The Outer Limits Season 6-1

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Episode 1: Judgment Day

The nightmare had returned.

It all started with a simple question: Could humans exist in a world without death?

The answer seemed far-fetched at first, yet the scientists at the Global Genetic Research Institute (GGRI) had been researching ways to achieve this apparent impossibility for years. After all, life was more precious than death.

A breakthrough finally came when the scientists discovered a way to override death through the manipulation of genetic codes. With this discovery, the once-unimaginable became a reality: humans could live forever.

The scientists began to work feverishly on the new technology and soon, a prototype was created. It was called the Eternal Life Project.

The Eternal Life Project successfully extended the life of a test subject, which pleased the GGRI highly. They expanded the project to include many more test subjects, who all experienced the same results.

The scientists, while ecstatic, didn’t realize the implications of their work. Soon, it became evident that the world was quickly overpopulating. People stopped dying, and the population kept increasing exponentially.

The governments of the world became desperate, as they realized they had created a problem they could not control. The only way to stop the population from growing was to halt the project.

So, the world governments decided to take the only option available: they would put an end to the Eternal Life Project and its participants.

The GGRI was forced to implement a system to identify Eternal Life participants and terminate them. This system was called Judgment Day.

The Fear spread quickly. No-one was safe. Any suspected Eternal Life participant could be called upon at any moment for Judgment Day. Those summoned to Judgment Day never returned.

Time passed and soon, the world had returned to a state of balance. The Eternal Life project was forgotten and life went on as normal.

That was until now.

One day, a strange man appeared at the GGRI. He claimed to be the test subject from the original Eternal Life Project and that he had somehow escaped Judgment Day.

The man appeared to be healthy, although his age was impossible to determine. He was adamant that he had come to the GGRI to warn them of impending danger.

He warned that Judgment Day would return and that the world was in danger of repeating their mistakes. He spoke of an entity called Death, who was coming to bring balance to the world and bring about Judgment Day once again.

The scientists were skeptical at first, but soon they realized the man was right. Death was coming and Judgment Day was close at hand.

The world was soon in chaos. People ran and hid, hoping to avoid Judgment Day, but it was to no avail. Death was relentless in his pursuit of justice and the Eternal Life participants were quickly identified and terminated.

However, the man from the Eternal Life project didn’t meet his fate. He was spared. Death had seen something in him that was worth saving.

In the end, Death had succeeded in his mission. The world was now in balance and the Eternal Life project was no more.

But the man from the Eternal Life Project remained, a reminder of a time once forgotten. His true fate remains unknown.

Will he live forever, or will Judgment Day return one day? Only time will tell.

Episode 2: The Gun


As Nurse Rachel Smith stepped onto the dark and deserted hospital ward, she noticed something strange—a faint hum filled the air. She paused and scanned the room, but nothing was amiss. The lights were still off and the silence was still oppressive.

Then suddenly, the hum grew louder. Rachel felt a chill pass down her spine as she realized that the noise was coming from one of the patient’s rooms.

She crept slowly closer, her heart pounding in her chest. What was making this sound? She was just about to reach for the door handle when a loud bang echoed through the ward. Rachel jumped back in fright—someone was shooting inside the room!

In a flash, she was sprinting for the door. But before she could even take a step, a figure emerged from the room. Panicked, Rachel scrambled for the nearest exit.

But it was too late. The figure was standing in her way, holding an unearthly, pulsating gun.

“Don’t move,” the figure said.

Rachel froze, unable to move.

“I am Doctor Deacon,” the figure continued. “And I am here to talk to you about the Gun.”

Chapter One

Rachel had no idea what Doctor Deacon meant by the Gun. Her mind raced, piecing together the events of the evening. She recalled the hum that had filled the ward, the bang that had echoed through the corridors. What was going on?

All she knew was that Doctor Deacon was standing in her way and he had a very strange gun.

Doctor Deacon explained that the Gun was a weapon like no other. It had been used in secret operations all over the world—it was a tool of the military, a tool of the powerful.

He went on to tell her that the Gun was capable of doing things that normal weapons could not. It could cause irreparable damage, it could control minds, it could create illusions, it could even kill at a distance.

