You, Me and Dupree

“Three’s a crowd, but love and laughter always find a way in an unexpectedly hilarious romantic journey.”

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In an urban nest of nuptial bliss, Carl Petersen, a methodical financial analyst with a penchant for order, and Molly Petersen, a buoyant primary school teacher lively as a spring zephyr, initiated the beginning of ‘forever.’ Their love formed a tangible entity, one that seemed untouchable. Yet as tangible entities go, even love was not impervious to the whims of chance.

Chance, it so happened, had a name — Randy Dupree.

A best man, an unexpected guest and a catalyst, Dupree possessed a charisma as infectious as his circumstances were unfortunate. His eternal optimism, or what Carl often referred to as obliviousness, had a way of turning the ordinary into something extraordinary, or at the very least, hilariously chaotic.

Chapter 1: “The Accidental Houseguest”

Dupree, ever the embodiment of carefree spontaneity, trotted up to the doorstep of the Petersen abode, a sheepish smile adorning his stubbled face. A tale of woe clung to him — a sudden job loss, an eviction, and a future as certain as a coin flip. After his speech, met with sympathetic sighs and reluctant nods from the newlyweds, he transformed from the best man at their wedding to the sudden houseguest in their newlywed nest.

His presence, like a brilliantly colored splash on a monochrome canvas, brought an element of unpredictability into Carl and Molly’s meticulously planned life. The couch in the living room became his territory, one that he ruled with clutter, late-night infomercials, and a generosity of spirit that was near-impossible to ignore.

“Carl, the guy’s got nowhere to go,” Molly reasoned one winter morning, pouring over the breakfast table, her voice soft as she watched Dupree on their couch, snoring softly under a blanket of newspapers. “Besides, he’s fun,” she added, her eyes twinkling with a playful glint that Carl knew was trouble.

Carl, ever the pragmatist, saw the situation unfold with a grim sense of foreboding. Dupree was a friend, yes, but his chaotic lifestyle was the antithesis of Carl’s orderly world. Over the following days, his home started to feel more like a fraternity house than a sanctuary of marital bliss. Carl’s refuge of tranquility was interrupted by loud music at odd hours, spontaneous bouts of cooking that took over the kitchen like a culinary tornado, and Dupree’s constant tales of adventures that kept Molly in splits.

Despite the domestic mayhem, Dupree exhibited a charismatic innocence that Molly found endearing. She started looking forward to his stories, his experiments in the kitchen, even his disastrous attempts at mending things around the house. The house was livelier, there was laughter, and Molly’s eyes had that spark which Carl hadn’t seen in a while. Noticing this, Carl couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy.

The couple’s cozy living room, once an intimate space, was now marked by Dupree’s presence. His mismatched socks poked out from under the rug, a half-eaten sandwich made a permanent domicile on the coffee table, and his impromptu guitar sessions echoed around their four walls until the wee hours of the night.

Their pristine domesticity was slowly transforming into a whirlwind of chaos, and amidst this storm, Carl was beginning to lose his sense of control. Yet, he noticed an odd sense of joy in Molly’s laughter, a new lightness in her demeanor, and a strange contentment he had never seen before. As their lives spiraled into unpredictability, one thing was certain — there was no escaping Dupree’s charm, no matter how hard Carl tried.

For better or worse, the unexpected arrival of Randy “Dupree” had set the stage for their lives to unfurl in ways they never imagined. Little did they know; this was just the beginning of a comedic journey full of romance, misunderstanding, and a friendship that would test the boundaries of their marriage. It was a journey they reluctantly embarked on, without a roadmap, under the watchful, twinkling gaze of their accidental houseguest.

Chapter 2: “Tensions Brewing”

The morning sun spilled through the windows of the Petersen household, casting a warm, golden glow on the ever-present guest Dupree, who was comfortably sprawled on the living room couch. The once temporary refuge had now transformed into Dupree’s permanent abode. Carl, a man of tidiness and routine, found the sight rather perturbing, amplifying the slight irritation he had been nursing since Dupree had overstepped his guest stay.

