Hostel: Part II

“In the heart of Slovakia, a friendly hostel harbors nightmarish secrets. Three friends, one horrifying truth. Will they survive the hostel from hell?”

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In the heart of Eastern Europe, nestled amongst the ancient cobblestone streets and picturesque landscapes of Slovakia, is a hostel. From the outside, it’s an inviting haven for weary travelers, its cheerful lights glowing through fogged up windows in the cold European night. However, beneath its warm appearance, it harbors a spine-chilling secret, a horror that is unleashed when the sun dips beneath the horizon and shrouds the world in darkness. This is a story that mirrors humanity’s capacity for both camaraderie and cruelty, a narrative that explores the grim underbelly of a seemingly idyllic setting.

Chapter 1: Arrival in Slovakia

The story begins with Beth, Whitney, and Lorna, three American college girls with an appetite for adventure and cultural exploration. Their innocent excitement hangs in the air as their plane descends into Slovakia, unaware of the macabre reality that awaits them.

“Can you believe we’re finally here?” Whitney exclaimed, her green eyes sparkling with exhilaration as they touched down. With an energetic sense of adventure, she was the first to tumble out of the small plane, her blonde hair dancing in the brisk Slovakian air.

Beth, a more reserved and thoughtful brunette, followed her, her brown eyes absorbing the old-world beauty of Slovakia’s landscape. She had always had a penchant for culture and history, making her the brains behind their European getaway.

Lorna, the shy, red-haired beauty, was the last to step off the plane, her slender fingers nervously clutching her sketchbook. A creative soul, she was keen to capture the picturesque charm of this foreign land in her drawings.

As they made their way through the narrow, winding streets to their hostel, a peculiar local man watched them from the shadows. His gaunt face was expressionless, yet his intense gaze followed their every movement. The hostel, which he owned, was their intended destination.

The hostel was quaint and charming, with friendly staff that greeted them warmly. Yet, something about the place felt different. The lights seemed to flicker occasionally, the wooden floorboards creaked ominously, and the shadows seemed to dance along the walls in a disturbing choreography. It was as if the hostel was breathing, alive with secrets. The kind smiles on the staff’s faces could not completely wipe away the latent eeriness.

As the girls settled into their room, a sound echoed through the hollow walls of the hostel – a low and soft cry, as though shrouded in pain and fear. They brushed it off as the sound of the old building, a result of the wind perhaps, and giggled nervously. They were excited about the adventure they had embarked on, oblivious to the horror that lay in wait.

Their first night at the hostel passed in a flurry of introductions, laughter, and shared stories of their travels. The girls fell asleep to the gentle murmurs of conversation and the soft strum of a guitar that wafted up from the lounge below. Unbeknownst to them, the friendly facade was just a cover for the monstrous activities that lurked beneath the surface.

As they drifted into sleep, the dark secrets of the hostel began to seep out from the hidden corners. The lights flickered once more, the walls seemed to close in, and the whispers of horrors past filled the air. The subtle signs of a deadly trap being set were all there, yet the girls remained blissfully unaware, their dreams of adventure turning into a looming nightmare.

Outside their window, the man still watched, his eyes reflecting the moonlight as they gazed at the hostel. His secret, the secret of the hostel, was poised to shatter the girls’ lives and transform the adventure they had so eagerly sought into a chilling fight for survival. The tale of their descent into darkness was about to begin.

And so, the stage was set, intertwining the lives of our unsuspecting protagonists with the ominous enigma of the Slovakian hostel. The journey into the heart of darkness was about the break of dawn…

Chapter 2 – The Alluring Hostel:

The picturesque views of the Slovakian countryside, with emerald green fields sparkling under the radiant sun, gave way to an antique building nestled in an isolated corner. This was the hostel, its charming rustic exterior masking the sinister secrets hidden within its ancient walls. A place where travelers came searching for solace and left with their innocence shattered, souls broken.

The girls were awed by the simplicity of the hostile architecture, its quaint allure pulling them in like a moth drawn to a vibrant flame. What they didn’t realize was that this flame was not a symbol of warmth, but a vortex of horrifying brutality. Oblivious, they walked into the trap, their youthful excitement filling the ominous air with buoyant, yet frighteningly vulnerable energy.

