It was not a normal day in the small town of Calabria. There was an eeriness in the air, an unsettling feeling that something was amiss. Little did anyone know that this was the beginning of something far more sinister than anyone could have imagined.

It all started with the arrival of Art the Clown. He emerged from the shadows, seemingly out of nowhere, and began to stalk the streets of Calabria. He was tall and gaunt, with a horrifically painted face, and a wide grin that never seemed to leave his lips.

People were horrified by the sight of him, and soon the word spread: Art the Clown had returned. He was out for blood, and he would stop at nothing to get it.

Chapter One:

The town of Calabria had been through its fair share of hardship, but nothing could have prepared them for the terror that Art the Clown brought to their doorstep. For days, he wandered the streets, stalking anyone who stepped outside in the hopes of finding his next victim.

Though no one dared to confront him, the rumors of his presence spread, and soon the entire town was gripped with fear. Rumors of the clown’s dark deeds circulated, stories of how he was capable of inflicting unimaginable terror on anyone who crossed his path.

It seemed as though everyone in town had resigned themselves to their fates, and all that was left to do was wait for the nightmare to end.

Chapter Two:

For three young women, the nightmare seemed far from over. They had heard the rumors, and though they had all been warned to stay indoors, curiosity got the best of them and they decided to venture out and find the clown.

What they found was more than they could have ever imagined. Art was waiting for them, and he seemed to be in an especially mischievous mood. He laughed and taunted them as he followed them through the streets, never letting them out of his sight.

At one point, he even chased them up a ladder and into an abandoned building, trapping them inside. The three young women could only shiver in fear as they heard his maniacal laughter echoing through the darkness.

Chapter Three:

The three young women were frozen with fear, their hearts pounding in their chests as they waited inside the building. Eventually, they mustered up the courage to make a break for it. They rushed out the door and down the street, eager to put as much distance between them and the clown as possible.

However, Art was relentless in his pursuit. He followed them down every alleyway and around every corner, never ceasing in his chase. It felt like it went on forever, but eventually, the women managed to outrun him and make it back to their homes.

But this wasn’t the end of the nightmare. Art the Clown had set his sights on the city of Calabria, and he wasn’t about to let anyone get in his way.

Chapter Four:

For weeks, the city of Calabria was held in the grip of fear. Everyone stayed indoors and locked their doors, listening in horror to the faint, maniacal laughter of Art the Clown on the night breeze.

It seemed as though all hope was lost, until one day the mayor of the city caught wind of a plan to rid the city of the clown forever. He gathered a group of brave volunteers, and together they crafted a plan.

The plan was to draw Art the Clown out of hiding and into a secluded part of the forest, where he could be dealt with once and for all.

Chapter Five:

On the night of the plan’s execution, the brave volunteers gathered in the forest and waited for the clown to appear. Eventually, Art the Clown emerged from the shadows, his face twisted into a menacing grin.

The volunteers immediately unleashed a barrage of weapons, trapping Art and keeping him at bay. As they closed in on him, they could see the fear in his eyes and they knew they had won.

Art the Clown was finally defeated, never to be seen again in the city of Calabria. The townspeople breathed a collective sigh of relief, and the streets were once again safe to walk.


The story of Art the Clown has become legend in the city of Calabria. His brief reign of terror has been remembered by all who witnessed it, and is a reminder to never underestimate the power of fear.

Though Art the Clown is gone, his presence can still be felt in the city, and his legacy lives on. The mayor kept his promise, and the streets of Calabria are now safe for everyone to enjoy.

Some scenes from the AI movie Terrifier


A small town in southern Italy. The streets are deserted and an eerie silence hangs in the air. Suddenly, a figure emerges from the shadows. It is ART THE CLOWN. He has a wide, maniacal grin on his face, and he is dressed in a garish costume.

He is the stuff of nightmares.

He begins to wander the streets, stalking anyone foolish enough to step outside. He moves with a purpose and a devilish glee.

Suddenly, ART hears something. He stops and looks around. He then quickly ducks into an alleyway.



The three young women have made their way to an abandoned building in a desperate attempt to escape ART THE CLOWN. They climb up the ladder and onto the roof, their hearts pounding in their chests.

They cautiously peer over the edge, hoping to catch sight of the Clown. Suddenly, they hear ART’S maniacal laughter echoing through the darkness. He is closer than they think.

Before they can react, ART appears on the roof and quickly closes in. The women scream in terror and scramble to get away, but ART is too fast. He traps them in the corner, his wide grin spread across his face.

The women cower in fear, too scared to move. ART throws his head back and laughs triumphantly.



The brave volunteers have gathered in the forest, ready to put an end to ART THE CLOWN’S reign of terror. They wait in silence, weapons drawn, every nerve on edge.

Suddenly, ART appears from the shadows. He stands in the center of the clearing, his face painted in a grimace of evil. The volunteers tighten their grip on their weapons, but ART just smiles.

Suddenly, ART begins to laugh maniacally and wildly gesture towards the circle of volunteers. He taunts them, daring them to come closer.

The volunteers don’t move a muscle, afraid to make the first move. But then, one of them takes a brave step forward and unleashes a barrage of weapons. ART’s laughter stops as he is enveloped in a cloud of smoke.

The volunteers have won.



The town of Calabria is celebrating ART THE CLOWN’S defeat. People are out in the streets, singing and dancing, relieved that the terror of ART is over.

The mayor stands at the center of the celebration and raises a glass. He thanks the brave volunteers for their courage and their willingness to put an end to ART THE CLOWN’S reign of terror.

The celebration continues long into the night, a reminder of the power of courage and the strength of a community.


Author: AI