While You Were Sleeping

“In a twist of fate and a web of lies, love finds a way—comedically, romantically, and unforgettably.”

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Prologue: “The Lonely Heart”

In the bustling heart of Chicago, ensconced within the rhythmic pulse of city life, lived a young woman named Lucy Moderatz. Lucy was an unassuming beauty – with a tangle of brown hair, kind eyes, and a heart yearning for connection. She worked as a token collector for the Chicago Transit Authority, a job that offered her a window into thousands of lives every day, but ironically, left her feeling more alone than ever. Despite her loneliness, Lucy wore her solitude like an invisible cloak, wrapping herself in a blanket of dreams and longing. Often, she’d find herself losing track of time, her mind wandering away from her little booth to an imagined life with a wonderful man.

In the sea of faces that passed by her every day, there was one man who stood out – Peter Callaghan. He was strikingly handsome and seemed to glow with a warmth that was as captivating as it was unattainable. Lucy cherished the few fleeting moments of interaction she had with him. Sure, it was nothing more than a polite smile and some coins exchanged, but to Lucy, they were fragments of a love story waiting to happen.

Yet, love, Lucy would soon discover, had a peculiar habit of unraveling in the least expected ways.

Chapter 1: “The Chance Encounter”

It was an ordinary December morning, cold and crisp, with the promise of snow hanging heavily in the air. Lucy, bundled up in her booth, was lost in her daydreams, her gaze alternating between the commuters rushing by and the falling snowflakes. And then, with a jingling of change and a gust of icy wind, Peter was there. Their eyes met for a moment that made her heart flutter, bringing color to the stark, dreary morning.

Later, while she was closing, she saw a scuffle near the edge of the platform. In the dim light, she recognized the figure in the center – it was Peter. He was mugged, then pushed. With a gasp, Lucy saw Peter tumble onto the tracks as a train approached, visible from the distance. Fear gripped her, but she wasn’t paralyzed. Instead, adrenaline made her move.

Lucy rushed onto the tracks, the icy wind whipping her face and her heart pounding like a drum in her chest. She pulled Peter off the tracks, mere seconds before the train pulled into the station. It was a whirlwind of panic, fear, relief, and more fear as Peter lay unconscious and unmoving.

Emergency services rushed Peter to the hospital, and Lucy accompanied him, still in shock. In the chaos, a nurse mistakenly assumed Lucy was Peter’s fiancee and she was too stunned to correct the assumption. She found herself swept up in a vortex of worry, waiting alongside Peter’s family – people she had never met before, but who were ready to welcome her with open arms.

The reality of what she had done began to set in. Lucy had not just saved a life, but she was now unintentionally ensnared in a lie. A lie that, while innocent in its inception, had the potential to spin her life into a web of complications she could have never anticipated. And yet, despite the chaos, Lucy felt a strange sense of excitement. She was no longer the lonely woman watching life pass her by. Now, she was in the thick of it, living a love story – albeit a very complicated one.

As the night wore on and Peter’s condition remained stable, Lucy decided to play along with the mix-up. After all, she reasoned, what harm could it do? She was just an innocent bystander in this unexpected comedy of life, playing the part fate had thrown at her. Little did she know how wildly the plot was about to twist, and how her life was about to be forever changed by the events that ensued “while you were sleeping”.

Chapter 2: “The Beautiful Strangers”

In the fluorescent-lit confines of a sterile hospital room, Lucy first met the colorful ensemble that was Peter’s family. A conglomerate of lush personalities, they were a stark contrast to her own lonely existence. They flooded the room like a kaleidoscope of beautiful strangers, each bursting forth with vivacious energy. Lucy felt awkward, a stark outsider in their vibrant family tableau, but she was too entranced to pull herself away.

There was Peter’s mother, Midge, who initially appeared stern, but her eyes held a glint of humor and warmth. The traces of heartache graven on her face were beautifully balanced with the joyous smile that came out in bursts of laughter, hinting at a resilience crafted over years. Lucy couldn’t help but admire this matriarch whose love for her children was evident in her worry lines.

Then came the father, Ox, a robust man with a jovial demeanor. His booming voice filled the room, punctuating the otherwise bleak hospital atmosphere. His intriguing stories, filled with unexpected punch-lines, revealed a zest for life that was both compelling and infectious.

