The Lake House

“Bound by words, separated by time, a love story that transcends the ordinary to become an extraordinary journey of untamed romance and thrilling mystery.”

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The serene lake reflected the morning’s golden glow, illuminating the singular architectural marvel that sat at its edge. The house, a creation of glass and steel standing stark against the sapphire sheen of the water, was an anomaly in the placid rural environment. It was not just the divine solitude of the house that added a mystical allure; it was the stories it bore within its glass walls. The stories of love, longing, and an extraordinary connection forged across the time-space continuum.

Dr. Eliza Hartley had been relocated to the city hospital two years ago, leaving her once cherished abode, the lake house. The uniqueness of the place was not confined to its clean modern lines and the surreal surroundings. It was also the host to an ethereal romance; a love story that spanned across time and space, weaved through a series of letters.

Chapter 1:

The story of the lake house began on a sunny day when Eliza, in her white lab coat, had first arrived at her new retreat. The surroundings were still, the lake placid, and the house stood there, a sheet of glass reflecting the blue expanse of the sky. She loved everything about it. The house was a quiet retreat from her hectic life in the city hospital, its solitude offering a desperate respite.

In her initial days, Eliza would spend hours gazing out of the vast glass windows, her gaze often fixated on the mailbox nestled on the edge of the property. It was a rustic little thing, crafted from wood, in sharp contrast to the modern architecture of the house. The mailbox was the house’s connection to the outside world, a beacon inviting the world beyond the lake into the personal realm of the lake house.

One evening, drawn by the mailbox’s quaint charm, she decided to leave a note for the next occupant, an urge borne out of the loneliness seeping into her new life. She outlined her thoughts, shared her solitude, the thrill of her medical pursuits, and her fascination for the unusual lake house. It was a simple note, intended as a light-hearted ice breaker. She left the note in the mailbox, not knowing that it would catalyze an extraordinary romance.

Days turned into weeks, and the silence of the lake house began to bear heavily on her. Until one day, when a response arrived, addressed to her in the mailbox. The sender, a man named Thomas, described himself as a frustrated architect, the creator of the lake house, and the previous tenant. His words felt strangely familiar, like a song she had forgotten but now came flooding back.

Intrigued, Eliza responded to Thomas’s letter, sparking off a series of exchanges. Their letters began with shared impressions of the lake house, evolved into narratives of their lives, and soon they were sharing dreams, hopes, and fears. It was almost as if they were living parallel lives, connected yet detached, finding solace in each other’s words.

Eliza, with her determination and empathetic nature, captivated Thomas, who, in his letters, painted vivid images of his architectural projects and creative struggles. She accidentally began to fall for the man she had never met, and his words became the lighthouse guiding her through her lonely existence.

In a parallel universe, Thomas, mystified by Eliza’s stories of medical marvels and her tales of life two years ahead, started to seek solace in their correspondence. The preoccupied architect found himself drawn to the stories of this enigmatic doctor. The letters became a window for him to peer into the future, the inked pages bearing witness to his growing fascination for the woman.

Their correspondence unfolded a tale of longing, companionship, and an extraordinary romance. It was a mystery that transcended the reality of time, enveloping the lake house in a magical charm. Their love story was just unfolding, and the lake house held its breath, waiting for their words to write the next chapter.

Chapter 2: An Unseen Connection

In an old, begrimed study, amidst a maze of architectural blueprints and scattered antique relics, Thomas began to decipher Eliza’s notes. A feeling of uncanny familiarity washed over him as he read her first letter. Her words were elegant, a delicate mixture of curiosity and a strange sense of longing. He could almost hear a soft, feminine voice whispering them, cutting through the deafening silence of the isolated lake house.

As Thomas got engrossed in the letter, Eliza’s words painted a picture of her reality – a world two years apart. She spoke of her life in the city, the relentless toll of her profession, and the solace she found in the solitude of the lake house. He found himself intrigued by her passion for cardiology, her tales of the lives she’d saved, and the poetry she found in the human heart’s rhythm.