The hostel’s reception was a vision of vintage elegance – adorned with rustic furniture and decorated with peculiar artifacts, hinting at the region’s intriguing history. Behind the counter was a middle-aged woman with an ostensibly hospitable smile. She handed over the keys to the girls, her beady eyes hiding a sinister gleam.

Settling into their modest rooms, the girls felt a faint undercurrent of unease, initially dismissed as a consequence of their tiredness after a long journey. They questioned the uncanny silence shrouding the hostel but decided it was an outcome of the spot’s remote location in the countryside.

Soon, they met the other occupants of the hostel – a seemingly jovial group of travelers from various parts of the world. However, the honest camaraderie was nothing more than a ploy to trap the vulnerable, a living proof of the saying, “not all that glitters is gold.”

As the days went by, a peculiar pattern began to emerge. Each day, a new guest would check into the hostel, and in a few days, they would vanish without any trace. The hostel staff would churn out believable stories of the missing guests, having left on an impromptu adventure or an early departure due to some personal emergency.

One evening, a local man named Axel joined the group. He was a charismatic character, his stories of Slovakian folklore captivated the girls. However, his interest in the girls seemed to intensify with each passing day, his gaze always lingering for a moment too long. Unbeknownst to them, Axel was the castle’s hangman, his good looks serving as the perfect disguise.

One night, as they all sat around a bonfire, sharing stories and laughter, Axel suggested a late-night exploration of the hostel’s older, unused sections. The idea was met with zeal by the young travelers, their sense of adventure prevailing over their underlying apprehension.

As Beth, Whitney, and Lorna ventured deeper into the eerie darkness, they began to stumble upon unnerving sights – rooms that looked more like cells than guest bedrooms, strange apparatus that looked suspiciously like torture devices, and a pervasive, metallic smell that seemed to permeate the very walls. Their unease turned into outright fear, and they decided to return, promising each other not to venture into the hostel’s forbidden sections again.

Meanwhile, they realized that Whitney was missing. Panic set in as they embarked on a frantic search, their worst fears coming to life. They were trapped in the heart of the hostel, its captivating allure turning into a chilling nightmare. The hostel’s true face was beginning to reveal itself, opening the gates to a dark secret they were not prepared to face.

Their innocent study tour had turned into a horrifying adventure, a plunge into the abyss of an unknown evil. The alluring hostel was not what it seemed; its antiquated charm hid a horrifying truth. A truth that was slowly beginning to unravel, trapping them in a horrifying adventure they had no hope of escaping from. Their journey of discovery was about to take a turn into the darkest corners of human cruelty. Little did they know, the real horror was yet to come.

Chapter 3 – Shadows Rising:

The morning after Whitney’s disappearance, the hostel’s once mundane walls seemed to leer ominously at the remaining duo – Beth and Lorna. Their innocent laughter had been replaced by icy fear, and the once welcoming foyer now felt like a cold, foreboding labyrinth of doom.

As dusk fell, the shadows grew longer, the tense atmosphere hanging heavier with each passing moment. Confusion and fear intermingled, forming a potent cocktail that made their hearts pulse erratically. Every creak of the old wooden floorboards made them jump, each whispering breeze through the cracked windows fueling their rising paranoia.

“Beth, we can’t just sit here doing nothing,” Lorna finally broke the silence, her voice barely a whisper. Her eyes, once bright with excitement, were now clouded with trepidation.

With a curt nod, Beth agreed. Clasping her friend’s hand tightly, they embarked on a frightening quest through the hostel, a quest propelled by their desperate hope to unveil the mystery of Whitney’s disappearance.

They started with their shared room. Posters of Slovakian sceneries and quaint bunk beds painted a homely picture that somehow seemed deceitfully misleading. A lingering smell of fear hung in the air, unsettling the girls even more. It was as if the room itself held a breath of anticipation mixed with suspense.

Next, they ventured into the dimly lit corridors. A single bare bulb swung rhythmically, casting eerie shapes on the peeling wallpaper. Unnerved by the unnatural silence, the girls felt their hearts pound in unison. It was as if the hostel was watching their every move, aware of their growing unease and relishing in it.

