Rumor Has It…

“Uncovering secrets, one rumor at a time; journey with Sarah for truth, love, and uncontrollable laughter.”

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In the buzzing, restless city of New York, Sarah Huttinger thrived. As a tenacious journalist, she navigated the city’s bloodstream, chasing stories, deadlines, and dreams. The neon lights of Times Square mirrored in her eyes—a spark of ambition, a flare of success. Then alongside the constant hustle, she found love in Jeff Daly—a budding business mogul with an almost compulsive need for order and convention. When Jeff proposed, Sarah said yes, and soon enough, they were packing up, bound for her childhood home in Pasadena.

The statue-like tranquility of Pasadena was a far cry from New York’s pandemonium. The manicured lawns shone a vibrant green under the warm Californian sun, whispering tales of the grandeur of the past, while the country club’s brass doors opened to a world of upper-crust aristocrats speaking in hushed tones over glasses of expensive wine. The elite lived here, where respectability was the currency and rumors the only scandal.

As Sarah arrived at the stately Huttinger mansion, there was a twinge of unease in the pit of her stomach—a sense of not belonging. She saw her reflection in the polished mahogany foyer: a city girl in a country house. The porcelain figures, the crystal chandeliers, the soft whispers of history echoing in every corner—it was beautiful, nostalgic even, but not her world. Why did she feel like a square peg trying to fit in a round hole?

Chapter 1: “Back to Pasadena”

Sarah stepped out of the car, her pumps sinking slightly into the manicured lawn as she took a wistful look at the grand Huttinger mansion. Years of city life had scrubbed off the familiarity it once held. Jeff, her soon-to-be husband, was already circling the car, retrieving piles and roller bags of designer luggage, his face awash with excitement and mild anxiety.

As they entered, Sarah felt the cool air of the mansion caress her face, taking her back to the days of lavender lemonade and bedtime stories. But amidst these faint memories, a sense of disquiet nagged her, the ache of a forgotten wound. She loved her family, but this wasn’t her world anymore—the country club elite, the pedigree dogs, the pages of Emily Post precariously balanced on dusty bookshelves.

They were greeted with warm smiles and polite handshakes from her family. Her sister was a bundle of nerves, ecstatic about her upcoming wedding, yet fretting about her peony bouquet. Her father, ever the conservative patriarch, was engrossed in planning the perfect ceremony, while her grandmother radiated a queenly aura, her pristine white hair perfectly coiffed.

Everywhere she looked, Sarah saw a picture-perfect family, a legacy of upstanding citizenry. But she felt like an imposter among them. She wasn’t cut out for garden parties, charity balls, and golf weekends. As she retreated to her old room, the feeling followed like a ghost, whispering doubts.

What if her family, the very essence of her identity, was not truly hers?

As Sarah lay in her childhood bed, a sense of dread crawled up her spine. The entire city of Pasadena slept peacefully under a sky dotted with stars, unaware of the turbulence brewing within the four walls of the Huttinger mansion. What lay ahead was a journey through time, unearthing decades-old secrets and challenging the very foundation of her existence.

And little did she know, the course of her life was about to change forever.

Chapter 2: “A Rumor Resurrected”

As the sun rose over the Huttinger mansion in Pasadena, Sarah was already wide awake, pacing the floor of the room she hadn’t slept in since her college days. The room was the same, frozen in time like a museum exhibit, but Sarah was different. New York had changed her, and Sarah feared that maybe she had become too much for the conservative Huttinger family setting.

Her fiancé, Jeff, hugged the bed covers, blissfully unaware of the turmoil within Sarah. She glanced at him and wondered if he would ever understand what it was like to feel so alien in a place that was supposed to be home. Sighing, Sarah picked up an old family album from the bookshelf. Her intention was to get lost in the nostalgia of childhood memories, but what she found instead was a puzzle piece of her family’s hidden history.

Unnoticed by Sarah before, in the corner of one of the pictures, was her mother, with an unfamiliar man, looking younger and more carefree than Sarah had ever seen her. Something in her mother’s eyes jumped out at her, something that Sarah recognized in herself – a sense of not belonging. Curiosity piqued, Sarah sought out Annie, the long-time Huttinger housekeeper.

Annie was a constant in the Huttinger household, but she was also a walking encyclopedia of family secrets, her tongue usually restrained by loyalty. This time, however, Sarah’s determination wore her down. The story that Annie narrated shook the very foundation of Sarah’s understanding of her family.

