Scary Movie

“In a battle of frights versus laughs, witness the most hilariously horrifying journey of survival ever attempted by ordinary teenagers!”

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In the quaint little town of Haddensburg, where the sun always seemed to glow and the air smelled of freshly baked pies, a peculiar occurrence disturbed the peaceful facade. A masked figure emerged from the shadows, disrupting the blissful ignorance of the town’s inhabitants. With a mission to stir chaos and laughter, the figure began a pursuit that would turn the tranquil town upside down.

In the heart of the town, nestled amidst charming brick houses, stood Haddensburg High. A place where mundane routines were protected and cherished, and the most exciting event was the annual science fair. However, this monotonous tranquility was soon to be disrupted by a series of hilarious and hair-raising events. A group of unsuspecting teenagers, as diverse as they were stereotypical, found themselves in the crosshairs of the masked figure. The peaceful life in Haddensburg was about to be shaken, and no horror movie could have prepared the teenagers for what was to come. The stage was set, the players unknowingly ready, and the unsuspected audience waiting with bated breath for the most hilarious nightmare to unfold.

Chapter 1: “The Beginning of the End”

The sleepy town stirred as the school bell echoed through Haddensburg High. The tedious humdrum was disrupted when Brad, the school’s star quarterback, walked in, late as usual, as if choreographed, followed by Cindy – the bookish girl next door, Kenny – the class clown, Lisa – the drama queen, and Karl – the science nerd. Their camaraderie was a strange mixture of teenage angst, hormonal drama, and comedic relief.

One ordinary school day took an extraordinary turn when they found a peculiar note in Brad’s locker. A note that promised a game of cat and mouse and a masked tormentor at the helm. Chuckling over what they assumed was an elaborate prank, they dismissed the warning. Unaware that this was to be the first ripple in the pond of their humdrum lives.

As nightfall drew a blanket over the town, Brad’s house – home to many a victorious post-game party – was the chosen setting for what was to be a blood-curdling, yet comical sequence of events. The teens gathered, the air filled with laughter, banter, and a shared tingle of excitement over their supposed ‘stalker’.

The party kicked off with a typical array of teenage antics – over-sweetened drinks, burnt popcorn, and the clichéd horror movie flickering on the screen. The night air buzzed with anticipation as each scene from the movie seemed to echo their current predicament. The dialogue was filled with irony, and their chuckles held a nervous excitement. It was as if the universe was laughing at its private joke while the teens went about their shenanigans, oblivious of the real horror lurking around.

Suddenly, the lights flickered, then went out. The teens exchanged nervous glances, their shared laughter now a distant memory. What happened next was a comical blend of chaos, panic, and absurdity. As they stumbled around in the darkness, the bone-chilling voice of their tormentor rang out, “Let the games begin!”

Hidden by the mask, the figure reveled in the hilarity of the situation. The teenagers’ confused, scared faces lit up by the sudden beam of a flashlight, triggering a cacophony of screams and laughter. The night was still young, and the masked figure had just begun their game of terror.

As the first day ended, the teens found themselves trapped in what had become a ridiculously funny, yet terrifying reality. Their ordinary lives were disrupted, replaced with a fear-induced frenzy they had only seen in movies. It was indeed, the beginning of the end – an end where the laughs piled on as fast as their mounting fear.

Chapter 2: “The Art of Screaming”

At the heart of Elmorrville, a small town known for its unusually calm neighborhoods and friendly, albeit, gossipy residents, a group of teenagers find themselves thrown into turmoil. As the sun dipped below the horizon and the crickets began their chorus, they gathered in the basement of Brad – the town’s poster boy for athleticism. Brad, a boisterous lad of seventeen years, with more muscles than brain cells, was the unofficial leader of this motley crew. His baseball jersey, perpetually slung over his shoulder, was as much a part of his identity as his goofy charm and unimaginative yet hysterically funny jokes.

His house was a hub for his crew, a group of teenagers bound traditionally by friendship, now tethered together by shared fear and a common enemy. The killer had made his presence clear – a masked figure with a fondness for eerie calls and night visits. He was reminiscent of every horror movie anti-hero they had seen, with one difference – he was real. The game was on, and the stakes were high.

