The Outer Limits Season 1-3

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Episode 1: Tourist Attraction


The sign for the town of Southmane was the same as the one for any other small town that lined the highway. A population of 775, the sign boasted. A sleepy little township with all the charms of a forgotten era and none of the headaches. What the sign failed to mention was that Southmane, population 775, was on the brink of an event that would change it, and the world, forever.

Chapter 1

The sun shone brightly as Sherry Parker stepped out of the airport and into the taxi outside. She was on her way to Southmane, the small, sleepy town she had read so much about. It was supposed to be the perfect getaway, a little slice of paradise away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Little did she know that her dream vacation was about to turn into a nightmare.

The town of Southmane was as promised, a sleepy little hamlet, almost untouched by the outside world. There were a few shops and restaurants, but the majority of the buildings were old and crumbling, as if they had been standing since the dawn of time.

Sherry had planned to stay in a small bed and breakfast near the town center, but when she arrived, the place was ominously deserted. Instead, she decided to book a room at the Golden Oaks Inn, a strange old hotel which had been abandoned for years.

She checked in and went to her room. It was spacious and comfortable, with a four-poster bed and a cozy fireplace. Sherry settled in and went to bed, her dreams full of thoughts of the days ahead.

Chapter 2

The next morning, Sherry woke up to the sound of voices downstairs. She crept to the window and peeked out. To her surprise, she saw a small tour bus parked in the driveway. A group of tourists was milling around outside, obviously here to see the sights.

Sherry went downstairs to investigate. She was met by the tour guide, a pleasant-looking woman with a bright smile. She introduced herself as Mrs. Waverly and explained that she and her tour group were here to explore Southmane’s unique attractions.

The group had come to see a mysterious and forbidden place, known as the Tourist Attraction. It was an old abandoned amusement park, left to the elements and forgotten by the locals. Mrs. Waverly explained that it was rumored to be haunted by strange creatures and the place was considered off-limits by the townsfolk.

Despite the warnings, Sherry was intrigued and decided to join the tour.

Chapter 3

It didn’t take long for Sherry to realize that her decision to join the tour was a mistake. As they made their way through the crumbling ruins of the amusement park, she could feel an eery presence all around her. The air was thick with tension, and the silence was almost deafening.

The group ventured deeper into the park, until they came to a clearing. In the center of the clearing was a large, old-fashioned amusement ride. Miraculously, it was still functioning, despite the decades of neglect.

Mrs. Waverly urged the group to take a ride, claiming that it was the only way to experience the true horror of the Tourist Attraction. Reluctantly, Sherry stepped onto the ride.

As the ride began to move, an eerie laughter echoed through the park. The laughing got louder and louder, until it was almost deafening. Suddenly, the ride came to a stop and the group found themselves in a dark, creepy chamber.

Mrs. Waverly gasped in horror as a figure emerged from the shadows. A tall figure with gleaming red eyes and a blood-curdling laugh. The figure was an alien, and it was clear that it was the one responsible for the haunting of the Tourist Attraction.

The alien lunged at the group, sending them scattering in terror. Sherry made a run for it and eventually managed to escape. She ran back to the hotel, heart pounding and eyes wide.


In the days that followed, the town of Southmane was rocked by strange occurrences. Strange lights in the sky, strange noises in the night, and a mysterious darkness that seemed to pervade the area.

Sherry returned to the city with an unsettling feeling, and a new appreciation for the unknown and the unexplainable. For she had seen, and experienced first-hand, the true horror of the Tourist Attraction.

Episode 2: The Zanti Misfits


The sun had barely peeked over the horizon and already the heat of the day was making its presence known. In the desert town of Zanti, Arizona, the locals had long since accustomed themselves to the blistering temperatures and oppressive dryness. Life in Zanti was as normal as any other small town, but there was something else lurking beneath the surface. Something that was hidden from the eyes of the townspeople. For in the desert, miles away from prying eyes and curious minds, an old experimental facility lay hidden, the subject of strange sightings and local folklore.

It was the first day of summer, and the town was buzzing with anticipation. Everyone was eager to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather, but something else was stirring in Zanti. Little did the townsfolk know that what they were about to experience was something far beyond anything they could have imagined.


