The Outer Limits Season 7-2

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Episode 1: Patient Zero

The streets of San Francisco were always bustling, especially near the city’s flagship hospital. But today, something was off. Instead of the usual stream of ambulances and visitors, the street was empty and eerily quiet.

It was as if the city had been put under a spell.

The only sound to break the silence was the rumble of police cars and the occasional siren wail. It was the same story across the city. Something was wrong — something strange and terrifying.

That was, until the day the first patient arrived at San Francisco General Hospital. He was a young man, gaunt and pale, and on his chest was a gruesome scar, a symbol of something that he alone carried.

The doctors and nurses were astounded. He was patient zero, the first of what would be hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions, with the same terrible affliction.

The disease had no name. It was a fever that would last for days, followed by a violent, uncontrollable rage. It seemed to consume its victims, turning them into wild, frenzied monsters.

As the days went on, more and more patients arrived, and the doctors were at a loss as to how to treat them. The virus seemed to be airborne, and it was spreading across the city faster than anyone could have imagined.

The city was in a state of panic, the streets deserted. No one knew what would happen next.

But then, a strange twist of fate– a miracle that no one could have seen coming. After weeks of searching, a scientist at San Francisco General had made a breakthrough. He had discovered a way to halt the virus. It was a vaccine, made from the blood of the first patient.

It worked. The virus was stopped in its tracks, and the patients slowly recovered. The city was saved.

But then, something even more unexpected happened. Patient zero suddenly disappeared from the hospital, leaving no trace behind.

He had escaped, and no one knew where he had gone.

Some said he had been taken away by the government. Others said he had gone in search of a cure. But no one really knew.

That is, until one day, when a strange man appeared on the streets of San Francisco. He seemed to be patient zero, but he was not the same man. He was older, wiser, and his eyes seemed to contain a knowledge that no one understood.

He was a holy man, some called him. A prophet, others said, who had been sent to save the world from the darkness that was coming.

And as he walked the streets, he whispered one thing: “Prepare.”

The city was never the same again. People prepared, as patient zero had instructed, for a future that would be darker than anything they had ever imagined.

The virus had been stopped, but the nightmare had only just begun.

Episode 2: Think Like a Dinosaur

Chapter 1:

The Sunnyvale Institute

It was a warm and sunny day in the small town of Sunnyvale, nestled in the hills of Northern California. The town had long been a quiet oasis, untouched by the hustle and bustle of the nearby cities, but something was stirring in the sleepy town. On the outskirts, a mysterious new building had been erected; a massive structure of gleaming glass and steel that seemed to shimmer in the sunlight.

This was the Sunnyvale Institute, one of the most advanced scientific research facilities in the world. Its staff was comprised of brilliant minds from all around the world, who had come together to unlock the secrets of one of the most intriguing mysteries of modern science; the genetics of dinosaurs.

For years, scientists had speculated about the true nature of these ancient creatures, with some theories suggesting that they were more than simple reptiles. Some theorized that they might have possessed highly advanced cognitive capabilities. What had once been wild conjecture was now being tested at the Sunnyvale Institute.

The facility was the brainchild of the Institute’s president, Dr. Edward Whitmore. He had assembled a team of the world’s leading geneticists, paleontologists, and evolutionary biologists to develop a revolutionary new technology that would not only bring back these long-extinct creatures, but also unlock their innermost secrets.

Chapter 2:

The Experiment

The team had worked tirelessly on the project, and after months of labor, they had finally achieved success. Using a combination of cutting-edge genetics, advanced computing power, and some good old-fashioned elbow grease, they had managed to recreate a living, breathing, thinking dinosaur.

It was a breathtaking achievement, and the team couldn’t contain their excitement. But before they could fully celebrate, they had to put their creation to the test. They had to make sure that the creature could think like a dinosaur.

In order to do this, the team devised a series of tests, designed to measure the creature’s cognitive abilities. They monitored its reactions and behaviors in a variety of scenarios, ranging from simple puzzles to complex simulations. After months of testing, they had their answer.

The creature was able to think like a dinosaur.