Annie revealed a scandalous secret – Sarah’s mother was believed to have had an affair right before her wedding to Earl Huttinger, Sarah’s assumed father. And the plot thickened with the possibility that the affair was with none other than Beau Burroughs, whose name seemed familiar to Sarah. A memory of a dog-eared paperback left in a summer beach house flashed through Sarah’s mind, and she rushed back to her room.

There it was – on the bookshelf, the novel ‘The Graduate’, was sitting innocently, oblivious to the storm it was about to unleash in Sarah’s life. As she flipped through the pages of the fictional love triangle, Sarah realized with a jolt – the scandalous novel bore an uncanny resemblance to her family’s past. If her grandmother was the much-talked-about ‘Mrs. Robinson’, then her mother had been the real-life Elaine. As the pieces fell into place, Sarah’s world tilted on its axis.

After all, we are not just the product of our parents’ genes, but also their stories. Anne’s unexpected revelation had unearthed the possibility of another story running parallel to the one Sarah thought she knew – one where her mother was not just a socialite but a woman with her own stories of love and rebellion.

With her heart pounding, Sarah was left staring at the faceless cover of the book, the lives of its fictional characters suddenly intertwined with her own. If the rumor were true, it meant that the man her mother had loved before her father could be her biological father. The implications were mind-boggling, and Sarah felt the walls of the room closing in on her.

This was not what Sarah had expected when she returned to Pasadena. It was supposed to be a simple visit home, a chance to introduce her fiance to her family. Little did she know that she would end up uncovering a secret powerful enough to make her question her identity.

Sarah was left with a labyrinth of questions, the answers to which lay hidden in a past shrouded by time and discretion. But one thing was clear – Sarah couldn’t leave this story untold, not when her existence was possibly a chapter in it. The Huttinger family wasn’t nearly as sedate and proper as she had believed, and neither was she.

Sarah Huttinger, the woman who chased stories for a living, now had a personal one to pursue. The daughter, the journalist, the woman – all parts of her felt inexorably pulled towards discovering the truth. For herself, for her mother, and for the rest of the Huttingers, Sarah had to find Beau Burroughs.

Chapter 3: “The Book and the Beau”

Sarah couldn’t shake off the disturbing whisper of a rumor as she found herself in the coziness of the olde-worlde Huttinger library. The room was adorned with dark mahogany shelves, tall ceilings, and stained-glass windows, each pane reflecting a story of the past. Sitting on the cushioned bay window, she held a worn-out, muted gold copy of ‘The Graduate.’

She had grown up with tales of this infamous book, but the recent revelations had painted it in a light she was unprepared for. As she flipped through the well-thumbed pages, she felt the rumblings of an old scandal that had upturned her world. According to the family whisperings, her grandmother Katharine had had an affair with a young man, Beau Burroughs, decades ago. The scandalous affair had inspired this book that the world found so fascinating. And what’s more, Sarah was beginning to suspect Beau might be her real father.

This unnamed main character, this infamous “graduate,” had always been an enigma to Sarah. But now, with the knowledge she carried, she was seeing a new face behind the character – Beau Burroughs. Her heart pounded with the weight of her suspicions. Every moment, every scene from the book seemed eerily connected to her life, to her story. It felt as though she was diving deep into the abyss of her family’s history. She could envision her elegant grandmother Katharine embroiled in a forbidden romance, and the potential reality that her quiet existence was a result of that love story left her breathless.

Sarah’s mind whirred with questions. How could this aging playboy, Beau Burroughs, be connected to her lineage? What did it mean for her identity as a Huttinger? The story that had pervaded her family’s history had taken on a more personal hue – it wasn’t just a tale to roll eyes at during family gatherings anymore.

Sarah turned her gaze away from the book, her mind spinning with fantasies and fears. She knew what she had to do next – she needed to find Beau. She had to uncover the truth from the man himself, to determine her connection to him, and in turn, her connection to the Huttingers. Never before had Sarah felt so unsure about her own identity.

Closing the book, she reached for her laptop, ready to dive into the world of technology and trace the digital footprints of Beau Burroughs. As she typed his name into the search engine, she felt a thrill of anticipation and fear. Sarah was about to embark on a quest that could either confirm or dismantle her ties to the austere and proper Huttinger lineage.

Meanwhile, a country away, the ever-oblivious Jeff was doing his best to fit into the world of country clubs and high-society gatherings. But between the dull monotony of golf rounds and the inscrutability of formal dining etiquette, he was flailing. His futile attempts to fit in created comic relief amidst the intensifying drama of Sarah’s journey of self-discovery.

As Sarah delved into her family’s past, Jeff was struggling to find his place in its present. The two of them had always been a secure team, but now, they were floating in different orbits, their paths crossing but never aligning. Would they manage to find their way back to each other, or would this search for truth unravel their tightly-knit bond forever?

