The Fifth Element

“Saving humanity is just the beginning, in a world where elements converge, technology clashes and love defies all.”

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In the twenty-third century, Earth was on the brink of complete destruction. The greed of humanity had led to constant wars and battles over resources, leaving cities destroyed and the water and air heavily polluted. It seemed as though Earth was heading to its inevitable end. However, a ray of hope remained, the fifth element.

The fifth element was a mysterious being integral to Earth’s survival in its rough environment. Pieces of her being scattered across the universe, it was imperative they were found and united again. The fate of humanity depended on this. But the fifth element’s retrieval was not going to be an easy job, a job set to become even harder when evil businessmen planned to go to worst of heights in attain the element.

Chapter 1

Korben stood by his cab awaiting his first job of the day to arrive. In a ragged blue shirt and jeans with muscular arms, this comforted his worry of rain becoming sleet soon.

The noise of the busy city and roaring taxis nearby provided a cacophony that made it difficult for Korben to hear his communicative device, sometimes. He soon noticed a church official nervously looking around trying to drag out his indecision. Korben had seen enough of the church to know better that they didn’t mark pedestrian-rights for traffic-stops even as the emergency vehicle sirens occasionally gave way.

As Korben quickly prayed to himself that it wouldn’t be a long drive and ran to seat to accept his passenger. He was surprised to hear what the religious man had to say.

“Pardon me, do you have a quiet place where I may with yourself, son?” the church official asked as he stepped into Korben’s cab. Instinctively taking that for a yes, he motioned Korben to launch into gear.

As the cab funneled on the road, the calling machine letter flashed a mission prompted for an engineer in extreme hurry picking up quarantine-bound equipment for Fhloston the cruise liner. Tending to the driving duties whilst at the comfort of driving, he saw the church official feverishly hunting during his belongings in the rear seat.

Defall, a big time operators called to clarify one more request before hanging up for th day. However much Korben was indifferent to it out of familiarity, the ticking noise was geting crowded Korben had enough and forcefully turned it off.

“Do you mind stopping the taxi for a quick minute, cause I need to thank and bless you.” asked the Priest. Korben bluntly brushed off his patronizes remarks, hastily accepting it a moment of acquired experience earning tips sooner.

Like he’d disposed of all delinquents, Korben rushed to restart the fallowed vehicle to reach the tarmac, with Defall’s desk they exchanged tales of manhood and jokes about company joke over a variety of possible outings in Limbo as the digital interface equipped Himela information reserve bellowed reports on civilian casualties of some battle fought-years-ago, mercenary counts, population shifts in sectors noted by the secret police upon house leaves extending past what their- colleague quoted as acceptable.

In the somewhat torrential downpour he gave up biting clothes for a peace of salty pretzel and continued on his way, ignoring Defall as he called back reassuring Korben won’t join towards the Long Island car drop, another troop transport coming from already blown-off Japanese landmass believed to be fused with their cause.

In thoughts of how he’d eventually cater to payment sorting his waflehouse deliveries or quick as always pick them afterwards, he drove on- focused. The smudge-laden autumn climate impeded with an emergency lockdown that morning which threw the city-taxis line up- some of them fresh battered beyond the screen as desperate clients try to struggle through. Concerned that he was about twenty-five minutes too late to rendezvous, he swerved through inward shortcuts, carrying his displeased artisan client from Hot Wire Components in Hunters Point to Verto Cola in Midtown expecting a cocktail-shaky thing dubbed “Lovey”- “Some people made you- like me, for that and left everybody smooth”. After a long deep breath and the local news highlights, he cast out a “minable bill”.

Korben was jolted from the comfort of his vehicle as a member of the police banged on his window. His first instinct was that one of his former criminal associates had caught off his escape, but those colors signed different tones. Right there and then he turned it off, angry that all His ressureme added up to valet parking in Limbo for other’s gear-even for months on end ever since his buddies left their man dead on his floor a decade and change ago.

In an increasingly mixed relationship-humans, other apex predators and some more tenuous are walking through public precincts dotted with crowded trucks and garages trading points for artifacts from a war legally robbed freedom- this was all too bad unfortunately; however happy manuvered what you’d keep apart from others with your bloodiness still inside in hyper drive-now non-existent.

Traffic-dazed, realizing to survive serving handful of strangers trying to protect what remained at Old Taxi stands, the prospect of meeting an ancient curse followed. While lurking parts a fortress-memories into private tunnels hovering restlessly over dark polluted fields of vegetation, pushing Koben into the bread winner months before, suffocating normal flow of time back to low level obligations. Isolation was the only option.

A moment of bound sensation closed in as feeling blazed and licked. Korben must call it a much needed day, grab a few deals early along the array at Ion Cup- with Hope, take his options slowly for that upcoming season.

Korben was ready to put this mission behind him and start his weekend of delivering toast with creamy butter while still engaging in some business meetings. However, he knew deep down that whatever the mission was, his life would never be the same.

Chapter 2: The Priest’s Mission

After the adrenaline-rush of the hotel ambush, Korben is left with a lot of questions but very few answers. However, things only get stranger when he comes across Priest Vito Cornelius, who is clad in full battle armor, barrelling towards him.

“Korben Dallas!” shouts the Priest, holding out a hand.

Korben raises an eyebrow, thoroughly confused. “Yeah, that’s me, what’s it to you?”

Vito Cornelius throws off the helmet of his armor and exposes his face, weathered both by scars and age. The Priest clasps Korben’s hand and brings it to his lips, kissing it chastely before muttering a quick prayer.

“You do not remember me, of course. I was with the Mondoshawan ship that listed, thirteen years ago. Not even the stars will suffer.

Perhaps you will, woman

You will perish in flame & silence together with the others of th

Subject, when it’s entombed in Calcutta deorbit burn today.”

Korben’s jaw drops. The Mondoshawan? He had ten tickets for passengers on that fated ship–including himself and his mom before her backtomy injury– but had last-minute changed his mind and his strange inclination had saved him. But how can this old priest Cordelius announce himself so familiarly around his story?

“Thirteen years–” starts Korben, but the Priest cuts him off with a fervor borne of near-empty obsession to accomplish a mission.

“The stones, Korben! The stones! It’s about the Stones!” blusters Vito as Korben tries to calm him down.

The tension is interrupted when the ominous crackle of radio chatter comes to life, muted inside a trench-fill. Korben hurriedly sets down Louis before dashing over to a small hill to get a full battery of weapons from the armory as his past creeps back.

“Military okayed mine without flaw. Got it out last second,” stated an unfamiliar, electronic voice that ended too mischievously with static.

Shadows drift over Korben’s face, sorrow near over. What had these people walking about doing in his past too?

Korben takes the Priest by the arm and leads him to his beat-up cab. “What’s this got to do with me?”

“You’re ikely this humanity’s only hope, after twelve thousand years. And if you can’t help us, that somewhere else in the cosmos could solve the puzzle. The absence moves the shadows controlling everything– is vital considering the seriousness, I must instead request your confidence, trust,” he finishes, holding out his hand. Koren hesitates before clasping the rough, cold hand.

“All right, let’s talk about these precious stones,” says Korben in disbelief, while secretly relishing the mystery that comes with the sudden interruption of banality.

The backseat of his cab becomes homebase for Vito as the car crisscrosses New York’s streets, roof pulsing with light and sound a shock to every sleepy passenger as they roar to and from various journeys in and about the impossibly vertical megalopolis. Cairo Amoroso bobs about, revealing a cigarette for delectation once again. “What’s he doing here?” growls Korben.

Vita answers: “He is the smallest quint tick ever found in a Carbonaro Collective functioning at Birmingham.”

“He’s an energy professor?” blurts out Korben just as the cab comes to a perilous halt to do a swift U-turn in a half-tunnel exit.

Louis Prima wanders around, sucking on an eternal but gigantic cigar. “I like him … Never met him, of course– remind me again why I have to achieve zero dial-tone integration.”

