Finding Nemo

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The Great Barrier Reef was always a beautiful, serene place, but today Marlin noticed the waves were rough and tidal. Rain was falling from the Grey skies as Marlin swam frantically in search of his son, Nemo.

“It’s going to be alright Marlin” says Anglerfish who had heard of Nemo’s disappearance, she can see the look of desperation on Marlin’s face, “We’ll find him together.”

Anglerfish waited for Marlin to catch his breath before she gestures him closer for a chat. Her cool touch, soothing voice, and confidence determine Marlin that this was not the day to panic.

“Nemo’s clown colors make him an easy target, but Together we can cover a larger searching ground.” She continued, “We’ll find him. I’m certain we will.”

Although Marlin was grateful for her reassurance, deep down he was terrified about the reality of never seeing Nemo again. He knew it was a big wide world out there, and anything could happen.


Chapter 1

Marlin, a tiny clownfish with bold, bright colors, and silver-scaled fins lived in the beautiful waters of the Great Barrier Reef with his wife Coral.

Believe it or not, Marlin was not always this anxious. In fact, he used to have a rampant sense of adventure and spontaneity. Coral, on the other hand, was more reserved and cautious, and in their little ecosystem, operating wholly independently from the rest of the world, they celebrated each other’s strengths and weaknesses giving birth to Nemo, their beloved little clownfish.

As Nemo grew more robust by the second, he developed a real craving for freedom and excitement. He was constantly looking to explore beyond the cave safeguards that surrounded their home, itching to discover whatever lay ahead of him.

One day, Coral said to Marlin, “We can’t leet hiim liive la lifetime oof feaar becauuse we area fraaid. Lliife is a lwhich thee bouuy he tahakes thie briicsk of. Trust thiim.” Coral sometimes frustrated Marlin’s need to be super cautious, but it infuriated Marlin the way Coral shrugged off the importance of health and safety, potentially jeopardizing Nemo’s existence.

Every day Marlin taught Nemo the dangers of the outside world and how to stay careful in Dangershare, whilst Coral indulged Nemo’s curiosity and let him explore to his whims. Most times Marlin went after and found Nemo wherever he trotted, every now and then, On those rare occasions when Marlin didn’t coddle him, It always appeared as though Nemo loved it in spite of.

One particular day allowed Nemo to deviate rather far leaving Marlin scrambling behind trying to keep a close range. The waves felt rough, the weather unpredictable.

“Son, we should return home. It’s not safe out here,” Marlin urged him cautiously. But Nemo, having a vibrant personality that was deemed unique even amidst his species, smiled mischievously, grabbing a blade of sand coral and swiftly began cutting it off.

“It’s too boring here,” Nemo argued cheekily. “I want to see what else is out there.”

“How about we play a game of hide and seek?” Marlin suggested, feigning nonchalance as he knew he couldn’t win an argument against his determined and explorative son. “This is Dangershare. There is unimaginable Danger in every Crack or Angle.”

Nemo nodded excitedly, “Okay, I’ll go hide, and you find me!”

Nemo quickly darted off and scampered into a small gap. Marlin watched to ensure Nemo was okay as he played, but in a moment, Nemo disappeared entirely out of sight.

Panicking at that point, Marlin’s heart sped furiously as trauma and shock took hold. His mind resounded with different worst-case situations. Could it be Shark? Could he be hidden motionless under a coral rock? Or injured and stranded in some inextricable cranny deeper than logic allowed him to comprehend.

The roving Mankeys weren’t coming, and there would be No Sub-Interest Based team from Ocean Solution arrived to rescue him. Risks were what Sharkbreath loved that they should feel.

Marlin submerged way deep, turned left towards Motion Canyon, and hooked upward which pleated shock when he found a sense of direction towards Bimini Parish.

Nemo was gone.

Anxiety enveloped in “Fractured love” rending apart Marlin’s psyche gnashing at his high-tempo body. The scents and bruises of battle were in chest-swallowing heartbeats and the memory of loss and dread biting at his bones.

“Natarrive…I just need to get there,” he persuaded himself with grave doubt nibbling on the edges of his thoughts. Fear invaded his landscape, though – the invasion of a burning truth. Marlin seemed convinced he had lost his son for good.

