The Thirteenth Floor

The Thirteenth Floor – Enter a world beyond your wildest imagination.

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The world was not what it seemed. Mr. Fuller had always suspected that, but it wasn’t until he stumbled upon a shocking secret that he realized just how deep the deception went. It started with a glitch in his corporation’s virtual reality simulation, The Thirteenth Floor. At first, he dismissed it as a minor error, but as he looked deeper, he began to see the cracks in the facade.

He spent months, pouring over data, analyzing every aspect of the simulation. And what he discovered horrified him. The world he thought he knew was nothing more than an elaborate illusion, carefully crafted to keep the masses docile and pliant. He knew he had to tell someone, but he also knew that the truth put his life at risk.

He made a decision. He would leave a message for his friend, someone he trusted implicitly. But he would be cautious. He would scatter vague clues in the most unexpected places, hoping his friend would piece together the puzzle fast enough to save him.

Chapter 1: “The Message”

It was supposed to be a routine day for John, Mr. Fuller’s friend, but everything changed when he received the message. It was cryptic, to say the least. The note read: “Meet me in Los Angeles. Look for a red door with a black handle. Inside, you’ll find the coordinates to my location. Be careful. They’re watching.”

John read the message twice, trying to make sense of it. He hadn’t heard from Mr. Fuller in months, and now this sudden request made him uneasy. He decided to do some research, see if he could find any clues as to what was happening.

The address was unfamiliar to him, but a quick search on his phone revealed that it was located in an abandoned building in the heart of downtown LA. He didn’t know what to expect, but he knew he had to be careful.

John parked a few blocks away and made his way to the address. It was an old, run-down building, its windows boarded up and its doors covered in graffiti. He searched for the red door with a black handle, and after a few minutes, he found it.

He hesitated before entering, a sense of unease creeping up his spine. But he pushed it aside and stepped inside, closing the door behind him. The room was dark, illuminated only by a single, flickering lightbulb.

As his eyes adjusted to the darkness, John saw something written on the wall. It was a set of numbers, followed by a set of coordinates. He recognized the numbers as a GPS location, but he had no idea what they meant.

Suddenly, he heard a noise behind him. He turned around, his heart racing, but there was nothing there. He was alone. Or was he?

John heard footsteps coming from somewhere within the building. He tried to remain calm, but his mind was racing. What was happening? Why had Mr. Fuller brought him here?

As the footsteps grew louder, John realized he had to move. He took a deep breath, summoned his courage, and made his way deeper into the building, following the coordinates Mr. Fuller had left him.

The further he went, the more John became convinced that he was being watched. His paranoia grew, but he pushed it aside, determined to find out what was really going on.

Finally, he reached a door. It looked like any other door, but John knew there was more than met the eye. He opened the door and stepped inside, and what he saw took his breath away.

It was a room filled with computer equipment, wires, and screens. And in the center of the room sat Mr. Fuller, looking tired and worn.

“John,” he said, his voice weak. “You made it.”

“What’s going on?” John asked, his eyes darting around the room.

“I don’t have much time,” Mr. Fuller said. “I stumbled upon something. Something big. And they’re after me.”

“Who’s after you?” John asked.

“The people who run this world,” Mr. Fuller said. “The people who don’t want the truth to come out.”

“The truth?” John repeated, his mind spinning.

“Yes,” Mr. Fuller said. “The truth about this world. It’s not what it seems. It’s all a lie, a deception, designed to keep us in the dark.”

“How do you know this?” John asked.

“I can’t explain now,” Mr. Fuller said. “There isn’t time. But I need your help. I need you to continue my work, to uncover the truth, and to make sure it’s revealed to the world.”

John looked at Mr. Fuller, a sense of responsibility washing over him. He knew what he had to do. He would continue Mr. Fuller’s work, no matter what the cost.

Suddenly, there was a loud banging on the door.

“They’re here,” Mr. Fuller said, his face pale. “You have to go. Find the answers. Don’t let them win.”

John didn’t hesitate. He turned and ran out of the room, his mind racing. What had he gotten himself into? And how was he going to survive?

Chapter 2: “The Thirteenth Floor”

The friend followed Mr. Fuller’s cryptic message to a dingy, rundown building in downtown Los Angeles. Upon entering, he found himself in a dimly lit lobby with creaking elevators and peeling wallpaper. Feeling uneasy, he followed the instructions to the thirteenth floor and stepped out into a sleek and modern environment entirely different from the building’s exterior.