Saul, Peter’s godfather, was the unassuming grandfather every child yearned for. He had an air of benign wisdom about him. His eyes sparkled with understanding, and his chuckles were as engaging as his profound, life-advising monologues. His presence was calming, yet his humor provided an element of surprise, a burst of laughter in unexpected corners of the conversations.

Completing this beautiful picture of familial harmony was Jack, Peter’s younger brother. He was a poker-faced enigma, with his skeptical eyes and restrained responsivity. Jack’s perceptiveness seemed unseasonably mature for his age, but the rare moments when he would crack a smile would make his charm all the more potent. His intrigue for Lucy was palpable. A spark had caught, laying the foundation for a comedy of errors that fate had yet to reveal.

Lucy found herself pulled towards these strangers. She was fascinated by their joyous banter, their unexpected outbursts of laughter, the odd squabbles that were so clearly rooted in love. In their presence, she experienced the swell of a makeshift family, something she had yearned for but never known.

Yet at the same time, the tidal wave of guilt was hard to dismiss. Their misconceptions weighed heavily upon her conscience. When Ox playfully accused her of stealing Peter’s heart, she blurted out an unintended confession, but her voice was drowned by Ox’s boisterous laughter as he regaled tales from Peter’s childhood. With every passing moment, the lie she was living compounded, making her retreat all the more impossible.

But amidst the guilt, a spark of hope ignited within her. As Lucy spent more time with the family, she noticed Jack’s gaze resting on her a lot more than necessary. She might have been taken aback if she hadn’t felt the same inexplicable pull towards him. Jack was an enigma she was intrigued to solve. His skepticism captivated her, and amidst the deception, a genuine bond started taking root.

Whether it was the infectious laughter, the comforting monologues, or the sparking connection with Jack, Lucy found herself both captivated and confounded by the beautiful strangers. The guilt of deception choked her many times, but the potential promise of love and belonging overwhelmed her despair. As she embarked on this perplexing journey of humor and romance, Lucy knew the path was tangled, but she also hoped the journey could lead her to a love she never expected, a love she found while Peter was sleeping.

Chapter 3: “The Unexpected Love”

The day dawned crisp and clear, the air was filled with a sense of inexplicable excitement. This was the day Lucy would meet Peter’s brother, Jack.

The Callaghan household buzzed with life as Jack walked into the warm, quilted patchwork of love, laughter and an overwhelming aroma of fresh coffee. Amidst it all, he noticed her – Lucy, the supposed fiancée of his brother. Lucy was like a breath of fresh air, different from the usual women Peter dated. Her eyes held a spark of warmth, her laughter was infectious, and there was an unmistakable down-to-earth charm about her that made Jack curious.

The shadow of suspicion loomed as Lucy and Jack’s relationship started on rocky grounds. Jack, a hard-nosed lawyer, had an uncanny ability to see through people. Lucy, on the other hand, was grappling with her emotions. She found herself being drawn towards Jack’s unflinching honesty and quick wit, which stood in stark contrast to his more urbane brother, Peter.

As days turned into nights, warm family dinners led to late-night conversations, and an unexpected connection fostered between Lucy and Jack amidst the snow-covered Chicago. The pair found themselves sharing parts of their life they had seldom spoken about, porch-side, beneath the swathes of falling snow. Their banter was filled with playful ribbing, unexpected profundity, and a lot of laughter – an energy that was rare and undeniable.

While Lucy’s affection for Peter was a misplaced sense of infatuation, with Jack, it was something deeper, something real. Every furtive glance, every shared laugh, every small act of kindness was testament to the undercurrent of love that had subtly woven itself into their initial clash.

Contrary to her earlier logic, Lucy’s heart began desiring the unthinkable. Every moment spent with Jack, intensified her feelings for him. A sense of guilt washed over her, threatening to drown the spark that had only just begun to ignite. She was living a lie, a lie that was unintentionally leading her towards a truth she hadn’t dared to confront.

The complexity of Lucy’s situation was not lost on her – she was posing as the fiancée of a man lying comatose in a hospital while slowly, inexorably falling in love with his brother. She knew she must untangle herself from this web of deceit, but fear of losing Jack held her back.