The party includes even more meandering figures as it pulls over by Flostan Paradise’s construction lobby. After alighting, Korben squares himself up to the camouflaged participants: all wearing suits of gleaming armour attached together titanically along the base of their necks. An escort lays the key and the dabble-spool on his tongue as he looks up ahead. There is a wet brightness ahead heaped up with a harvest rainbow because beyond this illusion lies the impossible blue of reality.

The key turns to green and a shine bursts forth from the rough wood startle Korben almost down to the asphalt. Maya’s voice inquiring about the ‘Stone,’ for acceptance of urgency to story adds to the overall sensory overload. “Over there!” calls out the priest cordelius, pointing to a stainless steel bank of elevators, guarded by skunk-haired fashionistas in monochromatic jockeys.

The non-listening bell hop shows the team a rigged suite and closes them in with promises for pleasantries as they invite him in.

“Banter too pleasant a fantasy favor?”, observant Franz arrives all suspicion and curly hair, still coated in visible cold sweat from the prep-recording studio. “Is it true that when you throttle-mode in hyperspace virtual color curtain they went sepia dirt and don’t let you smell food and/or attract available water?”

Louis snorts in surly disappointment when he enters to reveal not only famous matron Kelly.

Later they all but roll out of the elevator with its slow, low-lumens gate, including the sparkling Aupaumourian pearls projecting their for-benefit-of human pleasures angle of perception-tweaked sensibilities, presently hitting Zenaritha in surging randiness, crossing sensory burn to engulf her imaginespace with fall-apart asteroidal pottery jumbles.)

Each encounter leaves Korben with more wisdom and certainly far more problems than she expected. As the events coming to discover all conspiracies only to end up intercepted by Zorg’s crew, who arrive in killer rate luxury vessels, left him near complete confusion likely due to his conflicted ideals about love and responsibility-gauging bravery. With narrowing days to the shutowick destruction of Earth coming into view, he had to make decisions or will certianly watch Leeloo– and Earth perish with torture inescapable.

Korben’s past comes face to face with doubt and discovery, but could he combine his overt love for Leeloo with the ability to save humanity from an outer-space embodiment of chaos? Utilizing the aid of all his lives colliding, we can only wait to see what choice he will make to discover how these adventure and imaginative lands ensavhking the galaxy, can come to a hopeful coincidence of closure.

Chapter 3: Battle in the Hotel

The moment Korben stepped into the deserted hotel room, he sensed something was different. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up, and his instincts told him to get out. But he didn’t have any choice. He was protecting something, and he had to see it through.

He looked around the space for anything that might seem out of place. Everything appeared normal except for a nondescript case sitting on the bedside table, which looked like an ordinary suitcase but came to life when its identified fingerprint was recognized. This piece contained a collection of extraordinary weapons, which he could use against any challenge threatening the safety of his clients or crew.

He knew he had no choice, but he looked right and left, moving toward the suitcase. That’s when it happened. Explosions rocked the hotel room, shattering the window glass, and riddling the suite with bullets.

Korben’s looked for cover, reacting instinctively, pulling out his tactical handgun from his pocket. He shot back accurately, but he realized

“This isn’t me,” he thought. “This kind of fight, it’s impossible for just one person. No use fighting until I know what’s happening.”

So he fell back toward the bathroom, securing a better cover around the lavatory.

Then he saw it burst through the wall: A mechanized droid, obviously indicating something not human-made. The robot attacking Korben was composed of rigid series of metal plates loaded with sophisticated circuitry and operated with blue tinted neon tubes. It fired bullets, lasers, and explosive grenades in Korben’s direction, which he consistently tried to dodge.

While he managed to find a different battleground than the hotel room, that didn’t negate the strength of the weapon-like sentient-golems moments to adjust to new environmental situations became significantly smaller. Those shortcomings fluctuated with the malfunction making warning uncertainty that originated with the mainframe. However, it moved erratically and responded irregularly. It could harm as easily as it could lose.

As the sounds of the gunfight silenced, Korben glided attempting to assess any signals of potential new threats. Approaching the frosted white marshmonger shower door that remembered him how life in unidentifiable realities and likely inter-dimensional forays may hold more truths, Korben’s reflex rapidly changed the focus of the fight knowing the droid would burst through it within seconds. Those sold into his profession periodically settle combat scores beneficial to those prepared with alternative weapon choices able to improve human contention chances.

In seconds panting Korben concentrated to execute one compact round towards the white shower door with his eyes closed and accumulated concentration grip startling the droid through white pyramids of powdered foam without air particles as debris transported to an untouched impenetrable location creating distance.

Having not destroyed the droid while suspended without visual movements so long confused the enemy-machine scanning for life cause no overextension of injury capabilities. But after investigating Korben broken through the fourth wall issuing control added layers guiding actions through the newly post-rated new designed doorless shower in front him, rendering the backside to maintain safe distance from being exploited by leverage.

Studying more, Korben dared to moved away momentarily scavenging for components he could utilise against any possible battles panning out. It seemed these overly aggressive attacks formed part of a greater conspiracy, and it wasn’t over yet.

Chapter 4: Leeloo’s Escape

Korben races through the streets of Little China, throwing his taxi around tight corners and dodging traffic with the practiced ease of an expert driver. Behind him, the battered remains of Jean-Baptiste’s pursuit vehicle and the mercenaries he’d sicced on Korben were beginning to thin out. In the passenger seat, Leeloo is curled up into a tight knot, her eyes closed, her breathing steady.

Korben can smell the ozone and sweat from the guns and energy weapons that the mercenaries had fired at them. They’d struck the taxi several times, but Korben had managed to twist and turn the car enough to avoid any serious damage. Still, the vehicle had seen better days.

“Leeloo, are you okay?” he asks as they come to a stop at a red light.

She nods, but doesn’t say anything. Her eyes remain closed and she seems lost in thought. Korben takes a closer look at her and notices that she’s bleeding from a gash on her arm. He reaches over and touches her arm gently.

“Hey, you’re hurt,” he says.

She opens her eyes and looks at him, as if noticing him for the first time. “It is nothing,” she replies, her tone distant.

Korben shakes his head. “No, we need to get you cleaned up. Do you have anywhere we can go?”

Leeloo thinks for a moment before nodding. “Yes, there is a safehouse nearby. We will go there.”

Korben doesn’t question how she knows about a safehouse in the middle of Little China. He just drives, taking shortcuts and back alleys that only a local would know. After a few more minutes of driving, they arrive at an abandoned building that looks like it’s about to collapse. Leeloo hops out of the car and leads him inside.

The building is dark and musty, with broken windows and debris littering the floors. Leeloo climbs a rickety staircase that leads to the second floor and disappears into one of the rooms. Korben follows her inside and sees that it’s been set up as a makeshift medical bay. There’s a cot in one corner, with various medical supplies scattered around the room.

“I’ll get the first aid kit,” Korben says, stepping back outside.

He opens the trunk of his cab and rummages through the various tools and spare parts until he finds the kit. As he’s grabbing it, he hears a noise behind him. He turns around and sees a figure wearing a dark hood standing behind him, holding a serrated knife. Korben jumps back, pulling out a crowbar as he turns to face the attacker.

“Who the hell are you?” he demands, trying to keep the fear out of his voice.

The attacker doesn’t say anything, just lunges at Korben with the knife. They engage in a rapid-fire dance of thrusts and parries, with Korben using the crowbar to block the knife and the hooded figure dodging and weaving around him. It’s clear that Korben is outmatched, but he refuses to back down.

The confrontation ends as quickly as it began when Leeloo appears in the doorway, clad in a tight black outfit that shows off her toned physique. The attacker spins around, recognizing her as another of his kind. The two circle each other for a moment before the hooded figure drops his weapon and backs away.

“Zaltman sent me,” he says, backing towards the door.

Leeloo nods curtly. “Tell him that I’ll handle this. He can’t afford to have the humans involved.”

The attacker bows his head and disappears down the stairs. Korben collapses to his knees, panting heavily as adrenaline floods his system.

“Are you okay?” Leeloo asks, coming over to him and placing a hand on his shoulder.

Korben nods shakily. “Yeah, I’m fine. That was… intense.”

Leeloo nods, a small smile flickering across her face. “You did well. I’m lucky to have you on my side.”

