The Godfather

From family to crime, the Corleones’ journey will leave you breathless.

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New York City, 1945

The air was thick with cigarette smoke and the sound of jazz music. Men in tailored suits and women in flowing dresses filled the dimly lit room, mingling with glasses of whiskey in their hands. In a corner booth, a group of men in fedoras spoke in hushed tones.

The man at the center of the group was Don Vito Corleone, the most powerful mobster in New York City. His softly spoken words carried more weight than a judge’s verdict. His eyes were piercing, his face lined with age and experience. He was a man who commanded respect, and his business dealings were the stuff of legend.

But beneath the surface, there were darker forces at work. The Corleone family was one of the most feared crime syndicates in the city, with fingers in everything from illegal gambling to prostitution. Loyalty was everything to them, and betrayal was not taken lightly.

As the night wore on, the Don raised his glass in a toast to the future. Little did he know that his world was about to come crashing down around him.

Chapter 1: The Don

Don Vito Corleone was a man of few words, but everyone knew that when he spoke, they had better listen. As the head of the Corleone family, he had built a vast criminal empire that spanned the city. But despite his wealth and power, Vito Corleone remained a humble man.

He was sitting at his large oak desk in his study, poring over some papers, when the door opened and a man walked in. The man was Johnny Fontane, a famous singer and the Don’s godson.

“Godfather,” Johnny said, his voice trembling. “I need your help.”

“What is it, my boy?” the Don asked.

“It’s my career, Godfather,” Johnny said. “I’m being pushed out of the business. I need your help to get back on top.”

The Don listened patiently as Johnny poured out his troubles. He had always had a soft spot for the boy, and he knew how talented he was. But the music business was a shark tank, and it was clear that Johnny had fallen afoul of some powerful people.

“I’ll do what I can,” the Don said finally. “But you must promise me something in return.”

“Anything, Godfather,” Johnny said.

“I want you to act in a movie for me,” the Don said. “My godson should be a movie star.”

Johnny was taken aback. He had never acted before, and the thought of being on the big screen was daunting. But he knew that he owed the Don a debt, and he was willing to do whatever it took to repay it.

“Thank you, Godfather,” Johnny said. “I won’t let you down.”

The Don smiled. “I know you won’t, my boy.”

A knock on the door interrupted their conversation. It was the Don’s consigliere, Tom Hagen.

“Don Corleone,” Tom said, his voice grave. “There’s been an incident.”

The Don’s face grew serious. “What kind of incident?”

“It’s Sonny,” Tom said. “He’s been in an accident.”

The Don stood up, his heart pounding. Santino “Sonny” Corleone was his eldest son, and the heir to the family business. If something had happened to him, it could mean the end of the Corleone empire.

“Take me to him,” the Don said, striding out of the room.

They drove to the hospital in silence, the Don lost in thought. When they arrived, they found Santino lying on a gurney, covered in blood.

The Don’s heart sank. “What happened?” he asked.

“He was ambushed while driving home,” Tom said. “It looks like a hit.”

The Don’s face grew hard. “Who did this?”

“We don’t know yet,” Tom said. “But we’re looking into it.”

The Don stood over his son, his eyes burning with anger. He knew that there were rival gangs who would stop at nothing to take down the Corleones. But he was determined to protect his family, no matter what the cost.

As the doctors worked to save Santino’s life, the Don made a vow. He would do whatever it took to protect his family, even if it meant going to war. Because in the end, family was all that mattered.

Chapter 2: Michael’s Plan

Michael knew that his father’s shooting was not a random act of violence but rather a well-planned assassination attempt. It was evident that the Tattaglia family was behind it, and Michael was determined to take them down. He knew that the only way to do that was to follow in his father’s footsteps and become the new Don of the Corleone family.

Michael started by consulting with Salvatore Tessio, one of his father’s closest allies. Together, they plotted their revenge. Michael knew that the Tattaglia family was weak in their control of the drug trade, and he saw an opportunity to exploit this weakness. He also knew that the Tattaglia family’s power was based on the support of the other crime families, and if he could weaken that support, he could take them down.

