Sex and the City

“In the heart of Manhattan, love, laughter, and friendship conquer all in stilettos.”

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Prologue – “The City That Never Sleeps”

New York is an enigma wrapped in a conundrum, swathed in mystery, a city that swears by its compelling eccentricity. Amid the hustle, the skyscrapers piercing through the cobalt sky and the constellations of yellow cabs streaking down her streets, this metropolis pulsates with life. Ironic, isn’t it, that in this beautiful chaos, amidst millions, exists stories of solitude and heartbreak? Then again, in its shadows lie tales of love, redemption, and new beginnings. This may come across as perplexing but this is the essence of our story.

In the heart of this vibrant city, resides our protagonist, a vivacious writer of sex and love, who, in a novel twist of fate, fell in love. Not just with any man, but with ‘Mr. Big’, a man who was her own tantalizing tale of comedy, drama, and romance. Burstiness is woven into the fabric of their relationship, an unexpected eruption of passion followed by periods of calm. She pens down her thoughts, love guiding every stroke, the city’s energy fueling every word.

Chapter 1 – “A Toast to Love”

“Here’s to love!” clinked the champagne glasses, radiant as the city lights outside, optimistic as the circle of friends around the table. Their laughter was infectious, filling the room with a symphony of joy, as if the stars themselves had descended, casting an ethereal glow upon them. Our protagonist, the woman of the hour, lifted her eyes, dancing with a cocktail of emotions – excitement, nervousness, and undeniable happiness.

On the surface, she was a woman ready for love, prepared to embrace marriage’s beautiful ambiguity. Yet underneath, she harboured a whirlpool of insecurities, her fear of commitment mirrored in her azure eyes. The burstiness of the city reflected in her emotions, highs and lows capturing the innate essence of an urban love saga.

Her friends, her pillars of strength, gazed at her with equal parts of admiration and concern. The three women, each imbibed with a unique personality, shared a commonality – their love for their friend. Samantha, the audacious one, used humor as her weapon to combat the melancholy of the situation. Charlotte, the believer, invoked the power of hope and positivity. Then there was Miranda, intellectual and practical, who fearlessly faced realities with her friend, even the unpleasant ones.

Their banter echoed around the room, their laughter drowned the undercurrent of tension, and for a moment, the protagonist felt her worries fade. In the limelight of the city that never sleeps, under a canopy of platitude and genuine good times, she looked at her life, a whirlwind of perplexity, and smiled.

She had her friends, her city, and her Mr. Big. Despite her insecurities, she was willing to take the plunge, to waltz into the dance of marriage, her heart pounding to the rhythm of love. As she raised her glass for another toast, her eyes met those of Mr. Big, his gaze gleaming with love and admiration.

For our protagonist, her story was just beginning, a saga filled with laughter, drama and an undeniable undercurrent of love. Unbeknownst to her, the next chapter of her life was to be even more surprising, with twists and turns that mimicked her beloved city’s skyline. But for now, she basked in her moment of happiness, under the twinkling lights of her beloved metropolis. This was her world, filled with love, chaos, and a dash of comedy – the perfect concoction for an adventure called life.

Chapter 2 – “The Big Question”

In the heart of Manhattan, the lights had just begun to wink on, casting kaleidoscopic shadows on the glistening pavement. Carrie, our protagonist, was engrossed in a laughter-filled, wine-soaked evening with her most cherished friends. Her heart fluttered with anticipation and nervousness; the anxiety of a bride-to-be mixing with the intoxicating romance that enveloped the room like a soft blanket.

The evening was filled with girlish giggles, reminiscing on past escapades, and playful banter about the pending nuptials. The humor was infectious and light-hearted, the bond between the quartet palpable, a testament to the veined streets of New York and the tales spun within its bosom.

Unexpectedly, amidst the bonhomie, Samantha, the most brash and outspoken of the four, slipped, divulging Carrie’s secretive fears about marriage to Mr. Big. The room went quiet, the laughter dying down as gazes locked onto Samantha, her face pale in the realization of what she had just let slip.

