Wedding Crashers

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John and Jeremy were two lifelong friends who had an adventurous spirit that sometimes got the better of them. They were always on the lookout for new and exciting experiences and often found themselves pushing boundaries – and sometimes going too far. This time, they decided to crash a wedding in an attempt to score with some of the bridesmaids. Little did they know, they were crashing the wedding of the daughter of the Secretary of the Treasury.

Chapter One

John and Jeremy arrived at the wedding reception looking like they belonged there, but they had no invitation and the staff were suspicious. They managed to bluff their way in by telling the staff they were distant relatives of the bride, but the wedding planner caught them in the act and confronted them. The planner demanded to know who had sent them and why they were really there.

John and Jeremy had no choice but to run away. They jumped into Jeremy’s car and sped off, but they were soon pulled over by a police car. To their shock, the officer was accompanied by an FBI special agent. The agent arrested them on account of crashing a wedding without an invitation and for engaging in fraudulent behavior.

Chapter Two

John and Jeremy were taken to a federal building and questioned by the FBI. However, it was soon revealed that the FBI was not actually investigating them. Instead, they were being sent a message from the Treasury Secretary – Secretary Cleary, the father of the bride they had crashed.

The message was simple: Secretary Cleary would meet them if they agreed to join him on a weekend retreat to his private island estate. John and Jeremy, curious to see what the Secretary wanted, agreed to the invitation.

The next day, John and Jeremy flew to the island estate with Secretary Cleary. They expected to be reprimanded for their actions, but instead they were welcomed warmly by the Secretary and his family.

Chapter Three

John and Jeremy quickly became comfortable on the island estate and were welcomed as part of the family. As the days passed, they were treated to lavish meals, given private tours of the island, and were even invited to a traditional island dance.

It soon became clear that Secretary Cleary was not punishing them, but rather was trying to teach them a lesson. He wanted them to understand the importance of honor and respect and that taking risks was not always a good thing.

By the end of the weekend, John and Jeremy had had the adventure of a lifetime and had even met the loves of their lives. They had learned a valuable lesson and were now determined to be better people.


John and Jeremy returned from the island with a newfound appreciation for life and an understanding of the importance of respect. They had an amazing experience and had even met the loves of their lives. Thanks to Secretary Cleary, they had learned a valuable lesson and decided to never crash a wedding again.

John and Jeremy have gone on to have long and successful careers and have been in committed relationships for many years. They still look back fondly on their adventure and are reminded how far they have come since the day they crashed that wedding.



John and Jeremy, two twenty-something friends, stand in rumpled tuxedos outside a red-brick church. They are both nursing hangovers, and their clothing, while of good quality, is a bit disheveled.


So, remind me why we’re here again?


To crash another wedding, of course!

John groans.


Not again.

Jeremy smiles, not taking John’s complaint seriously.


Come on, it’ll be fun. All the free food, free booze, and all the women looking for a bit of fun.

John laughs, despite himself.


Okay, okay. Let’s do this.

Jeremy takes John’s arm and the two men stride confidently into the church.


John and Jeremy enter the church. There are a few people milling around, but no bride or groom-to-be yet.

John and Jeremy take a seat and wait. Suddenly, a loud fanfare begins to play and all eyes turn to the entrance of the church.

John and Jeremy crane their necks to see what is happening. The bride and groom — the Treasury Secretary and his daughter — enter the church and everyone rises to their feet.

John and Jeremy exchange a look of surprise.


Uh oh…

John and Jeremy quickly stand up, too, and make a hasty retreat from the church.


John and Jeremy, now dressed in tropical-style shorts and t-shirts, walk along the beach.


Well, that was close.


Yeah, I guess we are getting a bit too cocky about these wedding crashers.

John sighs.


What now?

Just then, a speedboat zooms in from the horizon. It pulls up alongside them, and a man dressed in a crisp suit steps off the boat.


Gentlemen, I hear you were at my daughter’s wedding.

John and Jeremy look at each other nervously.


Um, yes, we were.

Secretary Cleary smiles and gestures for them to get onto the boat.


I have an offer for you.

John and Jeremy exchange a look.


What kind of offer?


An invite to a weekend at my island estate. You don’t have to worry about crashing any more weddings, and you’ll be able to meet some beautiful ladies in the process.

John and Jeremy look at each other, then back at the Secretary.


You’ve got a deal.


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