Cold Mountain

“An unyielding testament to love, resilience, and the indomitable human spirit in the crucible of war.”

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Prologue:”The Silent Reverberation”

In the gruesome tableau of the American Civil War, one soldier’s story intertwined with the tale of a young, unseasoned farm wife in the distant reaches of Cold Mountain. The soldier, W. P. Inman, in the disarray of the Confederates, laid injured and mired in his thoughts. The once vibrant blue eyes were now a stark contrast to the mud-caked face, staring emptily at the smoke-filled sky. His mind, however, was on a whole different continent; it was back home.

Chapter 1: “A Rift in Time”

He remembered the first time he met her, Ada; it was like time had decided to slow down, accentuating each detail of their encounter. The way her ginger hair tumbled down her shoulders, her gray eyes sparkling with wit and curiosity, and the soft cadence of her southern drawl still echoed in his mind. He was a rugged man with a stoic demeanor, she was a vibrant soul full of dreams – an unlikely pair pulled together by the force of shared solitude.

Inman’s reverie was broken by the shattering sound of a bullet whizzing past him, burying itself into the tiny cross, an emblem of faith, standing alone in the dilapidated hospital. It served as a grim reminder of his pressing reality; he was a man marooned in a world of blood, sweat, and gunpowder. But his heart was somewhere else: it lay nestled in the green folds of the Cold Mountain, within a little farm he had left under his young wife’s care.

Simultaneously, miles away, Ada Monroe, donned in a faded apron, surveyed the same farm, the corners of her lips twitching in a weak smile. Inman’s farm. Their farm. The relentless North Carolina sun cast long shadows, the rows of wilted crops standing as woeful sentinels of their dwindling fortune. Her aristocratic upbringing hadn’t prepared her for this. She was a bird thrust out of its luxurious cage into the wilderness.

Her reminiscence of Inman was just as vivid, almost painfully so. She remembered their last evening together, his bristly beard against her skin, the way his eyes reflected the hue of the setting sun, and the tremble in his voice as he bid her goodbye. She was his beacon now, the only thing anchoring him to the world.

Just as Ada was grappling with her solitude, a new character was poised to enter her life. Ruby Thewes, a drifter with a cryptic past and hands hardened by the severity of life, was approaching their farm. Her arrival was marked by a cloud of Maryland dust that the gentle southern winds carried under the azure skies. Ruby was the embodiment of survival, her fiery spirit a stark contrast to Ada’s genteel fragility.

As Ruby stepped onto the farm, Ada couldn’t shake off the burning gaze of her piercing blue eyes, which held a thousand untold stories. She was a piece of puzzle Ada didn’t know she was missing. As their worlds spiraled into a chaotic blend of war, survival, and longing, they both wondered how their initial meeting would shape their future.

How would Ruby, with her raw tenacity, fill the gaping void in Ada’s life left by Inman’s absence? How would the echo of the war brewing afar mold their destinies? As Inman, thousands of miles away, grappled with his reality, the women toiled under the unforgiving southern sun, their lives inextricably entwined by the strings of fate.

The story of W.P. Inman, Ada Monroe, and Ruby Thewes was just unfolding, a tale of love, despair, resilience, and redemption against the backdrop of a nation torn asunder. Their paths, laden with trials and tribulations, would cross and diverge, each twist and turn a testament to their unwavering resolve. The echoes of their saga would reverberate through the silent hills of Cold Mountain.

Chapter 2: “Desertion and Devotion”

The bone-chilling morning air hung heavy as Inman arose from the straw mattress, feeling the sharp pain of new wounds cutting through his old scars. He had spent weeks in the dismal Confederate hospital, the muffled screams of wounded soldiers serving as a constant reminder of the horrors he’d endured. But it was not the war that plagued his thoughts. It was Ada. Her image – the way her chestnut hair framed her soft features, the way her eyes sparkled with untamed life– kept his will alive, stronger than any order from his superiors. He was ready to desert his unit and embark on a dangerous voyage back to his beloved.

