For Your Eyes Only

Bond races against time to retrieve a deadly encryption device before the Soviets weaponize it.

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The world was on the brink of a nuclear war, and the fate of millions rested on the safety of a single device. The hi-tech encryption device, capable of protecting British launching instructions, had been lost to the depths of the sea. On board a British spy ship, it was now in the possession of the enemy Soviets. As the threat of a catastrophic war loomed, MI6 knew that finding the device was their only hope. They had to act fast and send their best agent, James Bond, to retrieve it before it was too late.

Chapter 1:

Lying in bed at his London apartment, James Bond received an urgent message to report to MI6 headquarters. An encrypted message had been intercepted from the Soviets, indicating they had retrieved a valuable device from a sunken British spy ship. The encryption device contained the codes necessary to launch Britain’s nuclear weapons, and MI6 couldn’t take any chances. Bond knew he was the perfect man for the job.

He arrived at MI6 headquarters to find the entirety of the briefing was classified. Bond was given the bare bones of the mission: a British spy ship had sunk off the coast of Greece, and on board was a hi-tech encryption device. Bond’s mission was to retrieve the device before the Soviets could get their hands on it.

As Bond headed out of MI6, he was stopped by a familiar face. It was Q, the MI6 quartermaster, with a new gadget – a watch with a laser cutter that could be used to cut through metal. Bond couldn’t resist a smile, knowing that Q always had something up his sleeve. He accepted the watch and headed out to Greece.

Upon arrival in Greece, Bond quickly got to work. He met with a marine archaeologist named Havelock, whose father had been the first to discover the wreck of the British spy ship. Havelock had recently discovered the wreck of the ship and confirmed that the encryption device was still on board. Bond convinced Havelock to help him retrieve the device, and they set out on their mission.

As they approached the shipwreck site, they were ambushed by Soviet agents. Bond and Havelock fought them off, but they knew they had to be more careful – the Soviets were hot on their trail.

Bond and Havelock dove down to the shipwreck, where they discovered the encryption device was missing. In its place, they found a transmitter, indicating that the Soviets had gotten to the device before them. Bond and Havelock knew they had to act fast. They had to find the device before it was too late.

As they surfaced, Bond received a message from MI6 – the Soviets had just launched a missile, and they were heading for the British coastline. Bond knew he had to find the device fast. He and Havelock set out to gather more information about the device’s whereabouts.

Bond’s adventure had just begun, and he knew that the fate of millions was in his hands.

Chapter 2:

As James Bond arrived in Greece, he couldn’t help but notice the stunning beauty of the Mediterranean coastline. He felt invigorated by the warm sun on his face, and the salty sea air filling his lungs. However, the beauty of his surroundings quickly faded as he approached the city where the sunken ship was located.

Bond made his way to a local cafe where he had arranged to meet with Melina Havelock, the daughter of the marine archaeologist who had discovered the sunken ship. As he waited, he observed the people around him, trying to spot anything out of the ordinary. He noticed a group of men sitting at a nearby table, watching him closely. Bond knew that he was being watched, and it only intensified his senses.

Finally, Melina arrived, and Bond was taken aback by her beauty. She was tall and slender, with long dark hair and piercing blue eyes. She had a stern expression on her face, and Bond could tell that she was not one to be trifled with.

“Mr. Bond, I presume?” Melina said, as she approached him.

“Yes,” Bond replied, standing up to greet her. “You must be Melina Havelock.”

Melina nodded, and they sat down together to discuss their mission. Bond explained the importance of retrieving the encryption device and the potential consequences if it were to fall into the wrong hands.

Melina listened intently, her eyes not leaving Bond’s the entire time. Bond couldn’t help but feel a twinge of attraction, but he quickly dismissed it. He couldn’t afford to be distracted on this mission.

After they finished their discussion, Melina agreed to help Bond retrieve the device. They set out to locate the sunken ship, using Melina’s knowledge of the area to guide them. As they traveled deeper into the countryside, Bond couldn’t help but think of the danger they were both in.

Suddenly, a car pulled up beside them, and several men jumped out, brandishing guns. Bond and Melina sprang into action, taking cover behind a nearby rock formation. Bond returned fire, taking out two of the attackers, while Melina took down another with a well-placed shot. The final attacker fled, leaving Bond and Melina unscathed.

“Who were they?” Bond asked, as they continued on their journey.

“I don’t know,” Melina replied, her expression grim. “But we need to be careful.”