Along the corridor, they discovered a locked, concealed door, hidden behind an old, weathered tapestry. The sight of it stirred a terrifying thought within them. Could this be where Whitney was? Could this be the door that held the dreaded secret behind the mysterious disappearances?

Summoning their courage, Beth tried to force the door open, but it was sealed shut. The grim realization that they were trapped, potential victims in a dangerous ploy, started sinking in. Fear, like a living entity, was all-consuming. Yet, they knew there was no turning back now.

They returned to the common room with heavy hearts, their minds plagued with grim possibilities. Suddenly, a horrific sight met their gaze. A scarlet streak smeared across the hardwood floor, a horror that hadn’t been there before. A blood trail. Whitney’s, perhaps?

The sight sent them into a frenzy. The realization that they were trapped in a place of untold horrors, was terrifying. The once charming hostel had turned into a living nightmare, sending waves of fear rippling through their spines.

Despite the terror, they clung onto each other, finding comfort in their shared fear. They had to survive. They owed it to Whitney. They needed to escape and expose the chilling secrets of the hostel to the world. As the chilling night fell, the hostel seemed to laugh at their feeble attempts. Little did it know, the girls weren’t willing to give up just yet. Shadows were rising, and so was their resolve to fight.

Chapter 4 – The Unseen Horrors:

The hostel held a treacherous underbelly that seemed only to disclose itself under the cloak of darkness. It was a chilling Saturday night when the atmosphere within the hostel’s serpentine hallways and creaky wooden floors took a sinister twist. The once comforting aroma of damp wood and old plaster turned repugnant, filling the air with an aura of malevolent secrecy. The echo of whispers behind the walls grew louder, and grotesque giggles filled the winding corridors.

Beth, racked with fears she could hardly put into words, wished for the return of Whitney, her vibrant, ever-smiling roommate, who had been missing since dawn. Lorna, the gentlest among them, failed to mask her terror. Her eyes, usually alight with innocence, reflected an undeniable fear.

Beth and Lorna were drawn to Whitney’s abandoned room, littered with remnants of the cheerful girl’s existence. They found a blood-stained shirt discreetly tucked underneath her bed – a gruesome memento of the unimaginable horrors she must have endured.

Forcing back tears of dread, they delved deeper into the maze of the hostel’s unseen corners, armed with nothing more than courage and the hope of finding their friend. Each closed door represented another terrifying mystery waiting to be unveiled. The keyholes whispered tales of terror, with shadows lurking behind the timeworn doors.

The girls stumbled upon a locked steel door at the hostile’s end, unlike the other rustic wooden ones. The ominous aura and the cold steel sent shivers down their spine. A faint, almost inaudible whimper echoed from behind the door. It was a cry for mercy, a desperate plea for help – a sound that resonated with their deepest fears. With a growing sense of terror, they realized that their friend might be trapped behind the gruesome threshold.

The grim secret of the hostel suddenly seemed to envelope them, closing in with each heartbeat. The cold walls, the flickering lights, and the haunting shadows of the dreary hallway bound them in an oppressive cloak of terror. The obscure giggle from unseen corners of the hostel grew into a terrifying cacophony, following them, almost playing with their sanity.

As the night grew darker, so did the hostile’s malevolence. Cryptic symbols carved into the walls seemed to pulse with life, emanating an uncanny energy that painted macabre tales of the many victims before. The once mundane objects around the hostel took on a darker tone – the weathered portraits seemed to be watching them, the rusted chandeliers eerily swung at their own whims, adding orchestral notes to the symphony of terror.

Each creak of the wooden floor, each groan from the aged walls, each flicker of the dim lights sewed an intricate tapestry of profound dread. Silhouettes danced behind the aged stained glass, creating a spectacle of monstrous shadow puppetry, while the rickety old clock ticked away mercilessly, each stroke echoing the dwindling hope of survival.

Beth, usually brave and composed, felt her strength wane. She realized that the cheerful chatter, the innocent giggles, the endless dreams they had shared within these walls, were all tainted by a fiendish shadow of unimaginable horror. Lorna clung to Beth; her trembling body was a testament to the horrific revelations that awaited them.