Only time would tell. For now, Sarah was consumed by the task ahead. Beau Burroughs, the elusive graduate, was out there somewhere, holding answers to questions she never thought she’d ask. The next chapter of her life was about to unfold, and it was filled with possibilities – intriguing, terrifying, and undeniably enthralling. The search was just beginning.

Chapter 4: “The Huttinger Hijinks”

Sarah was off on a surreal journey, a journey to find herself and her roots. She had embarked on a wild goose chase to find Beau, the man who may be her real father. Her sudden departure had left Jeff, her fiancé, in a difficult situation. He was left to navigate through the high-society Huttinger gatherings on his own without his partner in crime. At the surface, the scene was a depiction of perfect propriety, but underneath, it was a brew of secrets waiting to be stirred.

Within the echoing chambers of the Huttinger mansion, tradition and pretentiousness hung thick in the air. Faced with arcane Pasadena etiquette, Jeff Daly found himself a fish out of water. Trying to adapt to the unfamiliar scenario amidst the grandeur led to a series of comic events. Every moment was unpredictable, punctuated with faux pas and blunders, revealing the absurdity of this upper-crust world.

Jeff attempted to navigate the uncharted waters of a formal dinner, grappling with the nuances of exclusive silverware, much to Aunt Mitzi’s exasperated amusement. His unfamiliarity with local customs led to an uproarious scene involving an infamous fruitcake recipe and a rather dramatic misunderstanding about the significance of the family’s century-old ‘Huttinger Heirloom’ vase.

The lively banter among the family members, their levity hidden behind the veil of aristocratic dignity, was a sight to behold. The ironic ribbing, the sarcastic jokes taking a dig at each other’s expense, and the air of dysfunctional perfection created an irresistibly entertaining spectacle. Sarah’s absence compounded Jeff’s feeling of alienation yet somehow added a humorous twist to his predicament.

At the golf course, Jeff’s bewildering attempt at swinging a club almost sent a member of the Huttinger family Christmas choir into an early carol session. This was followed by a disastrous moment at the country club, where Jeff’s misinterpretation of the dress code led him into a cattle-pen of raised eyebrows.

His adventures in the Huttinger territory were not limited to these innocent gaffes. The storm within the calm surfaced when he had an awkward encounter with Sarah’s ex-boyfriend, the spotlight-hogging Scott. A verbal face-off culminated in a hilarious arm wrestling match on the grand dining table, leading to an uproar of laughter among the normally stoic Huttingers.

As the day merged into a star-streaked Pasadena night, Jeff found himself ensnared in the maze of the Huttinger family’s complexities. Yet, amidst the chaos, he discovered an endearing charm in their collective dysfunctional harmony. While Sarah was out unraveling the mystery of her past, Jeff was diligently sowing the seeds of his future, trying to forge a connection with the people who would soon become his family.

The chapter concluded with a heartwarming scene between Jeff and Sarah’s grandmother Katharine. Sharing a bottle of vintage Merlot, they talked about Sarah, her quest for truth, and Jeff’s dedication to her. The encounter was an unexpected calming force amidst the whirlwind of confusion, ultimately becoming a testament to Jeff’s love for Sarah.

Chapter 4, “The Huttinger Hijinks,” ended with an impressive climax. With a rich tapestry of humorous escapades, it allowed readers to explore the lighter side of the heavy secrets that were yet to be unraveled and set the stage for the perplexity and surprises that lay in the upcoming chapters.

Chapter 5: “Tracking Down the Truth”

New York’s aura faded into insignificance as the pristine Silicon Valley took center-stage. It was here that Sarah found herself, Google Maps in hand, tracking down Beau Burroughs. A whirlwind of emotions filled her heart as her cab rolled up to the tech giant’s building. Her hands were trembling; anticipation, trepidation, and a hint of defiance all jostled for attention. It was as if she was on the verge of uncovering a Pandora’s Box that held answers to questions she didn’t even know she had.

In the heart of this technological utopia, Beau had sculpted his fiefdom. As Sarah was ushered through the Zen-inspired offices replete with chirpy tech whizzes, the contrast between the man she was pursuing and her dependable, predictable Jeff became starkly apparent.

The introduction of Beau Burroughs to the narrative brought an invigorating gust of excitement and unpredictability. His aura was magnetic, his charisma infectious. He oozed an effortless charm that had once swayed her grandmother and perhaps, her mother, too. The tech mogul, now in his fifties, still held a allure that was unsettlingly compelling for Sarah.