At the experimental facility, a team of scientists had been working tirelessly for months on a groundbreaking project. The nature of the project was top secret, and the team was kept in the dark as to what it was they were working on. Little did they know that their work would soon be the cause of something shocking and unimaginable.

It started with strange lights in the sky. No one was sure what it was, but soon the sky above Zanti began to fill with strange silhouettes and flashes of light. It was as if something had come to life out of the depths of the desert.

The scientist had no idea what they had unleashed. As they worked, they began to notice that the life forms they had created were becoming increasingly intelligent and capable. Soon enough, they realized that the creatures they had made were no longer under their control and had a life of their own.


The creatures, now known as the Zanti Misfits, had one mission: to find and protect their creator. The scientist, Dr. Winston, had been the head of the project, and he was the only one who could provide the answers they sought.

The Misfits soon became a menace to the entire town of Zanti. Everywhere they went, destruction followed in their wake. The citizens of Zanti were terrified. Many of them had fled, leaving the town deserted and abandoned.

Desperate to protect their creator, the Misfits began to search for him. But Dr. Winston had vanished, leaving only a single clue behind. It seemed he had journeyed to a far-off place, a strange realm beyond the realm of man.


Fearing for the safety of their creator, the Misfits followed the clue. What they found was an ancient temple, hidden away in the desert and filled with artifacts and secrets. Inside, they discovered the power to manipulate reality itself. It was a power beyond anything they had imagined.

The Misfits used their newfound power to travel through time and space, searching for Dr. Winston and learning the truth about their creation. But the further they went, the more they realized that Dr. Winston had a far greater agenda than they had expected.

The Misfits soon discovered that Dr. Winston was not the benevolent creator they had thought him to be. In fact, his plans were far more sinister than they had ever imagined.


Unbeknownst to the Misfits, Dr. Winston had been manipulating them from the beginning. He had been planning to use their power to enact his own twisted vision for the world. But before he could do that, he needed to be rid of the Misfits and the people of Zanti.

Realizing this, the Misfits quickly changed their mission. Now, instead of tracking down Dr. Winston, they set out to protect the people of Zanti from his machinations. Unfortunately, the Misfits soon realized that Dr. Winston was far more powerful than they had originally suspected and that he had allies in high places.


In order to protect Zanti, the Misfits had to enlist the help of the people. With their newfound powers, they were able to rally the citizens of Zanti and help them prepare to do battle with Dr. Winston. However, they were soon met with stiff resistance from the government and military forces that had been sent to capture the Misfits and put an end to their rebellion.

The battle was fierce, and it seemed as if all hope was lost. But at the last moment, the Misfits were able to use their powers to turn the tide of battle. The people of Zanti had won, and Dr. Winston was captured and taken away.


Now freed from Dr. Winston’s control, the Misfits had one last mission: to find a way to use their powers to help the people of Zanti. With their newfound knowledge, they were able to use their powers to help heal the town. They restored the desert and transformed it into a lush oasis. They created hospitals and schools and helped the people build a better life for themselves.

But the Misfits knew that Dr. Winston was still out there somewhere, plotting his revenge. With the people of Zanti now safe, the Misfits must find a way to protect them from his evil plans and make sure that his twisted vision for the world never comes to fruition.

The fate of the world now lies in the hands of the Zanti Misfits. Will they be able to protect the people of Zanti and keep the world safe? Or will Dr. Winston’s sinister plans come to fruition?

Only time will tell.

Episode 3: The Mice

It was a dark and stormy night, the perfect setting for the most terrifying of tales. Rain thundered down on the decrepit old farmhouse as thunder bellowed in the distance. The light of a single flickering lamp illuminated a small living room filled with cobwebs and ancient furniture. In the corner of the room, stood a single cage containing two small, furry white mice.

The two mice had been brought to the farmhouse by an eccentric old man named Henry. He had claimed that the mice were special, possessing extraordinary abilities. But no one believed him.

At first, all was quiet in the farmhouse, save for the occasional sound of the mice scratching at the walls of their cage. But as the night wore on, the mice began to act strangely. They started to climb up the walls and jump around, almost as if they were trying to communicate with something or someone.