Inman’s choice to desert was given weight by the unwavering belief that he would be of greater use alive, tending to his farm and wife, rather than feeding an aimless war with his blood. His conscience whispered tales of treachery, but he silenced it with thoughts of their shared dreams, still unfulfilled. The journey would be perilous, perhaps more life-threatening than the war itself, but the sight of Cold Mountain, of Ada, was worth every risk.

Meanwhile, miles away nestled in the cradle of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Ada Monroe was grappling with her own reality. Tragedy had thrust her into a life she was ill-prepared for, the charm of their farm fading with each passing day. The death of her father had left their farm bereft of a caretaker, and Ada – who was more accustomed to embroidery hoops than hoe handles – was on the brink of starvation.

Ada had become a fierce young woman, sharper than the frosty mountain winds, more resilient than the oldest oak on their land. Her pain had hardened her, and she was determined to keep her promise to Inman, to protect their farm until his return. She decided to swallow her pride and accept help, a decision that led her to Ruby Thewes.

Ruby was an enigma, her eyes held stories of hardships faced and conquered, her skin mapped with scars from battles unknown. She had knocked on Ada’s door after a kindly neighbor sent her, offering assistance in return for food and shelter. Her knowledge of farming was extensive, honed by years of survival in the wilderness. With Ruby’s arrival, the once desolate farm began to breathe again. The fields that were plagued with weeds now promised a rich crop, while the crumbling barn had been mended, horses neighing in contentment.

Ada and Ruby formed an unlikely bond, two women as different as fire and ice, united by their shared struggle. Ruby, with her practical wisdom, proved to be the balm to Ada’s woes, guiding her through the intricacies of farm life. Ada, in return, offered Ruby a sense of family, something the drifter had longed for but never experienced. Their understanding was unspoken, deepened with each setting sun and shared supper.

This chapter of their lives was a testament to their unyielding resolve. Inman, the devoted soldier-turned-deserter, was ready to challenge fate and traverse hostile terrain for the love he had left behind. And Ada, the fragile lady of the house, had risen to the occasion, adapting to the harsh life of a farm with an iron will. Both seemed painfully aware of the reality: that their paths were intertwined with the war, forging an uncertain future. But in their hearts, they held on to the image of a shared life, of a farm twinkling under the vast Carolina skies, hoping their love would be strong enough to withstand the storm.

Chapter 3: “Perilous Pathways”

In the twilight of a day not too dissimilar from the one Inman spent in the periphery of death, he found himself embarking on a journey that was as uncertain as the shifting autumn skies. The greens of the forest were melding into the burnished hues of the setting sun, its shimmering rays bouncing off the leaves, reflecting the multi-shaded tapestry of his journey’s uncertainties. He was setting forth with one goal: to find Cold Mountain, to find Ada, and ultimately, rediscover himself.

Inman’s journey was no stroll in the park; he covered his Confederate uniform beneath civilian clothes, wrapping his swollen, wounded body in cloaks of anonymity. Along the tortuous roads, he survived on scraps of food from abandoned farms and the kindness of reluctant strangers. He slept in deserted cabins and underneath the star-streaked sky, the nocturnal whispers of crickets and rustling trees his only company.

Each step was a deliberate act of defiance, a rejection of the war that had torn nations and hearts apart. Inman’s memories of Ada were his guiding lighthouse, the inviting warmth of their shared love propelling him forward. He clung onto the hope that Ada was yet tending to their farm, waiting for his return with the same unwavering devotion that he carried in his yearning heart. Simultaneously, the fear that some other force could have claimed her gnawed at him, feeding into the urgency of his journey.

Back in Cold Mountain, Ada’s world had spun into a frenzy of its own. The once vibrant farm was now hanging by a thread, its fields coated with an untouched layer of bitterness. Each passing day chipped away at Ada’s hope, the silence ringing loud in Inman’s absence. However, the arrival of Ruby, with her earthy wisdom and tough love, had brought a glimmer of hope.

Ruby was a juxtaposition of rough edges and gentle understanding. She breathed life back into the farm, armed with nothing more than labor-calloused hands and an unyielding spirit. The farm started to hum with the symphony of hard work and resilience under Ruby’s guidance. Together, they toiled under the sun and by the light of the lanterns, their bodies aching but spirits unbroken.

