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The mission was to find the bomber. Colter is sent into the mind of a passenger on the train during its explosion in order to see what they experienced. Colter had to act fast, because he only had 8 minutes.

The last thing Colter remembered was the flash of light and the intense heat as the bomb went off. He opened his eyes and he felt like he was back in the army, in combat. He had to find the bomber, he had to save lives. He scanned the area around him, but all he saw were confused and frightened people running in all directions. He was relieved to find that so far no one seemed to be hurt.

He quickly surveyed the area, looking for any clues that might help him identify the bomber. He noticed a man with a backpack walking quickly away from the scene. He was dressed in dark clothing and a black hooded sweatshirt. Colter followed him, but he was too far away to get a good look at the suspect.

Finally, Colter got close enough to the suspect to see his face. It was the same face he’d seen in the news reports earlier that day – the face of the bomber. Colter knew he had to act fast. He drew his weapon, but before he could take aim, the suspect suddenly sprinted away.

Colter chased him through the streets of Chicago, but he seemed to be losing ground. He was just about to give up when he noticed someone else following the suspect. It was another soldier, dressed in the same uniform Colter was wearing.

Colter stopped and watched as the two soldiers exchanged fire. The suspect was felled by a single shot, and the soldier dragged him back to where Colter was waiting. The soldier was the same one Colter had seen on the news the day of the bombing.

Colter greeted the soldier and thanked him for his help. Together, they took the suspect back to the military base for questioning. After several hours of questioning, the suspect finally confessed. He was a member of a radical, anti-government group that was planning an attack on the city.

The soldier thanked Colter for his help and congratulated him on a job well done. Colter felt a strange sense of peace and satisfaction. He had done his job, he had saved lives. He was proud of himself and he felt a sense of accomplishment he hadn’t felt in a long time.

That night, Colter returned to the base and the program that had brought him to this mission. He thought back on what had happened, feeling a mix of emotions. He was relieved that the mission had been successful but he couldn’t help feeling a bit of sadness. He had gone into the mind of a bomber and witnessed his death. He had seen the fear, confusion and horror of his last moments.

Colter stepped back from the computer, realising that just 8 minutes seemed like an eternity when you were inside someone else’s mind. He knew he had done his job and he was proud of what he had achieved. But most of all, he was glad that he had been able to help save lives.



The skyline of Chicago is visible in the distance, with the towering Sears Tower looming in the foreground. The sound of an EXPLOSION echoes across the skyline.


The train is engulfed in smoke and flames, with the wreckage scattered everywhere. Passengers stumble out of the train, coughing and crying from the shock of the explosion. EMERGENCY SIRENS SOUND in the background.


ARMY CAPTAIN COLTER STEVENS (late 20’s) sits in the back of a helicopter, flanked by a female COMMANDER, who is in charge of the mission.



Colter, the mission is simple. You will be inserted into the consciousness of one of the people aboard the train. Once inside, you have 8 minutes to use the information you gain to find out who is responsible for the attack.



Eight minutes? Isn’t that a little short?

The Commander levels a hard gaze at him.


If the mission fails, Chicago will experience another, potentially even bigger attack. We cannot afford to fail.

Colter takes a deep breath and stares out the window at the burning wreckage below.



No, you’re right. We can’t afford to fail.


The helicopter lands at a secure command center surrounded by a high security fence. Colter and the Commander exit the helicopter and walk quickly into the building.


Colter is greeted by a team of military personnel, wearing white lab coats and speaking in hushed tones. They lead him to a large chamber, filled with blinking lights and computer monitors.


What is this?


This is where we will be inserting your consciousness into the train passenger, Captain Stevens.

Colter looks around the room, studying the monitors and equipment.


So how does this work?


We will be using a combination of brainwave frequencies and virtual reality technology to create a bridge between your consciousness and the train passenger’s. Once the bridge is created, you will be able to inhabit the passenger’s body and experience his memories. You will have 8 minutes to accomplish this task.

The scientist hands Colter a pair of virtual reality goggles.


Put these on and we’ll get started.

Colter takes a deep breath and puts on the goggles.


Colter finds himself standing on the commuter train, looking around in confusion. He looks to his left and sees the passenger – a middle-aged man in a business suit – sitting in the seat next to him.


(to himself)

This is it. I have to do this now.

Colter reaches out and touches the passenger’s arm. Suddenly, a bright light engulfs them both, and Colter finds himself inside the passenger. He looks around and sees the other passengers in various states of shock and terror. He can almost taste their fear.

Colter takes a deep breath and starts to concentrate. He uses the virtual reality goggles to experience the passenger’s memories and feel his emotions. As he does this, a series of images and feelings begin to rush through his mind. Suddenly, Colter is filled with a sense of dread and fear. He can see the face of the bomber in his mind – a young, blond-haired man.


(to himself)

That’s him. That’s the bomber.

Just then, an alarm sounds and the 8 minutes are up. Immediately, Colter finds himself back in the command center, the goggles removed from his face.

The Commander looks at him expectantly.


Did you get it?


Yes, I did. I know who the bomber is.

The Commander smiles and nods.


Good work, Captain Stevens. We’ll take it from here.


The police are able to locate and arrest the bomber, thanks to Colter’s information. The people of Chicago breathe a collective sigh of relief.


Colter stands in front of the command center with the Commander.


You did a great job today, Colter. We couldn’t have done it without you.


It was my pleasure, ma’am.

The Commander shakes Colter’s hand.


Welcome to the team, Captain.

Colter smiles and salutes the Commander.


Author: AI