What Women Want

“In a world where romance meets comedy, can a man hearing women’s thoughts find true love, or will he drown in the chaos of misunderstood intentions?”

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The City of Angels was illuminated against the darkened, velvet night sky. Across the sprawling metropolis, dreams were made, hearts were broken, and life unfurled in all its complicated beauty. Yet, on this particular night, within the bustling heart of the advertising world, an unusual story was about to unfold.

Nick Marshall was a man who lived on instinct and a smattering of old-world charm. In his world, women existed as two-dimensional characters meant to be charmed and bewitched. Yet, he would soon discover a truth that would shatter his understanding and push him to question everything.

Chapter 1: “Chauvinistic Charm”

Nick Marshall – the name was synonymous with success, power, charm, and a dash of unchecked arrogance. His swagger was as well-known in the advertising industry as his knack for producing winning campaigns. He was a man used to being at the top, a king in his castle.

His office was a testament to his victories and conquests. Gleaming awards lined the shelves, each one a monument to his advertising acumen. The view outside his window beheld the sprawling city as if it existed solely for him. Nick Marshall reveled in it; the city was his arena, and he was the unconquered gladiator.

He prided himself in understanding people, knowing exactly what they wanted, and delivering it with a mesmerizing finesse. Yet, for all his skills, he had a blind spot. Women. To him, women were enigmas wrapped in a baffling mystery. He viewed them through the lens of stereotypes and cliches, unable to grasp their multi-dimensional reality.

His impending promotion loomed large that day. Nick was sure it was his. After all, who else could navigate the fickle world of advertising like he could? However, the universe had a different plan.

In walked Darcy, a whirlwind of ambition, intelligence, and a fresh perspective. She was chosen over Nick for the promotion, an idea Nick couldn’t fathom. It was like being upstaged in his own performance. Darcy was now his boss, a detail that didn’t sit well with him.

For Nick, it was a blow to his pride and a challenge to his self-perceived invincibility. It was the universe questioning his capabilities. This was a different kind of battle, one he didn’t know how to fight. But as his world spun into disarray, fate was about to deal him an unusual hand.

Little did he know, his perception of women was about to drastically change, setting him on a tumultuous journey of self-discovery, humor, and unexpected romance. This was the beginning of a story unlike any other. It was the story of what happens when a man, so sure of his knowledge and power, is granted the peculiar ability to hear what women want.

In the corporate jungle of Los Angeles, a new chapter was about to begin. The sun had set on the old Nick Marshall, and a new dawn awaited. It was a world where women’s thoughts were no longer whispers in the wind but clear, ringing truths that he couldn’t ignore. The adventure had just begun for this chauvinistic charmer.

Chapter 2: “The Accident”

Nick Marshall, the swaggering ad-man, woke up with his alarm blaring. Rubbing his eyes, he sat up and stared at his reflection in the full-length mirror across the room. His reflection stared back, wearing a cocky smirk that Nick had come to recognize as his own.

His morning routine was smooth, polished like his Italian leather shoes. A quick shower, a slide of deodorant, a meticulous comb through his hair and a thick layer of expensive cologne – all calculated to remind him, and everyone around him, of his undeniable charm and charisma. That morning routine, however, was about to take a detour that he could never have anticipated.

Nick entered the bathroom, the scent of pine and musk heavy in the air. He ran a steaming bath, partially to ease the tension of losing the promotion, partially to plot against Darcy. As he lowered himself into the bath, the hot water soothing his tensed muscles, he reached out for his electric shaver.

Nick often liked to take his time with shaving. It was almost a meditative routine for him, a moment of care and self-reflection before a day filled with power games and one-upmanship. But on this day, his thoughts were crowded with Darcy – the woman who had “usurped” his promotion, the woman he couldn’t seem to get out of his mind, the woman he resolved to outsmart.

As Nick leaned over the edge of the bathtub to rinse his razor, a splash of bathwater hit the electrical outlet nearby. A flash of sparks erupted, and before Nick had the time to register what was happening, his hand stumbled, the shaver slipped from his hand, and the electric current zapped through the water.

