The Bourne Identity

“Embarking on a journey of survival, a forgotten past lurks in shadows, entwining danger and revelation in the thrilling web of espionage.”

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It was an ungodly hour. Storm clouds draped the world in a shroud, the ocean beneath as disturbed as the volatile heavens. The rain was relentless, the sea thrashing like a beast in pain. A single beam of a flashlight danced over the angry waves, latching onto a lifeless form. The strength of the tempest seemed to diminish, as if surrendering to the arrival of this mysterious, near-death man.

His body was a marred canvas of wounds and a bullet hole that painted a grim picture—signs of a desperate struggle for life. A haunted, lost look gripped his unconscious face, a mystery veiled behind these closed eyes. With no identification and seemingly flung to oblivion by the violent hand of fate, he was a ghost, a shell of a man who had no memory of who he was or why he was there.

The fisherman who rescued him, an old salt who’d seen his share of stormy nights, felt a shudder race down his spine. He wasn’t sure if it was the icy wind or the sight of the man. He’d been at sea long enough to recognize the handiwork of something darker than bad luck.

Chapter 1: “Ocean’s Mercy”

The yacht plowed through the Mediterranean with indomitable will, tangling with the elements in a deadly dance. But on board, a different storm was brewing. The man, now conscious, was lost in the labyrinth of his mind. His wounds were healing, but the mental turmoil was far from over. He was Jason Bourne, at least that’s what he believed—the only vestige from his past, aside from the faint echo of a Swiss bank account number in his mind.

Pacing the cramped quarters of the boat, his mind was a whirlwind of questions. Who was he? Why was he here? His body screamed mementos of a war he could not remember. Yet, the emptiness was as anguishing as the physical pain.

Once ashore, in the anonymity of crowds, a sense of familiarity lingered in the back of his mind. The multilingual signboards were not alien to him; he could understand them—many languages, easily. A natural instinct, as if this was his norm.

“What’s happening to me?” He whispered to himself, his voice drowned amidst the buzz of the world around him.

He followed the single lead he had—the Swiss bank account number. With every step he took, the strange dichotomy of his world was becoming evident. On one hand, he could not remember his past, and on the other, he had the mental acumen of a seasoned spy. He could calculate distances, read body language, even predict movements of the strangers he passed on the street. It wasn’t just an inexplicable cognitive skill; his body was finely tuned, reacting with speed and precision that was thrilling yet terrifying.

Arriving at the bank, he presented the account number to the teller with an air of confidence like he knew the drill. When a safety box was presented to him, his heart pounded like a gavel. The box was filled with different passports, currencies, a loaded gun, and a small piece of paper with the name “Jason Bourne”.

A cold chill clung to his heart as he held the passports. All bore his face, but each had different names. The realization was a sucker punch—an escape artist, a master of camouflage; he was the mythical chameleon that blended into the world. But why?

He felt the weight of the gun, finger hovering over the trigger—an eerie familiarity seeping into him. He was equipped with lethal skills, but who was his target?

The answer remained elusive, lost amidst the haze of his memory. But he was determined to piece together the jigsaw, to venture into the rabbit hole of his mind.

Gliding through the crowded streets, unknown to him, he was being watched. A silent alarm had been triggered, an echo from his past life calling out to assassins. Unwittingly, he was about to step into a world from where there was no turning back. A world where he was both the hunter and the hunted, a twisted game of survival. The storm he had been rescued from was merely the prologue. The real storm was yet to begin.

Chapter 2: “Echoes of the Past”

Within the confines of his obscure thoughts, Bourne started to navigate the labyrinth of his subconscious. As if cagy pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, fragmented memories washed over him—flashbacks of high-speed chases, gunfights, hand-to-hand battles, and cryptic languages. These echoes of past experiences jerked him out of his amnesia-induced solace, and into a world of sophisticated espionage.

The amalgam of his past and present was as elusive as a moonbeam, forming a paradoxical reality. A world where every instinctive reaction was a revelation, every skill uncovered was a gate leading to an even more bewildering question—Who was he? The man who could flawlessly load a gun, whose reflexes could adeptly counter an attack, who could seamlessly blend into the crowd speaking languages that should have been foreign, yet weren’t.