Chapter 3:

The Discovery

The team was ecstatic with their findings, and they knew that this was a discovery that could change the world. But their excitement was quickly tempered by the realization that their creation was still a wild animal, and it needed to be kept in check.

To ensure the safety of the creature, the team decided to implant a tracking device in its brain. This would allow them to monitor its movements, and take action if it ever posed a threat. The team also established a strict protocol for handling the creature; it was never to be taken off the Institute’s grounds, and it was to be accompanied at all times by an armed guard.

The creature had been given a name; “Thinker”. And as the weeks passed, it became increasingly apparent that, despite its wild nature, Thinker had an incredible capacity for learning. It was able to understand complex concepts, and even began to exhibit signs of emotion.

Chapter 4:

The Escape

One night, the unthinkable happened; Thinker managed to escape the Institute. It had somehow managed to bypass the tracking device, and made its way into the surrounding hills. The team was panicked; they had kept the creature’s existence a closely guarded secret, and now it was loose in the world.

The team sent out search parties, but they were unable to locate Thinker. It appeared that the creature was able to think like a dinosaur, and had managed to outsmart its pursuers.

Determined to recapture the creature, the team redoubled their efforts. They created an elaborate network of traps and sensors, and increased their security systems to the highest level. But no matter what they did, the creature managed to elude them.

It seemed that Thinker was here to stay.

Chapter 5:

The Threat

The weeks passed, and the creature seemed to have vanished. But soon, the team began to notice strange occurrences in the area; livestock disappeared, crops were destroyed, and rumors began to swirl of strange sightings in the night.

As the evidence mounted, it became clear that the creature was still at large, and it was up to something. But what was it planning? What was its ultimate goal?

The team soon realized that Thinker wasn’t just an escaped lab experiment; it was a living, breathing entity with its own thoughts and motives. And it was up to them to figure out what those motives were before it was too late.

Chapter 6:

The Revelation

The team’s investigation eventually led to the creature’s lair; a hidden cave in the hills. When they finally entered the cave, they were astonished by what they found; the creature had been busy.

It had managed to construct a massive underground laboratory, filled with bizarre and mysterious devices. It was here that the team finally discovered the creature’s plan; it had been using its advanced intelligence to create a new species of dinosaur that would be able to think like a human.

The team was horrified; the implications of this were massive. If the creature succeeded in creating this new species, it would mean the end of humanity as we know it. And the only way to stop it was to capture Thinker and bring it back to the Institute.


The team managed to capture Thinker, and brought it back to the Institute. The creature was contained, and the team was able to carry out their research in safety. But the secrets of the creature’s plan still remain a mystery.

Where did the creature come from? What was its ultimate goal? How did it learn to think like a human?

These questions remain unanswered. But one thing is certain; the world will never be the same. The creature’s plan has been stopped, but it’s legacy lives on. And it will always be remembered as the entity that dared to think like a dinosaur.

Episode 3: Alien Shop

It was a warm summer day in the small town of Cedarwood. The sun was shining brightly in the sky as citizens went about their business, happily doing whatever they were meant to do.

But on this particular day, something wasn’t quite right. A strange shop had opened up on the corner of Main Street and Oak Street. The shop had a sign that read “Alien Shop” in an alien language.

When people looked inside, they saw an array of strange objects. Everything from alien weapons to alien technology. The shop itself was intimidating, with a strange aura about it. The manager, a bald man with a cruel expression, seemed to be watching the customers with an unreadable expression.

It didn’t take long before word got around that the Alien Shop was the place to go if you were looking for the unusual and the strange. Soon people began to flock to the shop, wanting to find out what kind of items they could purchase.

The manager welcomed the customers with a smile, but his cold eyes and the strange items made them uneasy. They quickly grabbed some items and left, not wanting to stay in the creepy shop any longer.

But some people were brave enough to explore the Alien Shop further. They soon realized that the shop was more than just a shop – it was a portal to another world. Customers soon found themselves transported to a strange alien world, full of alien creatures and landscapes that seemed otherworldly.

