“When the afterlife and comedy collide, outrageous chaos ensues. Fear the laughter in an unforgettable ghostly spectacle!”

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In the quiet rural corners of New England, nestled amidst the whispering willows and crimson maples, stood an old colonial house. This was more than just bricks and mortar, more than wainscoting and wallpaper. This quaint domestic tapestry of comfort and love was home to Barbara and Adam. It has seen love bloom, laughter echo through its halls, and tears trickle down its walls.

But now, it held a melancholy silence. Devoid of the palpable love and the echoes of laughter, it lay dormant as if mourning the loss of its resident souls. Barbara and Adam, the loving couple, the heart of this home, were no more – a tragic car accident had claimed their lives, leaving their beloved home behind.

Chapter One: Deceased Dilemmas

Death, as Barbara and Adam quickly discovered, was not what they had expected. The shock of their unexpected demise faded into the perplexing reality of the ghostly existence. Barbara, ever the artist, found a morbid fascination in their translucent forms. Adam, on the other hand, feared the vacuum of their formless existence, the infinite of the unknown.

As they adjusted to their spectral state, the couple found solace within the familiar walls of their home. It was their sanctuary, their refuge from the spectral aether through which they moved like shadows. Yet, everything changed when the first moving van pulled into their driveway, bringing with it a cacophony of modern aesthetics – an affront to their serene Haven.

From afar, under the spectral shade of the willow tree, they watched the New Yorkers, Delia and Charles, and their gothic daughter, Lydia. They watched their beloved colonial home being transformed into something unrecognizable. Their cozy living room, once adorned with soft, warm colors and quaint vintage furniture, was now a modern art exhibition. The frustration and anger welled up within them, their ethereal tether to their home felt strained.

“It’s no use, Barbara,” Adam murmured. He’d given up the futile attempts at interacting with the physical world. “We can’t touch anything. We’ll never get them out.”

Barbara watched as Delia casually threw away her favorite china set. With a determined glint in her eyes, she stared at Adam, “We can’t touch, but we can scare.”

Haunted by the sight of their precious home being violated, the couple dove right into their haunting lessons. They started with the small things – flickering lights and mysteriously moving objects. The New Yorkers noticed nothing, except for Lydia, whose gothic inclinations had her sensing the strange activities.

Beaming with ghoulish glee, Barbara and Adam intensified their efforts. They sent ghastly whispers through the air, rattled furniture, and made cryptic symbols appear on steamy mirrors. Still, their attempts only marginally affected the oblivious New Yorkers.

As the couple grew increasingly desperate, the idea of hiring a renegade demon exorcist, an option they had initially scoffed at, started to seem like a plausible solution. They needed subtlety, sophistication, and most importantly, they needed some drastic spectral help. Little did they know, making a deal with the mischievous Beetlejuice would lead to a series of hilariously horrifying events that would forever change their afterlife.

After all, ghosts who hire a demon should always be ready for a bit of pandemonium!

“Where do we find him?” Barbara asked, looking at the aged handbook for the recently deceased.

Adam smirked, his eyes glowing with a bizarre excitement. “Oh, he’ll find us, darling. Remember, it’s showtime.”

Chapter Two: Daunting Task

In their spectral form, Barbara and Adam watched aghast as their beloved New England home was gutted and refashioned by the new residents – The Deitz family. A wealthy family from New York, the Deitzes embodied everything the couple had avoided in life – ostentatiousness, pretentiousness, and a penchant for the avant-garde. Their familial harmony was disrupted by the brash modernization of the Deitzes, as they transformed the quaint country interior into a hodgepodge of eye-popping colors and abstract designs that seemed to be ripped right out of a modern art museum.

Haunted by the desecration of their home, Adam and Barbara tried their best to replicate haunting incidents they had gleaned from old ghost stories. Yet, their efforts only seemed to amuse the Deitzes rather than scare them. Attempts to appear as ghastly apparitions were thwarted by their inability to be seen by the living, and eerie whispers and bone-chilling drafts were dismissed as quirks of old architecture.