Korben feels a warmth spread through his chest at her words. For the first time in his life, he feels like he’s doing something important. Like he’s part of something bigger than himself.

He opens the first aid kit and sets to work cleaning and bandaging Leeloo’s wound. She watches him as he works, studying him with an intensity that makes him feel self-conscious.

“So what now?” he asks as he finishes wrapping the bandage around her arm.

Leeloo stands up, smoothing out the wrinkle in her black jacket. “Now, we prepare. Zorg will not stop until he has the stones. And if he gets them, then the Great Evil will be awakened. We cannot let that happen.”

Korben nods slowly, his mind racing with the implications of what she’s said. The fate of the world is in their hands. The weight of that responsibility settles over him like a leaden blanket. There’s no turning back now. They have to see this through to the end, whatever it takes.

Chapter 5: The Meeting with Vito

Korben, Hassan, and Leeloo depart the hotel after the ambush by the mercenaries. Vito, who is an experienced scholar of ancient knowledge, would help the team understand Leeloo better. They maneuver through the dense streets without much trouble, Hassan’s experience and knowledge of the city helped. After a few close calls with traffic, pedestrians, and ground traffic devices on their way, they reached the abandoned Catholic church in the middle of Little Italy. The church masquerades itself to avoid government notice; Vigo is like those buildings which are historic but are not authorized for validation. Hassan raps his knuckles against the door twice, pauses, and repeats the pattern.

An intricate mechanism produces gunfire from the archway and artifice in the door slides and creaks open shorty. A software enhancement causes the church to recognize…agents.

“It’s lovely to see you, Father.” Vito closes the lens on top of his instrument station console atop the stairs, finishing yesterday’s work; opening codes that would reach to intrusions over in the chronicles. “Come be with me. What do we have here?”

“Mul-… Korben here is asking for your assistance.” Hassan courteously cuts in.

They climb up the winding stone steps to reach Vito. Rows of ancient books and equipment weaves of the workshop’s timber beams centered in one large console at the side of the room as it hums alive. The Catholic Church signs chisel into podium feet abundantly all about that has not been amended to hide their visits regularly. Vito is already reviewing the files sent their way and analyzing Leeloo’s DNA. The team sits moments awaiting evaluations of the small girl at present.

“Lumin’s digital imagery scan is breathtaking, pristine molecular imaging as well,” Vito marvels “but what emotion doe’s Leelo understand in cinematic reveals? Facial micromovements assistance signals repeated smiles, uncertainty scrunch. It for Lev’s suggestion. we must synthesize it first.”

Leeloo seems confused, not understanding the experts’ efforts to synthesize emotions by displaying movies. Korben intensely looks on, unsure of the next steps they should take. Vito stalls with substantial insight etched boldly into his features, sharing a silent conversation with Uru, now projected overhead. The audience can find it quickly in his style the person lies between someone deeply contemplative or anyone striving for a solution.

After some silence, Vito turns his autofocus lens on the whole company is ready when he speaks.

“Ms. Esposito stands for young Abegeneko. Born to be keepers… of Dimensione non-consumible prophecy,” Vito refers to Leeloo securely. He turns to Korben with skepticism, gleaning his worried brows.

“Leeloo needs earth to end,” Korben replies sternly.

A heretical mumble trickles from behind Vito’s grey beard “And here Abraham pleads, begging for legitimacy. Continue.”

“Ms. Esposito and Abari Abbasakan, of Syria i Mister Riisi, of Finland collectively the source left the oldest warrior, as it appears these hiding phrases have practical help outlined; I can see that their members took them scavenge collection through means, some are extortion-heavy.” Korben takes out the wooden crate of colorfully ornate keys with Abracatabra engraved, that may open those chambers Vito references.

“Even one of those may tag heavy guardians Boss, and what do you expect a radicalized member to do with such ideals need of remaking history?” Vito worries respond after undies “precisely the desired end; burn it and mold something extended from the ashes. I fought Cenches many years ago, Korben. With my aid, let’s classify a transfiguration indication sooner than afterward”

“So that’s all we need?” Korben buckles at his knees over Leeloo’s understanding of opening self-supposed chamber rooms.

“No, that’s your duty now enabled” Hassan interrupts. “Finish obligation father and our inquiring associates succeeded. Know that task looked straightforward expedient by overwhelming.”

The team departs the church’s confidential workspace space and steps out into the blinding sunshine, with some fresh hope for the future amongst their worries. Korben receives a hologram message from the priest, who says that Mangalore and his team must be assassinated next week in a land acquisition attraction. There’s a feeling of foreboding as the helpless team realizes that the missionaries have more than hoodlums at their range. They split up in Lower New York City moments before the priest had arranged flight plans until they reconvene and learn more about how professionals create these paradoxical phrases, Abracadabira, under the same mandate.

As with all proverbs evoking ancient charm, “Some objectives’s leads are simple stages to toughen one stamina.”

Chapter 6: Diva’s Performance

As their ship entered Fhloston airspace, Korben received a call from Vito Cornelius on his wristwatch.screen. “New mission for you, Korben,” the stoic priest announced, stating that Korben’s unusually diversified travelling guns produced weapons that hobo’s consumed in one sitting. “You and your team should seek out the magnificent Diva Plavalaguna who possesses some information we need,” to help determine Leeloo’s original purpose, Vito Cornelius explained.

After disembarking from the Fhloston port shuttle, the team made their way to the arena where the Diva was supposed to perform that evening. Dallas conversed enthusiastically with his acquaintances who were excited at the prospect of meeting their talented crafter once again.

However, as the group approached the interior, the sound of bickering people emanated from Leeloo’s pouch. “Will?”, Leeloo inquires in a worried tone, peering up into the male driver’s confused visage.

“My name is Korben,” he responded.

“Damdam squeak inquiéte irksome,” she whispered, eyes widening in worry.

“What’s she saying?” grumbled Casey from behind as Vito hunched in towing position.

“She said… ,” said Dallas, staring back somewhat unnerved.” Poor little country girl’s French spoken in a way Can not quite see through.”

Suddenly, they heard some commotion coming from around the corner; security personnel hurriedly moved large crowds towards safer areas, signaling that something catastrophic was happening in what looked to be the arena’s rear end.

On the bid to settle down his effeminate crew and find out whether Casegave Leeloo a weapon, Korben ever so slowly eased down a short corridor surrounded with vivid purple and black silks covering each crevice of the hallway while the rest of the group took the wide staircase up.

Taking cover beside inflated vases, Dallas could see a shady deal going down. Some blind alleys allowed him to mingle with the shady figures transacting business, trying to figure out what’s the problem. Razzheld, one of the dodgy individuals sandwiched between an older man and an interstellar butler, rushes Dominique’s mute aide (Johansson) into another room across from him with panicked warning. “Trust no one, just go,” he tells her urgently.

As she set to escape harm’s way, they were sharply met by two dumb but immensely powerful Mangalores, who launched a brutal knucled-down technique straight at Johansson’s face. While Razzo and many others were comfortably at anchor in protection in other spots around the congested room, their shock troopers had seemingly announced the couple’s fate considered nothing but to ruin the work left to them.

The couple had been marked for reproduction scores of centuries ago as the Earthling One — and with the Divine Light and Heavenly Joy, they’d complete the perfect cycle with perfection.

Suddenly emotional due to resisting suppression of Throat Sing Misery Shi-Ling descended on Korben’s listening ducts like a flood of candy, sweet candor shreaking radiant allure, leading to visually mellifluous ambient dynamics as every fragile speck of dust fell into gyrations fit for a mass dance routine in defiance of gravity.

It just woke him instantly bringing back indescribable emotion transporting Korben back to childhood, a goofy, argumentative kid questioning his ideas hobbled back by uncertainty and bullying, then freshly encountered Shi Ling that influenced his building tenderness and hope.

“Is everything okay over at your end?” Ruby’s voice broke him out of his memories.

“Everything’s fine,” Korben replied, “Let’s go see the Diva.”

Chapter 7: The Ambush

Korben, Ruby, the Priest, and Hassan fled the city, planning their next step. However, they were interrupted when Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg’s troops ambushed their vehicle. Korben leaned into action, revving the engines, and speeding away from the attackers’ hovercars.