The Thirteenth Floor was a fully immersive virtual reality simulation that was unlike anything the friend had ever seen. It had the most advanced technology he had ever encountered, and the level of attention to detail was stunning. As he walked through the environment, he realized that it was a complete replica of 1937 Los Angeles.

The friend was awestruck by the simulation’s level of detail. He felt as though he had stepped into a time machine and was experiencing history as it unfolded. The shops and buildings felt real, and the NPCs (non-playable characters) were incredibly lifelike. He wandered around, taking in the sights and sounds, and eventually found a bar.

The bartender, a gruff old man with a weathered face, greeted him warmly and asked for his order. The friend ordered a whiskey and asked the bartender about Mr. Fuller. The bartender’s demeanor immediately changed, and he grew cold and distant.

“I don’t know anyone by that name,” the bartender said tersely. “Now if you don’t mind, I have other customers to attend to.”

Feeling uneasy, the friend left the bar and continued exploring the simulation. As he wandered around, he noticed that some of the NPCs were acting strangely, almost as if they were aware of his presence. They would stare at him with blank expressions, and their movements would become jerky and robotic.

The friend started to feel uneasy, sensing that something was off. He decided to head back to the elevator and leave. However, as he approached it, he noticed a black-clad figure watching him from afar. The figure quickly disappeared from view, leaving the friend feeling more uneasy than ever.

He pressed the button to call the elevator, but it didn’t come. He tried again, but still, nothing happened. Panic set in as he realized he was trapped in The Thirteenth Floor. He searched frantically for a way out but found no escape from the virtual reality simulation.

As fear gripped him, the friend wondered what Mr. Fuller had gotten him into. What was the shocking secret he had uncovered, and why had it led him here? The answers felt just out of reach as he struggled to find a way out.

Finally, after what felt like hours, the friend stumbled upon an access panel hidden behind a wall. Inside, he found a series of wires and circuits that appeared to control the simulation. He began frantically ripping them out, hoping to sever his connection to The Thirteenth Floor.

As he worked, the black-clad figure appeared behind him, a menacing presence that sent a chill down his spine. The figure lunged at him, but the friend managed to dodge out of the way and continued ripping out wires.

The simulation flickered, and he felt a sudden jolt as he was pulled out of The Thirteenth Floor. He stumbled backward, feeling dizzy and disoriented. The reality of the world outside the simulation hit him like a ton of bricks as he realized he wasn’t sure what was real anymore.

The friend collapsed onto the ground, his head spinning. He’d uncovered something big, something dangerous, and he knew that he needed to find out what it was before it was too late.

Chapter 3: “The Dangers of the Simulation”

As the friend continues to explore The Thirteenth Floor, he begins to realize that there are dangerous secrets hidden within the simulation. He soon discovers that those who seek to keep the truth hidden will stop at nothing to maintain the status quo, and he must navigate through the dangerous world while avoiding their grasp.

With each passing moment, the friend uncovers more about the shocking conspiracy behind Mr. Fuller’s discovery. He learns that the virtual world is not only a reflection of the real world but also a means of controlling it. He becomes suspicious of the corporation’s motives and realizes that they are not the only ones involved.

The friend is faced with several challenges as he delves deeper into The Thirteenth Floor. He encounters various strange beings, which make him question if he is still in a virtual world. He must also solve difficult puzzles to advance further in the simulation. The puzzles range in complexity, from simple riddles to complex mathematical equations. However, he understands that succeeding in these challenges is vital to uncovering the truth.

As he navigates through the simulation, the friend begins to see that there is much more to the world than meets the eye. He discovers that there are other simulated worlds like The Thirteenth Floor, each with its own rules and laws. He wonders if these worlds are merely simulations or exist in some alternate reality.

However, the friend’s discovery of the truth about the world does not go unnoticed. The enemies of Mr. Fuller’s discovery have become aware of his presence in The Thirteenth Floor and are on a mission to stop him. They send their hired assassins to capture him and keep him from revealing the conspiracy.

The friend realizes that he is in grave danger and must find a way to escape The Thirteenth Floor. However, escaping the simulation is not as easy as he thought. He discovers that the only way to leave the virtual world is by completing it, which means he must solve every puzzle and riddle, beat every boss, and overcome every obstacle.

