The Host

When toxic waste unleashes a monster, a father’s love becomes the only weapon.

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The Asan River, once a source of life and livelihoods, has become a dumping ground for toxic waste. A factory on the riverbank has been illegally disposing of chemicals and other hazardous materials for years, ignoring regulations and warnings from authorities. The pollution has caused a devastating effect on the river’s ecosystem, killing off fish and other aquatic life, and leaving the once-beautiful waterway a dull, lifeless gray.

It was only a matter of time before the consequences of the factory’s negligence became apparent. The locals had long feared something terrible would happen, and their fears were realized when a giant, mutated squid-like creature emerged from the depths of the river and began attacking the populace.

Chapter 1: “Hyun-seo’s disappearance”

The sun was setting over the Asan River, casting an orange glow over the polluted water. The factory was closed for the day, the machines silent, and the workers gone home. However, something was stirring beneath the surface of the water, something that would soon shake the town to its core.

Hyun-seo was sitting by the riverbank, enjoying the quiet of the evening. She was a bright, curious girl who loved exploring the world around her. She had grown up in the town, never suspecting that anything could go wrong. However, that was about to change.

Suddenly, Hyun-seo saw something moving in the water. It was a large, ominous shape, writhing and churning the water. She sensed danger and tried to run away, but it was too late. The creature reached out with its tentacles and grabbed her, dragging her into the depths of the river.

Gang-du, Hyun-seo’s father, was working at the convenience store nearby. He had dropped by to pick up some snacks and drinks for his family. As he was leaving the store, he saw the creature emerge from the river and snatch Hyun-seo. He was horrified and helpless as he watched his daughter being dragged away.

Gang-du’s family was as shocked and devastated as he was. They gathered at the riverside, hoping to catch a glimpse of Hyun-seo or the creature. They sought help from the authorities, but the response was slow and disorganized. The police and military arrived, but they had no idea how to deal with the creature.

Gang-du and his family decided to take matters into their own hands. They knew they had to find Hyun-seo before it was too late. They formed a search party and scoured the city for any sign of the creature or their missing girl.

The search party quickly realized that this was no ordinary monster. It was fast, agile, and deadly. They saw its tentacles in action, snatching up victims and leaving behind only destruction and chaos.

As they searched, the group encountered other survivors of the creature’s attacks. They were terrified and traumatized, describing the creature as a nightmare come to life. Gang-du and his family remained hopeful, but they knew they were racing against time to find Hyun-seo and stop the creature before it caused any more harm.

Little did they know that they were about to uncover some dark and disturbing secrets about the creature’s origins and the true motive behind its attacks. The search for Hyun-seo was about to take a dramatic and terrifying turn.

Chapter 2: “The Snatch”

Gang-du’s world crumbles around him as he realizes that his daughter, Hyun-seo, is missing. He frantically searches for her in the area where the creature was last seen, calling out her name in desperation. But there is no sign of her. He feels helpless and overwhelmed with guilt that he couldn’t protect her from the monster that emerged from the river.

His siblings, Nam-il and Nam-joo, try to console him, but they are just as terrified and shaken as he is. They are a family of misfits, running a small snack stand by the river. They have always been looked down upon by the rest of the town, but they have each other and their love for Hyun-seo. Now, that love is all they have left.

As the reality of Hyun-seo’s disappearance sets in, the family turns to the authorities for help. They are met with skepticism and indifference; the officials are more concerned with containing the creature and preventing it from causing any further damage. Gang-du struggles to keep his composure as he is interrogated by a callous government agent. His frustration and anger boil over as he lashes out at the agent, demanding action to find his daughter.

Nam-joo, a former member of the national archery team, proposes that they use their skills to track down the creature and rescue Hyun-seo. She enlists the help of her old coach, who agrees to train them. They begin to prepare for the rescue mission, determined to bring Hyun-seo back home safe and sound.