Rachel stared at the Gun in disbelief. She had never seen or heard of anything like this before.

But Doctor Deacon wasn’t finished. He told her that the Gun was slowly finding its way into the wrong hands. If it continued to spread unchecked, it could cause immense destruction and chaos.

He had come to Rachel for help. He wanted her to use her position in the hospital to find a way to stop the spread of the Gun.

Rachel was scared and uncertain, but she knew she had to help. She agreed to do whatever she could.

Chapter Two

Rachel began researching the Gun, but her efforts only yielded small pieces of information. She learned that the Gun had a mysterious energy source, that it was technologically advanced and dangerous, and that it had changed hands numerous times.

But Rachel also learned something else. The Gun was alive.

It seemed that something inside the Gun was controlling its movements and understanding the needs of its user. It was almost as if it had a mind of its own.

Rachel was worried. If the Gun was alive and capable of understanding its user, then it was capable of understanding their intentions. And if it could understand malicious intentions, then it could be used for evil.

Rachel brought these discoveries and her fears to Doctor Deacon. He told her that while the Gun was capable of many things, it was not evil. He said that it was simply a tool, and like any tool, it could be used for either good or bad.

Doctor Deacon had a plan to keep the Gun out of the wrong hands, and he wanted Rachel to help. She agreed, and the two of them began to prepare for the biggest task Rachel had ever faced.

Chapter Three

Rachel and Doctor Deacon worked day and night, setting up a network of informants and finding out everything they could about the Gun. But their biggest challenge was finding the Gun itself—it seemed to have disappeared.

That’s when Rachel had a breakthrough. She remembered a patient at the hospital who had been admitted with a strange and mysterious wound. He had refused to explain what had happened and was soon released.

Rachel realized that the man must have been connected to the Gun somehow. She tracked him down and followed him to an abandoned warehouse. There, she found the Gun.

But it wasn’t alone. Rachel watched in horror as the man began to assemble a team of dangerous criminals. He was preparing to use the Gun for his own evil purposes.

Rachel knew that she had to act fast. She contacted Doctor Deacon, and they quickly devised a plan to neutralize the criminals and take the Gun.

The plan worked, and Rachel and Doctor Deacon succeeded in taking the Gun. They immediately destroyed it, hoping to prevent anyone else from ever using it for evil.


Rachel and Doctor Deacon had saved the day, but the world would never be the same. The Gun was gone, but the memory of it would linger for years to come.

Rachel returned to her job at the hospital, but now she had a deeper understanding of the world. She had seen the darkness inside people, and she had seen the power of technology.

Rachel still looked at the world differently, and she never forgot the Gun. She knew that there were still powerful weapons out there, weapons that could do even more damage than the Gun. All Rachel could do was hope that these weapons would never fall into the wrong hands.

Episode 3: Skin Deep


The sun slowly faded from the sky as darkness settled over the city. It was a typical summer evening, with the heat of the day slowly dissipating into the twilight. All was still, and yet something was stirring in the air.

In the darkest corner of the city, a peculiar figure lurked. Clad in a hooded cloak, the figure watched and waited, as if waiting for something to happen. Suddenly, without warning, the figure stepped out of the shadows and into the light. An eerie glow appeared around the figure, illuminating its face and what lay beyond.

The figure was humanoid, although hardly human. Its features were distorted, its skin stretched tight over a skeletal frame. It was the most terrifying sight imaginable, yet it was mesmerizing in its strange beauty.

Part One

Alice had grown up in the city, and often found herself walking late at night. She had seen many strange things in the streets, but nothing quite as odd as the figure she had just seen. Struck by its eerie presence, she had followed it in the shadows. Her heart was racing as she tried to keep pace.

Suddenly, the figure stopped and turned around. Alice froze in her tracks, her eyes widening in terror. The figure’s gaze pierced her with a level of intensity she had never felt before. It seemed to be studying her. Just as quickly as it had stopped, the figure turned away and vanished into the darkness.

Alice stood in shock for several minutes. She was frightened, yet strangely exhilarated by her experience. She also felt a strange sense of purpose. She had to find out what the figure was, and what it wanted.