Beau’s office was a haven of novelty. A smorgasbord of coding books, sci-fi memorabilia, tech gadgets, and an aquarium full of exotic breed of fish. His workspace was as perplexing as the man himself. As Beau extended a warm, welcoming hand, Sarah felt her heartbeat accelerate. ‘Is he my father?’ The nagging question echoed ceaselessly in her mind.

Their conversation flowed like a winding river, touching upon topics ranging from technology to philosophy, from the past to the possibilities of the future. Sarah found herself lost in the enigma that was Beau. His intelligence was as overwhelming as his charm. Questions about innovative tech strategies, artificial intelligence, and machine learning left her feeling both drawn in and out of her depth. Beau, the tech genius, was both confounding and fascinating, adding a heightened degree of perplexity to Sarah’s already tangled emotions.

Dinner followed at Beau’s exquisite condo, and the evening air took on a hue of surrealism. Seafood linguini, Beau’s speciality, chatter about a world she was alien to, and that constant question – ‘Is this man my father?’ – created a symphony of chaos in her mind.

Sparks didn’t merely fly between them; they danced, cavorted, shimmied around them, adding an unexpected layer of complexity to her tumult. As Beau’s eyes met hers across the table, an electrifying connection hummed between them. This couldn’t be fatherly love, could it? Or was it something else entirely? Something forbidden. A Pandora’s Box that once opened, might let loose unmanageable chaos.

Their laughter interspersed with silences – loud, screaming silences that declared more than what was spoken. She noticed his quirks, the way he furrowed his brows when deep in thought, his boisterous laughter at silly jokes, the light in his eyes when he was excited. She noticed, and she wondered. Does she share these quirks? Is this the place she truly belonged?

As they bid goodbye, Beau’s firm handshake felt strangely intimate. Back in her hotel room, Sarah found herself lost in an emotional whirlwind. There was the steady and reliable Jeff, waiting for her in Pasadena, unware of the cataclysm brewing in her life. And then there was Beau, the exciting unknown, who might be her birth father, but was stirring confusing, unfatherly feelings in her heart.

The chapter ended on a note of delicious ignorance, leaving Sarah – and the readers – ravenous for answers.

Chapter 6: “An Unexpected Twist”

Sarah’s heart pounded in her chest like a jackrabbit on the run. Her eyes darted from Beau to the door as she heard a familiar voice trailing up from the hallway of Beau’s penthouse. The voice was unmistakable. It was high-pitched, slightly nasally, and entirely out of place – it was Jeff.

“Sarah?” Jeff’s voice echoed, rebounding off the sleek, high-end tech that adorned Beau’s living room. “Are you here?”

For a moment, everything was still. The air seemed to hang in suspense, the seconds ticking away like an old film reel. Sarah felt a swirl of emotions; a cocktail of surprise, confusion, and a touch of guilt. A comic sense of foreboding hung in the air, making the tension almost palpable.

Beau, who had been lounging on his plush, Italian leather sofa, arose languidly, his signature, mischievous grin plastered on his face. “Well, well,” he drawled, his voice filled with amused delight, “This is an interesting turn of events.”

“Shush,” Sarah hissed, her eyes wide and frantic. She quickly smoothed her rumpled dress and raked a hand through her hair. Glancing at Beau, she added a desperate plea, “Please, act normal.”

Just as she finished, Jeff strutted into the large, open-plan living room, looking startlingly out of place in his business suit amidst Beau’s laid-back luxury. His eyes darted from Sarah to Beau. Some of the casual swagger faded, replaced by confusion – uncertainty painted all over his face. “Sarah?” He asked, his eyes darting between the two of them. “What’s going on here?”

Sarah had been preparing for this moment, mulling over the right words for the past hour. But now, facing Jeff, she was speechless. How could she explain the unexplainable?

Beau, showing no signs of nervousness, extended a hand towards Jeff. “Hi there,” he introduced himself, “You must be Jeff, the fiancé. Sarah’s told me all about you.”

Jeff’s handshake was firm but his eyes were filled with suspicion. “And you are?”

“Beau Burroughs,” Beau declared, his tone bordering on cocky.

The name seemed to knock the air right out of Jeff. His eyes widened almost comically, and his hand momentarily slackened its grip. “The Beau Burroughs?”

As the men exchanged words, Sarah slid into the background. She watched them, the man of her past, and the man of her future. She saw them in stark contrast; Beau, the dashing, mysterious entrepreneur and Jeff, the straight as an arrow, reliable fiance. The irony of the situation wasn’t lost on her – the universe, it seemed, had a twisted sense of humor.

