Evan Almighty

“In a comedic clash of divinity and democracy, one man’s faith sails towards an unexpected destiny – changing the world, one ark at a time.”

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Prologue: “The Blessing of Intention”

In the bustling city of Buffalo, New York, perched atop a hill, stood the humble home of the Baxters. Evan Baxter, a junior congressman with a heart brimming with ambition, sat alone in his spacious study. The room, filled with an eclectic collection of books, had a large wooden desk at its center, dominated by a laptop humming softly. As the evening shadows danced on the walls, Evan contemplated the complexities of his life with an earnest desire to make a real difference.

Folding his hands, he closed his eyes and sent forth a prayer, his voice barely above a whisper, “Let me change the world.” Little did he know, his plea did not fall on deaf ears. In fact, it reached the most divine personage, who, intrigued by the sincere wish, decided to lend a helping hand…in the most peculiar way. And so, the stage was set for an adventure where divinity’d meet hilarity, faith’d challenge reality, and a prayer would change not just a life, but an entire town.

Chapter 1: “Call of the Almighty”

The next morning dawned bright and promising. As the sun poured its golden rays over Buffalo, Evan’s day began with an oddity. An unexpected gust of wind tore through his study, sending papers fluttering chaotically. As he scrambled to gather them, a deep, resonant voice seemed to echo from within the room, “Evan Baxter, build an ark.”

Stunned, Evan spun around, scanning the room for the source of the voice. But he found himself alone. Dismissing it as a figment of his imagination, he hurried off to his duties, unaware of the divine intervention that had just begun.

Over the next few days, his life, once so clear-cut and organized, spiraled into a series of peculiar instances. From encounters with animals in pairs to the sudden appearance of ancient tools and a divine delivery of gopher wood at a deserted lot outside of town, the oddities steadily accumulated.

Evan, though perplexed, couldn’t shake off the feeling that these weren’t mere coincidences. The mysterious voice echoed in his mind, its request growing stronger every day, “Evan, build an ark.”

One night, however, while attempting to piece together a model of the ark from the ancient blueprint, he was jolted by the sudden appearance of a man. Tall, with twinkling eyes and a radiant aura of calm, he introduced himself with a smile, “Hello, Evan. I’m God.”

Evan’s initial reaction was a choke of laughter, followed by disbelief. But as the man mirrored Evan’s thoughts aloud and performed miracles, even causing a miniature rainstorm indoors, Evan’s skepticism slowly wilted.

The congressman who had wished to change the world was now tasked with a mission straight out of a biblical narrative, one that threatened to upturn his life. Uncertainty gnawed at him, but the burgeoning sense of divine purpose propelled him forward into the unprecedented journey.

The fiction turned reality, the private turning public, the sane turning absurd, Evan Baxter, the reluctant modern-day Noah, found himself on the precipice of an adventure like no other. Oblivious to the dramatic shift his life was about to take, he took his first step towards fulfilling the peculiar request. As he hammered the first nail into a plank of gopher wood, he unknowingly hammered a new trajectory to his life, his family’s lives, and the lives of everyone in his small town.

Evan Baxter, once a junior congressman with a dream to change the world, was now a reluctant hero entrusted with an ark, a flood of animals, and the fate of his town. Together with his faith, the divine blueprint, and an array of quirky critters, he embarked upon an unforgettable journey to a future filled with surprises, laughter, challenges, and philosophical insights.

Chapter 2: Divine Encounters

Evan Baxter was a man of simple tastes, a junior congressman whose life was all about bills and legislation until mere hours ago when an unseen entity introduced itself as God. His mind was a whirlpool of fragmented thoughts, the most resounding of which was the bizarre divine request – to build an ark. The sheer ludicrousness of the idea was overwhelming. What could be more perplexing than being directed to build an ark in the middle of suburban Virginia?

The next morning started with Evan rubbishing the entire weird dream as precisely that – a figment of his overworked imagination. However, as he left for a jog, he noticed something that made him stop in his tracks – a pair of doves perched on his letterbox. They sat there sweetly, despite the hustle and bustle around them, almost as if they were waiting for something. Or someone.

“Coincidence,” he muttered, shaking his head, trying to dismiss the strange encounter.

Later in the day, at work, another odd incident stirred his curiosity. A pair of rabbits hopped onto the congress lawn, causing quite the amusement amongst the politicians. Even the hardened men and women in suits couldn’t resist a chuckle at the sight. All but Evan, who was starting to feel a thread of unease.

Was this peculiar wildlife interest because of his supposed divine calling to build an ark?