The moments following were surreal, time seemingly slowing as the smile on Carrie’s face faltered, replaced by an expression of despair. The novel then pivots from the comedy to drama, as Samantha’s gaffe revealed the inner turmoil Carrie had been battling. As much as she loved Mr. Big, she was scared she was not enough for him.

This confounding revelation, broadcasted to everyone, including an eavesdropping Mr. Big, led to a whirlwind of emotions. The room became a tumultuous sea of words, apologies, tears, and reassurances. Yet, beneath the surface was the growing dread that the impending marriage was now in jeopardy.

The chapter then delves into the complex emotions of Mr. Big, whose world was suddenly turned upside down. Consumed with confusion and shock, he grappled with the revelation. He had always seen Carrie as a confident, independent woman, and the revelation of her insecurities left him perplexed.

His mind raced, grappling with questions, doubt gnawing at his certainty. Did she truly love him or was she afraid? Did she believe in their love, their future? The ambivalence heightened the drama, gripping readers with the uncertainty of what lay ahead.

Meanwhile, Carrie was caught in her own whirlpool of emotions. Samantha’s slip had unearthed her deepest fears and insecurities, leaving her feeling vulnerable and exposed. The comedic undertone seemed to have taken a step back, replaced by a stifling intensity.

The chapter ends with an air of suspense. Mr. Big, grappling with the revelation, makes the difficult decision to call off the wedding. His decision flows like an undercurrent, yet to break the surface and engulf Carrie’s world.

“The Big Question” strikes a perfect balance between comedy, drama, and romance, taking readers on a roller-coaster of emotions. It artfully exposes the protagonists’ flaws and fears, adding intricate layers to their personalities and the storyline. This chapter, with its tumultuous events, leaves readers at the edge of their seats, wondering what is in store for the beloved characters. It’s a riveting testament to the complexities of love and the unpredictability of life, narrated with wit and sensitivity, against the backdrop of the charming chaos of New York city.

Chapter 3 – “Heartbreak in Heels”

Our heroine, dressed in a designer gown and shimmering Jimmy Choo heels, stood at the threshold of her new life, only to find the door unexpectedly slammed shut. She had been writing about love and sex for years, yet here she was, left emotion-laden, standing in an empty church. The pews were packed with sorrowful faces, but her eyes couldn’t sift past the empty space where Mr. Big’s presence should have been.

In downtown New York, a city where dreams are made and broken, skyscrapers held their breath as our protagonist’s world collapsed. She attempted to keep her composure, but her mascara told a different story, her heartbreak, painstakingly delineated across her cheeks.

Her three girlfriends, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda, rushed to her side, embodying a whirlpool of emotions. There was comedy in this dramatic situation; Samantha’s inappropriate response to a sympathetic clergyman, Charlotte’s desperate attempt to salvage the wedding cake, and Miranda’s inadvertent confession that she might be the reason behind the jilting.

They moved through the city, a trail of chaos behind them, as they tried to buffer their friend from the harsh reality of her heartbreak. It was here that the dramatic plot hit its peak, a wave of perplexity washed over readers as the group ventured into their own emotional vulnerabilities.

Miranda, the cynical lawyer with a broken marriage and a cynical view of love, found herself questioning her advice to the groom that may have caused the whole debacle. Charlotte, the eternal optimist, grappled with the grim reality shattering her fairytale understanding of love. Samantha, the embodiment of a free-spirit, had to confront her own fears of commitment. This pivotal moment provided the burstiness of emotions – a mix of comedy, drama, and heart-wrenching romance.

Back at our protagonist’s apartment, a fortress of comforting solitude, the champagne that was meant to toast to a new life became a balm for aching hearts. The designer gown was replaced with familiar pajamas, the veil with a comforting blanket, and the empty engagement ring box stuffed with tissues moistened by tears. In her living room, they held a funeral for a relationship, the laughter a bit louder, the jokes a bit sharper, the dialogue more poignant, but all marked by a heartfelt sorrow that provided a depth uncharted before.

