The Twilight Saga: New Moon

The night of Bella’s eighteenth birthday, Edward and the other Cullens had thrown her a special and spectacular party. It was held in a huge mansion near the outskirts of Forks, and the guests of honor included Edward and his adoptive family, and of course Bella’s close friends and family.

The evening began with a series of speeches to Bella, expressing the love of her family and friends. Bella, who had only recently been saved by Edward after a vampire attack, was overwhelmed with emotion as she looked around the room to see the people who care for her.

The party went on for hours, with food, drink and present opening, and Bella enjoyed every second of it with her friends and family. As the night came to a close, everyone began to move outside to take a last look at the stars.

However, as Bella and Edward stepped out, the darkness of the night proved to be too much for them and the darkness began to overwhelm Bella’s mind and fill it with fear.

Edward, sensing what was happening, quickly grabbed Bella’s hand and led her away, but as he did so a small accident happened. Without realizing, Edward had managed to cut Bella’s skin ever so slightly, and her fresh blood was seen staining his hand.

The sight of Bella’s blood had a profound effect on the other vampires present. In a single moment, their demeanor had changed. Unaware of what had happened, all that Bella could see was the fear in their faces. Edward, understanding their reaction all too well, quickly interjected, ordering the vampires to leave.

At first, Bella was too confused to fully understand. But after some time, Edward explained to her everything. It wasn’t an ordinary fear that the vampires shared. It was an overwhelming hunger triggered by the sight of Bella’s blood.

The Cullens quickly concluded that it would be best for Bella and Edward if they left Forks for a while, at least until Bella was strong enough to resist the temptation of her own blood.

The following weeks passed in a blur for both Bella and Edward as they sorted out the details. Eventually, they made the decision to leave Forks and head out to a new city, where they could start a new life together.

The first few months in their new city were a struggle as they not only had to find new homes and jobs, but also learn how to adjust to the lack of the Cullens’ presence. But despite the difficulties, Bella and Edward remained strong and eventually they were able to settle into their new lives.

The most difficult part of adjusting to their new home, however, was the fact that they were no longer surrounded by the love and support of the other vampires. The two of them had a constant reminder of what they had lost, and it was a tough reality to grapple with.

But eventually, time passed and as life in their new city continued, Bella and Edward found solace in each other. Slowly, but surely, the two of them were able to build a strong and loving relationship, filled with hope for the future.

And for Bella, she was happy to have found Edward, and the courage to start a new life after the vampire attack that almost claimed her life. Despite all the difficulties, the two of them were able to overcome it all to create a beautiful future together.



Bella (21) lies in the hospital bed, her eyes closed and her body still. A faint pulse can be heard in the background as a nurse passes by her bedside.


(to another nurse)

She made it through, just barely.


Bella wakes up to a crowded room of her friends and family, all gathered around her to celebrate her twenty-first birthday.



Happy birthday, Bella.



Thanks, Edward.

The room erupts in celebration as Bella smiles.


Bella, Edward, and the rest of the Cullens are enjoying a day out at the park, with Bella and Edward running in the grass and laughing.

Suddenly, Bella trips, falling to the ground and scraping her hand. As the blood begins to drip from the wound, the Cullens immediately tense up.



We have to get her out of here!

The Cullens quickly gather up Bella and carry her out of the park.


Bella is lying in bed, a bandage on her hand, as the Cullens discuss what happened earlier.



It was too much, Edward. We can’t be around her if her blood is being spilled.

The Cullens all look to one another, their faces solemn.



We have to leave Forks. It’s for the best.

The Cullens all agree, and Edward turns to Bella sadly.



I’m sorry, Bella. We have to go.


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