His question was answered more resolutely than he would have liked. As he was heading home, he was led off route by a series of unexpected detours, all converging at a deserted lot. His bewilderment escalated when he saw the contents of the lot – a gigantic pile of gopher wood, sprawled out under the setting sun, presumably waiting for its destiny.

Evan, the pragmatic man that he was, could not shy away from the truth anymore. The strange requests, the odd animal encounters, and now the providential supply of an ark’s basic necessity; it was evident that God, or someone claiming to be Him, was remarkably serious about this ark business. Who had ordered a shipment of Biblical-replica-building materials in the middle of a sleepy town?

Despite his confusion, Evan couldn’t help but see the humor in the situation. It was like some extravagant cosmic joke, with him as the punchline. The irony wasn’t lost on him either – his wish to change the world had led to the most perplexing request ever.

Would building an ark change the world? Would saving the animals create a difference? He didn’t know. But these divine encounters and inexplicable events were building up an undeniable reality. Doubts were replaced with piqued interest; despair transformed into determined fascination. The uncertainty of the situation charged him with a newfound enthusiasm and a comical sense of adventure.

Evan Baxter, an ordinary junior congressman, was apparently destined to embark on an extraordinary journey. A journey that began with seemingly random divine encounters, initial skepticism, awakening realization, and eventually absolute acceptance.

As he stood there, in front of the vast, untouched pile of gopher wood, a weak chuckle escaped his lips. This was indeed turning out to be quite the cosmic game. Regardless of his doubts, Evan had unknowingly started on a path that would not only mold his destiny but would also reshape his perception of his ability to effect change.

Little did he know that these bizarre encounters were just the beginning. The incredible divine request to construct an ark would lead to more unexpected, unforgettable moments, each more perplexing and humorous than the last.

And so Evan Baxter’s extraordinary journey began – to fulfill the divine request. The journey would be fraught with trials and tribulations. It would test his patience, his faith, and his resolve. But it would also fill his life with laughter, wonder, and an indelible sense of purpose. The world around him may have regarded him as a lunatic, but the Baxter they knew was about to become a man of legendary proportions.

And it all started with that divine pile of gopher wood.

Chapter 3: Commotion in Congress

As the first rays of dawn coated the city in hues of vibrant orange, the Capitol Hill buzzed with an unusual kind of anticipation. Whispers of Evan Baxter’s newfound obsession reverberated around the corridors, giving a rather interesting start to an otherwise mundane morning at Congress.

Evan Baxter, once a junior congressman, had transformed into a talk of the town. His perplexing extracurricular activity had not only aroused the curiosity of his colleagues but also attracted the prying eyes of detractors. But Evan didn’t care. He had a divine mission to accomplish – building an ark.

His office looked less like a congressman’s room and more like a chaotic wilderness. Blueprint scrolls of ark were strewn all over the floor. The model of the ark had replaced the family picture on his desk, and heaps of gopher wood samples lay around, adding to the disarray.

Evan’s colleagues looked on in bewilderment, their intrigue piquing every passing day. Evan’s peculiar behavior, coupled with an irrational obsession for woodworking, was indeed fodder for gossip and confusion. While some dismissed it as a stress-induced detour, others were more understanding, attributing it to a strange eccentricity. But no matter what the perspectives were, everyone couldn’t help but talk about ‘Evan and his ark.’

Meanwhile, in the suburb of Huntington, something strange was happening – reports of unusual animal behavior were pouring in. Local residents, flabbergasted and perplexed, reported pairs of animals – two squirrels, two cows, two pigeons, even two lions – strolling through the neighborhood as if guided by an invisible force. The bustling everyday life was soon replaced with a peculiar spectacle of a sudden wildlife tour.

The city was on the brink of pandemonium. What with the junior congressman feverishly working on an archaic ship and animals parading in pairs as if answering to some divine call. The commotion was real, and it was impossible to ignore.

Back in Congress, the rumor mill spun faster. Evan’s colleagues, unable to rationalize his strange behavior, chose to mock him instead, nicknaming him ‘Noah Baxter.’ The local press picked up on it too, painting Evan as a delusional outcast and fanning the flames of the already chaotic situation.

Evan, however, remained unfazed as he sawed, hammered, and nailed, unmindful of the ridicule thrown his way. He had an ark to build, an undeniably strange yet divine purpose to fulfill. The mockery only made him more resolute, even as his wife and kids watched in bewilderment, unsure of how to react to his onerous task.

While Evan continued his quest, the authorities started to notice the bizarre animal patterns. The local police department had never been this busy, dealing with calls from residents sighting exotic animals in pairs. The mayor’s office was flooded with letters and phone calls demanding an explanation. The ‘animal migration’ had grown from a quirky incident to a challenging, city-wide issue.

