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Being a Hollywood studio executive was considered a blessing and a curse. It was a job with power, but one carried the burden of the industry itself. Jason Corbett had lived his life in the middle of the glamorous world, surrounded by the beautiful people and constantly trying to keep himself in their good graces.

He had kept the thirst of his ambition hidden within him, even though he had achieved more than he could have imagined. But all of this was going to change. Little did he know that one innocent mistake would turn his world upside down, exposing him to the darkness lurking beneath the façade of Hollywood.

Chapter 1

It was a typical morning for Jason Corbett; he had just arrived at the studio lot for his usual 8am meeting. He had already started his routine of exchanging pleasantries with his co-workers, when he bumped into Andrew, one of the entertainment lawyers he had been working with.

Andrew had been trying to convince him to invest in an upcoming project that he was sure would be a hit. Jason wasn’t so sure, and had been reluctant to commit to something he wasn’t certain of. But Andrew had insisted and had been persistent in his attempts to sway him.

Jason finally gave in, forgetting his initial reluctance, and made a deal: if the movie was a success, he would give Andrew a cut of the profits. Jason had a feeling that he had made a mistake, but it wasn’t until later that he would find out the true extent of it.

Chapter 2

The project had gone much more smoothly than expected, and had become an instant hit. Jason was elated, and showered Andrew with praises, as he had been the one who had pushed him to do it.

The success was even bigger than anticipated, and as the profits started to roll in, Jason and Andrew started to argue about whose share was bigger.

Little did they know, their dispute had attracted the attention of someone else. Someone who had been watching them from the sidelines and now wanted a share of the profits.

Chapter 3

Their unseen witness had approached them that day, introducing himself as John Keller, a small-time gangster from the other side of town. He had heard about the movie, and had seen how much money was to be made from it. He wanted his fair share of the profit and he was not about to take no for an answer.

Jason and Andrew were in a difficult situation, they had no choice but to agree to his demands, but when they refused, John threatened to make their lives a living hell.

In a fit of panic, Jason had grabbed a nearby gun and fired at John. The shot had been fatal and the body laid motionless on the ground.

The two had gone into shock, neither of them able to process what had just happened. Jason had just committed a murder, and his life was about to change forever.

Chapter 4

Jason and Andrew made a frantic attempt to cover up their tracks, desperately trying to make the situation seem like an accident. But it was too late.

John’s gang had already been alerted, and it didn’t take them long to trace the source of the gunshot.

Jason and Andrew soon found themselves in deep trouble, as the police began to investigate the case. Jason was charged with murder, while Andrew was charged as an accessory to the crime.

The trial was a long drawn out process, and the two were found guilty. Jason was sentenced to life in prison, while Andrew got a lesser sentence due to his cooperation with the police.

Chapter 5

In prison, Jason was treated like an outcast. He was constantly harassed and received little to no protection from the guards. All of his former glitz and glamour had suddenly become meaningless in his new world behind bars.

Over time, Jason began to accept his fate and started trying to make the best of the situation. He became involved in prison education programs, and even started a book club among the inmates.

All the while, Andrew was doing everything he could to help Jason. He worked tirelessly to appeal the sentence and eventually, after years of hard work, Jason was granted parole.

Chapter 6

When he was released, Jason felt like a brand new man. He had a new outlook on life and vowed to never make the same mistakes again.

He decided to use his freedom to help others, and started a charity to help provide education for underprivileged children. He also found solace in writing, and published a memoir about his experience in prison.

At the same time, Andrew was still working to make sure the studio didn’t suffer too much from the scandal. He managed to keep the studio running and even negotiated a deal with a major distributor to make sure that the movie was seen by as many people as possible.


Years later, Jason and Andrew had become more than just business partners, they had become friends. Despite never forgetting what had happened, they both found a way to move on and make something positive out of a terrible situation.

Both of them had found happiness in their own ways, and both of them were happy with the paths their lives had taken.

Jason had used his hard-earned freedom to give back and make the world a better place. And Andrew had used his business acumen to make sure the studio was back on its feet and that their movie was seen by millions.

Their story is a reminder that no matter how dark life can seem, it is always possible to turn things around and make something beautiful out of it.

Some scenes from the AI movie The Player

Scene 1


We open on an aerial shot of the bustling Hollywood studio lot. Cars are driving in and out of the sound stages and people are hustling around, trying to get their jobs done.

Cut to:


We see JASON CORBETT, a Hollywood studio executive, pull into the parking lot. He steps out of his car and makes his way across the lot.

Cut to:


We follow Jason into the lobby, where he greets his co-workers with pleasantries. He makes his way towards the elevator, when he suddenly bumps into ANDREW, an entertainment lawyer.


Jason! Just the man I was looking for!


Hey, Andrew. What’s up?


I’ve been trying to convince you to invest in this project I’m working on. It’s going to be a hit.

Jason pauses for a moment, debating whether or not to commit. Finally, he gives in.


Fine. Let’s do it. But if it’s a success, you give me a cut of the profits.



The two men shake hands and part ways.

Little does Jason know, the decision he’s just made will end up changing his life forever.

Scene 2


We follow Andrew and Jason as they make their way to the movie set, where the project is currently filming. They are both in high spirits, as the project has gone much better than expected.


I can’t believe it’s going this well!


I told you it was going to be a hit.

We cut to their arrival on the set. The cast and crew are all hard at work, and the scene is filled with energy and excitement.

The two men watch in awe as the director yells “action” and the scene goes off without a hitch.

Cut to:


We cut back to Jason and Andrew, who are now discussing the profits they will make off of the movie.


So… how do we split the profits?


Well, I think it should be a fair split.

Before they can finish their conversation, their silent witness reveals himself. JOHN KELLER, a small-time gangster from the other side of town, interrupts them.


Well, well, well. Look who’s got money now.

He stares at them in a menacing way, and it’s clear he wants a piece of the profits. The two men are shocked, and reluctantly agree to his demands.


Good. I’ll be in touch.

John smirks and turns away, leaving Jason and Andrew in shock. They know they’re in deep trouble, and the future looks bleak.

Scene 3


We follow John as he exits the set, still smirking at his newfound fortune. He is walking through the parking lot when he hears a noise coming from behind him.

He turns around and sees Jason and Andrew, looking panicked. Before John can react, Jason pulls out a gun and fires at him.

The shot is fatal, and John’s body falls to the ground. Jason and Andrew stand in shock, not quite believing what they’ve just done.

John’s gang members, who had been alerted to the gunshot, show up and pursue the two men. Jason and Andrew manage to escape, but they know that their lives have just changed forever.

Scene 4


We follow Jason and Andrew as they enter the police station, where they have been summoned for questioning.

The detectives are gruff and impatient, demanding answers about the shooting. Jason and Andrew are scared and confused, unsure of what to say or how to explain the story.

The detectives soon become convinced that the two men are responsible for the murder, and they are charged with the crime.

Jason and Andrew are in shock, unable to believe the turn of events. They can only stare ahead, dumbfounded, as their future becomes unexpectedly bleak.

Author: AI