Napoleon Dynamite

In the quirks of a small town, two unlikely friends embark on an uproarious quest for unlikely glory.

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**Prologue: A Liger Among Sheep**

In the vast expanse of Idaho, where the horizon stretches endlessly and the sky melds seamlessly into the plains, lies the small town of Preston. It is the kind of place where everybody knows your name, and the highlight of the week is the high school football game. Amidst this backdrop of rural simplicity and predictable routines, lives a boy who defies the ordinary. Napoleon Dynamite is his name, a moniker as unique as the soul it represents. With hair as unruly as his collection of thrift store shirts and a demeanor that oscillates between apathetic and intensely passionate about the most peculiar things, Napoleon is an enigma wrapped in a paradox.

To the untrained eye, Napoleon might seem like a typical teenager, navigating the tumultuous waters of high school with as much grace as a cat on ice. But to those who dare look closer, he embodies the spirit of a liger—his favorite animal—a hybrid creature both powerful and mythical. In his mind, ligers represent the pinnacle of evolutionary excellence, a fitting metaphor for a boy who exists in the spaces between.

Napoleon’s life in Preston is a series of misadventures and daydreams, a quest for meaning in a world that seems to have predetermined his insignificance. He dwells in a realm of his own making, populated by characters as quirky and complex as himself, including his fiercely independent grandmother, his internet-obsessed brother Kip, and their llama, Tina, who is as much a part of the family as any human.

As Napoleon traverses the mundane and the extraordinary, his story is a testament to the idea that life is not about the hand you’re dealt, but how you play your cards. And in the end, it might just be the misfits, the dreamers, and the ligers among us who hold the key to transcending the ordinary.

**Chapter 1: The Unlikely Hero**

The sun was making its leisurely descent in Preston, casting long shadows across the high school parking lot. Napoleon Dynamite stood alone, a solitary figure against the backdrop of buses departing with the day’s finality. He was waiting, though for what, he couldn’t quite say—a sentiment that often encapsulated his existence.

Napoleon’s gaze was fixed on a group of students laughing by the entrance, their joy a foreign language he longed to understand. Shifting his weight from one boot to the other, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small, intricately drawn picture of a liger. It was his latest creation, a masterpiece of mythical proportions that represented the fusion of a lion and a tiger, embodying strength and agility. To Napoleon, it was more than just a drawing; it was a symbol of what he aspired to be—fearless and unconquerable.

The school bell’s distant echo snapped Napoleon back to reality, reminding him that he was still tethered to a world that often felt too small for his dreams. With a sigh, he folded the drawing and tucked it away, preparing to embark on the solitary walk home.

As he meandered through the streets of Preston, Napoleon’s mind wandered to the upcoming class presidency elections. They were the talk of the school, a beacon of excitement in the otherwise monotonous rhythm of high school life. Napoleon had never been one to involve himself in such matters, preferring the company of his thoughts and his pet llama, Tina, to the bustling social scene of Preston High.

However, that was before Pedro Sanchez arrived.

Pedro was a new student, and in the few weeks since he had arrived in Preston, he had become the most enigmatic presence in the halls of Preston High. With his easy smile and unassuming demeanor, Pedro had quickly garnered a following, and when he announced his intention to run for class president, no one was more surprised than Napoleon.

Napoleon and Pedro had struck up an unlikely friendship, born out of a mutual appreciation for the absurd and a shared sense of being out of place. Pedro saw in Napoleon a kindred spirit, someone who understood the allure of dreaming big in a small town. And for Napoleon, Pedro represented a beacon of possibility, a chance to be part of something greater than himself.

As Napoleon approached his house, a dilapidated structure that mirrored his unconventional life, he spotted Pedro waiting for him by the front porch. Pedro’s bike, a vintage model he had restored himself, leaned against the railing, a testament to his knack for seeing potential in the forgotten.

“Hey, Napoleon,” Pedro called out, his voice steady and calm.

Napoleon’s face broke into a rare smile. “Hey, dude. What’s up?”

“I was thinking about the election,” Pedro began, his eyes scanning the horizon as if searching for the right words. “I want to win, Napoleon. But I can’t do it alone.”

Napoleon nodded, understanding the weight of Pedro’s request. This was more than just a campaign; it was a quest for validation, a fight against the invisibility that often plagued those who dared to be different.

“I’ll help you, Pedro,” Napoleon said, his voice tinged with a determination he seldom felt. “We’ll show them what we’re made of.”

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a golden hue over the world, Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro Sanchez stood side by side, united in their pursuit of the improbable. Little did they know, their friendship would become the stuff of legend, a story of how two unlikely heroes dared to challenge the status quo and, in doing so, found their place in the world.

In Preston, Idaho, amidst the quiet beauty of the plains, a liger among sheep and a boy with a dream were about to embark on an adventure that would redefine what it meant to be extraordinary. And as the first stars began to twinkle in the twilight sky, anything seemed possible.

**Chapter 2: Pedro’s Ambition**

The sun dipped low on the horizon, painting the small town of Preston, Idaho, in a wash of golden hues. Inside the confines of Preston High, the final bell of the day rang, releasing a flood of students into the hallways. Napoleon Dynamite, with his curly, untamed hair and thrift-store clothes, navigated through the sea of teenagers, his mind as distant as the moons of Jupiter. He was an enigma, a silent observer of the world around him, rarely participating, yet always present.

As he shuffled towards his locker, he caught sight of Pedro Sanchez, the new kid in school. Pedro, with his solemn expression and mustache that seemed too mature for his age, stood out amongst the sea of faces, much like Napoleon did, albeit for different reasons. They had shared a few classes, and an unspoken bond had begun to form between them, built on mutual respect for each other’s uniqueness.

“Hey, Napoleon,” Pedro called out, his voice steady and calm.

Napoleon turned, his eyes lighting up slightly at the sight of his friend. “Hey, dude. What’s up?”

Pedro hesitated, glancing around the bustling hallway as if searching for eavesdroppers. “Can we talk? Somewhere more private?”

Curiosity piqued, Napoleon nodded, and they made their way to the back of the school, where the noise of the students faded into a distant murmur. They stopped by the old, rusted bleachers, a place rarely frequented by the student body.

Pedro took a deep breath, gathering his thoughts. “I’ve been thinking,” he began, his gaze fixed on the horizon, “about how I can make a difference here. You know, leave a mark.”