He found scattered schools of fish that confirm his unwilling admiractics,

remembering Coral’s advice about wandering sometimes brings Blessings too, and Angela’s abled mendment preventing the sensations and soothing him with generous affection.

All that manages to wash away bitterness, amplifying redeeming resources in blurred complexities of Uncharacteristic hope. Sure, they’ll soon succeed to find Nemo.

Chapter 2 – A Forgetful Companion

As Marlin continued his quest to find Nemo, he swam along the coral reef, searching for any clues that could lead him to his missing son. Exhaustion began to weigh heavily on him, and he found himself swimming slower and slower with each passing moment.

It was then that he first caught sight of Dory. At first, he had thought she was yet another obstacle, another obstacle that would slow him down or make things more difficult. But as he observed her, he began to realize that something was wrong.

“Excuse me, ma’am,” he said tentatively. “Are you all right? Do you need any help?”

Dory looked up at him with her big, wide eyes. “Do I know you?” she asked hesitantly.

Marlin couldn’t help but laugh at her response. “No, we haven’t met yet. My name is Marlin, and I’m trying to find my son, Nemo.”

Dory’s face crumpled into a worried frown. “Oh, dear! What happened to him?”

“He was taken by humans. I’m trying to track down where they’ve taken him.”

Both Marlin and Dory then delved deep into the conversation and he got to know more about Dory’s memory loss which led to countless comedic moments of weird converdations.

Overall, Marlin found Dory to be an odd, but surprisingly helpful companion in his search for Nemo. Although she couldn’t remember much, she still managed to lead him to some important clues along the way.

Despite the confusing and tiresome nature of her condition, Dory remained optimistic and pervertedly upbeat. Marlin was impressed with her unwavering attitude and her powerful determining force, wondered what drove her; at times excited yet scared but more often excited leaving out caution as Dory joyfully engaged sharks without possessing awareness for his real situation.

As Marlin and Dory’s journey propugated, along the way, they crossed paths with Bruce the great white shark, who turned out to be quite the surprise. He was, as they had imagined, unfriendly or so they had thought originally.

Bruce introduced Marlin wasched up his suit and brought both Marlin and Dory before his personal shivers, once there, he met Anchor and Chum, Bruce’s right-hand fish friends. He gave them an inside look into their vegetarian habits and way of life.

Despite the promise of learned better knowledge and friends, Marlin felt stuck with their obstious scientific tracking system destroying his mood in mere second, made him want to escape. Bruce sorted it out with protest from Marlin and Dory as Bruce had required a white fist promise. This convinced Marlin to stay and we also continued with the party.

However, while Bruce, Anchor, and Chum began their fish frenzy, Marlin soon found himself drawing awkward attention to how life felt with a recalcitrant attitude to everything. His discovery of preserving exosuits and tiny diving masks in Bruce’s toothed hobby placed further fear into him that he wouldn’t find his son as soon as he’d planned. In resignation Marlin collapsed into somber thoughts garnering a whole lot of questions of how to fully achieve the search expedition, one of the reasons impressively displayed flat fish refused to be bait.

It wasn’t until Dory accidentally discovered a clue about Nemo’s whereabouts, and they took off on a wild adventure, encountering obstacles such as a swarm of dangerous jellyfish and the strong, stubborn currents, that Marlin began to see Dory as far more competent than her amnesic nature portrayed her to be.

By the end of their adventure, they had made it one step closer to finding Nemo and Marlin had learned never to underestimate the small fish with a big heart.

Chapter Three – Shark Allies

Marlin and Dory swam through a dark, eerie tunnel of rocks and seaweed. Moving deeper into the tunnel, they flinched every time they saw a shadow pass by. Dory’s heart raced with fear as she clung to Marlin’s side. They had to keep moving, each step bringing them closer towards their goal. Finding Nemo.

As they swam through another curve in the tunnel, they suddenly came face to face with a group of sharks. Marlin tensed up, his instinct telling him to flee, but one of the sharks swam forward to greet them with a smile.

“Hey there, mate! We chum in peace,” said Bruce, the leader of the group, a Great White Shark with kind eyes and a friendly smile.

Dory, always the brave one, swam towards Bruce with a big smile on her face. “Hiya Bruce! Nice to meet you!”