Customers soon discovered that the Alien Shop wasn’t what it seemed. The items sold at the shop weren’t just for show – they were actually portals to alternate realities. People could use the items to access different timelines, parallel universes, and alternate dimensions. It seemed that the shop was a connection to the mysterious unknown.

But with this newfound knowledge came dangers. Customers started to disappear, lost forever in the alternate realities they accessed. It seemed like the shop had an agenda, and it was beginning to become clear what that agenda was – to control and manipulate the people who used the shop’s items.

But soon a group of brave individuals determined to fight back against the sinister forces of the Alien Shop. Led by a courageous woman named Alice and her allies, they infiltrated the shop in an attempt to find out what was really going on.

Alice and her companions soon discovered that the shop was actually a gateway to an alternate universe, one in which the Alien Shop was a powerful force. In this world, the shop had been manipulating and controlling people for centuries, using their items to gain power and influence.

Now it was up to Alice and her companions to find a way to stop the Alien Shop and free the people who had been taken by its sinister agenda. But the shop’s forces were powerful and the odds were against them. It seemed like an impossible task to take on the Alien Shop.

But Alice was determined. She and her friends fought back against the shop, using their wits and courage to try and overthrow its tyranny. They managed to find a few allies, and together they headed into the alien world to take on the shop.

The battle that ensued was fierce, and it soon became clear that the odds were against them. But Alice wasn’t about to give up. She fought bravely and with determination, eventually managing to defeat the alien forces and free the people who had been taken by the shop.

The people of Cedarwood were grateful for Alice and her companions, and the Alien Shop closed its doors forever. But little did they know that the shop’s power had not been completely snuffed out. In other worlds, the shop’s influence still lingered, waiting for a new opportunity to make its move.

The lesson of the Alien Shop was that no matter how big and powerful something may seem, with enough courage and determination, even the impossible can be achieved.

Alice and her companions returned to Cedarwood victorious, but the story of the Alien Shop was far from over. In its wake, it left a reminder that not all things in the unknown should be taken at face value, and that sometimes the only way to fight back is to take a chance and take a stand.

Episode 4: Worlds Within

The night of the storm was not like any other night. It felt strange and ominous, like the darkness was warning us of some unseen danger that we couldn’t explain. We all gathered in the living room, huddling together for comfort and support against the raging wind and rain outside.

My father was the first to speak. His voice was calm and steady as if he were trying to prepare us for something.

“Something is happening out there tonight,” he said. “Something that could change the world forever if we’re not careful.”

I looked around at the faces of my family, trying to make out their expressions in the dim candlelight. They all looked scared, but also oddly determined. Whatever my father was saying had them believing.

“What kind of change?” I asked him.

My father took a deep breath before he answered. “We have discovered a way to bridge the gap between our world and others. We don’t know what lies beyond, but it is something that could have a profound impact on our lives.”

We all sat in stunned silence as we tried to comprehend what my father meant. We had all heard of other dimensions, places where the laws of physics and reality could be bent, but we never thought that such a place could be within our reach. It was both exciting and terrifying to think of the possibilities.

My father continued. “Tonight, when the storm is at its strongest, we will attempt to enter this new world. There is no telling what we may find, or what will happen to us. But I’m sure you all understand the risks, and I’m sure you’re all brave enough to take them.”

We all nodded our heads, some more hesitantly than others. Whatever happened, we would face it together.

My father stood up, his face illuminated by the candlelight. “Let’s go,” he said.

We all stood up and made our way towards the door. We knew that whatever lay ahead of us, it was something life-changing. We were about to cross into a new world, one full of unknown possibilities.

The storm seemed to be intensifying as we stepped outside. The wind was howling, and the rain was coming down in sheets. We huddled together, trying to shield ourselves against the elements. We kept walking until we reached a small clearing in the woods.

My father stopped and looked around. “This is it,” he said. “This is where we will enter the other world.”

He took a deep breath before continuing. “When we step through this gateway, we may never be able to return to our own world. We must be prepared for anything and be willing to accept whatever we find in the other world.”