In the meantime, animals of every kind kept flocking to Evan, as if he was a magnet pulling them in, their actions as inexplicable as Evan’s ark building. The two events, though disparate, were starting to look eerily interconnected. The city of Huntington had turned into a chaotic wonderland, caught between a modern-day Noah and a surreal animal parade.

As the day ended and the city lights began to twinkle, Evan, drenched in sweat and sawdust, gazed at the half-built ark. His journey was far from over. The echoes of laughter and ridicule that had filled the day were replaced by the quiet whispers of the night. But he felt peaceful. Unfazed by the turmoil outside, Evan knew he was walking a road less traveled, a path that was surprisingly leading him into a world of faith, resilience, and ultimately, redemption.

Chapter 4: Family Frustrations

In the heart of Capitol View, where history and modernity mingled, Evan Baxter’s household was simmering with an undercurrent of tension, confusion, and hilarity. Joan Baxter, Evan’s stalwart wife, was grappling with her husband’s newfound, inexplicable obsession – a divine call to build an ark. Her pragmatic mind wrestled with Evan’s fervent declarations about God’s command.

Evan was insanely driven, his eyes infused with a zeal Joan had never seen before. He talked about blueprints that magically appeared, deliveries of wood that were mysteriously left on their property, and the peculiar pairs of animals that gave them impromptu visits. The Baxter household was a chaotic whirlwind of animal fur, feathers, and sawdust.

Their children, Jordan, Dylan, and Ryan, were initially thrilled by their father’s bizarre project. It was a never-ending carnival, where the mundane was replaced by the extraordinary. Every day brought new species of animals to their yard, and their friends were green with envy over their new, unique pets. However, the enchantment slowly wore off when they noticed the mounting tension between their parents.

Evan was oblivious, or perhaps just indifferent, to the storm brewing inside his house. He was bewitched by the whispers of God, the murmurs of the wind, the call of the animals. He donned ancient robes and a comprehensive collection of tools, transforming their manicured lawn into a construction site.

Congress meetings were skipped. Constituent queries were ignored. Evan lived in his own world, his own ark. His veneer of a ‘family man’ was cracking, revealing a man obsessed – a man on a divine mission. Their cozy family dinners were replaced by hastily eaten meals, their laughter drowned by the clamor of his relentless work.

Joan was furious and helpless. She felt abandoned as she single-handedly fought the daily battles of parenity. Their children’s questions about their father’s erratic behavior were met with feeble lies. She yearned to protect them from the raging storm, a storm her husband was the epicenter.

Yet, amidst the bedlam and frustration, the family could not help but be drawn into the comedic absurdity of their circumstances. Animals trailing their dad to school? A flood in their backyard? Not to mention, Evan’s refusal to shave because “beards were biblical.”

The absurdity of Evan morphing into a modern-day Noah was a spectacle that was amusing yet heartrending. His firm belief in his divine mission was both awe-inspiring and painfully delusional. They vacillated between feelings of fury, humor, and respect.

Every day added a new layer of complexity to their lives. Would the madness end soon, or was the climax still to come? They were a family caught in a divine comedy, watching their patriarch build an ark, one gopher wood plank at a time.

One evening, unexpectedly, Joan found herself praying for strength and understanding—praying for clarity in this chaos, praying for her family, praying for Evan. She realized that the ark had already changed them, whether it was ever finished or not. It was not just a vessel to survive a deluge; it was a catalyst for the transformation of their lives.

Perhaps, the real storm was not outside, but brewing within their hearts. Strangely, the frustration was giving way to an unfathomable understanding. Her heart began to open up to the comedic, yet profound truth of Evan’s words. Joan could see that to save their family, she would have to embark on this crazy voyage with Evan, aboard his ark towards the unknown.

Chapter 5: Ark in Progress

Evan Baxter was once just another name lost within the bustle of Congress. Now, he had become that peculiar figure – a wild-eyed man building an ark on a plot of land, the object of every passing gaze, the subject of every whispered conversation. This was where God’s strange request had led him – to a chaotic symphony of hammering nails, sawing wood, and a relentless parade of animals marching two-by-two.

His once pristine suit was now replaced with a timeless tunic and trousers that could’ve once graced Noah himself. His work-worn hands meticulously sorted through an assortment of equipment. There was an odd sense of familiarity to it all, like he had been doing it for a lifetime or perhaps, a previous one.

Just as perplexing as his transformation was the completion of this colossal vessel. It rose like a proud testament to his unwavering faith, against a backdrop of scathing ridicule and blatant disbelief. The sheer enormity of the ark, crafted from beautiful gopher wood, was a spectacle that induced equal measures of awe and incredulity.