Her descriptions of the city took him by surprise, telling tales of unknown places and modern technologies. He tried to imagine the neon lights and skyscrapers she mentioned, the escalating pace of life, a contrast to his quiet existence. Her words, though anachronistic to him, were mesmerizing, pulling him into a future he’d never seen.

More than anything, it was her genuine authenticity, laid bare in inked words, that fascinated him. Her insecurities, hopes, dreams, and fears were candid, making him yearn for more of her reality, more of her. As he penned his responses, he poured out his soul, relishing the freedom he found in their written exchanges. He spoke of his life, his frustrations, and his dreams, intertwining his existence with hers.

His frustrations as an architect found a vent in his letters – the architectural marvels he yearned to create, the structures he dreamt of, the legacy he wished to leave. Piecing together his shattered dreams with words, he found solace in their unusual correspondence. His letters slowly became art pieces, a testimony of his passion, a mirror reflecting his soul.

Their letters bridged their worlds, fostering a profound connection that neither anticipated. The lake house became their cosmic meeting point, the letters their timeless connection. Strangers, yet familiar, they were drawn into an intriguing dance of words and emotions, spinning a saga of unseen love and improbable connection.

The lake house was no longer just a bundle of bricks and wood but a living organism that hushed whispers of their words, their lives. It echoed the beats of two hearts entwined in a rhythm, separated by time but united in spirit. At times, one could almost hear the house breathe, inhaling their dreams, exhaling their tales, living their extraordinary love story.

As Thomas closed another letter, he realized their words had painted the lake house in different hues, imbuing it with life. He looked out at the tranquil waters, carrying their stories to the horizon, linking the present to the future, binding him to Eliza.

Their correspondence painted the canvas of their lives, creating a kaleidoscope of emotions. Their shared solitude took on new meaning, their experiences began to overlap, their lives converging through their interweaved words. Their existence was now an exquisitely woven tapestry, brimming with colors of shared dreams, shared hopes, shared love.

In a world devoid of physical contact, their words became their touch, their letters – a profound testament of their mystical connection. They were not just writing letters but etching chapters of their extraordinary love, each word a stroke in their timeless masterpiece.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the lake house was bathed in an ethereal glow, reflecting the captivating journey of two reluctant romantics. As another moonlit night danced upon the lake, Thomas and Eliza, though miles and years apart, were connected in an unseen bond, their symphony echoing through the ages, penned in ink and engraved in time.

Chapter 3: Time, Unfolded

Eliza Hartley, our lonely doctor with eyes harboring a million unsaid words, sat by the tranquil lake house, her eyes peeled towards the boundless water body. The letter she held in her hands—crisp, written with a profound passion—was the third letter she’d received from Thomas, the mysterious architect. The lake seemed, inexplicably, to mirror the mystery in her life.

She read and re-read the letter, her mind spinning with the perplexity of the situation. Each letter bore a date that was exactly two years prior, as if time had chosen a strange chariot—her mailbox—to travel. Could it be possible? She wondered, eying the stubby pencil clutched in her hand and the blank paper in front of her.

The letter spoke of a time she hadn’t experienced yet, of the moments she’d apparently already lived. It was a conundrum, a riddle wrapped in time. Her instincts as a doctor urged her to logic and rationality, but something at the back of her mind whispered—magic. She sighed, dusting off the irrational thought. Magic didn’t exist, did it?

Meanwhile, Thomas, absorbed in his architectural blueprints, suddenly felt a strange tug. The pull of Eliza’s letters, the world they created, called out to him. His thoughts wandered back to Eliza’s description of a medical breakthrough he’d not seen yet, a future he hadn’t lived. It was like peeking into a beautiful, dream-like reality, yet being unable to touch it.

Simultaneously, in the future, Eliza’s heart thumped loudly against her chest. She penned her response, her hand trembling. Every word seemed to carry the weight of the anomaly they were living. And yet, wasn’t it the strangest form of intimacy? Two souls tangled across time, their thoughts captured in ink.