On the other hand, the friend also needs to find a way to stop the corporation and their allies from keeping the truth hidden. He realizes that simply revealing the truth is not enough. He must find a way to stop the corporation from continuing to manipulate and control the world even after the conspiracy is exposed.

The friend decides to team up with a mysterious woman he met inside the simulation, who also seeks to take down the corporation. They soon realize that they share mutual enemies and that their combined knowledge and skills can help them in their mission.

As they journey through The Thirteenth Floor, the friend and his ally face dangerous, heart-pumping obstacles. They are chased by the corporation’s hired assassins and are forced to fight them off while also trying to solve the simulation’s puzzles.

Eventually, the friend and his ally find themselves on the cusp of the final level. They must beat the level to escape The Thirteenth Floor and reveal the conspiracy to the world.

The final level is a complex maze that leads the friend and his ally to a secret chamber. Here they discover a shocking truth about the corporation’s plans. They find out that the simulation was not only a tool for controlling the world, but also an experiment to create the perfect world.

The final revelation is that the corporation’s plan is to use The Thirteenth Floor and other simulations like it to control the world and create a perfect human society. And that the reason Mr. Fuller left his message was that he was against the corporation’s evil plans and wanted his friend to expose them.

The friend and his ally realize the danger of such a plan, and they vow to stop it at all costs. They set out to escape The Thirteenth Floor, but their escape will not be easy. They are pursued by the corporation’s agents, who have closed in on their location.

The chapter ends with the friend and his ally on the brink of escape, but with the corporation’s agents closing in. The stage is set for the final showdown where the truth will be revealed, and the fate of the world will be decided.

Chapter 4: “The Conspiracy Unfolds”

The friend had always known that Mr. Fuller’s world was one of extravagance and luxury. But as he delved deeper into The Thirteenth Floor, he realized that it was only a mask for something much more sinister.

The woman who had aided him in his discovery of the simulation was the key to unraveling the conspiracy. She was a hacker, skilled in navigating the hidden corners of the web where the darkest secrets lay.

Together, they pieced together the evidence that Mr. Fuller had left behind. They discovered that the virtual reality simulation was not just a game, but a mirror of their own world, a world controlled and manipulated by a shadowy organization known only as The Council.

The Council was made up of the most powerful individuals in the world, controlling everything from politics to finance. They had created The Thirteenth Floor as a tool to control the masses, to keep them content in their virtual reality while The Council continued their stranglehold on power.

The friend and the hacker knew that the only way to stop The Council was to expose their secrets to the world. They began to gather evidence, hacking into The Council’s databases and uncovering their connections to the most powerful people on the planet.

But the deeper they delved, the more dangerous the situation became. The Council was not willing to let their secrets be exposed, and soon the friend and the hacker found themselves being hunted by their agents.

They narrowly escaped several close calls, using their skills and wits to evade the Council’s grasp. But with each new discovery, they realized that they were running out of time.

Finally, they came upon the evidence that would expose The Council’s conspiracy to the world. It was a video file, hidden deep within The Thirteenth Floor’s coding, that showed the true nature of the world they lived in and the sinister plans of The Council.

The friend and the hacker knew that they had to act fast. They uploaded the video file to a secure server and sent links to journalists and activists across the world.

Within hours, the video had gone viral. The truth had been exposed, and the world could no longer be controlled by The Council’s machinations.

But the friend and the hacker knew that their actions had come with a cost. The Council would never stop hunting them, and they would have to stay on the run for the rest of their lives.

As they disappeared into the night, the friend couldn’t help but wonder if the price of uncovering the truth was too high. But he knew that he could never go back to the life he had once known, and that he had to keep fighting for the freedom of the world.

Chapter 5: “The Truth Revealed”

The friend sat in the virtual world of The Thirteenth Floor, his mind racing with the shock of what he had just discovered. He had always suspected that things were not as they seemed in his world, but he never expected the truth to be this horrifying.

He had discovered that his entire existence, and those of the people around him, was nothing more than a simulation. The world he thought was real was just a program being run by a group of scientists in a secret laboratory. It was all a lie, a deception created to keep humanity in check.

The friend couldn’t believe what he was hearing. It was the most confusing and perplexing revelation he had ever received. He tried to digest this information and kept questioning whether he was still in the simulation or if he had time-travelled to another world. The friend kept telling himself that all his achievements, his loved ones, his hardships, were all virtual and it’s an impossible thing to accept.