As they gather supplies and weapons for the search, they encounter other survivors of the creature’s attacks. Gang-du is haunted by the screams of those who were taken, wondering if his daughter is suffering the same fate.

The family sets out on foot, following the creature’s trail through the city. They come across scenes of destruction and chaos, evidence of the creature’s ferocity. Gang-du is determined to find his daughter, but he is also afraid. Afraid that he will never see her again. Afraid that he will fail her as a father.

As night falls, the family takes refuge in an abandoned building, hoping to avoid detection by the creature. Gang-du’s mind races with thoughts of Hyun-seo, wondering if she is hurt or scared. He feels a sense of guilt that he couldn’t protect her from the creature, even though he had always promised he would keep her safe.

The night is long and tense, as the family listens to the sounds of the creature moving about outside. Gang-du sits by the window, keeping watch, while his siblings try to get some sleep. He can barely keep his eyes open, but he knows that he cannot rest until his daughter is found. His mind drifts to memories of Hyun-seo, of the times they spent together, of the dreams he had for her future.

As the first light of dawn breaks, the family emerges from the building, ready to resume their search. They have no idea what lies ahead, but they are united in their determination to find Hyun-seo. The journey ahead will be fraught with danger and uncertainty, but they know that they must keep moving forward. Their love for Hyun-seo will carry them through.

Chapter 3: “The Search Party”

Gang-du and his family are joined by a group of townspeople, each with their own reasons for wanting to find Hyun-seo and put an end to the creature’s rampage. The search party is made up of mostly men, armed with makeshift weapons such as sticks and rocks. Gang-du’s sister, Nam-joo, is the only woman among them, but she is as fierce and determined as any of the men.

The party begins their search at the riverbank where the attack occurred. Gang-du is inconsolable, his grief palpable as he searches desperately for any sign of his daughter. His older brother, Nam-il, tries to keep him calm, but he knows that nothing anyone says or does will truly ease Gang-du’s pain.

The group quickly realizes that they are not the only ones searching for the creature. The military has been sent in to try and contain the situation, but they seem just as lost and confused as the civilians. The search party overhears snippets of radio chatter and catches glimpses of soldiers in the distance, but they decide to avoid the military as much as possible. They know that they can’t trust the authorities to do what’s best for the town, and they fear that the military may view them as a threat.

As they venture deeper into the city, the search party comes across more evidence of the creature’s existence. They find buildings destroyed, cars overturned, and the occasional body left behind as a gruesome reminder of the stakes at play. Gang-du and Nam-il receive reports from their makeshift radios of other search parties encountering the creature, some of which have been attacked and killed.

Despite the danger, the group presses on, driven by the hope of finding Hyun-seo alive. They follow a trail of destruction and debris that leads them to an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of town. Nam-joo cautiously leads the group inside, her trained eye searching for any sign of danger.

As the group moves through the dark and eerie warehouse, they hear strange noises and whispers that make their skin crawl. They are on high alert, ready for anything. Suddenly, they hear a blood-curdling scream from deep within the building. It’s Hyun-seo’s voice.

Gang-du’s heart leaps with joy, and he charges forward without a second thought. The others follow, their own adrenaline pumping as they prepare for the worst. However, when they reach the source of the scream, they find only a radio, playing a prerecorded message that the creature had left behind.

The group is devastated but not discouraged. They know that they are getting closer, and their determination only grows stronger. They continue to search the warehouse, looking for any clues as to where the creature may have taken Hyun-seo.

As they move through the building, they find evidence of the creature’s intelligence. There are maps and diagrams on the walls, as well as strange technology that none of them can understand. They know that they are dealing with a creature that is not just a mindless beast but one with a purpose and a plan.

Suddenly, they hear a sound that makes their blood run cold. It’s the sound of the creature’s eerie call, coming from somewhere nearby. They know that they are close, and they ready themselves for the fight of their lives.

The search party follows the sound to a hidden underground tunnel system that runs beneath the city. The tunnels are dark and cramped, and the group must move single file to avoid getting separated. The smell of decay and rot is overwhelming, making it difficult to breathe.