Michael’s plan was a risky one, but he was confident in his ability to execute it. He knew that he needed to act quickly, and he began to make preparations. He ordered his men to start collecting intelligence on the Tattaglia family’s drug operations, and he began to make strategic alliances with the other crime families.

At the same time, Michael started to distance himself from his family. He knew that he couldn’t afford to let his emotions get in the way of his plan, and he needed to be willing to make hard decisions. He became even more isolated when he learned that his brother Fredo had been involved in the plot against their father. Michael was furious, but he knew that he couldn’t let his emotions get the best of him.

Michael’s plan started to come together when he secured a deal with the Barzini family, one of the most powerful crime families in the city. He knew that if he could get their support, he could successfully weaken the Tattaglia family’s hold on the other families. Michael’s strategy was to use the Barzini family’s influence to convince the other families to back away from the Tattaglia family.

Michael’s plan was risky because it involved going head-to-head with the Tattaglia family, who were known for their brutality. Michael’s strategy involved taking out their drug operations, which would cripple their power base. Michael knew that this would be a risky move, but he had a contingency plan in case things went wrong.

Michael started by sending his men to disrupt the Tattaglia family’s drug shipments. They raided their drug warehouses and intercepted their shipments, causing significant financial losses. Michael also knew that he needed to take out the key players in the Tattaglia family, and he did so by ordering hits on their top lieutenants.

The Tattaglia family retaliated by trying to assassinate Michael. They sent hitmen to his home, but Michael was able to foil their plan. He then ordered a hit on the Tattaglia family’s boss, Virgil Sollozzo, and his bodyguard, the corrupt police captain Mark McCluskey.

Michael’s plan was successful, and he was able to take down the Tattaglia family. With their power base weakened, the other crime families began to back away from them. Michael’s actions earned him respect and fear across the city.

As Michael’s plan unfolded, it became clear that he was not the same man that he once was. His cold, calculated approach to the situation worried those around him, and they wondered if he was still the same Michael they knew before. They saw a ruthless, calculated criminal who had no qualms about ordering hits on anyone who stood in his way.

But Michael knew that he had to be this way. He knew that he could not afford to let his emotions get in the way of his plan. He knew that he had to be willing to do whatever it took to protect his family and maintain control.

In the end, Michael’s plan was a success. He had taken down the Tattaglia family and had emerged as the new Don of the Corleone family. But at what cost? The people he once trusted were dead or turned against him, and the city was a darker, more dangerous place because of his actions.

Chapter 3: The Betrayal

Michael sat in his father’s office, staring out the window. The sun was setting, casting a golden glow over the city. His thoughts were consumed by the attempt on his father’s life, and the need for revenge.

His father, Don Vito Corleone, was recovering from the gunshot wounds he had sustained. His eldest brother, Sonny, was leading the family in Vito’s absence. But Michael knew that he had the intelligence, the cunning, and the ruthlessness to take over. He had always been the outsider, the one who didn’t want to be involved in the family business. But now, with his father’s life on the line, Michael was ready to do whatever it took to protect his family.

He turned away from the window as Salvatore Tessio entered the room. Tessio was a trusted friend of the family, and he had worked closely with Michael before. Michael had a plan, and he knew that he needed Tessio’s help to execute it.

“Sal, I need your help,” Michael said.

“Anything, Mike,” Tessio replied.

“I know who was behind the hit on my father. It was the Tattaglia family.”

Tessio’s eyes widened in surprise. “The Tattaglias? They’re one of the five families. A direct attack on them would mean war.”

“I know,” Michael said. “But we can’t let them get away with this. We need to send a message, and we need to make it clear that the Corleone family is not to be messed with.”

“What do you have in mind?”

“We hit them. Hard. We’ll go after their entire operation. Their businesses, their men, their families. We won’t stop until they’re crippled.”

Tessio hesitated for a moment. “It’s risky, Mike. But if we pull it off, it would be a massive blow to the Tattaglias.”

“I know the risks. But we have to do this. For my father.”

Tessio nodded. “Okay. I’ll start making the arrangements.”

Michael spent the next few days planning the attack. He knew that it would require a significant investment of time and resources, but he was determined to see it through. He was fueled by a sense of anger and betrayal that he had never felt before. How could someone have tried to kill his own father? It made no sense to him.