Through the monotonous hum of the ship’s engine, Bourne isolated the droning echo of a language lesson he never consciously attended, the fragments of Mandarin flowing through his thoughts. He had no recollection of learning it, yet he understood it perfectly. And not just Mandarin, he could understand French, Dutch, Russian, German—a polyglot enclosed in an enigmatic cage of amnesia.

The realization was unsettling and fascinating. His world was a web spun from the threads of an alien past and an unfamiliar present. Indicative evidence of a past life as a world-class spy began to surface, each new skill bringing him closer to the truth and simultaneously pushing him further into the depths of his personal abyss.

But his skills were not limited to language proficiency or combat. Bourne found himself observing the world from a tactical viewpoint. He noticed subtle elements that an average human eye would overlook—anxiety in a stranger’s gaze, tension in the grip of the person sitting across him, the suspicious gaze of the fisherman who had saved him from the sea. Every detail was a riddle to solve, a clue to his past, a key to unlock his forgotten identity.

In the cacophony of the bustling port, Bourne heard the symphony of danger—the faint click of a safety catch being released, the gentle rustle of a hand closing around a concealed weapon, the brisk footsteps of a pursuer. His senses were heightened, his body was ready to react even before his conscious mind had processed the threat.

His instincts led him to the Swiss bank account number etched into his memory. No name, no hint of his identity, only the pristine digits that held the potential to lead him to the truth. He held onto this clue with the desperate grip of a drowning man clinging onto a lifebuoy. Was it his, or another deceptive red herring engineered to lead him astray?

Navigating through the elements of his forgotten past was like threading a needle in a storm. It was challenging, yet held the promise of a fruitful endeavor. He was trapped in a paradox of his own self—a man with no memories yet possessing specific skill-sets reflecting his past. The entire conundrum was an echo of the past that he yearned to grasp.

As Bourne mulled over his predicament, danger loomed ominously, casting long shadows of uncertainty. He was trapped in a symphony of chaos, a harmonious dissonance of events, which he had to orchestrate skillfully to survive. The faint echoes of his past fueled the melody of his present existence, painting a tableau of action, drama, and mystery that lay ahead in his journey to reclaim his missing identity. As the echoes got louder, the ripples in his life increased, thrusting him into a whirlwind of events that were to shape his future and alter his past, forever.

Chapter 3: “Shadows in Switzerland”

Zurich welcomed Jason Bourne with its veil of chill, the Swiss air biting through his coat. His heart pounded in sync with the city’s rhythm—controlled, punctuated. Stepping onto the cobblestone paths that wound around the city, he felt an inexplicable familiarity pierce through his amnesia like a razor-sharp icicle.

His only link to his past, a Swiss bank number, led him to a colossal edifice—Gemeinschaft Bank. Its austere façade loomed ominously, mirroring the tension coiling within him. As he crossed the threshold, he felt a shift in the air, the potent scent of wealth and power washing over him. The hustle of the bank provided a stark contrast to his solitude, driving his senses into overdrive.

The bank manager, Herr Kreutz, received him with austere professionalism. The meticulous, calculated way the man looked at Bourne set unease creeping under his skin.

“Lieber Herr…?”, Kreutz’s voice trailed off, awaiting a name.

“Jason Bourne,” he supplied, a sense of dread curling in his stomach at the manufactured familiarity the name brought.

The exchange was terse and awkward, each word coated with suspicion. The moments felt like a high-stakes poker game, a dangerous dance between predator and prey. A large safety deposit box was presented to Bourne, unlocked by his fingerprint—a technology he found strangely unsurprising.

Inside the box laid his life—a world of foreign currencies, passports bearing his face with varied names, and a firearm. His eyes widened at the sight of the passports; American, Russian, French, echoing a life he could not recall, identities that felt absurd, yet unnervingly personal.

As he pocketed the items, his hands lingered on the firearm. A chill ran down his spine—the gun felt a natural extension of his being, his fingers curling around the handle with a familiarity that contradicted his amnesiac mind. As he concealed it within his coat, he felt a surge of adrenaline, a tacit confirmation of his dangerous existence.