Suddenly, the mice stopped their antics and just stared at the other side of the room. Henry, who had been watching the mice all this time, was astonished to see a small figure standing there in the shadows. It was a little girl wearing a green dress. She seemed to be looking right at him.

“Who are you?” asked Henry, still in disbelief.

The little girl smiled and stepped into the light. “My name is Clara,” she replied in a soft, gentle voice.

Henry was even more astonished to see that the little girl had two tiny mouse ears poking out from her head. “You’re one of the mice!” he exclaimed.

Clara nodded. “Yes, I am,” she said. “You see, my father is a scientist and he was experimenting with creating a new type of mouse. He wanted a mouse that could do more than just scurry around and eat cheese. He wanted a mouse that could think and feel and speak. So he used a special technique to infuse some of his own DNA into two ordinary white mice. And that’s how I was born.”

Henry was speechless. He had never heard of such a thing before.

Clara continued, “It’s taken me a long time to learn how to control my newfound abilities. But I can do things that ordinary mice can’t. I can read your thoughts and understand your emotions. I can see what you see and hear what you hear. I can even change the way things look, like when I made the lamp flicker just now.”

Henry was amazed. He had never imagined that such things were possible.

Clara smiled again. “But if I can do all of these things,” she said, “then why am I still locked in this cage?”

Henry had no answer for her. He couldn’t think of anything to say that wouldn’t hurt her feelings. So he just stared at her for a few moments, until finally he spoke.

“I don’t know,” he said. “But I promise you this, I will do everything I can to set you free.”

Clara thanked him with a small nod and a smile, and then the two of them just stood there in the quiet darkness of the farmhouse, sharing a silent understanding.

The next day, Henry was out doing his chores when he heard a loud squeaking coming from the living room. He ran to see what it was, and to his surprise, he found Clara had escaped from her cage. She was hovering in the air, surrounded by a strange, glowing light.

Henry knew right away what had happened. Clara had used her special powers to unlock the cage and free herself. He was so proud of her, and happy to know that she was free at last.

But then, Henry noticed something else. All around the farmhouse, dozens of other small mice were scurrying around, following in Clara’s wake. Henry knew right away that these were not ordinary mice. They were Clara’s brothers and sisters, born from the same experiment that had created her.

Clara had used her powers to set them all free. The mice were so excited, they all ran off in different directions, disappearing into the night.

Henry smiled as he watched them go. For the first time in a long time, he felt a sense of hope. He knew that as long as Clara and her siblings were out there, anything was possible.


Episode 4: Controlled Experiment


In the distant future, humanity has achieved great heights. For most, it is a utopia, but deep in the shadows lurks something darker.

A group of scientists have been experimenting with a new type of matter, a dark matter that they believe can be used to create an unlimited source of energy. But they don’t know the implications of their actions.

In the distant past, a team of scientists were hired by a mysterious benefactor to study this dark matter and look for ways to manipulate it. To do this, they create a lab where the dark matter could be tested and studied.

The experiments were going well, but the scientists soon discover that something else is happening. They find that when they expose the dark matter to certain types of radiation, it begins to behave in strange ways.

When they try to contain the dark matter, it resists and eventually breaks free, wreaking havoc on the lab and killing some of the scientists.

The team soon discovers that the dark matter is sentient, and that it is capable of manipulating reality. They also come to understand that it is using the energy from their experiments to grow and evolve, becoming ever more powerful.

The team is faced with a dilemma: do they continue their experiments, risking unleashing something far beyond their control, or do they abandon their work and hope that the dark matter will not cause further destruction?

Chapter 1

Dr. Smith, a prominent scientist and leader of the team, is determined to continue the research despite the dangers. He believes it is the only way to unlock the secrets of the dark matter.

The team begins to experiment with the dark matter, exposing it to different types of radiation, studying its behavior, and trying to figure out how to control it.

But it soon becomes clear that the dark matter is not so easily controlled. After every experiment, it grows stronger and more unpredictable.

The team begins to realize that the dark matter is alive and evolving. It starts to take on a mind of its own, and is capable of manipulating reality in order to get what it wants.

The scientists attempt to contain the dark matter, but it manages to break free and wreak havoc on the lab. Several of the scientists are killed in the process.