The basement was a stark reflection of Brad’s personality: cluttered, vibrant, and unmistakable. It became the headquarters for the teenagers, their safe haven to brainstorm, plan, and protect each other from the relentless pursuit of their stalker.

“Okay, guys,” Brad started, pacing across the worn-out carpet, “We’re dealing with a psycho, and we gotta be smart.” Several snorts echoed around the room, along with chuckles of disbelief. Brad, for all his muscles, wasn’t known for his intellectual prowess. He paused, glaring at his friends, before continuing, “Which is why we’re gonna do it the way they do it in the movies.”

His friends, ever supportive, burst into laughter. Among them was Lily, a petite bookworm, and the unofficial brains of the group. Her glasses were perpetually perched on her nose, her hand always held a book, and her laughter was as infectious as her quick wit. Sitting next to her was Ruby, the de facto goth girl of the group, whose sarcasm was as sharp as her nail polish. And finally, there was Dexter, the class clown, whose love for food was only rivalled by his talent for perfectly-timed, comedic quips.

“Wait, we’re gonna trip while running away, split up when we should stick together, and ignore all common sense?” Ruby smirked, her eyes twinkling with barely concealed amusement.

The room filled with laughter again, their camaraderie acting as a temporary balm on their fear. Brad blushed and retorted, “No, dummy. We’re gonna set a trap for the psycho.”

The laughter ceased abruptly, replaced by stunned silence. Brad, who usually followed plans rather than made them, was now suggesting a potentially life-threatening strategy. The audacity of his idea was as startling as it was absurd.

For the next couple of hours, they set to work. Their plan? A labyrinth of pranks and traps, each more ridiculous than the last, from fake blood trails leading to mouse traps to a convoluted pulley system that promised to drop a net over the killer. It was a scheme that seemed to be straight out of a low-budget horror movie. But it was the best they had.

But the next night, when they put their plan into action, it was not the masked killer who fell for their absurd traps. Instead, a series of hilarious accidents occurred. In the confusion, Brad managed to net himself, and Dexter was left dangling from the tree in his attempt to oversee the trap. Lily and Ruby couldn’t contain their laughter as they attempted to rescue their hapless friends.

The evening did not go as planned, but it brought something they hadn’t realized they needed – laughter. As they cleaned up their mess, grinning, they realized they were more than friends; they were a team. A bumbling, laugh-a-minute team, but a team nonetheless. The killer was still out there, but as long as they could keep laughing together, they felt invincible.

And so, the story of Elmorrville’s strangest group of teenagers unfolded, their lives now a curious blend of fear and comedy. But in the heart of it all, amid the absurd plans and unexpected laughter, lie a bunch of kids navigating the terrifying reality of their teenagehood. The ‘art of screaming’ was far from perfected, but they had something better – the art of laughter under fear, the art of camaraderie in uncertainty, and above all, the art of friendship in adversity.

Chapter 3: “The Haunted House Party”

In a stereotypical suburban house, the tension was palpable, but so was the excitement. The group of terrified, yet oddly enthusiastic, teenagers had decided to throw a party – a real, classic, teenager horror movie party – in an attempt to draw out their mysterious stalker. They had a theory: horror movie villains always attacked during such gatherings. The irony wasn’t lost on them, but desperate times called for desperate measures. Thus began the planning of the most hilariously terrifying party of their lives: the haunted house party.

Brad, the well-muscled jock with a brain that couldn’t compete with his biceps, was in charge. Despite his rugged exterior, he had a knack for coordinating parties. His clumsy decision-making and failsafe policies made for enjoyable comedy. Cindy, the pretty and surprisingly witty cheerleader, was in charge of the ambiance. Her attempts to make the party spooky ended up being more amusing than frightening. Ricky, the quiet nerd with an undying love for horror movies, was responsible for the music. His choice ranged from cult horror movie themes to pop hits with hilarious results.

The party kicked off with an eccentricity only teenagers could achieve, a combination of eerie and ridiculous that was strangely charming in its own way. The house was decorated with tacky plastic skeletons, overdone cobwebs, and an odd array of carved pumpkins determinedly attempting to look evil but coming off as comical instead. The party-goers were left in splits with Cindy’s DIY ghost balloons, floating around the house like drunk apparitions.

