“In a whirl of wishes and adulthood antics, a boy found love, laughter, and the true value of youth.”

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A swirling kaleidoscope of lights, laughter, and the scent of popcorn filled the air. The joyous chaos of the carnival was a child’s paradise—a sensory overload of sights, sounds, and experiences. Among this pandemonium navigated a young boy, Josh Baskin. His eyes, wide and curious, drank in every spectacle as his heart pounded in time with the booming music. Unbeknownst to him, this ordinary night would steer his life off the predictable path and and thrust him into a convoluted journey of self-discovery.

Chapter 1: “The Carnival of Wishes”

Sometimes, in the peculiar whimsicality of fateful nights when the universe seems to hold its breath, the impossible blurs into reality. Such was the night when Josh Baskin, a wide-eyed 13-year-old with a head full of dreams and heart ripe with adolescence, stumbled upon the mysterious ‘Zoltar Speaks’ machine nestled amidst the cacophony of the carnival.

Josh, like any other boy his age, was caught in the crossfire between boyhood and manhood. His world was made up of school bullies, girls who seemed otherworldly, and parents who just didn’t understand. He yearned for the strength, freedom, and opportunities that adulthood promised. He was in an innocent hurry to leave the world of scraped knees and bedtime stories for something bigger, something grander. Little did he know how soon his wish would be granted.

“Make a wish,” the mechanical fortune-teller in the glass case of the ‘Zoltar Speaks’ machine beckoned, its synthetic voice echoing in the chilly night air. Josh stared at the machine, at its uncanny moving eyes, and found himself chuckling at the absurdity of the carnival attraction. As if a carnival machine could change anything about his unremarkable life.

With a mischievous smile dancing on his lips, Josh dropped a coin into the slot and leaned towards the microphone. “I wish I were big,” he said in a hushed voice, his heart echoing the sentiment more genuinely than he could comprehend. No longer would he be overlooked, disregarded, or underestimated. He could only imagine the world of possibilities that would open up if his wish were to come true.

The machine sparked to life, its inner lights flickering while musical notes fluttered from its tarnished brass speaker, enveloping Josh in a momentary euphoria. A card slipped out from the slot, bearing the cryptic message, “Your wish is granted.” It was a phrase that would echo in his mind in the peculiar days to come, when the ordinary world would feel increasingly alien.

As the carnival noise dwindled in the background, Josh found his way home, the card clutched tightly in his hand and the machine’s promise echoing in his mind. His last thoughts before sleep overtook him were filled with images of his new, ‘big’ life. He dreamt of commanding respect, of the freedom from childish constraints, and the anticipation of an exciting grown-up world.

And as the first rays of dawn seeped into his room, the universe held its breath no more.

He awoke with a start, his heart pounding against his chest. His eyes snapped open, and he sat up, immediately aware of the peculiar changes that had transformed his familiar world overnight. His bed felt unusually small, his clothes seemed to have shrunk, and his voice echoed strangely deep when he called out in confusion. The world around him hadn’t changed, but he had. His wish at the ‘Zoltar Speaks’ machine had turned his life upside down, propelling him into a reality that was both exhilarating and terrifying. He was big. His reflection in the mirror was no longer a 13-year-old boy, but a grown man.

With his newfound size came newfound dilemmas. He was too big for his bicycle, too tall for his school clothes, and too mature for his childhood friends. Suddenly, his familiar world was alien, and his boyish dreams were a distant memory, replaced by the daunting prospect of navigating the adult world. Little did Josh realize that his wish would plunge him into a journey full of heartache, laughter, love, and a desperate yearning for the simplicity of his overlooked childhood. This was only the beginning of a young boy’s extraordinary tale into the complex world of grown-ups. The adventure was about to begin.

Chapter 2: “The Big World”

Like a baby giraffe taking its first steps, Josh stumbled towards the massive mirror in his bedroom, tripping on the oversized pajamas that hung from his unfamiliar, matured body. How was he caught in the trap of adulthood overnight when he wasn’t yet finished being a 13-year-old? It was both terrifying and exhilarating. He examined his reflection with a mix of awe and confusion. The boy in the mirror was a stranger; he was tall, strapping, and looked closer to 30 than 13. But the boy inside was the same; full of dreams, mischief, and an insatiable curiosity.