But even as the farm began to show signs of revival, the women found themselves wrestling with their own ghosts. Ruby’s past was a labyrinth of abandonment and broken dreams that she wrapped in a shroud of indifference, while Ada, yearning for Inman’s return, lived in the torment of not knowing if her husband was alive.

As Inman faced the daunting adversities of his journey, and as Ada and Ruby battled their demons, these individual narratives began to intertwine, like rivers converging into a sea. Their journeys, though different, were laced with a common thread; they were all trials of survival, tests of their will to hold onto their dreams and humanity amidst the chaos of war.

In the face of insurmountable odds and the promise of even greater challenges that lay ahead, the trio pressed on. They maneuvered through their journeys, living for the day they would find solace; for Inman, in the embrace of his beloved Ada, and for Ada and Ruby, in the success of their shared endeavor.

For, in the heart of these tumultuous times, they found their strength. Inman’s faith in love drove him to resist the war’s pull, and Ada and Ruby’s faith in each other gave them the courage to turn a dying farm back to life. And so, their journeys continued, like the relentless river carving its path, seeking its culmination, a testament to their indomitable spirit, their unyielding determination, and their unrelenting will to survive.

Chapter 4: “Relentless Resolve”

Each rustle, each odd click, raised Inman’s guard. He crept through the eerie darkness of the forest, the intense silence occasionally broken by the distant cry of night animals. His strength was ebbing, his spirit wavering, but the image of Ada, their farm, their dreams, kept him moving. The undulating hills and seemingly endless stretches were vast and unyielding, teeming with both concealed dangers and hidden mercies.

The hazards of the journey home had chiseled deeper lines onto his face, the toll it took on him visible in his weary eyes. His once robust physique was now a mere shadow of its former self. His hands, calloused and chapped, held tightly to his companion of solitude, his worn-out shotgun. His body ached from the harsh realities of his journey, but his soul ached for Ada.

Simultaneously, a comparable relentless resolve was shaping the lives of two women back on the farm. Ada, her once-delicate hands now rough and blistered, battled with the stubborn soil. The city-bred southern belle had found an unlikely ally in Ruby, a hardy country girl with a knack for understanding the rhythm of the earth. Their bond grew with each day, their shared labors rooting their friendship. Ruby, with her sun-weathered skin and keen eyes, was the guiding star Ada desperately needed.

The farm had become a battlefield of its own, each hard-earned triumph a precious victory. They coaxed life from the stubborn earth and weathered the merciless storms. Life was raw and rugged, the relentless cycle of toil and reward, echoing the rhythm of the very land they tamed. Their hands, stained with the rich brown of the earth and the red of their blood, bore testimony to their struggle.

Back in the wilderness, Inman found himself in the tight grip of a chilling winter. Cold winds cut through his ragged union suit. Each gust seemed to carry away a piece of his life force, testing his resolve to its limit. Hunger gnawed at him, each passing day making the prospect of finding sustenance more crucial. The woods, though a treacherous labyrinth of hidden threats, also offered unforeseen lifelines. He foraged for meager sustenance, each found berry or root a small triumph in the wilderness.

One day, stalked by a Confederate patrol, Inman risked capture. The patrol was close on his trail, their hushed voices carried by the wind. He hid in the shadow of an ancient oak, waiting for the danger to pass. His heart pounded against his chest; he could almost hear it echoing through the silent forest. Survival was a wild dance with death in close quarters, each misstep a potential plunge into the abyss.

A similar dance was unfolding on the Cold Mountain farm. Ruby and Ada faced an imminent threat of marauding soldiers. They fortified their farm with whatever means they had, makeshift barriers and hidden caches. They were two women in a man’s world, their vulnerabilities apparent, their strength not between the ordinary sight. They worked, not just to feed themselves, but to defend their sanctuary.

As Inman faced down his enemies and obstacles, his thoughts turned to Ada. He remembered her laughing under the summer sun, her voice softer than the babbling brook nearby. His heart clung to the memory of her touch, the feel of her skin against his, her locks cascading like a waterfall of golden silk. Her name became a prayer, a beacon guiding him through his journey. His soul yearned for her, his heart fought for her, his strength endured for her.