A set of curious onlookers had morphed into a permanent audience, affixing lawn chairs and picnic blankets around the site. Some laughed behind cupped hands, while others watched in silent wonderment. Evan didn’t mind the taunts or the incredulous stares; they were mere whispers against the roaring conviction that kept him steadfast.

The real stars of this show, however, were not Evan or his ark. They were the animals – an eclectic assortment of creatures that flocked to his door, day and night. From the proud strut of the peacocks to the lumbering gait of the elephants, from the skittish gazelles to the prowling lions, each pair marched in an orchestrated chaos that made Evan’s ark a swirling vortex of color and commotion.

The sight was almost biblical, a blurring line between reality and a surreal dream that played out before the entire town. The animals seemed to accept Evan as one of their own, lending an unintended comedic touch to the already bizarre scenario. Just the previous evening, a pair of zebras had strolled right into his living room, much to his wife Joan’s exasperation. Even as she shrieked, Evan couldn’t help but chuckle at the zebra munching nonchalantly on her favorite fern.

Yet amid the frenzy and simmering tension, there was a sense of something profound unfolding. Perhaps, it was Evan’s unwavering belief that stirred something deep within the onlookers, a flicker of faith that trembled in waiting, ready to burst into a flame.

Pockets of support began to bubble amidst the jeering townsfolk, and whispers of admiration echoed alongside the mockery. A few brave souls stepped forward, offering their help to the man they had once ridiculed. They found themselves surprisingly welcomed, their hands put to work, their faith put on trial.

As the ark took shape, so did a transformation within the spectators. They began to offer food and comfort to Evan and Joan. Children played with the animals, and laughter began to replace scorn.

Evan Baxter, the junior congressman, had set out to change the world in the Congress halls. Instead, he found himself guiding a small town through a journey of faith, togetherness, and acceptance in the shadow of a gargantuan ark.

Evan’s ark was indeed in progress, a testament to a man’s faith against all odds. However, what was also growing, unbeknownst to Evan, was a community’s ability to hope, to believe, and to rally behind something bigger than themselves, bigger than all doubt – the ark.

Chapter five ended not with a completed ark but with a growing movement. A man driven by a divine request, an ark taking form, a parade of animals, and a town united in faith against the gathering storm – they were all shaping and being shaped by each other, caught in the burstiness of this extraordinary tale.

Because in the end, the ark was more than just a vessel of salvation – it was a beacon, a rallying point, a symbol of the astounding power of faith and unity that could, indeed, change the world.

Chapter 6: Prophetic Insider

Within the bustling newsroom of the Capitol’s most prestigious newspaper, Rita Daniels, a journalist known for her tenacity and relentless curiosity, was scrolling through the day’s meandering news. Amidst the political unrest and economic disparities, a singular headline caught her eye, “Congressman’s Eccentric Ark Building Venture Continifies.” Evan Baxter’s story had been circulating around town for a while now, some dismissed it as the ravings of a madman, others saw it as a political stunt. But Rita had a gut feeling that there was more beneath the surface. She resolved to investigate this peculiar case.

Her initiative led her to the remote corner of town where Evan’s ark was in progress. Upon arrival, the sight was incredibly perplexing. The ark was massive already, attracting a myriad of rather confused onlookers, and the strange incursion of animals in pairs had escalated significantly. Creatures of all sizes and species seemed magnetically drawn to the ark. It was a spectacle that was both hilarious and bewildering at once.

Making her way through the crowd, she requested an interview with Evan. He, draped in an old robe, his hair and beard grown long and his hands full of gopher wood and nails, agreed. During their conversation, Evan shared his divine encounters honestly. He spoke of his wish to change the world and God’s peculiar request in return. His words, though seemingly absurd, carried a profound sense of genuine conviction. Rita found herself being inexplicably drawn into his narrative.

Afterward, she dug deep into her investigative journalism skills, seeking any piece of evidence that could either substantiate or dismiss Evan’s claims. She rummaged through local environmental reports, ecological studies, and weather forecasts. After several cups of cold coffee and resilient efforts, she stumbled upon something alarming. There were confidential reports revealing structural weaknesses in the local dam. An overflow of water was highly likely, which could lead to a massive flood. Suddenly, she was struck by the enormity of the revelation. Was Evan’s ark building a divine plan to save the town from an imminent flood disaster?

Despite the leap of faith her theory required, she couldn’t dismiss the potential danger looming over the town. Her journalistic instincts were blazing, urging her to shed light on the bizarre wisdom concealed within Evan’s comedic ordeal. And if she was wrong? She’d be joining Evan in the laughing stock of the town. But, if she was right, they could prevent a catastrophe.