His first attempts at shaving were a farce, ending up with a face dotted with tissue paper covering lacerations from the razor. He had underestimated the extent of his growth and the pants of his school uniform ended mid-calf, making him look like a bizarre mix of a schoolboy and an oversized jester. His breakfast turned into a culinary disaster which culminated in a mountain of burnt toast, eggs that were more shell than yolk, and the loss of a spatula to the disposal unit.

Navigate he must, and so the circus of masquerading as an adult began. He spluttered through his first cup of black coffee, sorely missing his morning routine of sugary cereals and cartoons. Street vendors gave him suspicious eyes as he fumbled with the change in his wallet, trying to understand the value of money which had been, up until now, a concept his parents dealt with. He mumbled his way through grown-up conversations, claiming he was distracted by work to avoid answering.

His first encounter with the corporate world was no less confounding. He found himself in a toy company where his array of juvenile expressions and goofiness caught the attention of the management. It was an ironic twist; producing toys required an adult body but a child’s imagination. The adults had long lost their childhood spirit, producing more efficient ways of manufacturing instead of focusing on joy. Josh, on the other hand, still preserving his 13-yo innocence, stirred their stagnant pond with his unusual perspectives. He looked at toys through the eyes of a child, testing them for fun rather than profits.

The workplace was a vibrant blend of colors and shapes. Rows of cubicles lined neatly like a chessboard, an ocean of white collars. In this crowd, Josh was an anomaly. He was the only one who wore a lopsided grin when they unveiled the Christmas edition toys.

Among the many people he met, he was drawn to his beautiful co-worker, Susan. Her laughter sounded like a melody in the chaotic symphony of office sounds – the constant click of keyboards, the buzzing of printers, the occasional clang of a dropped coffee mug. She was enigmatic, a cocktail of intelligence and beauty, and Josh, in his adult body and child’s heart, developed a crush on her. It was a tangy flavor of teenage affection, infused with the intensity that only an adult’s body could endure.

Every moment felt like an adventure. A amplification of life in high definition. Even as he grappled awkwardly with the complexities of adulthood, he couldn’t help but relish in the freedom and respect that came with being big. But the taste of joy was laced with a dash of bitterness. He missed his friends, his old life, and the simplicity of being a child, a faint nostalgia that echoed in his laughter and the way he looked longingly at the playground on his way home from work.

This chapter of Josh’s life was like a rollercoaster ride; it was thrilling, occasionally terrifying, and peppered with comical moments that burst forth like rockets against the night sky. And as the gears of life churned onwards, he was left anticipating what the next turn would bring, strapping in for the unforeseen ride of his transformed future.

Chapter 3: “The Process of Learning”

Josh woke up to the gentle lull of the city outside his window, the bustling sounds of the metropolis amplified by the sheer awe and confusion of young ears in an adult body. After a comedic bout with the coffee maker that left him with more java on his shirt than in his cup, he headed out to the fascinating world of work.

Venturing into the corporate landscape of MacMillan Toy Company was akin to steering a ship through unknown waters. It was filled with strange jargon, intricate office politics, and a myriad of responsibilities that seemed too daunting to his adolescent mind. But this was the real world, an adult world, and he was here to navigate through it.

Josh found solace in seemingly mundane tasks, like organizing papers and restocking toy shelves, luxuries his youth wouldn’t allow him to appreciate. His colleagues were amused by his animated enthusiasm and refreshing innocence, a stark contrast to the typical corporate stoicism. His vibrant, childlike perspective warmed the office, making the workplace almost bearable for some, and surprisingly enjoyable for others.

Then, the plot took a turn when Josh caught sight of Susan. Her radiant smile, glowing amidst the office’s monotonous scenery, was like a beacon in his tumultuous sea of confusion. She was captivating yet intimidating – an embodiment of all things ‘adult’ that Josh had yet to comprehend. Their interactions were initially wrought with awkward exchanges and nervous laughter, a clear reminder of his juvenile disposition. But as days turned into weeks, he began to gravitate towards her, his feelings evolving from a boyish crush into something deeper, more profound.