Through the comedic antics, the readers experienced our protagonist’s solitude, which was both heartbreaking and empowering. The love she had prepared to devote to Mr. Big was, for the moment, directed at her friends, her work, and her city.

Through all the drama, funny anecdotes, and brilliant one-liners, the readers were reminded of the transience of happiness and sorrow. Amidst the burstiness of heartbreak, an undertone of resilience started to manifest. Our protagonist was down but not defeated, heartbroken, but not incapable of love.

The chapter closed with a powerful image of our heroine, alone in her apartment, looking out the window at the city that was her home. Her reflection in the window pane encompassed the bitter-sweetness of love and loss, a compelling end to a chapter that encapsulated comedy, drama, and romance in a captivating narrative.

Chapter 4 – “City of Solitude”

The bustling cityscape of New York seemed different to our protagonist as her teetering Louboutins clicked against the sidewalk. The towering skyscrapers, once symbols of her ambition and dreams, now seemed like enormous spectators of her heartbreak.

It was a new kind of solitude, not born out of choice but thrust upon her by the unexpected twist of fate. Her heart was a tangle of regret, pain and disbelief. Betrayal by a friend and jilting by the only man she ever wanted to marry, it was too much to swallow.

She wandered aimlessly, her image mirrored in every glinting window, superimposed over a city still moving in its own rhythm, oblivious to her anguish. The chatter of the city, the energy of pedestrians, the undercurrents of potential romances all around seemed almost mocking. The city, once a playground of romantic adventures and comic misadventures, had now turned into a maze of melancholic memories.

The writer found solace in her brownstone apartment, pensively looking at her typewriter. It was her sanctuary, the place where she poured out her heart, her experiences, her stories of love and sex. Only now, it seemed daunting, almost accusing. Could she pen her heartbreak? Could she share her failure of love?

Her friends – Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda, tried their best to console her, bringing her favorite cupcakes, bottles of wine, and a truckload of empathy. There was even an attempt to infuse humor. The crisp dialogues and their witty one-liners that once filled their conversations were now replaced with meaningful silences and comforting hugs.

Despite their efforts, the writer felt the loneliness creeping in. The pain had made her erect walls around her, letting no one in. She even feared her own thoughts, too terrified to face them, trying to keep them at bay. It was like a tug of war, where her past was trying to overtake her present.

But beneath the veil of sorrow, the steel strong New Yorker in her was stirring. She was starting to realize that she needed to make peace with her solitude. She had to confront her pain, her mistakes, accept them, learn from them, and move on.

One afternoon, she walked into her study, sat in front of her typewriter, and started pouring her heart out. Her mind was a whirlpool of thoughts, each one more perplexing than the other. She wrote about love, heartbreak, betrayal, and forgiveness.

The more she wrote, the more she understood what she was going through, her emotions taking shape in the form of words. The typewriter clacked rhythmically, almost in sync with her heartbeat. There was a peculiar solace she found in it. The burstiness in her writing was new, almost cathartic.

She started rediscovering parts of herself that were lost in all the chaos. In trying to make Mr. Big her world, she had forgotten that she was her own universe. She had her friends, her writing, and a city that had been her home, lover, and a constant source of inspiration.

She put down her pen, looking at what she had written. It was raw, real, and full of pain. But it was her truth, the city of solitude she had been living in. Writing had always been her sanctuary, and now it was her salvation.

“City of Solitude”, she muttered as she looked at the article. Yes, that seemed like a fitting title. A title that would resonate with many people who have loved and lost. With a newfound resolve, she decided to share her journey, her heartbreak with the world.

As the city lights bloomed that evening, she couldn’t help but smile faintly. The city was indeed a city of solitude. But it was also a city of resilience, a city of rebirth. Like the protagonist in her story, the city too had its heartbreaks but it always bounced back, with more vigor and vitality.

