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The crime ridden city of Gotham was in a state of relative peace. But, deep in the underground of the city, an abominable creature was stirring. The creature was none other than the Penguin, a grotesque and powerful criminal mastermind with a twisted agenda.

He had just returned from a long trip abroad, a journey that had taken him to far off places and strange lands. But what he had learned on his travels had been both startling and terrible. He had discovered the truth of his origin, and it was not a pleasant one.

The Penguin craved revenge, and hatched a devious plan to get it. He wanted to take the city’s richest man, Max Shreck, and force him to reveal the identity of the person who had abandoned him so long ago.

But the Penguin wasn’t alone. Catwoman, the delinquent mastermind, had plans of her own. With the help of an enigmatic figure known as the Joker, she plotted to steal Shreck’s fortune and kill him in the process.

Meanwhile, a new dark knight had returned to Gotham. Bruce Wayne, the billionaire playboy, had gone missing for years and returned with a single goal in mind: to stop the Penguin and Catwoman from wreaking havoc in the city. Accompanied by his trusty butler Alfred, Batman was determined to save the day.

But the Penguin was ready for him. He had a sinister plan in place. By controlling the minds of Gotham’s criminals and turning them into his personal army, he was about to unleash an all-out assault on the city and its citizens.

Part I

It was a cold and dark night when Batman and Alfred arrived at Max Schreck’s office. The Penguin had sent a message that he had captured Max, and wanted to meet with Batman in order to negotiate a ransom. When the Dynamic duo arrived, they found the Penguin, Catwoman, and the Joker waiting for them.

The Penguin was furious and demanded the ransom in exchange for Max’s safety. But Batman refused, and demanded that the Penguin reveal his identity before anything else. After a heated argument, the Penguin finally relented and revealed his true identity: Oswald Cobblepot, a child left on the doorstep of Max Shreck’s office many years ago.

The Catwoman was enraged and demanded the ransom money, but the Penguin refused and said that he’d rather take Max with him. She and the Joker angrily left the room, leaving Batman and Alfred with the Penguin.

The Penguin explained his plan: to steal Max’s wealth and use it to fund his own criminal enterprise. Batman refused to agree to the plan and offered to instead take Max into protective custody. The Penguin refused and ordered his minions to attack Batman and Alfred.

In the ensuing battle, Alfred was injured and Batman was forced to retreat. As Batman fled, the Penguin and his minions took Max and escaped into the night. With Alfred injured and Max in the Penguin’s clutches, Batman had no choice but to call Commissioner Gordon for help.

Part II

Commissioner Gordon and his men arrived at Gotham City Hall, where the Penguin and his minions had taken Max. After an intense battle, the Penguin’s minions were defeated and the Penguin himself was arrested.

Meanwhile, Catwoman and the Joker had taken refuge in an abandoned warehouse. Inside, they found a small gang of criminals and ordered them to help them with their devious plan. With their newfound allies, the two villains plotted to break the Penguin out of jail and find a way to get the ransom money from Max Shreck.

But the Dark Knight had other plans. He tracked the Penguin’s movements and arrived at the warehouse just as the villains were about to escape. Batman and Catwoman fought, but she managed to get away in the confusion.

The Penguin was still in custody, but he had a back-up plan: he had managed to get his hands on a powerful mind-control device. With it, he would be able to take over the minds of the criminals and transform them into an unstoppable army.

Armed with the device, the Penguin and the Joker were ready to unleash their sinister plan. It was time for Batman to stop them once and for all.


Batman managed to stop the Penguin and the Joker in time. He destroyed the mind-control device and arrested the villains. Max Shreck was reunited with his family and the Penguin was sent to prison.

With the help of Commissioner Gordon, Batman was able to uncover the truth about the Penguin’s past. It was revealed that the Penguin had been abandoned by his parents as a baby, and that Max Shreck had been the one who had taken him in.

The Penguin finally found the answers he had been searching for, but he was also forced to accept the fact that no amount of revenge could undo the past. He chose to accept his fate and move on with his life.