One such day, while brainstorming ideas in a meeting, Josh broke the monotony by suggesting a comic book character ‘Spider-Ham’, a pig version of Spider-Man. He excitedly shared his ideas, unknowing of how absurd it sounded to the others in the room. The entire conference room fell silent. Then, a single chuckle broke the silence. It was Susan. Bursting into laughter, she applauded Josh for his unique idea. In that moment, the room seemed to breathe again, the atmosphere turning lighter, more relaxed. Susan’s laughter was like music to Josh’s ears, her approval acting as a confidence booster. His peers started seeing merit in ‘Spider-Ham’, and soon, the toy company decided to proceed with manufacturing a prototype.

Their shared victories and playful bickering drew Josh closer to Susan, his boyish charm slowly penetrating her guarded exterior. Soon enough, it wasn’t just Josh’s toy ideas that were making an impression, but his refreshingly candid personality. His boundless enthusiasm, once seen as immature, was now a beacon of genuine joy in the otherwise drab office environment.

The chapter ended with a victorious Josh, his toy idea accepted and the spark of a mutual affection ignited with Susan. The chapter sparks the transition from an innocent and amusing beginning to a tale of genuine warmth, affectionate bonds, and unexpected love. The absurdity of a boy in a man’s world gets blurred as Josh brings a unique perspective and heartfelt charm that starts to change the very world around him. But as the curtain falls over this chapter, an even bigger question looms in the horizon – Will Josh’s innocence withstand the complex nuances of adult relationships, or will it crumble under the weight of harsh realities?

Chapter 4: “The Grown-up’s Game”

In a world where sophistication and professionalism held the grandest of stages, Josh Baskin, a 13-year-old boy trapped in a man’s physique, was being thrust into the limelight of adulthood. As he sat down at his desk at the toy company, his heart pounded with an odd mixture of exhilaration and trepidation. The realm of love, which until now was foreign and distant, had started to make its presence known, adding a layer of complexity to his already convoluted existence.

The epitome of this newfound emotion was Susan, his beautiful coworker. Every time he saw her, he felt the palpitations, that fluttering in the pit of his belly enhanced by her bewitching smile. However, the adult world’s game of love was not as simple as sharing a sandwich or trading a comic, which was the extent of his prior romantic experiences.

One evening, after an exhilarating day of designing toy prototypes, Josh found himself alone with Susan in the office. The fluorescents hummed lightly above them, casting long, wavering shadows. Susan, with her hair falling loosely around her face, looked at him with an expression he couldn’t quite decipher. It was in that moment that Josh felt an impulse to make Susan understand his feelings, to convey the undercurrents of affection he was experiencing.

“Nervous?” Susan asked, her voice as soft as the atmosphere of the room. Josh nodded, his heart pounding like a drum. He’d never been alone with her before. He gulped, taking a moment to muster the childish courage that had helped him in his most challenging moments – from riding his first roller coaster to facing the school bully. He looked at Susan, wondering how to express his growing feelings for her.

“Susan, I… I have a crush on you,” he blurted out, the words tumbling out in a hurried mess. A silence fell over them, the hum of the overhead lights becoming painfully loud. Josh waited, his heart sinking with each passing second. Then, Susan smiled, her eyes crinkling at the corners. It was a look of understanding, of someone who saw the innocent sincerity in his confession.

The days following his confession were a roller coaster of emotions – confusion, happiness, fear, and a sense of maturity he’d never felt before. Josh, the boy in a man’s body, was learning the ropes of an adult relationship, which was more nuanced and more challenging than he’d ever anticipated.

This chapter of his life was marked by a kaleidoscope of experiences that shaped his understanding of adulthood – from sharing tender moments with Susan to navigating office politics. He was playing the grown-up’s game, and while it was more complex and confusing than any video game he had ever played, it was also far more rewarding.

His relationship with Susan bloomed beautifully amidst the chaos. He discovered the joy of holding hands, of sharing dreams, and of feeling his heart race when he heard her name. He discovered that love wasn’t just about stolen glances and sweet nothings, but about understanding and patience.