Meanwhile, Jack found himself drawn to Lucy’s genuineness and her ebullient spirit. He began questioning his initial doubts about her. The more time he spent with her, the more her layers unfolded, revealing someone who was selfless, kind, and unexpectedly captivating.

Yet, despite his burgeoning feelings, Jack couldn’t shake off his initial suspicion. The question persisted – was Lucy really who she claimed to be? Was she truly in love with Peter, or was there more to the story?

This chapter of their lives was filled with unexpected turns, serve as preludes to deeper revelations. It was a story within a story, one of finding love amidst chaos and confusion, laughter and tears, doubts and desires. For all the complexities that lay ahead, one truth was clear – Lucy and Jack were falling for each other, an unexpected love story that started with a lie but was becoming an undeniable reality. And thus, this unexpected yet beautiful love story continued to unfold under the winter Chicago sky, perfectly encapsulating the essence of life – unexpected, chaotic yet incredibly beautiful.

Chapter 4: “The Dilemma”

Lucy’s alarm clock buzzed noisily on the nightstand, but her thoughts were a million miles away. She was supposed to be preparing to head to work, to put on her uniform and spend the day in the booth, watching strangers pass. But how could she do that when she was living in a dream? Or was it a nightmare?

Peter’s family had treated her like a long-lost daughter. They’d shared meals together, gone through photo albums, exchanged stories with a heartwarming blend of nostalgia and laughter. Lucy had never felt so included, so loved. Yet, every time she looked into their trusting eyes, remorse gnawed at her. She had built this connection under a vast, intricate lie.

The feelings for Jack hadn’t helped. From the moment he’d walked into the room, wearing that skeptical look, Lucy was drawn to him. He was nothing like Peter. Peter, with his polished manners and practiced charm, was like a prince from a fairytale. Jack, on the other hand, was real. Authentic. His mannerisms were raw, his humor was wry, and his gaze held an unsettling intensity.

What started as a knee-jerk reaction to Jack’s suspicion gradually turned into something more. The way he looked at her, the way he spoke to her…there was an inexplicable connection that pulled her towards him. But did he feel the same? Or was he just being protective of his brother, trying to uncover her secrets?

Each morning, Lucy stared at herself in the mirror, a jumble of emotions surfacing in her eyes. She couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity of it all. But there was nothing funny about falling in love with your supposed-to-be-fiancé’s brother.

Now, as she laid awake, the lie felt heavier than ever. The love she felt for Jack was real, and it crushed her that he might never know it. It was a tangled, comic mess. But she also knew, without a trace of doubt, that Jack deserved the truth.

Finally, Lucy pulled herself from bed. She freshened up, put on her uniform and, with a sudden display of determination, resolved to confess. She was going to tell Jack everything. But life, it seemed, had other plans.

As Lucy approached Jack at breakfast, trying to muster up the courage to speak her truth, Peter’s elderly grandma walked in. Lucy’s faltering confession was quickly replaced by a helping hand and a comforting smile. Distracted by grandma’s comical antics and stories, the moment slipped by.

Throughout the day, the universe played a humorous game with Lucy. Every time she tried to confess to Jack, she was humorously interrupted. A wrong number phone call. A surprise visit from the nosy neighbor. Even an overexcited house cat. It was as if time and circumstance were co-conspiring against her.

As the sun set and the day waned, Lucy felt drained. She had been poised on the edge all day, ready to face the possible consequence of her actions, only to be swept up in the whirlwind of family, confusion, and untimely interruptions.

Under the starlit Chicago sky, Lucy’s world was in chaos, caught in a ridiculous comedy of errors. Her feelings for Jack were palpable, as real as the cool wind against her skin, yet held back by a lie she hadn’t meant to tell. Jack deserved the truth, and she would fight heaven and earth to give it to him. Tomorrow, she would try again. But tonight, all she could do was laugh at the beautiful, comedic disaster that her life had become.

And in this laughter, there was a touch of hope, a spark of promise. From the ruins of an unimaginable dilemma, love was finding a way. It was a convoluted, perplexing journey, but one that Lucy could not help but traverse. For underneath the lies and the laughter, a wonderful love was blossoming, ready to conquer the absurdity of the circumstances.

