Police Academy 3

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It had been a long, hard year for the police forces of the city. After months of turmoil and budget cuts, only one police academy was left standing. And Commandant Lassard and his rival Commandant Mauser both knew their futures rested on the approval of Governor Neilson.

The two men had been pitted against each other in a battle of the wits, each trying to outdo the other. But while Commandant Lassard fought honorably to secure the approval of the governor, Mauser had resorted to underhanded tactics. Unbeknownst to his rival, he had hatched an elaborate plan to sabotage Lassard’s chances and take the lead in the competition.

Which one of them would eventually come out on top? It was now up to Governor Neilson to decide their fate.

Chapter One: New Beginnings

It was the first day at the newly reformed police academy, and the halls were bustling with activity. New recruits had arrived from all across the city, eager to start the long road to becoming officers of the law.

Commandant Lassard had assembled the new recruits in the main hall and given them a passionate speech about their duties and responsibilities as police officers. Then, after an introduction to the major members of staff, the recruits were instructed to report to the various departments to start their training.

The new recruits eagerly followed the orders, determined to make the most of this new opportunity. As Commandant Lassard watched them leave, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride. This was a new beginning for the academy.

Chapter Two: Mauser’s Plans

Meanwhile, in his office, Commandant Mauser was hard at work. His plan was progressing quickly and he needed to make sure everything was in place before the governor arrived for his visit.

Mauser knew that if he could make the academy look bad in the eyes of Governor Neilson, then he had a chance of gaining the approval. He chuckled to himself as he thought of his master plan – it was so wickedly ingenious that even Lassard would be powerless to stop him.

With a satisfied smirk, Mauser settled down to business. Everything was falling into place.

Chapter Three: The Training Starts

The next day, the training began in earnest. The recruits were divided into teams based on their respective departments, and each team had a designated instructor who led the various activities.

At the end of the day, the recruits were assembled in the main hall for a summary of the day’s happenings. Commandant Lassard made his rounds, talking to each recruit one-on-one to make sure that they were understanding the material and getting the most out of the training.

The recruits were all in high spirits, eager to start their new lives as police officers. But unbeknownst to them, there was someone lurking in the shadows, plotting to ruin their dreams.

Chapter Four: Mauser’s Sabotage

Commandant Mauser had been busy all day, setting up his plan and making sure that everything was perfect. Now it was time for him to put his scheme into action.

The following day, when the recruits were in the middle of their training, Mauser made his move. He sent out a notification that the governor was going to make an unannounced visit and that they were to put on a demonstration of their training.

The recruits were immediately thrown into chaos, scrambling to prepare for the governor’s visit. Mauser watched from afar, an evil smirk on his face as he knew that Lassard would be unable to have them ready in time.

Chapter Five: The Final Showdown

The day of the governor’s visit had arrived, and the pressure was on. The recruits had worked hard to prepare, but they were still uncertain if they would be able to pull off a successful demonstration.

Commandant Lassard had done his best to reassure them, but the tension was still palpable. Fear and doubt were written on the faces of the students as the governor’s car pulled up to the academy.

Commandant Mauser was smugly standing in the background, waiting for the governor’s verdict. He had done all he could to sabotage Lassard and the academy, but the final decision was now out of his hands.

The governor entered the room and began to observe the demonstration. He watched as the recruits worked together to display their training, their determination and skill evident in their every move.

As the governor made his way around the room, Commandant Lassard could feel his heart pounding in his chest. He knew that this was it; if the governor was impressed, then the academy was saved.

Finally, the governor had seen enough. He cleared his throat and spoke.

“I am pleased to say that the performance of these students has been impeccable. I hereby declare that the police academy is fit to continue its operation. Congratulations to Commandant Lassard and all of his students.”

The governor’s words were met with a huge cheer from the students, and Commandant Lassard could feel a wave of relief wash over him. He had done it – he had saved the academy.

Commandant Mauser was fuming in the corner, his plans to sabotage Lassard had failed spectacularly. He tried to keep his composure, but his fury was palpable.

Commandant Lassard had won the day, and now the future of the academy was secure.

Some scenes from the AI movie Police Academy 3

EXT. Police Academy – Day

The police academy sits in the middle of the city, its imposing brick walls, and steel gates a testament to the hard work of its instructors and students.