Frustration bloomed within the invisible couple. They had spent years carefully cultivating their timeless abode and in mere moments, the memory of their existence was almost wiped clean by the Deitz family’s egregious decorative style. It was as if they had never existed.

With each new artwork installation, each remodeled room, each moment of laughter by the Deitz family, Barbara and Adam’s powerlessness was magnified. They were ghosts, after all, lacking the tangible means to interact with the world they had once called their own.

In a desperate bid to salvage their space, they decided to venture outside their usual haunts and explore the uncharted territories of the afterlife. They delved into the spectral realm, navigating through its peculiar landscape in search of something – or someone – who could help them reclaim their abode.

They soon discovered that the afterlife was filled with a myriad of bizarre creatures, each with their own strange abilities. Yet, none of them possessed the power to evict the living. Dejected, Barbara and Adam nearly lost hope until they stumbled upon an advertisement in the ‘Obituaries’ section of the ‘Afterlife Tribune.’

It was a small, blink-and-you-miss-it ad about an ‘experienced exorcist and verified specter’ who promised to drive living intruders out of the home of the recently deceased. His name was Beetlejuice.

Despite the warnings from their otherworldly acquaintances about his notorious reputation and questionable methods, desperation drove them to Beetlejuice. They hoped that his brazen audacity and reputation could succeed in ridding their home of the Deitzes where they had failed.

And so, they summoned Beetlejuice, unknowingly setting the stage for a series of comedic catastrophes, haphazard hijinks, and a whirlwind of wild ghostly escapades that they could not have possibly foreseen. This was the beginning of their paranormal misadventure – one filled with laughter and dread, zaniness and terror, chaos and comedy – the likes of which the afterlife had never seen before.

Chapter Three: Beetlejuice’s Bonanza

In the quiet town of Winter River, Connecticut, the late afternoon light revealed a strange sight. A man, garbed in black and white stripes, stood before the old Maitland house. His pallid face bore a devilish grin, his wild eyes sparkling with mischief. This was Beetlejuice, a demon known for his eccentric exorcism skills and his habit of causing delightful havoc.

Having heard the lonesome lamentations of the deceased Maitlands, Barbara and Adam, about their beloved home being hijacked by New Yorkers, Beetlejuice had arrived. “Haunting? That’s my specialty!” He exclaimed, gazing at the Maitland house with a gaze that made even the afterlife shudder. He stood at the doorstep like a menacing yet oddly entertaining figure, making the spectral world feel both fascinating and terrifying.

Meanwhile, inside the Maitland residence, Barbara and Adam stared at Beetlejuice in bewildered fear. Their ethereal forms shimmered in the dull evening light, mirroring their internal apprehension. “Do we really have to do this?” asked Barbara, her voice echoing in the eerily quiet room. Adam let out a ghostly sigh, his gaze never leaving the strange man.

“Barbara,” he replied, “We’ve already tried haunting them ourselves, but it’s no use. We need professional help. Beetlejuice might be… a bit much, but he’s our only hope.” His words hung heavy in the room, solidifying their decision. It was now or never.

Beetlejuice, sensing the couple’s angst, let out a hearty laugh that echoed through the house’s ancient walls. He pranced around, exploring the house with child-like curiosity. The house seemed to tremble at the sight of the exorcist, aware of the impending pandemonium.

Soon, Beetlejuice was putting his anomaly skills to work. He twisted his fingers and muttered incantations, his voice resonating with a power that rattled the earthly realm. Around the room, furniture floated, doors slammed, and light bulbs burst into sparks. It was a display of ghoulish power that the Maitlands had never seen. The house was transformed into a ghastly circus, with Beetlejuice as the unrelenting ringmaster.

However, it wasn’t just the Maitland’s house that bore the brunt of Beetlejuice’s exorcism. The New York family was horrified. The laughter of a demonic clown echoed through the hallways, phantom hands lurked from under the beds, and ghostly apparitions sprung from the most unexpected corners. Panic ensued, yet the terror was oddly laced with humor, making the spectacle a mind-boggling paradox of fear and laughter.

