Underworld: Evolution

In a war between vampires and Lycans, two unlikely allies must unlock the secrets of their bloodlines to save their kind.

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The night was dark, the moon shrouded in a deep mist. The only sound was the clinking of Selene’s combat boots as she stalked her prey. She had been a member of the Death Dealers for centuries, an elite squad of vampires that hunted Lycans without mercy. But this hunt was different. It was personal.

She had tracked a group of Lycans to Budapest, and she knew what they were after. She had to intercept them before they found it. Her senses were heightened, her eyesight sharper than any human’s. She could see through the darkness as if it were day. And she could smell the Lycans’ stench from miles away.

Selene moved silently through the streets, her leather outfit barely making a sound. She knew the Lycans were close. She could feel their presence. She rounded a corner and saw them. They were a pack of four, all heavily armed. They turned when they heard her approach.

“Selene,” one of them growled. “We’ve been expecting you.”

Selene’s grip tightened on her gun. “You won’t be disappointed,” she said.

The Lycans charged, their claws bared. Selene dodged their attacks, her movements fluid and graceful. She aimed her gun and fired, hitting one of them in the chest. The creature fell to the ground, howling in pain.

The other Lycans circled her, snarling. Selene didn’t flinch. She was the deadliest vampire in the Death Dealers, and she feared nothing. She was here for one reason: to stop them from finding what they were after.

Suddenly, one of the Lycans lunged at her. Selene was ready. She sidestepped the attack and kicked the creature in the face. It stumbled back, giving Selene the opening she needed. She fired her gun, hitting the Lycan in the heart.

The other two Lycans hesitated for a moment before running off into the night. Selene knew they would be back, but for now, she had succeeded in her mission.

She walked over to the fallen Lycan and looked down at him. His eyes were cold and lifeless. She knew he was just one pawn in a much larger game. A game that had been going on for centuries.

And she was in the middle of it.

Chapter 1: The Hunt Begins

Selene had been tracking the Lycans for days. They were after something, she just didn’t know what. But it was important enough for them to risk venturing into vampire territory. That meant they were up to something big.

She had been patrolling the streets of Budapest, looking for any sign of the Lycans. She was about to give up for the night when she saw movement out of the corner of her eye. She turned and saw a shadowy figure disappearing down an alleyway.

Without hesitation, Selene gave chase. She ran as fast as she could, her boots pounding the pavement as she closed in on the figure. She rounded the corner and saw the Lycan ahead of her. He was tall and muscular, with shaggy brown fur covering his body.

The Lycan turned and snarled at Selene. She could see his teeth glistening in the moonlight. He was armed with a large gun, and Selene knew she had to act fast.

She lunged at him, aiming a kick at his head. The Lycan dodged her attack and fired his gun. Selene jumped out of the way, but the bullet grazed her arm.

She hissed in pain but didn’t slow down. She drew her own gun and fired, hitting the Lycan in the leg. He stumbled but kept moving.

They were running through the alleys now, Selene chasing the Lycan with single-minded determination. She had to stop him from finding whatever it was he was after.

Suddenly, the Lycan disappeared. Selene skidded to a halt, looking around frantically. She could feel his presence, but he was nowhere to be seen.

Then she heard a sound. It was a low humming noise, like electricity coursing through wires. She followed the sound to a nearby warehouse.

The door was locked, but Selene didn’t let that stop her. She kicked it down with ease, her vampire strength making it look effortless.

She entered the warehouse cautiously, her gun at the ready. The humming noise was louder now, and she could see a glow coming from one of the corners.

She crept closer, her eyes narrowing as she saw what was causing the glow. It was a strange device, unlike anything she had ever seen before. It was as if it was alive, pulsating with energy.

Suddenly, the device exploded, sending a shockwave through the warehouse. Selene was thrown back, hitting the ground hard. She groaned in pain, her head spinning.

When she opened her eyes, she saw the Lycan standing over her. He was holding something in his hand, and Selene realized with horror that it was a shard of the strange device.

The Lycan plunged the shard into her chest, and Selene screamed in agony as she felt the burning pain. She knew she was dying.

But then something strange happened. Her body began to change, as if she was transforming into something else. She heard a voice in her head, a voice that was not her own.

“Selene,” the voice said. “You are chosen. You will unlock the secrets of your bloodline.”

Then everything went black.

To be continued…

Chapter 2: The Werewolf Hybrid

Selene recoiled in horror as Michael’s glowing blue eyes stared back at her. She had heard of a werewolf hybrid before, but had never actually seen one. She stepped back, gun aimed at him, as he slowly stood up and looked at his hands in confusion.

“What the hell did you do to me?” he asked, voice trembling.

Selene lowered her gun slightly, considering her options. She could easily kill him now, before he regained his strength and became a true threat. But something about him intrigued her. He clearly didn’t understand what had happened to him, and she had a feeling his knowledge could be useful.

“You’re a rare breed, Michael,” she said coolly. “A hybrid of Lycan and vampire blood. How did you come to be this way?”

Michael shook his head, still disoriented. “I don’t know…I was bitten by a Lycan, and then…everything went black.”

Selene narrowed her eyes, studying him. He didn’t smell like a full-blooded Lycan, nor did he have the strength of one. But there was definitely a mix of vampire and Lycan blood in him, and she was curious as to what he was capable of.

“Come with me,” she said finally. “I can help you understand what you are.”

Michael hesitated, looking around at the destruction they had caused in their fight. “Why should I trust you?”

Selene smirked. “Because I’m your only hope of survival in this world. Come with me, or die alone.”

With a flick of her hand, she turned and walked away, heading deeper into the abandoned building they were in. Michael hesitated for a moment, before following her reluctantly.