As they move deeper into the tunnels, they begin to hear the sound of rushing water. They follow the sound until they come across a massive underground lake. In the center of the lake is a small island, and on that island is the creature, with Hyun-seo trapped in its tentacles.

Gang-du rushes forward, brandishing his weapon, but the creature is too powerful. It shrugs off his attacks and retaliates with a tentacle strike that sends Gang-du reeling. The other members of the search party leap into action, using everything at their disposal to try and take down the creature.

Nam-joo uses her archery skills to shoot arrows at the creature’s vulnerable spots, while Nam-il throws makeshift explosives at it. The other men join in, swinging their weapons and shouting battle cries. The fight is chaotic and terrifying, with the creature lashing out in every direction.

Just when it seems like all hope is lost, the group is joined by another unlikely ally. It’s the renegade scientist, who has been following them at a distance, waiting for the right moment to make his move. He has brought with him a powerful weapon, a device that emits a high-pitched frequency that the creature is unable to withstand.

With the scientist’s help, the group is finally able to defeat the creature and rescue Hyun-seo. Gang-du collapses in tears as he holds his daughter, overwhelmed with gratitude and relief. The search party is exhausted and battered, but they have accomplished what they set out to do. They have saved one of their own and put an end to the creature’s reign of terror.

Chapter 4: “Clues and Mysteries”

Gang-du and the search party had been combing through the city for hours. The sun had now set, and night had fallen. They were exhausted, hungry, and cold, but they refused to give up their search for Hyun-seo.

As they walked, they stumbled upon the remnants of the creature’s latest attack. The streets were littered with rubble and debris. The smell of death lingered in the air. Gang-du felt a lump form in his throat as he walked past a pile of torn clothing, wondering if it belonged to his daughter.

Suddenly, they heard a faint sound. It was a low moaning noise, coming from behind a nearby building. Gang-du’s heart leapt in his chest. Could it be Hyun-seo?

Without hesitation, he ran towards the sound, his family and the others following close behind. They rounded the corner and found themselves in front of an abandoned warehouse. The sound was coming from inside.

Gang-du motioned for the group to be quiet as he crept towards the door. He cautiously pushed it open and peered inside. The room was pitch black, illuminated only by the moonlight streaming in through the broken windows. He could hear the sound coming from somewhere in the corner.

He carefully made his way towards the noise, straining his eyes to see. Suddenly, he tripped over something on the ground. He stumbled and fell, hitting his head on the concrete floor.

As he regained his senses, he felt a sharp pain in his arm. He looked down and saw that he had been bitten. He let out a scream as he realized that something was attacking him.

The others rushed to his side, but they were too late. Gang-du was convulsing on the ground, frothing at the mouth as the venom from the creature’s bite coursed through his veins. He was alive but incapacitated, unable to do anything to save his daughter.

The group was devastated. They had lost their leader, and Hyun-seo was still missing. But then they noticed something odd. The creature had left behind some unusual trails, and they knew that they had to follow them.

They set off in pursuit of the creature, following the tracks across the city. It was clear that the monster was moving towards a specific destination. Gang-du’s brother, Nam-il, was the first to realize where it was headed.

“Nam-daemun Market,” he said. “That’s where it’s going.”

The Namdaemun Market was one of the largest and busiest markets in Seoul, attracting thousands of visitors every day. It was a maze of walkways, alleys, and shops, making it the perfect place for the creature to hide.

The group arrived in front of the market, ready to take on the creature. They were armed with weapons, makeshift explosives, and a fierce determination to save Hyun-seo.

As they entered the market, they were immediately met with chaos. People were screaming and running in all directions, trying to escape the creature’s wrath. The group pushed forward, cutting through the crowds and fighting off the creature’s tentacles.

They finally made it to the center of the market, where they found the creature perched atop a large building. It had Hyun-seo in its grip, holding her tightly with its tentacles.