Peace returned to Gotham, and Batman was hailed as a hero. Although the Penguin was behind bars, Batman knew that he would be back one day. But until then, the Dark Knight would be prepared.

Scene 1

INT. Penguin’s Lair – Night

The Penguin sits in his lair, a smoke billowing from his cigar in the dimly lit space. He looks out of the window through the cold rain, deep in thought.

Penguin: I’ve been in this town for so long but I still don’t why or how I got here.

He turns back to the room and his mind is plagued with questions.

Penguin: All I know is I’m here to stay…

Suddenly, a voice sounds from the door.

Catwoman: You’ve been here long enough. It’s time to take your revenge.

Penguin (looking up): Catwoman.

Catwoman: Max Shreck is the rich man of Gotham that’s done us wrong. He needs to pay for his crimes.

Penguin: What did he do?

Catwoman: He’s responsible for the destruction of the city’s most deprived areas.

Penguin: How do you suggest we punish him?

Catwoman: Let’s kill him.

Scene 2

EXT. Gotham City Streets – Day

Catwoman and the Penguin stalk through the wet streets towards Max Shreck’s office building. The rain pours down, the dark clouds looming over them.

Catwoman: Be careful. He’s got guards ready to take us out at any moment.

Penguin: I know what I’m doing.

The two of them reach the entrance of the building and slip inside without being noticed. They make their way up the stairs and to the top floor.

Catwoman: Here’s his office. Now all we need to do is take him out.

Penguin: Let’s do it.

The two of them ready their weapons and burst into the room. Max Shreck is sitting alone, eyes widening in terror.

Catwoman: Max Shreck, you are under arrest for your crimes against this city.

Max Shreck: I didn’t do anything!

Catwoman: We’ll be the judge of that.

Scene 3

EXT. Gotham City Streets – Night

The streets are empty and quiet, a strange calm before the storm. Suddenly, the sound of a batmobile echoing through the night interrupts the silence.

Bruce Wayne: I’m back.

The batmobile screeches to a stop in front of Max Shreck’s office building. Bruce Wayne steps out of the car and strides towards the door, cape billowing in the wind.

INT. Max Shreck’s Office Building – Night

Bruce Wayne bursts into the office and finds the Penguin and Catwoman ready to take out Max Shreck.

Catwoman: Go away, Batman! This is none of your business.

Bruce Wayne: I’m here to stop you. Max Shreck is a criminal and he will pay for his crimes, but not like this.

Penguin: We’re not asking for your opinion.

Catwoman: Get out of our way or else.

Bruce Wayne: I protect Gotham. That’s what I do.

Scene 4

EXT. Max Shreck’s Office Building – Night

A fight ensues between Bruce Wayne and the Penguin and Catwoman. Bruce Wayne manages to take out the Penguin and Catwoman and keep them in custody.

Bruce Wayne: You two are under arrest for attempting to murder Max Shreck.

Penguin: I should have known you’d be the one to ruin our plan.

Catwoman: Next time I won’t underestimate you.

Bruce Wayne: There won’t be a next time. Now take them away.

The police take the Penguin and Catwoman away, leaving Bruce Wayne alone in the street.

Scene 5


The Penguin and Catwoman are in custody, their future uncertain. Bruce Wayne stands in front of the two of them, his voice stern.

Bruce Wayne: You’re lucky I didn’t let you take out Max Shreck. But now it’s time for you to face the consequences of your actions.

The Penguin: I didn’t know why or how I got here, but I know why I wanted to take out Max Shreck. I was angry and I wanted revenge.

Catwoman: You can’t blame us for wanting revenge.

Bruce Wayne: Revenge is never the answer.

The Penguin looks up at Bruce Wayne with a newfound determination.

Penguin: Fine. Then I’ll find a better way to get what I want.

Bruce Wayne: Good. Now it’s time for you to face the law.

The scene fades as the Penguin and Catwoman are taken away by the police. Bruce Wayne watches them go with a pensive expression on his face.


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