The gates open, and a stream of eager recruits file in. Some chat excitedly, some look determined and others can barely contain their nerves.

They all make their way towards the main hall.

INT. Main Hall – Police Academy

The recruits enter the main hall and take their seats. The room is abuzz with chatter, and everyone is looking around curiously.

Commandant Lassard steps up to the podium in front of the recruits. He clears his throat and the room falls silent.


Welcome to the police academy. This is the start of the journey that will turn you into the best police officers our city has ever seen.

The recruits look at each other in awe, the reality of what they have undertaken sinking in.


Now, I’m sure you are all eager to get started. So, let’s get down to business.

He launches into a passionate speech about the importance of law enforcement and the responsibilities of a police officer.

As he speaks, Commandant Mauser enters the room. He stands in the back, watching Lassard with an icy glare.

The recruits are oblivious to his presence, their attention focused on Lassard as he wraps up his speech.


So, are you ready to start your training?

The recruits cheer in response.


Very well. Let’s get to work.


EXT. Outside of the Police Academy – Day

The recruits spill out of the main hall, eager to start their training. They are split into their respective departments and given a designated instructor.

INT. Hallway – Police Academy

Commandant Lassard watches the recruits walk off with a sense of pride. As he turns to leave, he notices Mauser still lurking in the shadows. He ignores him and continues walking.

EXT. Firing Range – Police Academy

The recruits have arrived at their first training session. They excitedly take their positions and get ready to learn how to handle firearms.

The instructor takes out a gun and calls for attention. The room falls silent as the instructor begins to explain the basics of gun safety and how to fire the weapon.

The recruits listen intently, taking in every word of the instructor.

As the lesson progresses, a shadow passes over the window. Mauser is outside, watching the lesson with a sinister expression.

The lesson continues and the recruits show marked improvement over the course of the hour.

INT. Hallway – Police Academy

Commandant Lassard is walking down the hallway when he notices Mauser again. He stops and stares at the man, a frown on his face.


What are you doing here?

Mauser looks away, a smirk on his face.


Just observing.

Commandant Lassard narrows his eyes and continues walking away. Mauser watches him go, hatred in his eyes.

EXT. Governor’s Office – Day

Commandant Lassard and Commandant Mauser are standing in the hallway, waiting for the governor’s arrival. They stand in tense silence, neither one willing to break it.

Suddenly, the door to the office opens and Governor Neilson emerges. He looks at the two men and shakes his head.


I can already tell that this meeting won’t be a pleasant one.

The men stand in silence as the governor looks from one to the other.


Well, let’s get started.

INT. Governor’s Office – Day

Governor Neilson is sitting behind his desk, looking over a stack of documents. Commandant Lassard and Commandant Mauser stand on either side of him, both looking tense.


So, Commandant Lassard, you have proposed that this police academy should be given the green light to continue operating.

Lassard nods.


Yes, sir. I believe that it is a vital part of our city’s infrastructure and can offer an invaluable service to the people of this city.


And what do you have to say, Commandant Mauser?

Mauser steps forward, a smirk on his face.


I believe that the academy is a waste of resources and that it should be shut down immediately.

Governor Neilson sighs and looks from one commandant to the other.


I see. It looks like I will have to make a tough decision here.

INT. Main Hall – Police Academy

The recruits are assembled in the main hall, anxiously awaiting the governor’s verdict. Commandant Lassard is standing at the front of the room, a worried expression on his face.

Suddenly, the doors open and Governor Neilson enters. Everyone falls silent as he looks around the room.

After a few moments, the governor clears his throat and speaks.


I’ve come to a decision. After carefully considering both Commandant Lassard’s and Commandant Mauser’s arguments, I have decided to approve the continuation of the police academy.

The recruits burst into applause, relieved that the academy will remain open. Commandant Lassard sighs in relief, a smile on his face.

Commandant Mauser stands in the corner, his face full of anger and frustration.

The governor turns to the recruits and smiles.


I have faith that you will all make the best of this opportunity and become the best police officers our city has ever seen.

The governor nods and leaves the room. The recruits cheer and celebrate their victory.

Commandant Lassard looks around the room, a sense of pride in his eyes. His plan had worked – and he had saved the academy.

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