The Prophecy II


The world was unaware of the forces of evil at work, causing chaos and destruction all around. Every day, people cowered in fear for their lives, wondering when the next wave of terror would come their way. No one knew what was causing the madness, yet the whispers of an ancient prophecy spoke of a man who would save them all.

For years and years, people searched in vain, until one day, an unlikely hero appeared in the form of Gabriel. With a vision of justice and a mission to protect the innocent, Gabriel descended from the heavens and came to Earth. He had been sent by God to protect a special woman who was the key to stopping an evil force that threatened the future of humanity.

Gabriel had been sent to prevent the birth of a child conceived by one of his kind (the Angel Danyael) and one of God’s “monkeys” (a human woman – Valerie). This child was powerful and if it survived, it would bring ruin to the world. Gabriel was determined to save the world from this abomination, and he would do whatever it took to protect humanity.

Chapter 1

Valerie was a young woman with a tragic past. She had been orphaned as a child, and ever since then, she had lived a life of isolation and loneliness. Despite the hardships, she was a strong person and held faith that her life would one day take a turn for the better.

Little did she know that her prayers would be answered in an unlikely way. One day, a man appeared before her. He claimed to be an angel and said that he had been sent by God himself to protect Valerie and fulfill a prophecy.

Valerie was unsure of what to make of the angel’s words, but she was shaken by the intensity in his eyes. She felt as if something was stirring deep within her, as if destiny was at play.

The angel, whom Valerie would later come to know as Gabriel, had warned her not to trust him and that he was here to protect her from a great danger. Valerie had no choice but to heed his warning and allow him to guide her.

Chapter 2

Valerie and Gabriel traveled for days, with Gabriel providing valerie with a safe place to stay and protection from any danger. Eventually, they arrived at an ancient temple in the middle of nowhere. Valerie had no idea why they had come here, but Gabriel seemed to have a plan.

He informed Valerie that he was here to stop a great evil – the birth of a child. Apparently, the child was conceived by an Angel (Danyael) and a human woman (herself). If the child was born, it would bring great destruction to the world.

Although Valerie was initially scared, she was determined to help Gabriel in whatever way she could. With the help of her newfound courage, Valerie followed Gabriel into the temple and began their mission.

Chapter 3

Inside the temple, the two of them worked day and night, searching for clues about the child’s conception and birth. Finally, after weeks of searching, they found what they were looking for – a scroll with a prophecy about the child’s conception.

According to the prophecy, the child would be born nine months from the moment it was conceived. Realizing the importance of their mission, the two of them prepared for the arrival of the child.

They sought counsel from the wise men of the temple, who provided them with weapons and magical artifacts to protect the innocent. Armed with these artifacts, Gabriel and Valerie set off on a quest to protect the world from the arrival of a powerful force of evil.

Chapter 4

As the time of the child’s birth drew near, Gabriel and Valerie spent their days in preparation. Gabriel trained Valerie in the use of magical weapons, and the two of them forged a powerful bond that was based on their common desire to protect the world.

Meanwhile, in the shadows, the forces of evil were gathering. An army of darkness was slowly gathering in the city, preparing for an attack on the child when it was born. They had heard the whispers of the prophecy and were determined to prevent the birth of a powerful force of good.

Finally, the fateful day came. Valerie and Gabriel braced themselves for battle as the army of evil descended upon the city. The two of them fought bravely, using their weapons and magical artifacts to push the forces of darkness back.

Chapter 5

Eventually, the two of them were able to push back the army of evil, but not before the child was born. Valerie immediately recognized the child as her own, and she knew that this was the one they had been sent to protect.

Gabriel and Valerie dedicated their lives to protecting the child. They took it to a secret location, where they raised it in secret. Despite the danger, they shielded the child from the darkness and taught it the ways of peace and love.

The child grew quickly, and soon began to have visions of its destiny. It saw that it was meant to fight against the forces of evil, and use its power to restore peace and justice to the world.