As they approached the coast, they spotted a small sailboat waiting for them. Bond and Melina climbed aboard and set sail towards the sunken ship. Bond couldn’t help but notice the tension in Melina’s body as they sailed. He realized that she was as desperate to retrieve the device as he was.

As they reached the sunken ship, Bond donned his diving gear and prepared to dive. Melina stayed on board to monitor his progress and assist him if necessary.

The water was cold and dark as Bond descended towards the sunken ship. He swam through the wreckage, searching for the encryption device. Finally, he spotted a small, metal box sitting in the corner of the ship.

He retrieved the device and swam back to the surface. Melina helped him back onto the boat, and they set sail towards the shore. However, their journey was far from over.

As they approached the shore, a helicopter appeared overhead, and several men rappelled down, guns blazing. Bond and Melina took cover, returning fire. They managed to take out several of the attackers, but more kept coming.

Finally, Bond saw an opening, and he and Melina made a run for it. They reached a nearby cliff, where a car was waiting for them. Bond hotwired the car, and they sped away, the attackers hot on their tail.

As they approached a narrow bridge, Bond knew that they had to make a choice. They could either attempt to cross the bridge and potentially be trapped, or they could take a chance and drive off the side of the cliff.

Bond didn’t hesitate. He drove the car off the cliff, just as the attackers caught up to them. As they plummeted towards the water below, Bond and Melina braced themselves for impact.

Chapter 3:

Bond and Havelock are attacked by a hitman named Hector Gonzales.

James Bond and Melina Havelock walked out of the small Greek taverna on the pier in San Fierro. The sun had set, and the Greek fishing boats bobbed up and down in the bay. James could see Melina staring out intently at the water. He realized that she was probably thinking about her father and what she had lost; he could empathize with her, as he had lost people in his life too.

As they walked towards their rented car, James heard a sharp metallic click, and then a sound like a watermelon being smashed. James looked to his left as a bullet shot past his face. He quickly pulled Melina to the ground behind a stack of wooden crates. Another bullet narrowly missed him, burying itself in a nearby wall.

James took out his Walther PPK and returned fire, scanning the area for the shooter. He spotted a man standing on the roof of a nearby building, holding a sniper rifle. Bond ducked behind cover as the sniper continued to fire at them. He looked over at Melina and saw that she was shaking, her eyes wide with fear.

“Stay here,” Bond said to her, “I’ll take care of this.”

With that, he got up and sprinted towards the building where the shooter was positioned. He heard the sniper fire again, but this time he stayed low, narrowly avoiding the bullet. Bond made it to the building and climbed the stairs, avoiding the creaking steps. He reached the roof and saw the man was reloading his rifle.

Bond quickly moved forward, grabbing the man’s shoulder and slamming him into the wall, knocking the rifle out of his hands. Bond had his gun pointed at the man’s head.

“Who sent you?” Bond asked.

The man remained silent. Bond pressed the barrel of his gun into the man’s temple.

“Who sent you?” Bond repeated.

The man finally spoke, “I don’t know. I was hired to kill you and the woman.”

Bond moved his gun away from the man’s head and asked him who hired him. The man replied that he was contacted through an intermediary, but didn’t know who the employer was.

Bond knew this was a dead end, so he shot the man in the leg and left him for the authorities to arrest. Bond returned to Melina, who was still shaken up. He helped her up and suggested that they leave the area immediately.

As they drove away from San Fierro, James couldn’t shake the feeling that they were being watched. He had a gut feeling that this was only the beginning of their troubles.

Chapter 4: Following the Trail

Bond and Havelock had traveled to various locations to gather information about the encryption device’s whereabouts. As they sat at a café in Venice, Bond reviewed the clues they had collected so far. The message intercepted by MI6 indicated that the device was being transported to Albania by a smuggler named Milos Columbo.

Havelock pointed out that they had a problem – they had no idea what Columbo looked like. Bond agreed, but suggested that they could use Kristatos, a Greek smuggler they had met earlier, as a bridge to reach Columbo.

Bond had a plan. He suggested that they would tail Kristatos and see where he went. Then he would take the opportunity to confront him with the information they had gathered. If Kristatos proved to be trustworthy, they would ask for his help in locating Columbo.

The days following were filled with tailing Kristatos and his men. They followed them down the alleyways of Venice, over the canals, and even on the gondolas. It was a cat and mouse game, with Kristatos trying to avoid Bond’s tail.