As they walked, Selene explained the basics of their world to Michael. The war between the vampires and the Lycans, the Death Dealers, and the masked vampire elders who ruled over them all. Michael listened intently, his eyes widening in disbelief.

“I thought all of that was just a myth,” he said finally.

Selene chuckled. “We’ve done a good job of keeping ourselves hidden from the rest of humanity. But it’s all very real.”

They finally reached a hidden room, deep beneath the city. It was filled with ancient texts, weapons, and artifacts from both sides of the war. Selene walked directly to a large bookshelf, pulling out a thick leather-bound book.

“This is our history,” she said, handing it to Michael. “Read it, and you’ll understand more about yourself and what you’re capable of.”

Michael hesitated, looking at the book skeptically. He didn’t want to be caught up in this world of death and destruction. But something about Selene made him trust her, despite everything.

He opened the book, and started to read.

As he read, the pieces started to fall into place. His ancestor, Alexander Corvinus, was the original source of the vampire and Lycan bloodlines. He had two sons, one of whom became the first vampire, and the other the first Lycan. And somewhere down the line, Michael’s blood had become a mix of both.

The information was overwhelming, but also fascinating. He flipped through the pages eagerly, listening as Selene explained certain aspects that were unclear. For the first time in his life, he felt like he was part of something bigger than himself.

But as he read on, something else caught his attention. A legend of a powerful vampire elder who had the ability to become a hybrid of all three species – vampire, Lycan and human. The legend had been dismissed as a myth for centuries, but with Michael’s existence proving that a hybrid was possible, it suddenly seemed more plausible.

“What about this?” he asked, pointing to the text.

Selene’s expression darkened. “That’s just a legend. No one has ever been able to prove that it’s real.”

“But it could be,” Michael pressed. “If I exist, why not someone else?”

Selene sighed, looking at him wearily. “It’s not something that we can just go searching for, Michael. It’s too dangerous. You need to focus on controlling your own abilities first.”

Michael nodded, reluctantly letting the subject drop. But his mind was racing, already imagining the possibilities that could come from being a hybrid of all three species.

As the night wore on, Selene taught Michael more about his abilities, testing his strength and agility in various ways. He was surprised at how quick and nimble he was, and the added strength he had as well.

But he was also plagued by the memories that kept coming back to him – images of his ancestor, of the Lycan who bit him, and of a woman with long black hair and piercing blue eyes. He didn’t understand any of it, but he knew that Selene might be the only person who could help him decipher the memories and make sense of them.

As the first rays of dawn started to peek through the windows, Selene finally called a halt to their training. Michael collapsed onto a nearby couch, exhausted and bewildered.

“I don’t know what to do,” he said finally, looking up at Selene. “I feel like I don’t know anything about myself.”

Selene sat down next to him, studying him carefully. “You’re in a unique position, Michael. You can use that to your advantage, if you’re smart about it. But you need to be careful. There are those who would kill you just for existing.”

Michael nodded, realizing the gravity of the situation. He had more questions than answers, but for the first time in a long time, he didn’t feel entirely alone. Selene had become his unlikely ally, and he knew that their fates were now intertwined.

As he closed his eyes, exhaustion pulling him under, he realized that he had just taken the first step into a world full of danger and intrigue. And he had no idea just how deep the rabbit hole went.

Chapter 3: The Blood Memories

Michael stared out the window of the abandoned building they were using as a hideout. It had been three days since he and Selene had formed their uneasy alliance, and they had been poring over old vampire texts and Lycan lore, trying to piece together the puzzle of their bloodlines. But Michael was distracted by the memories that kept surfacing in his mind – memories that didn’t belong to him. He knew they were important, but he couldn’t make sense of them.

Selene noticed his agitation and approached him. “What’s wrong?” she asked.

“These memories,” Michael said, running a hand through his hair. “I keep getting these flashes of… of someone else’s life. It’s like I’m seeing through their eyes.”

Selene’s expression darkened. “Blood memories,” she said. “It can happen when someone with a powerful bloodline is turned into a vampire or a Lycan. You’re seeing the memories of your ancestor.”

“My ancestor?” Michael repeated, incredulous. “How is that even possible?”

Selene gestured to the ancient tome she had been reading. “This book explains it all. The Corvinus bloodline. It’s the source of both vampire and Lycan abilities.”

Michael looked at the book skeptically. “And you think my ancestor is in there?”

Selene nodded. “There were three Corvinus brothers – Marcus, William, and Alexander. One of them was your ancestor.”

Michael frowned. “How do we figure out which one?”

“We start with the blood memories,” Selene said firmly. “You said you saw someone who looked like they were from the 14th century. That narrows it down to either Marcus or William. Alexander was born later.”

“But how do we know for sure?” Michael asked.

Selene flipped through the book. “According to legend, only a true immortal can awaken the dormant Corvinus blood.” She looked up at Michael. “You’ve already shown signs of being a hybrid – you healed quickly after being shot. We just need to find a way to awaken the rest of your abilities.”

Michael was skeptical. “And how do we do that?”

Selene’s lips twisted in a wry smile. “We find a vampire elder who knows their stuff.”


They tracked down an ancient vampire named Viktor, who claimed to have knowledge of the Corvinus bloodline. Selene took Michael to meet him, but warned him to be cautious. Viktor was not known for his kindness.

The vampire elder was sequestered in a grand castle in the Carpathian Mountains, surrounded by loyal Death Dealers. Selene and Michael were escorted to his throne room, where he sat brooding on a throne of black marble.

“You seek knowledge of the Corvinus bloodline,” Viktor said, his voice like ice. “Why should I help you?”