Love, after all, thrives in the most unexpected of places, and amidst the most chaotic confusions. It finds a way, it always does. And as the curtains fall on this chapter, Lucy’s heart holds onto this hope, a beacon in the unsettling yet hilariously beautiful storm she’s caught in.

Chapter 5: “The Comatose Complication”

The winds of Chicago howled against the windows of the hospital room, echoes of the turmoil inside Lucy’s mind. In the stillness of the room, Peter finally stirred from his coma, a blank expression painted on his face. A sigh of relief slipped from his family members, their joyous laughter piercing through the sterile silence. But joy was a foreign sensation for Lucy. Her heart pounded against her chest, a staccato rhythm matching the blaring alarm in her brain – Peter was awake.

The news of Peter’s consciousness was a double-edged sword. Yes, the man she had saved, the man whose identity had enmeshed her in this tangled web of lies was awake. But it also meant the truth would soon surface; Peter didn’t know her from Eve. However, as fate would have it, Peter suffered from amnesia, a plot twist that Lucy could not have anticipated.

With a sigh, she studied Peter, his eyes vacant as they scanned the room filled with strangers. Though he recognized no one, his family was in denial, attributing his confusion to the after-effects of the coma. Lucy, on the other hand, was a ticking time bomb, counting down to inevitable disaster.

Each day, Lucy played the part of the doting fiancée, visiting Peter at the hospital, her mind juggling conversations and past events to keep the façade up. She was a puppeteer controlling a marionette, each string tied to a lie that danced in the cruel spotlight of her deception.

Lucy’s heart ached with the knowledge of her lies, and the love she held for Jack only intensified the guilt. Their connection had been an unexpected consequence, a variable that had not been in the initial equation. Jack was a paradox, his skepticism softening with every shared moment, his heart growing fond of the woman his brother loved.

And Lucy loved him back. It was a love that connected her to him, a palpable, tangible entity that threatened to burst out of her chest. Each accidental touch and lingering gaze were a secret language that only they understood. But this love was held hostage by her lies, shackled by the chain of deception she had wrapped around herself.

The plot thickened as Peter began to accept his ‘engagement’ to Lucy. She found herself caught in a charade of affection with a man she barely knew, watching the man she loved from the corner of her eyes. Lucy’s heart yearned to set the truth free, but the drama that had compounded over the previous weeks was as compelling as it was suffocating.

In the midst of the chaos, the comedy of life played on. Joe Jr., her quirky neighbor, continued pursuing Lucy in an endearingly clumsy way, creating hilarious situations that pulled her away from brooding and reminded her of life’s absurdity. His antics, while amusing and sweet, also served as a mirror, reflecting her own inexplicable situation back at her.

Lucy was no heroine in a straightforward romance novel. Her love story was a knotted mess, a comedy of errors, each unraveling string leading to another twist. Yet, somewhere in the cacophony of her life, her feelings for Jack were the only thing she could hold on to, her sole tether in a whirlwind of confusion.

The journey from the train tracks to the hospital room, from saving a stranger to loving his brother, was far from over. Unpredictable, humorous, and heart-wrenching, it was as chaotic as life itself. And in the heart of this tumult, Lucy found herself cherishing the quiet moments with Jack, the stolen glances in crowded rooms, the silent understanding in shared smiles.

The stage was set. Peter was awake but confused. Lucy was in love but guilty. Jack was suspicious but smitten. The dice were rolling, and where they would stop, nobody knew. The comatose complication had thrown Lucy’s life into an uproarious blend of comedy and romance, and all that was left was to brace herself for the climax.

Chapter 5 draped the curtains, setting the stage for a climax teetering between the realms of the comical, the tragic, and the romantic. Love, laughter, and lies, the concoction was heady, leaving everyone on edge, awaiting the grand unraveling of Lucy’s well-intentioned deception.

Chapter 6: “The Revelation”

The city of Chicago was blustering and buzzing with winter’s end. As the sun began to thaw the icy streets, the Callaghan family was oblivious to the storm brewing within their household. It all began when Jack found a small detail amiss.