Despite the chaos, there was a strange sense of satisfaction for Adam and Barbara. Each mischievous act by Beetlejuice felt like a jab at the New York family’s invasion of their home, giving them a sense of reclaiming their lost territory. And for Beetlejuice, causing the ruckus was just as much a part of his nature as much as it was his job.

Yet, amidst the laughter and fear, there was an unexpected development. As much creepy and downright chaotic Beetlejuice’s actions were, the New Yorkers didn’t flee. Instead, they started to capture these events, reveling in the thrill of living in a haunted house.

This brought a new sense of challenge for the couple. What they had hoped to be a quick expulsion had become a protracted battle between reality and the afterlife. Beetlejuice, on the other hand, found new vigor in his task. Each failed attempt adding fuel to his untamed immaterial fire.

As the Maitlands floated through their once peaceful house, the sight of Beetlejuice performing an upside-down exorcism was a surreal sight. The spectacle was a testament to the unpredictable nature of their spectral helper.

The chapter ended with Beetlejuice nestled cozily within the Maitland’s home. The sight of the demonic clown snoring on their living room couch, coupled with the New Yorkers documenting the ghostly happenings, made the couple realize that perhaps they had bitten off more than they could chew.

Yet, there was a glimmer of hope in their translucent eyes. For all Beetlejuice’s eccentricities, he was proving to be more effective at haunting than they ever were. Perhaps with time, they thought, the New Yorkers would finally flee. After all, everyone has their limits, and surely, Beetlejuice’s relentless reign of terror had to reach theirs, sooner or later.

Chapter Four: Chaotic Comedy

Beetlejuice’s idea of an exorcism was far from conventional. It was like watching a revolting yet riveting circus performance on a manic roller coaster ride, one that felt like it was about to derail any moment but somehow never did. The stage was their quiet New England home, a now grotesque canvas for Beetlejuice’s comical catastrophes.

He would burst out of nowhere, his form nothing but a whirlwind of black and white stripes, a grisly grin stretching wide across his face. His eyes radiated an almost maniacal mischief, a clear indication that his haunting was about to reach a new high of hilarity and horror. He would contort his body into bizarre shapes, impersonating objects and even the New Yorkers themselves in grotesque and uproarious performances that would have been worthy of a standing ovation had they not sent chills racing down one’s spine.

Couches came alive, morphing into monstrous creatures that chased the New Yorkers around the living room. Paintings were not immune to the pandemonium either; subjects in the frames leapt out, engaging the horrified residents in a ghostly game of tag that had no end. The once delicate chandeliers swung like pendulums of doom, their brilliant crystals transformed into teeth that chomped hungrily at the air.

As the once demure wallpaper hissed and slithered, morphing into a pit of writhing serpents, Barbara and Adam watched with a mixture of terror and bemusement. Beetlejuice’s antics were undeniably entertaining, but the comedic chaos was far from the quiet haunting they had envisioned.

“Is this how you intend to scare off the New Yorkers?” Barbara asked, raising an eyebrow as a flower vase morphed into a howling wolf, chasing the terrified home owners from room to room.

Beetlejuice, taking the form of a giant tarantula with a wicked grin, gave a hearty laugh. “Oh, darling, this is just the beginning,” he said, before disappearing into a cloud of smoke, only to reappear on the chandelier, swinging from it as if he were in a circus.

Adam sighed heavily. “I’m not sure if we’ve made the right decision hiring him,” he confessed. But just as he was about to protest further, Beetlejuice reemerged as a horrifying yet hilarious clown, inciting bouts of laughter from the hidden spectators who had flocked to witness the multitude of paranormal pranks.

As the chaos increased in both intensity and absurdity, Adam and Barbara found themselves questioning their decision. Beetlejuice was turning their home into a venue of visceral vaudeville, a theater of horrifically humorous haunts that, though petrifying to the New Yorkers, seemed to spark delight among the thrill-seekers who had dared to enter their abode.