Selene stepped forward, her eyes fixed on Viktor’s. “Because unlocking the secrets of the Corvinus bloodline could end the war between our kind once and for all.”

Viktor sneered. “And why should I care about that?”

“Because you want power,” Selene said calmly. “The Corvinus bloodline could give you more than you ever imagined.”

Viktor studied her for a moment, then turned his piercing gaze to Michael. “And what of our young hybrid friend here? What does he want?”

Michael swallowed nervously. “I want to know the truth about my bloodlines. I want to understand who I am.”

Viktor nodded slowly. “Very well. I will share my knowledge with you, but be warned – the Corvinus bloodline is not to be trifled with.”

He directed them to a laboratory deep within the bowels of the castle, where they found a large glass chamber filled with a swirling red liquid. Viktor explained that the liquid was a serum made from the blood of a true immortal – someone who had been alive for centuries.

“By injecting this serum into your veins,” Viktor said, “we can awaken the dormant abilities of the Corvinus bloodline. But be warned – it is a painful process.”

Michael hesitated. He didn’t know if he was ready for this. But then he thought of the memories that had been haunting him, and he steeled himself. He had to know.

Selene stood by his side as Viktor injected the serum into his arm. Michael felt a searing pain shoot through his body, and he fell to the ground, convulsing. Selene held him, whispering words of encouragement as the pain intensified.

Then, suddenly, it stopped. Michael gasped for air, feeling as though he had just been reborn. He stood up shakily, feeling the power coursing through his veins.

And then the memories came flooding back. Except this time, they were clearer. He saw himself as a medieval warrior, battling against the Lycans. He felt the rush of power as he shifted into his Lycan form, tearing through his enemies with ease. And then, he saw the face of his ancestor – a powerful vampire elder with golden eyes.

“Marcus,” he whispered, and Selene nodded confirmation.

“Now we know,” she said. “Now we can find a way to end this war.”

Chapter 4: The Search for Marcus

Selene and Michael traveled for days through the snowy forests, trying to locate the resting place of Marcus Corvinus. According to legend, his tomb lay buried beneath the ice, deep within the mountains. It was a dangerous journey, with treacherous terrain and fierce creatures lurking in the shadows.

As they trudged through the snow, Selene couldn’t help but feel a sense of unease. She knew this mission was imperative to unlocking the secrets of their bloodlines, but the risk was great. The last thing they needed was to be caught by the wrong people.

They eventually reached their destination, a desolate mountain range, devoid of any signs of life. Selene used her vampire senses to scan the area for any traces of Marcus. Eventually, they discovered a small opening in the ice, leading to a subterranean passage.

They made their way through the narrow tunnels, careful not to slip on the icy floors. As they descended deeper, the air grew colder, and the walls seemed to close in on them. The sound of dripping water echoed throughout the caverns.

Finally, they reached the chamber of Marcus Corvinus. It was a massive room, with stalactites and stalagmites jutting out of the walls. In the center of the room lay the ancient vampire’s sarcophagus.

Selene and Michael approached the coffin with caution. Selene used her superhuman strength to pry open the lid. A gust of stale air escaped the tomb, causing Selene to recoil.

Michael positioned himself to defend Selene while she examined the sarcophagus. As she looked inside, she was surprised to find that the chamber was empty, save for a few bones scattered at the bottom.

“Where is he?” Michael asked.

Selene’s eyes narrowed as she examined the bones. “These bones are too old to be Marcus’s. Someone has already been here.”

Just then, they heard a sound. It was faint at first, but it grew louder with each passing moment. It was the sound of footsteps, coming closer and closer.

Selene and Michael drew their weapons, ready for a fight. But as the footsteps grew louder, they realized they were not alone.

A group of Lycans emerged from the shadows, led by a tall, imposing figure. It was Andreas Tanis, a powerful vampire elder, and one of the few who knew Marcus’s true location. He wore a smug expression on his face, as though he knew something Selene and Michael did not.

“Well, well, look who we have here,” Tanis said, his voice dripping with sarcasm. “Selene and her little pet werewolf. What brings you to this desolate place?”

“We’re looking for Marcus,” Selene said, her eyes fixed on Tanis.

Tanis chuckled. “I’m afraid you’re too late. Marcus has already been awakened.”

“What? By whom?” Michael asked.

“By his twin brother, William,” Tanis replied. “You see, Marcus and William were the first vampires and Lycans, respectively. They were also the most powerful. But they were both imprisoned centuries ago, to prevent them from destroying each other. Now, William has been set free, and he’s on a rampage. Marcus is the only one who can stop him.”

Selene and Michael exchanged a glance. They knew they had to find Marcus before William did. If William succeeded in killing Marcus, it would mean the end of all vampires and Lycans.

“Where can we find William?” Selene asked.

Tanis smiled. “Ah, now that’s the million-dollar question. He could be anywhere. But I do know someone who might be able to help you.”

“Who?” Michael asked.

“An old acquaintance of ours,” Tanis replied. “He goes by the name of Andreas Tannis. He’s a traitor, but he knows things that can help us defeat William.”

Selene and Michael exchanged another glance. They knew they had no choice. If they were going to stop William, they needed all the help they could get.

Chapter 5: The Awakening

Selene and Michael stood at the entrance of the ancient tomb, staring in wonder as they watched Marcus Corvinus rise from his slumber. The first vampire had been awakened and was now free to roam the world once again. But his freedom came at a great cost.

As Marcus began to take in his surroundings, he let out a loud roar that echoed throughout the chamber. He was disoriented and confused, unsure of where he was or what had happened to him. Selene and Michael watched in awe as the ancient vampire slowly rose to his feet, his body covered in dust and dirt.