Napoleon watched him, intrigued. Pedro had always struck him as thoughtful, but he hadn’t expected this level of introspection.

“I want to run for class president,” Pedro finally said, his eyes meeting Napoleon’s.

For a moment, Napoleon didn’t respond. The idea seemed so outlandish, so daring, that it took his breath away. “But, dude,” he finally said, “the class president? That’s like… the popular kids’ territory.”

Pedro nodded, a determined glint in his eye. “I know. But think about it, Napoleon. We could change things. Make school a bit more bearable for the rest of us.”

Napoleon considered this. The prospect of shaking up the status quo was enticing. He had never cared much for school politics, viewing it as a playground for the popular and the privileged. But Pedro’s ambition stirred something in him, a flicker of hope, perhaps, or maybe just the thrill of a challenge.

“What’s your plan, then?” Napoleon asked, his skepticism slowly giving way to curiosity.

Pedro smiled, relieved at Napoleon’s response. “First, we need a campaign. Something that stands out, you know? We’ll need posters, slogans, maybe even a speech.”

Napoleon snorted. “Dude, we’re gonna need more than just posters to win this thing.”

“I know,” Pedro admitted. “But it’s a start. And I have a secret weapon.”

Napoleon raised an eyebrow. “A secret weapon?”

“Yeah,” Pedro said, a mischievous smile playing on his lips. “But I’ll need your help to pull it off.”

In that moment, something shifted between them. A pact formed, not just of friendship, but of conspiracy against the mundane tyranny of high school politics. They were two misfits, embarking on a quixotic quest to upend the social order of Preston High. The odds were against them, the path fraught with challenges, but the fire of rebellion had been lit.

As the sun finally set, casting long shadows across the field, Napoleon and Pedro stood in silent solidarity. They were unlikely candidates in an unlikely campaign, but they had each other. And sometimes, in the strange, unpredictable journey of life, that was all you really needed.

With a newfound sense of purpose, Napoleon looked at Pedro, his earlier skepticism replaced with determination. “Alright, dude. Let’s do this. Let’s win you that election.”

Pedro’s smile widened, grateful for Napoleon’s support. “Thanks, man. With you by my side, I think we actually have a shot at this.”

As they walked back to the school, the weight of their decision settled over them. They were about to embark on an adventure, the outcome of which was uncertain. But for the first time in a long time, Napoleon felt a spark of excitement, a sense of being part of something greater than himself. The campaign for class president was more than just a quest for a title; it was a battle for recognition, for acceptance, and, most importantly, for change.

And so, with the setting sun as their witness, Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro Sanchez stepped into the fray, two knights in shining armor ready to conquer the dragon of high school politics. The journey ahead would be fraught with obstacles, but they had each other, and in the end, that was all that mattered.

Chapter 3: The Campaign Begins

The morning sun had barely touched the tips of the high school, casting long shadows across the deserted parking lot when Napoleon Dynamite, with his unruly mop of curly hair and eyes half-shielded against the light, trudged towards the entrance. Beside him, Pedro, the new kid from Juarez, Mexico, walked with a quiet determination. Their mission was clear, albeit daunting: to launch a campaign that would secure Pedro the position of class president.

Their first order of business was crafting campaign posters, a task that had them holed up in the art room during lunch. Sheets of poster paper lay scattered around them, splashes of paint and marker streaks bearing testament to their efforts. Napoleon, with his penchant for drawing, took the lead, sketching out bold letters that spelled ‘Vote for Pedro’. The ‘O’ in ‘Vote’ was embellished to resemble a liger, Napoleon’s favorite mythical creature – a lion and tiger hybrid, bred for its skills in magic, as he often claimed.

“Pedro, check this out,” Napoleon said, holding up a poster for inspection. Pedro nodded, his mustache twitching in what Napoleon took for approval. “It’s pretty good, I guess.”

Their posters were unconventional, to say the least. One featured Pedro’s solemn face superimposed on a muscular body, with the caption: “Vote for Pedro, and all your wildest dreams will come true.” Another showed a crudely drawn Pedro riding a liger, a symbol of the bold and fearless leadership he intended to bring to the school.

As they plastered their artwork around the corridors, the reactions from their classmates ranged from amusement to bafflement. Whispered snickers and pointed fingers followed them, but Napoleon and Pedro pressed on, their resolve unshaken. They were outsiders, after all, used to the sideways glances and not quite fitting in.

Their next step was to devise campaign strategies. They found themselves in the school library, huddled over a dusty tome on political campaigns, a book so old it seemed to have been forgotten by time itself. “We need to do something that will make everyone notice Pedro,” Napoleon mused, his finger tracing the lines of text.

“Like what?” Pedro asked, his brows furrowing in thought.

Napoleon’s gaze wandered out the window, where a group of students played hacky sack. An idea, brilliant in its simplicity, struck him. “We’ll do a skit or something at the assembly. You know, something that’ll grab their attention.”

Pedro considered this, nodding slowly. “Okay, but what kind of skit?”

“We’ll figure it out,” Napoleon said with more confidence than he felt. The truth was, he hadn’t the faintest idea, but he was buoyed by the notion that it was their wild card, the element of surprise that could sway the electorate in their favor.

Their campaign, however, was not without its challenges. Napoleon’s efforts to drum up support for Pedro often landed him in awkward situations, like when he attempted to demonstrate his dance moves in the cafeteria, a performance that ended with a tray of tater tots scattered across the floor, and him, a spectacle of embarrassment.

Meanwhile, Pedro, in his quiet and unassuming way, began to make inroads. His promise of a more inclusive student body and his plans for better school events resonated with a segment of the student population tired of the status quo. Slowly, they began to amass a small but dedicated group of supporters.

But it was the duo’s relentless optimism and their unwavering friendship that became the cornerstone of their campaign. In a school where popularity was currency, they banked on authenticity, on being unapologetically themselves. It was a gamble, but then again, so was everything about their audacious bid for the presidency.

As the day of the assembly drew near, the tension was palpable. Napoleon and Pedro worked tirelessly, refining their skit, a mishmash of comedy and earnest appeal, rehearsing in secret locations to keep their plan under wraps. They understood the stakes; the assembly was their make-or-break moment, their one shot at turning the tide in their favor.