With the help of Gabriel and Valerie, the child began to understand its purpose and prepared itself for the battle that would decide the fate of the world.

Chapter 6

Finally, the day came for the child to rise against the darkness. With Gabriel and Valerie by its side, the child stepped into the battlefield and faced its destiny. The forces of evil were stronger than ever, and the child was fighting for the future of all humanity.

The child used its powers to fight back against the darkness, and eventually it emerged victorious. The world was saved from the evil forces, and the prophecy was fulfilled.

In the aftermath of the battle, Gabriel and Valerie returned to the heavens, knowing that they had done their part to protect the world. The child, now an adult, was left alone to carry on the fight against evil and protect the innocent.


Though Gabriel and Valerie had been sent to protect the world, their greatest legacy was the powerful force for good that the child had become. To this day, the child fights against evil and stands as a symbol of hope for all mankind.

The world will never forget the heroes who saved it from certain destruction, and Valerie and Gabriel will always be remembered as the unlikely heroes who fulfilled God’s prophecy.

Some scenes from the AI movie The Prophecy II

Scene 1:



We see a patch of grass in the middle of a rolling field. The sun is setting, casting a pink-purple hue across the landscape. In the distance, a small town is visible.

ANGLE ON: VALERIE (20’s) walking across the field, alone and lost in thought. She looks up at the sky and takes a deep breath.

Suddenly, a figure appears in the sky. It’s an angel – Gabriel (30’s). He hovers above Valerie and speaks.


Valerie. I’ve been sent from God to protect you. I know of a great danger that threatens the future of this world. You must help me prevent it.

Valerie scowls and looks away. She doesn’t understand what’s going on.


What danger? How can I help?


Come with me. I’ll explain on the way.

Valerie hesitates, not sure what to do. Out of nowhere, a strong wind blows past and she closes her eyes. When she looks back up, Gabriel is gone.

Valerie shakes her head and continues walking. A sense of destiny and purpose fills her as she sets off.


Scene 2:



Valerie and Gabriel make their way through a dense forest. Gabriel is leading the way and Valerie follows close behind him, still confused but with a sense of purpose.

ANGLE ON: Gabriel and Valerie, walking silently, when suddenly Gabriel stops. He turns to Valerie and speaks.


We are nearly there.

Valerie looks around, trying to figure out where he is talking about before finally spotting an ancient temple in the distance.


Valerie and Gabriel enter the temple and survey the room. It is filled with dust and cobwebs but Valerie can feel an ancient power emanating from the walls.

Gabriel looks around and then turns to Valerie.


This is the place. The forces of evil are gathering and we must find the scrolls and artifacts that will help us protect the innocent.

Valerie nods and the two of them begin their search.


Scene 3:



Valerie and Gabriel have been searching for hours and are growing weary. Suddenly, Valerie notices a familiar looking scroll tucked away in the corner. She pulls it out and hands it to Gabriel.

ANGLE ON: Gabriel as he takes the scroll in his hands and reads it. His eyes widen in surprise.


We have done it. This is the prophecy we have been searching for.

Valerie looks at Gabriel, confused.


What does it say?

Gabriel looks at Valerie and takes a deep breath.


It says that the child will be born in nine months. We must use this time to prepare for its arrival. We must find a way to protect the child from the forces of evil.

Valerie and Gabriel look at each other with determination and understanding. They now know their purpose and set off to prepare for the child’s arrival.


Scene 4:



Valerie and Gabriel seek counsel from the wise men of the temple, who provide them with weapons and magical artifacts to protect the child.

ANGLE ON: Valerie, putting on a set of armor, as Gabriel hands her a shining sword. Valerie looks at the weapon and then at Gabriel, determination in her eyes.


We are ready.

Valerie nods and looks up to the sky. She can almost feel the forces of evil gathering in the distance.


Let’s go.

Gabriel smiles and leads the way as the two of them set off on their mission.


Author: AI