I looked around at my family, their eyes wide with anticipation. We all nodded in agreement, and slowly, one by one, we stepped into the clearing.

The wind and rain seemed to be subsiding as we stood in the clearing. We all held our breath, not sure what to expect. And then, suddenly, a great flash of light illuminated the sky. The electric energy in the air was palpable, and we all felt a strange tingling sensation, like our very souls were being tugged in a different direction.

The light suddenly disappeared, leaving us standing in the clearing, alone. We had done it. We had crossed over into the other world.

We looked around, trying to make out our surroundings. Everywhere we looked, we saw strange and exotic creatures, things that seemed to exist in a world beyond our own. We were in awe of what we were witnessing, and, for a moment, all of our fears and worries seemed to melt away.

Then, suddenly, a voice spoke from behind us. “Welcome to the other side,” it said. “Welcome to the world of possibilities.”

We all turned around to see an old man standing before us. He smiled at us benevolently, and we all felt a sense of peace and safety wash over us.

“Come with me,” he said. “Come explore the worlds within.”

We all followed him, our hearts full of excitement and anticipation. We had no idea what lay ahead, but we felt certain that whatever it was, it would be extraordinary.

We spent days exploring the other world, learning its secrets and discovering its wonders. We met strange creatures and had bizarre experiences. Each day seemed to bring something new and exciting, something that could broaden our horizons and expand our understanding of what was possible.

We eventually found ourselves outside of a great castle, far away from the world we had left behind. We slowly ventured inside and found ourselves in a huge ballroom, where a beautiful woman with long black hair was seated upon a throne.

The woman smiled at us warmly. “Welcome,” she said. “Welcome to the world of possibilities.”

We looked around, awestruck by the grandeur of the castle and the mysterious woman seated on the throne. We had no idea who she was or what she wanted from us, but we all felt a strong connection to her.

The woman spoke again. “You have entered my world,” she said. “And now that you are here, you must choose. Will you stay here in my world, or will you return to your own?”

We all looked at each other, unsure of what to do. Each of us wanted to stay and explore the world of possibilities, but we were all aware of the risks involved.

My father stepped forward and spoke. “We will stay,” he said. “Whatever the consequences, we will stay and explore the world of possibilities.”

The woman smiled, pleased with our decision. “Very well,” she said. “You have chosen wisely. I will give you a gift. Use it wisely. Now, go forth, and explore the worlds within.”

We all looked around at each other, unsure of what to do. We all wanted to stay and explore the world of possibilities, but we also wanted to go home.

My father stepped forward and spoke. “We will stay,” he said. “Whatever the consequences, we will stay and explore the world of possibilities.”

The woman smiled, pleased with our decision. Then, she disappeared into the shadows, leaving us standing in the ballroom, facing a future filled with unknown possibilities.

We stepped forward, ready to explore the world of possibilities. We had no idea what we would find, but we knew it would be thrilling and mysterious. We were ready to discover the many worlds within.

Episode 5: In the Blood

Chapter 1 – First Contact

It had been a long and arduous journey through deep space, but the crew of the intergalactic transport ship had finally arrived at their destination: a small, rocky planet orbiting a distant star. Expedition leader Captain Chris Sanchez was eager to make contact with whatever form of intelligent life might be present, but as the ship descended into the planet’s atmosphere, it quickly became clear that this would be no ordinary mission.

The sky was an ominous shade of sickly yellow, a thick layer of dust clouding the view as the ship slowly descended. Strange shapes seemed to dart across the sky, but they were too far away to identify. The surface was barren, a desolate wasteland of rock and dust with nothing living in sight.

As they approached the planet’s surface, Sanchez noticed something even more alarming: hundreds of strange, black orbs hovering just above the planet’s surface. It was impossible to tell what their purpose was, but the sight was enough to alarm the crew.

“All right, everybody,” Sanchez said. “I want everyone prepared for whatever we might find down there. Keep your eyes peeled and stay alert. We don’t want anything catching us by surprise.”

One by one, the crew members nodded in agreement, their fear and trepidation palpable. With a heavy heart, Sanchez gave the order to begin their descent.