Carl, typically a jovial person, was a man who appreciated his privacy and valued his space. He was used to the rhythmic pattern of his life – a well-choreographed ballet of work, friends, and time spent with his wife, Molly. The unplanned insertion of Dupree into this ballet was akin to a clumsy elephant prancing on the stage, disrupting his serene dance of life.

Molly, on the other hand, seemed unaffected by Dupree’s extended stay. She was, in fact, charmed by his free-spirited ways and his endless amusing anecdotes. Dupree’s presence had injected a sense of excitement into her otherwise monotonous life. She marveled at how he could make a tale out of even the most mundane incidents and weave stories that would leave her in splits.

However, it wasn’t Dupree’s nonchalance or storytelling that bothered Carl. What irked him was the affectionate sparkle he saw in Molly’s eyes when she listened to Dupree, that was previously reserved only for him. It was as if Dupree had found a secret door to Molly’s heart and was slowly seeping into it.

Carl decided to take matters into his own hands. He attempted to create awkward situations for Dupree, hoping that it would drive him away or at least curb the blossoming bond between him and Molly. Carl, being the meticulous planner, devised a subtle but foolproof strategy. He started with casual complaints about Dupree’s annoying habits – his snoring that shook the entire house, his haphazard tendencies of leaving his things around, and his extravagant stories which stole away the precious couple time.

However, every time Carl set a trap for Dupree, he managed to dance around it with his usual charm and wit. Every criticism was brushed off with a self-deprecating joke, every confrontation deflected with a well-timed tale, leaving Carl flabbergasted and Molly more smitten than ever.

In a hilariously heartbreaking moment, Carl planned a romantic dinner for Molly, hoping to rekindle their romance, only to have Dupree unintentionally crash their intimate event with his amusing banter and the absurd story of his encounter with a llama in Peru. Carl’s candlelit dinner was reduced to another stage for Dupree’s storytelling, and to Carl’s chagrin, Molly seemed to enjoy the unexpected turn of events.

As the days passed, Carl’s plan backfired tremendously. Instead of driving Dupree away, it only drew him and Molly closer, much to his exasperation. Dupree’s unexpected ways of turning every adversity into a comical adventure won over Molly’s heart even more.

The chapter ends with Carl staring at his reflection in the mirror, his usually vibrant eyes now heavy with defeat, while the sound of Molly’s laughter echoed from the living room where Dupree was regaling her with another one of his tall tales. Little did Carl know that his real journey was only just beginning, and this was merely the opening act to a play that was going to redefine his relationships and his life. From the reflection of the mirror, Carl looked at his perplexed self, a man on the brink of desperation, about to summon courage from his innermost reserves to restore his once peaceful existence.

Chapter 3: “Dupree, The Catalyst”

When Dupree moved into the Petersen household, no one anticipated the rippling disruption he would create in their meticulous, orderly lives. He was like a gust of wind, unpredictable and untamed, who left their usual world spinning in a whirl of perplexity. His easygoing demeanor and bohemian ways baffled Carl, but fascinated Molly in equal measure.

The morning kicked off with Carl discovering Dupree attempting to make breakfast. The kitchen looked like a warfield with Dupree at its helm, brandishing a spatula. Eggshells littered the counter, milk was splattered across the floor, and pancake batter coated every reachable surface. Carl, a stickler for cleanliness, was aghast. However, Molly seemed strangely amused.

“Trying to make pancakes?” Carl asked dryly, his eyes raking the disaster.

“Trying?” Dupree questioned, his tone both charming and defensive. “I am making pancakes.” He presented a surprisingly decent-looking pancake, prompting Molly to laugh. In that moment, Carl felt a sudden surge of jealousy he quickly tamped down.

As the day flowed into an afternoon of silliness and laughter instigated by Dupree, Carl’s frustration simmered. He couldn’t grasp how Molly was growing fond of Dupree’s eccentricities that were driving him up the wall. He watched as Dupree convinced Molly to join him in an impromptu dance-off in their living room. Molly moved with a grace and spontaneity that Carl hadn’t seen before, her laughter ringing bright and clear in their home.