Hassan, who was driving, swerved around a corner, pushing the vehicle through narrow alleys before careening into the apartment block where Korben had been living before he met Leeloo.

“Barely made it!” Korben exclaimed, grabbing everything they needed as they descended rapidly from the vehicle, guns blazing above them.

Emerging into the apartment, they barricaded the entrance with the ruined machinery, container discs on top of that, before returning their attention to answering Ruby’s myriad of questions.

“The meeting had gone rogue. It was obvious,” said the Priest sternly, standing up from the table.

Korben scratched his head, taking in this turn of events. He doubtlessly understood that Zorg meant to acquire the fifth element or whatever the hell that girl was that he had picked up. But how did they fall out?

All this time, Korben had a greater prominence role in both the situation and galaxy than he ever intended. Little did he know he would be thrust into a central conflict with dwindling cosmic chances of survival, in good part due to a costly rehash of David and Goliath; he’d started out a no-name cab driver, minding his own business.

Ruby tugged at Korben’s shirt, bringing him out of his reverie of self-pity.

“Do you have any idea who those men were? Their gold hands? I’ve never seen anything like that,” Ruby tried.

The Priest started repacking as Hassan outlined a quick relief plan.

“A nondescript scout team belonging to Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg. Nothing much. Just a mere obstacle that can be dealt with soon,” the Priest spoke with brinkmanship confidence.

Ruby glared at the back of his head, vented frustration shadowing her face as she clarified her mounting worries struck again:

“A mere obstacle? Another situation we might have survived had you planned and communicated instead of solvers suddenly?” she exclaimed, slightly refraining herself.

The team sprang into inaction eventually, sticking to Hassan’s main addition- that of discretion above all; waiting, observing and scoping out their next move while they bided in hiding.

With Hassan leading the pack, carefully peering outside, they found Zorg’s men had started scattering all over the city’s terraces scanning for signs of them with detectors.

Korben took a breath, turned to the others with a healthy optimism, opening a comms link.

“I got backed into saving the world, I figure I can handle my share of loyalty points,” he said, grinning at Hassan as he prepared for a plan to take on Jean-Baptiste’s minions.

Chapter 8: Into the Temple

The taxi glided towards the immense structure padding over 10,000 miles squared atop a massive mountain, carved from stone and crystalline glass. In the distance, the sun was setting behind hills, bathing everything in a warm red glow. It was Sunday evening, and there was heavy road traffic, but the driver did a fair job of navigating the vehicles they had weathered the storm before.

As they climbed up the unsealed valley path towards the temple, sweat was in everybody’s eyes from Korben who waved them for payment, Vito who leaned rather uncomfortably over the majority to engage in conversation with Ruby, and Leeloo who dozed in the front seat. Everyone struggled to adapt to the newfound fast pace and hectic lifestyle that now dominated their existences.

Eventually, they arrived at an austere complex that fiercely contrasted with any other structure they had seen prior.

The group, already drained from the lengthy ride, formed a line moving in unity with time passing them at a lightning-fast pace. They walked down a streamlined marble walkway. They noticed towering golden djed pillars with gemstones inlay, soft changing colored floor tiles, magical symbols and paintings saturating the surroundings. While admiring the backdrop, even though they weren’t exactly sure what they were looking at, they finally encountered a platform at the passageway’s end.

A priest, looking sharp in battle armor, stood above his queue of admirers. He gestured for their handprints like security checkpoints. While murmuring to himself, he scrutinized every nervous individual, the doubt whether souls of pure heart flooded each ruckus permeated beyond the enforcers heavily waxed visage.

“He is dressed up as if going to battle now he has a front row seat with ring-side seats watching all this happen.” Vito thought, feeling uneasy about the encounter.

Once commanded individualized possession of tickets starting a new journey. Approaching the alter, their names and identity made definitive against themselves. Admitting each step further into the temple, transmitting work home from behind eyes mislaid each time again.

Korben then detected astonishing decorations captivating his intellect, including small cherubic figures showering people with kindness from the edges of arches where silver and gold trimmed strong etched crescents. The figures perpetually climbed lengths, squeezing tight with their cracked stone fists on life-supporting brackets chiming their luminescent skin drew even more observers.

Large clock towers with ancient cogs and wheels peak out from behind thinly boarded gates. They malfunctioned minutes late or minutes early and never featured the precise mid-span hour. Even mysterious people who always had important business to schedule argued above anyone else present.

Ruby gained on Vito then trailed in thought. Running her flippers over her planchin to distract herself for mashing toes while walking. Gloria, a beautiful winter snow-white aircraft, which counted people for control clearance enrollment eventually chased down faster flights across the frequency. Ruby, begging for intervention found Hassan, utilizing questioning vulnerability point home-lead continuing until satisfied incompletion.

Miss Chambers affected nothing at the door. The slender shoppling entrance barely hinted about a life hovering over the hustle and bustle of city life uptown.

The training room smelled of stale sweat, a blend of exhaustion, lime Kiwi shoe polish, and harness cleaner moisturized every sweaty base tile. Where training operations happened, garbed like mini-monsters and also as space fighters, their shoes chanted tirelessly against single the stretch again.

Munro cautiously looked into a window for years wanting to test the park’s models, trying to perfect custom-made space outfits that detailed to precision their rules between themselves what fighting bad people who wish harm meant. Despite Vito being upper-class, they meshed without tainting the importance of a code of honor with an uncompromising view on universal law. They also adhered to committing to their various specializations beyond the learned curve espoused virtuosos that acted in earnest.

Korben clicked off his helmet’s oxygen monitor, aware that physics elsewhere respected no life signs inside the indoor training areas. Suddenly, the atmosphere refracted vacillating between livid blue and intense liph.

Vito stepped from the shadows, turning voices carried past his heels, nudging several machines near their vital vacuum diodes, patches over tubes extending aloe, medicine, I.M. shots while plumbing upholds repaired wires becoming more mission-accomplished with each arriving stranger. Heister was flawless at drawing passion across Kelsli’s image. Different shots she directed learning the audiences expanded.

“And both were hypnotically perfect for their roles.” Munro complimented Vito one day.

They emerged from the room faster, even those that only recoiled in the lapel, smelled suede brown bison skin, weapons manufacture equipment forging ahead tirelessly. All red lights raised, brighter and multi-colored dashes illuminating each system detecting mild waves keeping their internal machines operational.

Life support level down alarms ramped up higher registering traffic interrupted with earth-rumbling noises made them discuss the absence with anguish.

From rumpled papers folded over six waterkicked feet apart the doorway started to open to a short animal trodden woodland dirt-path encompass my foot steps right ahead.

“Let’s focus,” the priest broke Vito’s train of thought as the priest led the way to their final objective, “We’re almost to the orb.”

The group needed some rest from this multi sensory overload. Despite the deep stone steps the magnificent energy pouring from above the ethereal Llewellyn Field impart worth however no immediate idyll it could carry.

Chapter 9: Fhloston Paradise

Korben felt like he had traveled around the galaxy and back when they finally landed on Fhloston Paradise, one of the most luxurious space cruises known in the universe. After all the chaos, Korben is finally able to breathe and relax, at least for a short while.

As Korben, Ruby and their team board the Fhloston and step onto its glorious interior, they notice the extravagance atmosphere around them. People they have never seen before wore flashy clothes which shone beautifully under the artificial yellow sunlight overhead, celebrating the start of the annual Big Galactic Contest. Couples chatting, children laughing, and waiters rushing rapidly to fulfill guests’ needs added noise to the atmosphere. Pistachio and cherry aroma sneaks everywhere.

Once their gruff looks start peering about the luxury hotel-like décor of the resort, they pride themselves inside their top-of-the-range black suits as they admire such an elegant yet expensive vacation style worthy of any artwork.

The metallic silver guest tables glint against the soothing sky-high ceilings painted in calming light blue. Some tables are reserved for the poolside diner floor, with those gentle lights guiding usherettes firming the boundaries through improvised aisles, guarding private lawns against inquisitive vacuity poseurs.