Her heart pounded as she started typing out her story. The clacking of the keys echoed into the sprawling silence of the empty newsroom. She titled it, “The Comedy of the Ark: A Divine Plan or A Pending Catastrophe?”

As she hit publish, she allowed herself a brief moment of uncertainty before the storm of reactions would ensue. Unbeknownst to her, this wasn’t just a story; it was the turning point, a prophetic inside scoop that would steer the course of events towards an epic climax. Her trust in Evan’s tale was about to change the fate of entire Baxter family and the town forever. And as the sun would rise the next day, nothing in the town of Huntsville would ever be the same again.

Chapter 7: Joan’s Leap of Faith

Like an unchecked wildfire, the rumors about her husband’s antics had spread throughout the neighborhood. Joan Baxter, once known for her tranquil demeanor, now found herself navigating a tumultuous sea of whispers, stares, and outright ridicule. Yet, beneath the surface calm, an inner turbulence began to form.

On one hand, there was her husband Evan, the dedicated junior congressman turned Noah-alike who was fervently consumed with building an ark. She had always admired his diligence, but this sudden obsession was bewildering. On the other hand, there were their three sons, grappling with the transformation of their father from a respected figure to the town’s laughing stock.

Each day, conflicts within the family reached new crescendoes. The kids’ school friends mocked them, referring to them as ‘the Ark Kids.’ On the other hand, their neighbors were torn between equal measures of contempt and curiosity. The Baxters found themselves in the middle of a social hurricane, a storm of their creation, or rather, Evan’s.

Yet, in the midst of this chaos, life had to continue. Laundry didn’t clean itself, groceries didn’t magically appear in the fridge, and her job as a teacher didn’t become less demanding.

One evening, while Joan was scrolling through her e-mails, a peculiar message caught her eye. The sender was named “AlphaOmega.” The subject line read “Do Not Lose Faith.” Intrigued, perhaps even eager for a distraction, Joan opened the email. What she read made her heart skip a beat.

The message urged her not to lose faith in Evan. It told her the story of Noah’s wife, who supported him when the world ridiculed him. It assured her that her family was chosen for a divine purpose, and it ended with the phrase, “For love always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.”

Joan was stunned. She wasn’t a stranger to spam, but this was different, too specific to be a coincidence. She spent the night wrestling with questions. Was this a joke? Or perhaps, a message from a sympathetic neighbor, or even…

The next morning brought another bewildering incident. As she was baking chocolate chip cookies for the kids’ lunch, she realized she was out of vanilla extract. When she opened the front door to head to the grocery store, a large bottle of vanilla extract lay right at the doorstep.

Then, throughout the day, she experienced a series of these synchronized ‘coincidences.’ Just as she was about to run out of school supplies for her class, a van pulled up, delivering boxes of supplies meant for “The Baxter Family.”

As the week passed, the coincidences persisted. Each time Joan desired something for her family or herself, it materialized out of nowhere. Her skepticism gradually made way for acceptance. Was this a divine intervention?

Inspired by the email’s message and the uncanny coincidences, Joan decided to confront Evolution, the mysterious force that had been pulling the strings. She began to speak aloud, asking for guidance and signs. She spoke of her fears, her doubts, her need for assurance that Evan wasn’t losing his sanity, but fulfilling a divine prophecy.

The response was immediate. Out of nowhere, a gust of wind whooshed through the room, rustling papers and blowing open the book she’d been reading. It opened on a page with the quote, “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.”

That was her sign.

With renewed vigour and unshakeable faith, Joan rallied their kids, convincing them to support their father. She extended her sphere of influence, inspiring her neighbors, her students, and her friends to join in this strange, yet sacred endeavor. The once ridiculed, solitary effort of Evan Baxter turned into a community project. The ark that was a symbol of lunacy became a beacon of hope and unity.

This marked a turning point in Joan’s life, a leap of faith. She had chosen to trust the divine, to believe in the impossible, to support the man she loved and the vision he was pursuing. She ignited a spark of hope and faith in her community, a spark that was soon to turn into a radiant flame.

This chapter in her life was more than just about an ark or a family uprooted; it was about finding faith amidst chaos, about trusting in love, about coming together as a community. Little did she know, her leap of faith was about to bring about a tidal wave of change.

Chapter 8: The Deluge Descends

In an extraordinary turn of events, the sky darkened, and the once sunny suburb of Huntington, Virginia, buckled under the ominous clouds forming a canopy above. The day, as if echoing Evan’s tumultuous journey, had unhinged its sunny demeanor, revealing an intense and brooding storm. Panic spread like wildfire, the tense atmosphere lit by flashes of lightning that split the heavens, announcing the impending deluge.