Finally, they followed Kristatos to a warehouse in the outskirts of the city. Bond and Havelock sneaked in to find a hoard of smuggled goods. They also found Kristatos himself, sitting in a dimly lit room, smoking his cigar.

Bond advanced and revealed what he knew. Kristatos was thrown off guard, and Bond seized the opportunity to propose the plan. Kristatos listened intently and finally agreed to help the British agents locate Columbo.

Kristatos put in a call to Columbo’s men, telling them that he had a buyer interested in a large shipment of goods. He arranged to meet them in a remote location in Albania.

Bond, Havelock, and Kristatos set off towards the meeting point. They rode on a speedboat through the Adriatic Sea. The sun was setting as they approached the landing site.

As they disembarked, they could hear the sounds of engines. Bond and Havelock immediately took cover behind large rocks, while Kristatos went to make the deal. Bond and Havelock watched in silence as Kristatos negotiated with Columbo’s men.

Suddenly, all hell broke loose. Shots were fired from all directions, and Bond and Havelock were thrown into the fray. They ducked and exchanged fire, determined to keep the encryption device from falling into the wrong hands.

Bond saw Kristatos fall to the ground, shot in the chest. Columbo’s men were closing in, and Bond knew he had to act fast. He took off running towards the van where the device was stored.

One of the gunmen saw him and ran after him. Bond ducked behind a tree to avoid the bullet, then lunged forward and tackled the man to the ground. A fistfight ensued, and Bond emerged victorious, grabbing the encryption device from the van.

Havelock was still fighting off the men when she saw Bond emerge with the device. She took out the last few gunmen and rushed to Bond. They made a run for it, racing towards the boat they came in.

As they rode back to Italy, Bond and Havelock looked at each other, relieved and exhilarated. They had come so close to losing the device, and themselves, but they had emerged victorious. It was a challenge, but at least they had each other.

Chapter 5:

Bond and Havelock made their way to the Greek smuggler Kristatos’ hideout. They had received information that the encryption device was in his possession. As they approached the abandoned warehouse, Bond noticed the heavy security presence surrounding it. They would need a plan to get inside undetected.

Havelock suggested they try to blend in as workers delivering goods to the warehouse. Bond agreed and they made their way to a nearby trucking company, where they posed as drivers and managed to acquire uniforms. They loaded the truck with fake goods and set off towards the warehouse.

As they approached the gates, Bond flashed his fake ID and the guards allowed them in. They parked the truck inside the warehouse and started to unload the goods. Bond kept an eye out for any signs of the encryption device as they worked.

Suddenly, they heard footsteps approaching. Bond signaled Havelock to hide and he positioned himself behind a stack of crates, ready to take out anyone who posed a threat. A man entered the warehouse and asked what they were doing there. Bond lied and said they were delivering goods.

The man looked suspicious and called for backup. Bond knew they had to act fast. He took out his Walther PPK and fired a shot, killing the man before he could raise the alarm. Havelock emerged from her hiding spot and they continued their search for the encryption device.

They finally found a locked room in the back of the warehouse. Bond used his skills as a spy to pick the lock and they entered the room. Inside, they found Kristatos and his accomplice, Milos Columbo, waiting for them.

Kristatos was a suave and sophisticated man with a sharp tongue. He taunted Bond and Havelock, telling them they were too late and that the encryption device was already in the hands of the Soviets. Bond wasn’t going to let him get away with it.

A fierce fight broke out between Bond, Havelock, Kristatos, and Columbo. Bond and Havelock were outnumbered, but they fought with all their might. As Kristatos and Columbo prepared to make their escape, Bond managed to grab the encryption device from a nearby table.

He made a run for it, pursued by Kristatos and Columbo. Havelock covered their escape, firing shots at the men. They managed to make it outside and into the waiting truck. The guards outside had been alerted and they chased after them, firing their weapons.

Bond put the truck into gear and drove off, Havelock providing cover fire from the back. They swerved through the narrow streets, dodging bullets and obstacles. Bond knew they had to get away fast if they wanted to keep the encryption device out of Soviet hands.

As they sped away, they saw Kristatos and Columbo watching from a distance. They had failed to retrieve the device, but Bond knew this wouldn’t be the last time he would face them. He had the device in his possession, but the mission was far from over.