Meanwhile, back at the farm, Ada clung to her memories of Inman, his smile, his spirit, his love. These sweet memories became her source of solace, making the harsh storms and relentless work bearable. Each night, she would look over the vast, star-studded sky, her heart reaching out for her distant lover.

Through each trial, each tribulation, their relentless resolve grew stronger. Echoing across the miles, Ada and Inman’s struggles embodied the timeless acts of survival and tenacity. The trials of the journey against the trials of preserving a home, all under the grim shroud of war, painted a captivating tale of love, resilience, and unyielding faith. Their lives, though separate, were inextricably entwined, a testament to their unending love. The chapter closes with the promise of another day, a glimmer of hope ascending with the morning sun. Their relentless resolve becomes the beating heart of their survival, their love, their dreams.

Chapter 5: “Bittersweet Interludes”

The chapter opened with Inman, worn and weary, taking shelter in a dilapidated barn. The wind outside howled like a lonesome specter, a grim reminder of the relentless adversity he faced. He was far from the battlefield, far from the grey-clad soldiers and their hollow tin drums, yet the echo of the war surrounded him, as persistent as his own heartbeat.

A chance encounter at a creek had led him to a kind-hearted farmer, a man named Solomon who gratefully traded shelter for Inman’s hard day’s work. The farmhouse, nestled in a vast blanket of golden wheat fields, was a rare oasis of peace, untouched by the ravages of the war. Even in his exhaustion, Inman found a thread of solace in the familiarity of the barn, in the sweet, earthy aroma of grains, and the silent companionship of Solomon’s livestock.

His nights were filled with dreams of Ada, of the blinding brightness of her smile, of her soft voice carried by the summer breeze as they lay beneath the shade of the old oak tree. They were dreams that felt more like cruel taunts, amplifying his longing for her to a heart-searing pitch. Each morning he woke with an ache that weighed heavy in his chest, a hollow space that only Ada’s presence could fill. His only consolation was knowing that every mile behind him was a mile closer to home.

Far away, Ada too grappled with the harsh reality of their separation. The farm had become her refuge and prison all at once. The once-familiar landscape, now transformed under Ruby’s determined hand, felt alien. Yet, it was filled with hidden reminders of Inman – the toolshed where he had carved their names into the wood, the porch where they had spent countless evenings watching the stars, the doorway where they had shared their first stolen kiss. Each memory was a bittersweet stab and she clung to them, for it was all she had left of him.

Ruby, the woman who could read the land like a book and held a wealth of knowledge in her calloused hands, became Ada’s unlikely ally. She was rough around the edges, her words often as prickly as the thorns she mercilessly pruned from their wild rose bushes. Yet, beneath that tough exterior, Ada glimpsed a woman who had weathered her own storms, a woman who understood loss and yearning as intimately as Ada herself did.

Under Ruby’s unwavering guidance, the farm began to thrive. The barren fields were now a verdant sea of green waving proudly in the wind. The orchard bore fruit, the barn was filled with livestock, and their larder was stocked for the approaching winter. Through Ruby, Ada discovered a resilience she never knew she possessed. While Ruby taught her how to sow seeds and mend fences, she also taught her how to embrace solitude, to find hope amidst despair, and most importantly, to keep the flame of faith alive.

There were moments of unexpected joy. The satisfaction of a hard day’s work, the triumph of their first harvest, the delight of a shared laughter – the sweetness of these moments tempered the sharpness of her longing for Inman. Each passing day further cemented the bond between the two women. They had started as two strangers forced together by circumstance, but they were now allies, friends, almost sisters.

Back at the barn in Solomon’s farm, Inman received a letter, a small piece of paper that carried a universe of emotions. Ada’s handwriting, shaky but firm, filled him with a rush of longing and a pang of guilt. She wrote of the farm, of her struggles, of her unlikely companionship with Ruby. But beneath the lines, Inman sensed the unwavering love, the unspoken desire, the unperturbed hope – all that kept her going, all that was keeping him going. He clung to her words like a lifeline, a ray of hope piercing through his dire circumstances, rekindling his resolve to return to her. Despite the daunting journey that lay ahead, knowing that Ada waited for him, filled him with a purpose that was more powerful than any force he had ever known.