For Evan Baxter, this climatic turmoil was the crescendo of a divine mission that had turned his life upside down. It was as if the storm was the physical embodiment of his internal struggle – a challenge thrown by the heavens that had taken him on a turbulent ride. For the past few weeks, he’d been gripped by what many deemed madness, guided by a prophetic pursuit that seemed more comedic than apocalyptic.

Evan’s ark, the product of divinely orchestrated labor, loomed over the small town, a beacon of hope amidst the impending catastrophe. As obnoxious as it was imposing, the ark and its eclectic mix of animal inhabitants were the town’s lifeline, a refuge from the storm.

People who had once laughed at the spectacle now eyed the gargantuan wooden vessel with a newfound reverence. Fear replaced their mockery. The crowds now flocked towards the ark, their faces masked with terrified expressions. With every clap of thunder, the skepticism that had initially accompanied Evan’s prophetic warning dwindled.

Meanwhile, a crisis was unfolding at the local dam. The incessant rain caused the water levels to rise alarmingly high. The dam, strained under the weight of the swelling reservoir, was on the brink of disaster. The town’s engineers worked frantically, their efforts to contain the impending disaster proving futile against the wrath of the storm.

As the dam gave way, a tidal wave of water raced towards Huntington. The town was gripped by chaos as the residents hustled towards the safety of Evan’s ark, their initial disbelief replaced by a primal instinct for survival.

Evan, amidst this tumult, was a pillar of tranquility. The town’s people looked to him for solace. His once ridiculous flowing robes and overgrown beard now stood as a symbol of salvation. His family, who had initially been torn apart by his abrupt obsession with the ark, now stood by him. Joan, his wife, her faith unwavering, even in these despairing times, guided the terrified townsfolk onto the ark.

However, the surge of water was unrelenting. Who would have thought that their quaint suburban town would face a disaster of biblical proportions? As the deluge swallowed everything in its wake, the ark began to rise.

Evan, far from the figure of ridicule he had once been, stood tall as the ark’s commander. Through the incessant rain, his booming voice echoed, providing solace, “Fear not! This ark shall be our sanctuary, and we shall prevail.”

The ark, initially a source of derision, had transformed into the town’s only defense against the raging waters. The vessel rocked wildly in the monstrous waves, its occupants adapting to the rhythm of the sea and the storm’s deafening percussion. Against all odds, it held strong, buoying the hopes of the terrified inhabitants.

This spectacle, terrifying yet awe-inspiring, sparked a realization. Evan’s lunatic endeavor had been an act of divine intervention, a mission to save not just him, but their entire community. Amidst the chaos and confusion, Evan’s larger narrative finally began to take shape.

Evan Baxter’s faith and Noah-like perseverance had shifted the town’s narrative from ridicule to heroism. The storm, it would seem, was less a disaster and more a divine instrument of change. It was a baptism of sorts, washing away the town’s skepticism and uniting them in a fight for survival. The impending deluge, initially a disaster, had thus paved the way for a communal metamorphosis.

As the day gave way to night, the once jovial suburban town had transformed into a floating refuge for its people and animals alike. The ark, a spectacle of divine comedy and human resilience, was no longer a joke but a symbol of survival and unity. The deluge had descended, but so had understanding and acceptance of Evan’s prophetic madness. The world was changing, just as Evan had prayed, but in a way, no one, not even he, had imagined.

Chapter 9: A New World

The once quiet and composed town was in a state of frenzy. A wall of water surged towards it, carrying the weight and velocity of a thousand stampeding horses. The dam had burst. With it, the tranquillity of the town, the mockery at Evan, the complacency, and the skepticism had all ruptured. Panic reigned, people scattered in all directions looking for higher ground. Yet, the highest point in the town was Evan’s ridiculed ark.

As the townsfolk caught sight of the ark, towering majestically amid the chaos, their laughter turned into desperate hope. The once laughable vessel was now their beacon of survival. Evan, Joan, and their children were already onboard, along with the pairs of animals who had faithfully trailed behind Evan the past weeks. Every eye in the town was fixated on the ark, their last chance to survive the deluge.

With effort and struggle, people began to climb onboard. All differences forgotten, all criticisms silenced, they united in the face of disaster. The ark was beyond capacity, each corner filled with worry-stricken faces. Yet, in this desperate hour, a sense of unity and intimacy blossomed. The townsfolk, once divided by opinions and loyalties, were now unified by a singular goal – survival.