Gang-du’s family and the others quickly formulated a plan. They would lure the creature away from its perch and take it down with explosive charges. They knew that it was a risky move, but they were willing to do anything to save Hyun-seo.

They set the charges and prepared for the final showdown. The creature, sensing its impending doom, let out a deafening roar and charged towards the group. They scattered, dodging its attacks and trying to lead it away from the explosives.

At the last second, they detonated the charges, sending a shower of sparks and debris into the air. The creature let out a final cry before collapsing to the ground.

Gang-du’s family and the others rushed to Hyun-seo’s side, pulling her from the creature’s grip. She was battered and bruised but alive. They hugged her tightly, grateful that their long search was finally over.

As they left the market, they looked back at the wreckage left in their wake. The creature was no more, but the scars it had left on the city would never heal. Gang-du and his family knew that life would never be the same again, but they were content in the knowledge that they had saved their beloved Hyun-seo.

Chapter 5: “Betrayal”

Gang-du and his group had been searching for Hyun-seo for several days, but their efforts seemed to be in vain. They had managed to find a few clues that suggested she might still be alive, but they had no idea where the creature had taken her. Gang-du was desperate, and he knew that time was running out.

As they were walking through the city, Gang-du noticed that one of the group members, Park Nam-il, was acting strangely. He was avoiding eye contact and seemed to be on edge. Gang-du was suspicious, but he didn’t want to jump to conclusions.

Later that night, the group was sitting around a campfire, discussing their next move. Gang-du asked if anyone had any new ideas, but everyone was quiet. Suddenly, Park Nam-il spoke up.

“I think I know where the creature is,” he said hesitantly. “I’ve been mapping out its movements, and I think it’s taken Hyun-seo to an abandoned factory on the outskirts of the city.”

Gang-du and the others were shocked. They had no idea that Park Nam-il had been studying the creature’s movements. They asked him how he knew about the factory, but he was evasive. He simply said that he had been doing some research on the creature and had stumbled across the information.

Despite their misgivings, Gang-du and the others decided to follow Park Nam-il’s lead. They gathered their weapons and set off towards the factory. Gang-du couldn’t shake the feeling that something was off, but he pushed his doubts aside and focused on finding his daughter.

When they arrived at the factory, they found it to be deserted. There was no sign of Hyun-seo or the creature. Gang-du and his group searched the entire area but found nothing. They were about to give up when Park Nam-il spoke up again.

“I think I know where the creature’s nest is,” he said. “It’s hidden beneath the factory. We should go down and check it out.”

Once again, Gang-du and the others were hesitant, but they followed Park Nam-il’s lead. They descended into the basement of the factory, where they found a hidden door. Park Nam-il pushed it open, and they entered a dark, musty room.

As they made their way through the room, they heard strange noises coming from a corner. They cautiously approached and saw a figure huddled in the shadows. It was Hyun-seo.

Gang-du cried out in relief and ran towards her. But as he got closer, he realized that something was wrong. Hyun-seo was pale and weak, and she didn’t seem to recognize him.

Before Gang-du could react, Park Nam-il stepped forward and revealed his true intentions. He had been working with the creature all along, and he had betrayed the group in order to further his own agenda. He had used them to lead him to the creature’s nest, where he planned to study it and use it for his own gain.

Gang-du was horrified. He had trusted Park Nam-il, and he had brought his family and friends into danger. He lunged at Park Nam-il, but the traitor was too quick. He disappeared into the shadows, leaving Gang-du and his group alone with the creature.

A bloody battle ensued as Gang-du and his group fought to protect themselves and rescue Hyun-seo. The creature was stronger than ever, and it seemed to be invincible. But Gang-du was determined to save his daughter, no matter the cost.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, the creature lay defeated at their feet. Gang-du rushed to Hyun-seo’s side, and she finally recognized him. They held each other tightly, and Gang-du felt a sense of relief and joy that he had never known before.