Bond and Havelock made their way back to MI6 headquarters, where they handed over the encryption device. They had completed their mission, but Bond knew there would always be another threat to the security of the nation. He vowed to protect it at all costs, no matter what challenges lay ahead.

Chapter 6: Bond Captured

Bond and Havelock entered Kristatos’ hideout with the intent of retrieving the encryption device. However, things didn’t go as planned. As they searched the premises, they were suddenly ambushed by Kristatos’ henchmen. In a flash, they were outnumbered and outgunned.

Bond and Havelock valiantly fought back, but it was only a matter of time before they were overpowered. Bond was seized by two burly goons, while Havelock was knocked unconscious and dragged away.

Bond was roughly thrown into a dark and dank cell, his hands bound tightly behind his back. He gritted his teeth as he tried to wriggle free, but it was no use – the ropes were too tight. He glanced around the cell and realized it was a oubliette, a type of dungeon where prisoners were left to die.

He knew he had to act fast. He surveyed his surroundings and quickly formulated a plan. He took off his watch and used its serrated edge to cut the ropes around his wrists. Once free, he searched the cell for any weapons or tools he could use to escape.

The only thing he found was a rusty old pipe. It wasn’t much, but it would have to do. He used it to pry open the door of his cell and made his way down a dark and winding corridor.

As he crept along, he heard the sound of footsteps approaching. He flattened himself against the wall and waited. Two henchmen appeared and Bond sprang into action, using the rusty pipe to take them out.

Quickly, Bond made his way towards the heart of the hideout, where he hoped to find Havelock. He came across a locked door and kicked it down with all his might. Inside, he found Havelock, who was groggy but conscious.

“Are you alright?” Bond asked, his heart racing.

Havelock nodded weakly. “What’s our next move?” she asked.

“We need to find the device and get out of here,” Bond replied, scanning the room for any clues.

Suddenly, the door burst open and in walked Kristatos and his henchman, Emile Leopold Locque. “Well, well, well, what do we have here?” Kristatos sneered. “It seems we have a couple of intruders.”

Bond and Havelock stood their ground, stalwart in the face of danger. Kristatos held up the encryption device triumphantly. “You’re too late, Mr. Bond. The device is mine. And now, so are you!”

Kristatos signaled to his men, and they closed in on Bond and Havelock. A fierce battle ensued, with Bond and Havelock fighting valiantly against Kristatos and his goons. Bond realized he was outnumbered and outmatched.

It was then that Locque produced a knife and charged towards Havelock. She dodged and weaved, but he was too quick. He lunged at her, and she fell to the floor, helpless. Bond could only watch in horror as Locque raised his knife to deliver a fatal blow.

With lightning-fast reflexes, Bond lunged forward and tackled Locque to the ground. They grappled, each trying to gain the upper hand. In the end, Bond emerged victorious, driving the rusty pipe into Locque’s chest with a sickening crunch.

Kristatos, now alone against Bond, was livid. “You’ll pay for that, Bond!” he growled, lunging towards him. But Bond was ready. With a swift kick, he sent Kristatos flying across the room. The smuggler stumbled and fell, his head cracking against a table.

Breathless and relieved, Bond turned to Havelock. “Are you okay?” he asked, helping her to her feet.

“Yes,” she replied, shaking off the shock of the attack. “Let’s get out of here.”

Together, they retrieved the encryption device and made their way out of Kristatos’ hideout. As they emerged into the sunlight, they breathed a sigh of relief. They had completed their mission, but at what cost?

Chapter 7: Confrontation and Betrayal

Bond and Havelock had finally located the encryption device that held the British launching instructions. However, their mission was far from over. Kristatos, the Greek smuggler who was secretly working with the Soviets and holding the device, had become aware of their presence and was prepared to fight them to the death. Bond and Havelock tried to remain calm and focused, but their nerves were on edge. They knew that one mistake could cost them everything.

The confrontation took place in an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of a small Greek village. Bond and Havelock made their way inside, guns at the ready. They were immediately met with a hail of bullets from Kristatos and his henchman, Milos Columbo. The room was filled with the sound of gunfire as Bond and Havelock took cover. They exchanged fire with the two men, but their efforts were ineffective. Kristatos and Columbo were too well-armed and well-trained.

Bond knew he needed to take a different approach. He decided to use his wits instead of his weapon. He shouted out to Kristatos, offering to make a deal. Kristatos was curious and stopped firing long enough to listen. Bond proposed that they work together to double-cross the Soviets and split the money from the sale of the device. Kristatos’ greed got the best of him and he agreed to the deal.