However, it was the evening that truly highlighted the difference in their perspectives. Dupree led them to the rooftop, where he had arranged a mini stargazing setup. His unconventional approach to life was nothing short of a revelation to Molly. She looked at Dupree with new eyes, her eyebrows raised in surprise and curiosity.

Carl, on the other hand, felt a rush of annoyance. He watched as Dupree pointed out constellations and wove stories around them. The tales were clearly made up, but Molly listened, captivated. She clung onto his every word, her expressions shifting between amusement and awe.

“Cassiopeia was a vain queen,” Dupree explained, tracing the constellation with a finger. “She boasted about her beauty so much that Poseidon sent a sea monster to destroy her land.”

Molly laughed, her eyes gleaming in the soft moonlight. Carl was irritated, but he couldn’t look away.

Dupree’s presence was bringing something else out of Molly- a side that Carl hadn’t seen before. Spontaneous, daring and full of life. It scared him, yes, but it also intrigued him. Dupree was a catalyst, shaking up their lives, making them question, and pushing them to grow. His stay in their home was definitely not a simple one, but maybe – just maybe – it was a necessary disruption.

In the days that followed, Carl observed an increasing warmth between Dupree and Molly. They shared private jokes, communicated through glances, and laughed at the silliest things. Carl had to admit, despite the chaos Dupree had brought into their lives, he had also brought a certain charm that was hard to resist. As perplexing as it was, Dupree’s burstiness was redefining the dynamics of their relationship. It was challenging, but maybe if they weathered it well, they’d come out stronger.

This chapter marked the beginning of a shift. A shift that was messy, complicated, and incredibly endearing. Dupree, with his burstiness and unpredictable charm, was indeed the catalyst. And Carl and Molly’s lives were never going to be the same.

Chapter 4: “The Truth Unveiled”

It was a typical Saturday morning in Carl and Molly’s suburban household. The familiar scent of bacon wafting through the air, the hum of the lawnmower in the background, and the constant presence of Dupree sprawled out on their couch. Carl, in his usual weekend attire of plaid pajamas and a hastily worn bathrobe, was nursing his cup of coffee when he stumbled upon an alarming discovery.

As he idly flipped through the newspaper, an article caught his attention: “Local Entrepreneur Fired for Neglecting Duties”. Suddenly, all the scattered puzzle pieces fell into place; Dupree had been jobless all along! Carl’s eyes widened in disbelief, the cup of coffee slipping out of his hand.

“Dupree!” Carl’s voice echoed through the house, bouncing off the walls and making the sleeping figure on the couch startle awake.

“Wha- What’s up, Carl?” Dupree, still groggy from sleep, stretched and yawned lazily.

“Is this why you’ve been ‘crashing’ here all this while?” Carl waved the newspaper in Dupree’s face, the sting of betrayal welling up inside him.

Caught off guard, Dupree mustered up a sheepish smile, attempting to diffuse the situation with a joke. “Well, Carl, I guess I could say you’ve caught me red-handed.” He chuckled, but the sound fell flat in the tension-filled room.

The revelation sent waves of tension rippling through the household. The living room became a battlefield, a hilarious cocktail of comedic confrontations and awkward silences. Dupree, ever the optimist, tried to downplay the seriousness of his situation, while Carl, feeling deceived, grew increasingly frustrated.

Enter Molly, the unsuspecting victim of this Sunday morning showdown. The sight that greeted her was one for the books: her husband, red with anger, and their houseguest, seemingly unfazed and casually munching on a piece of toast.

“Carl, Dupree, what’s going on?” she questioned, her eyes darting between the two men.

The silence that followed was layered with a wealth of secrets, resentment, and confusion. The room pulsated with a sense of anticipation, like the calm before a storm. Finally, Carl, pointing an accusing finger at Dupree, blurted out the truth. Molly’s face paled, her chair squeaked as she sat down heavily – a sense of betrayal mirrored on her face as well.

The ensuing hours saw heated arguments, confessions, and the occasional bout of laughter, as Dupree narrated his woeful tales of job hunting. Carl oscillated between bouts of anger and amusement, whereas Molly, though initially shocked, began to empathize with Dupree.