However, surrender was not an option. The cruel game of shadows and the terrifying sounds that echoed across the ancient stone walls only fueled their determination. The hope of finding Whitney and escaping the brutal clutches of the hostel spurred them on.

As they traversed the hellish labyrinth, the hostel’s ghastly secret was slowly unwrapping itself, a grotesque specter rising from the ashes of their shattered dreams. The dark secret was not hidden anymore, instead, it roamed the corridors, casting a terror-stricken stage for the horrendous ordeal that was yet to come.

The night was long, the horrors real, and every creak whispering tales of torment. Every moment brought them closer to the grisly truth. The hostel was not just an old, labyrinthine edifice; it was a living, breathing embodiment of their worst nightmares.

And so, the night deepened, and the unseen horrors came to life in the confines of the hostel’s ancient walls. Bathed in the tormented whispers of its blood-stained past, the girls embarked on a journey of survival, plunging into an abyss of terror that would either shroud them forever or transform them into fearless survivors.

Chapter 5 – The Horrific Truth:

The dawning reality of the hostel’s sinister nature came with a gut-wrenching fear that consumed every ounce of Beth and Lorna’s being. The grim revelation shook them to the core, unveiling a horrific world they never thought could exist.

The once innocuous-looking building, the hostel they had been lured into, was nothing more than a hideous, human hunting ground. The realization hit them like a sledgehammer, brutally demolishing their every hope and filling them with an all-consuming desperation. Each new layer of truth was as agonizing as a knife twisting in their guts.

To think of themselves as pawns in a horrifying game of human brutality was terrifying. They were no longer mere guests; they were victims in a horrific reality, their lives hanging by a thread that could be severed at any moment.

In the dimly-lit basement of the hostel, Beth stumbled upon a horrifying scene that would forever be etched into her memory. A room filled with merciless tools of torture; sharp knives, rusty chains, metal hooks, and more, all gleaming ominously under the flickering light. The sight sent waves of revulsion through her. She could almost hear the silent screams of their prey echoing off the cold, dank walls.

Suddenly, a chilling image pierced her mind – their friend, Whitney, the spirited girl full of dreams, had vanished into this nightmare. Her lively laughter and wide-eyed wonder now reduced to a haunting memory. Her clothes, found blood-stained and abandoned, bore the sickening mark of her last moments. The thought was unbearable, a relentless torment that twisted a knife deeper into their hearts.

Lorna, stricken with horror, clung to Beth, her face ghostly pale. Her normal cheerful demeanor replaced by raw, paralyzing fear. They had to get out. They had to survive. But the hollowness in their hearts and the fear in their eyes spoke of their despair.

Each passing moment heightened their anxiety. Their captors could return any minute, and each tick of the clock was a stark reminder of the inevitable. They had no choice but to plan their escape, and every second counted in this terrifying game of life and death.

They had come to Slovakia filled with excitement and anticipation, drawn by the country’s magnetic beauty and the promise of adventure. Now, they found themselves trapped in a grimace of dread, their hearts pounding like war drums inside their chests. The once enchanting images of the Slovakian landscape were now a distant dream, replaced by the gruesome reality of the hostel.

As they embarked on their perilous journey of survival, the chilling truth dawned on them. They had been lured into a horrifying trap, and their innocent lives were now entwined in a perverse game of thrill and horror.

Every sound, every shadow filled them with a fear so profound that it threatened to consume their sanity. Yet, they knew they had to fight, to hold onto their courage with a grip as resilient as steel. The memory of Whitney and the gruesome sight of the basement were stark reminders of the cruel fate that awaited them if they failed.

With that, they cast one last glance at the torturous room, the horrifying epitome of their worst nightmares. Their eyes held a flicker of resilience, a spark of determination that they wouldn’t become mere statistics in this monstrous human hunt. They were stronger than their fear, stronger than their captors imagined. And they were ready to fight for their lives.

The horrific hostel, once a beacon of warmth and rest, had been stripped of its deceptive facade, revealing its ugly, scarred truth. And as Beth and Lorna stepped out, they knew they were stepping into a battle where the prize was their very survival.

Chapter 6 – The Escape:

Beth and Lorna’s hearts pounded in their chests like rhythmical war drums, echoing the horrifying realisation of their predicament. The cold walls of the dank room where they were being held captive became a chilling backdrop as they huddled together, fear making their skin prickle with goosebumps.