Earlier that day, Jack had been rummaging through Peter’s office looking for a misplaced portfolio. As he rifled through the heaps of paper and office bric-a-brac, he came across a dusty photograph. It captured a candid moment at a Christmas celebration years back, the whole family was there. But what struck Jack was the empty spot next to Peter. Odd, he thought, for a man allegedly engaged.

His mind began to spin. He remembered, a fortnight ago, the pressing of Lucy’s hand against his and the stolen glances they shared. Something shimmered there, something that sparked more than friendly concern. There was an intimacy he couldn’t ignore, an intimacy that erupted from this web of deceit.

Meanwhile, across town, Lucy was wrestling with the same concerns. On her rickety kitchen table sat a cup of half-drunk coffee, its rim stained with her crimson lipstick, much like her conscience stained with the lie she was living. The bright white lie had now turned muddy, and she found herself sinking deeper into it.

In a burst of resolution, she decided to confess everything before it was too late. She made her way across the snowy lanes of the city towards the Callaghan household, her heart pounding with apprehension and a strange sense of relief. But Jack was already unraveling the truth at his own pace.

When Lucy reached their doorstep, she was met with a suspicious gaze from Jack. The usual warmth was replaced with a cold distance that made her heart sink. Amidst their awkward silence, there was a ring of the doorbell. A neighbor with a plateful of cookies, oblivious to the tension, came to wish them well for the recovering Peter. Lucy’s confession went interrupted, to be once again postponed.

Over dinner, as the family went on with their usual banter, every laugh and every shared memory turned into a thorn jabbing Lucy’s conscience. Jack watched her silently from across the table, his mind a whirlpool of suspicion and unspoken love.

As the night wore on, a series of bizarre interruptions followed; neighbours, a salesman, even a wrong bulb that suddenly needed replacing. Every failed attempt at confession only fuelled Jack’s skepticism. He knew Lucy was not who she seemed; he just didn’t know why she would deceive them.

After a painfully long evening of forced smiles and tense silence, Lucy retreated to Peter’s room, her heart heavy with the weight of undeclared truth. Jack, making sense of the puzzling reality, made up his mind to confront Lucy.

As the night enveloped the city, the Callaghan household sat on the edge of revelation, suspense and unvoiced love lingering in its hallways. The chapter of mistaken identities was about to come to an end, with the dawn of truth promising a chaotic storm of emotions.

Chapter 7: “The Confession”

Lucy’s heart pounded within her chest like city traffic. The time had come for her to confess the truth. The walls of the Callaghan household, once so embracing, now loomed ominously over her like a tribunal. She looked around at the family, eyes filled with anticipation for her announcement, oblivious to the storm brewing within her.

“I’m not who you think I am…” Her voice faltered, the words came out choked, akin to a whisper in the wind. But it was loud enough for the entire room to fall into a deafening hush.

Uncle Joe, halfway through a hearty laughter, stopped abruptly. Ox, with his head tilted, looked less like a formidable hulk and more like a kid trying to comprehend an intricate magic trick. Even Mrs. Callaghan ceased her constant bustling around, her caring hands pausing mid-air, the sweet scent of freshly baked cookies hanging in the air incongruously.

Jack, the man whose opinion weighed the most, stared at her with a bewildering line of emotions crossing his face – confusion, disbelief and a small flicker of betrayal. Lucy felt a lump in her throat – a confrontation she had dreaded for weeks.

“I’m…I’m not Peter’s fiancée. I’ve never even had a conversation with him. I…I saved his life that day at the station and…and the hospital staff misinterpreted.” Lucy’s confession came out in a rush, her words stumbling over each other in their haste.

The Callaghan family responded with stunned silence, their eyes wide with astonishment and, possibly, a little heartbreak. Jack, however, withdrew slightly, his piercing gaze drilling into her soul. He looked like a man who had been slapped by an unseen hand.

At that moment, there was a knock at the door. Joe Jr., Lucy’s eccentric neighbor, came barging in with his usual outlandish enthusiasm, completely unaware of the dramatic moment he had interrupted. He had a knack for this, popping in at the most inopportune times with his innocent humor, adding to the comic relief.