Alice searched the city for days but found nothing. Then, one night, in a dark alley, she stumbled across a peculiar laboratory hidden beneath the street. She cautiously stepped inside, not sure what to expect.

She soon discovered the laboratory was filled with strange and disturbing experiments. Alice quickly realized that the figure she had seen was in fact an escaped experiment. Fearful of what might happen, she decided to keep the laboratory a secret.

Part Two

Alice quickly realized she was in over her head. She had stumbled across something much bigger than she could have ever imagined. She also realized she was in danger from the mysterious figure she had seen.

Alice decided to find a way to stop the experiments, but she had no idea where to start. Then one night, she heard a voice in her sleep warning her of an imminent doom. She soon realized that the voice had come from the strange figure she had seen.

Alice began to investigate the laboratory more closely, uncovering its secrets. She soon came to understand what had happened: the strange figure she had seen was in fact a human being who had been mutated and changed by the laboratory’s experiments.

Alice also uncovered a sinister plot to use the experiments as weapons of mass destruction. She realized she had been chosen to stop them, and with no one else to turn to she had to take matters into her own hands.

Alice met with the strange figure again, and together they formed a plan to prevent the experiments from being used as weapons. The plan involved infiltrating the laboratory, disabling the experiments, and destroying all the evidence.

Part Three

Alice and the strange figure infiltrated the laboratory and followed their plan, but as they were about to escape, they were captured by the laboratory’s security forces. They were taken to a secure facility and tested, Alice for her knowledge, and the strange figure for use as a weapon.

Alice was horrified by what was happening, but refused to divulge any information. She was determined to protect the strange figure, believing it deserved to be free. After days of intense interrogation, Alice was finally released. She had managed to protect the strange figure from the clutches of the laboratory, but the figure was now trapped in the facility.

Alice was determined to find a way to free the figure and to prevent the experiments from ever being used as weapons. She continued to investigate and soon uncovered a hidden underground facility, where the experiments were being stored and tested.

Alice and the strange figure devised a plan to infiltrate the underground facility and to prevent the experiments from ever being used. Alice and the figure infiltrated the facility and successfully destroyed the experiments, although the lab’s security system had been damaged.

Part Four

Alice and the strange figure escaped the underground facility, although they were now being pursued by the laboratory’s security forces. They had to find a way to stop the laboratory from using the experiments as weapons before it was too late.

Alice soon discovered that the laboratory was planning to launch a missile with the experiments onboard. She quickly devised a plan to intercept the missile and prevent the launch. She and the strange figure infiltrated the missile silo and managed to sabotage the launch, although they were almost caught in the process.

Alice and the strange figure then escaped, leaving the laboratory and its experiments behind. As they made their way back to the city, Alice couldn’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction. She had managed to prevent the experiments from ever being used as a weapon, and she had also freed the strange figure from captivity.

Alice and the strange figure eventually returned to the city, free from the pursuit of the laboratory’s security forces. As they parted ways, Alice couldn’t help but feel the weight of the events of the past few days begin to lift. She had saved the city from a great danger, and she knew she had made a difference.


Alice carried the strange figure’s memory with her always, and was always aware of the danger that lurked beneath the city’s streets. She watched the city for any sign of the laboratory, and continued to investigate in secret.

To this day, Alice does not know what happened to the strange figure. It vanished without a trace, and Alice wonders if it ever made it back to the city. She can only hope that it found a way to safety.

Alice never knew if the laboratory ever used the experiments as weapons, but she was confident that she had done her part to prevent it. She had been brave enough to confront a great danger and had managed to save the city.

Alice often thought of the strange figure, and was deeply moved by the figure’s courage. Alice was reminded of the power of the human spirit, and how, with enough determination and courage, one can make a difference. She was reminded that, even when faced with the most terrible of odds, one can still find strength and hope.

Episode 4: Manifest Destiny

The sun set on the horizon, a bright orange and pink sky silhouetting the dark, rugged terrain of the desert planet. The eight inhabitants of the planet looked out over the beautiful landscape, a contrasting energy between the breathtakingly beautiful backdrop and the harsh conditions of where they were.

It had been over a year since life as they knew it ended. The group of scientists found themselves stranded in deep space with no means to get home. However, they were not alone. A strange and powerful force surrounded them, one they had never encountered before.