“Bruce, looks like you’ve got some new friends,” a gruff voice called out from behind him. Out of the shadows swam another shark, bearing unmistakable scars and carrying a glimmer of recognize.

Marlin gasped as he recognized the shark. It was the same shark that took his wife and all of his children. The memory of that day still sent shivers down his spine.

“Smiley! Long time no see, mate!” Bruce greeted the new shark. “Yes, these are my new friends, Marlin and Dory,” Bruce nodded his other shark friends towards Marlin and Dory.

“I doubt Marlin remembers us, but I sure as heck remember him,” Smiley growled darkly. “Who can forget the legend of the big fish that took out our family?”

“Hey now, c’mon Smiley, you promised you weren’t going to eat any fish,” Bruce reminded his friend.

“No worries, Bruce. Old habits die hard,” Smiley answered with a smirk, but swam away.

Bruce and his friends apologized for Smiley’s behavior, but Marlin was still tense. He noted all around him the worn-down decor of an abandoned submarine, visualized the remnants of past attacks sunk into the floor, cut-ins caused by propellers that chewed up rocks creating rows of teeth-like stalagmites.

As they talked, dusk settled over the tunnel and the sea looked unexpectedly dark beyond.

“I don’t understand,” Marlin said without filtering his broken impressions of what had just them battle-scarred guardian. “Why were you there now?”

Bruce looked at him, the King of the fish before him had survived a tragedy so grave which he moved on, and saved fishes from Darbis’ maniac hold, smiled. “Well, we solemnly pledge that in memory of all the seabed inhabitants who can only swim so far to evade the threat of man’s peril.”

Before Marlin could respond, a warning signal sounded in the distance. Bruce tensed up and signaled for his friends to leave. They spoke quickly and regained their senses bearing mutual urgency, disappearing into tidal streams, each going their separate ways.

Marlin and Dory resumed their journey, both clinging to the hope that they would find Nemo soon. And as they continued to swim, navigating through currents and avoiding danger, they were grateful to have found allies in unexpected places.

Chapter 4: Jellyfish Field

Marlin and Dory had been on their journey to find Nemo for quite some time now. Together, they had encountered a school of friendly sharks, navigated their way through a dangerous ocean current, and even escaped from the clutches of a hungry flock of seagulls. But their adventures were far from over, as they soon found themselves in the midst of a mesmerizing field of jellyfish.

As they approached the jellyfish field, Marlin felt a sense of uncertainty creeping up within him. He remembered reading about the paralyzing effects of jellyfish and wondered how they would be able to navigate through this treacherous obstacle.

Dory seemed oblivious to his worries and swam right into the swarm of jellyfish as if nothing were amiss. Marlin held his breath as he waited for the worst, but surprisingly, Dory managed to navigate her way through the swarm effortlessly.

Marlin followed closely behind her, trying to mimic her every move. Every time a jellyfish floated too close to him, Marlin would quickly dart away, only to find himself face to face with yet another jellyfish.

Panic began to set in as Marlin realized there was no easy way out. He suddenly felt a sharp sting on his fin, making him realize he was in even more danger than he had thought. But with Dory by his side, he knew he had to keep going.

As they swam through the swarm, the jellyfish illuminated the deep ocean with a mesmerizing glow. Dory was intrigued by their bio-luminescence and swam ahead, eager to get a closer look.

Marlin was at a loss as to how to deal with this sudden change in his companion. Dory’s constant fascination with everything around her was making him nervous, and the danger of the jellyfish only added to his apprehensions.

The two continued to weave their way through the swarm of jellyfish, but Marlin couldn’t shake off the thought of danger. His worry only intensified as Dory’s fascination began to overwhelm her common sense.

In an attempt to snap Dory out of her awe, Marlin reached out to grab her, but only ended up being stung by the jellyfish. Pain shot through Marlin’s body as he tried to swim away from the swarm. In a matter of seconds, he was completely paralyzed and sinking to the bottom of the abyssal ocean.

Dory frantically tried to help him, but she too was tangled up in the jellyfish’s tentacles. She refused to leave Marlin’s side, urging him to stay strong and keep fighting.

The two clung to each other tightly, waiting for the jellyfish’s venom to wear off. After what felt like an eternity to Marlin, he regained the use of his muscles and the pair were finally able to swim towards safety.