The ship touched down on the planet’s surface with a loud thud, the crew already beginning to feel the oppressive heat of the planet’s surface.

“Let’s get out and see what we can find,” Sanchez said, the tension in his voice clearly audible.

The crew quickly disembarked, but it was immediately clear that something was not right. The air felt charged with energy, as if something unseen was lurking just beyond the edge of vision.

The crew slowly began to explore their surroundings, but no matter where they looked, all they found was rock and dust. It seemed as if the entire planet had been deserted.

And then, without warning, a loud screeching sound echoed through the air. Sanchez and the crew immediately dropped to the ground, taking cover behind whatever they could find. As they huddled there, they heard a voice echoing through the air.

“Do not fear,” the voice said. “We come in peace.”

The crew slowly rose to their feet, stunned. They looked around, but there was nothing there.

A few moments later, a figure materialized out of thin air in front of them, its form humanoid and wearing a strange, black suit. The creature had red eyes, and its skin was a sickly yellowish-green.

“Greetings,” the creature said, its voice a low, raspy monotone. “I am A’lar, leader of the Og’lar. We have been watching your progress, and have decided to make contact with you. We welcome you to our world.”

The crew was speechless. After a moment, Sanchez found his voice.

“What do you want from us?” he asked.

“We want to share knowledge,” A’lar replied. “We want to show you the secrets of our world, and teach you how to use them for your own benefit.”

The Og’lar began to explain their species’ ancient technologies and the ways in which they could be used. As they did, the crew began to understand the implications of these revelations. But one fact remained certain: something within their blood had been activated, allowing them to understand and control the Og’lar’s power.

Chapter 2 – Unlocking the Power

As the Og’lar taught the crew the secrets of their power, they realized that their newfound ability had a dark side. They began to feel the effects of strange side-effects, such as sudden outbursts of anger and violent fantasies. Sanchez was worried that his crew may have been cursed, or even possessed.

And then, one night, a strange vision appeared to Sanchez in his sleep. He saw a planet engulfed in darkness, a massive storm raging across its surface. The vision was so vivid that Sanchez awoke in a cold sweat. He knew now what he had to do.

Sanchez gathered his crew and told them of the vision. They all agreed that something must be done. The only way to unlock the power within them was to venture back to the Og’lar’s planet and confront the entity that had cursed them.

The crew quickly set out, not knowing what lay ahead. But when they arrived, they found the planet to be nothing like they had imagined. It was a desolate wasteland, its surface littered with the husks of discarded ships and the remains of long-dead civilizations.

It quickly became obvious that the Og’lar were not the only ones to have been cursed by the entity. Other species had come seeking knowledge, only to be turned away. But the crew knew that they were the only ones to have the power to unlock the secrets within.

Using their newfound knowledge, they crafted a device that allowed them to access the depths of the planet. It was a risky decision, but they had to find out what had cursed them. As they ventured deeper, they encountered strange creatures and bizarre technology, all of which seemed to be part of the same sinister force.

Finally, after days of searching, the crew arrived at the heart of the planet. It was a massive chamber, filled with immense machines and strange crystals. It seemed as if the entire planet had been taken over by the entity.

At the center of the chamber, the crew found an unknown creature, slumped in a throne of darkness. It seemed to be in a deep sleep, its body wrapped in a web of black tendrils.

The creature stirred, its eyes slowly opening. It looked at the crew with an expression of disbelief.

“Who are you?” it asked.

Sanchez stepped forward and answered.

“We are here to unlock the power within us,” he said.

The creature smiled, a cold, sinister grin.

“Then I must give you a warning,” it said. “You will be given great power, but at a great cost. You must be careful in how you use it. It is dangerous, and can be used for both good and evil. Choose wisely.”

Chapter 3 – The Choice

The crew had a choice to make: use their newfound power to benefit themselves or use it to protect the innocent. After much deliberation, they decided to use their power to protect the innocent.

The creature smiled and nodded, seeming pleased with their decision. It then proceeded to explain the consequences of their choice.