Meanwhile, Ricky had put together a playlist of the most spine-chilling horror movie scores, intermixed with the latest pop hits for dance breaks. The strange combination was oddly effective in keeping the party’s energy up, even when the fear factor was down. Intermittent screams and roars were the pick of his collection, stirring a blend of laughter and slight unease among the participants.

Brad, on the other hand, had a unique idea to keep every attendee on their toes. He invented a bizarre but strangely fun game called ‘Killer Bingo’. The game involved guessing who among them will be the killer’s next target or if they will survive the night, leading to the hilarity of people predicting their own doom while trying hard not to spill their drinks.

Among the attendees was an eagerly anticipated party crasher – the mysterious masked killer. But instead of causing fear, his arrival sparked a new wave of ludicrous entertainment. The party-goers mistook him for a late arrival in a costume, praising him for his dedication to character and refusal to remove his mask. The villain’s frustrations at not being taken seriously, interspersed with the teens’ obliviousness, was a sight of pure, comedic gold.

Throughout the night, the chaos was relentless. Every creaking door or sudden power cut sent the teens into a fit of hysterical laughter instead of fear. The house was filled with blaring music, drunken laughter, ghostly pranks, and flashing camera lights.

While the horror was minimal, the comedy was off the charts. The overall absurdity of the situation, the clichéd horror movie tactics, the bad disguises, and the misinterpretations of the masked killer’s intentions provided an entertaining spectacle no guest would forget too soon. This haunted house party was turning out to be more of a comedy of errors than a night of horror. Still, unbeknownst to them, the night was far from over. As the party raged on, the killer lurked in the shadows, plotting his next move.

Chapter 4: “The Cinematic Survival Guide”

Desperation hanging in the air, the teens decided to do the one logical thing they could think of – meticulously study horror movies as a survival guide. They were convinced that the secrets to beating their masked assailant lay hidden within the frames of “Nightmare on Elm Street,” “Halloween,” and “Friday the 13th.”

The group assembled in Brad’s basement, the walls plastered with posters of sporting legends, a reminder of the jock life Brad once led before their world spiraled into chaos. A projector was set up, casting eerie shadows on the walls as they began their marathon of horror flicks.

“See, right there,” Brad pointed with a mouthful of popcorn, “He shouldn’t have split from the group. That’s horror movie rule number one.” He concluded like a professor delivering a profound theory. A murmur of agreement followed, the others scribbling notes furiously.

But what began as a strategy session quickly deteriorated into a mockery filled with navel-gazing interpretations of classic movies. Horror tropes were mistaken for life-saving tips, psychological beats for comedic cues, and this misguided analysis turned into a comedy of its own.

Bella, the stereotypical cheerleader, suggested that perhaps they should all dress in the least revealing clothes possible. She argued, based on their analysis, that “the girl in the skimpy outfit always dies first.” As absurd as it was, they all agreed, leading to a riotous shopping scene.

Meanwhile, the nerdy Charlie began developing intricate trap diagrams inspired by “Home Alone,” convinced that deploying paint cans and micro machines would surely deter the killer. His eccentric ideas sparked uproarious fits of laughter, yet they were implemented anyway, adding a layer of slapstick comedy to their desperate situation.

The irony was not lost on the group. The ludicrousness of their situation—being stalked by a killer while they misinterpreted horror movies for survival tips—was a bizarre humor that did not escape them. Yet, they threw themselves into their self-prescribed survival course with abandon, perfectly encapsulating the absurdity of their horror-movie-come-to-life.

Even their love lives began to mirror the movies. The simmering romance between Brad and Bella, usually reserved for Hollywood scripts, made its way into their reality. Their clumsy attempts at romantic scenes, however, were comically out of place, providing much-needed respite amid the tension.

Nights spent dissecting scenes, days filled with implementing their misguided learning, their lives had turned into a whirlwind of horror clichés and bursts of laughter. It was a bizarre coexistence of terror and mirth, the gravity of their situation interspersed with hilarities born out of their own actions.

Little did they know, they were playing into the hands of their stalker. The killer, watching their every move, took immense pleasure in their comedic misreads of the situation. Wielding the orchestrator’s authority, he controlled their fear, their laughter, ultimately leading them further into his macabre game.