The hostel was a deadly labyrinth, a grizzly man-trap for unsuspecting innocents, and they were the star attractions in this human horror show. Two hunted animals, trapped in a den of voracious predators. Their hopes of a fun, educational European tour had morphed into this waking nightmare.

Beth, the pragmatic thinker of the two, racked her mind for a way out. She recalled a loose grate she’d noticed in the hallway leading to their room. A potential escape route, perhaps? Lorna, driven by sheer terror, clung to her friend’s brazen courage, drawing strength from her fiery spirit.

They bided their time until the guards were distracted. There was an eerie rhythm to their captors’ routines—a sinister waltz of impending doom. As the dread-filled dusk hovered outside their window, the girls sensed an opportunity.

The penetrating chime of the dinner bell echoed down the stone corridor, announcing the guards’ break. A glimmer of hope sparked in Beth’s eyes. With their captor’s attention diverted, this was their chance. “We have to go now…” she hissed, determination battling with fear in her voice. Lorna nodded, her eyes wide with terror and resolve.

With their hearts drumming an adrenaline-filled symphony in their chests, they crawled towards their only shot at freedom. Beth jimmied the rusty grate, her palms raw and bloody from the effort. A surge of triumph filled her as it finally gave way, revealing a narrow, gloomy passage. Lorna, after a moment’s hesitation, followed her friend into the belly of the unknown.

Their escape through the winding catacomb was a harrowing symphony of fright—their breaths shallow and hitching, the intense darkness all-consuming. The maze of corridors twisted and turned, each one eerily similar to the last. Sinister shadows danced on the stone walls, a morbid Mephisto Waltz scoring their treacherous journey.

As they stumbled through the labyrinth, the gory remnants of their captors’ ghastly activities taunted them—blood-stained walls and rusty tools scattered around in devilish disarray—a horrific testimony to the unseen slaughtered innocents.

But hope was their lifeline in this abyss. Driven by desperate determination, they pressed on. Their survival instincts overpowered their pulsating fear. A glimmer of light shards in the distance—the faintest beacon of liberation—appear. A surge of adrenaline pumped through them, propelling them towards the elusive passage to freedom.

Just as they thought they had escaped the deadly maw, the chilling echo of footsteps behind them made their blood run cold. The guards had discovered their escape. The chase was on, a terrifying race against time—pursued by malevolent predators, the girls bolted towards the light, their hearts threatening to burst from their chests.

They could hear the guards’ guttural grunts grow louder. Panic surged through them as they sprinted, the taste of freedom on their lips—so close, yet slipping away.

In an act of gut-wrenching desperation, Beth turned towards their pursuers, a monstrous roar escaping from her lips. In that moment she wasn’t just a frightened college student but a fierce warrior fighting for her life. She hurled a loose stone at their pursuers, buying them precious seconds.

Their bursting flight ended abruptly as they burst into the outside world, their lungs aching from the strain and cold night air. The quiet, deserted countryside whispered their salvation—freedom was within their grasp. The girls sprinted towards the dense forest, the inky darkness swallowing them whole, just as the guards stormed out of the hostel.

Their escape was desperate, chaotic—a gruesome game of hide and seek where the stakes were life and death itself. As each agonizing minute passed in the deafening silence of the forest, it became clear—they had escaped. Amidst the darkened trees, under the vast, indifferent stars, Beth and Lorna took stock of their newfound freedom—bruised, battered, but alive.

The horrors they witnessed would forever sear their souls, but they survived, their spirit unbroken. This night had tested their friendship, their courage, and their will to survive. As dawn broke, they knew they were forever changed. The secluded village of Slovakia would forever serve as a haunting reminder of the grim reality they escaped.

But even in this moment of freedom, they shuddered—a chilling realization cementing itself in their hearts. The horror wasn’t over. It was just…paused. Their ordeal would continue to haunt them in their nightmares, in their waking moments. Their story deserved to be told, another chapter added to the tome of humanity’s darker side. And thus, the aftermath awaited.