“Lucy! I figured you could use a pizza. Is pepperoni okay?” He waved a steaming box in the air, accidentally knocking over a vase with his elbow. In one swift motion, the room shifted from tense to chaotic, as everyone scrambled to clean up the mess.

As Mrs. Callaghan and Ox started cleaning the shattered vase, Joe Jr. and Jack began a silent pizza standoff. Jack’s enraged gaze flitted from Joe Jr’s daft grin to the perfectly baked, steaming pizza, a comically ludicrous tug of war sprung to life amid the messy confession.

As Joe Jr. made his departure, probably feeling the heat from Jack’s glare more than he cared to admit, Lucy tried to apologize once again. Yet, she was interrupted by a call from Saul, the family’s lovable patriarch, who had chosen this moment to share his newfound obsession with Sudoku puzzles.

Lucy could not help but smile at the layered complexities of human nature. The confession had now turned into a blend of emotional frustration, comic interruptions and burgeoning feelings—bursty and frantic, yet somewhat endearing.

Despite the continuous interruptions that provided both relief and annoyance, Lucy managed to express her remorse. She was not just sorry for the lie but also for the impending loss of the closeness she had come to cherish.

By the time the night ended, Lucy felt lighter yet heavy-hearted. The confession was done, yet the repercussions were yet to unravel. With her heart pounding, she watched as Jack exited, leaving behind a house filled with confusion, disbelief, a lingering scent of pepperoni pizza, and a sense of life’s perplexing unpredictability.

Chapter 8: “The Happy Ending”

The sharp chill of the Chicago winter was relentlessly biting at Jack’s face as he sprinted through the snow-covered streets, his heart thudding rhythmically against his ribs. His thoughts buzzed with a distressing combination of fear, anticipation, and regret. Encountering a love as profound as his for Lucy was as bewildering as it was exhilarating, a sensation that twisted his insides like a bittersweet symphony. It was a perplexing maze of emotions, a burst of feelings he’d never known he could possess.

Meanwhile, Lucy was locked in her apartment, her heart heavy with sorrow. The radio was softly serenading her with melodious tunes, a stark contrast to the tumultuous storm building within her. Her eyes, cast down onto the expanse of her plain apartment floor, were moist with unshed tears. Jack’s hurt expression when she confessed her lie was imprinted on her mind, causing her heart to ache with every beat.

Suddenly, a whirlwind of noise erupted from her apartment building. Muffled footsteps growing louder, rushing up the steps. The door to her apartment burst open, revealing a breathless Jack. His disheveled hair was flecked with snowflakes, his eyes a bright blue that matched the twinkling winter sky, glazed with a mixture of determination and vulnerability.

“Lucy,” he gasped, trying to regain his breath. “I had to come…I couldn’t let you go.”

Lucy, stunned by this sudden arrival, found herself consumed by a torrent of mixed emotions. Shock, relief, hope – they all intermingled within her, creating a maelstrom of bewilderment.

“You lied, Lucy,” Jack stated, his voice shaking with raw emotion. “You lied, and it hurt. But it doesn’t change that I fell in love with you. Yes, as my brother’s supposed fiancée, but more so as the unique, compassionate woman I’ve had the privilege of getting to know.”

Tears began to stream down Lucy’s face, cutting through the cold ambience of the room like a beacon of warmth. She took a step towards Jack, her heart pounding as loud as the waves crashing against the Lake Michigan shoreline.

“I am so sorry Jack,” she whispered, her voice choked with emotion. “I fell in love with you too, and it scared me. It was like feeling the first rays of sunshine after a long, cold winter. Your love was the burst of life I didn’t know I needed.”

Jack crossed the room in two long strides and cradled Lucy’s face in his hands, wiping away her tears with his thumbs. His eyes were mesmerizing, holding her captive in his gaze, conveying a depth of love she’d never seen before.

“Lucy, I realize that love is not about the past, but about now…and the future. It’s about accepting mistakes and growing from them. It’s about us,” Jack confessed, his voice barely a whisper yet powerful enough to stir every fiber of Lucy’s being. “I love you, Lucy. I fell in love with you while you were pretending to love Peter. And that’s no lie.”