Amidst all the chaos, a strange kind of camaraderie developed. Despite the initial sense of betrayal, Carl and Molly found themselves warming up to Dupree even more. It was in those moments of wild laughter, heated debates, and shared secrets that Dupree grew from an intruder to an integral part of their lives.

Though the chapter started with a revelation that shrouded everyone in shock, it ended on a different note. As the day closed, the Petersen household buzzed with a newfound understanding of Dupree’s situation. And despite the tumultuous events, Dupree’s charm worked its magic, and he remained the charismatic lodger, nestled comfortably among the secrets and laughter of the Petersen household.

Chapter 5: “The Unexpected Alliance”

The sun was just beginning to set as Molly left the small neighborhood diner, her heart feeling as buoyant as the early evening breeze. She clutched a paper bag containing a freshly baked apple pie, Dupree’s favorite. Dupree, she pondered, the catalyst in the unforeseen alteration of her and Carl’s comfortable yet predictable life. The unexpected alliance between her and Dupree had taken her by surprise, but it wasn’t unwelcome. In fact, it felt exhilarating!

Dupree had a knack for finding humor in the simplest of things, and his care-free zest for life was infectious. It was an odd combination, for sure. A financially responsible corporate man’s wife and an unemployed, couch-surfing, albeit charming, permanent houseguest. But there it was, in all its perplexing glory. Molly had always been the one to color inside the lines, and now here she was, veering off into an uncharted spectrum of crayons.

As the chapter unfolds, we see a series of increasingly comedic circumstances. Carl finds himself being forced out of his monotonous shell and plunged into Dupree’s world of spontaneity and adventure. Molly convinces Carl to ditch a corporate event for a live indie band gig that Dupree had suggested. Carl awkwardly moshing among a crowd of tattooed millennials while Dupree and Molly laugh from the sidelines, is a sight to behold. It’s a riot of hilarity and confusion, as Carl struggles to adapt to this new pace of life.

The chapter takes a slight detour when Dupree suggests hosting a neighborhood BBQ at the Petersen’s backyard. Carl, after some convincing from Molly, reluctantly agrees. The BBQ, expectedly, turns chaotic. The grill catches fire, a frisbee lands in Mrs. Henderson’s famous potato salad, and Carl’s boss’s poodle ends up in their pool! Yet in the midst of the madness, there they are, our unlikely trio, laughing their hearts out.

The transformation in Carl’s demeanor becomes apparent in this chapter. He begins to question why his life lacks the spontaneous fun that Dupree manages to bring into it. This chapter thrives on the burstiness of Carl’s emotional journey. He experiences frustration, confusion, but also joy and liberation.

Dupree continues to amuse the readers with his charming antics and uncanny ability to turn any dire situation into a laughing fest. He becomes the epitome of comic relief, the jester in the royal court of Carl and Molly’s life, persistently prodding and provoking laughter and change.

Molly, in her newfound alliance with Dupree, learns to embrace a less structured life while coaxing Carl to do the same. She starts to appreciate the hilarity in Dupree’s chaos and finds herself yearning for more of such unpredictability.

This chapter concludes with Carl, Molly, and Dupree sitting on the roof, sharing a meal out of leftover BBQ food. As they watch the stars twinkle brightly against the velvety night, they laugh at the series of ludicrous events that the day had brought forth. Amidst all the laughter, Carl feels a shift in his perspective. He finds himself grateful for the unexpected alliance with Dupree, introducing a new dynamic into his and Molly’s relationship. As the chapter closes, this unlikely trio might have found something more potent and promising than what they had initially bargained for: a connection built on chaos, humor, and an unexpectedly profound friendship.

Chapter 6: ‘The Peaks and Valleys’

The sun had not yet risen when Carl Petersen woke up, stewing in his frustration. The sight of Dupree, sprawled on his couch, his snores echoing through the house, was the first thing Carl saw every day. It had become a perpetual annoyance. Yet, there was an odd sense of family forming, a warped brotherhood that was more irritating than heartening.