Chapter 4, “The Cinematic Survival Guide,” brought to life the erroneous appropriation of horror movie tropes as survival tactics. The bone-chilling terror intermingled with side-splitting humor made for an unpredictable narrative, encapsulating the bizarre yet amusing struggle of the teens. This chapter offered a hilariously paradoxical take on the classic ‘fight against the killer’ plot, drawing the reader into a world where fear and laughter walk hand-in-hand.

Chapter 5: “The Unlikely Heroes”

As the storyline ebbed, the narrative shifted to the most unexpected and hilariously entertaining subplot of the story. Stan, the school janitor, and Bertha, the lunch lady, had been ordinary fixtures of the high school scenery. But bewildered by the chaos unfolding around them, they found themselves thrust into roles they never anticipated.

Stan was a man of simple pleasures, cherishing his mop like a knight would his sword, maintaining a strange kind of chivalry towards the hallways he cleaned. His world had revolved around grout, tiles, detergents, and scrubbing brushes until the masked killer came along. Bertha, on the other hand, was a sturdy woman with rosy cheeks and an apron perpetually stained with gravy. She ran the cafeteria with a strict hand, serving undercooked mystery meat and overly boiled vegetables with a side of sarcasm.

Post a hilariously paranoid and caffeine-fueled night shift, Stan noticed a peculiar stain on the hallway floor. A blob of ketchup? Perhaps a sprinkling of raspberry slush? No, it was… blood? This was his first encounter with the masked man’s shenanigans. At the same time, Bertha discovered an equally unsettling secret – her mystery meat stew had been tampered with! The horror!

Fueled by the earnest desire to protect their realm, they decided to take matters into their own, not-so-capable hands. Their clumsy efforts to track down the killer escalated into a riotous farce. One day, Stan excitedly brought a walkie-talkie set, having seen them used in cop movies. The pair fumbled hilariously with the buttons, accidentally alerting the local grocery store about a “Code Red” in the cereal aisle.

Meanwhile, Bertha transformed her familiar kitchen utensils into makeshift weapons. A frying pan shield, a ladle sword, and a sturdy rolling pin club were her arsenal against the evil lurking around school. Her numerous cooking disasters became a metaphorical training ground, the unpalatable meals her hapless victims. Stan attempted to do the same with his mops, plungers, and brooms. Their earnest mimicry of martial arts moves they saw on their favorite action shows was a source of laughter rather than terror.

Their comedic investigation took them around the school, stumbling upon various clues left by the oblivious killer. In their zeal to capture the culprit, they overlooked the glaring signs of the prank, focusing instead on red herrings like wrongly placed cleaning supplies or excessively pureed mashed potatoes.

Their unique perspective brought many laughs amidst the ongoing terror, an absurd mirror to the teens’ struggles. While the teens were modeling their survival on horror films, Stan and Bertha were pulling inspiration from action films and cooking shows. Their skewed interpretation added a delightful zing to their character, making them the unlikely heroes of this tale.

As the chapter ended, our unlikely duo had made no headway into uncovering the killer’s identity, but they had successfully delivered a healthy dose of hilarity. Their earnest immersion into the roles of makeshift detectives, their ridiculous attempts at mastering the art of combat, and their blind faith in their own abilities made them the comedic highlight of the story.

Chapter 5 served as a delightful interlude, shifting the focus from the main storyline, yet maintaining the absurdity and comedic element. Stan and Bertha demonstrated that in the face of adversity, there could be laughter, and ultimately, they captured the readers’ hearts with their innocent bravery, making them the true heroes in this story of laughs, screams, and a masked killer.

Chapter 6: “The Reality Show”

Slumped on the couch, utterly drained, the distraught teenagers watched in horror as their faces flashed on every television screen in the country. Their inside joke had become the country’s newest obsession. A deranged killer was stalking them, and someone had turned it into primetime entertainment.

“Is this some sick joke?” Brad, the jock, blurted out, sweat trickling down his forehead. Apart from his usual bravado, there was an undercurrent of stark horror that sent the room into a deathly silence.

Just when they thought things were spiraling entirely out of control, a blaring television jingle interrupted their thoughts. “Tune in now for America’s hottest reality show – ‘The Slash of Death.’ Be part of the action, but remember… it’s all just for your entertainment!”