The rest of the day unfolded like a sitcom. Beau making dry remarks about the country club life, Jeff struggling to keep up with Beau’s tech jargon, and Sarah, caught between laughter and tears as she navigated the awkward conversation. It was a hilarious disaster in the making.

But the real twist came when Jeff, overwhelmed by the surreal situation, took Sarah by surprise. “I think we should move the wedding date up,” Jeff blurted out, “I don’t want to wait anymore, Sarah. I want to marry you.”

His declaration, so earnest and sincere, left Sarah stunned. The room went silent, the only sound was the distant hum of the city that surrounded them. Sarah looked at Jeff, then at Beau, and then back at Jeff, a soft smile spreading across her face. As laughter bubbled up in her throat, she shook her head, thinking about the absurdity of it all.

Because in the middle of chaos, one thing was clear. There was never a dull moment in Sarah Huttinger’s life. And as rumors go, this one was turning out to be one heck of a story.

Chapter 7: “The Love Triangle”

After weeks of clandestine rendezvous, Sarah Huttinger found herself at the heart of a love triangle she never foresaw. On the one hand, she had Jeff – the man she was set to marry, the man she knew, and loved. On the other was Beau – the exhilarating enigma, the cad, the beacon of muddled family history.

Sarah remembered her first conversation with Jeff, at some business party in New York. He had approached her, a glass of champagne in his hand, his linen suit perfectly tailored. He had the kind of reliable, steady warmth that could comfort anyone, like a favorite blanket on a cold winter night. Sarah found solace in his consistency, his predictability, his steadfast love. But as she sat at a café, somewhere in San Francisco, waiting for Beau, she knew he offered her something entirely different.

Beau was like a sudden thunderstorm in the middle of a sunny day, unpredictable and liberating. His confidence and wit made her laugh, his stories of corporate conquests made her admire him, and his charm made her fall, well, almost for him. With Beau, Sarah felt alive; she felt the kind of excitement she hadn’t felt in a long time. It was a ‘burstiness’, a sudden, surprising, all-consuming rush of emotions. She felt as if she was standing on a precipice, ready to jump, uncaring about the descent.

Sarah knew she was risking a lot. Was she ready to gamble her stable future with Jeff for a whirlwind romance with Beau? Should she leave the man she was supposed to marry for one who might be her father? The perplexity of the situation made her realize the complexity of human emotions.

As Sarah sat in the café, lost in her thoughts, a familiar figure approached her. It was Beau, in his signature leather jacket and disarming smile. They talked, they laughed, they shared stories of their lives. The bustling café around them faded into a background buzz as they reveled in their conversation. It was in these moments that Sarah felt a unique connection with Beau. It was an incredulous feeling, a perplexing combination of familiarity and novelty.

Suddenly, a phone call interrupted their tête-à-tête. It was Jeff, checking up on her, his voice filled with concern and love. As Sarah talked to him, she glanced at Beau, who wore a nonchalant smile. The contrast between the two men couldn’t be more stark. Her heart fluttered erratically. She was in love with Jeff, but she had an undeniable connection to Beau.

The rest of the day was filled with an ugly mixture of guilt and exhilaration as she navigated her way through the maze of her feelings. Sarah knew she couldn’t keep up the charade for long. It was unfair to both men and to herself. She took a deep breath, looking at the golden San Francisco sunset, and decided to face the music. She had to make a decision, however tough it may be.

This chapter had it all – the excitement of forbidden love, the comfort of familiar affection, the anxiety of being torn between two worlds. It was a roller coaster of emotions, and Sarah was at the heart of it all. It was a test, a labyrinth she had to navigate, not just for herself, but for the people she cared for. In the midst of all the confusion, one thing was clear – Sarah Huttinger was no longer the woman who had first landed in Pasadena. This comical, romantic adventure had changed her, and there was no turning back.

Chapter 8: “Coming Clean”

As the sun began to dip below the horizon, illuminating the manicured gardens of the Huttinger estate in soft, golden hues, Sarah Huttinger found herself standing outside her grandmother Katherine’s study. She drew a deep breath, her heart pounding in her chest, knowing the conversation that awaited inside would change the course of her life.

Opening the door to the elegant study, with its floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and ornate wooden desk, Sarah found Katherine gazing out the large bay window, her fingers drumming on the armrest of her plush chair. She was an imposing figure, her silver hair perfectly coiffed, her sapphire-blue eyes sharp and alert despite her years.

“Ah, Sarah, I wondered when you’d gather the courage to confront me,” Katherine said, her words punctuated by a knowing smirk. She invited Sarah to sit, her demeanor cool.