But the victory was bittersweet. Park Nam-il was still on the loose, and Gang-du knew that he would have to face him again. He was also left with the realization that he could never fully trust anyone again. The betrayal had shaken him to his core, and he knew that he would never be the same.

Chapter 6: “The Scientist”

Gang-du and his family had been searching for days, and yet they were still no closer to finding Hyun-seo. Their spirits were low, and the prospect of the creature’s next attack weighed heavily on their minds. They knew they needed to come up with a new plan if they wanted to have any chance of saving their daughter.

As they discussed their options, they were approached by an unlikely ally — a renegade scientist named Dr. Lee. He had been studying the creature for years and offered to share his knowledge with them. Gang-du was skeptical but desperate, and so he agreed to meet with Lee the following day.

They met in a dimly-lit, underground laboratory, its walls lined with high-tech equipment and strange, otherworldly specimens. Lee was a thin, wiry man with a wild shock of white hair and deep-set eyes. He spoke quickly and with great enthusiasm, his words tumbling out in a jumble of scientific jargon and obscure references.

At first, Gang-du and his family struggled to keep up with Lee’s rapid-fire stream of information. But as they listened more closely, they began to piece together a new understanding of the creature, its origins, and its weaknesses.

According to Lee, the creature was not a random mutation caused by the toxic waste dumped in the river. On the contrary, it was a deliberately-engineered weapon, created by a shadowy government agency to be used in covert operations. The agency had lost control of the creature, and it had somehow made its way to the river, where it began wreaking havoc.

Lee had been tracking the creature’s movements for years, and he had discovered that it had a vulnerable point — a small, hidden organ that, if destroyed, would render the creature powerless. He had developed a weapon specifically designed to target this organ, and he believed that, with the right timing and strategy, they could defeat the creature once and for all.

Gang-du and his family were both impressed and wary of Lee’s claims. They had long suspected that the creature was more than just a simple mutation, but the idea that it was a government weapon was almost too much to believe. However, they had little choice but to trust Lee’s expertise and accept his help.

As Lee guided Gang-du and his family through the underground labyrinth, he pointed out various features of the creature’s anatomy, its movement patterns, and its behavior. He explained how they could use this information to anticipate the creature’s next move and gain the upper hand in battle.

But as they neared the creature’s lair, they began to realize that Lee’s motives were not entirely pure. He seemed almost gleeful at the prospect of finally destroying the creature, and there was a hint of madness in his eyes. Gang-du and his family began to worry that, in their desperation, they had allied themselves with a man who was just as dangerous as the creature they were trying to defeat.

Their fears were confirmed when, in the final moments of the battle, Lee betrayed them. He revealed that he had been working for the government agency all along and had used Gang-du and his family as pawns in a larger scheme. He activated a self-destruct mechanism, which triggered a massive explosion that destroyed the creature and much of the surrounding area, including several innocent bystanders.

Gang-du and his family were devastated and traumatized by the traumatic experience. They had come so far, and yet they had ultimately been used and betrayed by someone they had thought was an ally. They were left to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives and try to make sense of the horrors they had witnessed.

Chapter 7: “The Showdown”

The sun was setting as Gang-du and his family reached the creature’s lair. The smell of decay, rotting flesh, and chemicals permeated the air. They were exhausted, scared, but resolute. The rescue of Hyun-seo was their sole objective.

They peered into the darkness, searching for any sign of movement. Suddenly, they heard a loud splash, followed by a low, guttural growl. The creature lunged towards them without warning. Its massive tentacles whipped through the air, knocking several members of the group back.

Gang-du and his brother charged forward, wielding makeshift weapons fashioned from metal scraps and wooden planks. The others followed, armed with rocks, pipes, and whatever else they could find. They attacked the creature with fierce determination.

The scientist, who had been observing from a safe distance, joined the fray. He had brought with him a specialized toxin, which he believed could neutralize the creature’s defenses. He managed to inject the toxin into one of the creature’s tentacles, causing it to writhe in pain and fury.