Thus, the story of Ada and Inman, intertwined yet miles apart, continued to unfold, a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the unyielding power of love. The winds of war might have blown them apart, but their shared dream and an unspoken promise held them together, giving them the strength to face the uncertain future. Each bittersweet interlude a stepping stone, leading them closer to the day when they could finally reclaim the peaceful life that they once knew.

Chapter 6: “The Final Struggle”

Inman could almost taste the freedom as the towering peaks of Cold Mountain came into view. He’d been on the run too long, its treacherous perils stretching his endurance thin, yet those acquaint mountain ranges held an intimate essence of home that made his heart quiver in anticipation. The journey, volatile and fraught with danger, was almost over.

Meanwhile, Ada and Ruby faced a war of their own. The South was a battleground, but their most immediate threat was the menacing winter. Soldiers, displaced like parasites, roamed the land hijacking anything they could to survive. Ruby took precautions, her eyes vigilantly scanning their property, her shotgun always within reach.

Inman settled under the stars one last time, haunted by the chilling wind that carried the echo of war. He’d witnessed the cruelest things a man could do, confronted his own mortality, devoured by solitude. Yet, it was fear for Ada that cut the deepest. The Ada he remembered was tender and delicate, a daisy lost amidst thistle. He’d left her to fend for herself, a burden that riddled him with guilt.

Ada, on the other hand, had evolved. Through hardships and Ruby’s ruthless mentoring, she’d transformed into a resilient woman. Her hands were calloused, her spirit untamed, breaking the shackles of refined ladylike expectations. She was no longer just the fragile beauty waiting for her husband. She was a survivor.

A week’s journey lay between Inman and his destination. As he slogged on, the skeletal trees and harsh winds of winter painted a grim portrait of survival. Hunger gnawed at him like a relentless beast. His once mighty strength was dwindling. However, his spirit, fueled by love, was indomitable.

Simultaneously, Ada and Ruby battled their personal demons. They faced them with dignity, their bond becoming stronger, their friendship an unspoken pact of sisterhood. Ruby, the stoic and shrewd, kept a vigilant eye for imminent danger, while Ada provided the heart that kept their makeshift family together. They powered through, determined to outlast the Civil War’s unforgiving winter.

Suddenly, their sanctuary was under threat – marauding soldiers, desperate and feral, had found their farm. The air tensed as Ruby loaded her shotgun. Ada, fear and courage dancing in her eyes, clung to Ruby’s side.

Inman, foreseeing his reunion with Ada, felt a rush of adrenaline. Fear and anticipation were a strange blend, moving him forward, pushing him towards the edge of exhaustion, and yet, so close to his end goal.

As the soldiers advanced, Ruby shot a warning. Undeterred, they lunged forward, a rabid pack driven by hunger and desperation, their vacant eyes mirroring the horrors of war. It was kill or be killed. Ruby fired again, Ada echoing her resolve. A battle ensued, the farm echoing with the eerie silence that follows gunfire.

The climax was catastrophic. Inman, now at the foot of the mountain, was a hair’s breadth away from his destination. Fear twisted his gut as the distant sound of gunshots sliced through the eerie silence. Ada, was she alright?

The battle ended, the marauders retreating. Their farm was safe, but the silence that followed was haunting. Ada and Ruby stood, breathing heavily, the bitter taste of survival on their tongues. Despite the victory, the weight of the ordeal hung heavy, a stark reminder of the cruel world they inhabited.

As dawn broke, Inman saw the first light kiss the peaks of Cold Mountain. He was home at last. But at what cost? His ordeal had ended, but what had he returned to? Only time would tell.

This chapter was an intense climax of human perseverance, the defiant spirit of survival, and the looming specter of uncertainty. Inman and Ada’s parallel journeys, while physically separate, were emotionally aligned. Their love, a beacon that guided them through their hardships, awaited a test it had never faced before. Will it pass or perish under the relentless onslaught of the Civil War and time’s unforgiving march? Only the final chapter would reveal.