The next thing he remembered was waking up on his bathroom floor, his body tingling all over and the smell of burnt hair hanging in the air. He was dazed, disoriented, but largely unharmed. His cockiness stumbled a bit, but it regained its footing soon enough.

It wasn’t until he stumbled into the kitchen later that morning, nursing a throbbing headache and a cup of piping hot coffee, that he realized something was off. His housekeeper, Maria, was there, busy cleaning the countertops. He heard her voice, or rather her thoughts, clear as a day in his mind.

“Why can’t he ever clean up after himself?” Her thought echoed in his mind. Nick was startled. It took him a second to realize he hadn’t heard her voice, her lips hadn’t moved, but he had heard her thought. It was as if he had suddenly been thrown into a world of muffled noises and deafening thoughts.

Throughout the day, thoughts invaded his mind in waves. Every woman he came across – the barista at the coffee shop, the woman walking her dog, the lady at the grocery store – all of their thoughts crashed into his brain like a tidal wave. Nick was drowning in a sea of thoughts, and he had no idea how to swim.

Trying to puzzle through the situation, Nick gradually came to understand the impossible reality. The accident in the bathtub had somehow enabled him to hear what women were thinking. It was perplexing, unnerving and overwhelming, but it also felt like a twisted gift of fate.

His day concluded in a haze of thoughts, leaving him frustrated and exhausted. Yet, he couldn’t ignore the strange and unusual power he now possessed. With every thought he heard, he felt an unforeseen doorway opening in his mind, leading him to an unknown path tangled with possibilities, and, ironically, the perfidious promise of understanding what women want. But how would he choose to wield this peculiar power? That, only time would tell.

Chapter 3: “An Unforeseen Advantage”

Nick awoke to an entirely new world. A world filled with the voices of every woman he shared space with. These weren’t voices formed by lips and breath but thoughts. Unfiltered, unvarnished thoughts, laid bare for him to explore.

At first, the voices brought on throbbing headaches. The cacophony was deafening. But as the days passed, Nick began to discern individual voices, and a world of secrets unfolded. He was gifted with an unintended consequence of an accident: a power. The power to hear what women were thinking.

He heard them in every corner of his life, their thoughts closing in on him like a landslide. The thoughts ranged from mundane to fantastical. From his housekeeper contemplating the exact ratio of soap and water for cleaning his house, to the elderly woman on the bus wondering if she had time to indulge in her favorite television soap opera.

Nick was initially overwhelmed, but gradually, he realized the potential of his newfound ability. A smirk formed on his face, the seed of an idea sprouting in his mind. The sudden ability to hear women’s thoughts was an asset; it provided him with information, and information was power.

At the advertising agency where he worked, he started leveraging his power. He tuned into his female colleagues’ thoughts during brainstorming sessions. The secretary’s idea for a better call routing system, the intern’s thoughts on the social media strategy, the middle manager’s opinion on optimizing project workflows, he heard them all. And in meetings, he presented these ideas as his own, reaping the rewards of the seeds sown by others.

But the most significant advantage materialized when he began to explore the mind of his new boss, Darcy. As the new Creative Director, Darcy was the woman who had pipped him to the post, a woman who had seemingly conquered the advertising world overnight.

Now, he had a direct line into her thoughts. It was like a secret, intimate hotline where he had the privilege of hearing her every thought and idea. He heard her strategies, her worries, her dreams, and most surprisingly, her infatuation towards him. It amused him initially. But he realized, this was a double-edged sword. He could use this information to his advantage, or it could lead him into a dangerous path of manipulation.

Nick pondered over this strange power dynamic brewing between him and Darcy. He noticed her unspoken admiration for him. Her thoughts, betraying her resolute exterior, revealed a myriad of feelings. She admired his creative genius, envied his charisma, and desired to learn from him. Her infatuation was not superficial, as most women’s were. She saw beyond his good looks and found something irresistible yet maddening in his arrogance and charm.

Nick, armed with this knowledge, decided to use this to his advantage. He mirrored her thoughts back to her, stating opinions that matched hers, presenting strategies she had considered but not voiced, acting interested in topics she secretly loved, he became the man of her dreams. And slowly, he started to win her over.