As the day of the attack drew near, Michael became increasingly tense. He hardly slept, spending his nights pouring over maps and blueprints of the Tattaglia operations. He knew that the attack had to be precise, and that every detail had to be planned down to the last detail.

On the day of the attack, Michael and his men gathered at a warehouse on the outskirts of the city. They were heavily armed, and they had all received detailed instructions on what to do. Michael took a deep breath, and then gave the order to move out.

They hit the Tattaglia family hard. They attacked their businesses, their men, and their families. They burned buildings, exploded cars, and killed anyone who got in their way. Michael watched from a distance, his heart pounding in his chest. He felt a surge of power and adrenaline as he saw his plan unfold.

As they drove back to their base, Michael could sense that something was wrong. There was a tension in the air that he couldn’t shake. He wondered if his plan had succeeded, or if something had gone wrong.

When they arrived back at the warehouse, Michael was greeted by a group of his father’s men. They looked somber, and Michael knew immediately that something was wrong.

“What is it?” he asked.

One of the men stepped forward. “We’ve received word that someone in our own family was involved in the hit on your father.”

Michael felt his blood run cold. “Who?”

The man hesitated. “Fredo.”

Michael felt a surge of anger and betrayal. Fredo, his own brother, had been involved in the assassination attempt. He felt sick to his stomach. He had always known that Fredo was weak and easily manipulated, but he had never thought that he would betray their family.

He stormed into the room where Fredo was being held. Fredo looked up at him, his eyes filled with fear.

“Michael, I didn’t mean for it to go this far,” Fredo stammered. “I was just trying to help.”

Michael’s voice was cold and controlled. “You were trying to help kill our father?”

“I didn’t know it was going to be like this,” Fredo pleaded. “I didn’t know they were going to try to kill him.”

Michael felt a surge of anger. “You’re lucky I don’t kill you right now.”

He turned and stormed out of the room. He knew that he couldn’t kill Fredo. Not yet. But he had a plan for him.

As the days passed, tensions between Michael and Fredo escalated. Michael didn’t trust him, and he made sure that Fredo knew it. He watched his brother carefully, waiting for the right time to make his move.

Finally, the moment came. Michael lured Fredo to a deserted alleyway, and then confronted him. He knew that he couldn’t kill Fredo – not yet, anyway. But he could do something that was almost as bad.

He beat him.

He beat him until he was unconscious, and then he left him there in the alleyway. He knew that Fredo would never be the same again.

As he walked away, Michael felt a sense of satisfaction. He had done what he had to do. But he also knew that there would be consequences. He had betrayed his own brother, and he knew that he had made enemies within his own family.

But he didn’t care. He was the new Don. And he was ready to do whatever it took to protect his family.

Chapter 4: The Hit

As Michael’s plot to take down the Tattaglia family unfolds, he becomes more ruthless and calculating with each passing day. He knows that in order to take down his enemies, he must strike hard and fast.

Michael turns to his friend Salvatore Tessio for help. Together, they gather their most trusted men and begin to plan their attack. Michael knows that the Tattaglia family will be expecting retaliation, so he comes up with a plan that will catch them off guard.

The first step is to isolate the Tattaglia family. Michael orders his men to cut off all their communication lines and to take out their guards. They succeed in taking out the guards, but it’s not enough. Michael knows that they need to take out the Tattaglia boss, Philip Tattaglia, in order to send a message.

Salvatore Tessio comes up with a plan to lure Tattaglia out of hiding. He suggests that they set up a meeting with Tattaglia under the guise of making a peace offering. Michael agrees, but he knows that the meeting must take place in a public area where they can’t be ambushed.

The meeting takes place at a hotel in Manhattan. Michael and his men arrive first and take up positions around the hotel. They are ready for anything. Tattaglia arrives with his bodyguards and enters the hotel. Michael greets him cordially, but Tattaglia is nervous. He knows that something isn’t right.

Michael offers Tattaglia a drink, and he accepts. As they sit and talk, Michael begins to feel a sense of unease. He knows that the Tattaglia family won’t take this lying down. He decides that it’s time to strike.