The chapter closes on the eve of the assembly, with Napoleon and Pedro sitting atop a hill overlooking Preston, the town bathed in the golden hues of sunset. They didn’t speak much, each lost in thought, pondering the journey that had brought them to this precipice. Tomorrow, they would stand before their peers, laying bare their vision for a better school, their fate in the hands of those who had, until now, scarcely noticed them.

In that quiet moment, with the cool breeze whispering promises of change, they understood that win or lose, they had already achieved something remarkable. They had challenged the norms of their small-town high school, dared to dream big, and in the process, forged a friendship that would endure the whims of adolescent politics. The campaign had begun as a quest for a title, but it had evolved into something far greater – a testament to the power of perseverance, the value of being different, and the indomitable spirit of two underdogs against the world.

Chapter 4: Family Matters

In the quiet, unremarkable town of Preston, where the sun seemed to yawn as it rose above the horizon, Napoleon Dynamite’s life at home was taking a turn toward the extraordinary, or perhaps more accurately, the extraordinarily bizarre. The Dynamite household, already a hub of eccentricity, found itself on the brink of chaos following an incident involving Grandma Dynamite and an ambitious jump on her ATV that landed her, quite inconveniently, in the hospital.

This unfortunate event served as a beacon, calling back from the depths of time Napoleon’s Uncle Rico, a man so trapped in the past that he seemed to believe bell-bottoms were due for an imminent comeback. Rico, with his van that smelled vaguely of corn chips and dreams unfulfilled, arrived under the guise of helping out. However, his true motives were as transparent as the comb-over he sported: Uncle Rico was here to relive his “glory days” of high school football, a time when his arm was the stuff of local legend, or so he claimed.

The introduction of Uncle Rico into the daily life of the Dynamite household was akin to throwing a wrench into a delicately balanced machine. Kip, Napoleon’s older brother, found in Rico a kindred spirit. Together, they embarked on schemes that seemed less about making money and more about proving something elusive to themselves and the world. Their latest venture involved the sale of plastic containers, a business opportunity that Rico assured Kip was their ticket to riches and possibly even fame.

Napoleon observed these developments with a mixture of bemusement and irritation. His focus was on helping Pedro win the class presidency, a task that required all the creativity and energy he could muster. Yet, he couldn’t help but be distracted by Uncle Rico’s antics, which ranged from attempting to film a comeback video of his “incredible” throws to trying to sell their dubious products to the neighbors.

One afternoon, as Napoleon returned from school, his senses were assaulted by the sight of Uncle Rico, football in hand, posing dramatically in the backyard. Kip, ever the faithful sidekick, was setting up a video camera on a shaky tripod. Rico’s plan, it seemed, was to create a highlight reel of his arm in action, a visual testament to what he believed were still unparalleled quarterback skills.

“Behold, the comeback of the century,” Rico announced, not noticing Napoleon’s approach.

Napoleon couldn’t help but roll his eyes. “This is pretty much the worst video ever made,” he muttered under his breath, though a part of him was amused by the spectacle.

The situation at home took a turn for the absurd when Rico decided to take his sales pitch to a new level. Armed with a charm offensive as outdated as his fashion sense, he set his sights on the town’s unsuspecting residents, dragging Kip along for the ride. Their sales technique, a bizarre blend of pseudo-flattery and relentless persistence, left much to be desired. Yet, they pressed on, fueled by delusions of grandeur and the occasional sale to a bewildered old lady charmed by their sheer oddity.

Amidst this backdrop of familial chaos, Napoleon’s concerns lay elsewhere. His campaign efforts for Pedro were beginning to gain momentum, though not without their own set of challenges. The school was a battleground of teenage politics, where popularity was currency, and Napoleon and Pedro were decidedly bankrupt.

Yet, it was in the midst of this tumult, both at home and at school, that Napoleon began to realize the value of his own resilience. Uncle Rico’s relentless pursuit of a past that would never return, Kip’s blind faith in schemes that promised much but delivered little, all served as unlikely lessons for Napoleon. They taught him that living in the past or dreaming of shortcuts to success were paths to nowhere.

In a strange way, Uncle Rico’s return had helped to clarify things for Napoleon. As he lay in bed one night, listening to the sounds of Kip and Rico planning their next big move, a sense of determination settled over him. He would not be deterred by the distractions and the setbacks. Helping Pedro win the class presidency was more than just a campaign; it was a testament to the power of perseverance, to the importance of standing by a friend, and to the possibility of change, however small, in the microcosm of Preston High.

And so, amidst the laughter and the ludicrousness of his home life, Napoleon found a renewed sense of purpose. The Dynamite household, with all its quirks and chaos, was the perfect training ground for a young man learning to navigate the complexities of friendship, ambition, and the pursuit of seemingly impossible dreams.

**Chapter 5: The Dance**

In the heart of Preston, Idaho, where the excitement of a high school dance seldom breached the walls of apathy that surrounded the town, an unexpected ripple of anticipation stirred. The upcoming event was no different from any other dance, adorned with glittering decorations and pulsating with the latest hits, except for one small detail – Napoleon Dynamite was about to change the course of the evening in a way no one could have anticipated.

The day before the dance, the atmosphere at Preston High was electric, charged with whispers and giggles as students speculated about dates and outfits. Napoleon, however, floated through the halls in his own world, his thoughts consumed by the campaign and the unspoken pressure to contribute to Pedro’s social acceptance. In an environment where he had long been invisible, the idea of attending the dance was as alien to him as the concept of a liger ruling the animal kingdom. Yet, here he was, contemplating a move that could either elevate their status or condemn them to eternal ridicule.

Meanwhile, Pedro, ever calm and collected, seemed unfazed by the impending social event. His focus was singular – to win the class presidency, believing that every act, no matter how small, was a step towards that goal. “We need to make a statement,” he said, his voice steady, a contrast to the uncertainty that plagued Napoleon.

The idea that unfolded was simple yet audacious. Napoleon would unleash his secret weapon, a skill so unique and unexpected it could only result in a dramatic shift in their campaign’s momentum – his dancing. Napoleon had harbored a passion for dance, practicing in the privacy of his room, away from prying eyes. Until now, it had been his escape, a way to express himself in a world where he felt misunderstood. The decision to perform at the dance was not made lightly; it was a gamble, a leap into the unknown.

The night of the dance arrived, cloaking Preston High in a buzz of excitement. Students, adorned in glitter and glam, filled the gym, moving rhythmically to the beat of the music. Napoleon and Pedro entered, the weight of their mission pressing heavily on their shoulders. They navigated through the sea of bodies, Pedro with a determined stride, Napoleon with hesitant steps, his mind racing with doubts.