Their once quiet home had become a playground for Beetlejuice’s high-spirited, spectral shenanigans. Chandeliers swung, paintings leaped, and furniture roared with a life of its own. The newly dead couple could only watch helplessly as their home turned into a hilarious house of horrors. The Chaotic Comedy chapter in their afterlife had just begun, and they had a feeling that the climax was still far, far away.

Chapter Five: Simply Spectacular

The surreal morning light trickled through the centuries-old windows, casting an ethereal glow through the Maitland’s former home. A cold gush of wind whirled through the once-peaceful hallways, yet the silence was disrupted by the strange spectacles orchestrated by Beetlejuice. The house had turned into a phantasmal circus, and the New Yorkers seemed to be enjoying the show.

Charles Deetz, the affluent patriarch of the New Yorkers, twirled his moustache, his eyes gleaming with the dollar signs he saw in every supernatural occurrence. Despite his initial fright, there was now a wicked grin etched onto his face. He was not only indulging in Beetlejuice’s hectic hauntings, but he was also turning the entire spectacle into a profitable venture. Ghost tours, paranormal parties, and séances for the curious and brave… the once homely dwelling was becoming a spectral attraction, much to the chagrin of Barbara and Adam.

Barbara gazed through the ghostly window at the crowd of thrill-seekers assembling on their front lawn. The tranquil existence they had dreamed of in the afterlife was a mirage disappearing before their eyes. The serenity of their New England home was shattered, replaced with an uproarious hubbub of supernatural shenanigans.

Adam, seeing the crestfallen expression on Barbara’s face, tightened his phantom grip on her. Determined to reclaim the peace they once relished, he said, “Don’t worry, Barbara. We’ll put an end to this repugnant circus; Beetlejuice wouldn’t stand a chance.”

However, the challenge was more colossal than they expected. The New Yorkers were growing fond of this haunted life. Lydia, the Deetzes’ gothic daughter, was revelling in the ghostly occurrences, drawing eerie strength from the pandemonium. She was an unexpected ally to Beetlejuice, perpetually donned in her trademark black, her fascination with the macabre adding fuel to the fiery chaos.

Beetlejuice, meanwhile, was basking in the glory of his unruly reign. His laughter echoed through the halls, his joyous pranks taking a more daring turn. He was no longer just a nuisance; he relished being the star attraction.

The couple watched as a group of thrill-seekers squealed with delight when a piece of furniture levitated across the room. For them, it was a spectacular sideshow. For Barbara and Adam, it was a mockery of their quest for tranquillity. Their home was no longer theirs; it had been usurped by spectral side shows and a relentless audience hungry for more.

Despite the daunting task that lay ahead, Barbara and Adam didn’t lose hope. The situation had grown more complex, more perplexing, than they had ever imagined, but they were resolved to defeat Beetlejuice, reclaim their home, and banish the thrill-seekers. They held onto each other, drawing strength from their shared conviction.

As the sun set on the spectacle of the day, the house shuddered anew with the spirits’

restlessness. The night promised more surprises, more upheaval, more Beetlejuice. Even as their spectral hearts beat with anxiety, Barbara and Adam were ready to tilt the scales in their favour.

Chapter Five was a riveting whirlwind of spectral spectacle, bringing forth unexpected allies, unforeseen challenges, and unending determination. Tossed in this tumultuous mayhem, Barbara and Adam resolved to reclaim their peace, their home, and their afterlife, igniting the spark for the upcoming storm. Their tale of tranquillity disrupted, and spectral determination was a testament to the adage that no matter what life – or death – throws at you, home is a sanctuary worth fighting for.