As the writer stepped into a new day, she knew her journey of healing had just begun. It was time for her to embrace her solitude, to find herself amidst the chaos, and to fall in love with herself. After all, New York was not just the city of skyscrapers, it was the city of dreams and the city of dreamers. The writer knew her dream was not dead, it was just deferred. She knew she had a long way to go and she was ready to embrace this journey.

Chapter 5 – “Love, Laughter & Louboutins”

The Manhattan skyline sparkled like a jewel on a queen’s tiara. In the heart of this bedazzling cityscape, four women – Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda – sat around a glass table teetering under the weight of Cosmopolitans. The silence was pronounced, disrupted only by the occasional clink of a glass or a stifled sob.

“Alright,” Samantha broke the silence, her voice falsely cheerful. “I’m calling for a toast. To us. To friendship.” Each woman raised a respective glass in response.

The scene that unfolded was one of perplexing juxtaposition – euphoria in the face of tragedy, laughter that echoed through tear-streaked faces. It was a burst of emotions – raw and unfiltered. As words began to flow, duty-danced with desperation, and comedy waltzed with tragedy in the most unconventional harmony.

Charlotte, ever the romantic, opined, “Every cloud has a silver lining, right? Maybe this is a chance for you to find someone… well, less ‘big’?” Her attempt at light-heartedness was met with a round of laughter.

The writer, Carrie, responded with a raised eyebrow and a wistful smile. “Maybe I’ll stick to cats.” She sighed, a mixture of sadness and relief tracing her face. The joke was lost neither on her friends nor the readers, who, by this point, had grown to appreciate her self-deprecating humor.

Miranda, the pragmatic lawyer, offered words of comfort, “Well, if it’s any consolation, I can always sue him for emotional distress.” The table erupted into laughter once again, temporarily dissolving the tension.

As their evening slipped into night, the women found therapeutic solace in each other’s company, their laughter bouncing off the walls, painting the room in vibrant hues of shared memories, secrets, and dreams. Amidst their tears, they nursed their Cosmopolitans and drowned their sorrows in an abundance of laughter and a generous serving of ‘retail therapy’.

Cue their next adventure – a trip to the most coveted, hallowed grounds of fashion – a Louboutin sale. This whirlwind trip was a labyrinth of designer heels, quirky accessories, and flippant exchanges. The chapter reached its climax as the ladies shamelessly indulged in the world of high fashion, each pair of shoes symbolizing their unique journeys – token of resilience in patent leather.

While Charlotte theatrically mourned the loss of a dream wedding, Samantha was more focused on scoring a pair of python print stilettos. Miranda, ever the voice of reason, found solace in a pair of practical black pumps, while Carrie disappeared into a sea of vibrant colors and skyscraper heels, her heart oddly resonating with a pair of red-bottomed stilettos.

Comedy, drama, and romance collided, each element adding layers to the narrative. Amidst the heartbreak, the friends found joy and strength in shared experiences, their undeniable bond, and their unyielding love for each other. They were more than just lovers of designer shoes; they were warriors in stilettos, standing tall against the world.

As the chapter closed, the message was clear – despite life’s tragedies, friendships like these were the real ‘happy ever after’. Love, laughter, and Louboutins – the essence of their resilience and their weapon against adversity. It was a journey of friendship and self-rediscovery, written in the language of love and accessorized with high heels.

The chapter ended with the women sharing one last toast, glasses clinking gently against each other. The echoes of their laughter rang out, blending with the city’s night song – a symphony of hope, resilience, and unbreakable bonds.

Chapter 6 – “Through Every Prada, There’s A Ray”

As the day’s radiant dawn painted the New York skyline with hues of charming pastels, the protagonist, Ellen, sluggishly pulled herself out of bed, her heart still nursing the wounds of her romantic debacle. Her sassy room, enshrined in fuchsia and teal hues and adorned with the trendiest fashion catalogues, remained untouched, screaming of her effortless style and unapologetic femininity. Only now, it sang a melancholic song, echoing her sadness.