“Welcome back, Marcus,” Selene said, bowing her head in respect.

Marcus looked at her quizzically, trying to place her face. “Who are you, child?” he asked, his voice deep and commanding.

“I am Selene, a Death Dealer,” she replied, standing tall and proud. “I have come to ask for your help in ending the war between our kind and the Lycans.”

Marcus studied her for a moment, then turned his attention to Michael. “And who is this?” he asked, eyeing the werewolf hybrid.

“I am Michael, sir,” he said, bowing his head. “I have Lycan and vampire blood in my veins, much like your own.”

Marcus nodded slowly, his expression softening slightly. “I see,” he said. “And what is it you seek from me, child?”

“We seek your knowledge, Marcus,” Selene said. “The secrets of your bloodline and the origins of the war.”

Marcus chuckled, a deep rumble that filled the chamber. “Ah, so you seek the truth,” he said. “Very well. I will help you, but you must first prove yourselves worthy.”

Selene and Michael both nodded, their eyes fixed on the ancient vampire. They knew that earning his trust would not be easy, but they were determined to succeed.

Marcus led them out of the tomb and into the night, his eyes scanning the city streets. He was curious about this modern world, having been asleep for centuries. Selene and Michael followed behind him, keeping a respectful distance.

As they walked, Marcus told them stories of his past, of the battles he had fought and the enemies he had vanquished. Selene listened intently, taking mental notes of everything he said. Michael was more reserved, keeping his thoughts to himself.

Finally, they arrived at an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of the city. Marcus led them inside, his eyes glowing in the darkness.

“Here,” he said, gesturing to a large chamber in the center of the warehouse. “You will face your first test.”

Selene and Michael exchanged a knowing look, then stepped forward to take on whatever challenge lay ahead.

Suddenly, the room was filled with a blinding light, and Selene and Michael were thrown back by a powerful force. When they opened their eyes, they saw that they were surrounded by a group of Lycans, all snarling and bearing their teeth.

Marcus watched from the sidelines, his eyes gleaming with amusement.

“Fight, child,” he said to Selene. “Prove to me that you are worthy of my help.”

Selene sprang into action, pulling out her dual pistols and firing at the Lycans. Michael followed her lead, transforming into his werewolf form and charging at the enemy. The battle was intense, with Selene and Michael fighting side by side against the Lycans.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, the last of the Lycans lay dead on the ground. Selene and Michael were covered in blood and sweat, but they had emerged victorious.

Marcus clapped his hands slowly. “Impressive,” he said. “You have earned my respect. Now, let us continue our journey.”

Selene and Michael bowed their heads in gratitude, then followed Marcus out of the warehouse and into the night.

As they walked, Marcus continued to tell them stories of his past and the history of their bloodlines. Selene and Michael listened intently, their minds buzzing with new knowledge.

Finally, after what seemed like days, they arrived at an ancient castle in the mountains. The castle was old and rundown, but still majestic in its own way. Marcus led them inside, his eyes glowing with excitement.

“This is where it all began,” he said, his voice filled with wonder. “The birthplace of the vampire-Lycan war.”

Selene and Michael looked around, trying to take in the enormity of what they were seeing. They had come so far, and yet they knew there was still so much they had to learn.

Marcus led them deeper into the castle, into a dark and musty chamber filled with ancient relics and artifacts. He pointed to a large stone tablet in the center of the room.

“This,” he said, “is the key to unlocking the secrets of our past. Are you ready to learn the truth?”

Selene and Michael nodded, their eyes fixed on the tablet. They knew that the truth would be painful, but they were ready to face it head-on.

Marcus took a deep breath, then began to read from the tablet. His voice was low and hypnotic, lulling Selene and Michael into a trance.

As he spoke, the words on the tablet began to glow, and a bright light filled the chamber. Selene and Michael were thrown back by the force of the light, their eyes blinded by the brightness.

When they opened their eyes, they saw that they were standing in a different place, a place that was both familiar and alien. They were in the past, witnessing the birth of the vampire-Lycan war.

Selene and Michael watched in horror as the war unfolded before their very eyes. They saw the battles and the bloodshed, the betrayals and the alliances. They saw the rise of the Corvinus bloodline and the birth of the hybrids.

And finally, they saw the terrible truth: that the war had been caused by a single act of betrayal, a single act of greed and envy that had set in motion a chain of events that would change their world forever.

As they watched, Selene and Michael realized that the truth was both beautiful and terrible, both enlightening and devastating. They had uncovered the secrets of their bloodlines, but at what cost?

Finally, the vision ended, and they found themselves back in the chamber, their hearts heavy with the weight of what they had learned.

Marcus looked at them, his eyes filled with compassion. “You have learned much,” he said. “But there is still more to uncover. Are you ready to continue the journey?”

Selene and Michael nodded, their determination renewed. They knew that the road ahead would be difficult, but they were ready to face it together.

And with that, they set out once again into the night, their hearts filled with hope and their minds buzzing with the knowledge of their pasts.

Chapter 6: The Ancient War

Selene and Michael sat in a dimly lit room, surrounded by books and ancient artifacts from centuries past. They had spent the last few days pouring over texts and scrolls, trying to uncover the history of their bloodlines and the origins of the vampire-Lycan war.

As they read, Selene and Michael discovered that the war had begun with the Corvinus bloodline. The Corvinus family were the first vampires, created by a virus that was passed down from generation to generation. Over time, a mutation occurred and a new strain of the virus was created, which gave rise to the Lycans – werewolves with the ability to shift between human and wolf forms.