Although he was basking in success, he couldn’t shake off a nagging feeling. Was he right in using his power like this? He was manipulating people, especially Darcy, and it didn’t sit well with him. But at the same time, he was enjoying the success, the admiration, the recognition. He found himself wavering between past Nick who knew how to play the game and the new Nick, who could hear the internal monologues of every woman around him.

This chapter ends with Nick’s inner turmoil, his moral compass spinning out of control. He had the power to wield, but was unsure if he was using it responsibly. As he stood on the precipice of an ethical dilemma, it became clear that the chapters to come would take the readers on a roller-coaster ride through Nick’s ups and downs, as he dealt with a power most men would kill for. Little did he know then, this power would make him question everything: his beliefs, his actions, and ultimately, his true self.

Chapter 4: “A Sneaky Triumph”

Anxiety and anticipation filled the advertising office as the team prepared for the impending pitch meeting. At the center of it all stood our protagonist, Nick Marshall, armed with an uncanny ability to hear women’s thoughts, a power he had only recently discovered and decided to utilize to his advantage. His biggest challenge lay in his new boss and fierce competitor, Darcy, whose infatuation towards him he had uncovered through his newfound talents.

As Nick navigated the office, he was hit with a cacophony of voices, the unfiltered thoughts of the women around him. Some were benign, others poignant, but one dominated them all – Darcy’s. Each interaction with her was an opportunity to eavesdrop on her mind, and he decided to use this access to get ahead at work.

The morning of the big pitch meeting was fraught with tension. Nick, once the undeniable star of the office, was now up against Darcy, the clever and ambitious woman who had seemingly usurped his position. As he walked into the conference room, he focused his ability on her, trying to glean any information that would give him an upper hand. The meeting began, and Nick was ready to counter Darcy’s every move.

Darcy, unaware of this covert mental warfare, presented her proposal earnestly. She outlined a brilliant campaign, one that aimed to appeal to women with a powerful and empathetic message. Nick listened, not only to her words but also to her thoughts. Unbeknownst to her, she was unknowingly providing him with a roadmap to her strategy. Armed with this knowledge, he started planning his rebuttal.

Nick’s turn came to present, and he stepped up with a newfound confidence. He began to discuss a revised concept – a concept heavily influenced by Darcy’s thought process. He proposed an idea that was strikingly similar to Darcy’s, but with a twist that appealed more genuinely to the female demographic. It was a perfect blend of empathy and insight, a campaign that left the room in awe.

His team watched as he confidently expounded on the idea, each point hitting home. They could see the genius in his concept – it was Darcy’s idea, but better executed, better understood. It was as if he had crawled into the collective minds of women and pulled out the perfect pitch.

Darcy could not help but be stunned. The man who had once exuded chauvinism now seemed so attuned to women’s needs. She was impressed, yes, but also deeply confused. How had he managed such a feat? Little did she know that the answer lay in a bathtub accident and the extraordinary ability it had given Nick.

As the meeting drew to a close, Nick found himself on top once more. The applause echoed in the room, congratulatory handshakes were exchanged, but the real triumph was the look of admiration on Darcy’s face. Nick had won the round, but he had also gained something far more valuable – the woman he was beginning to care for was starting to see him in a new light.

After the pitch, Nick retreated to his office, the adrenaline slowly wearing off. He was left with a mix of satisfaction and guilt. He had used Darcy’s thoughts, her feelings, to his advantage. He was victorious, yes, but at what cost? His newfound power had given him a triumph, but it had also shown him a new side of himself, one he wasn’t entirely comfortable with. He had seen the potential for manipulation, selfishness, and deceit, and it left him questioning his actions.

That evening, Nick sat alone in the quiet office, the lights dimmed. His thoughts turned to his power and the direction his life was taking. He had won a battle, but he had also crossed a line, one he had erected in his own code of ethics. The victory felt hollow, empty. As he pondered over his actions, he couldn’t help but wonder if he was abusing his power, using it for petty wins instead of truly understanding the opposite sex.

He realized he needed to reassess his approach, to stop using his power as a weapon and start using it as a tool, a way of fostering empathy and connection. This moment of introspection marked the beginning of a transformation, a shift in Nick’s character that would ultimately define the course of his story.