The lake house stood silent witness to their baffling correspondence. The quietude around broken only by Eliza’s hushed sighs or the rustling of Thomas’s drafts. The house, the physical embodiment of their intertwined timelines, seemed to hum with the resonance of their story.

Back in his time, Thomas was becoming restless. The letters had ceased to be just words on a paper; they now held a part of him, a part of Eliza. The woman with the eyes full of stories, he could almost picture her sitting by the window, penning down her heart, two years later. He yearned for her presence—real and tangible, not just her ethereal echo in handwriting.

On the other end of time, Eliza struggled to keep her emotions at bay. She was falling—falling for a man who belonged to the past. She yearned to break free from these temporal chains, to hold Thomas, to look into his eyes, to exist in the same timeline. Their affection was blooming amidst the enigma, defying all conventions of time and space.

As much as their predicament perplexed them, it also thrilled them. Eliza found herself smiling into the late hours of the night, her heart beating in sync with Thomas’s words. Thomas found his inspiration renewed, his drafts mirroring Eliza’s world. It felt like they were dancing at the edge of a precipice, oblivious to the gaping abyss beneath.

As the chapter closed, Eliza and Thomas, each absorbed in their own time, held onto their extraordinary romance, their confession of love, and their implausible reality. The absurdity of their connection was the very essence that tied them together – A paradox that their hearts accepted, even if their minds rebelled. Their strange co-existence across time breathed life into the lonely lake house, forever entangling their destinies in its labyrinth of time. Each letter, each word was a strand weaving the fabric of their love story, making it all the more mystical, all the more beautiful.

Chapter 4: Shaping Universes Parallel

Back in his own time, Thomas found himself drawn into a world existing two years ahead. A world so vividly depicted in Eliza’s letters that it almost seemed tangible to him. Confused yet intrigued, he strived to understand a time he was yet to live.

Her tales of breakthroughs in medical science, of the hope and possibilities that lay unexplored, somehow filled him with a sense of wonder. It was like science fiction turned reality; a reality he was not part of, yet paradoxically, was deeply entwined in.

Every word, every detail mentioned, absorbed Thomas into Eliza’s world. He couldn’t help but marvel at her descriptions of modern technology and the leaps humanity had made in just two short years. However, it was not just the advancements that captivated him. It was Eliza’s passion for her work, her compassion for people, her undying curiosity, and her stubborn determination that touched his heart.

In his secluded lake house, Thomas was living in two worlds. His days were passed in the quiet surroundings of his own time, sketching architectural designs that took inspiration from Eliza’s descriptions. Whereas his nights were spent in the future, an age illuminated by her words that showed him a world yet unexperienced.

He saw her world through her letters and felt a strange collision within him of two eras. Never before had he considered anything beyond the pure aesthetics of his designs. Yet, now he found himself incorporating elements representing medical breakthroughs and technological advancements in his work, a reflection of Eliza’s world.

He would pour himself over his drafting table, meticulously translating the stories that Eliza shared into architectural designs. Each stroke of his pencil held a hidden word from her letters, each blueprint silently echoing their unique connection. His designs evolved; they were no longer just structures of bricks and mortar but encapsulated the spirit of a future he was yet to see.

Meanwhile, miles away and years ahead, in her bustling city apartment, Eliza was unwinding from her long, seemingly never-ending shifts at the hospital. There was undeniable solace she found in Thomas’s letters. Despite the chaos and constant stream of life and death surrounding her, the tranquility of his world was her safe harbour.

His voice echoed in every sentence he wrote, creating a comforting presence in her life that she looked forward to. The architect, disillusioned by his life’s ordinary routine, unknowingly brought peace to the otherwise frantic life of the cardiologist in the future. Every letter she read, every detail about his life brought her closer to him, painting a vivid portrait of a man she had never met but felt she knew deeply.

