. As the stalker gains on him, Ben comes up with an idea. He leads Sub-Zero into a narrow passageway and manages to knock him down with a metal pole.

Believing to have won, Ben continues running, not realizing that a new stalker, Buzzsaw, is now after him. Buzzsaw is a maniacal killer with a chainsaw as his weapon. Ben’s fellow runners try to warn him, but it’s too late. Buzzsaw appears behind Ben, revving up the chainsaw, ready to slice him in half.

Ben dodges at the last second, and Buzzsaw gets his chainsaw stuck in the metal container. Ben seizes the opportunity, grabbing Buzzsaw’s chainsaw and turning it against him. The crowd cheers as Ben defeats Buzzsaw, and Damon Killian comments on how entertaining it is to watch Ben fight for his life.

As Ben regroups with his fellow runners, they discuss their plan to take down the game show and expose the truth of the government’s corruption. They know they have to be careful, as any wrong move could mean certain death. They continue forward with caution, always on high alert for any new stalkers who might be sent after them.

As they journey through The Running Man compound, Ben and his team encounter more stalkers, including Dynamo, a flamboyant opera singer armed with an electric weapon, and Fireball, a pyrotechnic expert, who can shoot fireballs from his hands. Ben and his team must remain vigilant and outsmart their deadly pursuers.

The more Ben learns about The Running Man, the more he realizes the extent of the government’s control over society. The game show serves as a distraction from the real issues plaguing the country, and the government uses it to pacify the population. Ben knows that he needs to fight for his freedom, but more importantly, he needs to fight for the truth.

As the chapter comes to a close, Ben and his team are still on the run, but they are growing stronger and more determined as they uncover the reality behind the game show. The Running Man is just the beginning of their journey, and they know that they must work together if they want to make a difference in their world.

Chapter 3:

As the runners continued on their journey in The Running Man game show, they were hunted by more stalkers, each with their own unique set of deadly skills. Buzzsaw, a chainsaw-wielding maniac with a twisted grin, was the next stalker to come after Ben and his team.

As they saw Buzzsaw approach, they quickly realized that he was a fierce opponent. He revved up his chainsaw, ready to tear them apart. Ben and his team scattered, trying to avoid the brunt of Buzzsaw’s attacks.

Ben quickly realized that he needed to think strategically. He picked up a metal pole and used it to parry Buzzsaw’s chainsaw. With every swing, the sparks flew and the noise was deafening. Ben knew that he had to be quick on his feet, as Buzzsaw’s chainsaw could easily slice through him if he made a wrong move.

Meanwhile, Amber, a fellow runner, took out a small handgun and fired at Buzzsaw. Her shots were accurate, but they hardly made a dent in the stalker’s protective gear. Buzzsaw laughed maniacally as he continued to chase the runners.

The runners realized that they needed to work together to take down Buzzsaw. Dynamo, a flamboyant opera singer with a powerful electric weapon, stepped up to help. He blasted Buzzsaw with his weapon, causing him to stumble.

Amber took this opportunity to dart in and plant an explosive on Buzzsaw’s back. The runners quickly retreated, taking cover behind some rubble. They waited for the explosive to detonate, hoping that it would take down the heavily-armored stalker.

The explosion was deafening, and the runners emerged from their cover to see the aftermath. Buzzsaw’s body was lying on the ground, his chainsaw still whirring. They cautiously approached him, making sure that he was truly defeated.

As they moved on to the next part of the game, they encountered another stalker: Dynamo. His electric powers were formidable, and he was intent on taking down the runners.

Ben and his team quickly realized that they needed to use their wits to defeat Dynamo. They dodged his blasts of lightning and tried to lead him into a trap. They lured him to a large pool of water, and Ben pushed him in. The electrically charged water caused him to short circuit, and he was defeated.

The runners continued to face new challenges and stalkers as they made their way through The Running Man. They knew that the stakes were high, and that they needed to keep fighting to survive.

But as they faced each new challenge, they also began to uncover the truth behind The Running Man game show. They realized that it was rigged against them, and that their chances of winning were slim.

Ben and his team knew that they needed to expose the truth and take down the corrupt government behind the game show. The stakes were higher than ever before, but they were determined to bring justice to the oppressed society.

Chapter 4: The Game Gets Deadlier

As the runners make their way through the deadly obstacles of The Running Man, they come to realize that the game is becoming more and more difficult. Damon Killian, the show’s host, is determined to keep the ratings high by making the game even more deadly.

