Gods Of Egypt

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Chapter One: An Unexpected Alliance

Bek had seen some strange things in his life, but this was by far the strangest of them all. Standing before him was the ancient god Horus, who had been locked away in the afterlife for centuries. He had come in search of an ally against a powerful enemy, and he thought Bek might be the one.

Horus had chosen Bek on the basis of his courage, loyalty, and intelligence. He recognized in the mortal a potential that could defeat the corruption and darkness of Set, the god who had taken Egypt’s throne.

At first, Bek was skeptical. He couldn’t believe that he, a mere mortal, could defeat a powerful god. But Horus was insistent, and eventually Bek agreed to help. Horus conferred upon him magical weapons and powers to assist in the fight, and together they set out to confront Set.

Chapter Two: Setting Course For Victory

Bek and Horus journeyed through the dark, wicked lands of Egypt in search of Set. Along the way, they encountered terrible creatures and powerful forces, but with the aid of their magical weapons, they persevered.

When at last they reached Set’s domain, they found the god waiting for them. Powerful and imposing, Set was determined to defeat them and reclaim the throne of Egypt. Undeterred, Bek and Horus readied for battle.

With courage in his heart, Bek stepped forward and challenged Set to single combat. As their swords clashed and sparks flew, Horus used his magic to weaken Set and ultimately force him to surrender.

Chapter Three: A New Era Of Peace

Set had been defeated and Horus was the new ruler of Egypt. Bek had been instrumental in securing victory, and it was only right that he be rewarded. Horus gave Bek a portion of the recovered artifacts and treasures, as well as a permanent place in the court.

With Set vanquished, Egypt slowly began to recover. Order and peace returned to the land and its people. With Horus at the head of the state, the nation prospered and grew more prosperous.

Bek lived out his days in contentment, forever remembered as the mortal hero who helped Horus reclaim the throne of Egypt and usher in a new era of peace.

Chapter Four: In The Afterlife

Time eventually passed, and when Bek died, he was welcomed into the afterlife by Horus. The god was grateful for the bravery and courage that Bek had shown in the mortal realm and honored him by allowing Bek to stay in the afterlife, so that he could continue to serve as a guardian for Egypt.

Throughout the ages, Bek’s story has been told far and wide. He is remembered as the mortal hero who teamed up with a god to overthrow a tyrant and restore peace to Egypt. He is a true example of courage, loyalty, and strength in the face of overwhelming odds.

Scene 1

EXT. Abandoned Temple – Day

The crumbling stone walls of an ancient Egyptian temple tower over Bek, an enthusiastic and intrepid adventurer. She is dressed in a warm cloak and leather sandals. She stares out into the desert, her hand resting on her sword hilt.

In the sky above, a BEAM OF LIGHT streaking down to the temple courtyard. A figure appears from the light. It is Horus, a tall, powerful looking god wearing a golden breastplate and a white robe.


Horus! Thank you for coming.


I am here to help you stop Set, the god of darkness.

Bek takes a deep breath and nods.


Let’s do this.

Scene 2

EXT. Valley of the Kings – Day

Bek and Horus stand at the edge of a valley, overlooking a large encampment of Set’s forces. A dusty road leads to a fortified palace beyond.


We must get to the palace and topple Set’s reign.


Agreed. We must find a way in without being noticed.

Horus surveys the scene. He spots a secret entrance at the base of the cliff.


There. We can use that.

They make their way toward the entrance, unseen.

Scene 3

INT. Palace Throne Room – Day

Bek and Horus enter the throne room, a grand hall with towering pillars. Set sits upon a lavish golden throne, flanked by two menacing bodyguards. He regards them with a sneer.


Ah, the mortals have come to challenge me.

BeK steps forward bravely.


We will not let you rule this land any longer.

Set laughs.


Foolish mortal. You are no match for me.

Horus steps forward to stand beside Bek.


But we are together.


It matters not. You are still no match for my power.

Scene 4

EXT. Palace Courtyard – Day

Bek and Horus face the two bodyguards, swords drawn. The guards attack fiercely, but the two are able to hold them off. Bek manages to strike the final blow, and the guards fall to the ground.

Set’s soldiers look on in terror as Bek and Horus turn to face Set. He stands defiantly, a look of rage on his face.


You may have beaten my guards, but you still have yet to defeat me.


It is over, Set. Your reign of terror is at an end.

Set realizes he is outnumbered and surrenders.


Very well. I yield.

Horus and Bek exchange triumphant glances before Horus uses his godly power to transport the two of them back to the temple where their journey began.

EXT. Abandoned Temple – Day

Bek and Horus stand side by side, triumphant.


We did it.


We did.

The two heroes walk off into the sunset, ready for their next adventure.

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