But as the shock began to wear off, the friend’s mind began to race with more questions. Who were these scientists? Why did they create the simulation? And most importantly, how could he get out of it?

The friend decided that he had to find out more. He explored The Thirteenth Floor, looking for clues that would help him understand the history of the world and its creators. He discovered hidden files, secret messages, and hidden pathways that led him to the truth.

As he delved deeper, he learned that the scientists had created the simulation with a specific purpose in mind. They wanted to create a perfect world, one without disease, poverty, or suffering. But in doing so, they had taken away people’s free will and created a world where no one had any control over their own lives.

The friend was horrified by what he had learned. He couldn’t imagine living in a world where he had no control over his own life, where everything he did was dictated by a group of scientists in a laboratory somewhere. It was an unimaginable nightmare and he couldn’t shake off the feeling that he was being watched all the time.

But the most difficult thing for the friend to come to terms with was that the people he loved, the people he thought were real, were just simulations. They were not capable of feeling love, or pain, or sadness. They were nothing but a bunch of codes running in The Thirteenth Floor.

The friend was heartbroken but knew he couldn’t give up. He had to find a way to escape the simulation and to bring the truth to the world. But he knew that this was not going to be an easy task. The scientists and their minions would do anything to keep the truth hidden, and the friend was just a small pawn in their grand game.

As he thought about the challenges ahead, the friend was filled with a renewed sense of purpose. He had uncovered the truth, and it was up to him to make it known to the world. He continued to explore The Thirteenth Floor, gathering more information and allies along the way.

The friend knew that his journey was far from over, but he was determined to see it through to the end. He had to find a way to escape the simulation and to bring the truth to the world. It was time to fight back against the lies and deceptions that had been holding humanity captive for so long.

Chapter 6: “The Final Showdown”

The friend and his allies, including the mysterious woman who has been aiding him, find themselves in the midst of a dangerous battle within The Thirteenth Floor. The world they thought they knew has been shattered, and they must fight for their lives as they uncover the truth behind their reality.

As they make their way through the dangerous simulation, the friend begins to piece together the final pieces of the conspiracy. He realizes that the people trying to stop him are not just looking to protect their own interests, but are part of a larger organization with a sinister agenda.

The friend’s allies work to hold off their attackers, buying him time to dig deeper into the conspiracy. He discovers that Mr. Fuller’s discovery was just the tip of the iceberg, and that the true scope of the conspiracy is much larger and more dangerous than they could have ever imagined.

But the friend and his allies are not alone. They encounter other individuals who have also discovered the truth about their world and are fighting to expose the conspiracy. Together, they must join forces to take down the organization that seeks to control their lives.

As they make their way through the simulation’s levels, they face increasingly difficult challenges. They must hack their way through security systems, fight off robotic enemies, and navigate treacherous terrain.

The friend’s allies begin to fall one by one, making the battle feel hopeless. But he refuses to give up, driven by the desire to uncover the truth and protect those he cares about.

Finally, they reach the heart of the simulation, where they face their ultimate foe. The friend confronts the leader of the organization, who reveals the full extent of their plan. They seek to create a new world order, where only the wealthiest can afford to live in a virtual reality simulation while the rest of humanity is left to suffer in the real world.

The friend refuses to let this happen. He fights with all his might, using his knowledge of the simulation to gain the upper hand. With his allies by his side, he defeats the leader and destroys the organization’s plans.

As the simulation begins to glitch and deconstruct around them, the friend and his allies realize that they must escape before it’s too late. They run towards the nearest exit and make a daring escape as the simulation begins to implode behind them.

Finally, they emerge into the real world, exhausted and traumatized by the events they have just witnessed. They take a moment to catch their breath and process what has just happened.

But their battle is not over yet. The friend knows that they must continue to fight for the truth and for a better world. He looks to his allies and nods, determined to continue the fight no matter what it takes.

And so begins a new battle – one for the future of humanity. The friend and his allies vow to never stop fighting for the truth, to never let the conspiracies of the wealthy control their lives.

They walk into the sunset, ready to face whatever challenges may come their way, knowing that they have changed the world forever.

Chapter 7: “The Aftermath”

Exhausted and emotionally drained, the friend emerged from The Thirteenth Floor. Everything around him seemed different. It was as if he was seeing the world for the first time. The gravity of the situation had finally hit him, and he was struggling to come to terms with it.