One person, Dr. David Lutin, had a theory there was something more out there than just them. He believed there to be a higher power in space, one that was guiding them through these desperate times.

The others, however, were not convinced. Dr. John Anderson was especially skeptical and was not willing to entertain any of Dr. Lutin’s ideas. He believed that the mysterious force was nothing more than their own desperate attempt to create meaning in a situation that was entirely random.

But after months of research and study, Dr. Lutin believed he had evidence to prove his theory. He presented his findings to the group: that this mysterious force had the potential to transport them across the stars, back to Earth, and that it had the power to reshape their destinies.

The group was reluctant to act on his findings, but as their resources dwindled and they faced imminent death, they were willing to take a risk on Dr. Lutin’s theory. With the help of the strange force, the group set out on their journey home.

For months, the group traveled across the stars, and eventually their hard work paid off. They found themselves nearing their home planet, Earth. But their return did not come without a price. As they approached their destination, the mysterious force began to pull them in, manipulating their every move and controlling their destiny.

They quickly realized that their journey home was a one-way ticket, and that they had become pawns in a larger game. A game of Manifest Destiny.

The group put their heads together trying to figure out a way to escape the control but came up short. Finally, they realized that their only chance was to surrender to the mysterious force and use its power to reshape their destinies.

The group found themselves in a strange new world of possibilities, where they could create a better future for themselves and those around them. However, to get to this new world they had to make a very difficult choice: sacrifice their freedom in exchange for a new destiny.

The group reluctantly agreed to the terms and were transported to their new world. But it wasn’t what they expected. They were being taken in by a powerful alien race who were determined to shape their destiny even further.

The alien race had a plan to use the group’s knowledge and research to create a new form of life- a hybrid race that combined human and alien DNA. This would be a world where their Manifest Destiny was to create a better future for both races.

The group quickly realized that this was a fate worse than death. But with no way out, they had no choice but to accept their new roles. They must fight for their freedom and use the power of the mysterious force to shape a new destiny for both races- one in which all beings can live in peace and harmony.

In the end, the group came together to form a plan to break free of the alien race’s hold over them and fight back against the oppressive force of Manifest Destiny. As they prepared to embark on their new mission, they all felt a sense of empowerment- they could shape the future and fight for their freedom.

The group’s efforts ultimately paid off and they made it back to Earth, albeit in a very different state than they left it. The world had been altered and with it, their destiny. They had achieved the impossible and created a new way of life.

Although their final destination was uncertain, the group had found a new sense of purpose. This Manifest Destiny was something they could control and shape for a better future. They had started a revolution and brought about a new destiny for all.

The sun rose on the horizon, a bright yellow and orange sky giving hope and light to the unknown future that lay ahead. Far on the horizon, the mysterious force shone brightly, a reminder of the possibilities of destiny.

Episode 5: Breaking Point


In a secret laboratory hidden deep within a mountain, a team of scientists have made a discovery that could change the world as we know it. For years, they have been working on a device that can alter the fundamental laws of the universe: the Breaking Point.


It was a typical day in the lab, with the researchers and technicians going about their work, when suddenly the most unexpected thing happened. The Breaking Point suddenly sparked to life and began to hum. The team of scientists had been working on this project for months, and now it was finally finished.

The team were amazed at what they had achieved, but they were also scared. They knew that if this device fell into the wrong hands, it could be used to cause immense destruction. But they also knew that if used properly, the Breaking Point could be a powerful tool for solving some of the world’s most intractable problems.

The team decided they would keep the device a secret until they had a better understanding of its capabilities.


Ten years later and the Breaking Point had become a fixture in the world. Governments all over the globe had embraced the device as a way to quickly and efficiently resolve conflicts, and it was used to mediate disputes between countries, corporations and individuals.

However, some began to worry about the implications of the Breaking Point. They feared that it could be used to manipulate or control people, or even to erase memories. But for the most part, the people of the world continued to trust the device, as it had brought about a seemingly peaceful resolution to many conflicts.


Five years later, the scientists had become more and more concerned about the potential misuse of the Breaking Point. They had decided that the only way to ensure that the device would not be used for evil purposes was to somehow disable it.