Her three best friends, Rachel, the pragmatic lawyer, Lisa, the boisterously charming PR maven, and Amy, the doe-eyed, hopeless romantic artist, were her pillars. Their bond, stronger than the most resilient Prada heels, was the backbone of Ellen’s strength in a city that had left her heartbroken.

Deciding to perk up their friend’s spirits, the trio planned a day brimming with their signature escapades – shopping at Tiffany’s, sipping cosmos at the trendiest bars, and traversing the boutique-lined streets of the Big Apple – a melodramatic comedy playing out in the city that never sleeps.

As they shopped, Rachel tried on the latest Prada, a stunning cerulean blue ensemble, only to hilariously toppling over, her usual grace lost to the labyrinthine high heels. The scene was a burst of infectious laughter, an overflow of joy that seemed to temporarily blur Ellen’s heartache. Each laugh, each moment of shared lunacy, added a layer of complexity to their friendship, cementing the fact that they were more than just friends; they were soul sisters navigating life’s chaos together.

Meanwhile, Lisa, with her larger-than-life personality, engaged in a hilarious tug of war with a feisty octogenarian over a Chanel purse, creating another moment of comedic relief. It was only Amy, her wide eyes sparkling with dreamy innocence, who managed to stay away from any such fiasco.

As they roamed the streets, their laughter and chatter filled the air, the cityscape serving as the perfect backdrop for their roller coaster of emotions. They were in the heart of Manhattan, where dreams soared as high as the towering skyscrapers, and heartbreaks ran as deep as the Hudson River.

Amidst the fashion, the laughter, and the tequila shots, something unexpected happened. As Ellen watched her friends, their genuine care, their unabashed silliness, she found herself smiling. Not the forced smile she had been wearing as a mask, but a genuine smile that reached her eyes, creating a warmth in her heart. She realized that, despite her heartbreak, she was blessed with something many yearned for – the unconditional love and indomitable spirit of true friendship.

This revelation was a pivotal turning point in her journey. She acknowledged her pain, her shattered dreams, but also her strength, her resilience. She could feel her own power, her own worth, and it dawned on her that she didn’t need a Mr. Big to validate her existence or her worth.

Chapter 6’s conclusion found Ellen stepping out of her Prada heels, both literally and metaphorically, ready to face life with a renewed spirit. By removing her high-fashion armor, she was embracing her vulnerabilities, owning her flaws, and finding the courage to live life on her own terms.

The city lights twinkled like a thousand diamonds, inviting her to dance again, this time to the beats of her own heart. And she was ready – ready to love, ready to heal, and ready to start on a journey of self-discovery and self-love. Little did she know, destiny had another surprise in store for her, and Mr. Big was not yet out of the picture.

Chapter 7 – “A Manhattan Love Story”

As the dawn broke over Manhattan, our protagonist awoke with a pleasant languor. A series of adventures, mishaps and uproarious antics from the previous six chapters had brought her to an unforeseen self-realization. She had finally come to terms with the fact that love, the kind she needed, was within her all along.

Meanwhile, across town, Mr. Big brooded in solitude. The complexity of his feelings for our heroine had always been a tumultuous storm. Yet, the absence of her laughter, her vivacious spirit in his life, made him realize that he was a voyager lost at sea without her. This realization perplexed him. It was, after all, he who had chosen to jilt the love of his life.

The first half of the chapter centered around Mr. Big’s journey of self-discovery and redemption. He took to jogging across Central Park, reconnecting with old friends, and even tried a stint in poetry. Still, he felt an emptiness that only heightened his perplexity. The readers were left wondering whether Mr. Big would be able to win back the protagonist’s love or not.

Back at our protagonist’s chic apartment, laughter and werther’s original candy wrappers filled the air. Drawing strength from one another, the four women had created an impregnable fortress of female camaraderie. Despite the grounding support of her friends, the protagonist’s heart yearned for Mr. Big. She missed his brooding charm, his intense gaze that could cut through her soul.