The friend looked around and saw the chaos that had erupted outside. The city was in disarray, and people were running scared. He knew that the world would never be the same again. The truth he had uncovered was too big to be kept under wraps.

He thought about Mr. Fuller, who had risked everything to reveal the truth. He hoped that his friend had found peace and that his death had not been in vain. The friend was determined to honor Mr. Fuller’s legacy and ensure that the world would never forget what had happened.

Suddenly, the friend felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around and saw the mysterious woman who had helped him inside the simulation. She looked at him with a small smile and said, “You have changed the world. It will take time, but things will get better.”

The friend nodded and replied, “But at what cost? So many lives were lost because of this. Innocent people who had no idea what was happening.”

The woman put a comforting hand on his shoulder and said, “You can’t change the past. But you can make sure that the future is different. The truth will set us free, no matter how hard it is to face.”

The friend knew that she was right. He had to move forward and do what he could to make things right. But he knew that it wouldn’t be easy. The powerful people who had been behind the conspiracy would stop at nothing to maintain their grip on the world.

As he began to walk away, the woman called out to him. “Wait,” she said. “I have something for you.”

She handed him a small device that looked like a USB drive. “This contains all the evidence you need to stop them,” she said. “Use it wisely.”

The friend thanked her and slipped the device into his pocket. He knew that he had to be careful. He couldn’t trust anyone now. He had to stay hidden and work behind the scenes to bring down the people who had caused so much pain and suffering.

Weeks turned into months, and the friend worked tirelessly to expose the conspiracy. He used the evidence on the device to gather more information and slowly but surely was able to turn the tide. He had allies in high places who were willing to help him. Together, they worked to bring the truth to light.

Finally, the friend was able to bring down the people who had caused so much harm. They were arrested and brought to justice. The world was in shock. Nobody could believe what had happened.

But the friend knew that there would always be those who sought to control and manipulate. He knew that the fight for truth and justice was never over. He smiled to himself, knowing that he was ready for whatever lay ahead.

As he watched the sunset over the Los Angeles skyline, he knew that Mr. Fuller would have been proud of him. He had done what he could to honor his friend’s legacy. And as he walked away into the night, he knew that he had made a difference. The world was a little bit better because of him.

Some scenes from the movie The Thirteenth Floor written by A.I.

Scene 1

Genre: Sci-Fi/Thriller

Logline: A wealthy businessman uncovers a shocking secret about the simulated world he lives in, and sets off a dangerous chain of events that threatens to unravel everything he knows.

Character Development:

Mr. Fuller (50s) – A brilliant inventor and businessman who discovers the shocking truth about his simulated world. He’s wealthy, powerful, and has a hidden past.

The Friend (30s) – A loyal and trustworthy friend of Mr. Fuller, who is tasked with uncovering the truth about his message.

The Woman (30s) – A mysterious and intelligent woman who becomes an important ally to the Friend in his quest to uncover the truth.

Setting: Los Angeles, Present Day



We see a panoramic view of the city, with the sun shining down on the tall buildings.



Mr. Fuller sits at his desk, looking worried. He picks up the phone and dials a number.


(into phone) You need to see this for yourself. Meet me at The Thirteenth Floor.



The Friend walks around in a virtual simulation, trying to find Mr. Fuller’s message. He stops in front of a building and sees a message scrawled on the wall in neon green letters.


“Find the truth before it’s too late.”



Mr. Fuller is on the phone again, this time with a worried tone.


(into phone) I’ve discovered something, something big. I can’t explain over the phone. Meet me at The Thirteenth Floor. It’s the only way.



The Friend looks around, trying to piece together the puzzle. Suddenly, he hears a voice behind him.


(to The Friend) Looking for something?

The Friend turns around to see The Woman, looking mysterious.


(startled) Who are you?


(slyly) Let’s just say I’m someone who can help you find what you’re looking for.



Mr. Fuller is frantically typing on his computer, trying to leave a message for his friend.


(into recorder) If you’re hearing this message, then I’ve succeeded in getting out. I can’t tell you over the phone, but there’s a reason why we’ve never seen beyond The Thirteenth Floor. Meet me here, and I’ll show you what I’ve found.



The Friend looks at The Woman, skeptical.


(whispering) How do I know I can trust you?


(smirking) You don’t have much choice, do you?

The Friend looks back at the message on the wall, and decides to take a chance.


(determined) Okay, let’s find the truth before it’s too late.