Exiting the bank, he felt his senses heighten, the city’s noise amplifying into a warning. He sensed eyes on him, the air taut with a sinister undercurrent. An instinctual alarm bell rang in his head, initiating a cascade of reactions—an accelerated heartbeat, tensed muscles, and hyper-alert senses.

His eyes darted around, scanning the crowd. Suddenly, he spotted a man with deadpan eyes sharply focused on him. An assassin. His mind screamed danger even before his eyes registered the firearm barely concealed.

Quick as a flash, Bourne darted into a narrow alley, his body operating on a survival instinct that shocked him. The chase that ensued was nothing short of a high-stakes ballet, a deadly dance of predator and prey on the cobblestone of Zurich.

Twisting and turning, he went against the crowd, their screams mingling with the chaos around. His body moved with an agility he didn’t remember possessing. Jumping over obstacles, skidding around corners, he made his way through the labyrinthine city, the instinctual knowledge of escape routes perplexing to him.

His heart pounded a brutal, savage rhythm against his ribs, his breath fogging up the Swiss air. The chase finally concluded when he abruptly turned a corner, crashing into a bustling marketplace. Disguised amidst the crowd and their confusion, Bourne made his swift escape.

Exhausted but safe, he took a moment to catch his breath, overlooking the peaceful cityscape marred by his violent pursuit. He realized then, with an undiluted clarity, the real-life nightmare he was living—intrigue, deception, and danger were his new normal.

In the ‘Shadows in Switzerland,’ Bourne faced a harsh revelation of his multiple identities, each more deadly than the last. Trusting his instincts, he was plunged further into the dark world he was unconsciously part of—the world of an elite spy. Little did Bourne know, this was only the beginning of unraveling the dramatic mystery he was entwined in. As he delved deeper, the shadows would grow darker, the threats graver, and the stakes higher. His fight had only just begun.

Chapter 4: “The Hidden Hunter”

Jason Bourne, perplexed and tormented by his confusing array of dormant skills, knew one thing for certain—he was a hunted man. His life had become a deadly game of cat and mouse, played out on the streets of Zurich, under the cold Swiss skies. Instinctively, he knew how to throw off his pursuers, how to blend into the crowd, how to strike when threatened. These skills felt natural, yet they terrified him. Who was he? Why was he targeted?

In the corner of a bustling café, Bourne considered his next move. The city was a labyrinth of winding streets—a setting perfect for the drama unfolding—a chess game with deadly stakes, where each move brought you closer to death or salvation. The vulnerability of his situation amplified as he saw two men across the street, eyeing him suspiciously. His training kicked in, as he noted their stance, their glances—professional assassins. The chase had begun.

Bourne slipped out, lost in a wave of bystanders. Moving with agility, he descended into the city’s underbelly, twisting through narrow alleys, sweeping up staircases, darting across rooftops. His heart pounded like a drum echoing the rhythm of survival. Emphasizing each beat was the assertion that he was not just a pawn—he was a player in this deadly game.

Maneuvering through the labyrinth, Bourne outsmarted his pursuers, exploiting every blind spot, every opportunity. His body moved fluidly, propelled by raw instinct and recalled training. Behind him, the two men—shadowy figures of his relentless past—scrambled to keep up.

Finding a moment of respite, he took stock. His pockets held a smattering of different currencies, a Swiss bank statement, and a handgun. A sinister reminder of the world he was entangled with. He shook off a shudder, knowing the worst was yet to come.

The men caught up, unleashing a hail of bullets. Bourne responded instinctively, his actions a symphony of combat and evasion. The narrow alleyways burst into chaos, echoing with the deadly concerto of gunfire, shrieking bystanders, and Bourne’s pounding footsteps.

There was something terrifyingly beautiful about this deadly dance. The adrenaline, the danger, the overwhelming need to survive. It wasn’t fear that propelled Bourne—it was instinct, woven deep into his muscle memory. He was, at heart, a predator—the hunter, not the hunted.

His pursuers, momentarily thrown off, regrouped for another attack. The cityscape morphed into a chessboard again, where every move was a calculated gamble. Bourne’s mind raced faster than his pulse, plotting pathways, creating diversions, throwing off his pursuers. The city’s map etched itself into his brain, every alleyway, every shortcut, every hiding spot.