Chapter Six: Dreadful Decisions

The dawn was breaking across their New England home, that had now turned into a hub of spectral spectacle, thanks to Beetlejuice’s relentless pranks and the New Yorkers’ incessant desire for a thrilling encounter. As Barbara and Adam watched the sun rays cutting through the mist, they clung to each other. They were spectral beings, unseen by the world, yet tormented by the bedlam right in front of them.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. They had hoped to continue living a quiet afterlife, uninterrupted by the world, but they had become the star attractions of the most unnerving exhibit – their own house. Turning to Beetlejuice had been a grave mistake, one they were now determined to fix.

They started with a plan. They needed to be smarter, more cunning, perhaps even a little wicked; but can one change their nature that easily? Therein lay the challenge – to summon their inner demons without losing themselves. They studied Beetlejuice, his madcap methods, the way he created fear, and how the uncanny mix of comedy and horror seemed to draw in even more people.

Adam turned to Barbara. “What if we use his own tactics against him?” He suggested. Barbara, intrigued, asked him to elaborate. Adam started unfolding his plan, a daring venture that was packed with risk but held the only viable solution they could currently see.

Suddenly, with a clap of thunder and a shower of green sparks, Beetlejuice materialized in front of them. His ghoulish face was split by a wicked grin. “Another spectacular show tonight!” he declared, his voice echoing through the empty corridors. Barbara and Adam exchanged a glance. This was it. They needed to get their house back.

The next few days were a whirlwind of preparations. They practiced their haunting skills, hatching strategy after strategy to drive Beetlejuice out. They observed the New Yorkers and the thrill-seeking visitors, noticing their fears, their triggers, and their thresholds.

Beetlejuice continued his show. His gags grew more outrageous with each passing day. The house was draped in a carnival-like atmosphere, shrouded with laughter, screams, and even applause. Every creak of the floor, every rattling window was attributed to their ghostly celebration. The New Yorkers were delighted, but their pleasure was poison to Barbara and Adam.

Every night, as the last of the onlookers departed, and the New Yorkers retired to their rooms, designating the day as another successful venture, Barbara and Adam came out from their hiding. There was no joy in their spectral forms, only determination. They practiced their antics, exercised their scare techniques, ready to turn the tables on Beetlejuice any day now.

And then the day arrived. Their nerves jangled in anticipation. Beetlejuice appeared as usual, ready to entertain and scare, completely unaware of the doom that awaited him. As the show began, Barbara and Adam took their positions.

With a burst of spectral energy they had never before exhibited, they set their plan in motion. Using Beetlejuice’s own tricks against him, they engineered a spectral showdown, full of fright and laughter. The audience, thinking it to be another one of Beetlejuice’s acts, cheered on, oblivious to the real drama unfolding. Beetlejuice, taken aback by the sudden onslaught, fell into the trap.

The duel lasted for hours. The spectral show reached its peak, each occurrence more hauntingly hilarious than the previous. Beetlejuice rallied, his laughter echoing around the house, but the unexpected challenge had unsettled him. The climax came as a stunning surprise, leaving the audience in awe and Beetlejuice struggling to comprehend what just happened.

As the last sparks of the spectral duel faded, Beetlejuice disappeared. The thrilled audience clapped in delight, not knowing the reality of what they’d just witnessed. Barbara and Adam, exhausted but triumphant, finally had their home back.

But their victory was short-lived. The New Yorkers, delighted with the spectacle, became even more resolved to monetize the haunted mansion. While Beetlejuice was gone, the couple now faced a new battle. They had to reclaim their peace from the living, without losing their spectral selves in the process. Their story was far from over, but they had crossed an important hurdle – they had faced and defeated Beetlejuice. Now, they were ready for whatever came next. Life after death was never easy, but they would face it together, one day at a time.

Chapter Seven: Extraordinary Exorcism

The flickering, spectral light bathed the once familiar house in an eerie glow. This was it, the climax of their post-mortem life, the untangling of their unfinished existence. The air was thick with a mounting sense of distress, heightened by the chaotic echoes of Beetlejuice’s deranged laughter.

Barbara and Adam held their intangible hands together, their hearts pounding with the rhythm of a ghostly drum. This was their home. Their refuge. Their memory of a beautiful life that was snatched away too soon. A sense of urgency and resolution washed over them, they were ready to take on the deranged exorcist.