Chapter 7: “A Frayed Reunion”

The silhouette of Cold Mountain stood stark against the dawn as W.P. Inman, scarred by the horrors of the Civil War, and the trials of his grueling journey, trudged the final stretch home. The mountain, etched into the morning light, seemed to him an embodiment of a quiet strength, much like Ada, the wife he hadn’t seen in what seemed like a lifetime. His gaze fell upon the familiar grazing fields gone wild, the humble farmstead in the distance, and something inside him unclenched.

Simultaneously, Ada Monroe, with her hands calloused from months of struggling with the unyielding soil, looked up from the frost-kissed fields to see a ragged figure on the horizon. Could it be him? Her heart leapt, but she also felt an unfamiliar prick of apprehension. They were not the same people who had once whispered sweet promises under the cool mountain sky.

Inman’s entrance was quiet, a far cry from the grand reunion he’d dreamt of during endless nights on the road. He saw Ada, her beauty resilient against time and hardship, speaking animatedly with Ruby, a strapping woman weathered by worldly knowledge. He noticed the changes in Ada – the woman he had left was now replaced by someone brighter and stronger, a survivor. Ada’s eyes met his, and in that moment, all his trials seemed worth the struggle.

The reunion was a tremulous juxtaposition of joy, relief, and a deep-seated fear of the unknown. Their mutual silence spoke volumes, each reflecting on the journey that brought them there. There was an air of familiarity, yet a strange sense of distance, a testament to their individual trials.

On the periphery, Ruby watched, a pang of unease settling within as she saw the bond that Ada and Inman shared. Ruby had found a home in Ada’s farm, had managed to shed her drifter skin. Now, with Inman’s return, the life she had grown to love seemed to hang in the balance.

As the days passed, Ada and Inman navigated their reunion, unraveling the pieces of their own journeys to each other. They found comfort in shared glances, laughing at old jokes, and quiet conversations under the stars. But, the war had carved deep scars, invisible yet palpable. Inman wrestled with unseen demons, while Ada bore the weight of newfound responsibilities, and amidst it all, they found love again – a love molded by hardship and patience.

Meanwhile, Ruby found herself torn. She had grown attached to Ada and the farm, yet a part of her yearned for the open road, for freedom. Eventually, she chose to leave, but not before making sure Ada was secure and content. Her departure left a bittersweet taste, a blend of melancholy and liberation.

The war ended, but life on the mountain was far from peaceful. Ada and Inman found themselves battling the remnants of the war – both within and outside. They faced marauding soldiers, dire winters, and personal demons. Their love was tested time and again, but each tribulation only strengthened their bond.

Their tale was one of resilience, of a love so tenacious, it weathered the brutal storms of war. It was about two souls, separated by circumstances, united by an undying love. Their story reverberated across the valleys and peaks of Cold Mountain, a testament to their enduring spirit. In the end, they found their home, not just in the land they had fought to keep but in each other. Through their journey, they understood the true essence of home – it wasn’t just a place, but a feeling, a sense of belonging that anchored them amidst life’s tempests. Thus, as the sun dipped below the horizon, painting the sky with hues of pink and orange, Ada and Inman stood against the backdrop of their resilient farm, forever embraced by their beloved Cold Mountain.

Some scenes from the movie Cold Mountain written by A.I.

Scene 1



In makeshift beds under grimy canvas, WOUNDED SOLDIERS moan with pain. Among them is a bronzed, bearded man – W.P. INMAN (mid-30s) – battered but unbroken.



Inman with a woman, ADA (early 30s) – beautiful, with an air of delicate strength. They are in a domestic bliss, a stark contrast to the sombre hospital scene.



Inman clenches his teeth, an echo of the gunshot ringing in his ears. He clutches onto a TINTYPE PHOTO of Ada.



Ada, in a simple dress, navigates the farm. It’s clear she’s out of her depth. A field of wilting crops in the background.