Sarah took a seat, her mind racing. She cleared her throat, “Grammy, we need to talk about Beau Burroughs. Is he…?” she trailed off, unable to finish the sentence. The room was filled with tense silence, the only noise being the ticking of an antique clock.

Katherine sighed, the weight of years of secrecy settling on her shoulders. “Yes, Sarah… Beau is your father. I wanted to tell you but…” she trailed, her gaze drifting to a photo of Sarah’s mother on her desk.

A storm of emotions raged through Sarah – anger, grief, relief, but most strongly, a sense of liberation. The pieces of her identity puzzle were finally coming together. Here was the truth she’d been seeking, the missing jigsaw piece of her past. But as with every revelation, this too brought along a new set of challenges.

She took her time before finally breaking the silence, “Why wasn’t I told earlier?”

Katherine’s face softened as she attempted to explain, “Your mother was fervently in love with Beau. It was scandalous, unprecedented – it threatened to shatter the ‘proper’ image of the Huttingers. We thought it best to bury the secret for your benefit.”

The evening wore on, filled with emotionally charged exchanges, awkward silences, and occasional bursts of humor as Katherine regaled Sarah with tales of her mother’s youthful escapades. Outside, the sun had set, the twilight throwing long shadows in the room.

Sarah finally voiced the question that had been haunting her, “Why did she marry Dad then?”

Katherine paused, her eyes misty as she looked at Sarah, “Because, Sarah, love isn’t just about wild passion and forbidden trysts. It’s also about finding a companion who makes you feel secure, who understands you. Your mom found that in your dad.”

Moments later, laughter filled the room as Sarah found herself engulfed in an unanticipated wave of stories about her mother and Beau’s clumsy romance and the absurd lengths they had gone to keep it a secret. She took comfort in the fact that her mom also had her wild, rebellious moments.

Katherine’s confession and her mother’s romantic escapades made Sarah reflect on her own love life – the passionate connection she felt with Beau and the comfortable love she shared with Jeff. The conversation had started on a tense note but had led to a heartwarming sharing of secrets and acknowledgement of truths.

As Sarah left Katherine’s study, she felt a sense of resolution. The shadow of her mother’s past no longer loomed over her. Understanding her mother’s choices gave her clarity about her own feelings. It was okay to feel a rush with Beau, but it was Jeff who truly held her heart.

And so, the chapter ended with a lightness in Sarah’s heart and a newfound appreciation for the untold stories that make a family. It had been a roller-coaster evening of dramatic proclamations, heartening revelations, and a dash of good-natured Huttinger hijinks.

Chapter 9: “A Rumor Put to Rest”

Sarah Huttinger, having spent the last eight chapters torn between the invigorating uncertainty of Beau Burroughs and the safe, predictable life with Jeff Daly, stood teetering on the edge of a decision that would alter the course of her life. She was in the beautiful, verdant garden of her Pasadena home – the site of her sister’s planned wedding – standing amidst a whirl of chaos.

Only hours to go till the ceremony and nothing was going right. The florist was late, and the wedding cake was more lopsided than the Tower of Pisa. Jeff, true to his supportive nature, was attempting to coordinate everything and keep the peace, which was no easy task with the high-strung Huttinger women running about.

Sarah, however, was absorbed in the enchanting chaos, strangely detached. The knowledge that Beau wasn’t her father, but a piece of her family’s scandalous history, was a revelation that left her somewhat hollow, yet liberated. She was a Huttinger through and through – her mother’s child, her grandmother Katharine’s granddaughter – and the acceptance of it rushed through her veins like a cleansing elixir.

Jeff noticed her standing alone and gently tugged her out of her reverie. They found a quiet corner amongst the tumult, a serene bubble encapsulating their bond. The comedy of their situation wasn’t lost on them. Here they were, about to marry amidst a swirling tempest of hilarity, shoulder to shoulder, united in their love.

Sarah looked into Jeff’s warm brown eyes, her heart beating a steady tattoo against her ribs. She saw in him a life that was consistent, sure, and nurturing, a life that was comfortably familiar, yet unexplored. She saw in him what she thought she was missing with Beau – an unabashed love, a companionship that accepted her quirks, her impulsive nature, her relentless pursuit of truth.

The comic tension rose as Sarah’s outrageous Aunt Mitzy, unceremoniously ushered everyone into the house. The wedding ceremony was to be held under the grand chandelier in the living room instead due to a surprise downpour. The running around, the re-organizing tables and chairs, the chasing of reluctant guests – the whole scene was a comic masterpiece, a tribute to the spirit of human adaptability.