Meanwhile, Beetlejuice was in his element, the eeriness of the situation amplifying his peculiar powers. His loud, demonic laughter reverberated through the halls while he conjured unthinkable horrors from another realm, a rather comical pandemonium that had laid a grim tone to the story thus far.

Yet, amidst this dizzying chaotic spectacle, the New Yorkers had a stark realization. The thrill they had sought in their haunted house adventure had finally reached its menacing climax. Gone were the amused visitors, replaced by jittery specters, dragged into the wild carnival of Beetlejuice’s creation.

Barbara and Adam, with a newfound spectral strength, launched their assault on Beetlejuice. They summoned the strength of their love, the power of their shared memories to materialize an army of ghostly figures from their past. An ethereal ambush that had Beetlejuice at its crux.

The custody of their home had turned into a spiritual battleground, with every corner echoing a different story of their life. With each passing moment, the couple’s determination solidified, turning the tide of the battle in their favor. Yet, they had to reckon with Beetlejuice’s unpredictable and dangerous antics.

Beetlejuice, noticing the shifting dynamics, raised the stakes with bursts of spectral poltergeist-like activity. The once refined drawing room turned into a whip-wielding frenzy, the classy kitchen into an inferno of spectral fire, adding to the ongoing bedlam.

In a fantastic display of spectral resilience, the couple fought back harder, weaving their bond into a spectral whirlwind that began to loosen Beetlejuice’s hold on their home. Their ethereal love spilled into the house, washing away the terrifying chaos Beetlejuice had imprinted on their abode.

The climactic confrontation reached its peak when Barbara and Adam, channeling all their spectral energy, forced Beetlejuice into a spiritual vortex. A tornado of past memories and love that uprooted the essence of his chaotic exorcism.

The house convulsed one last time as Beetlejuice was expelled from their realm, his laughter echoing faintly then fading away. The New Yorkers, shaking and horrified, fled, leaving the house to its rightful owners. Spectral silence returned to the property, a chilling stillness marking the end of the extraordinary exorcism.

The once chaotic home now bore the mark of their ethereal victory – a quiet, spectral sanctity that had been restored. Barbara and Adam, triumphant and exhausted, held each other in their ghostly embrace, their laughter echoing through the house in place of Beetlejuice’s.

With tranquility restored, their post-mortem life found a new rhythm, their ghostly existence finding comfort in the echo of their memories. After all, their afterlife was merely an extension of their life, a spectral dance of love and memory. And as the credits rolled over their ethereal life, an ironic sense of life bloomed among the dead, a beautiful paradox painting the canvas of their ghostly existence.

And so, the story of Beetlejuice ended. A tale of love, afterlife, and the chaotic, comedic exorcism. An extraordinary plot that wove itself around the irrational rationality of life and death. A tale that, in all its perplexity and burstiness, offered an unusually humorous perspective to the unfathomable beyond.

Some scenes from the movie Beetlejuice written by A.I.

Scene 1



BARBARA and ADAM, a wholesome couple in their late 30s, look down at their bodies, ghostly pale and ethereal. They exchange puzzled looks.


(looking at herself)

Adam, do we look different to you?


(looking at Barbara)

Well, honey, we don’t exactly look… alive.

Barbara touches her hand, which passes through the mantel. Shocked, she screams. Adam calmly tries to reassure her.


It’s okay, Barbara. We’re just… dead.

Suddenly, the front door creaks open, revealing a NEW YORK FAMILY. The MOTHER, FATHER, and TEENAGE DAUGHTER carry in boxes, completely oblivious to Barbara and Adam.

Adam strides forward, intending to protest, but the family walks through him as though he’s air. Barbara clings to Adam, who is staring, outraged, at the family.



This is our home!

Barbara looks at Adam, tears welling up in her eyes. She’s torn between sadness and fear.



What are we going to do, Adam?