The ‘reality show’ aspect blindsided them. Their scramble for survival had become a spectacle for everyone to enjoy. The irony, however, wasn’t lost on them.

Amid their fear, a bubble of dark humor began to rise. If their survival was a reality show, they would provide the best damn entertainment this side of the Mississippi. And so, with a collective spark of defiance, they decided to exploit the situation.

Brad took on his best ‘heroic’ persona, flexing his muscles ridiculously and delivering cheesy one-liners. Nancy, the nerdy girl, began to spew horror trivia, her usually shy demeanor making way for a hilariously quirky know-it-all.

The unlikely heroes, Janitor Jim and Lunch Lady Linda, jumped in with their laugh-inducing antics. Jim armed himself with cleaning equipment, turning each mop and bucket into a supposed weapon, while Linda marched around with her ladle, threatening to ‘soup’ anybody that crossed her path.

Fortified by their newfound bravado, they played to the camera, their fear turning into a comedic spectacle. The absurdity of their situation grew even more when they started receiving fan mail and strategic advice from their audience. In a twist of fate, the nation was now rooting for them, helping them turn the tables on their tormentor.

Meanwhile, the killer too was not to be outdone. Obliging the viewers, he stuck to his horror clichés religiously. From answering the phone with a creepy whisper of ‘I know what you did last summer’ to making dramatic entrances right on cue, the masked villain was playing to the crowds too.

They traversed through deadly home invasions, garden chases, and even a very dramatic school lock-in. All while delivering perfect comedic timing and keeping their audience laughing through the suspense. Their terror turned into a bizarre mix of fear and comedy – a true testament to their resilience.

But even as they laughed at their misadventures, a looming dread continued to hang over them. The reality show had bought them time and support, but the killer was still at large. Their ongoing survival was but an intermission, a momentary relief from the morbid game that was their lives.

As the viewership of ‘The Slash of Death’ skyrocketed, hidden behind the slapstick comedy and the hilarious one-liners, the fear in the teenagers’ eyes still hinted at the reality of their situation. Their laughs carried a sense of desperation, their bravery a veil for the terror that was becoming their every waking moment. But as the end credits rolled for that day’s episode, they knew they had achieved, at the very least, one victory—they had turned their plight into the nation’s laughter.

The question was, would this game of cat and mouse end with a slap of their hands or a slash of the killer’s knife? As the night closed in and the cameras blinked off, the teens steeled themselves. The show had ended for their audience, but for them, it was just the beginning of another long, terrifying night.

Chapter 7: “The Final Battle”

As the sun descended, casting long, ominous shadows across the town of Sleepy Hollow, our ragtag group of teenagers prepared for the final showdown. In a bizarre twist of fate, the clueless school janitor, Gary, and the lunch lady, Madge, had emerged as reluctant heroes. The previously mundane school building was now the battleground – a fitting stage for the impending faceoff with the masked assailant.

In Brad’s garage, the teens cobbled together an eclectic assortment of weapons, including hockey sticks, fire extinguishers, and even a pink, bedazzled taser. They joked about their lack of survival know-how, their wit providing comic respite from the heightened tension. Yet, under the laughter, a palpable fear lingered. The teens were fully aware that they were about to face a killer who, in their minds, was straight out of a slasher movie.

Meanwhile,Gary – equipped with a mop handle and Madge, brandishing a ladle, led their vigilante group comprising the eccentric Algebra teacher, Mr. Schmidt, and the dogged Principal Johnson. Their misguided bravery was met with fits of laughter, but their determination was commendable. They plotted their strategy around an elaborate map of the school, presented by Mr. Schmidt and colored in with his rainbow-colored, scented markers.

While the group was busy strategizing, the self-proclaimed star of the show, the masked murderer, was also finalizing plans. Unbeknownst to him, his preparation was being broadcast live, courtesy of the reality show. The viewers, bound by a cocktail of fear and mirth, binge-watched the madness on their screens.

The night fell, and the moon, a sole spectator, shone down on the eerily quiet school. One by one, the lights flickered off, plunging the school into darkness. The stage was set.

As the clock struck midnight, Brad, leading his team, tiptoed into the school. Every creak made them jump, every shadow seemed ominous, and their laughter echoed through the silent hallways. The janitorial team, on the other hand, burst in with a battle cry, brandishing their makeshift weapons, adding to the hilarity of the situation.

