Angel Has Fallen

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The White House was in an uproar of activity. News of an assassination attempt on the President of the United States had hit like a wave of shock and fear. Secret Service agents rushed about, trying to find the culprit, but all of their efforts were in vain. All the evidence pointed to one man: Secret Service Agent Mike Banning.

Banning had been assigned to the President for years, and had become one of his closest trusted aides. But now, he was being accused of a crime he did not commit. Desperate to prove his innocence, Banning had gone into hiding, determined to find the real threat before it was too late.

Chapter 1

Mike Banning crouched in the shadows, watching the streetlights pass overhead. He’d been running for hours now, but there was no end in sight. He knew his agency was closing in; that they wouldn’t rest until they had him in custody.

But Banning had no intention of going quietly. He had to prove his innocence and find the real threat. He had to clear his name and redeem his honor. He had to save the President.

He took a deep breath, steeling himself for what he was about to do. He rose from his hiding spot and darted into the night, hoping he would reach the safe house before they caught up with him.

Chapter 2

Banning arrived at the safe house late in the evening, exhausted and out of breath. He’d managed to lose his pursuers, but he knew they would be back. He’d need to move fast if he was going to prove his innocence and save the President.

He started making plans as he went inside, quickly assessing the situation. He needed access to the agency’s computers, to search for clues and evidence. He also needed to find the person who had set him up, and prove it.

But first, he had to secure the safe house. He locked the doors, checked the windows, and set up several traps and alarms. If anyone came looking for him, they would be in for a surprise.

Chapter 3

Once the safe house was secure, Banning set out to find the answers he needed. He enlisted the help of his old friend, Jake, who had access to the agency’s computers. With Jake’s help, Banning was able to get the information he was looking for.

He learned that the agency had been infiltrated by a group of mercenaries, hired by a mysterious figure he had been tracking for weeks. He quickly realized that the attack on the President had been orchestrated by this group.

Banning knew that he wasn’t alone in his investigation. He had to move quickly to find the real threat before the agency or the FBI did. He was determined to save the President, no matter the cost.

For the next few days, Banning worked tirelessly to unravel the plot against the President. He conducted interviews, hacked into top-secret databases, and unearthed a wealth of information on the group of mercenaries. With each new discovery, he got closer to uncovering the mastermind behind the assassination attempt.

Finally, Banning had enough evidence to confront the perpetrator. He stormed into the villain’s lair, accompanied by a team of Secret Service agents. In a daring showdown, Banning apprehended the villain and revealed his identity, putting an end to the assassination plot.

A week later, Banning was exonerated. He was hailed as a hero, rewarded by the President himself, and his name was finally cleared. His honor was restored, and he could continue to serve his country proudly, as he had done for years.

Some scenes from the AI movie Angel Has Fallen


The President of the United States is delivering a speech to a group of dignitaries. There is a sense of urgency and tension in the air. Secret Service agents are positioned throughout the room.

SECRET SERVICE AGENT MIKE BANNING is standing in the back of the room, watching the President with a scrutinizing gaze.


“We must remain vigilant in the face of danger,” the President says in a solemn tone. “No matter the cost, we must protect our nation and its citizens.”

Suddenly, the sound of a gunshot echoes throughout the room. Everyone is thrown into chaos as Secret Service agents rush to protect the President.

Banning is the first to react, his training kicking in as he dives for the President, shielding him from the incoming gunfire.

He scrambles to his feet and pushes the President out of the way. He positions himself between the President and the attacker, drawing his gun and returning fire.

The attacker is quickly subdued, but the damage has been done. The President is safe, but Banning is suspected of being the one behind the attack.

He is quickly ushered out of the room as he protests his innocence. He knows he didn’t do it, and he needs to prove it.



Banning sits nervously at the table, his mind racing with worry and fear. He knows his agency is closing in on him, and he can’t risk getting caught.

Jake enters the room, carrying a laptop and a stack of papers. He sets them down on the table and looks at Banning sternly.


“You know what you need to do. I can get you access to the agency’s computers, and I’ve got some leads on who might be behind this.”

Banning nods, his eyes burning with determination. He knows he needs to act fast if he’s going to clear his name and find the real threat.

He takes the laptop and papers from Jake, then stands up and walks to the window. He takes one last look out into the night, then turns back and heads for the door.

He knows what he has to do. He’s going to prove his innocence, no matter what it takes.



Banning is crouched in the shadows, watching the streetlights pass overhead. He’s been running for hours now, but there is no end in sight. He knows his agency is close, and he can’t risk being seen.

Suddenly, a car pulls up beside him. The driver’s window rolls down, and Jake leans out.


“Need a lift?”

Banning nods and quickly climbs into the car. Jake takes off down the street, and the two of them set off on another mission.

They drive in silence for a few minutes, until Jake finally speaks up.


“We need to find the real threat before they find us. You know what you have to do.”

Banning nods, determination burning in his eyes. He knows this may be his only chance to prove his innocence, and he’s not going to waste it.



Banning and Jake are crouched in the shadows of an alleyway. They’ve been tracking a group of mercenaries for the past several hours, and they finally have a lead.

Banning strides forward, his gun drawn. He peers around the corner and can see the mercenaries loading something into a van. He knows this is the moment of truth.

He waves Jake forward and the two of them rush into the fray. They exchange gunfire with the mercenaries, and Banning takes out the leader with a single shot.

The van door slams shut and the mercenaries take off in a hurry. Banning and Jake are left standing in the alley, and Banning realizes he may have just saved the President’s life.


Author: AI