The runners have already faced off against some of the game’s most deadly stalkers, including Sub-Zero, Buzzsaw, and Dynamo. But now, they are introduced to a new set of stalkers, each with their unique and deadly abilities.

The first new stalker is Captain Freedom, a former professional wrestler turned killer. Captain Freedom is a giant of a man, towering over the other stalkers with his massive size and impressive physique. He wears a skin-tight spandex suit that shows off his bulging muscles, and carries a massive steel chain as his weapon of choice.

The second new stalker is Fireball, a pyrotechnic expert who uses his skills to create deadly explosions and traps. Fireball wears a suit covered in explosive devices, giving him the ability to create massive blasts that can kill runners in an instant.

As the runners are introduced to the new stalkers, they realize that they are facing a much tougher challenge than they had ever anticipated. With each new stalker, the game becomes more and more deadly, and the runners must adapt quickly if they want to survive.

Ben and his team decide to split up, each taking a different path through the game. They know that the stalkers are watching their every move, so they try to stay one step ahead by taking unexpected routes and devising clever strategies to outsmart their enemies.

But even with their best efforts, the runners soon find themselves in the path of Captain Freedom and Fireball. The two stalkers work together, using their unique abilities to create a deadly trap that the runners struggle to escape.

Ben and his team are forced to fight for their lives against the two stalkers, using all their skills and weapons to stay alive. With Captain Freedom’s massive strength and Fireball’s explosive devices, the runners are pushed to their limits.

In the end, the runners manage to defeat the stalkers and escape the trap. But they know that there are more challenges ahead, and that they must stay vigilant if they want to survive.

As the game continues, the runners face off against more deadly stalkers, including a group of trained snipers and a team of fighters equipped with deadly martial arts skills. With each passing day, the game becomes more challenging, and the runners are pushed to their limits.

But despite the odds, Ben and his team remain determined to expose the truth behind The Running Man game and bring an end to the corrupt government that created it. They know that the road ahead will be difficult, but they are ready to face whatever challenges come their way.

Chapter 5:

The runners’ plan to take down The Running Man game show and expose the truth behind it was in jeopardy, as they discovered a traitor amidst their group. Ben Richards, the leader of the runners, knew that time was of the essence and that they couldn’t afford to waste any more of it.

They had been on the run for days, hiding from the stalkers and the government’s forces, but now they had to deal with an even more dangerous threat: their own paranoia. The runners’ trust in each other had been shaken, and Ben knew that it could lead to their downfall.

They were holed up in an abandoned building, trying to come up with a plan to flush out the traitor and continue their mission. The mood was tense, and everyone was on edge. Ben decided to call a meeting with the group to address the issue.

“Alright, people, we need to talk,” Ben began. “We have reason to believe that there’s a traitor among us. We need to figure out who it is and deal with them before they compromise our mission.”

The other runners exchanged nervous glances but remained silent. They knew that they had to be careful with their words.

“I don’t know about you guys, but I think we should vote on who we think the traitor is,” said Amber, a skilled hacker and one of the runners.

“Voting is too risky,” replied Ben. “The traitor might be able to sway the results in their favor. We need to gather more evidence before we decide on anything.”

The group agreed on this, and they set out to investigate each other. It was a difficult task, as they had all been through so much together, and it was hard to imagine any of them betraying the others.

Days went by, with no progress in their investigation. The runners grew more and more paranoid, and tensions began to rise. Then, one night, they heard a noise outside their hideout. They all grabbed their weapons and prepared to defend themselves.

“Who’s out there?” shouted Ben.

“It’s me, Carl,” came the reply.

Carl was one of the runners, and he had gone out to scavenge for supplies. The group breathed a collective sigh of relief and let him in.

But Ben couldn’t shake the feeling that something was off. He had a hunch that Carl might be the traitor. He decided to confront him in private.

“Carl, can I talk to you for a second?” Ben asked.

“Sure, what’s up?”

“I just wanted to ask you some questions about our mission. I noticed that you’ve been acting a little strange lately, and I wanted to make sure everything’s okay.”

Carl shifted uncomfortably. “Yeah, everything’s fine. Why do you ask?”

“I don’t know. It’s just that I feel like there’s something you’re not telling us. Is there anything you want to confess?”

Carl’s face contorted with anger. “What are you trying to say, Ben? That I’m the traitor? That I’ve been working with the government this whole time?”