In the surveillance room, the killer sat, watching the chaotic scene unfold. He chuckled at their comical attempts at being stealthy and waited for the perfect time to strike. Despite being the villain, viewers couldn’t help but laugh at his relish of the absurdity.

Sudden chaos erupted when a door slammed, and the teams collided in a slapstick frenzy. The teens pounced on Gary’s group, assuming they were the killers. Amid the tussle, the real killer sauntered in, taking a moment to savour the spectacle.

Then, the tables turned when Janie, the drama queen of the group, spotted the killer. Her scream was so theatrical it could have won an Oscar. Everyone froze, and eyeballs swiveled towards the man in the mask. This was it, the final showdown!

The ensuing battle was a comedy of errors, filled with farcical heroics, lame fighting techniques, and failed attempts to use the pink taser. All the while, the killer stood, doubled over with laughter at their futile efforts.

Despite the chaos, there was an odd sense of camaraderie. The laughter amidst the terror, the unity against a common enemy. They were fighting the embodiment of their shared horror movie nightmares, and they were doing it together.

The chapter closed with Brad trying to trap the killer in a butterfly net, and Janie self-proclaiming herself as the ‘final girl’. Their ridiculous antics left the killer gasping for breath, not from horror, but from uncontrollable laughter.

This unforgettable climax was a perfect blend of horror and comedy. The lines between the victims and the perpetrators blurred, as everyone was brought together by the sheer ludicrousness of the situation. As the credits rolled, the audience was left in stitches, eagerly awaiting the final revelation.

Chapter 8: “The Unexpected Ending”

The night was thick with tension, the air heavy with anticipation. The doors of the high school gymnasium creaked ominously as the group of unlikely heroes, led by Brad the Jock and Clara the Cheerleader, creaked them open. Their eyes darted back and forth, instinctively searching for signs of the masked killer. All the while, the school janitor, Bob, and the lunch lady, Martha, tailed behind them like a pair of slapstick, amateur ghost hunters.

“Are we really doing this?” asked Lisa, a bookish girl whose horror knowledge had unintentionally become their survival guide.

“We’ve already come this far,” Clara answered, her voice wobbling with faux bravery. “We’re ending this tonight.”

As they ventured further into the gym, they could hear their footsteps echoing around the vast, dark space. Suddenly, a noise made them snap their heads around – a strange creaking sound, followed by a raspy laugh. There, standing on the bleachers, was the figure they’d grown to fear: the Killer.

Or was it?

Brad squinted his eyes, peering through the dim light. The killer stepped forward, the spotlight from the ceiling falling upon him, illuminating the garish, clown-like mask he wore. Brad narrowed his eyes further, and a strange realization dawned on him.

“You’re not the killer,” he said, pointing an accusatory finger at the masked figure.

“We’ve been running from you all this while,” Clara added, “and you’re not even the killer!”

Indeed, as the ‘killer’ removed his mask, it revealed the sheepish, guilty face of their school’s drama teacher, Mr. Jenkins. He stood there, holding the mask away from his face, like someone caught stealing cookies from a cookie jar.

“Surprise?” he offered weakly.

The silence that followed was broken by the explosive sound of laughter – the group of teens was laughing, and so was Bob the janitor and Martha the lunch lady. However, amongst them, only Lisa stood quiet, her mind working in overdrive.

She walked up to Mr. Jenkins, pinched him to make sure he was real, and then turned to her group of friends, her eyes wide and serious.

“Guys, think about it,” she said, her voice echoing through the gym. “Consider all the convenient plot twists, the cinematic clichés, the far-too-convenient escapes… Doesn’t it all make sense now? It was a prank! An elaborate prank!”

The laughter died down as realization dawned upon each of them. Their brows furrowed, and their mouths formed identical ‘O’ shapes as they looked at each other.

“But why?” Brad asked, staring at Mr. Jenkins. “Why go through all this trouble?”

“I needed inspiration,” Mr. Jenkins replied, sounding somewhat apologetic. “For the school play. I didn’t realize it would go this far.”