Chapter 7 – The Aftermath:

Haunted by their nightmarish ordeal, Beth and Lorna had finally escaped the hellish confines of the Slovakian Hostel. They clung to each other, their terror-stricken eyes mirroring the grim reality they had just survived. Their bodies were battered, their minds shattered, but their spirits were oddly resilient. A grim determination had seen them through their horrifying ordeal, and it was this determination they clung to, in the eerie aftermath.

Under the cold, pale moonlight, they fled through the desolate streets of Slovakia, their hearts pounding in their chests. Every rustling leaf, every distant whisper of the wind, sent chills down their spines, reminding them of the horrifying atrocities they had witnessed. It was as if the city itself was a living nightmare, refusing to let them forget.

As they stumbled towards the police station, the grim faces of the officers highlighted the terrible secret the town harbored. It was the unspoken horror that lived in every corner, every stone, every breath of the city. Yet, they steeled themselves to recount their harrowing tale. The recounting was agony, the wounds fresh and raw, but it was a burden they needed to cast off, a truth they needed to expose.

The following days were a blur of investigations, frantic calls home, and a media frenzy that threatened to consume them. The world seemed to be spinning out of control, and they clung to each other for support, their friendship becoming their lifeline in the ensuing chaos. Images of the horrifying hostel, Whitney’s terrified face before her disappearance, and the blood-stained attire of their captors haunted their every waking moment.

Finding a sense of normalcy was like attempting to piece together a shattered mirror; it was tedious and painful. Every reflection of their past triggered a memory, a reminder of the horrific ordeal they had survived. They had escaped the physical confines of the hostel but remained its psychological prisoners. Shadows would morph into menacing figures, the smallest noise would amplify into a blood-curdling scream, and a closed door would become an ominously locked chamber.

As they attempted to reclaim control over their lives, their dark experiences unintentionally drew them into the public spotlight. Despite the media painting them as the lucky survivors of the notorious ‘Slovakian Horror Hostel,’ they were far from feeling lucky. They were survivors, yes, but they felt more like victims, their minds still trapped within the hostile walls of that dreaded place.

Time, however, is a potent healer, and slowly life began to regain its rhythm. The media frenzy subsided, the whispering shadows grew quiet, and the terrifying nightmares began to lose their vivid hue. As the days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, Beth and Lorna managed to rebuild their lives, brick by invisible brick.

This ordeal had indeed left them with an unshakable trauma but also forged a steel-like resolve within them. They became advocates for individuals caught in trafficking circles, using their horrifying experiences to educate, inform, and prevent similar incidents. Haunted by the past, they stood tall against it, embodying the true spirit of survival.

This, however, was not an end but a new beginning. A beginning forged in the fiery pits of their harrowing experiences. Through their journey, they had discovered a strength they didn’t know they possessed. Their tale was one of horror, yes, but also of resilience, of survival, of hope. The terror of the ‘Slovakian Horror Hostel’ may have scarred them for life, but it did not defeat them; for they were survivors, etching their indomitable spirit into the annals of horror folklore.

Chapter 7, hence, stands as a testament to their victory, a stark reminder of the horrid journey they undertook, and the triumphant conclusion to their ordeal. The hostel, with its gruesome secrets and chilling horrors, became a symbol of their defeat and victory; defeat over their captors, victory over their fears. Their tale remains etched in the annals of horror literature, a chilling testament to human resilience in the face of unimaginable horror.

Some scenes from the movie Hostel: Part II written by A.I.

Scene 1



Three AMERICAN COLLEGE GIRLS, BETH, WHITNEY, and LORNA, in their early 20s, exit the plane, their faces glowing with excitement and anticipation as they exchange glances.


We’re finally in Slovakia. Let the adventure begin.


I say we head straight to the hostel.


Yeah, I can’t wait to put my feet up and relax.

They catch a TAXI and head to the HOSTEL. The cityscape transforms into a rural setting, old and eerily quiet.


They arrive at a seemingly charming old Slovakian hostel nestled in the heart of the forest. A CREEPY LOOKING MAN watches them from afar, a sinister smile plays on his lips.


The girls explore the place, their excitement overshadowing any potential fear. The HOSTEL OWNER, an affable looking elderly woman, greets them.


Welcome, girls. You’re going to love it here.