It took a few moments for them to find their bearings, but when they did, they headed towards the surface gasping for air. After reaching the surface with a deep breath, Marlin gritted his teeth against the pain radiating throughout his body.

Finally, Dory recalled a tip her parents used to help them through similar circumstances, which was to speak whale. Dismissing her idea Marlin tried to discourage her for other options, although he was not sure they would succeed.

Despite his doubt, he uttered a loud whale call accompanied by his best impression of the gestures the humpback whale were using. They were such grand creatures, hovering above like gods gifting them prosperity. After a critical moment, a humpback whale’s tail surfaced from the water, startling Marlin and Dory.

Standing terrified in front of the spouting fountain that the whale had created with one fragrant groan, together they hesitantly waded on to the whale to enquire if he could give them a ride eastbound opposite the Jellyfish Field. The humpback whale encouraged Marlin and Dory stating that he better understood them than others since he spoke whale, and that he needed help cleaning his shifting dentures.

Marlin revealed teething pain as their large friend sighed a spout of ceaseless vapours that carried them on their journey. Away from Jellyfish Field, they relaxed their muscles and got a glimpse of the brighter path Nemo was waiting for them, and contemplated the events that lead to deter their pace.

Chapter 5: Currents and Escape

The swirling currents carry Marlin and Dory even farther away from their destination. Juniper, one of the turtles Marlin and Dory encountered earlier, catches up to them, revealing that they are near an underwater trench that leads to the open ocean. Juniper offers to help them navigate the trench, but on the condition that they help her with a task once they reach the other side.

As they swim through the trench, it becomes clear that Juniper’s request is no small one. She has come to the trench in search of her granddaughter that was swept away from her by the current. Marlin and Dory agree to help her, not only to repay her for her assistance in getting them to the open ocean but also because they know all too well what it’s like to be separated from loved ones.

The journey is rugged – the sides of the trench bow overhead and cut off the sunlight, creating cascading shadows that leave its inhabitants almost entirely in the dark. The ocean floor is equally shadowed but does include a variety of strange and bizarre creatures, some of which they must evade.

Eventually, they do locate Juniper’s deaf granddaughter near a crevice in the trench. As the team relocates the young turtle to a safer location, Marlin grows increasingly more anxious, knowing that he still has to find Nemo in unfamiliar territory.

He and Dory eventually say farewell to Juniper and the other turtles, and commence onward into the open ocean. The two of them are exhausted and afraid, navigating currents and attempting to avoid predators.

However, their spirits lift once they spot a whale in the distance. Together, they manage to skid onto the top of it, and are thrown onto its fleshy surface. Marlin is initially apprehensive, naturally fearing that the whale could quickly inhale them both. But Dory sees glasses, bags, bottles and an assortment of other items that signify the whale had just eaten something big, and suggests they try to get him to belch, to propel them both out the blowhole quickly.

They enter the belly, where bioluminescent creatures illuminate the dark expanse but are disturbed when one of the creatures they approached turns out to be an incendiary tiny shrimp that scare and party illuminate them both.

The ambiance mostly revolves around gloomy colors and shadowy light of the trench, but changes from shadowy, darkness to the brightness of the bioluminescent environment inside the whale, which creates a contrasting picturesque view of plenty of blues, greens and additional luminescence from the creatures. The danger heightens to great levels when Marlin realized they are now inside the whale’s belly, and the melancholy surrounding Marlin makes readers worry for their escapade. Marlin fearfully hopes he can reunite with his son soon, even as the escape closes in around them.

Chapter 6 – Unlikely Allies

The group found themselves surrounded by a group of fish who were unlike any they had encountered before. These fish had long fins and sharp teeth, making them appear nothing short of intimidating. Some were circled together in aggressive attack mode, while others glided cunningly through the water like predators at the hunt. Marlin, Dory, and Nemo, immediately lowered their attack mode, taking more cautious postures that signaled their submission.

“Who are you people and what do you want?”, said the fish leader, his voice dripping with suspicion. Marlin was a little surprised by the question because they said nothing to do with the fish hence, he replied politely.

“I am Marlin, and these are my friends, Dory and my son, Nemo. We are looking for a way out of this place.”

At the mention of Nemo, the fish leader narrowed his eyes suspiciously. “Nemo?” he repeated, “the name sounds familiar.”