Suddenly, an older woman, RUBY (late 30s) – roughened by the elements but with an inviting warmth, steps onto the porch.



Miss Ada, if you’re going to make it through winter, you’re going to need my help!

Ada turns, startled but hopeful.



Scene 2



INMAN, a rugged Confederate soldier, lays on a rough cot beneath the pale moonlight, his bandaged epaulet illuminated. He clutches a worn photograph of ADA, a beautiful but worried young woman, and his gaze is haunted.



Ada, your face is my North Star.



ADA, delicately handling a plow, looks off into the distance, a forlorn expression on her face. RUBY, a shrewd and hardened drifter, approaches.


That tool won’t run itself. You need to push it, not wish upon it.



I wish I knew how to keep this place alive.


Well, wishes won’t do it, but I can.



INMAN, taking a deep breath, struggles to his feet. He glances fearfully at the patrolling GUARDS before slipping into the shadow, heading South.



ADA, under Ruby’s watchful eye, struggles with the plow. As the sun sets, they look at each other, faces streaked with dirt and sweat. A bond begins to form.



You’ll make a farmer yet, Ada.



Scene 3



The moonlight casts a ghostly pallor on INMAN, a roughened figure, with a distinct blend of determination and fear in his eyes. He treads carefully, in a landscape fraught with danger.


ADA and RUBY, two women bound by circumstance work the land in silence. Their gestures indicate a growing mutual respect, despite the apparent difference in their backgrounds.



Inman encounters a group of DESERTERS, ragged and desperate, their attention focused on a small fire.


They don’t care about us, Inman. They send us to die for their cause.

Inman’s eyes harden. He keeps his face impassive, quietly alert.



Ruby uncovers a hidden patch of ripe vegetables. Ada watches, her eyes glowing with a small victory.



Seems like this land might just feed us yet.


Inman considers the deserters, wrestling with his ethical compass. He chooses to slip away, unseen, his resolve to get to Ada stronger than ever.



Scene 4


Inman (40, gruff exterior, haunted eyes) lies on a cot, his body battered and bruised but spirit unbroken. He grips a worn-out LETTER, Ada’s words echoing in his mind.



“Hold on to this faith, Ada.”



Ada (30, beautiful, resilient) grips a PLOW, her slight form strained as she nudges it forward. Ruby (35, rugged, mysterious) watches, her gaze critical.


“Not like that, you’ll break your back.”

Ada pauses, looking up at Ruby for guidance.


“Then show me how.”

Ruby steps forward, demonstrating with an effortless push. Ada watches, her determination hardened.



Inman, ragged and weary, trudges through a dense forest. Suddenly, the SOUND OF HOUNDS barking in the distance freezes him in his tracks.

He ducks behind a fallen tree, heart pounding as the HOUNDS and their MASTERS move past his hiding spot.



Ruby and Ada sit around a fire, sharing a MEAGER MEAL. Ada studies Ruby, her curiosity piqued.


“How’d you learn to do all this, Ruby?”

Ruby looks into the fire, her past flashing in her eyes.


“Survival makes you learn fast.”

Ada nods, understanding the unspoken history.



Inman emerges from his hiding spot, his journey a continuous trial. The distant silhouette of a mountain range in view is his only solace — a beacon leading him home.

Scene 5


Inman, now a haggard and weary wanderer, stumbles upon a dilapidated barn. He carefully enters, scanning for threats. Coming across an OLD WOMAN, he breathes a sigh of relief.


You look starved, soldier.


Haven’t had a decent meal in days.

The old woman gestures towards a bowl of stew. Inman gratefully accepts.



Ada and Ruby are at the farm, working in unison. Ada pauses, looking towards the mountain, a faraway look in her eyes.


Thinking about Inman again?


I can’t help it. Every time I look at that mountain, I think of him.

Ruby, ever practical, hands her a seedling.


Best put that energy into this farm, Ada. It’s what’s keeping us alive.



Inman and the old woman converse between bites of stew.


You’re lucky, son. Many others like you didn’t make it this far.

Inman, lost in thought, barely hears her words. The camera pans onto his face, an echo of longing and grit.



Author: AI