Gang-du saw his chance and slashed at the wounded tentacle with his rusty machete. The tentacle fell to the ground, and the creature roared in agony. This was their chance to rescue Hyun-seo.

They plunged into the cavern-like space where the creature had taken her. The walls were slick with slime, and the air was thick with the stench of death. They searched frantically, calling out her name. They heard a muffled cry from behind a pile of debris.

There she was, curled up in a ball, covered in slime and bruises. Gang-du lifted her up, and she clung to him, crying tears of joy and fear. They made their way back to the entrance of the lair, but the creature was waiting for them.

It was not dead. It was injured, angry, and more dangerous than ever. Its blood-red eyes glared at them as it reared back for a final attack. They were outnumbered, outmatched, and outgunned.

But the scientist had one more trick up his sleeve. He had figured out a way to create an explosion that would collapse the cavern, burying the creature underneath a mountain of rubble. It was risky, but it was their only chance.

They lit the fuse and ran as fast as they could. The ground shook beneath their feet as the explosion rocked the earth. They ran until they were clear of the devastation, and then they turned back to watch.

A massive plume of dust and smoke rose into the sky, shrouding the remains of the creature and the lair. The group watched in silence, waiting to see if their victory had been complete. After several agonizing minutes, the dust began to settle.

They could see nothing at first, but then they saw movement in the debris. A single tentacle emerged, waving feebly in the air. The rest of the creature was buried under tons of rock and earth. It was dead.

The group erupted into cheers and cries of triumph. Gang-du hugged Hyun-seo tightly, and she hugged him back. They were all alive, all together, and all forever changed.

As they made their way back to their homes and families, they knew that they had witnessed something extraordinary. They had faced a monster, survived, and triumphed. They had found courage, strength, and love within themselves that they had never known existed.

Gang-du and his family, along with the people of the town, would never forget the lessons they had learned. They would never forget the horror and the drama of their encounter with the creature. They would never forget the science fiction-like nature of the creature and the toxin that had saved them.

But most of all, they would never forget the love and loyalty that had driven them forward, even in the face of death. They had fought for each other, for their families, and for a future where the waters would run clear, and the monsters would be vanquished forever.

Some scenes from the movie The Host written by A.I.

Scene 1


The Asan River is polluted, with heaps of toxic waste dumped on the riverbanks. Water is murky, and the smell is unbearable. But despite the hazardous environment, people still swim and fish in the river.

Hyun-seo, a ten-year-old girl, crouches by the river, watching the murky waters flow. She catches sight of something moving in the water. She leans closer, squinting her eyes, trying to make out what it is. Suddenly, a huge tentacle-like arm emerges from the water, grabs her by the ankle, and drags her into the depths of the Asan River.

Cut to:


The water ripples as if something massive is moving underneath it. People scream and run away, trying to escape the monster in the river. Gang-du, Hyun-seo’s father, rushes to the riverbank, yelling his daughter’s name.

GANG-DU: Hyun-seo! Hyun-seo! Where are you?!

Gang-du jumps into the water, frantically searching for his daughter. But he can’t see anything. The water is murky, and the current is strong. Gang-du’s brother, sister, and other townspeople join the search.

Suddenly, a massive creature with tentacles and razor-sharp teeth breaches the surface of the river. It roars and thrashes around in the water, terrifying everyone. Gang-du and the others scramble to get out of the water, but the creature is too fast. It snatches up several people, crushing them in its jaws.

Gang-du and his family watch in horror as the creature drags its victims into the depths of the river.

GANG-DU: (voice shaking) We have to find my daughter. We can’t leave her here.

BONG-JOO (Gang-du’s brother): (determined) We’ll find her. We won’t stop until we do.

YOUNG-MI (Gang-du’s sister): (fearful but resolute) We have to be careful. That thing is dangerous.

The group bands together, determined to save Hyun-seo and stop the creature from harming anyone else. But they have no idea what they’re up against and how far they must go to find her.