Overwhelmed, Lucy flung her arms around Jack. His warmth seeped into her, thawing her fears away. This was love – perplexing, exhilarating, bursting with joy, and filled with unexpected turns. She pressed her lips against his, sealing their confession with a kiss, a passionate symphony that drowned out the sounds of the bustling city outside. Their love story had begun with a lie, but was ending with the most heartfelt truth. Amid the tumultuous waves of life, they had found their anchor in each other.

The laughter and tears that had peppered their journey culminated in this intimate moment, immortalized within the four walls of Lucy’s apartment, amidst the cold Chicago winter. There was warmth, there was love, and most importantly, there was forgiveness. Their unique love story – wrapped in comedy, controversy, and deep affection – finally found its happy ending, showcasing that love can indeed triumph even in the most complicated situations.

Some scenes from the movie While You Were Sleeping written by A.I.

Scene 1



Lucy (mid-30s, kind-faced, eyes harboring the weight of loneliness) punches tickets at her booth. Peter (early 40s, charismatic yet aloof) passes by, their eyes briefly meet.


(offers ticket)

Morning, Lucy.


(soft smile)

Morning, Peter.

Suddenly, two THUGS snatch Peter’s briefcase and push him onto the tracks. Train HORN blares in the distance.




Lucy rushes out from her booth, jumps onto the tracks, and with a strength born of desperation, pulls Peter to safety just as the train rushes by.



Hang on, Peter.



Lucy sits by an unconscious Peter. A NURSE (50s, motherly) enters.


Bright thing you’ve done there, saving your fiancé.

Lucy, too tired to correct her, merely nods. The Nurse leaves as Peter’s FAMILY walks in. They are a delightful mix of personalities, instantly showering Lucy with gratitude.

GRACE (Peter’s mother)


Thank you for saving our boy.

Lucy, touched by their warmth, decides not to correct the misunderstanding, not knowing the chain of events she just set in motion.


Scene 2


Close on LUCY, mid-30s, a transit worker with a winning smile but an air of loneliness. She’s dressed in her crumpled uniform, looking out of place in the sterile hospital surroundings.

Suddenly, the door bursts open. Enter the CALLAHAN FAMILY – a boisterous, warm group of people – MIDGE, OX, SAUL, and JACK.


(looking at Peter)

Oh, my poor boy!

She rushes to Peter’s side, clutching his hand. Ox stands stoically beside her, a tower of strength. Saul, a kindly older man, stands by worriedly.

JACK is the last to enter. He stands in the doorway, eyeing Lucy suspiciously.


(to Lucy)

And you are?



Lucy… I’m the one who saved Peter.

A beat. Lucy looks at them, her eyes welling up. They all exchange glances, then envelope her in a group hug.


(through tears)

Welcome to the family, dear.

The family starts filling the room with warmth and laughter. Lucy looks on, caught between her guilt and the allure of this connected family.


Lucy is in the bustling, festive Callahan home. Midge is cooking, Ox and Saul are playing chess, and Jack is watching her, puzzlement in his eyes.



Not what you expected, huh?



No, it’s more… warm than I’m used to.

They share a look. A spark. A promise of more complications to come.


Scene 3


Lucy enters Peter’s room, looking at his comatose figure with a sympathetic gaze. As she sits beside the bed, the door creaks open and in walks JACK – Peter’s younger brother, ruggedly handsome with a hint of mischief in his eyes.



You must be…Lucy?



Yes, and you’re…?



Jack, Peter’s less successful brother.

Lucy giggles lightly. Jack, though suspicious, is charmed by her. They sit in silence, an odd tension filling the room.


Jack and Lucy walk on the hospital grounds. The conversation is light, filled with playful jabs and hidden affections. Their chemistry is undeniable, Jack’s initial hesitation fading as he laughs at Lucy’s quirkiness.



You’re nothing like I imagined Peter’s fiancée would be.






Yeah, you’re so much…more.

Their eyes meet. A hint of romance blossoms, quickly interrupted by Lucy’s guilt. She hurriedly changes the subject, leaving Jack intrigued and slightly confused.