Suddenly, Michael’s men burst into the room, guns blazing. A fierce gun battle ensues, but Michael’s men are better trained and more organized. They take out every one of Tattaglia’s bodyguards.

Michael approaches Tattaglia calmly. He knows that he must send a message to the other crime families, so he shoots Tattaglia in the head. The sound of the gunshot echoes through the hotel. The other guests panic and flee.

Michael and his men quickly exit the hotel, but they are met by a barrage of gunfire. The other crime families have arrived, and they are out for blood. Michael’s men fight back, but they are outnumbered.

Amid the chaos, Michael sees the other crime bosses standing in the distance. They are watching the battle unfold, waiting to see who will come out on top. Michael realizes that he has put himself and his family in danger. He knows that there will be repercussions.

But for now, he must focus on getting his men out alive. They retreat to a safe house, where Michael assesses the damage. He knows that they have won the battle, but not the war. He also knows that he has made more enemies than ever before.

As he sits and thinks about what has happened, Michael realizes that he is slowly becoming the very thing he once despised. He has become a ruthless crime boss whose thirst for power and control knows no bounds.

Chapter 5: The Fallout

As news of the Tattaglia family massacre spreads throughout the city, Michael Corleone knows that he is in danger. The other crime families see him as a threat to their power and begin to plot against him. He understands the danger that he and his family are in, but he is determined to protect them and maintain control.

Michael meets with his consigliere Tom Hagen to discuss the situation. “We need to be prepared for anything,” Michael says, staring out the window. “The other families won’t be happy about what we’ve done.”

“I know, Michael,” Tom replies. “But we’ve got some friends in high places. We can use that to our advantage.”

Michael nods. He knows that Tom is right. They need to leverage their connections and resources to stay one step ahead of their enemies.

The next day, Michael meets with his brother Fredo to discuss the situation. “We need to be careful,” Michael tells him. “The other families are going to come after us.”

Fredo nods nervously. He knows that his brother is right. He has always been in awe of Michael’s intelligence and ruthlessness. But he also worries about the danger that they are in.

Michael continues, “I need you to keep an eye on things, Fredo. Watch for any suspicious activity. And don’t let anyone get too close to the family.”

Fredo nods again, still looking nervous. “I’ll do my best, Michael,” he says.

But Michael knows that he can’t rely on Fredo completely. He knows that his brother is weak and easily manipulated. He decides to keep a closer eye on him.

As the days go by, tensions between the Corleones and the other families continue to escalate. Michael receives threats from his enemies, but he remains calm and focused. He knows that he needs to stay one step ahead of them if he wants to survive.

One night, a group of thugs break into Michael’s house. He and his bodyguards fight them off, but Michael is shaken. He knows that he can’t let his guard down for a moment.

The next day, Michael meets with his caporegime Peter Clemenza to discuss their next move. “We need to hit them before they hit us,” Clemenza says. “We know who their top guys are. We need to take them out.”

Michael nods. He understands the importance of striking first. “But we need to be careful,” he says. “We don’t want to start a war that we can’t win.”

Clemenza agrees. “I’ll make the arrangements,” he says. “We’ll hit them when they least expect it.”

Michael feels a sense of relief. He knows that Clemenza is one of his most trusted men, and he has faith in his abilities. But he can’t shake the feeling that something is about to go wrong.

That night, Michael is at home with his wife Kay when he receives a phone call. It’s Clemenza. “Michael, we’ve got a problem,” he says. “The other families are one step ahead of us. They know our plan.”

Michael feels a surge of anger and fear. He knows that their enemies are getting closer. “What do we do?” he asks.

Clemenza replies, “I’ve got a backup plan. We’ll hit them from another angle. But we need to move quickly.”

Michael nods. He knows that time is running out. He gets up from the table and goes to his study. He sits down at his desk and starts to make phone calls.

Over the next few days, Michael’s plan unfolds. He uses his connections and resources to outsmart his enemies. He is able to strike at them when they least expect it, taking out their top guys and consolidating his power.

But as he looks around at the aftermath of his actions, he can’t help but feel a sense of sadness and regret. The people he once trusted are dead or turned against him, and the city is a darker, more dangerous place because of his actions.