Bourne took to the rooftops again. Below, confusion reigned. In the midst of the pandemonium, he saw her—Marie. The woman from the bank, the woman who might hold the key to his past. A plan began to form.

He darted down from the rooftops, narrowly escaping his relentless pursuers. He raced to Marie, putting his plan into motion. As the city screamed around them, Bourne’s mind was eerily quiet, focused solely on survival.

His moves were a blur—grabbing Marie, driving away amidst a hail of bullets, disappearing into the city’s depths. A wave of relief washed over him—short-lived, but precious. He had outsmarted his hunters, bought some time, but the game was far from over.

The echoes of his actions stirred the city, spreading chaos like a rampant wildfire. The echoes reached even the clandestine corners of Zurich’s power players, revealing the presence of an unknown player in their deadly game. Bourne’s every action, every evasion, was a blow to his pursuers, shaking their foundations, threatening to topple their covert world.

As he drove into the night with Marie, Bourne knew the road ahead was bathed in danger. But the hunter within him was awakened, ready to face the challenge, ready to face his past, ready to confront whoever wanted him dead.

Bourne was more than a name, more than an amnesiac man. Through his instinct, his skills, his will to survive—he was a force to be reckoned with. The hunter was in play, and his game had only just begun.

Chapter 5: “Unlikely Allies”

He was a lone soldier in the war against his past. He had succeeded thus far, but as the night descended over Zurich, Jason Bourne knew he was a fugitive on borrowed time. He needed an ally—someone he could trust. But who could trust a man who could barely trust himself?

Almost by accident, he found Marie Kreutz, a down-on-her-luck drifter with a complicated past of her own. She was a former activist, running from the mistakes of her life, and in Bourne, she saw a mystery worth investigating. It was an odd alliance for sure. A man with no past and a woman running from hers.

Bourne’s proposition was simple: a considerable sum of money from his Swiss account, all for her help in a daring escape. Marie knew the dangers that came with it, saw the merciless shadows hunting Bourne. Yet, she saw the desperation in his eyes, heard the sincerity in his voice, and inexplicably found herself stepping into his perilous world.

Their journey was fraught with adrenaline-pumping car chases, narrowly avoided capture, and confrontations that left them gasping for breath. Every close shave they survived only brought them closer, forging an unexpected bond between them. Amidst the chaos, they found unexpected laughter and shared fears, their stories unraveling in stolen moments.

Marie was volcanic, erupting in torrents of emotions, then receding in quiet contemplation, her complexity a stark contrast to Bourne’s stone-cold demeanor. Yet, in a strange twist of fate, they balanced each other, their frailties creating a synchrony in survival.

Subtly, they began to influence each other. From Marie, Bourne learned how to lower his guard, to trust another human being again, even when his instincts screamed danger. From him, Marie learned the language of survival, of fighting back against the cold, hard world that had beaten her down.

As their escape led them through treacherous terrains and bustling city streets, the mystery of Bourne’s past began to unfold. His skilled maneuvers, his fluidity in multiple languages, his combat instincts—all pointed towards training beyond an average man’s comprehension. Yet, his gentleness with Marie hinted at a man beyond a ruthless agent.

Fragments of Bourne’s past began to resurface in erratic flashbacks. Marie was there through the torment, the confusion, the raw vulnerability that was a stark contrast to his lethal combat skills. She held him during the nightmares, listened to his disjointed memories, and watched as he grappled with the dawning of his detached past.

She was drawn to him, fascinated by the enigma that was Jason Bourne, and somewhere between the fear, danger, and the shared vulnerability, a budding affection bloomed. Marie saw the man beneath the agent, the humanity amidst his chaos. The lost soul in a world that wanted him dead.

But as their bond solidified, so did the danger around them. Their pursuers were relentless, inching closer with every passing day. The closer they got to unraveling Bourne’s past, the more they put themselves at risk.

Their alliance was not just about survival anymore—it was personal. She had become his tether to humanity, his beacon amidst the storm, and he, her shield against the relentless world. It was unexpected, but amidst the bloodshed and chaos, they found solace in each other’s arms.

Yet, they knew that their skewed tranquility was temporary. That as they journeyed deeper into the heart of danger, they carried each other’s lives in their hands. It was a responsibility they willingly bore, the bond of loyalty stronger than their fear.