Nemo spoke up timidly. “You might recognize me because someone in my tank said he knew you too. He was from this tank. We spoke to him earlier.”

The fish leader looked rattled, but he quickly composed himself. “You mean Gil? He was here?”, he exclaimed.

Nemo nervously nodded his head, “Yes, he told us you could help us escape.”

Gil was a good fish, all the fish respected him. The weird fish leader did not say anything after this as if he was considering their request. The group was eagerly waiting for his response, waiting for a way out from this creepy environment, which held no hope and got them closer to being caught and ready for dental murder.

Suddenly, fish guards interrupted their conversation, and Marlin felt a shiver run down his spine. “Come with us,” one of them ordered. “The leader wants a word with you at private.”

Marlin did not like how this was heading. He nudged Nemo and Dory, signaling them and immediately followed the fish guards hoping to keep everybody safe, and somewhat released from the aquarium dangers.

As they entered the dark room where their leader was waiting, they saw something that stunned Marlin. It was Gil, who was tied up tightly!

He had always thought of Gil as capable and strong. Witnessing him in captivity scared Marlin beyond measure. It filled him with anger and humiliation at the thought that this bizarre fish was in control of their lives.

“Nemo, you led them here, so how did you meet them?” asked the fish leader harshly, his voice laced with anger.

Nemo twisted uncomfortably but spoke anyway, “We followed the pipe and ended up in your tank. Gil was helpful; he told us how to get to you for help to get us out”.

The fish leader’s intense expression waned slightly as if he was acknowledging what Gil had said and that he was there to help. “Gil had spoken wisely”, he thought.

“I can show you how to get out of here, but you must first meet our conditions,” said the fish leader, his voice relenting.

“And what is that?,” asked Marlin skeptically, since they did not expect something trustable.

“Bring me one of the divers’ masks they wear— just one. We’ll find a way to retrieve it from their grasp. Then, follow me, and I’ll show one way out.”

Marlin desperately wanted to believe what the fish was saying, but it was evident that this offer was yet another test. Scratching his head, Marlin studied Nemo, Dory, and Gil, all of whom were preoccupied with their own thoughts. But too much was at stake, so with a leg kick, the deal was sealed.

Soon, the team was on their way marching on their plan in place. Burt the pelican was putting on a swift, but also complex task- he was poised to deliver the much-needed mask that they needed!

Everyone agreed to let Burt deliver the mask to avoid consequences of being caught. Burt was unaware he was the vital cog of the plan Marlin, and his team was executing right now. Cutting through the next exit was accessible because of his efforts!

They did come across pelican friendly forces now though, luckily they all survive and continue with a super-righteous wind-surfing ride through the currents before hitting safety quite successfully!!!

Finally, the ocean promised safety for the squad, and the escape was now altogether cleared up- They all went their separate ways to achieve something sought, a dream to cap each’s search worthy enough.

As Marlin swam through the water, he felt gratitude wash over him. Along the way, he had met some of the most incredible creatures and made theirs his true pals somewhere in he heart. Even gel was okay in conducting as their own guiding spirit on this odyssey of theirs.

In chapter six, Marlin and the group encountered creatures in a tank-like diorama that had more insight into the tanks and connections than they thought possible. Along the way, despite much danger, they do indeed receive the tools they need to put steps in place to allow freedom from their aquarium hell!

Chapter Seven: Tangled with the Seagulls

The group made a run for it, swimming as fast as they could towards the edge of the water. In just a few quick moments, they arrived at the ocean, feeling relieved to have escaped from the aquarium. They were finally free and it felt good to be back in the vast, open sea again.

But their adventure was far from over.

As they looked around, they noticed a group of gulls gathered on a nearby rock. They were all cawing and squawking loudly, communicating back and forth with each other in some bird language only they could understand. The seagulls were not likely allies, but more of a hindrance to the group’s efforts to escape.

“What are we going to do about those seagulls?” Marlin said, pointing to the rock.

Dory rubbed her chin with her fin. “Hmm, good question… Oh! We could swoop in and pick them up, use them like a taxi service to help us travel a distance.”

Marlin raised his eyebrows. “And you think they’ll let us?”

Dory nodded confidently. “Trust me, I speak bird!”

Before Marlin could object, Dory flapped her fins and dived headfirst towards the gulls, shouting: “Excuse us, Mr. Seagulls! Do you mind helping us out?”

