Penguins of Madagascar

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Far away in the arctic lies a secret base – Base National Wind, a centre of a covert organisation, staffed by the most elite team of espionage birds. Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private, the four members of the avian force, have the toughest and most important mission of their career: to stop the villainous Dr. Octavius Brine and his evil plan to destroy the world.

But this is no ordinary mission; the birds must join forces with the North Wind’s mysterious leader, Agent Classified, a handsome Eurasian wolf. With his knowledge and incomparable force, he is the only one who can help them decipher the riddles of Dr. Brine’s dastardly plan, and to save the world from his sinister device.

Amidst the chaos and dangers of their mission, the birds must embark on a wild and funny adventure to uncover the secrets of the North Wind and to put a stop to Dr. Brine’s maniacal schemes. Will they succeed in time?

Chapter 1

The four birds, Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private, were in the middle of their training session in the penguin habitat in New York City, when they were disturbed by a loud ringing sound. Skipper, the leader of the flock, immediately recognized the sound as a coded transmission coming from the North Wind.

“Guys, that’s a distress call from the North Wind,” Skipper said. “We’ve got to go and help them out.”

Kowalski, the smart and nerdy one, piped up. “I think that should be fairly easy, Skipper. All we have to do is find the source of the signal and plug it in to our computers.”

Rico, the one with the serious attitude, disagreed. “That’s too simple. It could be a trap. We should approach this one with caution.”

Private, the youngest and most inexperienced of the group, was getting more and more nervous. “I’m not so sure about this. What if we get caught?”

Skipper patted him on the shoulder. “Don’t worry, Private, we won’t be caught. We’re the best at what we do!”

The four birds set off on their mission to investigate the distress call, not knowing what secrets of the North Wind were waiting to be discovered.

Chapter 2

Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private followed the distress signal to a hidden military base in the Arctic. It was an ominous place; a place where the North Wind resided.

The birds snuck into the base and found an empty room. Kowalski immediately got to work, connecting his computer to the base’s mainframe to try and locate the source of the signal.

After a few minutes of trying, the four birds were surprised to hear a voice coming from the speakers. It was a deep, raspy voice, with a hint of a growl.

“Greetings, brave birds,” said the voice. “I am Agent Classified, leader of the North Wind. We are in need of your assistance. Can you help us?”

The four birds were very intrigued by the mysterious Agent Classified and agreed to help him with his mission. However, they had no idea of the dangers that lied ahead of them.

Chapter 3

Agent Classified revealed to Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private the dark details of his mission. He told them that the evil Dr. Octavius Brine was plotting to destroy the world with a powerful device known as the Octavian Ray.

The four birds were shocked by the news and immediately agreed to help Agent Classified in his mission.

The next morning, the five of them set off on a wild and hilarious adventure. They ventured across the globe, infiltrating secret bases and facing off against Dr. Brine and his henchmen. The four birds were surprised by Agent Classified’s skills and knowledge, and were determined to put a stop to Dr. Brine’s sinister plan.

However, their mission was not without its dangers. The four birds faced many obstacles on their journey, including being captured by Dr. Brine and his minions. But with Agent Classified’s help and their own resourcefulness, the birds managed to escape and eventually discover the truth behind Dr. Brine’s plan.

Chapter 4

With the help of Agent Classified, the four birds were able to uncover the dark secrets behind Dr. Brine’s device: the Octavian Ray was a powerful weapon that had the power to wipe out the world in an instant.

The four birds were horrified by the news and determined to put a stop to Dr. Brine and his evil plan. Agent Classified revealed that the only way to deactivate the device was by entering its core programming, a feat that was impossible to do without the help of an experienced computer hacker.

Kowalski immediately volunteered for the job, and the four birds, along with Agent Classified, ventured back to Dr. Brine’s base to infiltrate the core programming.

The mission was a success and the team were able to deactivate the Octavian Ray without a hitch. The world was safe and the four birds were triumphant.


The four birds, Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private, returned to New York City triumphant. The North Wind’s mission had been a success, and the world was safe once again.

Agent Classified returned to his base, and the four birds were able to go back to their everyday lives. They returned to their penguin habitat, but their mission with the North Wind had changed them for the better.

The four birds had come to realize that they were capable of more than they ever imagined. They had learnt to work together and to think outside the box. They had learnt the importance of friendship and loyalty.

The four birds were now the elitists of the elite, and no mission would ever be too challenging for them. Their adventure with the North Wind had been the greatest and most hilarious one of their lives, and they would never forget it.


A flock of birds is soaring through the sky. Suddenly, the flock starts to bank and descend, landing in a clearing where four penguins waddle away and stand side by side.

RIKO: Wow, look at us! We’re a team!

KOWALSKI: I would like to formally introduce myself as our leader, Kowalski.

SKIPPER: No way! I’m the leader!

KOWALSKI: But I’m the smartest of the group.

SKIPPER: Yeah, but I’ve got the guts and the know-how!

RICO: (interrupts) Who cares? Let’s just get going!

PRIVATE: Maybe we can take turns being leader.

KOWALSKI: Excellent idea Private! Come, let’s be off to our adventure!


The four penguins are walking through the woods, when suddenly they hear a voice behind them.

CLASSIFIED: (off-screen) Hello there!

The penguins turn to see a handsome Eurasian wolf standing behind them.

CLASSIFIED: Welcome to your first mission. I am Agent Classified, leader of the secret organization, The North Wind.

SKIPPER: Wait, you mean like the wind that takes us south?

CLASSIFIED: More or less. Now follow me, and I will explain your mission on the way.


The penguins and Agent Classified arrive at the North Wind base. Agent Classified leads the penguins inside and explains their mission to them.

CLASSIFIED: Your mission is to stop the evil Dr. Octavius Brine from destroying the world as we know it.

KOWALSKI: Where do we start?

CLASSIFIED: You must first acquire information on the doctor’s plans.

SKIPPER: How are we supposed to do that?

CLASSIFIED: You four are the best covert birds in the business. Use all your skills to find out what you need. Now, go get him!


The four penguins make their way through the city streets, trying to find out what Dr. Brine is up to. They see a suspicious looking man walking ahead of them, and decide to follow him.


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