The Corvinus family saw the Lycans as a threat to their existence and declared war on them. The Lycans, who felt oppressed and persecuted by the vampires, fought back with ferocity. The war lasted for centuries, with each side gaining and losing ground over the years.

Selene and Michael were stunned by what they were reading. They had always known that their respective races had a long and bloody history, but they had never realized just how far back it went. They couldn’t help but feel a sense of sadness and regret for all the lives that had been lost in the name of a centuries-old grudge.

As they continued to read, Selene and Michael discovered that there had been attempts to end the war in the past. The most notable of these was an agreement that had been made between the two sides, known as the Truce of Amarok. Under this truce, vampires and Lycans were forbidden from attacking each other and were allowed to coexist peacefully.

The truce had lasted for a few decades before it was broken by a group of rogue Lycans, who attacked a group of vampires, sparking a new wave of violence and bloodshed. The truce was never restored and the war continued to rage on.

Selene and Michael were gripped by the stories they were reading. They couldn’t help but feel a sense of awe at the ancient battles that had been fought, and the sheer number of lives that had been lost on both sides. They couldn’t help but wonder if there was a way to end the war and bring about a lasting peace.

Just then, Selene’s attention was drawn to a handwritten document that had been tucked away in a corner of the room. She picked it up and examined it closely, her eyes widening as she read the contents.

“Michael, look at this,” she said, holding the document out to him.

Michael took the document from her and scanned it quickly. He too was stunned by what he was reading.

“This is incredible,” he said. “It’s a proposal for peace – a way to end the war once and for all.”

Selene and Michael read through the proposal together, their hearts racing with excitement. The proposal called for an end to hostilities between vampires and Lycans, and for the two sides to work together towards a common goal – the preservation of their respective bloodlines.

There were detailed plans for how the vampires and Lycans could coexist and work together, with new laws and regulations to ensure peace and stability. It was a bold and ambitious plan, but one that Selene and Michael couldn’t help but feel drawn to.

“This could be our chance,” Selene said, her voice filled with hope. “Our chance to end the war and finally bring peace to our world.”

Michael nodded in agreement. “But we can’t do this alone,” he said. “We need to find others who believe in this cause. We need to build a coalition – a movement.”

Selene and Michael knew that they had a long road ahead of them. They would need to convince others to join their cause, and they would face resistance from those who had been fighting the war for generations. But they were determined to see it through.

As they left the room and made their way back to the outside world, Selene and Michael felt a newfound sense of purpose. They knew that they were about to embark on a journey that would change their lives – and the lives of countless others – forever.

Chapter 7: The Betrayal

Everything had been going smoothly for Selene and Michael. They had been making progress in their search for Marcus Corvinus, the first vampire, and were finally closing in on him. However, their progress was about to be halted by an unexpected betrayal.

It all started when Selene and Michael were ambushed by a group of Lycans in the middle of the night. They fought back fiercely, but the Lycans were relentless. Just when they thought they were about to be overwhelmed, a group of vampires appeared out of nowhere and came to their aid.

At first, Selene was relieved. She recognized some of the vampires as members of the Death Dealers, her old unit. However, something felt off about the situation. The vampires were acting strange, and their leader, a vampire named Tanis, seemed to be hiding something.

Selene and Michael decided to investigate. They followed Tanis to his secret laboratory, where they discovered the truth. Tanis had made a deal with Marcus Corvinus. In exchange for Selene and Michael, Marcus promised to spare Tanis and his followers when he emerged from his hibernation.

Selene was furious. She had trusted Tanis and the rest of the vampires, and they had betrayed her. Michael was equally outraged. He had only recently discovered his own hybrid nature, and now he was being hunted by both the vampires and the Lycans.

The two of them decided to make a run for it. They fought their way through Tanis’s guards and raced out of the laboratory. However, they were quickly surrounded by a group of Death Dealers.

Selene recognized their leader, a vampire named Kraven, who she had thought was dead. Kraven had apparently betrayed the Death Dealers and was now working with Marcus Corvinus.

Kraven taunted Selene and Michael, telling them that they had nowhere left to run. He had already made a deal with Marcus, and there was no way they could escape.

Selene and Michael were trapped. They knew they couldn’t fight their way out of this one. They needed a miracle.

Just then, a group of Lycans burst into the room. They had apparently been tracking Selene and Michael, and had decided to take advantage of the chaos to attack the vampires.

Selene and Michael seized the opportunity. They fought alongside the Lycans, taking down any vampires who got in their way. In the heat of the battle, they managed to slip away unnoticed.

As they ran through the dark streets of Budapest, Selene and Michael couldn’t believe what had just happened. They had been betrayed by the very people they had trusted. Now, they were on their own, with nowhere left to turn.

Selene knew they had to regroup and come up with a new plan. They needed to find Marcus Corvinus and stop him before he could unleash his powers on the world. But first, they needed to find a safe place to hide and lick their wounds.

As they vanished into the shadows, Selene and Michael knew that their world was about to be turned upside down. They had no idea what lay ahead, but they were ready to face whatever challenges came their way.

Chapter 8: The Final Showdown

Selene and Michael stood at the entrance of the ancient castle, where they would face Marcus and William in a final battle that would determine the future of all vampires and Lycans. The air was thick with tension as they made their way through the dark corridors, their weapons at the ready.

They could hear the sounds of Marcus and William’s howls, echoing through the castle. Selene and Michael followed the noise until they found themselves in a large, open chamber, where the twin brothers were waiting for them.

Marcus stood tall and proud, dressed in regal attire, while William crouched beside him, snarling and snapping his jaws. Selene and Michael tensed, ready to fight.