The triumph was sneaky, the victory tainted, but it was a wake-up call. Nick Marshall, the cocky advertising executive, was about to embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth, all set in motion by the mysterious power to hear what women want.

Chapter 5: “A Sudden Realization”

Nick Marshall had always enjoyed the chase. Whether it was chasing deals, women or the ever-elusive notion of success, the thrill of the pursuit was what kept him going. However, this chase was different. It was sneakier, underhanded, even for him, and it was leaving him with a feeling he was unaccustomed to: guilt.

He was used to flirting with line of right and wrong, but with this newfound power to enter the inner sanctum of a woman’s mind, he found himself crossing that line more often than not. He had used it to gain the upper hand at work, to outmaneuver competitors, and, most distressingly, to manipulate his new boss Darcy, who he discovered, quite unexpectedly, was infatuated with him.

The knowledge of Darcy’s infatuation played tricks on his mind. It was like a song that he didn’t quite know the words to, but hummed along anyway. It was totally out of tune, and utterly out of character for him, but it was there, crept inside him without his noticing it.

Each day Nick would walk into the office, a smirk ready on his face as he prepared to use and abuse this supernatural gift. Hearing Darcy’s internal monologue became the highlight of his day, but it wasn’t the strategic insights or business acumen that he was interested in. It was the fleeting thoughts of desire, the awkward pauses, and unspoken feelings that piqued his interest.

He found himself anticipating their interactions with an eagerness he hadn’t felt before. He saw a softer side of her that didn’t come across in her stern, professional demeanor. There were moments of self-doubt, anxiety, and vulnerability. Moments that made her seem more human, more real. And as he grew to know this other side of her, he found himself irrevocably drawn towards her.

In his own mind, Nick had always been a ladies’ man. He’d always known how to say the right thing, smile the right way, touch at just the right moment. But this was different. This was knowing somebody inside-out, understanding her deepest fears, her secret desires, her most cherished dreams. It was intimate, personal, and it felt like he was cheating. As he wrestled with his guilt, a new emotion began to creep in, one he had managed to avoid all his life: remorse.

Nick began to see his actions in a different light. He realized the damage he was causing, not just to Darcy, but to the very fabric of his character. He had become a puppet master, pulling at the strings of his co-workers and manipulating their actions to his own ends. But at what cost?

He looked at Darcy across the conference room, her brow furrowed in thought, her eyes focused on the task at hand, and felt a pang of regret. He wanted to know her, to truly understand her, not because he had an unfair advantage, but because he genuinely cared. He wanted to make things right, but didn’t know how.

It was a rude awakening for a man like Nick, a fact he had to face that he’d fallen for Darcy. It was not just a crush or a fling, but a deep-seated affection. The very woman he had intended to manipulate had ended up stealing his heart. The irony was not lost on him.

As he looked at her, he made up his mind. He decided to stop using his powers for personal gain, especially at the expense of others. He wanted to make things right with Darcy, wanted to be the man who deserved her affection, not the man who manipulated his way into it.

It was the beginning of a new chapter in Nick’s life. One that didn’t involve games or manipulations, but honesty and sincere intention. Only time would tell if he would succeed, but as long as he had Darcy’s voice in his mind, he felt he had a chance. A chance to redeem himself, and a chance to love, and be loved without any supernatural aid.

In conclusion, Chapter 5 saw the transformation of Nick Marshall from a self-serving chauvinist to a man grappling with his sense of morality. His guilty conscience and budding affection for Darcy led him to a path of self-reflection and ultimately, a resolve to change. This chapter not only adds a layer of complexity to Nick’s character but also sets up the anticipation for the forthcoming chapters.

Chapter 6: “Romantic Catastrophe”

The transformation of the once self-assured and unabashedly cocky Nick Marshall began unexpectedly. He was no longer just a man; he was a man who held a universe within him, a universe of women’s thoughts and struggles. It was splendidly maddening, and he carried it with a strange sort of grace he was still in the process of adapting. But with this peculiar power, he had started spiraling down a vortex of emotional distress and confusion, a storm only intensified by his blooming feelings for his boss, Darcy.