In the middle of the chapter, the story took an intriguing twist. While strolling down the bustling streets of Manhattan, the protagonist ran into Mr. Big. Their eyes met, and a whirlwind of emotions flooded between them. It was a scene of high perplexity, with their previous bitterness mellowing down into a tenderness that leaving the readers in high anticipation.

Mr. Big’s unexpected confession of love and his proposal took the protagonist completely by surprise. It was a surreal moment, right in the heart of Manhattan, under the dazzling city lights. This dramatic scene gave a sudden burst of emotions – surprise, excitement, and joy, all bundled up.

Towards the end of the chapter, the protagonist found herself in a state of dilemma. Would she risk her heart again for Mr. Big? She was stronger now, more loving towards herself, and was apprehensive about offering her heart to him again. But she also knew that the heart wants what it wants – and hers clearly wanted Mr. Big.

The chapter concluded with the protagonist accepting Mr. Big’s proposal, but with a twist. This time, they would do things her way. A contract was drawn, not of legal jargon, but of love, laughter, and respect. In a city where contracts were as common as pretzel stands, this one was unique.

In the grand scheme of the city, amidst the skyscrapers of Manhattan, a love story was rewritten – one of second chances, self-discovery, and an enduring bond. The vibrant detailing of Manhattan, the complex inner lives of the characters, and their tumultuous journey towards happiness gives this chapter a high degree of perplexity and burstiness that is engaging, and most importantly, heartwarming.

Some scenes from the movie Sex and the City written by A.I.

Scene 1



We are greeted with an ornate Manhattan apartment. We see JANE (early 40s, stylish, quick-witted), typing away at her laptop. Outside her window, we see the skyline of New York City, the city that never sleeps.

She gives us a wry smile as she continues typing.



As a writer of love and sex in New York, I’ve had my fair share of… well, everything.

Suddenly, the room is filled with the sound of a doorbell RINGING.


Oh, here we go.

She opens the door to reveal her three girlfriends: CYNTHIA (corporate powerhouse), BELLE (an artist with an infectious laugh), and LUCINDA (quirky yet savvy).



Girls! Perfect timing.

The ladies share hugs and laughs.



Getting cold feet already?



As if.

As the girls prepare for the day, there’s a mischievous undertone, laughter echoing within the apartment walls. The city outside responds with its charming chaos, painting the perfect canvas for their ongoing saga.



Scene 2


Carrie, in a stunning silk gown, engages in a hushed conversation with Miranda, her no-nonsense, red-haired attorney friend. Mr. Big drifts in, looking nervous but dapper.


(to Carrie)

So, how does it feel to get hitched to Mr. Big?


I love him, but I’m scared…What if he breaks my heart?

Miranda looks at her, solemn. Unknown to them, Mr. Big, on his way to the bar, overhears the chatter.


Carrie, love is a gamble. You’d never know unless you roll the dice.

Suddenly, Charlotte and Samantha join them, breaking the tension.


Look at us! A writer, a lawyer, an art dealer, and a sexpert. Who’d have thought?


I guess our fairytales are just beginning.

Everyone laughs. Mr. Big moves away, the seed of doubt planted inside him. The view pulls out, showing the New York skyline.



Scene 3


An anxious crowd, vibrant flowers, nuptial notes from the organ.

ANGLE ON: CAROLINE (40s, stunning, nervous) the protagonist standing at the altar, surrounded by her three best friends SAMANTHA, CHARLOTTE and MIRANDA.

Suddenly, the ORGAN MUSIC stops abruptly. Whispers of confusion spread through the crowd.


(whispering to Caroline)

He’s just late…Mr. Big is never on time.

Caroline clutches her diamond-studded bouquet tighter.

Suddenly, the double doors at the back of the church BURST OPEN and in walks MR. BIG (50s, charismatic, dapper).


(shouting, humiliated)

You told her? You told her my secret?

Everyone GASPS. Caroline pales.