He knows that he has lost something of himself in the process. But he also knows that he had no choice. In this world, it’s kill or be killed. And Michael Corleone intends to survive, no matter the cost.

Chapter 6: The Wedding

The wedding of Connie Corleone and Carlo Rizzi is a lavish affair, but Michael Corleone can’t shake the feeling that something is off. Carlo, his brother-in-law, has always been a bit rough around the edges, but lately, he’s been acting more erratic than usual. Michael’s suspicions are confirmed when he overhears Carlo talking about betraying the family.

Michael had always hoped that Carlo would prove himself to be a loyal member of the family, but he has come to accept that his brother-in-law is not cut out for this life. Michael knows what he has to do, but he is dreading the confrontation that is sure to come.

As the party continues, Michael keeps a watchful eye on Carlo. He sees the way Carlo treats Connie, his sister, and he knows that he can’t allow Carlo to continue to abuse her. Michael decides that he will confront Carlo after the wedding.

Finally, the reception comes to an end, and Michael approaches Carlo. “We need to talk,” he says, his voice low and menacing. Carlo tries to play it cool, but Michael can see the fear in his eyes.

“What’s this about, Michael?” Carlo asks.

“You know what this is about,” Michael replies. “I heard you talking about betraying the family.”

Carlo tries to deny it, but Michael cuts him off. “Don’t lie to me, Carlo. You’re a weak link, and I can’t have that in the family.”

Carlo starts to get angry, but Michael remains calm. “You can’t talk to me like that. I’m married to your sister.”

Michael’s eyes narrow. “And you’ve been abusing her, too. I won’t tolerate that kind of behavior in my family.”

Carlo tries to stand up to Michael, but he is no match for the younger man’s strength and determination. Michael beats him severely, sending a clear message that he will not tolerate disloyalty or abuse within his family.

After the confrontation, Michael is filled with mixed emotions. On one hand, he’s relieved to have dealt with the situation. On the other hand, he knows that his actions have consequences. His relationship with Connie will never be the same, and he knows that the other families will see his behavior as a sign of weakness.

As he watches the aftermath of the wedding unfold, Michael realizes that he is truly alone in this world. All that matters to him is the family, but even they seem to be slipping away from him.

Despite his doubts, Michael presses on. He knows that the Corleone family needs a leader who is strong and decisive, and he is determined to be that leader. But as the city becomes a darker, more dangerous place, he can’t help but feel a sense of regret for the innocent lives that have been lost along the way.

Chapter 7: The Final Showdown

Michael Corleone had always known that his enemies would eventually come for him. But he was confident in his ability to outsmart them. He had spent years building up his power and influence, making connections and eliminating threats. And yet, he knew that this final showdown would determine the fate of his family and everything he had worked so hard for.

As the day of the showdown approached, Michael made his preparations. He met with his most trusted advisors, including his consigliere Tom Hagen, to strategize and plan for every possible scenario. He knew that the other families would be bringing their best men, so he had to be ready for anything.

The day of the meeting, Michael and his entourage arrived at the location, which was an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of the city. The atmosphere was tense, and Michael could feel the eyes of his enemies on him as he made his way inside.

Once inside, Michael realized that things were not going to go as smoothly as he had hoped. The other families had brought more men than he had anticipated, and they were armed to the teeth. It was clear that they intended to take him out, and Michael knew that he had to act fast.

“Listen to me,” he said, raising his voice so that everyone in the room could hear him. “I know why you’re here. You want to take me out, to eliminate the Corleone family once and for all. But I’m not going down without a fight. I’ve got my men here, and we’re ready to defend ourselves.”

There was a moment of silence as Michael’s words sunk in. Then suddenly, chaos erupted as gunfire and shouting filled the air. Michael and his men were forced to fight their way out, taking down as many of their enemies as they could.

As the dust settled, Michael surveyed the scene. Many of his men were wounded or dead, and the warehouse was littered with bodies. He felt a sense of unease as he realized that this was just the beginning. The other families would not take this defeat lightly, and the war would continue.

But for now, Michael had emerged victorious. His family was safe, and he had sent a clear message to his enemies that he would not be taken down easily. He knew that the road ahead would be difficult and full of dangers, but he was prepared to do whatever it took to protect his family and maintain his power.