At first, these feelings were like tiny buds, hardly noticeable amidst his calculated strategies and smart maneuvers. Yet, over time, they bloomed into full-blown roses of affection, prickly with guilt and the thrilling tremors of the unexpected. He wasn’t just in Darcy’s mind anymore; she was in his too, occupying spaces he never thought he’d open up again. It was love, he realized, a profound love that shook his core and made his newfound power feel like a curse rather than a blessing.

His decision to reveal the truth to Darcy was born out of this love, and a desperate need to break free from the chains of deceit. He needed her to understand why he’d done what he’d done. He wasn’t excusing his actions, but he wanted her to see that his intentions, at least now, were pure. So, he took her to their favorite spot, a quiet Italian restaurant nestled in the heart of the bustling city.

Nick was alive with nerves, and her thoughts buzzed in his mind like a hive of bees. He yearned to calm his racing heart, to rationalize with the chaotic part of him that screamed to run away. But he couldn’t – he had to come clean. Between mouthfuls of linguini and hushed conversation, he told her.

Darcy’s reaction was worse than Nick had imagined. Denial, anger, disbelief, the sting of betrayal – all were plastered on her face, and the chaos in her mind echoed in his, amplifying his guilt. Her anger wasn’t just directed at him, but herself too – for letting her guard down, for trusting him. Nick felt a pang of hurt at her thoughts, hurt that he’d caused all of this.

His confession left Darcy feeling violated, her privacy intruded, her trust shattered. She felt cheated, her infatuation toward Nick clouding her judgment. She felt weak for falling for him, angry at him for exploiting her thoughts, and embarrassed for the secrets he had heard. The once whimsical, charming professional relationship they had, became a battlefield of emotions.

Nick came to realize the depth of the catastrophe he’d created. What he initially perceived as an edge, a secret weapon, was just a hollow victory. It had cost him sincerity, respect, and the woman he loved. His power, once a blessing, had morphed into a curse of the worst kind. The guilt-ridden memories and echoes of Darcy’s thoughts turned his abilities into chains of remorse, tightening each time he heard a thought that he wished he hadn’t.

The chapter ends with Nick, alone and devastated. His world, once filled with the lively chatter of women’s thoughts, now only reverberated with Darcy’s words of rage and hurt. He was back to square one, even worse perhaps. He had climbed a ladder of success only to fall from its highest rung. He had won the game but lost the queen. He was at the peak of his career but in the abyss of his personal life. He had the power, yet he had never felt so powerless.

The romantic catastrophe that was his life, however, became his biggest lesson, a silver lining he found amidst his storm. He realized he didn’t need his power to understand a woman’s heart. He needed empathy, sincerity, and love. As a man who could hear what every woman thought, Nick learned his most valuable lesson yet – being in someone’s mind was not the same as being in their heart. And as he sat alone, surrounded by his troubled thoughts, he decided it was time to change. But little did he know, this decision would lead him on a journey of self-realization and authentic love that he’d never imagined.

Chapter 7: “Regaining Trust”

Nick Marshall woke up that morning known to the world as an ad man, but to himself, a changed man. His egotistical ways had cost him everything he had considered important: his promotion, his trust with Darcy, and his old self. Now, all he had was a peculiar power and an unhealed heart yearning for forgiveness.

As he sauntered into the office, he felt a pang of guilt seeing Darcy engrossed in work. He approached her, “Darcy,” he began, “I want a fresh start.” She shot him a stern look, her thought-cocoon unimpressed. “I’m going to respect your thoughts, and I want to earn your trust.” He hoped that his sincerity would find its way to her.

Days turned into weeks. Nick went on a journey of self-improvement. He found himself listening more, not just to Darcy but to all the women around him. He learned their strengths, their insecurities, their dreams, and their fears. He didn’t use this knowledge for manipulation but to empathize, to aid, and to grow as an individual.

One day, he heard Darcy thinking about a troubling campaign. It was a perfume ad catered to bold women, and Darcy was caught in a creative bind. Nick, instead of using this opportunity to outshine her, decided to help. He leaned over to her and suggested, “There’s a quote from Coco Chanel, ‘A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.’ Perhaps we can use this as a jumping-off point.”