And then, just when they thought the surprises were over, burst in the reality show host, wearing a grin that made him look like the Cheshire cat. “And, CUT!” he yelled, signaling the crew to stop filming.

Suddenly, the gym came alive with light. The reality show crew came out from their hiding spots, cameras in tow, capturing the baffled teens and the guilty drama teacher. The audience that had been following the ‘horror’ reality show erupted into applause and laughter.

So, as it turned out, the fearsome killer had been an inspiration-starved drama teacher, their terrifying ordeal a reality show prank, and their nightmares were seen as a comedy by the outside world. The final chapter of their horror-comedy was met with laughter, applause, and above all, an unforgettable lesson in the art of pranks.

As the lights dimmed, the credits rolled, and the doors of the gymnasium closed behind them, the teens couldn’t help but laugh, their wild, heart-thumping journey had come to an end. And what a hilariously twisted end it was!

Some scenes from the movie Scary Movie written by A.I.

Scene 1



(We see the typical high school environment – lockers lining the hallway, students bustling, muscled jocks, nerd groups, cheerleader squad, the awkward loners.)



(A group of teenagers – BRAD, ASHLEY, DYLAN, TIFFANY, and JENNY – sit at a round cafeteria table, talking and laughing.)


(the jock, laughing)

Man, you remember that scene from “Halloween?” Where the guy thinks he’s locked the killer out, but he’s actually locked him in!

(The group erupts into laughter.)



(The group is lounging on the field, watching the sunset.)

SUDDENLY, an eerie WIND passes. The group gets SILENT.


(the nerd, scared)

Did anyone else feel that?

(A MASKED FIGURE APPEARS IN THE DISTANCE, slowly walking towards them.)


(pretending to be brave)

Probably just a prank. I’ll go check it out.

(He approaches the Masked Figure.)


(grinning, shouting)

Nice try, dude!

(But the Masked Figure doesn’t stop. It’s not a prank. Brad RUNS BACK in terror.)



Guys, RUN!

(The group takes off, screaming and laughing, the camera following their frenzied escape.)




Scene 2



A bunch of TEENAGERS huddle around a table, a dim lamp illuminating their excited faces. BRAD, the confident jock, leads the discussion, a sense of urgency in his voice.



We need a plan; it could be any one of us next.

JILL, a nerdy girl with big glasses, nervously raises her hand.



Shouldn’t we call the police or something?

Everyone laughs.

LUCAS, a good-looking teenager with a charming smile and laid back demeanor smirks and pulls out a ton of horror DVDs.



Why do that when we have this?

MONTAGE – Horror films play on the TV. The room fills with notes, laughter, and far more junk food wrappers than necessary.


Brad stands, pointing at a hastily made blueprint layout of their high school. His plan met with dubious expressions.



We lure the killer to the school, trap him in the science lab, and BOOM! End of the masked madman!

Everyone claps hesitantly.


The group tiptoeing around the school, their faces masks of anticipation and fear. They split up, each assigned a part in Brad’s not-so-brilliant plan.


Everyone is in position. Brad, hidden in a corner, whispers into his walkie-talkie.




Suddenly, lights flash, music blares, and a banner drops – “Welcome Killer!”

A janitor, startled, enters the room. He slips, crashes into a skeleton model, and screams.

The teens, expecting the killer, scream back. Everyone runs helter-skelter. The blueprint, their plan, flies into the air, and they crash out of the school.

The camera closes in on the blueprint – “Brad’s Genius Plan.” A beat, then it self-combusts.



Scene 3



The room is filled with TEENS, dressed in RIDICULOUS COSTUMES, drinking, laughing, dancing. Classic horror movie music plays in the background.

BRAD (V.O.) (18, muscular, jock-type in a poor vampire costume, obviously the leader):

Alright folks! Party like it’s your last night alive!

Teens cheer. Brad’s best friend, RANDY (18, nerdy, dressed as a werewolf), leans in.


That’s not very encouraging, Brad.


Lighten up, Randy.

Suddenly, the room goes dark.


JESSICA (17, cheerleader, dressed as a mummy, screams):

We’re all gonna die!

GINA (17, sarcastic, dressed as a witch):

That’s the spirit!

Suddenly, the LIGHTS FLICKER back on. A MASKED KILLER (tall figure, dressed exactly like the famous movie characters) stands among them.