Yet, even as he learned to navigate this adult world with relative ease, a feeling of unease began to creep in. There was a bittersweet pain in knowing he was experiencing moments he wasn’t quite ready for. He felt the weight of his predicament, his heart caught between two worlds – the carefree world of childhood he yearned for and the grown-up’s game that was becoming increasingly difficult to play.

Josh, a young boy thrust into the world of adults, was learning the complexities of love, realizing that growing up was about much more than just physical maturity. It was about emotions, responsibilities, and the understanding that each decision could profoundly impact his life.

Chapter 5: “The Unveiling”

From the first light of dawn breaking through the cluttered skyline to the last flickers of streetlamps in the dense urban foggy night, Josh’s life had become an enigma. He was living in borrowed skin, carrying an elongated shadow that did not belong to him.

As the haunting strains of the piano from a distant club wafted through the air, the layer of ambiguity blanketing his secret grew thicker. Susan, the beautiful complexity he never saw coming, crossed the threshold of his world, her heels clicking against the hardwood floor. The immediate environment was a blend of contrast and passion, subtly heightened by the flicker of city lights pouring in through the venetian blinds.

Josh felt his heart performing acrobatics, as he steeled himself to spill the truth. The atmosphere seemed to freeze, turning Susan’s laughter into a hollow echo. With the courage of a hundred soldiers bottled up in his young soul, he let the truth unfurl from his lips.

“I’m actually 13.”

The words hung in the air, an unwelcome reality hanging over their shared laughter and whispered secrets. The room seemed to shrink, the walls closing in as silence echoed louder than any spoken word. Questions lingered, tumbling from Susan’s startled eyes even before her tongue could voice them. She couldn’t fathom the gravity of these words, nor the strange sensation stirring within her.

Time seemed to halt as she tried to absorb the baffling truth. Childlike innocence and an adult’s wisdom wove around Josh in a perplexing dance. She remembered the way he made official meetings seem like a day at the park, the pure delight he took in ordinary things, and the way he looked at her as if every moment was a miracle.

His revelation explained a lot, and Susan struggled to reconcile her feelings of affection with the disquieting fact of his real age. It was a complicated balance of disbelief, concern, and a strange sense of undefined affection. His confession, delivered with a painful honesty that cut through the tension, made her world spin, her mind a whirlpool of thoughts.

She took a step back, a silent plea for time to digest this unfathomable revelation. Her heart echoed with a rhythmic lullaby of confusion, but there was a part of her, ever so small, that leaned towards understanding. She had experienced the purity and simplicity of his affection, and it had felt more genuine than any grown-up love she had known.

The clamor of Manhattan couldn’t drown out the deafening silence between them. Josh watched her go, his heart heavy with realization and regret. He was playing a game he didn’t understand, living a life that wasn’t meant for him. But the revelation was out, like a bird freed from a cage, soaring into the complexity of their reality.

This chapter was a chaotic blend of emotions and revelations, exploring the complexities of grown-up relationships through a unique lens. As they navigated the turbulent waters of truth and deception, Josh and Susan discovered versions of themselves they never knew existed. And while the road ahead was uncertain, their intertwined lives held promise and despair in equal measure.

Despite the upheaval, they found solace in the chaotic beauty of the world they had built together. And in that chaotic beauty, there was hope. Hope that the path to understanding and acceptance wasn’t as thorny as it seemed, and that in the grand tapestry of life, their threads had crossed for a reason.

Chapter 6: “The Fall of the Big Boy”

Josh Baskin’s journey had always been a tightrope walk, balancing the naivety of his youthful soul with the wizened persona of his adult body. But as the lines blurred and the dichotomies of his existence melded imperfectly, the fulcrum tipped dangerously towards an abyss. Chapter 6, aptly titled ‘The Fall of the Big Boy’, is a poignant exploration of his world crashing down.

The day started as any other. The burst of sunlight danced its way through the high-rise buildings of New York, casting a golden glow on Josh’s adopted adult world. Yet, the effulgent morning seemed far less welcoming than it usually did. There was an uncanny stillness that suffused the air, ominous like the calm before a tempest. Unsettled, Josh shrugged off the foreboding and trudged along to work.