The team set to work designing a way to render the Breaking Point inoperative. It was a difficult task, as the device was so intricate and powerful. After weeks of work, they had finally succeeded in creating a device that could shut down the Breaking Point.

But before they could complete their work, the laboratory was raided by a group of masked men. The attackers took the scientists hostage and demanded that they turn over the device that could disable the Breaking Point.


The scientists had no choice but to comply with the demands of the attackers. The device was given to the men and the scientists were released.

Little did anyone know that the device had been sabotaged. It was designed to disable the Breaking Point, but instead, it caused it to malfunction. The Breaking Point had become unstable, and no one knew what would happen next.

The team had unwittingly unleashed a potentially catastrophic event. Now, the world was on the brink of disaster, and only the scientists could find a way to avert it.


The scientists raced against time to find a solution, but they were running out of options. The Breaking Point was reaching a critical point, and it seemed like there was no way to stop it.

Suddenly, one of the scientists had an idea. He proposed that they create a new device, one that was more powerful than the Breaking Point and could counteract its effects. But would it be too late?

The future of the world hangs in the balance as the scientists frantically work to save the day and find a way to turn the Breaking Point off before it’s too late. Will they succeed or will the Breaking Point be the end of the world as we know it?

Episode 6: The Beholder

The night had fallen over the small town of Clearbrooke, Montana. The stars sparkled, a bright reflection of the small town’s beauty. But the peace of the night was broken by something more sinister than the blanket of darkness.

It had started a month ago. People began to report strange sightings of a creature in the night sky. Some said it was a giant bird, others said it was a dragon, and still others claimed it was an alien spacecraft. Whatever it was, no one could confirm its existence.

But then, one night, the beast appeared.

The creature seemed to float in the air, pale, with wings that seemed almost translucent. Its eyes glowed a bright yellow, and its mouth was filled with razor-sharp teeth. People stared in horror at the creature, paralyzed with fear.

As it flew through the night sky, the beast seemed to be searching for something. No one knew what it was looking for, but everyone knew one thing: it was searching for someone.

It wasn’t until the morning that people began to realize who the creature was after. At first, people assumed it was after a particular person, but soon it became apparent that it was seeking out anyone who had any kind of knowledge or information about something called “the Beholder.”

Nobody knew what the Beholder was or what it was for, but everyone wanted to know. People began to search for clues, but the only thing they found was more questions.

As the weeks passed, the creature continued to haunt the night sky, looking for anyone who had knowledge of the Beholder. People began to become desperate, and some even resorted to desperate measures.

One night, a group of brave souls decided to confront the creature. Armed with only their courage, they mustered their strength and marched out into the night. When they encountered the beast, they stood their ground, determined to make it answer their questions.

But the creature would not speak. It simply stared at them with its eerie yellow eyes, and after a few moments, it flew away.

The group was left with more questions than answers, but they had a plan. They agreed to search for clues and assemble a team to track down the creature.

They called themselves the Beholder Seekers.

The Beholder Seekers assembled a team of the best and brightest minds in the town. They searched through old documents, scoured libraries, and interviewed the locals. No matter where they looked, they couldn’t find any leads.

But then, one night, the creature appeared again. The Seekers rushed to confront it, but this time, the beast had an offer.

It said that if the Seekers could solve the riddle of the Beholder, it would tell them its secrets. The Seekers agreed, and the creature led them to a hidden chamber beneath the town.

Inside the chamber, the Seekers found a strange device with a large crystal in the center. As they examined the device, they realized it had the power to show them visions of the past and the future. Suddenly, they knew what they had to do.

The Seekers began to explore the visions, and as they did, they realized the Beholder was not just a creature, but a powerful force that had been controlling their lives. They realized the Beholder had been manipulating them, making them do its bidding in order to advance its own mysterious agenda.

With their new understanding, the Seekers realized they must find a way to stop this malevolent force and take back their freedom. But the clock was ticking, and the Beholder was getting closer.

The Seekers faced one last challenge: finding a way to destroy the Beholder and its dark power.

Will the Seekers be able to save their town from this sinister force? Will they be able to break the cycle of manipulation and reclaim their freedom?

Only time will tell…

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