This chapter of their lives was paradoxically the most perplexing and the most peaceful. Two lives, separated by a span of two years, were serenely colliding through words written and read. Thomas, in his time, was living an experience through Eliza’s words, and in the process, his world was being reframed. His new designs weren’t just a testimony to his growing admiration for the future cardiologist but were a testament to the beautiful, unexpected, and perplexing connection they shared.

For Eliza, the architect’s letters became her sanctuary, a place where she could escape to, from the relentless demands of her profession. Amidst life’s ceaseless circumstances, they found solace in their written exchanges, each letter becoming a cherished memory, a refuge from their respective realities.

Unbeknownst to them, their lives were intertwining in ways they could not comprehend. Their realities were shaped around each other, the architect’s designs reflecting the doctor’s tales, and the doctor’s life swayed by the architect’s words. In their parallel universes, they found a shared space, one that was defined by the power of written words and a connection that transcended the barriers of time.

Chapter 5: The Enveloping Enigma

As the days melted into weeks and weeks into months, the doctor and the architect found themselves more entrenched in their unique correspondence. The letters from the mailbox at the lake house unfolded like a romantic ballet, a silent dialogue that echoed through the chambers of time, connecting two souls that yearned for so much more. Each word penned was like a whisper in the wind, an evocative allure that added to the enchanting tale of their extraordinary romance.

Eliza Hartley, in her scenic sanctuary, discovered a serenity that she had longed for amidst the hustle and chaos of her daily life. She read and reread the beautifully crafted words from Thomas’ letters. His descriptions of the lake house, the artistry of his architectural designs, his intriguing life as a man from the past, were like symphonic sonatas that painted vivid pictures in her mind.

In every letter, Thomas revealed fragments of his soul. His passion for creativity, his art, his philosophical perspectives on life, and love—Eliza was fascinated. There was a certain charm in Thomas that she felt irresistibly drawn towards. A charm that was reflected in his words, his thoughts. She was falling in love with a man she had never met, a man from a different time. It was inexplicable, it was magic, it was love.

On the other end of the timeline, Thomas was equally bewitched by Eliza. Her stories of intricate cardiac surgeries, her encounters with life and death, her vibrant tales of the future world were like a forbidden fantasy. Her exquisite eloquence, her passion for healing people, her delicate strength, it all began to weave an image of Eliza in his heart, an image that he was inevitably growing fond of.

Thomas’ drafting table became a haven for his dreams. His fingers danced across the blueprints, sketching structures that resonated with Eliza’s world. He imagined her in these spaces, imagined sharing these spaces with her. His drafts were no longer just buildings, they were a visual narrative of a love story that was being written across time.

However, amidst this beautiful encounter of words, desires, and dreams, a certain longing lurked in their hearts. A longing to break free from the paradoxical snare of time that bound them. They yearned to meet, to touch, to breathe in the reality of each other. Could their love transcend the boundaries of time? Could they be more than just the authors of romantic letters? This undercurrent of desire added to the perplexity of their extraordinary relationship.

Yet, the beauty of their romance was in its mystery, in the enigma that surrounded their clandestine bond. As each letter traveled across time, their love story unfolded like an exquisite piece of art, each stroke adding a new shade of emotion. The canvas of their story was still being painted, still being written, one letter at a time.

Towards the end of the chapter, an unexpected letter brought tears to Eliza’s eyes. Thomas wrote, “I belong in your time as much as you belong in mine. Though we are spectators of different eras, our hearts beat in sync. I’ve forgotten seeing with my eyes. It’s through your words I envision the world. I found a love I never knew existed and it is with a woman I’m yet to meet. It is surreal, but it is true. My love, I long to experience the world with you, to experience you.”

His confession stirred a kaleidoscope of emotions within Eliza. She wept, not out of sorrow, but overwhelming love. Love for a man she knew yet didn’t. Love for a man who resided not just in the letters, but in her heart. Yes, they were trapped and enchanted by this anomaly of time. But they were also in love. In love, despite the perplexity, despite the odds. And with that, their extraordinary love story continued to be written, imprinted in letters, carried by the wind, and etched in time.