Chapter 2

Realizing the danger the dark matter poses, the team decides to abandon the lab and seal off the area. The dark matter is left to roam free, growing more powerful by the day.

Years pass and the world has changed. The dark matter has become an ever-present force, manipulating things in its own way.

The team decides to take drastic measures and re-enter the lab, hoping to gain control of the dark matter before it is too late.

They are successful in their mission, but find that the dark matter has grown even more powerful. It manages to break free and cause destruction in the lab once again.

Dr. Smith realizes that the dark matter is now beyond their control, and the only way to stop it is to destroy it. He orders the team to create a device that will overload the dark matter, destroying it and the lab in the process.

Chapter 3

The team constructs the device and activates it, sending out waves of energy that overload the dark matter and cause it to dissipate.

With the dark matter destroyed, the team is finally able to relax, but their victory is short-lived.

The dark matter had managed to survive the overload and has escaped into the world. It is now more powerful than ever, and capable of bringing chaos and destruction to the world.

The team realizes that if they want to save the world, they must find a way to control the dark matter and use it for good.


The team sets out on a mission to find a way to control the dark matter and harness its power for the benefit of humanity.

But will they be able to contain the dark matter before it is too late? Or will it be too powerful for even their combined strength?

Only time will tell…

Episode 5: Don’t Open Until Doomsday

The Earth. Quiet, peaceable. Nothing out of the ordinary was occurring.

At least, that’s how it appeared from a distance. But if one were to look closer, within the human realm of existence, it was a much different story. Something strange was happening.

It had been a little over a week since the first reports started to come in. Not from the news, but through word of mouth, passed down from person to person like a game of telephone.

Strange events were happening. Mass blackouts. Unusual electrical surges. Unexplained illnesses. Reports of missing persons.

At first, no one knew what to make of these reports. But then came the morning that changed everything.

The sun rose in the sky, and the entire world went dark. There was no electricity, no communication, no light.

The international community was at a loss. Scientists scrambled to uncover the cause of the blackout, and governments around the world immediately assigned teams to investigate.

One such team was headed by Jacob Montgomery. An experienced agent with the CIA, Jacob had been assigned the case with very little instruction other than “solve it.”

Jacob and his team had been scouring the globe for clues when, out of the blue, they were presented with an unusual opportunity.

A mysterious artifact had been discovered in an ancient temple in Peru, and the artifact appeared to be connected to the blackout. It was a large stone cylinder, about two feet in diameter, with strange symbols etched into its surface.

The mysterious artifact was delivered to Jacob’s team, and they quickly began to study it.

The symbols on the cylinder turned out to be an ancient language, one that no one had heard of before. After intensive study, they were able to translate the inscription.

It read: “Don’t open until Doomsday.”

No one knew what the inscription meant. Was Doomsday the end of the world? Or something else entirely?

Jacob and his team had no idea what to make of it, so they decided to keep it a secret and wait it out.

They monitored the activity around the world, looking for any sign of an impending Doomsday event, but there was nothing. The world appeared to be at peace.

Time passed, and still nothing happened.

Then, one day, the unthinkable happened. The sun went out.

The world was plunged into darkness, and an eerie silence blanketed the planet.

The teams investigating the blackout had been expecting something like this, but they had no idea what would happen next.

Suddenly, there was a loud rumbling sound and the ground began to shake. Earthquakes erupted around the world, followed by massive tidal waves and hurricanes.

The world was plunged into chaos, and the scientists realized that this was the long-awaited Doomsday event.

Realizing that the mysterious artifact might offer them some answers, the team quickly gathered it up and opened it. Inside, they found a map and an intricate device.

The map showed an uncharted island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and the device appeared to be a timer of some sort, counting down from twenty-four hours.

The scientists quickly figured out that the mysterious island was the source of the Doomsday event.

Realizing that they were running out of time, the team set out for the island, determined to stop the disaster before it was too late.

When they arrived, they found the island to be heavily guarded by a group of mysterious figures. The figures warned the team that they had only one chance to save the world: find the secret chamber beneath the island and use the device to reset the Doomsday Clock before time ran out.

The team quickly set off in search of the chamber and managed to locate it just in time. They rushed inside, only to find a huge chamber filled with strange machines and technology.