As the evening progressed, the moment of truth approached. The lights dimmed, signaling the start of a slow song, and the atmosphere shifted. Couples paired off, leaving Napoleon standing awkwardly at the sidelines. Then, in a move that caught everyone by surprise, he stepped onto the dance floor alone, the spotlight inadvertently falling on him.

What followed was a performance so mesmerizing, so filled with raw emotion and unexpected talent, that the room fell into a stunned silence. Napoleon danced with a fervor that belied his usual awkwardness, his movements telling a story of longing, of dreams deferred but not defeated. It was a dance of rebellion against the constraints of his mundane existence, a declaration of his individuality.

The students watched, transfixed, as Napoleon transformed before their eyes. The dance was not just a series of steps but a manifestation of his essence, a glimpse into the depth of his character. As the song reached its crescendo, Napoleon executed a final, breathtaking move, a testament to his hidden strength and resilience.

The applause that erupted was spontaneous, a collective acknowledgment of something extraordinary. Napoleon, panting and exhilarated, scanned the crowd, locking eyes with Pedro, who wore a grin of pride and admiration. In that moment, they were no longer just two outcasts dreaming of change; they were pioneers, breaking through the barriers of conformity and expectation.

The dance became the talk of the town, a legend in the making. It transcended the boundaries of Preston High, becoming a symbol of courage and the power of embracing one’s uniqueness. Napoleon and Pedro, once on the periphery, found themselves at the center of attention, their campaign invigorated by a newfound momentum.

As the night drew to a close, Napoleon and Pedro left the dance, their steps light, their spirits lifted. They had ventured into the unknown and emerged victorious, not just in the eyes of their peers but in the realization of their own potential. The dance was more than a performance; it was a turning point, a moment of transformation that would forever alter the trajectory of their lives.

In the chapters to come, the repercussions of the dance would unfold in ways they could never have predicted, propelling them further into the heart of their quirky, unpredictable adventure. But for now, they basked in the glow of their triumph, the memory of the dance a beacon of hope in the pursuit of their dreams.

Chapter 6: Tensions Rise

The campaign for class president at Preston High had taken on a life of its own. Napoleon Dynamite, with his wild hair and even wilder dance moves, and Pedro, the calm and collected newcomer with dreams bigger than the Idaho sky, found themselves in the thick of an electoral battle that was anything but typical. The school corridors, once mundane pathways between classes, had transformed into the battleground of promises, posters, and adolescent politicking.

Napoleon never imagined he would be part of something like this. His days typically involved avoiding bullies, daydreaming about fantastical creatures, and attempting to navigate his bizarre home life. Yet, here he was, crafting campaign strategies and slogans. “Vote for Pedro” had become more than a catchphrase; it was a symbol of their unlikely bid for change.

But with every step forward, it seemed they faced two steps back, especially from Summer Wheatley and her entourage. Summer, the epitome of high school popularity and the current class president, viewed Pedro’s campaign as a direct threat to her reign. Her response was a masterclass in high school politics, with her posters somehow larger, her slogans somehow catchier, and her presence somehow more imposing.

One day, as Napoleon and Pedro were hanging another batch of homemade posters in the main hallway, they overheard Summer and her friends plotting their next move. “We need to make sure everyone knows what a joke Pedro is,” Summer said, her voice dripping with disdain. “Let’s ramp up our campaign. More posters, more announcements, and let’s throw in some freebies. No one can resist freebies.”

Napoleon clenched his fists, feeling a mix of anger and helplessness. Pedro put a hand on his shoulder, a silent gesture of calm amidst the storm. They knew they couldn’t compete with Summer’s resources, but they also knew they had something she didn’t — genuine intent and an authentic desire to make a difference.

The following day, as the election neared, the tension in the air was palpable. The halls of Preston High were plastered with posters, each corner a testament to the electoral fervor that had gripped the school. Napoleon and Pedro continued their campaign, albeit with an air of desperation. They handed out handmade badges, spoke to anyone who would listen, and tried to counter Summer’s narrative with their honesty and humor.

Meanwhile, Uncle Rico’s antics at home added another layer of distraction. His latest scheme involved selling plastic containers door-to-door, a venture he was convinced would make him rich. Kip, Napoleon’s brother, had somehow been roped into the business, further complicating the family dynamics. Napoleon found himself torn between supporting Pedro and dealing with the chaos Uncle Rico brought into their lives.

The climax of the chapter occurs during a particularly heated confrontation in the school cafeteria. Summer and her friends had just unveiled their latest campaign strategy — a promise of a new soda machine in the cafeteria, exclusive to her presidency. The crowd of students around her cheered, the allure of sugary carbonation seemingly enough to sway their allegiance.

Napoleon, watching from a distance, felt a surge of frustration. It all seemed so superficial, so distant from the real issues that he believed Pedro could address. In a moment of impulsive courage, he marched up to Summer and her entourage, Pedro trailing behind him.

“Why don’t you tell them about your real plans, Summer? Or is it all just about soda machines and empty promises?” Napoleon challenged, his voice louder than he intended.

The cafeteria fell silent. Summer, caught off guard, struggled to respond. The tension was thick, the students waiting for what would come next.

Pedro stepped forward, his demeanor calm. “We might not have fancy promises, but we’re here to make things better for everyone, not just those who follow Summer.”

The standoff ended without further confrontation, but the message was clear. Napoleon and Pedro were serious contenders, not to be underestimated.

As the chapter closes, the reader is left with a sense of anticipation. The election looms large, the outcome uncertain. Napoleon and Pedro, against all odds, have managed to shift the narrative, their campaign of authenticity and change gaining traction. But with Summer’s popularity and resources, the final result is anyone’s guess. The stage is set for an election day that Preston High will never forget, a culmination of dreams, schemes, and the unpredictable chaos of high school politics.

Chapter 7: Uncle Rico’s Antics

In the heart of Preston, where the sun dips behind the mountains a little earlier each evening, Napoleon Dynamite’s life was undergoing yet another unexpected twist. The campaign for Pedro to become class president was reaching its zenith, but the home front had its own drama unfolding, courtesy of Uncle Rico.