Teens scream.


Whoa, cool costume man, where’d you get it?

Masked killer just stares at Brad.


Brad, I think that’s…

Suddenly, the killer brandish a huge knife. Teens gasp.


Real killer!

Everyone starts laughing.


Classic Jessica! That’s a prop, idiot!


Say Randy, let’s make a toast!

Randy, still worried, lifts his cup.


To surviving the night?

Everyone laughs again.


This scene incorporates the comedic elements of the novel. The characters disregard the killer as a trick, focusing on partying and mocking horror movie tropes, unaware of the imminent threat.

Scene 4


*Our group of TEENS – BRAD, the jock; LISA, the prom queen; MAX, the nerd; and BELLA, the goth girl – are huddled around a table littered with horror DVDs.*


Guys, we’ve gotta study these. They’re the only clue we’ve got.


Study horror movies? Isn’t that a bit… weird?

*Max picks up a DVD and reads the back.*


Actually, it’s genius. These movies are filled with survival tips!


Or we could just call the cops?

*Everyone ignores her.*

**CUT TO:**


*Montage of the teens watching the movies, taking notes, arguing over the best course of action, and lighthearted moments of them bonding.*


What if we set up traps like in ‘Home Alone’?


Could we maybe use garlic and crosses like in ‘Dracula’?


Or… or a ritual sacrifice like in ‘The Wicker Man’!

*Everyone looks at Max.*

**MAX (CONT’D)**

I’m just kidding …unless?

*Cue laughter.*


We should just call the cops.

*Everyone continues ignoring her.*

**CUT TO:**


*The library is dark but the light from the TV flickers on their faces. The teens are more determined than ever.*


Alright, team. We got this. We’ve studied, we’ve prepared, and now we’re going to outsmart this psycho.

*They CHEER in agreement. Bella sighs.*


I should’ve just called the cops…



Scene 5


Our UNLIKELY HEROES, MARTY, a middle-aged, out-of-shape school janitor with a dry sense of humor, and LUCILLE, a sweet and eccentric lunch lady in her 50s, are in the middle of a conversation.



You know… between mopping up chocolate milk and picking up chewed-up gum, I thought I’d seen it all. But this, Lucille, this takes the cake.


(serving food)

A killer, Marty. A real-life killer. And here we were thinking these kids couldn’t get any worse.

They laugh.


Marty and Lucille huddle over a messy table filled with “weapons” – a mop, a lunch tray, a bucket, etc.


Right, so we gotta stop this nut job before he swipes any more of our students.



With a mop and a lunch tray?

They exchange a look before bursting into laughter.


Marty and Lucille, armed with their unconventional weapons, patrol the hallway. Unexpectedly, they spot the KILLER at the opposite end.



Oh my…what do we do now, Marty?

Marty smirks, brandishing his mop like a sword.


We clean up this mess, Lucille.

They charge forward, their faces set with determination, before tripping over each other in a clumsy pile. The killer watches before shaking his head and disappearing, leaving our unlikely heroes in their comedic heap.


AUDIENCE’S LAUGHTER. Our heroes are just getting started.


Scene 6


We see our group of TEENS gathered around the TV, aghast at what they are watching on screen. A shrouded FIGURE, their masked stalker, is speaking directly into the camera.


…Welcome to the scariest reality show ever, broadcasting live from Pleasantville…

JANE, the group’s natural leader, snaps out of her shock first.


Guys, this is…crazy! We are on a real-life horror reality show.

Brad, the stereotypical jock, looks confused.


Does this mean we’re famous now?

Laughter erupts from the group, shattering the silence.

LISA, the usual damsel in distress, adds with a sense of irony.


Not sure being potential murder victims is the kind of fame we want, Brad.

They awkwardly laugh, trying to cope with the bizarre situation.

Meanwhile, MIKE, the shy and nerdy one, thinking quickly, drafts a tweet on his phone.


#PleasantvilleSlasher is now trending. If we’re going to die, we might as well get some retweets out of it.

Suddenly, the phone rings. Caller ID: UNKNOWN.


Should I answer it?


Go ahead, Brad. Might be our biggest fan.

Brad picks up the phone, and the screen cuts to black, the classical cliffhanger leaving the audience in suspense.



Author: AI