As they journeyed into the heart of Paris, a dangerous revelation awaited them, something that could shatter their reality. But that was a battle for another day. That night, as Bourne watched Marie sleep, he felt a strange sense of peace, a calm before the storm.

Chapter 5 closed with them rapidly approaching Marie’s Parisian apartment, the city lights reflecting in their battered but resilient eyes, their story etching itself into the annals of history, a testament of their audacious resolve. Their saga was anything but ordinary; it could only be the tale of the unique duo—Jason Bourne and Marie Kreutz, the unlikely allies.

Chapter 6: “The Paris Revelation”

The cities had blurred into a meaningless chain of chaos and gunfire, but Paris had a different tang. This city had given birth to his alias – Jason Bourne. It was the slumbering beast beneath the cobblestones he was destined to confront. The Seine no longer a river, but a serpent, curling and winding its way through the city’s heart, whispering tales of his past.

The streets felt familiar to Bourne, like a map imprinted in his mind. Every brick held a memory; the shuttered cafes resonated with echoes of forgotten confrontations. He moved unnoticed, weaving through the labyrinth, blending in like an enigma in broad daylight.

Marie was beside him, a rock in the turbulent sea of his life. Her stubbornness had cemented their bond. Her curiosity and grave concern for Bourne echoed in her intense gaze as it fell on the facade of the Parisian building they now stood before.

The boulevard was unpretentious, lined with buildings of seeming insignificance. Nestled between them was a grey, nondescript building—the Treadstone safe house. Memories came rushing back to him, tearing through the dam of his amnesia. The covert CIA program—Treadstone—was the womb that had birthed Jason Bourne.

Inside, the apartment was cold, empty, reflecting the purpose it served. The rooms were filled with steel and the scent of forgotten battles. Traces of Bourne’s past life were scattered around. He picked up an unassuming dossier, its cover read ‘Bourne, Jason.’ He was submerged into an ocean of his forgotten life. The operations he had undertaken, the people he had eliminated—all were splayed out on paper, making him acutely aware of the monster he was molded into.

For Marie, the realization was a bolt from the blue. The man she had protected, whose life was intertwined with hers, was a weapon in the grand scheme of a government conspiracy. Her eyes glassed over with fear and compassion, yet she stayed, tethered to the man and the mystery.

The emotional atmosphere in the room ignited into high tension as the door crashed open. They were not alone. Bourne’s instincts kicked in, pulling Marie behind a thick wall. His every move was fluid, primal. Seconds morphed into minutes as bullets ricocheted, leaving a symphony of destruction in their wake. As the dust settled, Bourne’s once forgotten skills had delivered them safety.

Among the intruders lay a dossier—a mirror image of what Bourne had been studying. But the name bore no resemblance—John Michael Kane. The revelation was like a punch to his gut. He was a ghost with multiple identities, entangled in an unseen war.

With the danger quelled momentarily, they left the now-defiled space to seek refuge elsewhere. This building, once a sanctuary, was now a tomb of the past. He had gone in as Jason Bourne and had emerged as a man in sync with his reality. The revelation, a bitter pill to swallow, brought a sense of maddening clarity. He was a pawn, a tool manipulated for the larger chessboard of geopolitics.

The chapter ended, leaving Bourne and Marie cautiously navigating the streets of Paris, cloaked under the midnight veil. The action, drama, and mystery intertwined, fueling a new determination in Bourne’s heart. He was no longer just fighting for survival; he was fighting for his identity. Each pounding footstep echoed the resounding message: he would confront his past and face whatever lay tangled in the intricate web of Treadstone.

Chapter 7: “The Unseen War”

The riveting dawn of realization dawned upon Bourne. The world as he knew it was a convoluted web of deceit. A pawn of the dexterous players of the Treadstone—a covert CIA operation—his life had been manipulated with Orwellian precision. Now, his hitherto obscured past stood naked in the piercing Parisian sun, an unyielding mirror reflecting the unsettling reality of his existence.

Every encounter, every narrow escape, and the constant sense of eeriness fell into place—an exceedingly complex jigsaw puzzle that was his life. It was a chilling conspiracy that demanded his submission. But Jason Bourne was forged on the anvil of resilience—he was no meek pawn; he was a knight ready for the unseen war.