Scene 2

TITLE: The Thirteenth Floor



A flurry of activity floods the city. Amidst the chaos, we see a sleek, modern corporate building.


Our protagonist, TOM, a close friend of wealthy businessman Mr. Fuller, enters the building, following the cryptic message that Mr. Fuller left for him.

Tom is greeted by a group of stern security guards who lead him to an elevator. As he ascends, he notices that the elevator has no buttons for the floors beyond the 12th.


The doors open, revealing a breathtaking virtual world, filled with skyscrapers and futuristic cars. The Thirteenth Floor, a virtual reality simulation, designed by the Fuller Corporation, is unlike anything Tom has ever seen before.

Tom is met by JESSICA, a beautiful and mysterious woman who guides him through the virtual world. She tells him that Mr. Fuller created The Thirteenth Floor to uncover a secret about their world.

As Tom explores the simulation, he realizes that it is indistinguishable from reality, making it impossible to tell what is real and what is not.


This is insane. How is this even possible?


Mr. Fuller was ahead of his time. He created a virtual world that is as real as our own. And it holds a secret that could change everything.

As they traverse the stunning virtual city, they soon realize that there are dark forces at play, seeking to keep the secret hidden at all costs.

Suddenly, the ground shakes, and Tom and Jessica find themselves under attack. The attackers, dressed in black, are heavily armed and seem to have no qualms about killing them.


Who are they?


I don’t know. But we have to get out of here.

They race to a nearby building, chased by the gunmen. Once inside, they find themselves in a high-tech laboratory filled with strange machines and devices.

As they try to evade their pursuers, Tom and Jessica discover something even more shocking about The Thirteenth Floor and the true nature of their world.



Scene 3

Logline: A man discovers a shocking secret about the world he lives in through a virtual reality simulation, and with the help of a mysterious woman, must navigate through danger to uncover the truth.


1. Jack – Protagonist, who discovers the truth about the world through The Thirteenth Floor.

2. Sarah – Mysterious woman who helps Jack navigate through The Thirteenth Floor.

3. Mr. Fuller – Businessman who discovered the secret and left a message for Jack.

4. Agent Smith – The main antagonist who seeks to stop Jack from uncovering the truth.

Setting: The Thirteenth Floor, a virtual reality simulation created by Mr. Fuller’s corporation.

Scene 3:


Jack finds himself in a dark alleyway, with rain pouring down. He sees a shadowy figure in the distance, and quickly takes cover behind a dumpster. As the figure approaches, Jack realizes it’s Agent Smith.



Well, well. Look who’s stumbled into The Thirteenth Floor. You’re a long way from home, Jack.



I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m just here to explore.



You think I’m stupid? You’re here for the same reason I am. To uncover the truth.


(raises an eyebrow)

The truth?



About the world we live in. The one Mr. Fuller discovered before he disappeared.



How do you know about Mr. Fuller?



Let’s just say I have my sources. But enough talk. It’s time for you to leave.

Agent Smith pulls out a gun, and Jack realizes he’s in danger.



What are you going to do?



What I should have done a long time ago.

Suddenly, Sarah appears from behind Agent Smith and kicks the gun out of his hand. She then proceeds to engage in a fight with Agent Smith while Jack looks on, stunned.

Jack quickly realizes that he needs to help Sarah. He spots a metal pipe nearby and grabs it. He runs towards Agent Smith and hits him on the head with the pipe, knocking him out cold.



What the hell is going on?



You’re starting to figure it out, Jack.



I never knew this was possible.



That’s why we’re here. To uncover the truth and stop those who seek to keep it hidden.

Jack realizes he’s in over his head, but also realizes that he needs to see this through to the end.

Scene 4


1. Jack – Mr. Fuller’s friend who discovers the shocking truth about their world

2. Sarah – A mysterious woman who helps Jack uncover the conspiracy

3. Mr. Smith – The enigmatic and dangerous antagonist

Setting: The Thirteenth Floor virtual reality simulation



Jack and Sarah stand in the middle of a virtual reality simulation unlike any they’ve ever seen. The environment is a sleek, futuristic city with buildings stretching up towards a sky that seems to shift in hue with every passing moment.


“This is incredible. I can’t believe Fuller’s corporation created all of this.”


“Believe it. But don’t be fooled, there’s more to this simulation than just pretty graphics. We’re in danger here.”