Uncle Rico, a man perpetually stuck in 1982, had descended upon Napoleon and Kip’s life like a whirlwind of misplaced nostalgia and shattered dreams. His latest scheme was arguably his most ambitious — and absurd — yet: selling breast enhancement potions door-to-door. The product, ‘Bust Must Plus’, promised results that were as questionable as Rico’s sales tactics.

One afternoon, as the sun cast long shadows over the Dynamite household, Uncle Rico was setting up a demonstration of his dubious product for a skeptical local housewife. Napoleon, having just returned from school, walked in on the scene to find Uncle Rico with his arm around a mannequin, animatedly explaining the ‘science’ behind Bust Must Plus. The living room had been transformed into a bizarre sales pitch arena, complete with brochures and a poorly made banner that proclaimed, “Unlock Your Potential!”

Napoleon shook his head, a mix of disbelief and annoyance crossing his features. “This is pretty much the worst video ever made,” he muttered to himself, referencing his uncle’s promotional tactics rather than an actual video.

Kip, Napoleon’s older brother and Rico’s most ardent yet naive follower, was busy on the sidelines, preparing more of the potion with the enthusiasm of a mad scientist. His dedication to the cause was as unfaltering as his belief in online love.

The spectacle was interrupted by the arrival of Grandma Dynamite, fresh from her recovery from the ATV accident. Her entrance was as dramatic as her personality, and upon witnessing the scene before her, she launched into a tirade that sent the housewife scurrying, leaving Rico, Kip, and Napoleon to bear the brunt of her frustration.

“Why is there a mannequin in my living room, Rico? And what in Sam Hill is this?” Grandma Dynamite exclaimed, holding up a bottle of Bust Must Plus with a look of utter confusion.

Rico, ever the opportunist, saw this as a chance to pitch his product to another potential customer. “You see, it’s all about giving folks the chance to enhance their self-esteem, to reach their full potential. It’s not just a product; it’s a revolution,” Rico proclaimed with an air of misplaced conviction.

Grandma Dynamite was not amused. Her glare was enough to wilt flowers. “The only revolution happening here will be you two revolutionizing your way out of my house if this nonsense continues,” she retorted, her words sharp as knives.

The confrontation was cut short by the arrival of Deb, a friend of Napoleon’s who had unwittingly become entangled in the web of the class president campaign and now, Rico’s antics. Deb, with her shy demeanor and genuine kindness, was there to discuss a new flyer design for Pedro’s campaign but found herself roped into the chaos of the Dynamite household.

As the evening wore on, the house settled into an uneasy peace. Uncle Rico, undeterred by the day’s failures, was already plotting his next move, roping Kip into a late-night brainstorming session that involved everything from time travel to starting a dojo. Napoleon, on the other hand, retreated into his room, his thoughts a mix of concern for the campaign and bewilderment at his family’s antics.

In a moment of unexpected introspection, Napoleon gazed out his window at the fading light, pondering the absurdity of his current situation. His life, though filled with the bizarre and the unconventional, was his own. In a town where nothing ever seemed to change, he and Pedro were on the brink of doing something truly different. It was a comforting thought amidst the chaos of Uncle Rico’s schemes and the impending school election.

As the chapter closes, the reader is left with a sense of anticipation and a series of unanswered questions. Will Uncle Rico’s next scheme overshadow Napoleon and Pedro’s campaign efforts? Can Napoleon navigate the challenges of high school politics and his chaotic family life? The stage is set for a climax that promises to blend the comedic with the heartfelt, in true Napoleon Dynamite fashion.

Chapter 8: The Election

The day of reckoning had arrived in Preston, Idaho. The air in Preston High School was thick with anticipation, the halls buzzing with whispers and speculation. Posters adorned every available surface, each proclaiming the superiority of its candidate with vibrant colors and bold promises. At the heart of this electoral storm were Napoleon Dynamite and his friend Pedro, two unlikely heroes on a quest to upend the traditional dynamics of high school politics.

Napoleon, with his untamed curly hair and perpetually bewildered expression, had never imagined he’d be part of anything significant. Yet, here he was, on the cusp of potentially changing the course of Preston High’s history. Pedro, his stoic and unflappable friend, stood by his side, a beacon of calm in the chaos. Together, they had weathered the storm of skepticism and ridicule, their campaign a testament to the power of sheer, unadulterated oddity.

The assembly hall was packed, a sea of students and faculty members awaiting the speeches that would precede the final vote. Napoleon felt a knot in his stomach, a tumultuous blend of nerves and excitement. He glanced at Pedro, who gave him a reassuring nod. It was a simple gesture, but it conveyed a world of encouragement.

Summer Wheatley, their main competitor, was the epitome of high school royalty. Blonde, charismatic, and with an entourage that seemed to hang on her every word, she represented the status quo. Her campaign had been slick, professional, and utterly devoid of the heart and soul that Napoleon and Pedro had poured into theirs. As she took the stage, her speech was a polished recitation of well-rehearsed promises and platitudes. The crowd responded with polite, if somewhat tepid, applause. It was clear that Summer was the safe choice, the predictable continuation of the way things had always been.

Then it was Pedro’s turn. He walked up to the podium with a quiet dignity, his speech neatly written out on a stack of index cards. His voice, soft yet firm, carried through the hall as he spoke of change, of inclusivity, and of a new vision for Preston High. He spoke not of grand promises but of small, achievable goals that would make life better for every student. There was an authenticity to his words, a sincerity that seemed to resonate with the audience.

As Pedro concluded his speech, the applause was warmer, more genuine than it had been for Summer. It was clear he had struck a chord, his message of change and hope igniting something within the student body.

Then, in a move that surprised everyone, Napoleon took the stage. There had been no plan for him to speak; indeed, the very idea would have seemed ludicrous to anyone familiar with Napoleon’s usual reticence. Yet, there he was, a figure of awkward determination as he faced the crowd.

“I don’t have much to say,” he began, his voice quivering slightly with nerves. “But I believe in Pedro. He’s got good ideas, and he cares about this school more than anyone. And if you’re tired of the same old thing, maybe give him a chance. Also, I’m gonna do a dance now.”

The announcement was met with stunned silence, a collective pause as the assembly tried to process what they had just heard. Then, as Napoleon began to dance, the silence was broken. It was a dance unlike anything they had ever seen, a bizarre yet mesmerizing display of sheer, unadulterated Napoleon. Set to the pulsing beats of Jamiroquai’s “Canned Heat,” Napoleon’s performance was a whirlwind of kicks, twirls, and moves that defied description. It was awkward, it was strange, and it was utterly captivating.