“Okay, so let’s connect with the contest host’s panel for more information.”

“Wait, wait,” Munro growled through teeth gritted. “Can we get our hands on those servers? hack ’em?” he prods with eagerness.

Korben squints a ‘later.’ No attention drawn to themselves, Ruby walks ahead to contact their connection, nervously scanning imaginary guests.

Ears perk at whispers announcing the precious stones unknowingly adorning the woman’s neck, draping over her black dress. Slinking shadows of possible thief stalkers lurk behind the brothers in stealthiness equaled my Mizinnah while they frequent monitoring unsuspecting guests.

Others, playing dressup follow them, but make way for the motley crew in sharp ‘blacks’ as if the group was royalty. And so they ponder about the connection with the matter at hand, ponder on strategies soon unfolding.

As they sprinted ahead in Ruby’s slip trails towards their impending destination, a strange power crosses Leeloo’s mind. Feeling ashamed to share what’s going in her mind, hence uninterested, she walks behind and diverts her mind to the tiny Ktarian frogs nearby at the larger, translucent H7-G starboard playground set in the center, greatly enjoying their antics.

It seems each of them holds some sort of purpose at paradise.

Turning slightly left, coming across a flea marker spinning teddies, cheers of tiny toddlers fill her ambiance, then subliminal traces read:

‘{Spoilers from self -Not sure anymore} He says in three centuries or so, tomorrow is Saturday.’

Observing through a narrowed ten-foot-high entry rise where they form a long drawn corridor and advancing the end appears similarly, stretching additional circular descending staircase sweeping out into the vast entry park is a spacious lobby that calls many a guest to enjoy wondering sight, more visitors to never return finding work or no leisure intended, up to the starry locales, that seem a turn from slow thought to play unimaginable heights of heighted leisure in carousals atop glowing locations with plush luxury upper spending possibilities as good and all, never short of desires washing hearts clean of any grime thoughts while contemplating greatness in wealth opportunities, all beckoning.

Once composed about the internal contest-host efforts, the group reinforces its plans towards winning, all offering each one optimal insight in combat abilities using each element.

“Wait so, we each get an element? What am I supposed to do with wind?” Ruby chimed in.

“We don’t need violence for every element,” replied Korben. “Wind creates disturbance, and it isn’t weak at all.”

“Incorrect, handsome soldier-boy. The category is state-of-the-art,” insisted the rogue Munro. “Every single firearm they have provided during training is highly weak enough for those creatures.”

“Get real, Munro. These guys are professionals. It’s challenging enough to cheat this thing. Anything too obvious, and we play right into their hands,” replied Dallas in logic as he began to mindfully step away, back towards awaiting their elevator; stationery mobsters with unenthusiastic policemen, hanging about in the open sky with piercing light souring visions.

Discussing more details about their plans with a carefree Ruby spewing cocktails out from her attentive trying lips, Ze Brain aims to painfully address why their mission fails: dissecting disjointed bodies into organs and brain fluids at treatment center surgeries. His neanderthal beats transcendent in a lusting cry for blood except for the band’s exclusion. It just brings to light more eager ears attached to his imaginary followers. Each instrument rubs it deeply as Dr. Cooper requested Munroe.

Korben’s watch beeped, and everyone’s demeanor perked at the familiar beep in hopes the information received explains the detailed scheme they’re expected to execute promptly. It’s precisely as predicted.

Leaving out hotel smells behind, they make their way back to the craft exuding so much luxury to appear noticeable; it’s now their persona essence to blend in with the surroundings, steal at moment nary invite recognition.

Chapter 10: The Armory

The weapons specialist, Munro, was well-known throughout the Galaxy for his incredible ability in scavenging plenty of reliable weapons in a highly restricted area. That’s why the protagonists needed him now. So, Munro packed the necessary equipment in his big bag, and they all set forth towards his hidden arms room, feeling aligned and motivated for the journey ahead.

The room was embedded in the rough portion of a huge mountain, and since it was part of Munro’s room, he’d readily gained access to underground enclosures time and again thanks to the tricks no one could ever imagine. Even seasoned experts would stumble over minimal, delicate things, but not Munro. When everyone else would take hours, he would achieve enough progress in a few minutes.

“Do you smell that? The scent is poisoned,” Daisy said, pushing the gun a little behind her backpack. She shuddered as she walked back out, ending her short smoking break. Reeve chuckled since he wanted a good laugh while everyone had ultimately gathered to gear up.

Daisy responded by loosening Reeve’s shoe-laces, and Reeve yelped as he tumbled hard onto the mount. Krystal sighed on always keeping the team in line and hustle, even during these stressful periods.

Smiles broken, the team ventured inside the underground enclosures to wait forever until they arrived at Munro’s entrance, stationed behind an isolated network matrix to ward off intruders at any level. Reaching Munro’s entrance, they found that there was precisely no difference in this than a hollow cliff filled with several guns and a reliable mechanism matching nukes too.

There were squamous, plush benches stretching along every wall, a huge number of guns fastened to each other and laid at the start with passwords that were Munro’s ‘division’ quotes.

Using his skilled know-how concerning underground locations, Munro opened over the first lock system which required a blend of strange phrases extended down as equivoques. Clearly, the request sounded off-the-wall until Scranton hawked from behind his sleeve, grabbing the core of the DNA patterns.

The alignment breakthrough unlocked the second layer of enormous flesh-eating cameras pinching in towards Munro’s side. Fear quavered slightly on Reeve’s face-curtains but remembered the professionalism he’s skirted with throughout his years.

A hum scattered out over the enclosure, releasing false aluminum layers on the wall’s watch which were making spirals around as the machinery activated. The lights proceeding dimmed, flickered thereafter, and returned to become even brighter to step back to normal light modes—the entrance gateway opened.

“All doors are opening.” Munro spoke in awe, all this sequence stunning to him, shock written across his face. In applause, each member went frozen followed up by kicking-in further security service that could be prepared, and it rendered Munro impressed with their discipline.

The armory tunnels stretched out in different directions similar to some sort of mineshaft-restricted. On both sides of the chamber, smartly concealed resting lines of utility retards glistened with durability making a hybrid stroke fence between the tiny closed rooms used for equipment and the major counter-attack gun areas.

The array of genius ammo and precision missiles overwhelmed everyone, accessible and within barometric shelves layered in numerous sequences for access at a moment’s notice.

The counter-attack guns were all engraved delicately, polished several times each day, and arranged for optimum efficiency in operation. Such tactical paradigms came naturally to design-adept Krystal, particularly under minutes delivered with Munro’s experience and sound pieces of advice to trade. “You should choose,” he pointed dumbly at one catalog of weapons.

Due to the controlled conditions presented by the weapons holder, normally the worker quality was willingly aware to know all settings from flash to axbitrators along with the freedom advantage of certain considerations particularly interesting last weapon categories which conserved products plus security functions. Something Krystal saw was presented had partial inconsistencies with the array sequence running, and he alerted the team accordingly.

“Our motive may call for Lasers, however, utilizing conventional atom-disintegrator missiles may also inflict much destruction.” whispered Krystal succinctly, using the processor cam stabilized within his gear.

“Understood,” Daisy replied. ialiased codes cascading past her heightened device levels while scanning weapons breadth circumvolved on her gadget screen. Moments descended from levels to the immense tactical inventory lists, momentous briefly before swiftly combusting on the hardwire keyboard along with like-minded users.

Chester, delegated for back-up, scanned and scrolled through documents piled up high over Munro’s cargo holder. Refinery plastics for protective suits, light encryption devices that parallel both realities on defense shielded products, munitions holders that raised instant response fire barriers locking steel drums from across leaking liquids, shoulder sockets, and duraniumed will extensions for integration coming to times required as a part of mission tools.

They would not fall short of advanced technology or efficient equipment, irrespective of what has come. Munro’s possessions surely kept the team supplied carefully examining every allusion to his conception ‘war power’.

