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When a photograph captures a murder, a photographer must risk everything to uncover the truth. Watch the original…

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The French Connection

In the dangerous pursuit of justice, one detective will stop at nothing to catch the kingpin of an…

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Mulholland Drive

In Hollywood, dreams can become nightmares, and identities unravel like a thread in the wind. Watch the original…

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Double Indemnity

Greed, deceit, and murder collide in this gripping tale of a deadly insurance scam. Watch the original version…

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Enter a nightmare world of mutant babies, dark secrets and industrial horror in this gripping novel based on…

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Dirty Harry

In a city of chaos, one cop will stop at nothing to take down a killer. Watch the…

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When justice is taken into their own hands, will they be able to face the consequences? Watch the…

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Seven Years in Tibet

A journey to the roof of the world, where friendship, adventure and life-changing experiences await. Watch the original…

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Paths of Glory

In war, justice is often the first casualty. Watch the original version of Paths of Glory ★★★★★ ★★★★★…

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Dog Day Afternoon

When desperation meets opportunity, the perfect crime becomes a media circus with unexpected consequences. Watch the original version…