As the final notes of the song faded, the hall erupted into applause, a standing ovation that shook the very foundations of Preston High. It was a moment of triumph, of validation for every oddball and outsider who had ever felt overlooked or underestimated.

The election results were announced an hour later, but they felt almost like an afterthought. Pedro had won, of course, the landslide victory a testament to the power of their unconventional campaign. But more than that, it was a victory for every student who had ever dreamed of something more, of a school where being different wasn’t just accepted but celebrated.

As Napoleon and Pedro walked through the halls, basking in their newfound respect and admiration, it was clear that Preston High would never be the same. They had challenged the status quo, dared to dream big, and, against all odds, they had emerged victorious. The future was uncertain, and the challenges ahead were many, but for the first time, it felt like anything was possible.

In the end, the election was more than just a contest for class president. It was a testament to the enduring power of friendship, of believing in the impossible, and of the transformative power of a truly epic dance.

**Chapter 9: A New Beginning**

The dust had barely settled on the stage of Preston High’s auditorium when Napoleon Dynamite, with his peculiar gait and an air of unexpected triumph, made his way down the corridors that had witnessed his transformation from an obscure teenager to a school legend. The echoes of his dance, an eclectic mix of rhythm and spontaneity, still resonated in the minds of students and faculty alike, leaving an indelible mark on the fabric of Preston High’s history.

In the aftermath of the election, the school buzzed with a new kind of energy. Conversations around lockers were no longer about the latest gossip or sports achievements but about the audacity of hope, the kind that comes from witnessing the underdog have his day. Pedro, with his unassuming charm and mustache that had become more of a statement than mere facial hair, was at the heart of this transformation. His victory was not just a personal achievement but a collective one, a testament to the power of genuine friendship and unwavering support.

Napoleon, however, found himself grappling with a new reality. The corridors that once felt constricting now offered a sense of belonging. His classmates, who had once viewed him through a lens of indifference or mild amusement, now greeted him with nods of respect and smiles of acknowledgment. Yet, amidst this newfound acceptance, Napoleon felt a pang of nostalgia for the simplicity of obscurity.

Back home, life continued its odd dance. Grandma had returned from the hospital, her spirit unbroken by the accident, commanding her ATV with the same fervor as before. Uncle Rico, ever the dreamer, had moved on from his failed time machine venture to selling herbal breast enhancement supplements, much to the family’s chagrin. Kip, Napoleon’s brother, had found love in an online chat room, his days spent in sweet anticipation of meeting Lafawnduh, his soulmate from Detroit.

In the quiet of his room, surrounded by his drawings of mythical creatures and action figures, Napoleon contemplated the surreal turn his life had taken. The dance, a moment of pure expression, had not only clinified Pedro’s win but had also unwittingly become Napoleon’s declaration of self-acceptance. It was as if, in those few minutes, he had danced away the layers of insecurity and emerged more himself than ever before.

The victory party, a modest affair at Pedro’s, was a reflection of their journey. A mixtape of ’80s and ’90s hits blared from a battered stereo, providing a backdrop to a gathering of misfits who had found kinship in their differences. Deb, ever supportive and kind, shared her latest batch of boondoggle keychains, a hit among the attendees. Pedro, in his element, offered everyone slices of his aunt’s famous homemade cake, a sweet reminder of the simple joys that defined their friendship.

As the night wore on, the conversation turned to the future. The election victory, though momentous, was but a chapter in their lives. There was talk of college, of dreams that stretched beyond the borders of Preston, of the inevitable changes that time would bring. Yet, in that moment, surrounded by laughter and the warmth of friendship, the future seemed not just bright but attainable.

Napoleon, taking a moment to step outside, looked up at the vast Idaho sky, a tapestry of stars stretching into infinity. The challenges that lay ahead, the uncertainties of life beyond high school, seemed less daunting under the vast expanse. He realized then that the journey was not about the destination but the memories forged along the way, the kind that linger in the heart long after the moment has passed.

As the night drew to a close, and the guests began to depart, a sense of contentment settled over Napoleon. He had found his place in a world that often felt too big, too indifferent. His dance had been more than a bid for election victory; it had been a celebration of individuality, a declaration that to be different was not just okay but something to be embraced.

The final days of senior year passed in a blur, a mix of anticipation and bittersweet farewells. Napoleon, Pedro, Deb, and the rest of their unlikely crew faced the future with a sense of optimism, fortified by the bonds of friendship that had turned their last year of high school into an unforgettable adventure.

As Napoleon walked the stage to receive his diploma, a roar of applause erupted from the crowd, a recognition of the journey he had embarked upon. With a smile that spoke volumes, he glanced towards his friends, his family, and the sea of faces that had become an integral part of his story. In that moment, he realized that the essence of life lay not in the grand gestures but in the quiet moments of connection, the kind that transform the mundane into the extraordinary.

And so, as the sun set on the small town of Preston, Idaho, Napoleon Dynamite, the unlikely hero, stepped into the future with a sense of purpose, ready to navigate the complexities of life with the knowledge that no matter where the journey took him, he would always have a place to call home.

Some scenes from the movie Napoleon Dynamite written by A.I.

Scene 1

### Screenplay: “The Unlikely Hero”


*A wide shot of a typical, somewhat rundown high school in the small, western town of Preston, Idaho. The morning sun casts long shadows on the sparse, dry landscape. A few students linger outside, none of them paying much attention to the others.*

**CUT TO:**

*A close-up of NAPOLEON DYNAMITE, 16, an awkward teenager with an untamed afro, moon boots, and a Vote for Pedro t-shirt, as he gets off a school bus. He’s carrying a sketchbook under his arm. His expression is one of perpetual annoyance mixed with curiosity about the world around him.*


*(muttering to himself)*

Gosh, idiot!

*Napoleon shoves his way through the small crowd, heading toward the school entrance. A FOOTBALL flies out of nowhere, narrowly missing him. He doesn’t flinch, used to this kind of treatment.*

**CUT TO:**


*Napoleon walks down the hall, dodging students. He stops at his locker, fumbling with the combination. As he finally opens it, a TATER TOT falls out.*


*(to himself, with a sigh)*


*He picks up the tater tot, considering it for a moment before shrugging and popping it into his mouth. Right then, PEDRO SANCHEZ, a new student with a stoic face and a slight mustache, approaches. He seems lost but determined.*


Excuse me, do you know where the office is?