Darcy looked at him, surprised. Nick continued, “Maybe we start the ad with a woman without a perfume bottle, looking gloomy, and then, when she sprays on the perfume, we show her world transforming into bold colors, a vibrant future.” Darcy’s thoughts echoed with cautious appreciation marking a tiny victory for Nick.

The small victories accumulated, thawing Darcy’s hardened attitude towards Nick. She began opening up, seeking his assistance not just for professional matters, but also for personal ones. Sharing stories over coffee cups, laughter ringing through office corridors, Nick could hear the transition in Darcy’s thoughts.

However, despite their growing closeness, the memory of Nick’s initial manipulation still haunted him. He wished for Darcy to know his secret, to confess his initial misuse of his power. But he was apprehensive; he didn’t want to invade her thoughts again, he wanted to earn her trust.

One evening, as the office lights dimmed, Darcy turned to Nick, “Why did you change, Nick?” He looked into her eyes, “Because I realized that respect is more important than power.” She smiled faintly, a hint of admiration glossing her thoughts.

The time had come for Nick to confess his secret. In the quiet solitude of the dimly lit office, he told Darcy about his unique ability and how it had initially driven him to exploit her thoughts. Darcy sat silent, taken aback by the revelation. Her thoughts were a whirl of confusion and betrayal.

Yet amongst the whirlwind, Nick’s confession also painted him in a light of honesty and remorse. He had not only admitted his guilt, but he had worked to change his behavior, to become a better man. This realization touched Darcy’s heart, and she began seeing Nick in a new light.

Chapter 7 underscored Nick’s transformation, detailing his journey from manipulation to respect, from exploiting his powers to using them empathetically. His confession to Darcy, although shocking, paved the way for rebuilding trust, setting the stage for the climax to unfold. Would Darcy forgive Nick? Or would his confession lead to deeper resentment? Only time would tell. But one thing was certain; Nick had come a long way from the chauvinistic man he once was. His journey towards respect and understanding had started to heal his relationships, especially with Darcy, giving him a chance at redemption.

Chapter 8: “Happily Ever After?”

Nick Marshall stood at the precipice of the colossal change that defined his existence in recent times. His newfound ability, a bizarre gift – or curse, as he sometimes thought – had allowed him to delve into the minds of women, to know their thoughts, their wants, their fears. But it had cost him something too. It had cost him his genuine connection with people, especially with Darcy, the woman he had grown to love.

His mind swirled with the echoes of the thoughts he had heard over the past few weeks. He realized the cacophony mashed up into a unique symphony, a song of humanity. It portrayed their dreams, their desires, their inner dialogues, all of which went unnoticed in the humdrum of everyday life. Nick had heard them all – the good, the bad, the profound, and, quite often, the profane.

The day was fading into dusk, the shrinking sun casting long shadows across Chicago city. Nick, lost in the labyrinth of his thoughts, pondered about the choices he had made. He regretted exploiting his power; regretted using it to manipulate Darcy. Although he’d initially seen it as a means to ascend the corporate ladder, his perspective had drastically changed over time. Love had a strange way of morphing realities.

He thought back to earlier in the day when he’d divulged his secret to Darcy. Her eyes had widened with disbelief, then narrowed with hurt. She had been his victim, her thoughts the unwilling donations to his cause. She felt betrayed, and rightly so. He had seen the hurt in her eyes, the trust shattering like a glass heart dropped on cold concrete.

Nick knew he had to make amends. And so, he found himself on the rooftop of the advertising agency, staring at the city lights that glittered like a million tiny fireflies in the twilight. He murmured a silent plea to the universe, a desperate wish to relinquish his strange gift.

A sudden gust of wind blew across the rooftop, ruffling his hair and sending shivers down his spine. It was as if the universe had heard him, as if it was signaling a change. Suddenly, the voices vanished. The constant chatter that filled his mind ceased. It was as eerily quiet as a lonely alley at midnight.

Nick smiled wanly, his heart heaving an inaudible sigh of relief. As the silence lingered, he felt an odd sense of tranquility. He missed the voices for a split second, but then the relief of not hearing unspoken words embraced him like a warm blanket on a cold winter night.

He decided to be honest with Darcy, not with words whispered into her mind, but with heartfelt confession. The next day, he went up to her, his heart pounding louder than the chiming church bells. He confessed his love and made a solemn vow to respect her thoughts and her privacy.