The girls smile back hesitantly. The camera lingers on the CREEPY LOOKING MAN watching them, his smile unfading.




Scene 2



A quaint hostel stands against the backdrop of lush green hills.


WHITNEY, BETH, and LORNA, widely smiling, approach the smiling receptionist, IRYNA.


Beautiful women! Welcome to our humble hostel! Your rooms are ready.


The girls explore, whispering excitedly about their surroundings. An ENIGMATIC MAN watches them from a corner.


The girls unpack. Lorna pulls out a small LOCKET, stares at it.


That’s beautiful, where’d you get it?


It was my grandmother’s, a good luck charm.

Suddenly, lights FLICKER.


Weird. Maybe a power surge?


The enigmatic man continues spying on the hostel.


The girls discuss their classes, oblivious to the lurking danger. A KNOCK at the door interrupts.


Dinner is ready, dears!

The girls share a glance. As they leave, the CAMERA PANS towards the window. We see the shadow of the Enigmatic Man.



Scene 3


LORNA, late teens, innocent and naive, is pacing nervously in the dimly lit room. BETH, also in her late teens, is more composed, wired with a grim determination.



Beth, this… this doesn’t feel right.


(looking around)

We need to find Whitney.

Suddenly, a NOISE. A soft, eerie THUMP. Coming from somewhere upstairs. LORNA looks frightfully at BETH.


What was that?


(motioning for silence)


They creep upstairs, their hearts pounding. They find a DOOR, slightly ajar, a soft glow emanating from within.


BETH pushes the door open. The room is empty, but a single, blood-stained BLOUSE lies on the floor. It’s WHITNEY’s.



It’s Whitney’s blouse!


(teary-eyed, determined)

We have to get out of here. Now.

Suddenly, the LIGHTS go off. A SHADOW falls on the room. Immediately after, we hear strange WHISPERING VOICES, then ECHOES of LAUGHTER that seem to bounce off the hostel walls.




The scene ends as the girls rush out of the room, stumbling in the darkness, the laughter growing louder and more menacing.


Scene 4


The hallway is bathed in ominous shadows. LORNA (early 20s, nervous, easily frightened) and BETH (early 20s, strong-willed, resilient) tread softly. They clutch at each other, their faces pale.



Let’s find Whitney.

They pass a series of locked doors. Lorna is visibly terrified. Beth steadies her trembling hands.


The room is in disarray. Whitney’s belongings scattered, her bed empty. A flickering light reveals blood-stained clothes. Lorna gasps, covers her face.



Oh, God. Where is she?

Beth finds a FLASHLIGHT, flicks it on. She opens a drawer, revealing a crudely drawn MAP of the hostel. A list of NAMES, all crossed out. Among them, Whitney’s name.



She was chosen…like the rest.


They venture outside, shining the flashlight into the depth of the night. They find a SHED with a rusty padlock. Beth picks the lock, pushes the door open.


Inside the shed are TOOLS, suggestive of torture. Lorna gags, tears streaming down her face. Beth pulls her close.



We’ll find her. We’ll get out of here. Trust me.



Scene 5



Dark, ominous hallway. Sounds of low WHISPERS, ECHOING laughter.

BETH, trembling, steps ahead. LORNA, pale and teary-eyed, clings onto her.



We need to find Whitney… and get out…

As they inch forward, a door CREAKS open, revealing a dark room.


They step inside, and the room LIGHTS up abruptly. Raw, brutal images of HORRORS strewn across the room. The SHRILL sound of a BUZZSAW slices through the silence.

HOSTEL CAPTOR, a burly figure, steps out from the shadows, grinning wickedly.



Beg for your lives.

Beth and Lorna exchange glances, a silent agreement. It’s now or never.

Suddenly, the CAPTOR lunges forward. Beth SHRIEKS, ducks, and manages to land a PUNCH. The Captor HOWLS in surprise. Lorna rushes to grab a metal rod, SWINGS it with all her might.


(to Captor)

This is for Whitney!

The girls make a RUN for it. Their captor snarls behind them, CHASING them down the gloomy hallway.




The girls, gasping for breath, make their way to the EXIT, only to find it LOCKED.





















Author: AI