I Married a Monster from Outer Space

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The Alien Impostor

It was one of the happiest days of Stacy’s life; her wedding day. She and her fiancé, Mark, had been together for three years and it was finally time to take the plunge. It wasn’t a grand affair but it meant the world to her.

However, as the reception began, small, eerie things started occurring. The way Mark smiled was a little off, his appetite had drastically changed, and even his favorite TV show seemed distastefully unfamiliar. But Stacy thought nothing of it, attributing his odd behavior to a combination of nerves and pre-wedding jitters.

Months had passed, and the unsettling behavior of her new husband continued. He spent much of his free time alone in the basement, and when she asked to join him he would quickly brush off the suggestion. He took long, unexplained trips away from home and when she asked, he would simply say he was “tending to business.”

But the biggest shock of all was when Mark suddenly moved out of the house without any explanation. At first, Stacy was devastated and assumed he had simply gotten cold feet. But after months of no contact and no reprieve from his peculiar behavior, she began to suspect something was truly out of the ordinary.

The rumors began to spread like wildfire. People in town were talking about how Mark was acting, and the stories were strange. Then, Stacy heard word of something much more sinister; aliens from outer space were slowly taking over the town, switching places with real humans.

Stacy’s heart sank and fear began to creep in as she realized what had happened to her beloved Mark. He was an impostor, an alien, who had been masquerading as her husband.

She had to take action. She knew the only way to free her town from the alien invaders was to expose them and find out who was still human and who had been replaced. She decided to go to the local newspaper and expose the story to the public, in the hopes that it would alert the real Mark of her plight and he would come to her rescue.

But before she got to the paper, a group of men in black surrounded and apprehended her. They revealed themselves to be part of a secret organization that monitored the activity of extraterrestrial beings, and they had been watching her ever since they discovered the alien activity in the town.

Stacy pleaded with them to help her and the other people of the town. The organization agreed, and they began to search for the aliens who had replaced humans. Slowly but surely, they began to uncover the identities of the aliens and returned the people to their rightful places.

Finally, the real Mark returned to Stacy and they embraced, happy to be reunited.

As the days went on, the town began to return to normal. Stacy and Mark had a beautiful life ahead of them, and although the event had been a nightmare, it had also been a blessing in disguise; it had brought them closer together and taught them how to appreciate the small things in life.

They would never forget the alien impostor, but they were determined to move on with their lives and cherish every moment.

Scene 1


It’s a small town in the middle of nowhere, with a population of just a few hundred. The street corner is lined with old buildings, a few stores, and a few houses. It’s peaceful, quiet, and seemingly innocent.

Suddenly, there is a loud rumbling noise, followed by a bright white light. A UFO zooms down from the sky and stops in the town square. It hovers for a few seconds, then descends to the ground.



Inside the cockpit, there is a small alien creature with black eyes and four arms. He looks around the cockpit and then turns to the front of the craft. He presses a few buttons on the control panel and the craft takes off again, heading out of town.



The UFO is gone, and the street corner is quiet. There is a figure standing in the middle of the street, barely visible in the bright sunlight. As the figure moves closer, it is revealed to be a young man, wearing a tuxedo and carrying a bouquet of flowers.

The young man looks around and then starts walking towards a nearby house. He climbs the steps to the porch, and as he does so, he stops suddenly. He looks around, confused, and then slowly begins to take off his coat.



The house is small and sparsely furnished, but it’s clean and in good condition. A woman is standing in the middle of the living room, wearing a white wedding dress and veil. She looks up as the young man walks in.



You’re here.

The man smiles, and they embrace.


Yes. I’m here.

They break apart, and the man takes off his coat. They look into eachother’s eyes, and the woman suddenly looks startled. She takes a step back.


What’s wrong?

The man looks confused and shakes his head.


I don’t know.

The woman stares at the man for a few seconds, then turns away. She seems to be deep in thought.

Scene 2


The town square is bustling with activity, as people go about their daily business. Suddenly, the young man from the previous scene walks into the square. He looks around, confused, and then stops in the middle of the square and stares at the sky.



The woman is sitting on the couch, watching the man through the window. She seems concerned, and her hand is trembling. She stands up and walks slowly towards the door.



The man is still standing in the middle of the square, staring up at the sky. Suddenly, he looks around and his eyes widen in shock. He looks around frantically, and then he points at something in the sky.


Look! Up there!

The people in the square stop and look up. In the sky, they can see a UFO hovering above the town. It’s emitting a strange blue light, and it seems to be drawing something down from the sky.

The man stares in shock, and then he looks around. Everyone in the square is looking up at the UFO in awe. The man takes a few steps back, and then he turns and runs away.



The woman is standing in the doorway, staring off into the distance. She looks around, and then she turns to the window and stares out. In the sky, she can see the UFO, and it’s slowly getting closer.

Suddenly, she hears a loud noise coming from the living room. She runs into the room, and there she finds the man, lying on the floor, shaking and muttering something in a strange language. She kneels down beside him and looks into his eyes.

Suddenly, she understands what is happening. He’s been possessed by an alien being. She stands up, and then she looks around the room. She sees the alien creature from the UFO in the corner, watching her.



No! Get out of my house!

The alien creature smirks and disappears in a flash of light. The woman looks around, but it’s gone. She kneels down beside the man, tears streaming down her face.



What have they done to you?

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