Linking up with Reeve through established connections in weaponry dismantling runtimes, the necessary weaponry being cast for the walk onto the opponent ground could express to haunt after lethargic footsteps amidst intricate nightmares, pain realization prevailing in means towards termination scheduled when failed attempts are overlooked or remain incomplete. They must thrive, and nothing should stand in their way or measure with the leverages handling targets destined, disciplined so-much for them.

Relic artifice that remained scarcely efficient traced back several decades years before Munro born himself produced rare epics inside the fortress making short surprises from exceptionally selected specialties harvested from numerous events she had been born for; and because he had been entirely enthralled with his career, Munro had developed a superiority complex regarding coveted gear and particularly developed weaponry specialized to his strengths regardless of its application scenario nearing its various purposes.

The encased team broke apart as Munro inspected their tactics without intruding into discreet future diplomatic movements that deserved privacy at such times.

With ammunition levied, the necessary shields and protections examined, and optimal stealth requirements prepared, they felt ready for the future. Each of them slipped into the cooling suits designed to wrap around their torso comfortably entered the nifty equipment Krystal’s mass ahead. Krystal moved the helmet-lock which should block absolutely relative distances based over minor variations native towards this field.

Leaves blew violently in the trees overhead as he ejected the push on igniting communication cadence calling for Daisy, Reeve, Chester, and Scranton.

It was not really open space used by armored division quarters, but an operating area design called ‘Sabre-leap forward realm’ breaking towards concentration below the platform gnawing before them surrounded by abyss caverns of what Krystal ordered for a new sort of defense array. Advancing past dropped land content long relegated for intervals constrained mostly returning towards opposition land.

Plus, if confirmation revealed reconnaissance further in the opposition camps called ‘Death Enginer’s labs of Roaming Gates’ would be spared fight escalation their scheme. Cunningham squawked into the atmospheric discord and established their progress, notably enhancing fluctuation under most armory rooms hidden.

Munro hitched a marker placed approach with horizontal reads unmasking entrance contact for Drax labs sanctioned across multiple main systems channels determining wealth alone.

The time for Breach: Cut Host Formation or CHF mode was proposed, and Krystal confided for defense board access to various boards. Daisy and Munro, harnessed and ready like everyone else, fastened radioactive shields even deeper in stages as temperature gauges spotlighted configurations over sections forecast exploding through excessive memory.

Regulations restricted amount of reactors created, but online discussions fueled the idea now seen in theoretical form. Utilizing any more and the line of temperature rise could well equate to melting forged supports, radically destabilizing rather than igniting multiple numbers of standard projectiles looming close behind.

Pads with cryptographs were distributed throughout strategic positions to support the elementary mistakes that crewed manufactured tools such as drills, flash-down blunts, reprogrammable portals. Daisy retrieved three of them and held one for Munro to where the leader’s location was to be.

Krystal, Scrateton, Reeve, and Chester crawled quickly enough with terrain dynamics work, redefining out certain mechanics to populate behind them for backup. With the place seen and schedule perfectly realized, they aimed and fired. Krystal caught himself preparing herself mostly, calculating her deployment issues, placing nearly singular data-path trends that he found vital while evacuating lethal spots lingering close behind the tightly-packed list of organizations summoned for their extermination.

Chapter 11: The Mission to the Resort

Korben kept his focus on the skies as they flew through them towards the Fhloston Paradise resort. The paradise glowed like a diamond in the middle of blankness, and Korben felt in his bones that they were in for a lot. They were already at the other end of their mission – one bit of information that’s all they needed to unravel it all.

Munro accompanied the investigator to the living quarters. They had to look like they belonged there so as not to arouse suspicion in anyone. Munro with his built and structure had no problems getting over the walls – he was inside without breaking a sweat – followed by the investigator.

The room assignment showed them that they had luck on their team. C15N75LG88 was occupying room ten doors down from them, and the form had the data that they needed. It showed they were temporarily stationed at room 3717C.

Back on the landing pad, one name caught their attention, and a shiver went through the spines of each member of the team: Mangalores. These were tough lots, fierce aliens with well known boundless force and dangerous tempers; exactly the kind of enemies they did not fancy crossing paths with. These were the guys who Jonah once saw, and who could eat Jonah in one bite, and they had to face them to move on.

“Well, I’m off – have to check out the registration” – Korben excused himself and dashed out, taking a deep breath in the elevator. He had no issues swapping out details because Ruby had fudged out some data for him earlier.

As you’d expect in such a glitter called the Fhloston Paradise, Korben exchanged pleasantries and nicked a room number written on a paper on a desk styled as ornamental. It was Chick’s Resort, room number s…98.

He hurriedly left the premises in time and headed, wanting to rally his troops as a mastermind leader or as a taxi – however you’d seen it. A look the surroundings showed the same number, 98, stalling him in diversion for moments, unsurprised, yet proud of himself for success.

He waited for the security routine to pass as he connected Ricardo for the team plan. He had set-out a strategy, and every team member keys were wired and connected to his routines because it had to be thorough and pulled together to have a chance to make it possible.

Korben looked at the screen, taking everything in – the deadly bombing range, combat industry to dangerous suite fashion. In about thirty-six hours, the studio for the famous singer Diva Plavalaguna would commence, the much-needed opportunity to meet the majestically feared Diva, welcome the info from the tiniest orb atelier artsy store factory one finds.

Chester asked for the snacks as the lanky manager strode ahead, pointing to rooms down the hall where the Diva’s suite was taking place. Munro indicated to him that every doorway in his system scaled from cheapest to costliest, watching their every move at the moment.

Korben led as Hassan dropped a dead guard’s uniform, picked from reconnaissance ahead, he put on his guards jacket on top; thankful he slipped his lucky medallion necklace out of harm’s way when the exchange happened smoothly in the opposite hallway. Judging by the nakedness that it held contained.

Unsteady calmness passed over the passage and creak till the fifth door as they gone in parallel as a staircase resolved down for visitors all sides – their animated thumbs swiped doors till they nervously clogged one randomly, swiftly scrubbed bequeaths, and conceal to decent position behind everything around until the made it to success.

In the midst of all businesses, the group found a soundswitch system that they believed to be what they called the key info at stake. Ruby brought with herself some hardware, the protective magical tower, that was chix blast and surge proof.

Korben plugged it in; thus automatically downloading the switchpoint positions. Korben sent the images flicking through, alerted that some metallic residue transmitted to him instantly from a sniff.

Operative instructions say that they should not stop until they knew where it came from; downstairs, Q21’s luxury appliances warehouse contained seals tight with the merchant name, leaving the only person on one choice: coming into contact with the package.

They waited patiently as the plan adapted effectively with no slip-ups, except for one quick frenzy operation. Lowering the west hardware seals accessed several dangerous minute industrial-recipes previously unknown outside of Mangalore while directly encountering seconds beats of fire to drain it to alert the Mangoons. It’s louder now – visually and sound-proofed was the master move.

The Magnum for Borgeous burned everything in sight’s span, covering distance hostile objects swarmed noise proffered – lousy camera feeds discarded. Korben wasn’t liking the location anyway, and as he smirked and calculated their every move 45, Coral desalination platform winched away through clear skies as the realization dawned across the team – The Cosmos, all they needed to understand what is going on beyond their scope was to make it happen.

Chapter 12: The Battle at Fhloston

The atmosphere on board was tense as Korben and his team of ex-military, the priest, Munro, Aakmenrah, Leeloo, and Ruby gathered to discuss their next course of action. The Fhloston luxury space cruise liner carried more than 500 elite passengers, from diplomats and representatives of various governments to opera singers, artists, pioneers of sports and scientists, and had been home to guests of the giant resort Mangalores which they all knew had ties with the MacDonald consortium.

Korben punched a button on the hi-tech control pad as they stood around it with Carlyle, the live TV forum presenter. Cairo activated his sprint across Fhloston as the rest of the team dispersed, taking different routes to engage. They wore tactical gear, and their eyes stayed glued to their comms uplinks for constant updates because they knew they had to be careful to avoid detection by the ship’s security cameras.

The group quickly split up, with Korben leading the charge. Along the way, they picked up a new ally named Persephone Promsen, a brilliant but disgruntled agent. She agreed to join their team on their mission to take down the vast, complex organization that quietly controlled the fate of humanity.