The three men moved in closer to each other, guns still drawn. Bond kept his finger poised on the trigger, ready to strike at a moment’s notice. Suddenly, Kristatos made a swift move and aimed his gun at Bond’s head. Bond was caught off guard, but he had anticipated this move. He had previously switched the bullets in Kristatos’ gun with blanks.

Kristatos pulled the trigger, but his gun only clicked. Bond took advantage of the moment and tackled Kristatos to the ground. They were locked in a struggle when Columbo joined in. Havelock acted quickly and shot Columbo, killing him instantly. Bond and Kristatos continued to fight, exchanging punches and kicks in a brutal showdown.

In the midst of the brawl, Kristatos revealed the truth to Bond. He had been working with the Soviets all along, and the deal was just a ploy to lure him into a trap. Bond was enraged, but he didn’t let his emotions get the best of him. He knew he had to stay focused and finish the mission.

Finally, Bond gained the upper hand and pinned Kristatos to the ground. He reached over and took the encryption device from Kristatos’ grasp. The deal was off, but Bond had what he came for. He knew he had to get out of there fast.

Bond and Havelock made their escape from the warehouse and fled to a nearby beach. They were exhausted and battered, but they were alive. Bond stared at Havelock and realized how much he cared for her. He had come to admire her strength and tenacity on their journey together. Havelock felt the same way.

They shared a moment of intimacy, knowing that their adventure was coming to an end. But Bond couldn’t shake the feeling of betrayal. Kristatos had fooled him, and he couldn’t help but wonder if there were other double agents within MI6. He knew he had to be more vigilant from here on out.

Bond and Havelock watched as the sun set over the ocean, their minds racing with thoughts of what was to come. They knew that their mission was over, but the aftermath of their adventure was only just beginning.

Chapter 8:

After retrieving the encryption device and securing it with MI6, Bond and Havelock are finally able to take a breath after the intense mission. They are both emotionally and physically exhausted from their experience, but the bond they formed throughout their journey is stronger than ever.

As they sit in a cozy seaside tavern, overlooking the crystal-clear waters of Greece, they reminisce about all the twists and turns that led them to this moment. Havelock raises her glass, “To the unexpected,” she says with a sly grin. Bond chuckles, “I’ll drink to that.”

As they clink their glasses, Havelock can’t help but feel a sense of sadness. She knows that their time together is coming to an end. Bond is a spy, and his life can never be predictable or calm. He’s always on the go, always on the next mission.

Bond can sense her unease, “What’s on your mind?” he asks. Havelock hesitates for a moment and finally speaks, “I know that this is the end for us. You’ll go back to your life of espionage, and I’ll go back to mine of marine archaeology.”

Bond nods, “It’s the nature of our lives. We can’t predict what’s next, but we can cherish the time we have.” Havelock smiles softly, “I wouldn’t change a thing. Our adventure was one of a kind.”

As they continue to talk, Bond’s phone suddenly rings, interrupting their conversation. “007 here,” he answers. It’s M, who informs him that there’s been a development in their case. The Soviets have started a full-blown attack on MI6 headquarters in London.

Without hesitation, Bond and Havelock jump into action. They make their way to the airport and board a plane that will take them to London. The entire flight is filled with tension. Bond knows that this is no ordinary attack. The Soviets must have a specific target in mind.

As they near London, Bond’s mind races with the possibilities of what could be the target. They land at Heathrow airport, and Bond grabs a car from the rental agency. Havelock sits shotgun, and they make their way through the now chaotic city.

When they arrive at MI6 headquarters, they’re met with chaos. The entire building is in flames, and it’s clear that the attack was intended to destroy everything in sight. Bond knows that time is of the essence, and he and Havelock make their way through the smoke-filled ruins.

Suddenly, Bond stops in his tracks. He sees something that makes his blood run cold. In the midst of the debris, he sees the silhouette of a woman. It’s M.

Bond runs to her and pulls her out of the rubble. “I’m okay,” she gasps. “But the encryption device is gone. They must have taken it during the attack.”

Bond’s mind races. He knows that this is no ordinary attack. The Soviets must have a specific target in mind. With Havelock and M in tow, Bond sets out to track down the encryption device and stop the Soviets from executing their plan.

They track the device to Moscow, where they discover that the Soviets plan to launch a nuclear missile from a hidden location. Bond knows that time is running out, and he sets out to stop the launch.