As Michael stepped out of the warehouse and into the bright sunlight, he felt a sense of relief wash over him. He knew that the road ahead would be long and difficult, but for now, he had won. And that was all that mattered.

Some scenes from the movie The Godfather written by A.I.

Scene 1



The city is abuzz with activity. Cars honk, people chatter, and the hustle and bustle of city life is in full swing.



Don Vito Corleone, the patriarch of the Corleone crime family, sits in his office surrounded by his closest confidantes. Michael, his youngest son, sits at his side.



I need your help, Michael.



What do you need, Father?



I need you to take care of the people who tried to kill me.



You mean…



Yes. The Tattaglia family. They think they can take us down, but they’re wrong.



Michael and his friend Salvatore Tessio approach the Tattaglia family compound. Michael is dressed in a suit and carries a briefcase. Tessio is armed and dangerous.



Michael and Tessio meet with two high-ranking Tattaglia family members. The tension is palpable.



What brings you here, Michael?



I think you know why I’m here.



Oh, do tell.



You tried to kill my father. And now you’ll pay for it.



Gunshots ring out as Michael and Tessio make their escape. Blood stains the pavement as the Tattaglia family lies in ruins.


Scene 2



The bustling streets of New York are alive with activity. We see a young man, MICHAEL CORLEONE, as he exits a club with his friend SALVATORE TESSIO. They head to a nearby alley to talk.

SALVATORE TESSIO: (whispering) What’s going on, Michael? Why did you bring me here?

MICHAEL CORLEONE: (whispering) We have a problem. The Tattaglia family is behind the hit on my father. I need your help to take them down.

SALVATORE TESSIO: (surprised) Michael, you’re talking about starting a war here.

MICHAEL CORLEONE: (firmly) I know what I’m doing, Sal. But I can’t do this alone. I need you on my side.

SALVATORE TESSIO: (hesitant) I don’t know, Michael. This doesn’t feel right.

MICHAEL CORLEONE: (leaning in) Please, Sal. I need you. We’ll make them pay for what they did to my father.

Salvatore looks at Michael, assessing the situation.

SALVATORE TESSIO: (nodding) Alright, Michael. I’m in.

MICHAEL CORLEONE: (smiling) Good. Now let’s plan this out.

The two men continue to talk, deep in discussion as the camera pans out to show the city skyline before fading to black.


Scene 3

Setting: New York City, 1945


– Michael Corleone, the youngest son of Don Vito Corleone

– Fredo Corleone, Michael’s older brother

– Salvatore Tessio, Michael’s friend and ally

– Tom Hagen, the Corleone family lawyer

– Carlo Rizzi, Connie’s husband and Michael’s brother-in-law



Michael sits across from Fredo, his face dark with anger.

Michael: “Did you know about the hit on my father, Fredo? Did you help plan it?”

Fredo hangs his head, his eyes filled with shame.

Fredo: “I’m so sorry, Michael. I was just…caught up in things. I didn’t know what I was doing.”

Michael clenches his fists, trying to control his rage.

Michael: “You’re lucky I’m not like the others, Fredo. I could have had you killed for this. But I won’t. You’re still my brother.”

Fredo looks up, grateful but uncertain.

Fredo: “What do we do now, Michael? How do we make sure this never happens again?”

Michael leans back in his chair, his eyes fixed on Fredo.

Michael: “We need to be smarter than they are. We need to show them that we’re not to be messed with. And we need to find out who else was involved in this.”

Salvatore Tessio enters the room, sensing the tension.

Tessio: “Michael, the others are waiting for us. They want to talk about what we do next.”

Michael nods, rising from his seat.

Michael: “Let’s go. We have work to do.”

As Michael and the others leave, Fredo stays behind, his mind racing with fear and guilt.

Fade to black.

Scene 4



We see the Corleone hit squad, led by Michael himself, walking down the alley. They are all dressed in black suits and carrying weapons. Sal Tessio, another member of the Corleone family, is walking alongside Michael.


This is it, boys. This is where the Tattaglias are holed up.


You sure about this, Mike? We’re walking into a trap here.



Let ’em try and trap us.