Adam looks determined, squeezing Barbara’s hand (or at least, trying to).


(smiling weakly)

We’ll scare them away, Barbara. After all, isn’t that what ghosts do best?



Scene 2



Barbara and Adam, transparent ghosts with a half-hearted glow, peer from behind a grand staircase. The New York family, THE DEETZ, are scattered around, examining the home.



Look at what they’re doing to our home, Adam. It’s unbearable!

Adam places an arm around Barbara, his own frustration visible.


We need to do something, Barbara.

They float down towards the living room, where the Deetz are scattered around, planning their home renovation.


Barbara and Adam float outside. They try to be frightening, making eerie faces and howls, but manage to only ruffle some leaves and make a door creak.


The Deetzes are spooked momentarily but soon shrug it off. Barbara and Adam look disappointed.


(sighs heavily)

We need… stronger measures.



Yes. We… we’ll have to call… Beetlejuice.

They exchange glances, trepidation written across their faces. But the sight of their beloved home, being measured and marked for destruction, hardens their resolve.



Scene 3


Barbara and Adam frantically stand in the ghostly living room. Adam is flipping pages of The Handbook For The Recently Deceased.


(Looking worried)

We need some serious help!

Suddenly, a CHILL rushes through the room, causing the handbook to flip open to a page inscribed with BEETLEJUICE.




A burst of GREEN SMOKE appears. Enter BEETLEJUICE, a deranged demon exorcist, sporting a ratty suit and wild hair.



The one and only!

He wildly prances around, sizing up their home.



I’m just what this place needs!


MONTAGE OF CHAOS – BEETLEJUICE turns the house into a funhouse of mayhem – He makes the chandelier spin like a carousel, levitates furniture, and materializes ghoulish figures.

Barbara and Adam watch, horrified yet impressed.


As the spectacle subsides, Beetlejuice grins manically at the couple.



Trust me, they’ll be out in no time!



Scene 4



Antique furniture strewn about, walls pulsing like a heartbeat, a chaotic orchestra of misplaced objects. In the middle of the room, BARBARA and ADAM, bewildered, glance at each other.



This is not the quiet haunting we had in mind.



We need to talk to Beetlejuice.

Suddenly, the lights flicker, revealing BEETLEJUICE, hovering in the air, juggling household objects. He lands with a thud, objects crashing around him.



Enjoying the show, folks?

Barbara steps forward, waves hands through the mess.


(feigned cheer)

Oh, it’s… It’s creative!

Beetlejuice grins, revealing alarmingly pointed teeth.



That’s the spirit!

Flashes of light. A bizarre circus performance ensues with ghostly animals stampeding around. Beetlejuice, dressed as a ringmaster, cracks a spectral whip. Adam and Barbara watch, horrified.



Enough! Stop! You’re making a mockery of our home!

Beetlejuice halts. The room returns to eerie tranquility.



Maybe, but I’m also making them scared…

With a devilish grin, he disappears, leaving the room in disarray. Barbara and Adam share a worried glance as the chaos settles.


Scene 5


A grand party is in full swing. The New Yorkers, MR. and MRS. DEETZ, mingling with THRILL-SEEKERS, ecstatic about the ghostly attractions.

Barbara and Adam, look on, dismayed.


Did we just turn our home into a freak show?


Let’s stop this. It’s time to fire Beetlejuice.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, BEETLEJUICE jumps into the middle of the party. His greenish face grinning wickedly.


Well, well, well – aren’t we all having fun?

Mr. Deetz, with wide eyes, approaches Beetlejuice.


You! You’re the ghost, aren’t you? I can make you an offer…

Beetlejuice laughs, slapping Mr. Deetz on the back.


Well, buddy, you can’t afford me!

Laughter erupts from the party-goers.

Adam pulls Barbara aside. They huddle in a corner, whispering.


This is not how we envisioned our afterlife, we must find a way to reclaim our peace.

FADE OUT on their determined faces as they prepare their plan to end the chaos once and for all.

Author: AI