The seagulls stopped squawking and stared at Dory curiously. One gull asked: “Why should we help you?”

Dory flashed her best smile. “Well, we have a little problem. We need to get far away from here, and we were hoping you could give us a ride.”

The gulls flapped their wings and laughed at Dory’s request. “Why would we do that?” One asked.

The entire group gathered around Dory and Marlin, causing them to feel nervous as they didn’t know what the birds were planning to do.

“We’ll be your friends!” Dory replied, a slight desperation evident in her voice.

The seagulls paused and conversed between them, considering the proposition. Finally, they formed a circle around Marlin and Dory in a tense silence.

Marlin noticed a group of crabs moving towards them underneath the water. He knew his son Nemo was among these crabs in the swirling cloud of coral sand. ‘Doing his best to hold his ground, Marlin continued to negotiate with the long-legged seabirds above.

Dory implored with the seagulls, “Listen to me, please. We really appreciate your help. It will be a terrible shame if you will make us fight.”

The squawking continued as the crabs grew closer on the ocean floor. Suddenly, a cry erupted from within the group – the sound was coming from the one who stood above Marlin’s head just moments ago. Wiping his head, Marlin peered up to find the seagull´s throat had been pierced with Nemo´s smaller, yet razor-sharp fin, held firmly aloft by the crab just a few inches left of Marlin

“Hey fellas, wouldn’t it be easier if we just talked this out?” Marlin said, trying to diffuse the tension.

The seagulls ignored Marlin’s plea and continued to squawk amongst themselves, eyeing the group with sharpened beaks.

Bracing themselves for an attack, the group huddled tightly together, preparing for the worst. But before they even had a chance to react, the seagulls suddenly took flight, each eager to grab a share of one member of the group. Frantically swimming, Marlin and Dory pushed away from the gulls, and using their best air-filled strategies, kept one step ahead.

It was the moments like these that left Marlin exhausted; his matchstick body barely held on as he purposely pressed his peculiar dorsal fin firmly below his gill flukes to quicken propulsion.

Up top there was chaos – swooping seagulls dive-bombing Jacktars from every angle – fins flapping everywhere.

With Nemo busy directing the action below, a plan came to mind before slicing through the only available escape passage towards the surface.

Turning to Dory he yelled, “We gotta distract these gulls! Louder than their darndest screeches! Two, three, four…”

Together in almost an enthusiastic cadence, Marlin led the troupe in the mighty ‘mine mine mine mine’ chant, repeated over.and over.and over.and over.and over.and over.and over.and over.and over.and…

But there were simply too many seagulls. There was no way the group could overpower all of them.

There was no chance of not losing at least one companion. Suddenly a sharp call from the heroic Barry “Everyone! Flutter downwards!”‘.

The migration of anchovy fluttered by and spread confusion amongst the vicious birds, creating a path of escape for Marlin, who tightly brought up spritely Dory, as he instantly advanced. Too blinded by greed to follow Marlin and Dory the seagulls rapidly grew sedentary as they smothered each in shared eccentricities.

Breathless and shaken by their escape from the seagulls, Marlin and the group realized that they have once again cheated death – this journey has been a time both periods of cut-throat survival and thrilling down-to-earth entertainment. Successful in using their foes selfish demeanor against them, they have come to understand and respect the certainty that life on this harsh and miraculous World demands.

Chapter 8 – A Joyful Reunion

Finally, Marlin and Nemo reunited. But the adventures of these spirited animals don’t end here.

Marlin and Nemo hugged tightly which made everyone surrounding them celebrate the scene together. But just as soon as they were reunited, another obstacle presented itself.

Dory was still missing. They learned from the other fish in the aquarium that Dory tried to follow them through the pipes but got lost along the way. Knowing how absentminded Dory was, Marlin and Nemo found themselves incredibly worried. After all, Dory had been their loyal companion for the adventure they’d been on, even though at times she proved to be a challenge.

Thinking on his feet, Marlin asked the fish Moutiky the preferable destination of whales using the pipe system they’d used to get in the dentist office– as the fish answered he rushed to the window and saw some whale watchers causing a commotion out in the distance.

Marlin asked Nigel, the pelican they’d almost missed before leaving the office, flapping out of the pipe with excitement, to help him get to the watchers.