Ben remained calm. “I’m not saying anything for sure. I just want to clear the air and make sure we’re all on the same page.”

Carl stormed out of the room, and Ben knew that he had hit a nerve. He shared his suspicions with the others, and they decided to keep a closer eye on Carl.

The next day, they caught him trying to sneak out of the hideout. He had a radio transmitter on him, and it was clear that he had been communicating with the government all along.

“You son of a bitch!” shouted Amber, as she lunged at Carl. The others held her back, as Carl struggled to explain himself.

“I had no choice,” he said. “They promised me a full pardon if I helped them catch you guys. I didn’t want to do it, but I had no other options.”

Ben felt a mix of anger and pity for Carl. He knew what it was like to be backed into a corner. But he also knew that they couldn’t let him jeopardize their mission any further.

“I’m sorry, Carl,” said Ben, as he lifted his gun. “But we can’t take any chances. You made your choice, and now you have to face the consequences.”

Carl looked up at Ben, with a mixture of fear and betrayal in his eyes. “Please, Ben, don’t do this.”

But it was too late. Ben pulled the trigger, and Carl fell to the ground, lifeless.

The other runners looked on in shock and horror. They knew that this was the price of their rebellion, and that there would be more sacrifices to come. But they also knew that they had to push on, no matter what the cost.

The traitor was dead, but their mission was far from over. They still had to take down The Running Man and expose the corrupt government behind it. And they would do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Chapter 6:

As the runners make their way to the control center, they could hear the sound of sirens getting louder. The alarm must have been activated when they broke into the game’s restricted areas. They knew they had to work fast and get out before the security forces arrived.

They reached the control room door, and Ben tried to open it with the access code he obtained from the late technician. The door beeped and unlocked. They carefully entered the room, expecting to find a team of guards waiting for them. But to their surprise, the room was empty.

Inside the control room, they saw rows of monitors showing different areas of the game show. The screens were filled with images of the runners and the stalkers in action. The runners’ eyes widened as they saw themselves on the screens, realizing that they were being watched and broadcasted to millions of viewers.

“Keep an eye on the door,” Ben instructed the others as he worked on the computer terminal. He quickly accessed the system’s files and retrieved the evidence he needed to expose the game show’s corrupt nature. He found proof that the government rigged the game show to manipulate the public’s perception and maintain their power over society.

A loudspeaker crackled to life, and they heard the voice of Damon Killian. “Well, well, well, Mr. Richards. I see you have made it to my little control room. What do you think of my little operation?”

Ben gritted his teeth, “You’re going to pay for what you’ve done, Killian. The whole nation will know the truth about your game show.”

Killian laughed, “Oh, Mr. Richards. You’re so naive. Do you really think the people will believe you? They love The Running Man. They need it. It’s their only escape from the drudgery of their lives.”

Ben shook his head, “They will know the truth, and they will rise up against the government, against you and everyone like you.”

Killian’s tone turned dark, “I wouldn’t be so sure, Mr. Richards. You see, I have a little insurance policy that might change your mind.”

Suddenly, one of the monitors showed Amber Mendez, Ben’s friend, and former co-worker at the network. She was surrounded by Killian’s henchmen, who were holding her captive.

“Amber!” Ben shouted. “What have you done to her?”

Killian smirked, “She’s my guest of honor tonight. I thought she might enjoy watching you die on live TV, Mr. Richards.”

Ben’s blood boiled, and he shouted, “You son of a bitch!” He lunged forward and grabbed the microphone.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the TV audience, I have a stunning announcement to make. The Running Man has been rigged from the start. The contestants are prisoners who have been coerced into participating. They are promised a pardon if they survive, but of course, no one ever has. The stalkers are not the champions they appear to be, but are in fact, deadly criminals who have been given a chance to live if they kill the runners.”

The runners looked on in shock as Ben’s voice boomed across the game show’s speakers. They knew they had taken a monumental risk, and now the fate of the entire nation lay in their hands.

Killian’s face contorted with rage, and he ordered his henchmen to silence Ben and the runners. The door burst open, and guards flooded into the room, brandishing weapons.

The runners fought back with all their might, but they were outnumbered and outgunned. They were cornered and about to be gunned down when suddenly, the screen behind them flickered to life.

It was Amber. She had somehow managed to hack into the game’s system and change the broadcast’s feed. The nation was watching them live as they fought for their lives.

“Amber!” Ben shouted. “You did it!”