His toy company job, once a sanctuary of childish enthusiasm, seemed less exciting. The vibrancy of colors, the laughter, the exhilarating rush of creativity – all were gradually succumbing to a monotonous drone. Frustration brewed within him, encapsulating the disarray of his duality. His enthusiasm towards work dwindled as he realized how much he missed the simplicity of being a boy.

In his adult guise, interactions became complex puzzles. Office politics, social norms, professional etiquette, all seemed like convoluted games. The burden of these complexities began to weigh Josh down, draining the infectious enthusiasm that had initially captivated his colleagues and Susan.

His relationship with Susan escalated the confusion. He was entranced by her beauty, her maturity, the allure of comprehending an adult woman’s mind. But as their relationship grew, so did his discomfort. This was a game he didn’t understand. The playful bantering had turned into intimate whispers, the innocent hand holding lingered longer, with an implication of more. Their relationship had crossed into territories his adolescent mind wasn’t prepared to navigate.

Feeling lost, Josh sought solace in the one place he knew – the carnival. Seeing the site of his drastic transformation brought a rush of regret. He wished to reverse the effects of the previously desired maturation, to forget his hurried wish and return to his original naivety. He traced the carnival lights, the merry-go-round, and finally, his gaze fell upon the ornate machine that had commenced this surreal journey. The sight of it was both a reminder of his folly and a symbol of his last hope.

In the solitude of the night, he sat by the machine, lost in thoughts of his forgotten world. He missed the soft chirping of his neighborhood birds, the carefree games of baseball in his backyard, the comforting scent of fresh cookies his mother used to bake. He craved the simplicity of youth, the freedom from heartache and complexities. The silent sobs that violently shook his adult body were a testament to his longing for his innocent past.

This was his fall, the downward spiral of his infantile adventure. The child trapped in a man’s body was screaming for escape, yearning for the comfort of his mother’s embrace and the joyous freedom of his untainted youth. The overwhelming desires of his heart echoed through the stillness, a poignant testament to the trials of growing up too fast.

‘The Fall of the Big Boy’ is a compelling chapter in Josh’s journey. It encapsulates the agony of being trapped in a life much larger than expected, a piercing testament to the age-old saying – be careful what you wish for. The chapter ends with Josh’s decision to right the wrong, to reverse the wish that had thrown him into this rabbit hole of adulthood. But whether he will succeed, only time can tell.

Chapter 7: “The Return to Innocence”

The night was a swirling spectrum of colors, each blinking carnival light reflecting the tumultuous feelings swirling within Josh’s heart. The festive atmosphere was a stark contrast to the melancholic turmoil that pleaded for resolution within him. His adult body was a testament to a wish fulfilled, a silent tribute to a naive boy’s yearning for the wisdom of age. Yet, ironically, all Josh desired was the innocence of his youth, the unexplored vistas of a childhood left behind too abruptly.

Every step he took toward the mysterious machine was a step away from his adult existence, a reversal from the complexities of the world he had navigated. His heart pounded, each beat mirroring the anxiety of undoing the wish that had transformed him. The old, rickety wishing machine stood in front of him, its neon lights winking at him like the eyes of destiny.

The carousel turned slowly, painting a blurry canvas of laughing children, their faces aglow with pure, unadulterated joy. He remembered how he used to be one of them, how simple life was when one’s biggest worry was the next game or the newest toy. He thought of his job, of his colleagues, his boss – a layer of complexity he was far too young to deal with. Most of all, he thought of Susan. Susan, with her disarming smile and the tenderness that made his juvenile heart flutter in a way no game or toy could ever do. Susan, who was tied intricately to this adult world he was desperate to escape.

Drawing a deep breath, he approached the machine. His reflection stared back at him, the image of a man staring into the eyes of the boy within him. He dropped his coin into the slot, the clinking sound of metal echoing like the final tolling of a bell, signaling a farewell to this phase of his life.

“I wish to be me again – the young, the innocent, the untainted,” he whispered, each word heavy with emotion. He longed for the rush of relief, the sensation of shedding a skin that was not his own. Yet, there was a growing dread, a fear of leaving behind what he had gained during this journey. The maturity of conversations, the depth of emotions, the intoxicating experience of falling in love – they were the threads of a tapestry that was half weaved.