The ceremony itself was as unconventional as the run-up to it. With heartwarming vows, hearty laughter, and a lot of champagne, Sarah and Jeff united amidst family and an abundance of love. The celebratory cheers drowned out the persistent rain, the laughter resonating far beyond the decorated walls of the Huttinger household.

As Sarah stood there, a newlywed, she couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of contentment. She had solved the mystery that was her lineage, debunked the scandalous rumor that had held her family in its grip, and understood her place in the world. She was Sarah Huttinger Daly – journalist, wife, and bona fide Huttinger.

The rest of the evening was a blur of laughter, tearful toasts, and lots of dancing. As the night came to a close, Sarah walked arm in arm with Jeff towards their new future, leaving behind the ghost of the rumor. It was, after all, just a rumor – a funny, perplexing, and boldly entertaining rumor – but a rumor nonetheless.

Underneath the starry skies of Pasadena, Sarah’s adventures had come full circle. The excitement of her journey, the romance, the laughter, the drama reached their crescendo. She was leaving behind a past shadowed by rumors and stepping into a future bright with promise, forever putting the rumor to rest. Sarah Huttinger, in true Huttinger style, had embraced her identity and found her happily ever after.

Some scenes from the movie Rumor Has It… written by A.I.

Scene 1



A sign reading “Welcome to sunny Pasadena” stands tall. Pan to a shiny car weaving through the palm-lined streets.


SARAH HUTTINGER (early 30s, fiery, sharp) sits nervously next to her fiancé, JEFF DALY (late 30s, stoic, handsome), who drives.


Look at this place, Jeff… It’s like time stood still here.



I think it’s charming. Besides, it’s only for a few days.

Sarah sighs, gazing out the window at the pristine houses.


A sprawling estate against a backdrop of perfect blue. Sarah and Jeff exit the car, luggage in hand.


They walk into a busy scene – a LIVELY CROWD bustling with WEDDING PREPARATIONS. Sarah spots her grandmother, KATHERINE HUTTINGER (70s, elegant, stern), in the middle of it all.



Sarah! And Jeff! What a pleasant surprise!


(fakes a smile)

Hi, Nana.

They exchange awkward hugs.


(to Jeff)

You must be starving. Let’s get you some food.

Katherine leaves with Jeff. Sarah watches them leave, a feeling of alienation washing over her.


Scene 2


Close up on a dusty, old PHOTO ALBUM. SARAH (early 30s, attractive, stubborn) flips through it curiously. Her fiancé JEFF (late 30s, charming, out-of-place) hovers in the background, observing.

SARAH: (murmurs to herself) The Graduate…

JEFF: (laughs) Your family is so ‘Pasadena.’

Ignoring him, Sarah feverishly scans through more photos. She stumbles upon an old BLACK AND WHITE PHOTO of her MOTHER and a MYSTERIOUS MAN. She studies it.

SARAH: (to herself) Who are you?

At that moment, Sarah’s Aunt KATHY (50s, high-spirited, intrusive) walks into the room.

KATHY: (smiling) Oh, that’s Beau Burroughs. Quite a charmer, and your mother’s old flame.

Sarah freezes, her eyes wide. Kathy chuckles and exits, leaving a stunned Sarah behind.


Sarah, deep in thought, is online researching ‘The Graduate.’ Jeff enters, rubbing his temples.

JEFF: Kathy said something about a family scandal at dinner. I hope it’s not about that Beau guy.

Sarah, realizing the possible connection between the rumor, her mother, and ‘The Graduate,’ bolts upright.

SARAH: (whispering) What if Beau Burroughs is not just my mother’s old flame?

Jeff looks at her quizzically. The screen fades to black, leaving viewers in suspense.


Scene 3


Sarah, late 20s, vibrant, and restless, flips through an old photo album. She finds an old, hidden letter. She reads it, her brows furrow in CONFUSION.


(whispers to herself)

Beau Burroughs?

Aunt Katharine, early 60s, poised but secretive, walks into the room.


Oh, you found the old treasure.


(turns to Katharine)

Who’s Beau Burroughs?

Aunt Katharine’s face registers shock, then an attempt to cover it up.


(trying to sound casual)

Oh, just an old friend of the family.

Sarah notices the evasion.



I need to meet him. I think he might be my father.

The room goes silent for a BEAT.



You can’t be serious, Sarah.



I’ve never been more serious, Aunt Katharine.



Scene 4



Jeff, a tall figure with boyish charm, is amidst a sea of HUTTINGER RELATIVES. He’s awkwardly trying to hold his ground, but clearly out of place.