“Welcome, my dear Selene and Michael,” Marcus said, his voice smooth and cold. “I knew you would come.”

“You don’t scare us, Marcus,” Selene replied, stepping forward.

“Perhaps not,” Marcus said with a smirk. “But I have something that might interest you.”

Marcus motioned to a large stone altar in the center of the room. On it was a strange, pulsing object that seemed to be made of pure energy.

“What is that?” Michael asked, eyeing the object warily.

“That, my boy, is the key to our future,” Marcus said, his eyes gleaming. “With it, we can become invincible. We can rule the world.”

“And what about the Lycans?” Selene asked, her tone challenging. “What about their freedom?”

Marcus laughed. “You are still so naive, my dear Selene. The Lycans are nothing but beasts. They are meant to be ruled, not to rule.”

Selene bristled, her fists clenching around her weapons. “I will never stand by and watch you enslave an entire species.”

“Then you leave me no choice,” Marcus said, his expression turning deadly serious. “William, attack!”

William launched himself at Michael, his claws and teeth bared. Michael barely had time to react, but he managed to dodge the first few attacks. Selene was in a fierce battle with Marcus, their swords clashing with a metallic ring.

The fight was brutal and intense, each side giving as good as they got. Michael’s werewolf strength gave him an advantage over William, but the Lycan was fast and agile. Selene and Marcus were evenly matched, both skilled with a sword.

The battle raged on for what seemed like hours, until both sides were bruised and bloodied. But through sheer determination, Selene and Michael managed to gain the upper hand. Selene finally landed a blow on Marcus’ arm, causing him to stagger back.

“You think you’ve won?” Marcus sneered, wiping blood from his mouth. “You have no idea what you’re up against.”

Suddenly, the stone altar began to crack and crumble. The pulsing object on top of it exploded, sending waves of energy out in all directions. Marcus and William were knocked off their feet, screaming in agony.

Selene and Michael shielded themselves from the blast, watching in horror as the twins writhed on the ground. The energy seemed to be consuming them, turning them into something else entirely.

And then, just as suddenly as it had begun, it was over. Marcus and William were gone, replaced by two gargantuan creatures that looked like a cross between a vampire and a Lycan. Their eyes glowed red with power, and their teeth were razor sharp.

Selene and Michael exchanged a horrified look. “What have you done?” Selene whispered.

But there was no time for answers. The creatures roared, lunging at Selene and Michael with incredible force. The two warriors fought back with all their might, but it seemed like nothing they did could defeat the monstrous new forms of Marcus and William.

The battle was fierce and bloody, each side trying desperately to gain the upper hand. But in the end, it was Selene who came up with a plan. She grabbed a nearby torch, using it to set fire to the creatures’ fur. The fire spread quickly, engulfing the creatures in flames.

Marcus and William screamed, thrashing and flailing as they burned. And then, with one final burst of energy, they were gone. The two warriors stood panting, their weapons lowered.

“It’s over,” Michael whispered, relief flooding through him.

But Selene shook her head. “No. It’s not over. Not yet.”

“What do you mean?” Michael asked, confused.

Selene took a deep breath, her eyes locked on the burning remains of Marcus and William. “We have to destroy that object. Whatever it was, it almost destroyed us all. We can’t let anyone else get their hands on it.”

Michael nodded, understanding dawning on his face. “Let’s do it together.”

And so, with one final burst of energy, Selene and Michael destroyed the pulsing object, watching as it crumbled to dust. They had saved the world from destruction, but at what cost?

As they made their way out of the castle, Selene and Michael were silent, lost in their own thoughts. They had fought long and hard for what they believed in, and in the end, they had prevailed. But at what cost? They couldn’t help but wonder what the future held for them, and for all vampires and Lycans alike.

Chapter 9: The Truth Unveiled

Selene and Michael stood at the entrance to the ancient tomb, staring at the glowing writing on the walls. They had traveled far and wide, fought countless battles, and faced nearly insurmountable odds to get here. But now, they were at the final stretch of their journey.

“This is it,” Selene said, her voice barely above a whisper. “The truth is here.”

Michael nodded. “We need to be careful. We don’t know what we’ll find inside.”

Together, they stepped into the tomb, their footsteps echoing off the stone walls. The air was musty and thick, as though it had been undisturbed for centuries. But as they moved deeper into the tomb, they began to see signs of life – or rather, un-life.

Vampires and Lycans lay entombed in alcoves along the walls, their features twisted in pain and anger. It was a grim reminder of the endless war that had consumed their kind for centuries.

Finally, they reached the heart of the tomb, where a single sarcophagus lay atop a raised dais. It was carved from black stone, and shimmered with an otherworldly aura.

Selene approached the sarcophagus cautiously, her hand hovering over the lid. “Are you ready for this?” she asked Michael.

He nodded, his expression resolute. “I need to know the truth. About my past, my ancestry.”

Selene took a deep breath, then lifted the lid of the sarcophagus. Inside, they found a single object – a glowing orb, pulsing with energy.

Without hesitating, Selene reached out and grasped the orb. Instantly, a blinding light filled the tomb, and they were transported through time and space.

When the light faded, they found themselves standing in the midst of a vast, ancient battlefield. Vampires and Lycans clashed all around them, their roars and screams filling the air.

But then, something strange happened. The battle seemed to freeze in time, and all around them, figures appeared – figures that had not been present before.

The first was a tall, regal-looking vampire, with flowing silver hair and piercing blue eyes. His features were chiseled, and his bearing commanded respect. Next to him stood a woman, just as beautiful but with a feral edge. She had wild, curly hair and smoldering amber eyes.

Finally, there was a man who was both vampire and Lycan, with fierce, glowing red eyes and a muscular, imposing frame.