As they approach the entrance to the building, we see a group of Tattaglia soldiers guarding the door. Michael and the rest of the hit squad stop in their tracks, ready for a fight.

Michael steps forward and addresses the soldiers.


I’m looking for Bruno Tattaglia. Tell him Michael Corleone is here to see him.

The soldiers hesitate for a moment, then step aside to let the hit squad through.


Michael and the hit squad walk into a large room, where they are greeted by Bruno Tattaglia himself.


Michael Corleone. What a surprise.



I’m not here for pleasantries, Bruno.


I figured as much. So what brings you to my humble abode?


I hear you have some unfinished business with my family.



You could say that.

Without warning, Michael pulls out his gun and shoots Bruno in the head. Chaos ensues as the hit squad takes down the rest of the Tattaglia soldiers in the room.


We see the hit squad exit the building, bloodied and bruised from the fight. Michael is carrying a wounded Sal Tessio on his shoulder.


(to the rest of the squad)

Get him to a hospital. We’re not done yet.

As the hit squad disperses, Michael stands alone in the alley. He looks up at the night sky, a look of satisfaction on his face.


(to himself)

They’ll think twice before messing with the Corleones again.


Scene 5



The camera pans over New York City, showing various shots of different landmarks and buildings.



Michael is sitting at his desk, staring at a map of the city. He looks up as his sister Connie walks in.


Michael, what are you doing?


Just trying to figure out our next move. The other families are getting restless.


Do you think they’ll make a move against us?


They already have. They’re just waiting for the right moment.


What are you going to do?


I have a plan. But I need your help first.

Connie looks at Michael, unsure of what to do.



Michael meets with Salvatore Tessio and his consigliere Tom Hagen.


I need your help. The other families are plotting against us, and I need to know who’s with us and who’s against us.


I’ll see what I can do. But it won’t be easy.


We’ll need more than just information. We need to take the fight to them.


I know. But we have to be careful. We don’t want to start a war we can’t win.



Barzini and Tattaglia are meeting in secret.


We have to do something about Michael. He’s getting too powerful.


I agree. But we have to be careful. We don’t want to draw too much attention to ourselves.


What do you suggest?


We’ll wait for the right moment. We’ll make it look like an accident.


What about his family?


We’ll take care of them too.



Michael and his family are sitting down for dinner. Michael looks around the table, watching his family members.


I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all of you. You’re the reason I do what I do.

As the camera pans over Michael’s family, we see a shadowy figure watching them from outside.


Scene 6


The Corleone family gathers for Connie’s wedding. Michael stands off to the side with his brother-in-law Carlo, watching as Connie dances with her new husband.


(to Michael)

You know, she’s gonna be a great wife.


(glares at Carlo)

I’m sure she will be.

Carlo takes a swig of his drink, and his mood shifts. He grabs Connie and starts dancing erratically, pulling her close and whispering in her ear.


(struggling to get away)

Carlo, stop it!

Michael moves in to intervene, but Carlo shoves him away.


(to Michael)

Stay out of this!

Michael watches helplessly as Carlo drags Connie away, his rage building.


Michael sits in the dimly lit room, staring at his hands. Connie’s cries echo in his mind.


(from behind Michael)

Hey, kid. You alright?

Michael looks up to see his older brother Sonny standing in the doorway.


(shaking his head)

No. Carlo’s an animal. I should’ve killed him.



You can’t go around killing everybody who pisses you off.


(stands up)

I don’t care. He’s a traitor. He’ll betray us all.

Sonny puts his hand on Michael’s shoulder.


(calming him down)

Alright, alright. We’ll talk to him. But we gotta be careful. Can’t let anyone know what we’re planning.

Michael nods, knowing what he has to do.


Carlo sleeps peacefully in bed as Michael enters the room. He stands there for a beat, watching him breathe, before grabbing a pillow and smothering him.

Carlo thrashes and fights, but he’s no match for Michael’s strength. When it’s over, Michael leaves the room, his face stone-cold.


The wedding festivities continue, but there’s a palpable tension in the air. Michael stands on the sidelines, watching as his family dances and celebrates. He knows what he’s done, and he knows the consequences.

But he’s willing to face them, no matter what. For the family.

Author: AI