Carl rolled over, not wanting to start his day with the sight of Dupree in his SpongeBob pajamas. His thoughts drifted to Molly, his wife, the woman he thought was his alone. Her laughter, now a common background score in his home, flashed through his mind. Except it wasn’t his joke she was laughing at, it was Dupree’s. The anger welled up within him once more. He made a mental note to talk to Molly about setting boundaries.

This chapter features a series of comical mishaps and arguments that reflected Carl’s frustration, creating a roller coaster of emotions. First was the spray-painted mural of what seemed like a distorted mermaid, courtesy of Dupree, that greeted Carl and his clients. Carl’s attempts at restoring normalcy seemed futile. The sight of his hulk-like client laughing at Dupree’s creation didn’t help.

A heated confrontation followed this debacle. However, it was more of a humorous spectacle than a fierce fight, with Dupree arguing how his ‘art’ was boosting Carl’s business persona. Carl argued about professionalism but couldn’t help chuckling as Dupree imitated his uptight speech. Carl’s irritation was overshadowed by uncontrollable laughter, surprising him.

Next was an unexpected break-in at their home. Their heart rates jacked up; they were ready to defend their house fiercely. However, the ‘intruder’ turned out to be Dupree’s raccoon friend, Rocky. They found him rummaging around the kitchen, a sight that drained the tension instantly and replaced it with hilarity.

Still, on some nights, Carl found himself enjoying Dupree’s company. When Molly had to work late, Carl and Dupree would find themselves seated at the bar, reminiscing about the old days. Those moments were rare peaks among the valleys of frustration, but they remained etched in his memory.

Carl’s frustration reached its climax when he found Dupree and Molly in the kitchen late one night, tipsy and dancing to ‘80s rock music. Jealousy surged as he watched his wife twirl around with Dupree, her laughter echoing through the house. It was a sight that shocked Carl. He felt replaced, outshined by Dupree’s charisma in his own home. It was a feeling Carl wasn’t familiar with, a feeling he didn’t want to become familiar with.

He exploded, accusing Dupree of crossing boundaries, of trying to steal his wife. Molly tried to intervene, but Carl was beyond reason. Dupree, too inebriated to comprehend the situation, continued to laugh, thinking it was a joke. The argument ended with Dupree on the floor, laughing, and Carl storming away, a mixture of emotions swirling within him.

However, this confrontation brought about unexpected changes. Carl was forced to reevaluate his relationship, his insecurities, and, surprisingly, his behavior towards Dupree. It was a turning point for him, filled with emotions he needed to confront and decisions he needed to make.

In the end, Chapter 6 portrays the emotional turmoil in Carl’s mind. His feelings of displacement in his own home, the silent battle of possession over Molly, and the unexpected friendship brewing with Dupree. It was a rollercoaster ride of emotions, with surprising highs and shocking lows.

Chapter 7: “The Twist of Love”

This chapter opens amidst a powerhouse of emotions; jealousy, confusion and hilarity intertwined. Carl’s frustration with Dupree had reached its peak, fueling the unfounded suspicion that Dupree carried a torch for Molly. His jealousy had kicked into overdrive, leading to a cascade of comedic misunderstandings.

One morning, he awoke to find Molly and Dupree laughing over breakfast, the intimacy between them more than Carl could bear. However, the unabashed laughter and comfortable camaraderie held more to it than just friendship – it was an indication of the real twist of love.

In a ridiculously clumsy manner, Carl attempted to confront Dupree, tripping over the shoes Dupree had left in the living room, sending a near-filled coffee pot crashing down. The sound was deafening in the quiet morning, the splatter of coffee soaking into the plush carpet. Dupree and Molly turned towards him, shocked expressions painted on their faces, while Carl lay sprawled out on the carpet. A brief silence followed, the remnants of jealousy temporarily forgotten in the face of Carl’s blunder.

Carl, being his usual tenacious self, didn’t let the mishap deter him. He picked himself up, wiped the coffee from his face, and with a determined glint in his eyes, he accused Dupree of having feelings for Molly. The accusation was like a time bomb, ticking away in the room, charging the air with tension and apprehension.