Chapter 6: Spanning the Chasm of Time

On a crisp, autumn morning, Thomas sat, engrossed in Eliza’s latest letter. Her every word was like a brush stroke on a canvas, painting a vivid picture of her life two years hence. Eliza’s tales of medical advancements, cutting-edge technology, and societal changes were fascinating yet disconcerting, but what caught Thomas’ attention, this time, was a hint of melancholy tucked away amidst the words.

Driven by an instinctive need to meet her, to comfort her, he looked at the world around him, a world still untouched by the technological wonders Eliza described. There was an almost tangible gap between their worlds and their lives, but Thomas was resolute. There had to be a way to bridge this temporal chasm.

Deciding to leave no stone unturned, Thomas ventured to locate Eliza, starting with her place of work. He was an architect, after all – he had built bridges in more ways than one.

In an unusual twist of fate, his first lead was from an unexpected source. One day, while perusing a design magazine, his eyes were drawn to a feature on the upcoming Hartley Hospital, being lauded for its state-of-the-art infrastructure and advanced medical facilities. ‘Hartley’ – the name rang a bell. His heart pounded – could it be a coincidence?

Now, more than ever, he was adamant about unraveling this mystery. He reached out to the article’s author, a certain Daniel Lewis. He was known to have his finger on the pulse of the architectural world, and if anyone had a clue about Eliza’s whereabouts, it would be him. Still, explaining the strange circumstances of his quest to Daniel was a challenge.

Their meeting was unconventional, to say the least. Thomas, with the subtlety of a detective, masked his true intentions under the guise of an architectural consultation. He filled the conversation with queries about the hospital and its design, dropping Eliza’s name casually, hoping to gauge Daniel’s reaction.

Daniel was cordial, albeit slightly puzzled, but when he heard Eliza’s name, his eyes widened slightly, a flicker of recognition, perhaps. Thomas grasped it like a lifeline, pushing further, trying to excavate as much information as possible without arousing suspicion.

On some level, Daniel must have sensed Thomas’s desperation. He smiled, “I do know an Eliza. She’s a brilliant doctor at Hartley. She’s an intriguing woman, always ahead of her time. What’s your interest in her?”

Thomas danced around the question skillfully, “I heard about her somewhere, sounds like a fascinating person, thought maybe I could meet her.”

Daniel seemed somewhat satisfied with the elusive answer. He said his goodbyes and left, leaving Thomas with a modicum of hope. He now had a lead, a link, a glimmer of possibility to reach Eliza.

This breakthrough ignited a fervor in Thomas. He dug deeper, drawing from every resource at his disposal. Hours turned into days, days into weeks, and his studio transformed into a war room of sorts, littered with maps, letters, articles – each a piece connecting to form the jigsaw of time.

But even as he neared the solution, Thomas was plagued with doubt. He had tried to steer his correspondence with Eliza away from this quest. How would she react when she learned about it? Would she see it as a violation of the sanctity of their letters? Or, would she understand his need, his desperation to meet her, to hold her, to live in the same moment as her?

As the days passed, the letters between them continued, a solace in this intense crusade. In one such letter, Eliza wrote, “Sometimes I feel like you’re so close, yet so far. It’s a strange paradox this dance of ours, isn’t it?”

Thomas read the words over and over. Yes, it was a paradox indeed. But if it was in his hands, he would rip apart every ounce of distance between them.

The chapter drew to a close with an almost tangible tension in the air. There was urgency, a palpable feeling of being on the edge of something monumental. All the while, the correspondence between Thomas and Eliza continued, their words becoming the anchor amidst the storm, a lifeline they couldn’t afford to lose.

Chapter 7:

Eliza anxiously held the crisp white envelope, trembling in anticipation. Her heart pounded like a drum echoing through the silent, frost-touched world surrounding the lake house. She slit open the envelope, revealing Thomas’s neatly written words. As she read, her eyes widened, and all color drained from her face.