Cut to black.

Scene 2


Gang-du, a middle-aged man with a disheveled appearance, sits on his couch, staring blankly at the TV. His brother, Nam-il, sits next to him, trying to console him.


Gang-du, we’ll find her. We’ll do everything we can.



How could I let this happen? I should have been there for her.

Nam-joo, Gang-du’s sister, enters the room, carrying a tray of food.


Here, eat something. You need to keep up your strength.

Gang-du shakes his head and pushes the tray away. He can’t bring himself to eat.



We need to start thinking about our next move. We can’t just sit here and wait for her to come back.


What do you suggest?


We need to go to the authorities. We need their help.

Gang-du looks up, hope shining in his eyes.


Do you really think they’ll help us?


We have to try. You can’t do this alone.

Nam-il nods in agreement.


I’ll make some calls and see what we can do.

Nam-joo puts a comforting hand on Gang-du’s shoulder.


We’ll find her, Gang-du. I promise.

Gang-du nods, still shaken, but grateful for his family’s support.


Scene 3

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Logline: After a giant mutated squid-like creature emerges from the river and snatches Hyun-seo, her family and the townspeople form a search party to find her. They soon discover that the creature is not the only threat they face in their perilous journey.


– Gang-du: A devoted father who will stop at nothing to find his daughter.

– Hyun-seo: Gang-du’s daughter, abducted by the creature.

– Nam-il: Gang-du’s brother and a college graduate who struggles to find work.

– Nam-joo: Gang-du’s sister and a national medalist archer.

– Park Hyeon-seo: A strong-willed and resourceful town member who joins the search party.

– The Scientist: A renegade scientist who has studied the creature for years and joins the search party to help.

Setting: The search party treks through the city, searching for any signs of Hyun-seo or the creature’s lair.



The search party, including Gang-du, Nam-il, Nam-joo, Park Hyeon-seo, and a few other townspeople, walk through the abandoned city streets. They carry makeshift weapons and flashlights, scanning the area for any signs of the creature or Hyun-seo.



We need to find a place to rest. It’s been hours since we started.



We can’t just stop. My daughter could be out there, alone and scared.



We need to keep our energy up. We don’t know how long this will take.



I’ll scout ahead and see if there’s anything nearby.

Nam-joo disappears into the darkness, and the others continue to trudge forward. Suddenly, they hear a faint cry in the distance.



Did you hear that?



Hyun-seo! That sounded like Hyun-seo!

The others follow Gang-du as he leads them toward the source of the cry. They come across a small building, and the cries grow louder.




The building is empty, but they discover a small radio transmitting the cries. Nam-il picks up the radio and tries to make contact.



Hello? Can anyone hear us?

Suddenly, a voice crackles through the radio.



Welcome to my trap, search party.

Gang-du, Nam-il, Nam-joo, and Park Hyeon-seo exchange fearful glances.



You’ve been looking for my precious creature. Well, you’ve found it. And now, you’ll be its next meal.



Scene 4



Gang-du and his search party are making their way to the creature’s lair, hoping to find clues that will lead them to Hyun-seo. They move cautiously, their eyes scanning the abandoned streets for any signs of danger.

Gang-du’s sister, Nam-joo, spots something on the ground and bends down to pick it up. It’s a torn piece of Hyun-seo’s clothing.


(struggling to hold back tears)

This is Hyun-seo’s. I’m sure of it.



We’re getting closer. I can feel it.

Suddenly, they hear a low growl coming from a nearby alley. Gang-du draws his weapon and leads the group toward the sound.


Gang-du and his party make their way through the dark, damp tunnels that make up the creature’s lair. They hear strange noises echoing through the cavernous space, and their nerves are on edge.

As they round a corner, Gang-du spots something in the distance. It’s a light flickering in the darkness. They move closer, and the light grows brighter.



That’s it! That’s the way out!