The city of love turned into a battlefield. The cobblestone streets echoed with the roaring engines of black sedans, the air was thick with anticipation, and beneath the unsuspecting gaze of the Eiffel Tower, an unseen war was about to unravel.

With Marie by his side—his rock amidst the raging tempest—he prepared for the final showdown. The once invisible connections with his past were now searingly visible, each one a stepping-stone to reclaim his stolen existence.

It began subtly—like the first few drops of rain before the thunderstorm. His sharp eyes detected anomalies in the ordinary. A nervous twitch in a pedestrian, the aberrant reflection in a car window, a slight rustle of the leaves—his instincts, honed to perfection, recognized these for what they really were—signs of impending danger.

Without a moment’s delay, Bourne sprung into action, his every move dictated by an innate survival instinct. He maneuvered Marie to safety, his senses alert and his eyes scanning for the invisible foes lurking in the shadows. All the while, Marie, the woman who was his anchor in these raging seas of uncertainty, watched—a terrified spectator in this theatre of the surreal.

The first bullet shattered the tranquility of the Parisian morning, leaving a trail of fear and confusion. Bourne, however, reacted with the precision of a seasoned spy. He deflected the assault, each parry and dodge a testament to his extraordinary skills. The courage and resolve emanating from him sparked a beacon of hope in the terror-stricken Marie.

His adversaries were skilled, but Bourne was exceptional. A living, breathing testament to human resilience and adaptability. He navigated the city’s labyrinthine alleys with remarkable agility, his every move engineered for survival. His mind was a raging tempest, strategizing, analyzing, plotting—simultaneously on the offense and defense.

The city bore witness to an adrenaline-drenched chase. A ballet of violence and desperation danced on the world’s most romantic stage. As the chaos intensified, so did Bourne’s resolve. He was a man at war—not just with the faceless enemies but with the ghosts of his past—the shadows that had hunted him with relentless fervor.

Every turn of the cobblestones, every echo in the alley, every reflection in the Seine, carried a piece of Bourne’s story. A story that was stained with betrayal but laced with an indomitable spirit. Bourne’s past had made him the man he was—a warrior, a survivor, a man unwilling to surrender to the predestined fate.

Fittingly in Paris—the city known for revolution and resilience—Bourne’s unseen war took a decisive turn. Outmaneuvering his pursuers in a dizzying ballet of danger, he poised himself for the kill. A bullet pierced the air, finding its target with deadly precision.

The city gasped in unison, its breath hitching in the suffocating silence that followed the shot. The hunter had been hunted. The unseen war had ended, leaving in its wake a victorious soldier and a city eternally etched with his tale of survival.

As the Parisian sun rose high, Bourne stood tall. He had broken free from the chains of his past. He was no longer Jason Bourne, the pawn. He was Jason Bourne, the knight—a man who dared to challenge his fate. His memory had returned, but with it came a newfound understanding of his identity, a sense of self he had been robbed of.

The unseen war was over, but Jason Bourne’s fight had just begun. A fight for truth, for justice, for the freedom to be who he was meant to be. The echoes of his past were now his strength, and as he rose from the ashes of deception, Jason Bourne stood prepared for the world of tomorrow—a world where he was no longer just a number. A world where he was his own man.

Some scenes from the movie The Bourne Identity written by A.I.

Scene 1



A violent storm is slashing the sea. A FISHERMAN in his boat struggles against the waves.


The Fisherman’s eyes WIDEN as he sees a BODY floating in the water. He quickly pulls a line over, hooking JASON BOURNE, unconscious and near-death.


Bourne wakes up in a small, rustic cabin, bandaged but disoriented.


(eyeing Bourne)

You’re lucky to be alive, friend. Found you floating in the sea.

Bourne tries to speak, but his voice is RASPY, strained.



Who… am… I?



Don’t know, mate. You had no ID, only this…

The Fisherman hands Bourne a PIECE OF PAPER. It has a Swiss bank account number on it. Bourne’s eyes narrow as he tries to understand.


Bourne is alone in his room. He stares at his reflection in a cracked mirror, studying his unknown face.


(to himself)

Who are you?