Thomas had outlined a memory, a recount of an incident jolting Eliza violently back to the past. It was a critical case she handled two years ago, a young man with an uncontrolled hemorrhage. The patient was an architect crushed under the rubble of his own creation. As Thomas detailed the incident, Eliza’s blood ran cold. The patient was him.

A whirlpool of emotions took over her. She was in love with a man from her past, a man she had once struggled to save. Regaining her senses, she quickly scribbled a response, warning Thomas about the impending doom. She breathed a sigh, dropping the letter into the mailbox. The painful wait began.

Back in his time, Thomas was intrigued by Eliza’s panic-laden words. Confusion clouded his mind, but he grasped onto the thin strand of understanding. He remembered his near-death experience, the terrifying accident that had pushed his life onto the brink of oblivion.

Frustration consumed Thomas. Desperate to change his fate and validate the warnings of his future love, Thomas decided to confront the man from Eliza’s time. It was a gamble, but the stakes were high. He penned a frantic letter to the stranger, serving as Eliza’s last hope, pleading for answers, clues to cheat the hand of fate.

Simultaneously, Eliza began her research, tearing through medical records, looking for evidence of her fatal interaction with Thomas. Days turned into nights. She was a woman possessed, driven by love and filled with dread of the tragic future awaiting her beloved.

In Thomas’s world, he met the stranger who held the key to his future. The man, though reluctant, resonated with Thomas’s desperation. A cryptic discussion ensued, shedding light on the young architect’s situation. Though the man was hesitant to reveal everything he knew, he gave Thomas a crucial clue, a hint that could potentially change his fate.

Back at the lake house, Eliza had finally found what she was looking for. Going through Thomas’s medical files, she discovered something astounding. She found the interventions she had performed, procedures that were considered advanced in Thomas’s time. It was proof of their extraordinary connection, a life-or-death incident tying them together through time.

With a newfound conviction, she began drafting an elaborate plan, a series of steps for Thomas to follow, a way to cheat death. Her mind worked overtime, developing complex medical procedures into instructions a layman could understand.

As Thomas received her detailed plan, he felt a surreal sense of tranquility. Despite the looming threat of death, he held in his hands a tangible connection to Eliza, a lifeline thrown across time.

The climax of their story was now upon them. Both suspended in their respective timelines, racing against the relentless ticking of the clock. Their extraordinary romance on the line, they embarked on the final leg of their journey. Their love story had become a thrilling quest for survival, strengthening their bond, transforming their ephemeral letters into an immortal testament of love.

Chapter 8:

Thomas sat alone in his studio, his heart pounding loud against his chest. The room was filled with architectural blueprints scattered all around him, but he had eyes only for the singular piece of parchment held in his hands. Eliza’s last letter. It was the revelation he had never anticipated. The connection between them was more profound and intricate than he ever imagined. He penned down his course of actions with shaky hands, sealing it with his heart’s silent prayer.

Eliza, on her side of time, clutched the marked calendar, her heart drumming a frenzied beat. She had been waiting for this day anxiously. Today was the day Thomas had promised to meet her in his time. Could she save him from an untimely demise? The uncertainty gnawed at her, but she held onto the shared love that bound their destinies together.

The city bustled around Eliza, unaware of the extraordinary quest she was embarking upon. Her footsteps echoed in her heart, each beat resonating with the memory of words that had touched her soul. Her heart fluttered with a cocktail of emotions. Fear of the unknown, anticipation of a reunion, and an overwhelming affection for a man she had never met.

Thomas, back in his time, trod the same path Eliza would walk years later. His heart felt heavy with the burden of uncertainty. He cherished every word that Eliza had written, every emotion she had poured onto the parchment. He was about to face a day that could bring him face to face with her, or eternally apart. He trembled at the thought, the weight of the impending outcome sinking him deeper into a whirlpool of anxiety.

He reached the destined spot, a quaint café they talked about in their letters. Each tick of the clock was a chime in his heart, reverberating with Eliza’s unspoken words.