*(with his mouth full, points down the hall)*

It’s over there, by the… thing.

*Pedro nods, a hint of a smile on his face.*


Thank you. I’m Pedro. I’m new here.



I’m Napoleon. Like the dynamite.

*Pedro nods, impressed.*



*An awkward silence falls between them.*


*(breaking the silence)*

So… why did you move to Preston?


My family, we move a lot. I hope to stay here for a while.


*(genuinely interested)*

Cool, cool. You gonna eat your tots?

*Pedro looks confused, then laughs.*


Sure, I guess.

**CUT TO:**

*They walk down the hallway together, an unlikely pair forming an even unlikelier friendship. The bell rings, signaling the start of another monotonous day at Preston High.*


*This scene sets the tone for the rest of the film, introducing our main characters and the beginnings of their friendship in a setting that feels both mundane and ripe for adventure. The dialogue and actions hint at the quirky humor and unique personalities that will drive the story forward.*

Scene 2

### Screenplay: “Vote for Pedro”


*The cafeteria buzzes with the chatter and laughter of students. NAPOLEON DYNAMITE (16), an awkward teenager with an afro and glasses, sits alone at a table, doodling in a sketchbook. PEDRO SANCHEZ (16), a shy new student with a thick mustache and a quiet demeanor, approaches with his tray.*



Hey, can I sit here?

*Napoleon looks up, surprised, then shrugs.*


Sure, whatever.

*Pedro sits. They eat in silence for a moment.*


I’m thinking of running for class president.

*Napoleon stops mid-bite, looking at Pedro, incredulous.*


You serious? Why?


I think I could make a difference. And it might be cool.

*Napoleon considers this, intrigued by Pedro’s ambition.*


You know it’s gonna be tough, right? Summer Wheatley is running, and she’s like, the popular one.


I know. But I still want to try.

*Napoleon nods, a slow smile forming.*


Alright, man. I’ll help you. But we gotta do something big. Something to get everyone’s attention.

*Pedro smiles, grateful and excited.*


Thank you, Napoleon. I knew I could count on you.


*(with newfound enthusiasm)*

Yeah, we’re gonna need a plan. Something dynamite.

*They share a determined look, the beginnings of an unlikely campaign team.*


*Napoleon and Pedro walk down the crowded hallway, brainstorming ideas. Students pass by, paying them little attention.*


What about a dance? No, wait… a skit! Or… we could make our own commercials!


I like the commercial idea. But we need something more… something that makes people remember me.

*Napoleon thinks hard, tapping a pencil against his sketchbook.*


We’ll figure it out. We’ll do something no one’s ever done before.

*They reach Pedro’s locker. Napoleon slaps Pedro on the back.*


We’re gonna make you president, Pedro. Just you wait and see.

*Pedro nods, a mixture of nervousness and excitement on his face.*


Let’s do this.

*They part ways, stepping into their respective classes, the campaign officially underway.*


*This screenplay sets the stage for an underdog story filled with heart, humor, and the power of friendship. Napoleon and Pedro, though vastly different, unite with a common goal, ready to take on the high school hierarchy in a bid for change.*

Scene 3

### Screenplay: “Napoleon and Pedro’s Grand Campaign”


Napoleon, an awkwardly lanky teen with an untamed afro, and Pedro, a quiet, mustachioed new kid, stand before a decrepit bulletin board. They’re surrounded by posters of the reigning class president, SUMMER, who looks like she stepped out of a teen magazine.



We need something that pops, Napoleon.



Yeah, something that’ll blow their minds.

Cut to:


Napoleon and Pedro are crafting campaign posters with crude drawings of Pedro doing heroic deeds, including one where he’s riding a liger.


Do you think people will vote for me because I’m on a liger?



Heck yes! Who wouldn’t? It’s pretty much my favorite animal.

Cut to:


Napoleon and Pedro approach various cliques, handing out homemade buttons that read “Vote for Pedro.” Students look on, bemused and slightly intrigued. Napoleon tries to be persuasive but comes off as awkward and endearing.


*(enthusiastically, to a group of cheerleaders)*

You know, Pedro offers you his protection. Vote for him, and all your wildest dreams will come true.

The cheerleaders exchange confused glances.



Sure, why not?

Cut to:


Napoleon and Pedro, now somewhat disheveled from their campaigning efforts, sit on the grass. They watch as students pass by their posters without a second glance.



Maybe this was a bad idea.



No, we just gotta do something big, something that’ll grab everyone’s attention.

Suddenly, Napoleon is struck with an idea.



I got it! We need a skit for the assembly. Something with, like, incredible dance moves.



Can you dance?



Heck yeah, I can. I’ve been practicing some sweet moves.

Pedro smiles, a flicker of hope in his eyes.


Alright, let’s do it.

They share a determined look, their campaign no longer just a shot in the dark but a declaration of war against high school mediocrity.


This scene sets the stage for Napoleon and Pedro’s earnest, albeit unconventional, campaign efforts, highlighting their dedication and the beginning of their creative strategies to win the class presidency.

Scene 4

**Title: Dynamite Days**

**Genre: Comedy**

**Scene: Chapter 4 – Family Matters**

**Setting:** The Dynamite family’s rural Idaho home, a quirky, slightly rundown house filled with relics from the past. The backyard is cluttered with various items suggesting failed projects and hobbies. It’s late afternoon, and the sun casts long shadows across the yard where Uncle Rico’s orange van is parked conspicously.


– **Napoleon Dynamite:** A high-school teenager with a unique sense of style, known for his frizzy hair and moon boots.

– **Uncle Rico:** Napoleon’s middle-aged uncle, stuck in his high school football glory days, always scheming to make money or recapture his past.

– **Kip Dynamite:** Napoleon’s older brother, thin, slightly nerdy, spending most of his time online chatting with girlfriends.

– **Grandma Dynamite:** Mentioned but not present, a tough, adventurous woman, recently had an ATV accident.

**[The scene opens with NAPOLEON entering the backyard, finding UNCLE RICO throwing footballs at a video camera set up to record himself.]**

**NAPOLEON:** (Sarcastically) Trying to make it into the NFL with those ancient moves, Uncle Rico?

**UNCLE RICO:** (Not looking at NAPOLEON, focused on his throw) These moves got us to state, Napoleon. You could learn a thing or two.