The ark rocked and swayed as the floodwaters lifted it, sending a wave of alarmed cries through the crowd. But it held. The structure, made painstakingly by a man labeled as a fool, was their fortress against nature’s wrath. As the flood waters receded, leaving behind a drastically altered landscape, people marvelled at the sheer strength and perseverance of Evan.

Meanwhile, Evan looked at his wife and children huddled together, fear and relief intertwined on their faces. His mind wandered to his prayers, his wish to change the world. Was this the change he had hoped for? The question lingered. But as he looked around, at the scared yet grateful faces onboard his ark, he realized that his prayer had been answered, albeit in a profoundly different way than expected.

In the midst of chaos, a sense of unity had emerged. Barriers had broken, differences had diminished, and compassion had arisen. The world had not changed politically or economically, as he had envisioned. Nevertheless, it had changed on a deeply human level. Love, unity, and faith had surfaced, giving birth to a more compassionate community. People were beginning to realize that everyone – irrespective of their status, beliefs, or color – were on the same ark in the ocean of life.

In retrospect, the ark had not just been an instrument of physical salvation. It was a profound metaphor for unity and love. It was a reminder that in times of crisis, survival wasn’t about the individual but the collective. Amid all its comedy and chaos, Evan’s journey had given them this precious wisdom.

Through the flood and fear, Evan Baxter, the junior congressman, had indeed changed his world. He had turned a town of skeptics into believers, of critics into supporters, and individuals into a united community. His ark, while initially an object of ridicule, had transformed into a symbol of faith, unity, and love.

By the time the floodwaters receded, Evan Baxter’s world had changed. And perhaps, that was the true miracle of Evan Almighty. The story concluded not with the end of the flood but with the birth of a new world, a world marked by unity, compassion, and faith. A world Evan Baxter had unknowingly prayed for, and a world that God had envisioned in response to that prayer. A new world indeed.

Some scenes from the movie Evan Almighty written by A.I.

Scene 1


Evan Baxter, mid-40s, somewhat beleaguered, sits behind his desk. He gazes out the window with a determined look.


(under his breath)

I want to change the world…

Suddenly, a powerful gust of wind blows open the window, scattering papers everywhere. A mysterious, deep VOICE echoes around him.


Evan Baxter, your wish has been heard.

Evan jumps, glancing around the room.


Is… is someone there?


Yes. I am God.

Evan chuckles nervously, glancing around the room for a hidden speaker.


Very funny, guys. Prank’s over.


This is no prank, Evan. I would like you to build an ark.

Evan, bewildered, falls back into his chair. He tries to laugh it off, but there’s a hint of fear in his eyes.


An ark. Like Noah?




You’ve got the wrong person, God.


Do I, Evan?

The wind stops abruptly as the voice fades away. Evan is left in stunned silence, his world completely turned upside down.


Scene 2


Evan, half-asleep, enters the kitchen. JOAN, his wife, is preparing breakfast while their KIDS are eating.



Good morning.

Suddenly, a MYSTERIOUS gust of wind blows open the kitchen window and a bird flies in.



What on earth?!

Joan and the kids laugh. Evan shoos the bird outside and closes the window.


Evan is walking down the street when a dog runs past him. The dog leads him to a deserted lot filled with stacks of gopher wood.


(looking confused)

This is surreal…

Out of nowhere, a MYSTERIOUS OLD MAN appears.



Seems like you got a big project coming up, huh?



What do you mean?

The old man walks away, laughing. Evan stands there, looking at the wood pile, utterly confused.


Evan, looking exhausted and perplexed, enters the house. The kids run to him.



Daddy, you won’t believe it! We found a pair of turtles in the backyard!

Evan’s eyes widen. He looks at Joan, concerned.


Scene 3


Evan walks into the room with a frantic look on his face. He is carrying blueprints to the ark. Congressman Long notices Evan’s disheveled appearance and smirks.



Evan, you okay?


(Fumbling with papers)

Yes, just have an…erm…project.

Long walks over, takes a look at the blueprints, and bursts out laughing. Other congressmen join him. Evan’s face turns red.



Building an ark, Baxter? You really have lost it!



Constituents are bewildered as pairs of animals walk around town. Mrs. Garcia is chasing away two squirrels from her lunchbox. She looks up and gasps. A pair of giraffes is walking down the street.



The congressmen are now in a meeting, discussing the peculiar animal sightings in Evan’s constituency. Long is smirking, making connections with Evan’s ark project.



Evan, did your ark friends come to town early?

Evan is silent, wondering if his mission is indeed causing all these peculiar incidents. The room bursts into laughter again. The connection between the ark and the animals isn’t lost on everyone, and a murmur of intrigue spreads through the congress.