MRS. HUTTINGER, Sarah’s grandmother, approaches JEFF.


(leaning in close)

Have you ever played croquet, dear?


(smiling awkwardly)

Uh, no, not really.


It’s a Huttinger tradition, dear. You must participate in the game.



Jeff, clumsy and overdressed, grasps a croquet mallet as the family cheers him on. He swings, misses the ball completely, and falls onto the perfectly manicured lawn. The relatives LAUGH.



Jeff, now in a preppy cardigan, tries to handle a lobster with a fork and knife. LOBSTER JUICE squirts, hitting Aunt Betty across the table, causing uproarious LAUGHTER.



Jeff is now playing charades with the family. He’s attempting an impression of ELVIS, but it’s woefully off. The family is in stitches, though, at his wonderfully bad performance.

As the laughter rings out, a look crosses JEFF’s face. It’s one of acceptance, bravery, and a hint of rebellion.



Scene 5


Sarah (early 30s, vibrant, fiery) nervously paces around the sleek, bustling office of BEAU BURROUGHS (50s, ruggedly handsome, charismatic).


Mr. Burroughs will see you now.


Beau stands by the window, staring out at the skyline. He turns to greet Sarah with a smooth, killer smile.


You must be Sarah. I’ve heard a lot about you.



Well, rumor has it…

Beau chuckles, easing the tension.


Right… Rumor has it.

Sarah opens a worn out copy of ‘The Graduate’, revealing her family photo tucked inside.


I… think you knew my mom… and my grandmother.

Beau looks at the photo, goes silent for a moment.


Your grandmother… Quite a woman. And your mom, she was beautiful.

The air crackles with an unspoken connection. Sarah fights to keep her composure.


Are you my father, Beau?

Beau looks at her, his smile fading into a serious expression.


Well, that’s a loaded question.



Scene 6


Sarah is nervously pacing, talking to BEAU BURROUGHS, 60s, charming, successful.


I just don’t understand why my grandmother would keep you a secret. She knows you’re–

Suddenly, the DOORBELL RINGS, interrupting Sarah’s train of thought.


Beau opens the door to find JEFF DALY, 40s, uptight, in a suit. He mistakenly thinks Beau is a butler.


I’m here to see Sarah Huttinger. Is she here?



Sure, come in.

Beau leads Jeff into the living room.


Sarah is surprised to see Jeff, panics. Beau watches, amused.


Jeff, what are you doing here?

Jeff clearly has a well-rehearsed speech ready.



Sarah, I missed you. I wanted to make sure that you’re okay.

Just then, Beau’s MAID appears with a tray of drinks. Beau picks up two glasses, toasts.



Well, this is quite a turn of events! Shall we drink to unexpected visitors?

There’s an awkward silence. Beau enjoys the confusion.


Scene 7



Beau, charismatic and experienced, pours two glasses of wine. Sarah, adventurous yet confused, looks around the lavish surroundings.


(Handing Sarah wine)

You know Sarah, life is funny. It’s filled with unexpected twists and turns.


(accepts the wine)

Is that why you never got married, because of these… twists and turns?



Perhaps. Or perhaps, I never found someone as intriguing as you.

Sarah blushes, an alarm bell ringing in her head. At the same moment, her phone BUZZES. It’s a text from Jeff, her fiancé.


“Hey, Sarah! Everything okay? Miss you.”


Sarah takes a deep breath, her mind a whirl of emotions. Beau watches her, a knowing smile on his face.


Isn’t that your fiancé? You should reply, Sarah. It’s the right thing.

Sarah nods, typing back a quick response. She looks up, her decision apparent.


I should go.



Scene 8


Sarah nervously paces the ornate room. She takes a deep breath before she opens an ancient door. There, seated by the fireplace, is her GRANDMOTHER, an elegant woman in her late 70s.



Grandma… I need to talk to you about something.


(looking up from her book)

What’s troubling you, dear?

Sarah hesitates but finally gathers her courage.



I know about Beau…

Grandmother freezes for a moment, then coolly closes her book, setting it aside.


(taking a deep breath)

Where did you hear that old rumor?



I met him… Beau, I mean.



You did what?!

Sarah rushes in to explain, her words overflowing in a flurry of emotion.


I wanted… I needed to know if he was… If he was my father…

Grandmother stares at Sarah in silence, then erupts into laughter. Sarah looks hurt.


(still laughing)

Oh, dear child, that’s not it at all. Beau… your father? You’ve got it all wrong.

Sarah looks confused. Grandmother, still chuckling, pats the seat next to her, inviting Sarah to sit.



Now, let me explain…



Author: AI