**[KIP walks into the scene, holding a plate of nachos.]**

**KIP:** Mom’s gone for two days, and the house already looks like a scene from one of those apocalypse movies.

**UNCLE RICO:** (Finally looking away from the camera) It’s about optimizing our living situation. Besides, I’m working on something big. This video’s gonna be my ticket back.

**NAPOLEON:** (Rolling his eyes) Yeah, right. Just don’t forget to feed Tina.

**[UNCLE RICO picks up a football, nostalgically.]**

**UNCLE RICO:** If Coach had put me in fourth quarter, we’d have been state champions. No doubt. No doubt in my mind.

**KIP:** (Disinterested, eating nachos) You said that a million times. Got any new stories?

**[Suddenly, UNCLE RICO gets an idea, his eyes lighting up.]**

**UNCLE RICO:** Actually, I do. (Pauses dramatically) How would you boys like to be part of my newest business venture? We’re talking big bucks.

**NAPOLEON:** (Skeptical) Unless it involves having skills, like nunchuck skills, bow hunting skills, or computer hacking skills, I’m out.

**[UNCLE RICO smirks, pulling out a brochure from his van.]**

**UNCLE RICO:** Behold, gentlemen. (He reveals a dubious-looking scheme) Time travel. We sell these, and we could be rich. Rich enough to buy our own time machine.

**KIP:** (Intrigued) Time travel?

**NAPOLEON:** (Disbelieving) This is the worst idea you’ve ever had.

**[UNCLE RICO starts to passionately pitch his plan, gesturing wildly.]**

**UNCLE RICO:** Imagine going back, Napoleon. Fixing all your mistakes, reliving the glory days. With my brains and your… (Pauses, searching for a compliment) unique perspective, we can’t lose.

**[The scene ends with NAPOLEON and Kip exchanging skeptical glances, UNCLE RICO completely absorbed in his delusional fantasy, throwing another football into the setting sun.]**

**[Cut to black.]**

**Title Card: “Dynamite Days – Chapter 4: Family Matters”**

**[Fade out.]**

**[End Scene.]**

This screenplay sets the tone for the quirky dynamics of the Dynamite household, showcasing the blend of absurdity and heartfelt moments that define the family’s relationships. Uncle Rico’s harebrained scheme serves as a comedic device that ultimately drives the plot forward, leading to more misadventures and bonding between the characters.

Scene 5

### Screenplay: “Dance of the Underdogs”


*The gym is decorated with colorful banners and balloons for the school dance. Students are mingling, laughing, and dancing under the disco lights. NAPOLEON, awkward but determined, stands at the edge of the dance floor, scanning the crowd.*


*(approaching Napoleon)*

Hey, man. You think this will really help the campaign?



Yes, Pedro. If we can show them that you’re more than just a new face… that you can groove too, they’ll remember you.

*The music shifts to a slow, romantic tune. Couples start pairing up, leaving Napoleon and Pedro standing awkwardly.*



Maybe this was a bad idea.



No. Wait here.

*Napoleon strides with an odd confidence towards the DJ booth. He whispers something to the DJ, who looks surprised but nods. The music abruptly changes to a lively, funky beat.*

**CUT TO:**


*The change in music catches everyone off-guard. Napoleon walks back onto the dance floor, now the center of attention. He starts with awkward, jerky movements that soon evolve into an unexpectedly impressive dance routine.*

**CUT TO:**

*Students start cheering and clapping, forming a circle around him. Pedro watches, amazed and proud. Even the most popular students, including SUMMER, the current class president, watch in disbelief.*


*(to a nearby student)*

That’s my friend.

*The music builds to a crescendo, and Napoleon finishes his routine with a dramatic pose. The gym erupts in applause and cheers.*

**CUT TO:**


*The dance is in full swing, and the atmosphere is electric. Pedro and Napoleon are now at the center of a lively group, laughing and enjoying themselves. Napoleon catches his breath, a satisfied grin on his face.*


*(grateful, shouting over the music)*

You did it, Napoleon! They love us!



Told you I’ve got skills.

*They share a look of mutual respect and camaraderie.*


*This scene captures the essence of Napoleon’s character growth and the deepening of his friendship with Pedro. It’s a pivotal moment that shifts the narrative towards their favor, setting the stage for the challenges and triumphs that lie ahead.*

Scene 6

### Screenplay: “Dynamite Dreams”

#### Based on Chapter 6: “Tensions Rise”


*The bustling high school hallway is filled with students changing classes. Posters of PEDRO and SUMMER, the two class president candidates, cover the walls. NAPOLEON, an awkward teenager with a curly afro, and PEDRO, a shy new student with a mustache, walk side by side, observing the scene.*


(whispering to Pedro)

Man, Summer and her squad are plastering their faces everywhere. It’s like an invasion.



Yes. But we have dynamite on our side.

*Napoleon looks at Pedro, confused.*




Your dance moves, Napoleon. They’re dynamite.

*Napoleon smiles, slightly embarrassed but encouraged.*

**CUT TO:**


*Summer, a popular girl with a perfect smile, is giving a speech to a class. Her boyfriend DON sits behind her, smirking.*


…And that’s why, if you vote for me, I’ll make sure our prom is the most unforgettable night of your lives!

*The class applauds. Napoleon and Pedro enter, witnessing the scene.*


(whispering to Napoleon)

We need to do something big, Napoleon.


Don’t worry, I’ve got a plan.

**CUT TO:**


*Napoleon is seen setting up a small stage. Pedro looks on, confused but trusting.*


What is this?


Our secret weapon.

*Suddenly, DON and a group of SUMMER’S SUPPORTERS approach, sneering.*



What’s this? Napoleon’s circus?

*Napoleon stands firm, facing Don.*


No, it’s our campaign rally. And it’s gonna blow your mind.

*Don laughs, walking away with his group.*


(can’t wait to see this disaster)

Good luck, you’re gonna need it.

*Napoleon turns to Pedro, a determined look in his eyes.*


We’ll show them. We’ll show everyone.



Yes, we will.

*The scene fades as they get back to work, hinting at the unexpected turn their campaign is about to take.*


*This scene sets the stage for the increasing tensions in the school’s presidential race, showcasing the underdog spirit of Napoleon and Pedro against the polished campaign of Summer. It hints at the upcoming climax, keeping viewers engaged and rooting for the unlikely heroes.*

Author: AI