Eliza, in the future, entered the same café, her heart hammering against her ribs. The place was bustling with life, yet for her, it was a monument of time, a bridge between her and her beloved. She waited anxiously, gripped by a hope that seemed both tantalizingly close yet agonizingly distant.

Minutes turned into hours. Their realities did not converge, leaving them isolated in their dimensions. Thomas returned to his studio, heart heavy with disappointment yet brimming with undying hope. The letter that Eliza sent, next, bore her heart’s tear-stricken reflection, her words a soothing balm on his searing heart.

In a heartbreaking yet hopeful embrace, Eliza and Thomas surrendered to their fate, their love blooming amidst the crippling adversity. Days rolled into nights, and their love story became a hymn of undying hope, a testament to their invincible love.

The climax unfolded with a twist of destiny. Their paths finally crossed, not eternally apart but in a joyful union. Two souls confined in the parchment finally came face to face. In a universe that danced to their love’s tune, Eliza and Thomas found their shared moment under the stars.

They stood there, drenched in their shared ecstasy, their hearts echoing a silent tribute to their extraordinary connection. Drawn into a tender embrace, they savored the reality of their palpable existence, their hearts singing an ode to their love. The Lake House turned into a testament of their unique love story, a symbol of love that transcends time and space.

As the curtains fell over their extraordinary romance, Eliza and Thomas held onto the hope of their shared future. Their love story concluded, leaving an indelible imprint on the canvas of time. Their love letters, safely ensconced within the walls of the Lake House, whispered tales of their life-altering journey, echoing with the harmony of their timeless love.

Some scenes from the movie The Lake House written by A.I.

Scene 1



We see DR. ELIZA HARTLEY, late 30’s, a renowned cardiologist with an aura of loneliness, gazing out over the tranquil lake. She finds the silence comforting yet deafening.

She turns, eyes roaming over the unique architecture of the house she now calls home. She GRABS a notepad and starts writing a LETTER.


As she pens her curious thoughts and affixes the letter in an envelope.


Eliza walks to the MAILBOX, the wind fiddling her hair.


She closes the mailbox, leaving the note within.




THOMAS, a mid 40’s man, bespectacled, with an aura of silent frustration, receives an envelope.


His eyes skim through the words and a faint smile forms on his lips.


(to himself)


He GRABS his own notepad and starts WRITING.


As he pens down his response.


Thomas posts the letter in the mailbox, unknowingly beginning an unusual correspondence.




Scene 2


Bright sunlight filters through the windows, lighting up a desk, where THOMAS (40s, ruggedly attractive, with a thoughtful gaze) is sitting, hunched over a pile of letters from DR. ELIZA HARTLEY.

Thomas picks up a letter, his eyes scanning the handwritten words. He shakes his head, bemused but intrigued.



“Who is this Dr. Eliza Hartley?”

He picks up a pen and begins to respond to her letter, his mind whirling with ideas and images of a woman he has never met.



Thomas walks out to the mailbox, a finished letter to Eliza in his hand. He hesitates, then smiles – a small and private thing – before he drops the letter into the mailbox.



Thomas returns to his studio, filled with blueprints and models. His gaze lands on a design that mirrors ELIZA’S world – a modern hospital. He starts to make changes, his pencil moving deftly over the paper. The love and longing are palpable in his every stroke.


A sketch of the lakeside house on his table. A photo of an unfamiliar woman taped next to it – DR. ELIZA HARTLEY. Thomas touches the picture gently, his eyes lingering on Eliza’s face.



“I feel like I know you, Eliza. Even though we’ve never met.”



Scene 3


We see DR. ELIZA HARTLEY, early 30s, beautiful with a touch of melancholy, reading a letter at her desk. The letter is from THOMAS, the architect. Eliza’s expression is bemused, then her eyes widen as she reads the date on the letter.


(voice over)

“2006? How does a letter from two years back end up in my mailbox today?”