Amber smiled, “I knew you could do it, Ben. Now finish the job. The whole nation is watching you.”

Ben nodded and with newfound strength, rallied the runners to fight back against Killian’s thugs. They engaged in a fierce battle, dodging bullets, and using the game’s death traps against their attackers.

Finally, Ben unleashed his fury on Killian himself. The two engaged in a brutal fight to the death, with the TV audience watching every moment of it. Ben emerged victorious, holding Killian’s lifeless body in his arms.

The runners stood triumphant, their mission accomplished. They had exposed the corrupt government and the game show, and they had given the nation a chance to reclaim its freedom. The TV screen behind them went blank, signaling that the game was over.

Ben looked around at the other runners, and they all exchanged nods of mutual respect and admiration. They were a band of survivors who had beaten the odds and overcome the impossible.

As they made their way out of the control room, Ben knew that their fight was not yet over. They still had to face the repercussions of their actions, but for now, they could hold their heads high, knowing that they had stood up to tyranny and fought for what was right. The nation would never forget their bravery, and they would always be remembered as the runners who dared to fight back.

Chapter 7:

As the dust settles from the final battle, Ben Richards stands victorious over the corpse of Damon Killian. The nation watches as he delivers a final speech, denouncing the government that had forced him into the death game and calling for revolution.

The crowd erupts in cheers and chants, and Ben feels a sense of satisfaction that he had never before known. Finally, his name is cleared, and he is no longer a criminal on the run. The world is changed, and he had played a part in it.

But as the adrenaline wears off, Ben feels lost. His entire life had been leading up to this moment, to proving his innocence and taking down the corrupt system. But now that it’s over, what’s left for him?

He wanders the streets, surrounded by a sea of supporters and well-wishers, but he feels alone. He had sacrificed everything for this cause, including his own identity. Who was he now that he no longer had to run for his life?

As he reflects on his past, Ben remembers the people he had lost along the way. His wife and daughter had been taken from him, and he had been wrongly accused of their murders. He had never been able to properly grieve for them, always on the run and fighting for survival.

But now, he has the chance to honor their memory. He resolves to build a new life for himself, based on the values he had fought for all along. He sets out with the other runners, forging a new path for themselves and the future of their country.

Together, they plan to dismantle the oppressive regime that had once held them captive. They work tirelessly to spread the truth about the horrors of The Running Man game, and the complicity of the government.

As the months pass, the movement grows stronger and more united. Ben finds himself surrounded by friends and allies who share his vision for a better future. And he doesn’t feel alone anymore.

Finally, the day comes when the corrupt government falls. A new system is put in place, one that values freedom and justice for all. Ben feels a sense of closure, knowing that his sacrifices had helped pave the way for this new era.

In the end, it wasn’t just about survival or vindication. It was about creating a better world for everyone. Ben Richards had fought for his own freedom, but in doing so, he had also fought for the freedom of others.

And as he looks out at the bright new dawn of the future, he knows that the sacrifices he had made were worth it. He had found a new purpose, one that was greater than himself.

The end.

Some scenes from the movie The Running Man written by A.I.

Scene 1

Genre: Action, Science-Fiction, Thriller

Logline: In a totalitarian society where game shows feature convicted criminals fighting for their lives, a former police officer must survive The Running Man to expose the truth and clear his name.


Ben Richards – A former police officer wrongly convicted of a massacre and sent to The Running Man game show.

Damon Killian – The ruthless host of The Running Man who will stop at nothing to keep the ratings high.

Amber Mendez – A network employee who helps Ben in his mission to expose the truth.

Sub-Zero – The first stalker Ben faces in The Running Man game.



Ben Richards sits in a courtroom as the judge reads out his sentence.


“Ben Richards, you have been found guilty of the massacre at Bakersfield. You are hereby sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.”

Ben’s face falls in disbelief. He looks towards the gallery where his wife and daughter are sitting. Tears stream down their faces.


“I didn’t do it! I’m innocent!”

The guards drag Ben out of the courtroom. As he walks down the hallway, he overhears two reporters talking.


“Did you see the latest episode of The Running Man? It’s the highest-rated show yet!”


“I know, right? Those stalkers are something else. They should bring back the Butcher of Bakersfield as a stalker.”

Ben’s eyes widen in horror at the mention of his alleged crime.



Ben sits alone in his cell, staring at the wall. Suddenly, he hears a commotion in the hallway. The cell door opens, and two guards enter.