Scene 4


Joan is seated, attempting to talk to her children, DYLAN and JORDAN. They are distracted, looking out the window where Evan is busy with the ark.


(trying to maintain composure)

Kids, we… we need to talk about your father.


(turns to Joan)

You mean about him building that ginormous boat in our yard?


(smiles nervously)

Yeah, honey, that’s right.



Y’know mom, I think dad’s lost it.

Suddenly, the DOORBELL RINGS. Joan sighs.


Joan opens the door to find a PENGUIN waddling up, followed by a pair of GIRAFFES. Joan yelps, startled.



Evan! The animals are here!


Evan, covered in sawdust and sweat, looks up from his blueprint and laughs. He jogs towards the door, an excited spark in his eyes.


(introducing animals)

Kids, meet the newest members of our family!

Joan and the kids stare, a mix of amusement, disbelief, and underlying concern painted on their faces. This was just the beginning of their ark-adventure.


Scene 5


Evan, now sporting a full biblical beard and robe, is hunched over blueprints. PR staffers hustle busily around him.


(Eying Evan, whispers)

Is he… is he still on about that ark?


(Nods, whispering back)

I heard he talks to God.

Evan, not bothering to correct them, walks out of the office.


Evan steps onto the site where the Ark is half-constructed. He sees TWO ELEPHANTS lumbering in.


(Shaking his head)

If this is a dream, it’s a very detailed one.


Evan, up high on the ark’s scaffolding, hammers a wooden peg into place. Suddenly, he slips and falls towards the ground. Just as he is about to hit the earth, a giant EAGLE swoops in and deposits him safely back on the ark.


(to the eagle)

Thank you…

The eagle gives a knowing squawk. Evan looks around, chuckling.



This is absurd!

Suddenly, a crowd starts to gather near the site, pointing and laughing at Evan. He looks down, sees the spectacle he’s creating, and continues to hammer – a hint of determination in his eyes.


Scene 6


Rita Daniels, a curious but tough-nosed reporter, sits with Joan Baxter. Rita’s eyes narrow with suspicion yet are filled with a sense of wonder.

RITA: (holds up a note)

I found this. It speaks of flooding. Surely, there’s a connection with your husband’s… ‘project’?

Joan glances nervously at the note. A beat.

JOAN: (hesitant)

Look, I don’t know what’s happening. But, I trust my husband.

Rita looks at Joan, a sense of respect growing for the woman in front of her.


Rita, Joan, and a CAMERA CREW step outside. Gawk at the mammoth ark that’s been the talk of the town.

RITA: (to camera)

Whether truth, or just a spectacle, something strange is happening in our town. And I, for one, intend to find out.

As they walk toward the ark, a PAIR OF ELEPHANTS solemnly march by, leaving Rita speechless.



Scene 7


JOAN (mid-30s, loving mother) sits on the couch, a look of concern in her eyes as she gazes at her husband EVAN (40s, a congressman turned unlikely builder) outside, hard at work on the ark.

JORDAN (13, smart-mouthed) and RYAN (16, deadpan) are lounging, engrossed in their devices.


Boys, put those away. We need to talk.


Great, is it about dad’s mid-life crisis?


This is serious, guys. I met someone today.


A new dad?


No. She was… different. And you know what she told me?


That you should have us committed?


She told me to trust your dad. Believe in him.


Dad’s talking to the invisible man and building a boat. And we’re supposed to trust him?


I think… I think your father has been chosen to do something extraordinary.

The boys look at each other, then at Joan. They start to snicker, but the look in Joan’s eyes silences them.


Joan, followed by her hesitant sons, walks to Evan. He looks surprised, but smiles warmly.


Evan, we’re with you.


But it’s crazy, right?


Maybe. Or maybe it’s all part of something bigger we don’t understand yet. Either way, we’re family. And we stick together.

They all rally around Evan, an emotional moment as the Ark looms large behind them.


Scene 8


Evan, fully bearded in Noah’s style, looks out the window. The sky is grey; the atmosphere is tense.


(to Joan)

This is it. The storm.


(looking worried)

Do you think they’ll come?



The dam bursts. A giant wall of water crashes into the town. Panic ensues.



Evan, Joan and the kids watch the unfolding chaos on TV.


(to Joan)

We need to go. Now.

They start moving toward the ark, guiding frightened townspeople along.



Evan stands at the ark’s entrance, stretching out his hand to the scared townspeople. The ark, once a symbol of madness, is now their only hope.



Get on the Ark! Hurry!

The residents scramble onto the ark. Joan takes a final glance at their submerged home before stepping onto the ark.


(to Joan)

We did it. We built the Ark.



Author: AI