Days rolled by. The world around him started to blur, time seemed to ebb and flow like a surreal tide. Josh’s world, the world that was starkly different from any 13-year-old’s, started dissolving. His existence as an adult was fading like a dream vanishing at dawn.

His farewell to Susan was poignant. She was the woman who had unknowingly cradled a boy’s heart in her hands, nurturer of an affection that was as innocent as it was profound. As he revealed his impending transformation, her face was a canvas of disbelief, sorrow, and perhaps, a sense of loss. They held each other, their heartbeats syncing, creating a silent symphony of unspoken words and shared experiences. Susan’s promise to remember him was more than he could have asked for.

As the carnival lights dimmed, Josh felt an overwhelming sense of bewilderment, coupled with a newfound appreciation for the simplicity of his true age. His transformation back to a boy was as magical and disorienting as his initial overnight growth. His adult-sized clothes hung loosely from his youthful frame, a poignant reminder of the grown-up life he had lived and the innocence he had regained. His final glance at the carnival, at Susan standing amidst the merriment, was a bittersweet farewell to an adult world he was no longer a part of.

Striding away, Josh felt a whispering breeze carry away the silent echoes of his adult life. The carnival retreated into the background, its lights becoming fuzzy dots in the distance. The chapter of his life as an adult was closed, but its impressions were stamped on his heart, shaping the man he would eventually become. His journey was a beautiful amalgamation of comedy, romance, and drama, wound together by an extraordinary wish. The world of grown-ups, as confusing and convoluted as it was, had gifted him a perspective no ordinary 13-year-old would possess. A perspective that would forever shape the boy named Josh Baskin.

Some scenes from the movie Big written by A.I.

Scene 1



A sea of colorful lights punctuated by laughter, music, and the welcoming aroma of popcorn. Among the crowd, our hero, JOSH BASKIN (13), skinny and filled with boyish wonder, wanders.


In a less crowded corner, Josh discovers an antique fortune-teller machine – ZOLTAR.

CLOSE UP on Josh as he reads the sign, “Make Your Wish”.


(whispering to himself)

I wish I were big…

He drops a coin into Zoltar’s mouth. The machine whirs to life, Zoltar’s eyes glowing mysteriously.


(automated voice)

Your wish is granted.

CONFUSED, Josh shrugs it off as a machine’s gimmick, turns away laughing.


Josh, still excited from the carnival, sneaks into his suburban house trying not to wake up his parents. He runs upstairs to his room filled with action figures and comics.


(whispering excitedly)

Imagine me… big.


Josh climbs into his bunk bed, his childlike innocence still intact. He drifts off to sleep, unaware of the impending transformation.




Josh wakes up. Everything looks different, too small. He jumps out of bed and stands in front of his bedroom mirror. The reflection is not of a 13-year-old boy but a MAN in his 30s.






Scene 2


Josh (13, now in an adult body) awakes in a sea of overly long limbs. He stares at his hands, not quite believing what he sees.



What the…?

He stumbles over to a full-length mirror on the wall and gasps at his reflection, running a hand through his now full beard. He tugs at his pajamas – they’re way too small, looking like they belong to a child.


Josh tries to shave off his startling new beard, wincing as the razor bites his skin. He buttons up an oversized shirt that he found in the closet – it’s comically large on him, but it fits better than his usual clothes.


Josh’s MOTHER enters the kitchen, eyes wide at the sight of “strange man” cooking breakfast.


(Hiding behind the newspaper)

I’m making breakfast, Mom!


(Freaking out)

Who are you and where’s Josh?!

Josh drops the paper and Mother faints from the shock.



Oh no! Mom!



Josh, looking like a mismatched puzzle in his father’s oversized suit, navigates the chaotic swirl of the city. He’s fascinated and terrified, jumping at every horn honk.


(to himself)

I can do this. I can be… big.


As we close this scene, we are left with a sense of excitement for the wacky yet heartwarming journey that awaits Josh in his new, oversized world.

Scene 3



Josh (now a grown-up) steps nervously into the vibrant, colorful office space filled with TOY PROTOTYPES. His eyes light up at the sight, a boy in a candy store.

