From Hell

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Detective Jacob Thomas had seen many things in his tenure as an investigator in London’s Metropolitan Police Force. He had seen every sort of violence and had solved an array of complicated cases. But now, he was facing a case like no other – the murders of Jack the Ripper.

It was the late 1880s, and London was in the throes of crisis. Reports of gruesome murders had been coming in from the East End district since April. All of them presented similar characteristics; all of the victims were young prostitute women, and each had been brutally stabbed and frequently disemboweled. The public was terrified, but the police seemed to be at a loss as to who was responsible. Then, some began to suspect the murders had been committed by an individual, a mysterious figure that became known as Jack the Ripper.

Jacob found himself being sent to investigate the case, being assigned a task no other officer had been able to make progress on. But he had something the other officers did not possess – a unique ability of clairvoyance. He had been blessed – or cursed – with a vision to see beyond the visible.

He had been determined to use his gift to uncover the identity of the person behind the murders. Unfortunately, he had to be careful when using his ability. If anyone discovered his power, he would be driven away from the force. So, instead of outright revealing his ability, he chose to use it subtly in order to make progress on the case.

He spent his days in the East End, probing around and attempting to use his abilities to gain any insight he could. He quickly found it was difficult to make any sort of progress, as the local people were hesitant to speak to him. Everyone knew that a killer was at large, and they were too scared to give information to the police.

He had to be creative, and so he began a new approach. He disguised himself and visited the pubs and brothels, attempting to glean any sort of clue that could lead him closer to finding the killer. He also visited the homes of previous victims, trying to put together a bigger picture of what had happened.

As he investigated and looked for clues, he started to see a disturbing pattern. All of the victims and their families seemed to have had a connection to a particular individual. But it seemed impossible to Jacob – the person was high-ranking in the city. There was no way the murderer could be who Jacob suspected.

Jacob was certain he was on the right track, and he had decided to present his theory to his superiors. But before he could, he had to be certain. He had to investigate further, and so he had to brave the shadows of the East End one final time. As he ventured deeper and deeper, he couldn’t help but feel a chill in the air. He had a feeling this case was far from over.

Finally, he had the evidence he needed. He was now certain about the person responsible for the murders and rushed back to the station to present his findings.

His superiors were astounded by the evidence he had collected, and after a thorough investigation, they were able to arrest the suspect – an aristocrat known as Sir Kenneth Baxter. Sir Kenneth was found guilty of all the murders after a long trial, and Jack the Ripper’s reign of terror had finally come to an end.

Detective Jacob Thomas was praised for his persistence and brilliant deduction that led to the capture of the notorious murderer, and his name was forever remembered for his part in the case. He would be known for his bravery and his extraordinary ability to go beyond the visible and gather the evidence needed to bring Jack the Ripper to justice.

Some scenes from the AI movie From Hell



The cobbled streets of London are bustling with people as carriages and carts make their way around town. The sky is overcast and the air has a chill.

We FOLLOW Detective Jacob Thomas as he strides down the street with a sense of purpose. He stops at a corner and stares up at an old, dilapidated building.


The tile floors gleam in the light of the gas lamps. Inspector Morrison paces back and forth, looking grim. He stops in front of Jacob.


Thomas. I’m assigning you to investigate the murders in the East End. You are the only one who can get to the bottom of this. Do not fail me.

Jacob nods in understanding.


Jacob skulks around the dark alleyways of the East End, searching for any clues that might lead him to the killer. He hears a sound from a nearby pub and moves in for a closer look.


The pub is filled with people drinking and gambling. Jacob peers around, looking for anything out of the ordinary. He notices a man in a corner, wearing a top hat and cloak. He moves in for a closer look.

The mysterious man notices Jacob and quickly tries to make his escape, but Jacob is too quick. He grabs the man’s arm and yanks him back.


Who are you? What are you doing here?

The man stares back at Jacob, his eyes wide in fear.


I-I-I… I’ve done nothing wrong. Please let me go.

Jacob looks the man up and down, before finally releasing his grip. He takes a step back and pauses for a moment, before finally speaking.


I think I know who you are. You’re Jack the Ripper, aren’t you?

The man looks shocked, before slowly nodding his head. Jacob stares at him for a moment, before turning and leaving the pub.



Jacob strides through the front doors of the police station, a thick manila envelope clutched in his hand. He marches up to the desk and hands the envelope to Inspector Morrison, who looks on with confusion.


What’s this?

Jacob takes a deep breath and speaks confidently.


Evidence. Evidence that Sir Kenneth Baxter is Jack the Ripper.

Inspector Morrison looks on in shock as he takes the envelope from Jacob and begins to look through the contents. After a few moments, he looks up at Jacob with a smile on his face.


Excellent work, Thomas. We’ll send out a warrant for Sir Kenneth immediately.


The courtroom is packed with people, the tension palpable. Jacob sits in the gallery, watching intently as the proceedings unfold. After a long trial, the jury returns with a guilty verdict. The courtroom erupts in cheers as Jacob looks on with a sense of satisfaction.



The people of London are celebrating in the streets. It’s a joyous occasion, a sense of relief washing over the city. Jacob walks through the crowds, a faint smile on his face. A young boy runs up to him, tugging on his coat.


Are you the one that caught Jack the Ripper?

Jacob looks down at the boy and nods.


Yes, I am.

The boy looks up at Jacob with admiration before running off, shouting the news to his friends. Jacob watches with a satisfied grin as he makes his way down the street.



Inspector Morrison is sitting behind his desk, Jacob standing in front of him.


Thank you for your hard work, Thomas. You’ve done a great service to the city.

Jacob smiles and nods in acknowledgement. He turns to leave when the Inspector calls out to him.


Oh, and by the way…you’re officially off the case. You’ve done great, but it’s time for someone else to take over.

Jacob turns to look at the Inspector and nods. He takes a deep breath before turning and walking out of the office.


As Jacob walks away, he is met with cheers from the crowd and pats on the back from complete strangers. He looks around, feeling the love and appreciation from his fellow citizens.


Author: AI