They finally reached the site of the commotion and found the missing fragmented beauty of the seas.

Dory was there, struggling with short-term memory loss to acquaint herself with the surrounding they were in but was immediately reassured when all of her memories came flooding back after being reunited with Marlin and Nemo.

Moutiky returned with their whale friend knowing they couldn’t use the pipe system with three whales so they soared around the harbour, making their own path as the sun setting around them.

As night falls, Marlin and Nemo couldn’t help but admire the beauty of the sea around them, reflecting back on the lessons they’d learnt and the bonds they’d formed along the way. As they continued to swim amongst the different creatures of the ocean, they started their journey back home.

The journey back homewards remains blissful, creating new bonds with newfound species with whispers of their adventure heard from the distant waves. Marlin had finally conquered his anxieties and learned the courage to let his son explore more while keeping an extra eye paternally using a form of symbiotic love.

Nemo had found the courage to face fear and conquer challenges while being insightful of his adventurous steps.

Together they had discovered a world beyond their understanding, representing growth that is inevitable when exploring the colourful rifts differently, solidifying their bond by sharing leaps worth telling their great-children someday.

As they reached home in the Great Barrier Reef, Marlin and Nemo shared a knowing smile. This bonding experience meant different things, but the world somewhere deep was fond of their vessel anew.

No longer did the reef decor look a tad amiss, because as they swam through the shoreline, everything seemed brighter, the corals seemed colourful, the fish appeared to be shimmering under mystical moonlit light filtering from the sky.

And despite how vast and unexplored the world may seem at times, they both knew that they had each other, the families of the reef, and any number of curiosities, enough to challenge and deepen them, now and always carrying a forgotten friend among their many blessings.

Some scenes from the AI movie Finding Nemo



We are shown the vast and beautiful expanse of the Great Barrier Reef, a colorful underwater ecosystem. Schools of fish swim by, and gorgeous corals come into view. All is peaceful and tranquil.

Suddenly, a pair of small, curious eyes peer out from behind a magnificent coral outcropping. They belong to NEMO, an adventurous young CLOWNFISH. He darts back and forth yet never quite strays too far from the coral.

Nemo’s father MARLIN, a modest-looking but loving father, watches from a distance.


(swimming towards Nemo)

Time for school, kiddo. And, a swim around the big rock, don’t forget.

Nemo rolls his eyes but swims alongside Marlin.


Aw, Dad! You already said that yesterday.



Come on. You’ll feel better once you get moving.

Nemo starts to swim away, followed closely by Marlin. As they pass by various creatures, including CRABby the blue hermit crab-skittering between clams-home and Silton, a brightly colored blue tang fish, sprout up.


(calling out to the duo as they pass by)


Marlin lets out a brief grunt and continues along. As they round a curve, a darker part is evident in the water very close to a sunken ship, this is where the extremely territorial BARRACUDA lives.

Marlin gets nervous and turns back a bit but sees that Nemo has already started evading his father, heading right for the ship. Marlin becomes increasingly distraught and tries to reach Nemo but fails.

Suddenly, a large ominous shadow concealed by the ship suddenly zooms and strikes!

Scene 2:


Marlin, Nemo’s father, nervously paces inside his anemone home. His best friend, a happy-go-lucky Regal Blue Tang named Dory, swims in.


Hey there, Mr. Grumpy Gills. When life gets you down, you know what you gotta do?

Marlin stares blankly.


Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim, swim.

Marlin chuckles and shakes his head.


Dory, no singing.


Ah, ha ha ha ha ha! C’mon, how can you not laugh at a time like this?


I’m too scared to laugh.


Too scary? Ain’t nothin’ too scary. I’ve been scared of the ocean my entire life.




You see anything?

Marlin looks around, noticing that they are alone.


We’re not going to the Drop-Off. Are we?


No, no, no. This is good. Really good. We get to go to the back of the throat.


Of course. Back of the throat.


How did I get myself into this?


You ask for help.


Oh, that’s right. I didn’t want to do it myself because the ocean is big and I’m small and… (starts to trail off)


Ah huh, yep. That’s a good reason.

Marlin takes a deep breath and swims out of the anemone towards the drop-off, with Dory following close behind.


(Calling back to Dory)

Now which way do we go?


