National Treasure

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Chapter 1

Benjamin Franklin Gates awoke in the morning with a sense of unease. He had spent the last three weeks researching his family’s history, trying to piece together the clues to a national treasure hidden somewhere in the United States.

His great-grandfather had hinted at a great treasure, stashed away by President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson. But he had left out one important detail – the clue leading to the treasure chest was now scattered all over the country.

Ben’s research had taken him from the inner most archives of the Library of Congress to the hidden depths of the Smithsonian Institute. Everywhere he went, he found evidence of an intricate puzzle that was meant to be solved by his family, or so it seemed.

He had made a last-minute decision to take a much-needed break from his research and spend the day with his old friend, Ian Howe. Ian had called him the previous evening, asking him to meet him at a pub in town.

As Ben drove towards the pub, he couldn’t shake off the feeling of unease. He suspected that Ian had something important to tell him. Sure enough, when he arrived, Ian was waiting for him outside.

The two friends made their way into the pub, and Ian wasted no time in getting to the point. “I know what the next clue is,” he said, his voice low and urgent.

“The Declaration of Independence!”

Ben leaned back in his chair, stunned. “Are you serious? That’s the most famous document in all of U.S. history – it’s one of the most heavily guarded items in the country!”

Ian nodded, a determined look in his eye. “I’m not asking you to come with me, Ben. But I need your help. We need to find someone who can get us access to the document without raising suspicions. Do you know anyone who can do that?”

Ben thought for a moment, his mind going through the list of contacts he had accumulated over the years. “There is one person I think might be able to help us,” he said finally. “Her name is Abigail Chase. She’s a librarian at the National Archives. We went to school together, and I know she’s always looking for a challenge.”

Ian nodded. “It’s worth a shot. Let’s get going.”

The two friends made their way to the National Archives, and after a brief discussion with Abigail, they found themselves alone in the dimly lit rotunda. As they stood in front of the Declaration of Independence, Ben felt a wave of awe.

“What now?” he asked, gazing at the document in awe.

“According to legend,” Ian said, “Thomas Jefferson wrote a secret message on the back of this document. It’s the last clue leading to the national treasure.”

Ben looked up at Ian, a newfound determination in his eyes. “Let’s find it.”

Working quickly and meticulously, the two men examined the document. After a few minutes of careful inspection, they finally saw it – a tiny message written in Jefferson’s own handwriting.

“The Sentry’s Cove,” it said. “Fourteen oaks.”

The two friends smiled in triumph; they had finally solved the centuries-old mystery.

The next day, after obtaining the necessary permits, Ben and Ian made their way to the Sentry’s Cove. When they arrived, they saw fourteen oak trees in a circle. In the center of the circle was a small metal box.

Ben and Ian opened the box to find a small fortune in gold and silver coins, jewelry, and other artifacts – the national treasure of the United States.

Overcome with joy, the two friends looked at each other in amazement. Benjamin Franklin Gates had finally solved the mystery of the national treasure.

Some scenes from the AI movie National Treasure


A car pulls up outside of a suburban home. Inside is BENJAMIN FRANKLIN GATES, a young, determined man with a mission.

He exits the car and walks up to the front door, lost in thought. As he reaches for the door, a voice calls out from behind him.


Ben! I thought I’d find you here.

Ben turns to see his old friend IAN HOWE, a man with a wild glint in his eye.


I need your help.

Ben is hesitant, but Ian pushes on.


I know what the next clue is…

Ben looks intently at Ian, wanting to hear more.


The Declaration of Independence.


Ben and Ian make their way to the National Archives. They enter the building and make their way to the rotunda, where the Declaration of Independence is kept.

They stand in front of the document in awe, both of them lost in its beauty and majesty.

Suddenly, they notice a hidden message written on the back of the document – The Sentry’s Cove. Fourteen oaks.

The two friends share a knowing look.


Ben and Ian make their way to the Sentry’s Cove, arriving at a clearing with fourteen oak trees in a circle.

In the center of the circle, they find a small metal box. Ben and Ian open the box to find a small fortune in gold and silver coins, jewelry, and other artifacts – the national treasure of the United States.

The two friends smile in triumph, exhilarated by their success. As they take one last look around the cove, a feeling of satisfaction washes over them.

Ben and Ian have finally solved the mystery of the national treasure.


Ben and Ian are seated at a bar, each with a celebratory drink in hand. They toast each other with a smile.


To the world’s greatest sleuths!


To the national treasure!

The two friends laugh and take a sip of their drinks.

Suddenly, Ben’s expression turns serious.


We can’t tell anyone about this, Ian. We can’t let anyone else know.

Ian nods in agreement, knowing the gravity of their discovery.


We’ve discovered something amazing, something that could change history. We can’t let anyone else have it.

Ian takes a deep breath and nods.


We won’t. This is our secret.

The two friends clink their glasses together, sealing the deal.



The next morning, Ben wakes up with a smile on his face. He knows that today is going to be a good day.

He walks downstairs to find his family gathered around the kitchen table, all smiles.


We’re so proud of you, Ben. You’ve done something special.


A true Franklin would never give up on something he believes in. You’ve done your ancestors proud.

Ben smiles in appreciation and takes a seat at the table.


Thank you. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Ben’s family smiles and gives him a warm hug.


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