NEW GUY (late 20s, nerdy) approaches him.


You must be the new guy. I’m Richard.


Hi, Richard. I am Josh.

NEW GUY smiles, takes in JOSH’s excitement.


First day jitters? Don’t worry, we all love toys here.

Josh grins. He feels a sense of belonging. They walk towards the product testing area where SUSAN (30, confident, beautiful) stands.


Let me introduce you to Susan. She’s the lead here.

Josh looks at Susan, infatuated. He extends a hand awkwardly.


Nice to meet you.


Likewise, Josh.

Josh, Susan, and Richard test out the new toy prototypes. Josh’s childlike enthusiasm and unique insights charm everyone. His straightforwardness leaves them impressed and somewhat surprised.

LATER, Josh and Susan share a moment.


I feel like a kid in a toy store.


Isn’t that why you took the job?

Josh looks at her, realizes his slip.


Yeah, I guess.

They laugh, bonding over shared childlike love for toys.


Scene 4


Josh (now a grown man, still with a childlike essence) is playing with a toy airplane, flying it around the office space, oblivious to the serious meetings happening around him.

Suddenly, his eyes land on SUSAN (30s, businesslike but with a warm smile), his coworker and secret crush.


(trying to sound professional)

Susan, do you have a moment?


(chuckles, looking at the toy airplane)

Sure, Captain. What’s up?

Josh fumbles with the toy airplane, nervous.


I was wondering…if you’d like to…you know, grab ice cream with me?

Susan blinks, taken aback but intrigued.


Ice cream?

Josh nods, flushing.


Yeah, I thought…maybe we could discuss…market trends. Over ice cream?



Sounds like a very… interesting meeting.



They sit across from each other, Josh beaming as he digs into his triple scoop sundae. Susan watches him, smiling in amusement.


You really do love ice cream, don’t you?

Josh grins, ice cream smeared across his face.


It’s the best thing about being big!

Their smiles fade as they both realize what Josh just said. An awkward tension arises.




Josh looks stricken, realizing his mistake.



Scene 5


JOSH is nervously fidgeting. SUSAN is in front of him, radiant in her business attire.

JOSH: (gulps)

I’ve got something big to tell you, Susan.

SUSAN: (smiles)

What is it, Josh?

JOSH: (looks down, speaks softly)

I’m not what you think…

SUSAN: (leans in, intrigued)

And what’s that?

JOSH: (deep breath)

I’m not…really an adult.

SUSAN: (laughs, thinking it’s a joke)

Oh come on, Josh. We all feel like kids at heart sometimes.

JOSH: (shakes head)

No, Susan… I mean, I literally am. Inside this body, I’m a 13-year-old boy.

SUSAN: (skeptical, silent)

JOSH: (pleading)

I made a wish on a carnival machine, to be big. And the next morning, I woke up like this.

SUSAN: (takes a moment, then laughs nervously)

Good one, Josh. That’s…an original excuse.

Josh pulls out an old POLAROID PHOTO from his wallet. It shows a YOUNG JOSH at the same age he claims to be.

JOSH: (points to the photo)

This was taken the day before…

SUSAN: (studying the photo, her smile fades)

But…this can’t be…

Their eyes meet, both filled with uncertainty. The revelation leaves the audience in suspense, marking a turning point in their relationship.

Scene 6


Josh, a boy in a man’s body, stands alone in the bustling toy factory. He’s lost in thought, the joyful colors of the toys he once cherished now seem dull. The weight of the adult world pressing in on him.

SUSAN (early 30s, attractive, elegant) approaches Josh, unable to hide her concern.


You’ve been very distant, Josh.

Josh struggles to find the right words.


I’ve been thinking, Susan… about my old life.

Susan looks at Josh, puzzled.


Your “old life”?


Before I was Big. I miss it. I miss being a kid.

Susan looks shocked but tries to lighten the mood.


Well, we all have to grow up sometime, Josh. The business world isn’t all fun and games.

Josh looks at Susan, his eyes filled with sorrow.


But I didn’t get the chance to grow up, Susan. I just woke up this way.

Susan looks at him, silent, processing his words.



Author: AI