She pulls the previous letters and notices the same discrepancy in dates. She writes a letter back at her desk, her face filled with curiosity and a hint of worry.



We see THOMAS, late 30s, rugged and brooding, receive her letter. He reads her question about the dates out loud.


(voice over)

“She’s in the future. She’s in 2008.”

The realization hits him hard but also sparks an undeniable sense of wonder and excitement.



Eliza looks at the letter for a long time, then starts writing her reply. We see her lips move as she speaks the words she’s writing.


(voice over)

“I don’t know how this is possible, Thomas. But I want to keep writing. I feel a… connection. Do you feel it too?”


Scene 4


Dr. ELIZA HARTLEY (late 30s, beautiful, empathetic) sits on the wooden floor, bathed in the soft glow of a lamp. She opens a LETTER. As she begins to read, we hear the voice of THOMAS (40s, passionate, articulate) narrating the letter.


(soft, retelling)

“Eliza, each word you write paints a vivid tapestry of a world unseen…”


Thomas sits at his drafting table, pouring over ELIZA’S LETTER. His eyes dart across the paper, soaking in every detail.


Eliza holding up a medical journal to the light, studying an illustration of a HEART. A look of awe lights up her face.


“…Your tales of heart repairs, of lives saved, they stir up in me a new wave of creativity…”

Thomas’ drafting TABLE is now littered with sketches and blueprints of complex architectural designs, inspired by Eliza’s medical descriptions.


Eliza is crying by now, the words of the letter hitting her deeply.


(to herself)

“Two souls, two years apart, yet so closely bonded…”


Thomas seals his letter and gazes out the window at the cityscape — lights twinkling in the deep of night.


“…I create a world for you in my mind, Eliza. One day I hope to share it with you.”


Eliza clutches the letter to her chest, yearning for a presence only experienced through words.



Scene 5


Eliza sits at the old oak table, a letter from Thomas clutched in her hands. The morning sun pours through the window, casting a heavenly glow around her.


“My Dear Eliza, your letters are my beacon, unveiling a future I yearn to be a part of. Your words, a symphony that keeps me sane in the solitude.”

Back to scene:

Eliza’s eyes well up, a single tear trickling down her cheek. She bites her lower lip and writes her response.


A dim yellow light illuminates Thomas’s face as he reads Eliza’s letter. His eyes lit up with love and fascination.


“Thomas, your passion for art, the life you breathe into your creations, it’s captivating. Your letters are my escape from the harsh realities of my world.”

Back to scene:

Thomas, touched by her words, pours himself a drink and heads for the window, looking out at the dark expanse of the lake.


Thomas stands on the lakeshore, a gentle breeze stirring his hair. He looks out at the water, a look of longing etched on his face.


(whispering to the wind)

“I wish I could break free from these written words, Eliza. I wish…”

The scene fades with the moonlight shimmering on the lonely lake house in the distance. Thomas, standing on the lakeshore, is a silhouette that echoes the love story that is unfolding amidst the mystic twilight.

Scene 6



Thomas at his wooden drafting table, brow furrowed, reading Eliza’s latest letter. He looks up, staring into the emptiness, lost in thought.


Thomas under the starlit sky, holding Eliza’s letter. He decides to meet her.


Thomas finds information on Eliza’s era. Discovers a BACK TO THE FUTURE comic and smirks. He checks the publication date – it’s from Eliza’s time.


Thomas spots a MYSTERIOUS OLD MAN who’s mumbling about time and inter-dimensional travel. He slowly approaches him.



Excuse me sir, this might sound strange…but I need to travel to the future.

The old man chuckles at first, but then looks at Thomas, realizing his serious expression.


Boy, you’re playing with fire. But if you’re willing to burn…


Thomas, with the old man’s advice and an array of peculiar objects, attempts a primitive methods to leap forward in time. He waits anxiously as nothing happens.


Disappointed, Thomas decides to write another letter. His words are full of longing, mystery and a silent plea for answers.



Author: AI