As they make their way to the launch site, they’re met with heavy resistance. Bond and Havelock fight their way through the guards, while M gives them cover fire. Finally, they reach the launch pad.

Bond knows that this is the moment that will determine the fate of the world. He engages in a brutal fight with the Soviet agent who holds the controls of the missile. After a long and grueling battle, Bond finally overpowers him.

He takes the controls of the missile and sets it to self-destruct. The countdown begins, and Bond knows that they have just moments to escape. He grabs Havelock and M, and they make a run for it.

As they run towards their escape route, Bond can feel the heat from the explosion behind him. They finally reach safety and watch as the missile explodes in the distance.

As they sit in the aftermath, Bond realizes that he and Havelock have a chance at a real life together. He looks at her and smiles, “What do you say we take a real vacation this time?” Havelock grins, “I’d like that.”

As they walk into the sunset, the end of their mission marks the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. They know that the future is uncertain, but they also know that they have each other. In that moment, they feel invincible.

Some scenes from the movie For Your Eyes Only written by A.I.

Scene 1

Genre: Action/Adventure/Thriller

Setting: Greece


– James Bond (British spy)

– Melina Havelock (daughter of a marine archaeologist)

– Hector Gonzales (hitman hired to stop Bond)

– M (Bond’s superior at MI6)

Scene 1:


We see a stunning view of the Mediterranean sea. Suddenly, a huge splash disrupts the calm waters. We see a British spy ship sinking into the depths of the sea.

M (V.O)

“Attention 007, a British spy ship carrying a hi-tech encryption device has sunk off the coast of Greece. The device contains our launching instructions. You are to retrieve it before the Soviets do.”


We see M sitting in his office, briefing Bond on his mission.


“You will need to travel to Greece and find the device. We believe it is on board the sunken ship. You will also need to investigate any potential leads, such as the marine archaeologist who discovered the wreck.”


“Understood. I’ll depart for Greece immediately.”


Bond sits at his desk, looking at photos and maps of the Greek coastline. He takes out his phone and makes a call.


“I need to speak with Melina Havelock, daughter of marine archaeologist Sir Timothy Havelock.”

After a short pause, the phone rings.




“Miss Havelock, this is James Bond. I’m here to investigate the wreckage of your father’s ship.”


“The ship sank a long time ago, Mr. Bond. What makes you think there’s anything left?”


“I have reason to believe there’s something valuable on board. Can we meet to discuss it?”


“Fine. Meet me at the docks in an hour.”


Bond meets Melina, a beautiful and intelligent woman.


“Miss Havelock, pleasure to meet you.”


“Likewise. So, what brings you here?”


“I believe there’s a device on board your father’s ship that I need to retrieve.”


“I see. Well, I’m a marine archaeologist myself. Perhaps I can be of some assistance.”


“That would be helpful. When can we start?”


“Right away. I have the necessary equipment on my boat.”

Bond looks at Melina with admiration as they head towards her boat to begin their adventure.

Scene 2


JAMES BOND arrives at a secluded Greek Island by boat. He is met by a beautiful woman, MELINA HAVLOCK, who approaches him on horseback.


You must be James Bond. My name is Melina Havelock. I understand you’re here to join me on my underwater expedition.



That’s correct. I hope you’re ready for an adventure.


I’ve been ready for this my entire life.

They ride to a small village where they meet with a group of divers and Melina’s father, SIR TIMOTHY HAVLOCK. They discuss their plan to locate the sunken spy ship and retrieve the encryption device.



Gentlemen, this is James Bond, an agent dispatched by MI6. He’ll be joining us in our quest to locate the wreckage and retrieve the device.

The group gears up and heads out to sea. As they approach the designated search area, Bond and Melina become better acquainted.



So, Mr. Bond, do you make a habit of rescuing damsels in distress?



Only when it’s absolutely necessary.



I could take care of myself, you know.



I don’t doubt that.

They arrive at the wreck site and begin their search. After several hours, they finally find the sunken ship and make their descent. As they search the wreckage, they encounter a deadly obstacle.



Melina, we have to go. There’s a shark headed right for us!



Not yet. I need one more piece of evidence.



You’re a brave woman.

As they continue their search, they discover a hidden compartment where the encryption device should be located.



This is it! We found it!



Be careful. We don’t know who else might be down here.