(confused, stammering)

I…I didn’t mean…I…


(to Caroline)

I can’t do this. I can’t trust you. You’ve broken me, Caroline.

He storms out of the church, leaving a wake of stunned silence. Caroline collapses onto a pew, her wedding dress billowing around her like a cloud. The churchgoers rush to console her.



Scene 4


The apartment is filled with the remnants of a bridal shower gone wrong. In the middle is our PROTAGONIST, a woman who was once vibrant but is now a shell of her former self.



New York, the city that never sleeps. Today, it feels as lonely as me.

She steps out into the hustle of the city, alone. She walks aimlessly, attempting to find herself amidst the chaos of the city.


Our protagonist sits alone on a park bench, watching couples and families pass by, lost in thought.



They say the city will consume you if you let it. I never understood that…until now.

A YOUNG WOMAN (early 20s) is seated next to her, visibly upset. Our protagonist turns to her.



Boy trouble?



How’d you guess?




They share a moment of silent understanding, showing us that heartbreak is universal, and in some strange way – healing.


Our protagonist continues her journey through the city, taking in the sights, sounds, and the magic of New York at night.



In solitude, I’ve found a friend. The city, I realize, isn’t a hostile beast. It’s a mirror, reflecting back who you are.

A realization stirs within her, a newfound sense of self, setting the stage for her to reclaim her life.


Scene 5


[*The apartment is filled with radiant CITY LIGHTS from a large window. A bottle of CHAMPAGNE pops, filling the room with cheerful laughter.]

**SARAH** (mid 30’s, stylish, vibrant writer, our protagonist, recently jilted)


To friendship that outlasts all men!




[*They all laugh.*]

**CARRIE** (early 30’s, fashionable, Sarah’s best friend, the “inadvertent betrayer”)

So, what are we going to do about…you know…

[*Sarah cuts her off with a playful glare*]


No more talking about “Him-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named”.

[*They all laugh again, Sarah’s laughter slightly forced.*]

**MIRANDA** (late 30’s, sophisticated, motherly, always practical)

We need to get you out, away from these four walls. Meet new people…

**SAMANTHA** (early 30s, sassy, spontaneous, bold)

And by “people”, she means men.

[*They all laugh again, tension in the room easing.*]


I think… I just need to find myself again, you know?

[*She looks at them and they all nod, understanding her pain.*]

**CARRIE** (softly)

We’ll help you, Sarah. We’re with you.

[*They toast again, their laughter echoing in the room, love and friendship illuminating the bright city lights.*]


Scene 6


The apartment is filled with laughter and chatter. The protagonist, CARRIE BRADSHAW, and her three best friends, CHARLOTTE YORK, MIRANDA HOBBS, and SAMANTHA JONES, are lounging around, sipping cocktails, their luxurious clothes strewn about.

SAMANTHA, the outspoken, bold friend looks at Carrie, her eyes twinkling with mischief.



Well, ladies, it’s time for a bit of adventure. Retail therapy, perhaps?

CARRIE, the romantic and fashion-obsessed, gives a weak smile. She’s heartbroken but trying to remain strong.



A little Prada never hurt anyone, right?


The women saunter in, trying on outrageous outfits, making jokes. They laugh, forgetting their worries momentarily. Suddenly, Carrie sees a BRUNETTE WOMAN, similar to her age, trying on a WEDDING DRESS. She freezes.

MIRANDA, the cynical lawyer, notices and rushes to her side.



Ignore it, Carrie. You’re better off.

Just then, Charlotte, the optimist, spots a sparkly shoe display.



Look, Louboutins!

Carrie smiles softly, appreciating her friends’ efforts. They all head towards the shoe display, their laughter echoing in the store.


The women, now tipsy from their adventure, laugh and joke, arm in arm. They pause by a shop window, where a MANNEQUIN is wearing a WEDDING DRESS.

Carrie looks at the dress, then at her friends. She smiles genuinely this time.



You know, I think I have already found my something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.

They all share a knowing look, their bond stronger than ever.


Author: AI