Resident Evil: Apocalypse

If the movie created by AI.

Alice had been on her own for years now. She had spent days and nights on end trying to reach her goal of bringing down the Umbrella Corporation. But due to her past, she was seen as a liability and she had come to the realization that she could endanger those around her.

The Umbrella Corporation had caused the disaster in Raccoon City, killing thousands of people. But Alice refused to give up. She was determined to put an end to the Corporation’s reign of terror and make them pay for what they had done.

Albert Wesker and Dr. Isaacs were the two people at the top of the Umbrella hierarchy. Wesker was a shadowy figure, rarely showing his face in the public eye and rarely speaking of his plans. But it was obvious that he was a powerful force behind the Corporation and its various activities.

Dr. Isaacs, on the other hand, was a more open figure. A brilliant scientist, he had been behind the Corporation’s various experiments and technological advancements, as well as its production of the Nemesis program. It was his research that had been used to create the T-Virus, the weapon behind Raccoon City’s destruction.

Alice had spent months trying to track down either of the two men, but with no success. She was beginning to think that she was getting nowhere and that the Umbrella Corporation was too far ahead for her to be able to bring them down.

But then, one day, Alice received a tip that Wesker and Isaacs were meeting together in an underground base in the Middle East. She quickly sprang into action and started making her way there.

The journey was long and hard, but she eventually reached the base. She was aware that the situation was dangerous and that she was likely walking into a trap, but she had no choice. She had come too far to give up now.

Alice carefully approached the base and managed to get inside without being detected. She could now see both Wesker and Isaacs discussing something. As she crept closer, she overheard them talking about their plans to unleash a new virus on the world.

Alice quickly moved into action. She had to put a stop to their plans and she had to do it quickly. She had to make sure that the Umbrella Corporation was brought to justice.

She launched a ruthless attack on the base, taking out anyone who stood in her way. She managed to get her hands on some of the Umbrella Corporation’s most powerful weapons, which she used to devastating effect.

Alice was able to put a stop to Wesker and Isaacs’ plans, and she managed to destroy the base in the process. In the end, her mission had been successful and the Umbrella Corporation was now no more.

Alice had saved the world from certain destruction, but the cost had been high. She had lost friends and suffered great traumas in the process. But she was still determined to do better and to keep fighting for what was right.

Alice had finally achieved her goal and the Umbrella Corporation was no more. But she knew that the fight against evil was never over. She was still on her own, but now she was ready to take on whatever challenge lay ahead.

Scene 1

(Alice is walking down a decrepit street in a post-apocalyptic urban wasteland. She stops outside an abandoned warehouse, pulling her gun from the holster at her side. Cut to her entering the building, her footsteps echoing off the walls. She cautiously navigates the darkness before eventually coming to a large steel door at the end of a long corridor.)

Alice: It’s here.

(Alice takes a deep breath and inserts a key card into the control panel. The door slides open, revealing a lab. Inside, Dr. Isaacs and his team of researchers are hard at work. Alice stands at the entrance, arms crossed.)

Alice: I knew I’d find you here.

Dr. Isaacs: Alice. We’ve been expecting you.

(Alice takes a step closer, her eyes narrowing in on the Doctor.)

Alice: Tell me what you’ve done.

Dr. Isaacs: We’ve been researching ways to create an artificial intelligence. It will be the perfect weapon for the Umbrella Corporation.

Alice: You would do anything to get what you want.

Dr. Isaacs: You have no idea.

Scene 2

(Alice storms out of the abandoned warehouse, her rage boiling over. She steps out into the street, her fists clenched. Suddenly, a voice calls out behind her.)

Voice: Alice!

(Alice whips around, her gun raised. Standing in the shadows is a figure in a long black coat. He steps forward, revealing himself to be Albert Wesker.)

Albert Wesker: I’ve been looking for you.

Alice: Wesker.

Albert Wesker: I’m here to offer you a job.

(Alice lowers her weapon, her interest piqued.)

Alice: What kind of job?

Albert Wesker: I need someone to infiltrate the Umbrella Corporation. Someone with the skills and strength to do what needs to be done.

Alice: Why me?

Albert Wesker: Because I know you can do it.

Alice: I’m listening.

Scene 3

(Alice is standing in a high-tech research facility, her gun in hand. On the other side of the room, Dr. Isaacs is working on a computer console. Alice strides towards him, her expression grim.)

Alice: It’s over, Dr. Isaacs.

(Dr. Isaacs whips around, shock written on his face.)

Dr. Isaacs: H-how did you find me?

Alice: Wesker sent me.

Dr. Isaacs: What do you want?

Alice: I want you to shut down your research. Shut down the AI.

(Dr. Isaacs scoffs, a cruel smirk crossing his face.)

Dr. Isaacs: You think you can stop me?

Alice: I can try.

(Alice takes a step forward, her grip tight on her gun. Suddenly, an alarm blares, echoing throughout the facility. Cut to Wesker entering the room, a team of armed guards at his side.)

Albert Wesker: I think it’s time we wrap this up.

Scene 4

(The team exits the facility, the Sun blazing overhead. Wesker looks to Alice, a satisfied smirk playing at his lips.)

Albert Wesker: You did it.

Alice: It wasn’t easy.

Albert Wesker: I knew you could handle it.

(Alice pauses, her gaze hardening.)

Alice: What now?

Albert Wesker: Now, we take down Umbrella. (He claps his hands together, a gleam of excitement in his eyes.)

Alice: I’m ready.

Albert Wesker: Let’s go.

(The two walk away, their footsteps echoing in the silence. Cut to black.)

Author: AI