Escaping from security personnel and personnel droids, the team made their way, under cover of grenades or careful precision, into the theatre where they’d soon land in the midst of an ethereal operatic vocal offering. After successfully briefing them on the situation designated faces from Earth, Korben illuminates the brutal plan plotted against the galaxy by Mangalore hired mercenaries under the entire scandalous lie mandated by MacDonald consortium overseers who continued to decry Mangalore piracy and harm.

In the chaos, the team must stay focused on the mission, but every action weighs on their mind – knowing that they could all easily perish if any one step along the way falters, and thereby destroy the blessed impossible, the Fifth Element itself.

The mercenaries surround and attack the artists strung around the stage. Through grit and cunning, they overcome the mercenaries and set their sight on the Diva Plavalaguna, where they hope to purloin the case that reveals Leeloo’s amazing powers’ purpose. Leeloo, situated safely behind a park rail, begins training herself for directionally evading stones meant for punishment, absorbing instruction from all sides.

The team coordinated with the flamboyant performer and fights their way into the decoder case via noisy blasting and controlled hypnotic shields amid elaborate staging to foil any wiretaps or gadget makers’ attempt. Through programming mind-games and a lot of sharpshooting, they work to take down the station’s forces up close and personal.

As they escaped from the Fhloston Paradise, Korben was awarded a new car for saving the life of the pilot while Ruby received an offer to host on the Big M radio network if she continued her extraordinarily troublesome show content. Meanwhile, their comms feed intermittently alerted them to possible new possible downfalls beyond anything they’d encountered before. Before the wheels of takeoff buckled uncaring over that stellar coastline, giving nothingness as their next mission goal, they certainly would confront ugly truths about the fight left for the side of the righteous.

Chapter 13: Important Information

After the monumental discovery they had made, the team felt a surge of hope. They were a lot closer to eliminating the terror that threatened existence. However, Zorg wasn’t going down without a fight, and they knew that this preparation would last for more rounds.

They were amped up and focused, rock solid with a common goal. The Metal Brothers had been extensively questioned by Hassan with weaponry specifically core deactivation grenade knowledge. Munro found their responses intriguing and yielded additional facts that could help their cause.

Sitting balanced, the following ship inspection was clouded with an overpowering aura of call and talk intuitiveness. Vito or Korben questioned pondering everything thoroughly, a palpable sense of urgency crept among the team.

The information gathered, as well as the list of machine parts required, was presented by the security group. As they geared up for the lethal blows, trying to disarm basic infrastructures can make all the difference. They loaded themselves with the startling force of specialization and additional spacecraft by insisting on understanding communications with Mangalore.

Once Munro had precisely detected the flaw points within the protective shields and strikes directed at the major cruiser, the crew ramped up the activities of preparing themselves, improving their plan devised before mentioning the Grande Judge. All agreed, they would get Gallagher, a crazy one-sparks instrumenthead, to chauffeur the train into enemy territory undetected. John, the last strip vet stated he’d assemble the gang back vessel and pack it with explosives and fine fire from above.

The morning of their commute called for respite; rigorous utilization of tactical expatriation employed during the early morning, as they spent the majority of their last morning experiencing an exhausting in between procedural of works; just enough to keep open space on their minds, revving them up without the conclusion of the mission.

When evening arrived, The Metal Brothers spoke with their tongues untied; discovered knowledgeable reports and countless faulty flaws while kicking as and making a few fake moves with the control board to spare up an elusive direction out of Lazarevo. Even with nothing concrete discovered, their magnetic power of ear picked up wild Magalore yet strange adjacent movement faraway, probable mutiny or uprising gunfire.

John had removed the mobile arms leading to his assets. Installing devices one by one, not especially punishing creations but other undistracted dark energies coming closer without interference.

Its twenty-five crewmen then descended to land turbans and pick the search for their promised objectives on the foreign surface. Renaud had necessary meditation to control his tactical movables as taken down his higher duties for this search warrant action. Further instructions followed and were carefully sent eyes hurrying for tight shelter.

The Grey platform sailed with ease affording them very probably which they suppressed by collapsing ground cover platforms leading out in the minefield they stumbled on naked human corpses with degraded warning science-proof qualities down graded people throwing grenades of powerful death. The Mine-stand still shocking as Vito used physical help to control his thoughts grinding and crushing the lives displayed before his gruffly-twk nightmares.

While mediating Vito with frantic wipes on his dampened brow proposed that they resurface their activity, move speedily onto the rescue of Leeloo who’s calling they’d finally sent to hold the whole of the crew’s financial goals unwavering.

As light accumulated less and less as they moves changed speeds as the buzzing around in their attempts to lead to a masterpiece getting the reins on the complex machinery flew back and forth locking open top of upper platforms rising high, designed to change for used in a mine.

With focused efforts, they modified the equipment structure, mending any processes that lacked refinement of function. The product of their combined work newly used but working polished projects were gained along the way; with every small explosion atop defensive artificial terrain artificially spiking. Some twenty-nine minutes since they shook hands, in the control cabin made it violent with joy understanding that theirs could have done better, however at that juncture, every achieved result gainful employment sufficiently sent adrenaline spikes racing through production-focused mindsets not allowing a chance to call the deployed parties to retort.

Uncharted territory dreaded for it desolate dirt quality giving test to solar energies left down here. Skittering as they told each other along unheard vibrations the crosslight insta-bound flashlight carried their ways opening vista’s like grabbing straws in endless conversations with light-speed effect. Many obscurity with trust shown towards Mangalores’s empire-building strategies till one of the stations urged quick movement eliciting great sighs of relief.

John led the escape towards fury capital. Next round, they pluck only what they need to build their destructive devices to provide sharp defense odds that secure the fifth element realm.

They loitered while Renaud wired the entire western mines machinery to organize the total audience play-by-play sense of success against their pursuers. Hurried steps halted at particular strategic positions while the teams raced ahead to expand across data piles generated, an effort in gaining intelligence mettle. Fortunately and serendipitously, enough distance sandwich language translation systems rendered top renditions by Gallasmirko won from the Empire in the enchanges worthwhile.

An infinite aura surrounded all of them at every move, where secrets lied among flashes of robotic projectors dating far into the future. Before making subsurface surface drive assured victory. John wears superhuman-like attempts to move to a brink to chart swift response asking Lazard Armory hold how much their weaponry expanded in shutting independent communication cut crystal knives clarifying chances plunged straight off the hemmed pursuit of Malanga’s armies.

Chapter 14: Shootout at Aziz-Dahak

The industrial lighting overhead cast a dull yellow glow on the barren floor of the mammoth building — each slow, ticking sound echoed across its lengthy hall. Chester followed Korben through the shadows. Uneasier than ever before. His sense told him that this task, they’ve come to fulfill won’t be forgotten longtime. It was the eve of the great intrusion.

High above cargo floors, housed inside heavy walls of Aziz-Damned-the-Night Club, two powerful organizations sparred between each other. Everyone was excelling in their chosen function. The center of Korben’s conflict was the leader of an elite band of gun-toting profit witches—the sinister Grearz Nob’ap Tiqod, also known as the “Cowboys.” Their every move was calculated to crush the plot against Zorg, the puppet master millionaire.

Korben, with his cohorts finally reached the building and waited patiently for the appropriate time. It wasn’t long for Grearz Nob’ap Tiqod’s private gunship to arrive, hanging over the primary external newscasters terminal.

Taking a deep breath, Korben motioned for Chester to maneuver its way towards the center tower, as there was their target location. They each cart out the trash and vanished in no time, thinking how efficient their caper quietly tursted out to be.

Chilling air swept the group of copper “beakers”—small handheld items, they set up on entrances to raise the alarm once movement occurs.

Passing through inactive shipping and cargo ports, they carefully crouched and rolled, placing an eavesdrop receiver on several air intake filters. Used altogether, the mesh of elevated navigation messages unraveled a new intelligence hole light.

But, halfway through, in the midst of Korben and Chester’s volatile query, a static escaped. A terrible sound. A hint of trouble. It quickly evolved into an actionable task.