P.U., what’s that smell?


Not that way! We just came from there!


But that’s where I want to go!


No! I want to go this way!


Oh. Okay.

Dory and Marlin swim off into the depths of the ocean.

Scene 3


Elle is walking to the grocery store, where she works. Sunlight flickers through the trees, casting more shadows onto the ground. She turns down a familiar street and sees Max, the boy she babysits, walking ahead of her. Elle quickens her pace.

ELLE: Max, hey!

Max recognizes Elle and starts walking faster. He tries to check behind him to see if she’s still following him.

MAX: Uh, hi Elle.

ELLE: What’s wrong, Max? Why are you walking so fast?

MAX: Nothing. I just have something to do.

ELLE: Do you need any help? I can walk with you.

MAX: No, thanks. I can do it myself.

Max jogs ahead, leaving Elle behind. Elle watches him for a few moments before finally heading back in the direction of the grocery store.


Elle is bagging groceries when BILLY (25), a bagboy, bumps her with his hip. She looks up and rolls her eyes.

BILLY: Hey, Elle. Long time no see.

ELLE: (smiling) How could I forget my favorite bagger?

Billy smiles back, helping Elle finish bagging a cart. Elle looks up and sees Max’s mom JENNY (35) waiting in line.

ELLE: Bye, Billy.

Billy nods as Elle heads towards Jenny.

ELLE: Hi, Jenny.

Jenny hands her bags over to Elle.

JENNY: Thank you, Elle. Max’s father won’t be able to pick him up from school today. Can I trust you to watch him for a few hours?

ELLE: Of course.

JENNY: Great. Just stop by the house after your shift.

Elle nods and waves goodbye as Jenny walks out.

ELLE: (to herself) I wonder what Max had to do today.

The chime at the entryway of the store rings, signaling the arrival of a new customer. Elle smiles politely at the man, a dark figure in a hat, coat and cloak with an unusually tall top hat. His eyes are obscured by shadows.

ELLE: Good afternoon. May I help you find anything today?

MAN: Yes, I’m looking for a specific herb. It’s quite rare, and I’ve heard this store carries everything.

ELLE: (leaning in) What’s the name of the herb?”

MAN: It’s called devil’s leaf.

Elle’s demeanor shifts as his words slam down on her suddenly.

ELLE: I’m sorry sir, but we don’t carry that kind of herb.

The man smiles with ease and starts walking down an aisle.

MAN: That’s strange. I was told otherwise.

Elle stands frozen where she’s at as the man walks to the furthest aisle in the back corner. He turns to her, laying a wicked grin.

MAN: It would appear the only thing we’ll find back here is a guilty conscience.

Elle looks at the man in horror. She tries to run out of the store, but trips over a bag of feed dog, fracturing her left wrist.



Marissa is sitting at her kitchen table looking through photo albums. The room is brightly lit with natural light ingress from the big vintage window in front of the wooden dining set, and is filled with photos of her and her family. Suddenly, her phone rings, interrupting her reverie. Marissa picks it up and looks concerned as she listens.


What do you mean you can’t find her? What hospital? I’ll be there.

Marissa stands up and quickly heads towards the door, grabbing her keys and phone on the way out.


As Marissa pulls up to the hospital, she notices a cop next to his bike reading from a report. She looks up at the building, takes a deep breath, and heads inside. She spots a young officer with a clipboard looking down at the floor.


Can you tell me where my sister is?


What’s your sister’s name?


Emily Rodriguez.

The officer checks his list.


Room 307 – but I’m sorry, miss, she can’t receive visitors right now. It’s a miracle that she made it alive. It was a horrible accident, hit and run.


Composing herself.

What does the driver look like?


Unfortunately, we didn’t find any lead right now, but our team is still doing the investigation.


Marissa doesn’t respond and merely hurries to Emily’s room. Emily lays on the bed barely conscious with a support of several tubes and machines.

Marissa grows very emotional at the sight of her younger sister suffering. She touches Emily’s head very delicately and starts to kiss her rationally.


Don’t worry Em, I’m going to make sure I find whoever caused this. You’re going to be okay. And if you’re not, blink twice.

Emily struggles briefly, and it seems she regains her strength before smiling slightly, letting Marissa know she’ll be okay.

Author: AI