His hand suddenly flies up, instinctively knocking a fly out of the air. He’s surprised at his speed, agility. A feeling of unease creeps into his mind.



The Fisherman’s boat moves towards the horizon. Bourne stands at the bow, eyes fixed on the endless sea, contemplating his past and future.



Scene 2


Jason Bourne (early 30s, wounded and confused) lies on a hospital bed. He’s bandaged, his physical situation reflecting his mental condition – bruised, and broken yet resilient.


DOCTOR (50s, weary but patient), standing next to Bourne’s bed, looks at Jason sternly.


You were found unconscious, floating in the ocean. We brought you in… How are you feeling, son?




DOCTOR proffers a piece of paper and pen.


Can you write anything, a name perhaps?

Bourne takes it, but the page remains blank. He appears frustrated, tormented.



Bourne is alone. He mindlessly fiddles with a paperclip, bending it. Suddenly, his hands move swiftly, shaping it into a makeshift lock pick.



Why would I know how to do this?

He practices on the lock of a drawer beside his bed. It CLICKS open. His frown deepens.




Bourne, healthier, trains with agility, disrupting training dummies, demonstrating exceptional martial arts and firearm skills.



Bourne, shocked and anxious, looks at his hands – the same hands that just executed an expert lock picking.


(whispering to himself)

What… who am I?


Scene 3



Swiss mountains, clear skies and pristine suburbs. We find JASON BOURNE, a man in his thirties, visibly worn out yet purposeful, navigating through the crowd.



Bourne enters the BANK LOBBY. A hint of familiarity in his gaze. He walks to the COUNTER, a BANK MANAGER greets him.



Can I help you, sir?

Jason hands over a piece of paper with the account number. The mood shifts.



Please wait a moment, sir.

Bourne waits anxiously, his eyes darting between the ticking clock and the Bank Manager who is now talking in hushed whispers over the phone.



The Bank Manager opens a deposit box, revealing stacks of currencies and a small pistol. Bourne is taken aback, but quickly gathers the items, his hands shaking.

Suddenly, the ALARM BLARES. Panic ensues. Bourne’s instincts kick in.




Bourne knocks the Bank Manager out cold, grabs the deposit box, and dashes out, blending with the crowd.


Chaos. The streets are filled with people. Bourne disappears into the crowd, weaving through the maze of Zurich’s old town. A high-tension FOOT CHASE ensues as unseen ASSASSINS emerge, giving chase.



Scene 4


JASON BOURNE, a man in his 30s, with piercing blue eyes, sharply dressed but unshaven, is at the bank manager’s desk. He’s edgy but there’s a confident calmness that prevails.


I need access to my bank box.

BANK MANAGER, a proper Swiss gentleman with a monocle, looks at him, suspicious.


It’s a very high-security deposit box, sir.

Jason hands him the account number.



Jason opens the bank box. It’s filled with different currencies, passports, and a GUN.



Jason exits the bank, sees TWO MEN – MYSTERIOUS ASSASSINS – approaching the bank. Sirens blare in the distance. His spy instincts kick in. He starts running, blending into the crowd, leading to an exciting chase.


Jason spots an inbound TRAIN. He sprints, jumps onto the moving train just as the doors close, leaving the assassins behind.


Jason catches his breath. He takes out the passports – each with his photo but different names. He’s puzzled, terrified, and determined.



Who am I?


Scene 5


Dark and dingy. JASON BOURNE sits in a corner, nursing a bullet wound, mixed expressions of determination and confusion. MARIE KREUTZ enters. A spark ignites.


Why me?


I need help.


And that makes me your salvation?


It makes you my ally.

Marie hesitates but decides to help, her own life in Zurich too lonely to care about the danger.


Jason and Marie make a daring escape through the maze of cobblestone streets. A second pair of HEADLIGHTS appear, then a THIRD and a FOURTH.


Jason, they’re not backing off.


I know.

The ASSASSINS launch an attack. Jason maneuvers the car expertly, taking sharp turns, escaping through a fish market.



How do you know all this?


I don’t exactly know.

Marie looks at him, trying to understand. Jason takes her hand, a tender moment amidst the chaos.


They leave Zurich behind, entering uncharted territory, their journey marked with increasing danger and growing closeness.


Author: AI