“Get up, Richards. You’re being transferred.”

Ben stands up, thinking this might be his chance to clear his name.



Ben is brought into a room with a group of other prisoners. They are all handcuffed and staring at a TV screen on the wall.


“Welcome to The Running Man, where convicted criminals fight for their lives for a chance at freedom. I’m your host, Damon Killian.”

Ben’s heart sinks as he realizes what’s happening. He’s been sent to The Running Man game show.



Ben and the other runners are dropped into the arena. The cheers of the crowd are deafening as they watch the game show on TV screens.


“And let the games begin! Our first stalker, Sub-Zero!”

Ben sees a man dressed in hockey gear skating towards him, carrying a large razor-sharp blade.


“Time to skate, Richards!”

Ben runs for his life as Sub-Zero chases him around the arena. He dodges Sub-Zero’s attacks, barely managing to avoid the deadly blade.

As Sub-Zero gains on him, Ben sees a piece of metal on the ground. He picks it up and throws it at Sub-Zero, hitting him in the head and knocking him out.

Ben rejoices in his victory, but he knows it’s only the beginning. The Running Man has just started, and he must fight for his life if he wants to survive and clear his name.


Scene 2


The sun beats down on the deserted streets of the abandoned city.

BEN RICHARDS, a former police officer turned runner, crouches behind a trash bin, his eyes scanning the surroundings. He’s joined by three other runners, AMBER, HAROLD and TONY.


What do we do now? We can’t just keep running.


We need to find a way out of the city.


But all the exits are blocked off. How do we get out?


We need to find a way to break through the blockade.

Suddenly, a loud roar fills the air. The runners look up to see a helicopter hovering above, its searchlights sweeping the area.


It’s one of Killian’s choppers. We need to hide!

The runners scatter, ducking into alleys and behind buildings. Ben runs into a nearby store, slamming the door shut behind him.


Ben takes a moment to catch his breath, his hand resting on his chest. He looks up to see a young boy, JIMMY, eyeing him warily.


Hey, it’s okay. I’m not going to hurt you.


Who are you?


My name is Ben. I’m one of the runners.


I’ve seen the game on TV. Are you going to die?


No, not if I can help it. But I need your help. Do you know any way out of the city?

Jimmy nods and points to a door in the back of the store.


The sewers. But it’s dangerous. There’s things down there.


We don’t have a choice. Can you show me the way?

Jimmy hesitates, then nods, leading Ben to the back of the store.


As the helicopter flies overhead, Ben and Jimmy slip into the sewers, the stench overpowering.


Be careful. There’s things down here.


What kind of things?

Suddenly, a group of mutants emerges from the darkness, their eyes gleaming in the dim light.



The mutants lunge at Ben and Jimmy, their teeth bared. Ben pulls out his makeshift weapon, a metal pipe, and swings it at the mutants.

A brutal fight ensues in the cramped space, as Ben and Jimmy fight off the mutants with everything they have. Finally, they emerge victorious and continue through the sewers.


As they walk, Jimmy points out places where the sewers have collapsed, forcing them to climb over debris and wade through waist-deep water.


We’re getting close. The exit is just up ahead.

Suddenly, a group of stalkers, led by Sub-Zero, emerge from the shadows.


Well, well, if it isn’t Ben Richards. You’re going to make this easy for us, aren’t you?


Not a chance.

A tense showdown ensues, with Ben and Jimmy fighting off the stalkers with everything they have. In the end, Ben emerges victorious, taking down Sub-Zero with a well-placed swing of his pipe.


Come on, Jimmy. Let’s go.

The two run towards the exit, emerging into the daylight once more.


Ben looks out at the horizon, his eyes scanning for any sign of danger.


We made it. Let’s go find the others.

As they run off towards their next destination, the helicopter can be heard in the distance, a reminder of the danger that awaits them at every turn.

Scene 3

Genre: Action, Science Fiction, Thriller

Logline: In a totalitarian society, a falsely accused cop must fight for his life in a deadly game show, and with the help of his fellow runners, expose the corrupt government behind it.


Ben Richards – the falsely accused cop and protagonist

Amber Mendez – a resistance fighter who helps Ben and his team

Damon Killian – the ruthless host of The Running Man

Sub-Zero – the first stalker who hunts Ben and his team

Buzzsaw – a chainsaw-wielding stalker who is relentless in his pursuit

Dynamo – a flamboyant stalker with a powerful electric weapon

Setting: A dystopian United States where a totalitarian government controls all aspects of society, and violent game shows are used to pacify the populace.