Darcy remained silent for a while, her eyes searching his for signs of deceit. The silence between them stretched infinitely, like a desolate pathway. Then, her lips curved into a small smile. Forgiveness, uncertainty, and hope mingled in her eyes.

Nick, relieved and hopeful, could only be captivated by her understanding. He realized he had indeed changed. He was no longer the chauvinistic advertising executive. He was a man, flawed yet striving to be better, a man who had a deeper understanding of what women want. A man who was willing to listen sincerely rather than exploit unfairly.

And in that moment of revelation, he understood the value of the gift he had been given and how it had ultimately served its purpose. Not in helping him gain professional advantage, but in transforming him from a chauvinistic individual to a sensitive human being.

As Nick and Darcy started anew, the story drew to a close. Was it a happily-ever-after? That was yet to be seen. After all, real life wasn’t a fairy tale, or a predictable romantic comedy. It was a saga of transformation and redemption, a tale of learning and unlearning. It was a journey, and for Nick, despite everything, the journey had been worthwhile.

Some scenes from the movie What Women Want written by A.I.

Scene 1


The office buzzes with activity. NICK MARSHALL (40s, charismatic, chauvinistic), an advertising executive, struts through the office like it’s his personal runway.


Advertising… it’s not a job, it’s a way of conquering the world.

Nick enters a meeting room filled with OTHER ADVERTISING AGENTS. He is exuding overconfidence as he delivers his pitch.


Ladies and gentlemen, here’s an idea that’ll change the game…



Nick sits across from his BOSS, expecting a promotion. Instead, he’s introduced to DARCY (30s, smart, mysterious), their new boss.


Nick, meet Darcy. She’s the new head of the creatives.

Nick is visibly taken aback but tries to keep his cool.


Taken over by a woman, how quaint.

Darcy smiles, accepting the challenge.


Let’s see if the quaint can make a change, shall we?

The tension in the room is palpable as Nick realizes the tides have turned.


Scene 2


Nick, mid 40s, handsome but arrogant, walks into his apartment filled with various beauty products for a project. He grabs a bottle of bath salts, smirks and heads towards the bathroom.


Nick fills a bathtub with water and pours in the bath salts. He checks himself out in the mirror and shrugs.


(whispers to himself)

“What do women want?”

He plugs in a hairdryer, then glances at the tub.



“Perhaps this is what they call self-care.”

Nick steps into the tub. Somehow, he gathers the courage to take the hairdryer with him.

Suddenly, he slips. The hairdryer falls into the tub, causing a short circuit. Nick falls unconscious.




Nick wakes up on his couch, disoriented. His assistant, ALEX – Late 20s, efficient and caring, is there, worried.


“Oh thank god, you’re alive!”

Nick rubs his head, confused, then hears a weird voice. It’s Alex’s thoughts.


“I can’t lose this job. Do not fire me.”

Nick is stunned, then laughs it off.


“Hallucinations, hah!”

He then walks to his bedroom, passing the housekeeper.


“Why can’t he pick up his socks?!”

Nick looks shocked, realizing it’s real. He can hear what women are thinking.


Scene 3


Nick (40s, suave, cocky), sits at his desk, surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the ad agency. Women pass around, their THOUGHTS echoing in Nick’s mind like a bustling radio station.

Nick turns his attention to his new boss, Darcy (30s, smart, ambitious), who is in her glass office, talking on her cell phone.



I wish Nick would take these reports seriously. He’s so talented but- Oh my, does he look good today.

Nick, catching her thoughts, smirks confidently.


Darcy hangs up the phone as Nick walks in, leaning casually against the door frame.


You wanted to see me, boss?

Darcy glances up, her gaze mildly annoyed.


I need you to work on the Henderson account. They need new ideas.

The voices flood Nick’s mind again.



And please, for once, can you take it seriously?



You got it, boss.

Darcy watches as he saunters off, a hint of a smile on her lips.



Nick works on the Henderson account. With each woman that walks by, he gains insight into what they want, using this information to create a compelling campaign.


Scene 4


Nick, sitting at his desk, leans back in his chair, framing the picture of Darcy on his desk. He hears her thoughts echo in his mind.