Suddenly, they are attacked by a hitman named Hector Gonzales. Bond and Melina fight back, but Gonzales is relentless. When they finally defeat him, they realize that they are not the only ones interested in the encryption device.



We have to get this device to MI6 before it falls into the wrong hands.

Scene 3

Characters: James Bond, Melina Havelock, Hector Gonzales

Setting: Greece


James Bond and Melina Havelock are walking down a street in Greece when they hear footsteps behind them. Bond turns around to see Hector Gonzales, a notorious hitman, approaching them.


(to Havelock)

Get down.

Bond shoves Havelock to the ground and pulls out his gun. Gonzales draws his weapon as well, and the two engage in a shootout. Bond takes cover behind a car, firing shots at Gonzales who is hiding behind a wall.



What do we do?


(voice raised)

Stay down and don’t move.

Gonzales throws a grenade towards Bond, but he manages to throw it back towards Gonzales, causing a massive explosion. As the smoke clears, Bond approaches Gonzales’ lifeless body.

Havelock looks on in shock.


Who could have sent him?



Someone who doesn’t want us to find that device.

Bond and Havelock continue on their mission, determined to find the encryption device before it falls into the wrong hands.


Scene 4



James Bond and Melina Havelock walk through the bustling streets of Athens, their eyes scanning the crowds for any sign of their next lead.


Do you really think we can find it?


We have to try.


What if we don’t? What if the Soviets get to it first?


Then we’ll have a lot more to worry about than just a missing encryption device.

Melina nods solemnly. They turn a corner and come face-to-face with their contact, a man named Aris Kristatos.


Ah, Mr. Bond. And Miss Havelock. I’ve been expecting you.


You have information for us?


Indeed I do. But it will cost you.

Melina steps forward, her eyes flashing.


We’re not here to bargain. We want that device and we’ll do whatever it takes to get it.

Kristatos smiles, his eyes glinting.


I like a woman who knows what she wants. Very well. Follow me.

He leads them through the city to a small, dingy taverna. Inside, several rough-looking men eye them warily.


This is where you’ll find the information you need. But be careful. Not everyone here is friendly to your cause.


Thank you for the warning.

Kristatos nods and disappears into the shadows.

Melina and Bond approach the bar, where a grizzled bartender awaits them.


What’ll it be?


We’re looking for information about a certain device. Anything would be helpful.

The bartender leans in close.


You’re looking for Kristatos. He’s the one to talk to.


We already talked to him. He sent us here.

The bartender eyes them suspiciously.


You’re not from around here, are you?


No. We’re not.

Suddenly, a group of men at the back of the taverna stand up and start moving toward them.


You need to leave. Now.

Melina and Bond turn to go, but the men block their path. A fight breaks out, with Melina and Bond fighting side by side, taking down their attackers with ease.


We need to get out of here.



They run out of the taverna and into the streets, the sound of gunfire echoing behind them.


Scene 5



Bond and Havelock, dressed in casual clothes, are standing outside a large villa overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.


This is the place. Kristatos is inside.


How do we get in?


We’ll have to find a way past his guards.



Kristatos is seated in his office, a glass of wine in his hand. Milos Columbo is standing beside him, looking nervous.


Relax, Milos. The device is safe. Bond is no match for me.

Suddenly, the door bursts open and Bond and Havelock step inside.


I wouldn’t be so sure about that.

Kristatos is taken aback, but quickly regains his composure.


Ah, Mr. Bond. How nice of you to drop in. And who is this lovely lady?


I’m Melina Havelock. We’ve come for the device.


I’m afraid that’s not possible. You see, I have it right here.

Kristatos holds up a small box and smiles triumphantly.


I don’t believe you.

Kristatos sets the box down on his desk and opens it. The device is indeed inside.


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have other business to attend to.

Kristatos gestures for Bond and Havelock to leave, but they remain defiant.


We know you’re working for the Soviets, Kristatos. Hand over the device.


I’m afraid I can’t do that. You see, the Soviets pay very well.

Bond and Havelock exchange a glance, and a silent understanding passes between them.


I’ll make you a deal, Kristatos. We’ll let you keep the device, but you have to turn over Columbo to us.

Kristatos looks uncertain, but finally nods his agreement.


Very well. You can have him.

Columbo looks at Kristatos in disbelief.


You’re betraying me?


Business is business, my friend.

Bond and Havelock lead Columbo out of the villa, leaving Kristatos alone with the device.


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