The Martian

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The mission had been going perfectly. Though the Earth was distant, the communication had been strong, and the astronaut’s team had been excitedly awaiting his arrival on Mars. When he did arrive, however, something went wrong. The ship’s systems had malfunctioned, and his condition became critical. While the astronauts had tried to get word back to Earth to alert a rescue mission, the connection had been lost.

The team was left with no choice but to assume the worst and the astronaut was declared “lost in space.” But, the astronaut had not perished, he had only been knocked unconscious. When he awoke, he was stranded on the red planet, alone.

The astronaut looked around in confusion. He was in a dark and unfamiliar place, with no sign of life. He was lost and disoriented. He had no idea how long he had been out or how he was going to manage to survive in this strange place. All the astronaut had was his wit and determination.

The astronaut knew he needed to find a way to signal to Earth that he was still alive. He explored the area around his landing spot for materials that he could use to send a signal. He scavenged and experiment until he had what he needed. With the bits and pieces he had found, he was able to construct a basic communication system.

The communication system was rudimentary, but it was enough to get a message back to Earth. He used the communication system to send a text message to his team announcing that he was alive and stranded. However, the message was garbled and cut off so the team had no idea where he was or if he was still alive.

The astronaut had no way of knowing if the message had been received, only that he had done his best. He decided to focus his energy on trying to survive. He scavenged for supplies, created makeshift shelter, and used his ingenuity to build a generator to power his communication system.

He worked diligently, sending more messages and slowly drawing attention to his plight. Eventually, after months of work, the astronaut’s determination paid off and a rescue mission was dispatched to Mars. Finally, after months of struggle and isolation, the astronaut was found and rescued from the red planet.

The astronaut had been able to survive the harsh and unforgiving environment of Mars with only his determination and ingenuity. His story became an inspiration for others and he was celebrated as a hero. He had gone beyond the limits of what anyone thought possible, and proved that with grit and determination, anything is possible.

Scene 1:


The darkness of space is broken by the faint light of a spaceship. An astronaut is lying in his bed, strapped in place with an oxygen mask on his face. His eyes are wide open, looking up at the stars.


(Whispers) I’m so close.

Suddenly, the entire spaceship starts to shake violently. The astronaut is thrown out of bed, and begins to float in the zero-gravity environment of the ship. As he looks up, he sees the other crew members frantically trying to make it back to Earth.


What’s happening?

Crew Member:

It’s an emergency! We’re being attacked!

The astronaut watches in horror as a giant asteroid collides with the ship, causing it to break apart. He is thrown out into the void of space, and watches as the other crew members escape in the ship’s escape pods.



Fade to black.

Scene 2:


The astronaut is lying on the barren surface of Mars, battered and bruised from the impact of the asteroid. He slowly stands up and takes in the desolate environment around him.


Is anyone out there?

The only sound is the howling of the wind, and the faint sound of the escape pods flying away.


I must be the only one left.

The astronaut looks up at the sky, filled with stars and the faint glimmer of Earth in the distance, and takes a deep breath.


Somehow, I must survive.

He begins to walk across the barren landscape, searching for a way to get back to Earth.

Scene 3:


The astronaut is walking across the sandy landscape of Mars, looking for a way to signal back to Earth. He notices something in the distance and walks towards it.


What is that?

As he gets closer, he can see a small group of domed buildings. He cautiously approaches and notices that they are abandoned.


This must have been a research station..

He then notices a large satellite dish next to one of the domes and runs towards it. He begins to frantically inspect it and discovers that it is still operational.


Yes! I can use this to send a signal back to Earth!

Scene 4:


The astronaut is standing in front of the satellite dish, using all his strength to move it in the right direction. After a few minutes of hard work, he finally manages to adjust it in the direction of Earth.



He then types in a code on the satellite dish’s control panel, and a message appears on the screen:

“Astronaut Jack Smith is alive and needs help. Please respond!”

He stands back and looks up at the sky, hope in his eyes.


Please, somebody hear me.

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