“Welcome, Selene and Michael,” the vampire said, his voice ringing out across the battlefield. “We’ve been waiting for you.”

“Who are you?” Michael demanded, his hand reaching instinctively for a weapon.

The vampire smiled. “I am Alexander Corvinus, the first true immortal. And these are my sons – Markus and William.”

Selene and Michael exchanged a look, realization dawning on their faces. “You’re the one who started all of this,” Selene said, her voice shaking.

Alexander nodded. “Yes. But I did not do it alone. My sons were my partners in creating the vampire and Lycan species.”

“Why?” Michael asked, his voice barely above a whisper.

“Because we wanted to create something that could stand the test of time. We wanted beings who could survive anything, no matter what.”

“But at what cost?” Selene demanded. “Look at what you’ve done. The war, the bloodshed.”

“We did not anticipate that,” Alexander said, his voice heavy with regret. “We thought that our creations would be able to coexist peacefully. But we were wrong.”

“So what do we do now?” Michael asked, his eyes searching the battlefield.

Alexander hesitated, then spoke slowly. “There is only one way to end this. It is a way that will be painful, and difficult. But it is the only way to ensure that our kind can live in harmony once more.”

“What is it?” Selene asked, her heart pounding.

“You must destroy us,” Alexander said simply. “All three of us. Only then can the cycle be broken.”

Selene and Michael hesitated, their minds racing. Could they really do it? Could they destroy the beings who had created them, who had caused so much pain and suffering?

But as they looked around the battlefield, at the countless bodies that lay at their feet, they knew the answer. It was time to end the war, once and for all.

Together, they drew their weapons and charged at the three immortal beings. The battle was fierce and brutal, but in the end, Selene and Michael emerged victorious.

As they stood panting amid the wreckage of the battlefield, they knew that their lives would never be the same. But for the first time in centuries, there was hope – hope that they could create a new world, one free from the cycle of violence and hate that had defined their existence for so long.

And with that hope in their hearts, they turned their backs on the past and walked into a new dawn. A dawn filled with possibilities, and with the promise of a better future.

Some scenes from the movie Underworld: Evolution written by A.I.

Scene 1


– Selene, a fearless Death Dealer

– Michael, a werewolf-human hybrid

– Viktor, an ancient vampire elder

– Marcus, the powerful first vampire

Setting: Budapest, Hungary. It is dark and eerie, with Gothic architecture and foggy streets.

Scene 1:


A group of Lycans are running through the streets, pursued by Selene. They jump over rooftops and dodge through alleyways, but Selene is always hot on their heels.

SELENE: (to herself) You always make it too easy.

The Lycans suddenly turn a corner and vanish.

SELENE: (frustrated) Dammit.

Selene looks around, searching for any sign of the Lycans. She sees a nearby alleyway and decides to investigate.


Selene creeps through the dark alleyway, her senses on high alert. Suddenly, she hears a sound and whirls around, ready for anything.

MICHAEL: (offscreen) Who are you?

Selene sees Michael, a tall man with piercing blue eyes and a wild look in his eyes.

SELENE: (cautious) I could ask you the same thing.

MICHAEL: (suspicious) Are you with them?

SELENE: (confused) With who?

MICHAEL: (quietly) The Lycans.

SELENE: (realizing) Oh, you mean those guys I was chasing? No, I’m not with them.

MICHAEL: (nodding) Good. Because I hate those bastards.

Selene and Michael stare at each other for a moment, sizing each other up.

MICHAEL: (suddenly) Wait. You’re Selene, the Death Dealer.

SELENE: (nodding) That’s me.

MICHAEL: (impressed) I’ve heard stories about you. You’re a legend.

SELENE: (smirking) Yeah, well, don’t believe everything you hear.

MICHAEL: (grinning) No, I think I believe it all.

Suddenly, a group of Lycans appear and surround them.

LYCAN: (smiling) Well, well, well. What do we have here?

Selene and Michael stand back to back, ready for anything.

LYCAN: (laughing) You two are just in time for the show.

The Lycans transform into their wolf forms and attack.

To be continued…

Scene 2



Selene is tracking a group of Lycans through a desolate building. She moves swiftly and silently, her guns and knives at the ready. Suddenly, she hears a noise behind her and turns to find Michael, a wounded human with Lycan and vampire blood.


Don’t shoot. I’m not one of them.


Who are you?


My name is Michael. I don’t know how I got like this.


Like what?


I’m different. Stronger. Faster. And I can heal myself. I need your help.

Selene studies him carefully. She senses something powerful in him and decides to take a chance.


Alright. I’ll help you. But you have to do exactly as I say.


I understand.

Selene and Michael continue through the building, fighting off Lycans and dodging traps. Selene is impressed by Michael’s fighting skills and endurance.


Who taught you to fight like that?


I don’t know. It just comes naturally.



As they approach the exit, a group of Lycans blocks their path. Selene and Michael fight them off, but Michael is badly wounded.


We have to get out of here.


I can’t make it. Leave me.


No way. We’re in this together.

Selene picks up Michael and carries him out of the building. They make it to her car and speed away.


Scene 3

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Thriller


– Selene: A skilled vampire warrior seeking to uncover the truth about her past.

– Michael: A werewolf-vampire hybrid and Selene’s ally in the quest for answers.

– Markus: An ancient vampire elder who holds the key to the secrets of their bloodlines.

Setting: A hidden chamber in a remote castle, where Selene and Michael have come to seek Markus out.


Selene and Michael enter a dark, cavernous chamber, illuminated by flickering torches. In the center of the room sits an ornate throne, where Markus awaits them.