Scene 4


Lucy (30, an everywoman with a quiet charm) is at the dining table, covertly reading a note Jack (Peter’s younger brother, 32, rugged and quick-witted) has just passed to her. The note says: “I KNOW YOU’RE NOT WHO YOU SAY YOU ARE. MEET ME IN THE GARDEN.”

Angela (Peter’s mother, 60, doting and gullible) interrupts her thoughts.


Lucy, dear, could you pass the salt?

Lucy absentmindedly hands her the pepper. Everyone LAUGHS. She forces a smile.


Lucy nervously finds Jack leaning against a tree, arms crossed, looking serious.


I guess the cat’s out of the bag?


Who are you, really?

There’s a long pause.


I’m Lucy. And I’m sorry. I never intended for things to get this far.

Suddenly, the back door swings open. Angela appears.


Lucy, dear, we need your help with the dishes!

Lucy looks pleadingly at Jack. He nods. She scurries back to the house. Jack is left in silence, mulling over the revelation.


Scene 5


Lucy (early 30s, energetic yet anxious) stands by Peter’s (late 30s, attractive, unconscious) bedside, just as PETER’S EYES FLICKER OPEN.



Peter! You’re awake.

Peter looks around, disoriented. He then looks at Lucy – confusion in his eyes.



Do I know you?

Lucy’s face falls. She steps back, hurt and scared. She looks to the door where JACK (mid 30s, rugged, protective) is watching from the outside. Their eyes meet, and in that moment, it’s clear – Jack knows her secret.


Lucy sits with Peter’s family – his parents, OX (60s, kindly, gentle) and MILLY (late 50s, loving, bubbly), and kid sister, MARY (20s, outspoken, playful). The conversation is filled with laughter and heartwarming family moments, but Lucy is distracted. Her eyes keep drifting towards Jack.



I’ve got something to tell you all.

Just then, the DOORBELL RINGS, breaking the moment. Enter SAUL (70s, spry and humorous), Peter’s godfather, carrying a bunch of flowers.


(to Lucy)

These are for you, my dear.

Lucy forces a smile, her confession interrupted. As Saul takes a seat, Lucy exchanges a look with Jack, the tension palpable.



Scene 6


Jack is pacing, flipping through a photo album. Lucy walks in, holding a tray with two cups of coffee.


(coy smile)

Late-night coffee?

Jack doesn’t respond, engrossed in the family photos. Lucy sets the tray down, glancing at the open photo album. A picture of Peter and Jack as kids.



He’s going to be okay, Jack.


(turns abruptly)

Are you so sure about that, Lucy?

Lucy senses something is off.



What do you mean?

Jack throws the photo album on the coffee table. He turns to Lucy, his eyes reflecting betrayal.



Why wouldn’t you know? You’re his ‘fiancée’.

Lucy stands frozen, regret washing over her face. Jack scoffs, turning his back towards her.



Except you’re not, are you?

Lucy slowly nods, tears forming in her eyes. She knew this moment would come.



Jack, I can explain…

Suddenly, the DOORBELL RINGS. Jack looks at Lucy, then at the door. His face a mix of anger and curiosity.



Hold that thought.



Jack opens the door to reveal JOE JR, looking anxious.



Is… is Lucy here?

Lucy appears behind Jack, looking worried.


Scene 7


Lucy, teary-eyed and heartbroken, sits on a plush couch, surrounded by PETER’s family, her confession hanging in the air. PETER’s mother OXANA, her world upended, clutches her handkerchief.



I’m sorry… I didn’t mean for this to happen.

She looks up at JACK, standing by the window, a silhouette against the night sky. His silence is deafening.


Lucy exits the house, tears streaming down her face, Jack watches her from the window, his features hard to read.


Lucy slams her apartment door, her sobs echoing through the empty space. There’s a KNOCK AT THE DOOR.



Go away!

The KNOCKING continues.


Lucy opens the door to find JOE JR., a goofy smile on his face holding a box of chocolates.


Heard you might need a friend.

They stand there a moment. Lucy nods, inviting him in. They end up watching TV, eating chocolates, a light-hearted sense of camaraderie blossoming in the wake of her heartbreak.


Lucy wakes on the couch, Joe Jr. already gone. She finds a note from him with a simple message, “Things will get better, Lucy.”


Author: AI