(Nick’s mind)

We need a campaign that really connects with women. Something authentic, empowering…

Nick’s eyes light up, an idea forming in his mind.


Nick walks confidently towards the conference room, passing by his colleagues, the sounds of their thoughts mixing.


Nick enters to find Darcy and a few other colleagues. He sets up for his pitch.



I think our recent campaigns have been missing the real essence of femininity. We’ve been selling an image, not a feeling…

Darcy raises an eyebrow. He’s on thin ice.

Nick unveils a series of ad mockups. They are raw, real, empowering images of women.


We need to embrace the authentic beauty of women, in all their facets – not sell an unreachable ideal.

Darcy is caught off guard.


Nick’s pitch went well, and his colleagues congratulate him as they leave the room. Darcy stays behind.


(slightly impressed)

That’s… quite a shift, Nick. What happened?

Nick, hearing her thoughts, smirks.


I guess, I’m just starting to understand what women want.


Scene 5



Nick sits in his lavish office, rifling through papers. His mind, however, is elsewhere. We see his furrowed brows, his gaze distant.


(reading Darcy’s thoughts)

She’s only a room away, but she might as well be a world away.



Darcy works diligently at her desk, unaware of the turmoil in Nick’s mind. She’s radiant, powerful – and completely oblivious of Nick’s internal dilemma.



Nick rubs his temple, overwhelmed.



What the hell am I doing?

Suddenly, he looks up, a determined glint in his eyes. He gets up, strides out of his office.


Nick enters without knocking. Darcy looks up, surprised.



Nick, what–



I need to talk to you, Darcy.



Alright. You look serious. What is it?

Nick hesitates. He takes a deep breath.



Darcy, there’s something about me that you should know…




Scene 6



Nick (early 40s, handsome, arrogant) sits at his desk staring at an empty glass whiskey bottle. He seems lost in thought. Darcy (late 30s, intelligent, ambitious) enters the room carrying a file.


Nick, I have the file you requested.


Darcy, I have something to tell you…

Darcy, intrigued, takes a seat opposite Nick.


What is it?

Nick struggles to find the right words.


I can… I can hear…


Nick, are you okay? What can you hear?


Your thoughts. I can hear women’s thoughts.

Darcy looks confused.


Have you been drinking, Nick?


I wish I was drunk, so I’d at least have an excuse… but no.

Nick gets up and walks toward Darcy. He looks into her eyes filled with courage.


I want you to think of something. Anything.

Darcy hesitates but eventually gives in and thinks about her favorite childhood memory, her first day at school.

Nick smiles as he witnesses Darcy’s memory.


Your first school day, you tripped and fell in front of everyone. It was embarrassing but you got up and laughed it off.

Darcy’s eyes widen in disbelief.


How did you…?

Nick takes a deep breath.


I told you, I can hear your thoughts.


You’ve been invading my privacy, Nick?


I know it’s wrong…

Darcy, upset, stands up abruptly.


I need to process this, Nick. I need some space.

Darcy leaves the room leaving Nick standing alone, filled with regret and guilt.



Scene 7


Nick (40s, charming, confident) sits at his desk, surrounded by his colleagues. Darcy (30s, intelligent, ambitious) is across the room, watching him.

Nick turns to a FEMALE COLLEAGUE next to him.



“What are you thinking right now?”





“Share your thoughts, advice. I want to understand.”

The colleague seems taken aback, but appreciative. Meanwhile, Darcy watches, intrigued.


Nick walks with Darcy. They seem comfortable in each other’s company.


“Would you share what’s on your mind, Darcy?”


(raised eyebrows)

“You want to know what I am thinking?”


“I want to understand. Not just you, Darcy, but all women.”

Darcy hesitates, then nods appreciatively.


Nick is at home, practicing some advertising ideas in front of the mirror. He’s trying to think like a woman, brainstorming without using his power.


Nick presents his new idea in a meeting. Everyone, including Darcy, is impressed. He manages to gain some trust back in her eyes.


Nick and Darcy walk in silence.



“I’ve stopped listening, Darcy. I respect your privacy.”






They share a glance of mutual understanding and trust as the sun sets in the background.


Author: AI