Ben and his team are hiding in an abandoned building while being hunted by Buzzsaw, Dynamo, and other stalkers. Ben and Amber are discussing their plan to outsmart the hunters.


(to Amber)

We need to lure them into a trap.



I know just the place.

Ben and Amber lead the team to a room filled with electrical equipment. Dynamo enters the room and begins to taunt them.



You can’t beat me! I’m unbeatable!

Ben smirks and picks up a metal pole.



Let’s see about that.

Dynamo charges at Ben, who expertly dodges his electric blasts and strikes Dynamo with the metal pole. The stalker falls to the ground, defeated.


(from outside the room)

You can’t hide forever!

Ben and the team quickly set up their trap. Buzzsaw bursts into the room, chainsaw revving, but is caught off guard by the trap and electrocuted. The team cheers as they celebrate their victory.



We did it!



But we still have more stalkers to face. We need to keep moving.

The team exits the building and continues their journey, determined to survive the deadly game and expose the truth behind The Running Man.


Scene 4



BEN and his fellow runners, JASMINE, WEISS, and LAU, are being chased by the latest addition to the stalker crew, FIREBALL, a pyrotechnic expert.


(to his team)

We need to find a way to take him out. Any ideas?


I could try to distract him with my agility.


I’ll back you up with my explosives.


And I’ll try to hack into the system to shut down the game show.

BEN nods in agreement.


Let’s do this.

The runners split up, with JASMINE and WEISS distracting FIREBALL, while LAU tries to hack into the control room. BEN heads towards a supply closet.


BEN rummages through the shelves, looking for anything he can use as a weapon. He finds a fire extinguisher and grins.


(to himself)

Let’s see how FIREBALL likes the taste of his own medicine.


JASMINE and WEISS continue to dodge FIREBALL’s fiery attacks, while BEN sneaks up behind FIREBALL and sprays him with the fire extinguisher, temporarily blinding him.



How does it feel, buddy?

FIREBALL retaliates with a burst of flames, but BEN manages to dodge and knock FIREBALL to the ground. BEN then grabs FIREBALL’s flamethrower and aims it at the control room.


LAU successfully hacks into the system and shuts down the game show, causing chaos and confusion among the audience and staff.

DAMON KILLIAN, the show’s host, storms into the control room.



What the hell is going on?



We’re taking down your corrupt game show.

BEN enters the control room, holding FIREBALL’s flamethrower.



It’s over, Killian. The truth is out.

KILLIAN pulls out a gun and aims it at BEN.



Not quite, Richards.

Suddenly, JASMINE and WEISS enter the control room, holding other weapons.



Drop the gun, or you’ll regret it.

KILLIAN hesitates, then drops the gun.



You’ve won, Richards.

BEN and his team leave the control room triumphantly as the audience boos and protests.


Scene 5



Ben and his team are huddled together, their faces etched with fear and suspicion. One of their own, a runner named Randy, has disappeared.


(to the remaining runners)

We need to stay focused. Randy could be dead or he could be leading Killian’s men right to us.



We can’t trust anyone.

The sound of footsteps echoes through the warehouse. The runners scramble to their feet, weapons drawn.



Get ready.

Sirens blare in the distance, growing louder and closer.



We gotta go! Now!


(shaking his head)

We can’t leave without Randy.


(voice shaking)

We’ll all die if we stay!

The door bursts open. Randy stumbles in, bloody and battered.



Killian knows where we are!

The runners exchange a look of horror and disbelief.



We need to stick together. We can take them if we work together.



We’re with you, Ben.

The runners make their way through the darkened warehouse, their weapons at the ready. The sound of footsteps grows louder and they can hear shouting and orders being barked.

Suddenly, a trap door opens beneath their feet. The runners fall into darkness, landing in a sewer tunnel.


(calling out)

Is everyone okay?

The runners groan and nod, rubbing their bruises.


(voice shaking)

We have to keep moving.



Let’s go.

The runners make their way through the filthy sewer, the sound of their own footsteps echoing eerily.

Suddenly, a figure appears in front of them, a stalker wielding a chainsaw.




The runners sprint down the tunnel, the stalker hot on their trail. They burst through a manhole cover, emerging into the night air.

Killian’s men are waiting for them, weapons drawn.



We have to fight!

The runners charge forward, their weapons clashing against those of their enemies.


Author: AI