MARKUS: Welcome, Selene. And you must be Michael.

MICHAEL: (cautiously) Yeah, that’s me.

SELNE: (to Markus) We came seeking answers about our bloodlines.

MARKUS: Ah, yes. Your memories, Selene. They have been troubling you.

Selene nods silently, as Markus gestures for them to approach. He places a hand on each of their foreheads, and suddenly they are plunged into a series of vivid, bloody memories.


Selene and Michael see themselves on a battlefield, centuries ago. Selene faces off against a Lycan warrior, while Michael watches from the sidelines.

LYCAN WARRIOR: You’ll never defeat us all, Death Dealer.

SELENE: (fierce) I only need to defeat you.

She lunges at the Lycan with lightning speed, but he dodges and slashes her across the chest. Selene falls to the ground, wounded.

MICHAEL: (alarmed) Selene!

He rushes to her side, but suddenly feels a strange sensation in his own body. His eyes turn golden, and fangs elongate from his mouth.

MICHAEL: (terrified) What’s happening to me?!

Selene looks up at him in shock, as the memory fades.


Selene and Michael pull away from Markus, panting and confused.

MICHAEL: (recovering) What was that? Why did I see myself as a werewolf?

MARKUS: (grave) The answer is more complicated than you may realize. But it begins with your ancestor…an elder vampire named Alexander Corvinus.

SELNE: (realizing) The father of the original Lycan and vampire bloodlines.

MARKUS: (nodding) Indeed. And in you two, those bloodlines have become intertwined in a way that was never meant to be.

Selene and Michael exchange a look of alarm, as the full consequences of their hybrid heritage begin to dawn on them. The camera zooms in on Markus’ face, as he reveals the shocking truth that will drive the rest of the story forward.

Scene 4


Selene and Michael cautiously sneak through the dark factory, their eyes peeled for any sign of danger. They come across an old, rusted metal door and Selene nods to Michael, indicating they’ve found their destination.



This is it. Marcus should be inside.



You sure about this?



I’ve been tracking him for centuries. I know what I’m doing.

With that, Selene kicks down the door and they enter the room. It’s dark and musty, with broken machinery scattered around the perimeter. In the center of the room stands an ominous figure – Marcus Corvinus.



Ah, Selene. How lovely to see you again.



Cut the pleasantries, Marcus. Where is the key?


(raising an eyebrow)

Key? I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Selene steps forward threateningly, but Michael places a calming hand on her shoulder.


(showing his teeth)

Don’t play games, Marcus. We know you’re hiding something.



Very well. I’ll tell you what you want to know. But first, let’s talk about your little friend here. I couldn’t help but notice his unique bloodline.

Marcus steps towards Michael, who tenses up in response.



You have vampire and Lycan blood, don’t you? How intriguing.



Leave him alone.



Oh, I have no intention of harming him. In fact, he might be quite useful to me.

With a flick of his wrist, Marcus sends Selene flying across the room. Michael lunges at him, but Marcus easily dodges and grabs him by the throat.



Come with me, Michael. We have much to discuss.

As Marcus drags Michael away, Selene groggily gets to her feet, determination in her eyes.


(to herself)

This isn’t over yet.


Scene 5


Selene and Michael explore the tomb, searching for Marcus. They move cautiously, weapons drawn.


(beaming flashlight around)

This place is creepy.



Stay focused. We’re close.

Suddenly, the walls shake and debris falls from the ceiling.



What the hell was that?



Something’s coming.

The ground quakes as a figure rises from the rubble. It’s Marcus, resurrected and stronger than ever.


(smiling sinisterly)

Welcome, Death Dealer. And you, hybrid. How nice of you to join me for my awakening.


(raising her gun)

We’re not here to join you.



Ah, but you are. You’ll serve me, just like the rest of your kind.

Selene fires her gun, but the bullets bounce off Marcus’s impenetrable skin. He retaliates with a blast of power, sending them both flying.


(struggling to get up)

We can’t beat him. He’s too strong.



We don’t have to beat him. We just have to get out of here with the information we need.

They run towards the exit, with Marcus hot on their heels. As they reach the door, an explosion behind them sends them flying out of the tomb.


The tomb burns behind them as they lay on the ground, battered and bruised.



Did we get what we came for?



Yes. We know what Marcus is searching for – the key to his existence.


(struggling to sit up)

What is it?



That, my dear hybrid, is a mystery for another time.

They both grin, knowing they’ll continue their adventure to stop Marcus and end the war between vampires and Lycans.

Scene 6



Selene and Michael approach an eerie castle, overrun with vines and crumbling stonework.


(beaming her flashlight)

This is the place.


Why are we here?


(to Michael)

To learn the truth. Come on.


Selene and Michael enter the large, dusty library. Shelves of ancient texts tower over them.



What are we looking for?


(starting to browse the shelves)

Anything about the Corvinus bloodline. It’s the key to all of this.

As they search, Selene pulls a book from the shelf and flips through it. Her eyes widen as she sees something of interest.



This is it.


What is it?

Selene shows Michael a drawing of two figures, one vampire and one Lycan, standing together.



The first vampire, Marcus, and the first Lycan, William. The Corvinus bloodline was created from their DNA.



That means we have both of their blood in us.



Exactly. It’s what makes us both hybrids.



But why did the war start?


(turning to him)

According to these texts, William went rogue and Marcus had to lock him away. But then Marcus himself became power hungry and it all spiraled out of control.



We have to end this war.



We will. But first, we need to find Marcus.



Selene and Michael exit the castle, ready to continue their search.



We’ll find him. And when we do, we’ll end this war once and for all.



I’m with you every step of the way.


Author: AI