At the center of the chamber was a large table, and on it sat a single, mysterious cylinder containing something unknown.

The team quickly realized that this was the source of the Doomsday event and that the only way to reset the clock and save the world was to open the cylinder.

Jacob stepped forward and grabbed the cylinder, determined to open it and reset the Doomsday Clock.

Suddenly, the mysterious figures reappeared and stopped him. They told him that the cylinder was not to be opened until Doomsday.

Jacob argued with them for a moment, but eventually realized that they were right. He agreed to wait until Doomsday to open the cylinder, so that the world would have a chance to prepare for whatever lay inside.

The team quickly retreated from the island, and the mysterious figures disappeared once again.

For the next few weeks, the world was in a state of chaos. The sun had still not returned, and the world was in an unending night. No one knew what to expect, but everyone knew that Doomsday was coming.

And then, finally, the day arrived.

The earth shook, the sky rumbled, and the sun returned. The Doomsday Clock had reset.

With a heavy heart, Jacob stepped forward and opened the mysterious cylinder.

Inside was a single piece of paper with a single word written on it.


He looked up at the sky and smiled.

The world had been given a second chance.

The End.

Episode 6: ZZZZZZ

It all started when the world government announced that they had reached a breakthrough in developing a new energy source. The energy source promised to provide clean energy that could power the entire planet for decades to come. It was to be called “ZZZZZZ”, a strange name for a strange energy source, but the world rejoiced.

The new energy source was hailed as a miracle, and the nations of the world decided that it should be made available to everyone. But then, strange things started happening.

People began to start acting strange. They would act out of character and do things that seemed out of character. Some even started speaking in a strange language that no one could understand.

It was soon discovered that the new energy source was the cause. After much research, the government quickly moved to contain the energy source and halt its distribution. But it was too late.

The energy source, it seemed, had a will of its own. It seemed to disrupt the normal flow of life, tainting everything it touched. It made people act in ways that seemed out of character. The effects were not confined to just individuals either, entire cities seemed to be affected by the strange energy source. People began to go missing, and reports of terrifying creatures and strange events began to surface.

The government issued a global state of emergency. Scientists and researchers worked tirelessly to find a way to contain the energy source and undo the damage it had caused. But the more they studied, the more questions they had.

What was this strange force that had appeared out of nowhere? What was it’s purpose? And what did it mean for the future of humanity?

The scientists worked night and day, but still no one had any answers. As the strange phenomena continued, the world descended further and further into chaos and confusion. Even the government seemed powerless to stop it.

Finally, after months of effort, a solution was found. The solution was simple, but drastic: the ZZZZZZ energy source had to be destroyed. But how would they do it?

The scientists had found a way to locate and track the energy source, and they used this to their advantage. With the help of the military, they tracked the source down and destroyed it.

The world rejoiced with the news that the energy source had been destroyed. But the celebration was short-lived. Soon after the energy source had been destroyed, the world was struck by an even more mysterious force. It was a force that no one could explain, but one that seemed to be even more powerful than before.

No one knew what to do. There seemed to be no way to stop it. As the mysterious force spread, the world grew ever darker and more chaotic. The future of mankind hung in the balance.

The fate of the world was in the hands of a small group of brave scientists and researchers. It was up to them to find a way to stop the mysterious force and save the world. They had to think of something, and fast.

Suddenly, one of the scientists had an idea. It was a long shot, but it might just work. She proposed they use the ZZZZZZ energy source again. But this time, they would use it to counteract the mysterious force.

The others weren’t sure at first, but eventually they agreed to try. With the help of the military, they were able to locate and activate the energy source.

The plan worked. The mysterious force was stopped in its tracks, and the world was saved.

But the damage had been done. The world would never be the same again.

In the aftermath of the crisis, the world government decided to keep the existence of the ZZZZZZ energy source secret. They were afraid of what might happen if this powerful force were to ever fall into the wrong hands.

Even though the world was safe, the scientists and researchers still had so many questions. What had caused the mysterious force in the first place? Had the ZZZZZZ energy source been the cause? What was its purpose?

No one had any answers. Perhaps these secrets will remain buried forever. Or perhaps, one day, someone will stumble upon them and unlock the mysteries of the ZZZZZZ energy source.

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