The crew was now bound to the entity, and their fate was intertwined with its own. If the entity were to die, everything the crew had gained would be lost. In addition, the power within them could be used for both good and evil, and if they chose to use it for evil, the consequences would be dire.

Before the crew departed, the entity gave them one last warning. Things were about to change, and they must be ready for it. No matter what happened, they must remain vigilant and protect their newfound power.

The crew returned to their ship, all of them lost in thought. They had been given the power to do great things, but at a great cost. Still, they knew they had done the right thing.

Back on Earth, news of their mission was met with awe and excitement. Scientists marveled at the crew’s newfound abilities, and governments began to invest heavily in research to replicate and harness the power.

But as the years passed, the crew began to realize that their choice may have been in vain. Each new generation seemed to become more and more corrupt, using the power to enrich themselves rather than to help others. Their newfound power was becoming a weapon in the hands of the wicked.

And as the darkness began to spread, the crew knew they had to act. With their newfound power, they would stand against the darkness and protect the innocent.


The crew of the intergalactic transport ship had chosen a path fraught with danger, but their bravery and selflessness had saved countless lives. Now, they were remembered across the galaxy as heroes who had made the ultimate sacrifice.

Every generation since had benefited from their courage, the power of their shared bloodline keeping the darkness at bay. But even now, the balance of power is still fragile, and the crew knows that the darkness could return at any moment.

The fate of the universe rests in their hands, and only time will tell if they will be able to defend it against the forces of evil.

Episode 6: Flower Child

By Anonymous

It all began on a hot summer day in the hills outside the small town of Chalk City. A young girl named Amber was playing in the meadow, picking flowers and humming a tune her mother taught her.

Suddenly, a strong wind blew through the meadow, whipping her long blonde hair around her face. As the wind died down, Amber noticed a strange flower, unlike any she had ever seen before.

Intrigued, Amber cautiously moved closer and soon realized that the flower was actually a tiny child, no more than a few inches tall. The child had delicate features and wore a white dress with a yellow daisy print. She had long blonde hair that fell to her shoulders and big blue eyes that seemed to look straight into Amber’s soul.

Amber stared in wonder for a few moments before she finally gathered her courage and reached out to touch the child. She felt that she had to help her somehow.

Amber carefully scooped the little girl into her hands and as soon as she did, the flower child began to grow. She grew until she was the size of a regular little girl and her features became more defined.

Amber was amazed by what she had seen and held the child close, feeling the warmth of her small body against her own.

The little girl looked up at Amber with a kindly expression and said, “My name is Daisy and I’m a flower child. I’ve been sent here to help you.”

Amber was confused as to what Daisy meant but decided to listen to her story.

Daisy explained that she was sent by the Goddess of Nature to bring balance and harmony back to the Earth. She said that Amber would be the one to help her in this mission.

Amber was scared and uncertain, but something inside her said that this was an opportunity she could not pass up. She nodded her head and took Daisy’s hand, pulling her close as they began their journey.

The two traveled for days, learning about the world and the many secrets it held. They were quickly able to sense when something was out of balance and Daisy would use her special powers to help restore it.

One day, they stumbled upon a dark, mysterious forest. Something inside both of them urged them to enter and explore its depths.

Inside, they found an ancient temple surrounded by a thick, menacing fog. With some hesitation, they stepped inside, only to find themselves face to face with an ancient creature known as the Lord of Chaos.

The Lord of Chaos revealed that he had been the one who had thrown the planet into disarray. He explained that only Daisy and Amber could put an end to his reign and restore balance to the world.

The brave duo agreed and together, they confronted the Lord of Chaos. After a long, hard battle, they emerged victorious and the world was once again at peace.

In the aftermath of the battle, Daisy and Amber realized that they had grown to be close friends, even closer than they were before. It was then that Amber realized that Daisy was not just a flower child, but also her guardian angel.

The two friends returned to Chalk City, where they would continue to fight for justice and balance, while also cherishing the friendship they had created.

But this was only the beginning of their journey, as the two soon realized that the Earth’s fate lay in their hands.

The End

Author: AI