Dupree’s eyes widened at Carl’s accusation, and with a laugh that sounded more nervous than mirthful, he dispelled the accusation. He explained that he saw Molly as a sister rather than a love interest. He admitted to caring for her, yes, but not in the way Carl imagined. He insisted that he was just trying to lighten up their life. To be the breeze of carefreeness they seemingly lacked in their systematic routine.

Molly, on the sidelines, had been quietly observing the verbal volley between the two. Her laughter had faded, replaced with a mix of shock and disbelief. She was the epitome of a deer caught in headlights, completely taken aback by Carl’s accusations and Dupree’s confession.

It was then Carl realized his mistake. His accusations, his jealousy, all stemmed from his insecurity and lack of trust, not just towards Dupree, but towards Molly. He had let his paranoia get the best of him, letting it brew a storm in a teacup.

The metaphorical storm settled as quickly as it had begun. Carl, swallowing his pride, apologized. Dupree, in his trademark casual manner, brushed everything off with a chuckle. The tension eased, the air filled with relief, their friendship enduring the test of jealousy, accusations and confessions.

In an unexpected turn of events, Molly chose to voice her thoughts. She admitted that Dupree’s carefree spirit had indeed inspired her, reminding her to live life spontaneously rather than merely surviving. On the other hand, she confessed her deep love for Carl, his obsessive tendencies, and his unlikely mishaps.

Heartfelt confessions and apologies echoed around the room, bridging the gap between misunderstanding and truth. The chapter came to an end with the trio sharing a heartfelt laugh, a reaffirmation of their strange yet strong bond, and most importantly, a triumphant feeling of love triumphing over misperceptions.

Chapter 8: “The Grand Farewell”

The buzzing Sunday morning sun struck Dupree’s bleary eyes as he woke, realizing that the end of his freeloady days at the Petersens’ residence was near. It was his eviction day. His ‘look-for-another-couch-to-crash-on’ day. His heart was a tangle of emotions; sadness at leaving the couple, and an unexpected spark of excitement about embracing a new chapter. What a rollercoaster his life had been!

There was a sudden knock on his door. Molly stood behind it with her hazel eyes sparkling, holding a tray of blueberry pancakes. “One last breakfast, Dupree?” She smiled warmly at him. Dupree’s spirits lifted. Molly had always been a source of comfort to him.

The breakfast was filled with laughter, shared memories, and awkward silences. Carl, who had been somewhat aloof, finally broke the silence. “So, Dupree, any plans?” He asked, trying to keep his voice casual. Dupree shrugged, “Probably mooch off another friend until I find a job.”

Molly, unable to hide her concern, added, “Dupree, you can stay a few more days until you find something.” But Dupree shook his head, “I can’t, Molly. I’ve overstayed my welcome here. Besides, it’s time for Carl and you to enjoy your married life without me being a third wheel.” His voice was choked with emotion, Molly’s eyes welled up.

Later, Dupree wandered around the house, savoring the familiarity of each room. The living room where they had spent countless evenings in front of the TV, the kitchen where he had cooked the oddest meals, and the backyard where Carl had made futile attempts to teach him gardening.

Suddenly, Molly’s laughter echoed from the porch. It was infectious, making it impossible for Dupree not to join them. He found Molly and Carl reminiscing about their first meeting. They invited Dupree to share his funniest memory. And so, they spent the afternoon; a mix of laughter, tears, and tales, just like the harmony of a beautiful symphony.

As the day turned to twilight, the trio stood at the doorstep. There was a peculiarity, a heaviness in the air. Dupree, in his usual style, lightened the mood. “Well, folks, time for this handsome hobo to hit the road,” he announced dramatically, a grin plastered on his face. Carl and Molly chuckled, but their eyes were full of unshed tears.

Carl extended a hand towards Dupree. It was a closure, an acceptance, and the beginning of a newfound respect. As Dupree accepted Carl’s handshake, he felt a rush of gratitude. Carl, in his unique, grumpy way, had become a dear friend.

His eyes then turned towards Molly. Her warmth and kindness, her laughter had been the balm to his chaotic life. They hugged. It was a tight, lingering hug. When Molly finally pulled away, her eyes were shiny with tears. Dupree felt a pang in his heart. He had grown fond of the lovely lady.