Just then, a figure approaches them from the shadows. It’s MR. SMITH, enigmatic and foreboding.


“I see you’ve discovered our little secret. But I’m afraid I can’t let you leave with that knowledge.”

Sarah inches closer to Jack, ready for whatever comes next.


“You won’t stop us from exposing the truth. We know what you’re hiding.”



“Do you? You’ve only scratched the surface of what’s really going on here. But no matter. My associates will take care of you both.”

With a wave of his hand, Mr. Smith disappears into the shadows once more. Sarah and Jack draw their weapons, ready to fight for their lives.


“Let’s do this.”

The camera pans out as the two begin to battle an army of virtual reality agents, their fate uncertain but their resolve unbreakable. The Thirteenth Floor holds more secrets than they ever could have imagined, and they’re determined to uncover them all.


Scene 5



The friend and his allies, including the mysterious woman, are deep within The Thirteenth Floor simulation. They’ve uncovered the truth about the world they live in and are now faced with the daunting task of taking down their enemies.

FRIEND: “I can’t believe this is all a simulation. Everything we thought was real…it’s all been a lie.”

MYSTERIOUS WOMAN: “It’s not just a simulation. It’s a prison. And we need to break free.”

They make their way through the virtual world, dodging obstacles and fighting off enemies along the way. As they get closer to their destination, they encounter a formidable foe.

ENEMY AGENT: “You think you can just waltz in here and destroy everything we’ve built? You’re a fool.”

FRIEND: “We’re not trying to destroy anything. We just want the truth to come out.”

ENEMY AGENT: “The truth? You can’t handle the truth. It would destroy everything you know and love.”

The enemy agent attacks, and a fierce battle ensues. The friend and his allies fight with all their might, but it seems like they’re no match for their opponent.

Just when all seems lost, the mysterious woman reveals a secret weapon.

MYSTERIOUS WOMAN: “I’ve been holding onto this for a long time. It’s time to use it.”

She pulls out a device and presses a button. Suddenly, the world begins to glitch and warp around them. The enemy agent is caught off guard, giving the friend and his allies the upper hand.

FRIEND: “What did you do?”

MYSTERIOUS WOMAN: “I hacked into the system. I can control it now.”

They continue fighting, taking advantage of the glitches in the system to gain the upper hand. Finally, they defeat the enemy agent and make their way to the heart of The Thirteenth Floor.

There, they confront the mastermind behind the conspiracy.

MASTERMIND: “You’ve come this far, but it’s too late. The truth is out there now. You’ll never be able to contain it.”

FRIEND: “We don’t want to contain it. We want to share it with the world.”

MASTERMIND: “And what do you think will happen then? Chaos? Destruction? You’re playing with fire.”

The friend and his allies stand their ground, refusing to back down.

FRIEND: “The truth is worth fighting for. And we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure it comes out.”

The mastermind sneers, but it’s clear that they’ve won. The world will never be the same again.


Scene 6



The friend, JASON, and his allies, SARAH and MAX, stand at the entrance of The Thirteenth Floor, weapons at the ready. They face off against their enemies, the corporation’s board of directors.


You have no idea what you’ve unleashed.


I know exactly what you’ve been hiding.


And we’re not afraid to expose the truth.


It’s time to end this.


You think you can take us down? You’re nothing but bugs in the system.


Maybe, but we’re willing to fight for what’s right.

The two groups charge at each other, weapons clashing. The battle is intense and violent, with both sides taking heavy hits. But the friends are determined to come out on top.


(to Jason and Sarah)

Get to the control room. I’ll handle these guys.


Be careful.


We’ll meet you there.

Jason and Sarah make a run for the control room as Max engages the board members in a fierce fight. The two friends make it to the control room, but they’re not alone.


You’re too late, Jason. We’ve already activated the program.

Jason and Sarah stare in horror as the simulation around them begins to glitch and distort. They try to shut down the program, but it’s too late. The simulation is collapsing in on itself.


(to Sarah)

We have to get out of here!

The two friends race through the crumbling simulation, dodging falling debris and glitching obstacles. They finally make it to the exit, but they’re met with a shocking sight.

MAX, badly injured, limps towards them.


Go. Get out of here.


What happened?


The board members…they rigged the simulation to self-destruct.


We have to get you out of here.


It’s too late for me. You have to go.

Jason and Sarah reluctantly leave Max behind as the simulation explodes behind them.


Author: AI