They quicken their pace, running now, heartbeats pounding in their chests. But just as they reach the exit, a tentacle lashes out from the darkness and snatches Gang-du’s brother, Hyeon-seo.



No! Not again!

Nam-joo pulls out her crossbow and takes aim at the creature, but it’s too late. The creature drags Hyeon-seo deeper into the lair.


(voice hoarse with grief)

We can’t just leave him!

The group exchanges a glance, and in that moment, they know what they must do. They steel themselves for battle and charge deeper into the lair.


Scene 5

Genre: Horror, Drama, Science Fiction

Logline: Following the dumping of gallons of toxic waste in the river, a giant mutated squid-like creature appears and begins attacking the populace. Gang-du’s daughter Hyun-seo is snatched up by the creature; with his family to assist him, he sets off to find her.

Character Development:

Gang-du: A loving father who will do anything to save his daughter. He is plagued by guilt and regret for not being more protective of Hyun-seo.

Hyun-seo: A bright and adventurous teenager who has a close relationship with her father. She is captured by the creature and must use her wits to survive.



Gang-du and his family are holed up in an abandoned building, trying to come up with a plan to rescue Hyun-seo. The group is tense and anxious, knowing that time is running out. Suddenly, one of the members, Joon-ho, looks suspiciously at Gang-du.


(to Gang-du)

You knew this was going to happen, didn’t you?



What are you talking about?


You knew that the creature was going to attack. That’s why you didn’t want Hyun-seo to come to your shop that day.

Gang-du looks stunned, unsure how to respond. The rest of the group looks at him with suspicion.



That’s not true. I had no idea this would happen.



Really? Because it seems like you had some inside information.



I don’t know what to say. We need to focus on finding Hyun-seo.

The group falls silent, unsure what to believe. Suddenly, they hear a noise outside the building. They grab their weapons and prepare for a fight.



The group cautiously makes their way outside, scanning the area for the creature. Suddenly, they are ambushed by a group of soldiers, who have been sent to contain the creature.


You all need to come with us. We have orders to detain anyone who has come into contact with the creature.

The group protests, but they are outnumbered and outmatched. They are forced into a convoy of military vehicles and driven away.


Scene 6


Gang-du and his family trudge through the overgrown jungle to arrive at an abandoned lab. It’s the only possible lead they have to find Hyun-seo and stop the creature.

Gang-du looks on edge, scanning the surrounding area for any sign of danger. His sister, Nam-joo, clutches her bow tightly, ready for any potential attack. His brother, Nam-il, has his gun drawn, his eyes sweeping the area for any possible threats.

Suddenly, the door to the lab creaks open, and a figure shuffles out. It’s the scientist, Bong-joo. He’s disheveled and frantic, his eyes wild with fear.



“Get inside! Quick!”

Gang-du and his family exchange wary glances before following Bong-joo inside.


The interior of the lab is surprisingly clean, with various pieces of high-tech equipment lining the walls. Bong-joo ushers them into a makeshift command center, where he pulls up a map of the creature’s lair.



“You people have a lot of nerve showing up like this. You do realize you’re risking your lives, right?”



“We have to save my daughter.”



“Fine. But you need to listen to me if you want to survive. The creature has evolved, and it’s even more dangerous than we thought.”



“Tell us what we need to know. We’re ready for anything.”



“I’ve been studying the creature for years. It’s immune to most weapons, and it’s incredibly intelligent. It’s been waiting for the perfect moment to strike, and it won’t hesitate to use Hyun-seo as leverage.”

Gang-du’s eyes widen with horror at the thought of his daughter being used as bait.



“But we have a plan. There’s an experimental device that could neutralize the creature’s defenses. We just need to get it to the right spot and activate it.”

Nam-il nods, understanding the gravity of the situation.



“Then let’s get moving.”

Gang-du and his family clench their weapons and follow Bong-joo out of the lab, ready to do whatever it takes to save Hyun-seo and defeat the creature once and for all.

Author: AI