As Dupree walked away, he looked back at the house one last time; the lighted windows seemed to smile back at him. His heart filled with contentment. A sense of relief washed over him. Living with Carl and Molly had been a strange, unexpected journey. Their presence in his life had rebooted him, forcing him to reevaluate his choices.

Yes, he had overstayed his welcome. Yes, he had encroached on the newlyweds’ space. But, in doing so, he had somehow, in his odd way, brought them closer together. And in the process, he had found himself again.

A new day awaited Dupree, another adventure, another couch, and another chapter of his unpredictable life. But for now, he had a smile on his face and a warmth in his heart as he waved Carl and Molly goodbye, marking the end of this unforgettable chapter.

So, the tale of Dupree ended; not with a bang but with a soft sigh, a smile, and a warm memory. And the Petersens’ home, once again, was a cozy nest for two, filled with laughter, love, and the echo of a houseguest who had left behind an imprint of his chaotic but charming presence.

Some scenes from the movie You, Me and Dupree written by A.I.

Scene 1



(The front door opens. DUPREE, 30s, disheveled but charming, lugs a large suitcase into the room. Behind him, CARL, mid-30s, organized to a fault, watches with skepticism, while MOLLY, 30, vivacious and kind, smiles with bemusement.)


Sure appreciate you guys letting me crash here.



Yeah, Dupree. Just for a few days, right?


(Awkward chuckle)

Absolutely, Carl. You won’t even notice I’m here.

(Molly chuckles. Dupree grins at her and they share a moment.)



(Dupree is at the counter, making breakfast. He flips a pancake high in the air and catches it on the pan.)



You always were the master of pancakes, Dupree.


It’s all in the wrist, Mol.


(Looking on stonily)

We have a schedule, Dupree. Breakfast at eight, not ten thirty.



Well, the thing about schedules, Carl old buddy, is that they’re meant to be broken.

(Molly laughs again. Carl grits his teeth as DUPREE winks at him.)



Scene 2


(CARL, clean-shaven and meticulously dressed, looks on in frustration as DUPREE, his scruffy, charming friend, and MOLLY, lighthearted and vivacious, share a laugh.)


(through gritted teeth)

So, Dupree, any plans to go job hunting?



Carl, you’re always so worried! Live a little, man!

(CARL takes a deep breath, struggling to remain calm.)



Oh, Dupree! You’re fun. Carl, you should relax like him!



Sure, Molly.

(MOLLY exits the room.)


(to DUPREE, firmly)

Look, Dupree. It was okay for a day or two, but this… (gestures around) all of this needs to stop.


(cheerfully ignorant)

What? The fun? Never!

(CARL looks exasperated as DUPREE laughs heartily.)



(CARL is alone, plotting a course of action.)


(to himself)

Okay, Carl. You need to drive a wedge… subtly…

(Enter MOLLY, excitedly carrying a tray of cookies.)


Carl! Look what Dupree and I baked!

(CARL looks at the cookies, then at the audience, his plan already backfiring.)


Scene 3


Dupree is sprawled on the couch, flipping through a magazine. Carl enters, looking harried and irritated. Molly is in the kitchen, humming a tune.


(To Dupree)

Still here, I see.



Where else would I go, buddy?

Carl sighs and collapses into an armchair. He watches Dupree suspiciously.



Dupree, could you help me set the table?


(Leaping up)

Sure thing, Molly!

They exit. Carl looks after them, troubled. An idea strikes him.


Carl enters, wearing an unconvincing smile.


(To Molly)

Why don’t we go out tonight? Just you and me?

Molly looks taken aback. Dupree, carrying dishes, keeps a straight face.



That sounds lovely, Carl.



Great. And maybe Dupree can…



Find something else to do tonight? Got it, buddy.

Molly frowns, noticing the tension but decides to let it go.


Carl and Molly return from their date. To their surprise, Dupree has transformed the living area into a fun cozy spot with a popcorn and movie setup.



Oh Dupree, what’s this?



Just thought we could use a movie night.

Carl, clearly irritated, tries to hide his frustration. Molly glances at him, then back at Dupree.


Scene 4


We see DUPREE, lounging comfortably on the couch, as CARL enters from work, clearly frustrated.



Dupree, I thought you had work.



Oh, yeah about that…

We CUT to MOLLY entering with a tray of freshly baked cookies.



Cookie, anyone?

Carl glares at Dupree.



Dupree. You’ve been lying to us about your job.


(gulping, nervously)

Well, not lying per se…


(interupting, shouting)

You’ve been freeloading, Dupree!

The room grows uncomfortably silent. Molly looks from Dupree to Carl, shocked.


(stuttering, hurt)

Is….is this true, Dupree?

Dupree looks at Molly, remorseful. He nods.



Why, Dupree?


(angry, hurt)

You owe us an explanation, Dupree.

Dupree looks at his friends, takes a deep breath, and begins his story, promising to tell the truth.



Scene 5


Carl, dressed in his usual conservative attire, sips coffee and reads a newspaper. Dupree, barely awake, stumbles into the room.



Morning, Carl.



Morning, Dupree.

Dupree heads towards the kitchen. Molly enters the living room, spirited as ever. She greets Carl with a peck on the cheek and Dupree with a friendly wave.


Carl, I was thinking… we should do something fun today.

Carl looks up from his newspaper, clearly caught off-guard.



Fun? Like what?


I don’t know, something we normally wouldn’t do.

Dupree, now waking up, overhears the conversation and grins. He walks back into the living room.


I’ve got an idea!

Carl groans while Molly looks intrigued.


Carl, Molly, and Dupree gear up for skydiving. Carl looks terrified.


(whispering to Molly)

This is all Dupree’s fault.

The trio takes the leap of faith, with Molly and Dupree enjoying the adrenaline rush while Carl screams in terror.


Carl, Molly, and Dupree return home, exhausted but grinning. Carl, once stiff and uptight, seems to have loosened up.



I can’t believe we did that!

Carl looks at her, grinning from ear to ear.



Me neither. But… it was fun.

The scene ends with Molly, Carl, and Dupree laughing and sharing their experiences from the day. This day was indeed something they normally wouldn’t do.


Scene 6


Carl is pacing around the room, his frustration visible. Dupree lounges on the couch, a picture of carefree relaxation.


Dupree, when do you plan to move out?


Relax Carl, I’m still searching for a job.

Carl takes a deep breath, trying to keep his temper in check.


Well, you should probably search faster.

Just then, Molly enters, managing to lighten the room with her infectious smile.


Boys, what’s happening?

Carl looks at Molly, then back at Dupree. He decides to spill the beans.


Dupree’s been lying, Molly. He lost his job, he isn’t even looking for a new one!

Shock takes over Molly’s face. She looks at Dupree, hurt.


Is it true, Dupree?

Dupree looks down, avoiding eye contact.


Yes, it’s true.

The room fills with silence. Molly exits the room, disappointment visible on her face. An awkward tension hangs in the air between Carl and Dupree.



This scene showcases the peak of Carl’s frustration and also hints at the forthcoming changes in their lives. It sets the stage for the twists and turns about to unfold in their journey.

Scene 7


Carl paces nervously in the living room. Molly enters from the kitchen, watching him.


I can’t take it anymore, Molly. He’s everywhere, all the time.


He’s our friend, Carl.


This is about us, Molly, not just him!

Before Molly can reply, Dupree stumbles in, looking genuinely concerned.


Guys, I’ve been thinking…

Carl and Molly both look at Dupree, surprised by his seriousness.


I think I’m ruining your marriage.








No, seriously, I see it. I’m the third wheel.

Carl and Molly exchange a glance.



Well, Dupree, it’s… complicated.

Suddenly, Dupree laughs. Molly and Carl are taken aback.



Nah, I’m just messing with you. But, I do feel something… for Molly.

Molly gasps. Carl looks like he might explode. But then, Dupree continues.


Not in the way you think, Carl. I feel… admiration. She’s one of a kind. But she’s your kind, Carl.

Dupree’s honesty diffuses the tension. Carl nods, mollified, and Molly is visibly touched.


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