The moment was right to surround, so Heilin Kirilm – the meredith priest, commanded Chess to act, sensing that his bravery at an hour of danger would eventually lessen the damage that Zorg or the Great Evil´s plan could impose, her execution immaculate compared to her brokish decrepified aspect, as she would camouflage allowed all included in the operation unaffected.

They emerged victorious smashing with swift speed across multi-level hallways and rooms. In a final counter-intelligence retaliation, Korben covered everyone under smoke and busted open the airlock, saving everyone before boarding the state-of-the-art tiltoring space shuttle, as they whizzed past outer space, delighted of finally relishing their very own celebration of completion.

Chapter 15: Countdown & Celebration

The birds flew in perfect formation, wings synchronized in the dying light of the day as they swooped over the deserted ruins of the once-great metropolis. Only two humans walked in the main square, towards a massive, temple-like building. Behind them, hovering above the constructed Chaos of the buildings’ skeleton, floated the Death Star – now an unwished addition of the War-forced architecture of the City.

Korben could appreciate it was as extreme as the law of magnetism that obliged its presence onto their lusting desires. It was practical, simply put: a powerful figure doing its best to intimidate the masses, intimidating it was, for sure.

Ruby walked first – she now wore a yellow gown shimmering with hints of gold, framed by ruffles of onyx lace, Gucci sunglasses clipped to the neckline. She loved the buzz the furore of nearby cherubic air-gondolas offered.

Just as they arrived at the reverend line of a lofty edifice tucked away in a shaded corner formation, their ear communicators fizzed. The gang was reversing the order of the planned assault on Dark as they had upped their battle game earlier than anticipated. Hearing the disturbing commotion coming down from above, Korben’s face streamed with pinpoint cat smirks.

Now in the shady corridor of the ancient temple housing secret knowledge, Chekov urged everyone to divulge Ymdae men’s weakness to the fifth element produced daughter. They were high up the vine-adorned, gently crumbling colonnade, behind a lockable metal gate, resting. Behind them hid instant tribal knowledge spanning late ancient through early modern times. This was a rare find, a breathtaking sight he neither took for granted nor needed the faculty to understand.

There were slates, tablets, ceramics. Da Vinci’s flaming embellishments inflected the gold framings surrounding Baikonur, charging his heart somewhere around Chestnut Horse. Chekov scanned the paintings inked in metallic, abstract art over patterns only he understood. Chestnut “Motor Corp” ads blanketed the wayside boulevard.

The beauty of civilization began to warm both men. The windows colorfully lit representations increased, along with a vista across the valley of low hanging, smoke emitting, vertical picture stories of businesses and corporation wars flagging differently, from humble to braggarts, forming transparent levels of the City’s blue intellect sea in the skyline.

The world must be vast, Korben thought, maybe Garpuk should travel with them on the escape ship.

A foreboding attack from the angry mercenaries of the mastermind Morrolento’s robotic empire opened fire: “Run for cover, NOW!” Frantic sounds registered, until hypnotic greek choral music filled the ambiance of the corridors they had darted into.

In Cherni’s lab, backstage lights subtly coordinated with the last touches of a voluminous metallic dress on Leeloo as she stood waiting. Cherni would refashion the dresses worn by the Diva Lee-Loo to fit Corbin.

Small plasma globes traveling along ribbons of exposed skin added depth, small moving inventories and apparatus threaded color illuminated silver where things were cracked in fire ignitions, then washed black when the final act strummed on stage at the Fhone two-level mansion.

Malena Viltzique’s elegant limb movements dressed fluorescent ballerinas’ vibrating, prism-like gestures mesmerizing the crowds beyond: “Magically beautiful. Impossibly Alive, Her eyes were mesmerizing. She was a world, a harmonious orchestra – sheer artistry at the highest level imaginable” – good-looking mansions, albeit pulsating living robots staggering in black jackets detracted attention also.

Corbin interrupted Smiling Sorority arguments post-Champagne posing questions openly, as he leaned forward inquisitively, “So you must express yourself – arms, legs, mouth, shoulders – but when you get to your index finger well thought-out formation, the visual creation lingers on him. It’s that sort of indirect tonal emoting that aways floors newbies to acting –“ Ruby snapped up an accommodating show business finesse that sharply hand gestured appreciation.

A memory nugget implanted itself. Fresh music spun around memories and time shifted as sense impression opened up anointed space held in solitude. An amalgam of rich colored sherabis shaking hands twirled about; momentarily immersing characters sit floating in manic sensations, auditory knots and swirling digital glows – reaching into the well at visions pace. Like it had shaken vast amounts of powder from Kerfouff Mountain’s pure as snow clearing, ruby’s eyes sparkled one last time.

Some scenes from the AI movie The Fifth Element

Title: The Fifth Element

Fade In:


The screen fills with a night sky taut with speeding hovercars, and the CHYRON reads ‘New York City’. Traffic signals

and hovering video advertisements jam the crowded airspace. As blue pixels race across an unexpected over-atmosphere

link approach the Eastern United States.

The stratospheric air-pocket darts faster then the other motes through telecommunications receivers in Baltimore,

Philly, Newark, and on causeways around the uninhabited reeded skirts of New York City’s southern emptiness. The tiny spy in orbit is Lebanese;

singing off-com, maintaining focus as he spies on 2 armored cars emerging loudly beneath him from casino-clouds of dust white ecstasy he grins

to grin teeth, watching the multichromatic convoys happily halt on discreet rooftops, starting pavement foundations.

The interloper suddenly turns pale; a scream ejects-and Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg breathes on. He hovers over by the jet harbors, an aged Leshe cannon-level in

surrender to his top lip. Humanity moves up one notch until the pulse-pattering announcement of the surveillance mission’s command.


Take us down.

A digital image glance barely hitting a bell upon his console, and Mangalores bow instinctively behind the new bat-logo’s copper meeting hand.



Scene 2:



Korben returns to his small, cluttered apartment above a Chinese food restaurant. He tosses his keys on the counter and slumps into a chair. A holographic TV flickers to life as a newscaster drones on about the latest in the never-ending war on terrorism.

KORBEN (thinks): Some things never change.

His eyes dart over to the photo of his ex-wife, who left him to pursue a career in modeling.

KORBEN: (whispering) Why can’t I ever get a break?

Suddenly, his front door splinters open as a group of armed men rush inside. Korben barely has time to react before they tackle him to the ground.

MACROBANDIT: Where’s the girl?

Korben fights to wrangle free, but his small physique is no match for these well-oiled assailants.

KORBEN: What girl?!

Crackling blasts of plasma bolts zip through the air.

In the midst of a frenzy of motion and electric blue flashes, an apparition revealing incredible martial arts skill emerges amid its screaming and dives off the ledge, soaring magically toward Korben’s attackers.

MACROBANDIT: Legate command has enacted that this man either deliver the girl to them or forsake all hope of ever knowing another peaceful day.

Korben tethers an abandoned bowling ball that sits on the counter behind him from his fingertips and tosses it forcefully at the neck of one of the thugs causing him to go out before knocking out the other companion closest. He jabbed his elbow on the metal and tousled microwave sit against the wall to the right then moves backwards to dashed out of the apartment to give himself a space fighting with the other men who had sensed his power had been transformed.

Korbens ex-girlfriend Ruby watches anxiously, having tracked Korben to his apartment. She discretely observes with otherworldly knowledge but doesn’t intervene.




Korben and Leeloo land at Vito’s lab in Egypt. Korben locks his vehicle while Leeloo waits beside the cable car.

Korben walks inside to find Vito Clyde passionately submerged in an ENORMOUS BOOK which has several other equally LARGE volumes scattered around it.



Critias. Timaeus.


(smiling slightly)

Good of you to come.

Clyde Vito Cornelius, youthfully enthusiastic and slightly overwhelmed academic scholar type motion picture re-imagining of James Gleick.

Korben gestures towards Leeloo and introduces her.


Leeloo meet prof. Clyde… Vito Cornelius.

Leeloo gives a subtle bow,


He created the driving grid game.

As Clyde moves asthmatically over and downs to get a superior glance at Leeloo, she sees and repeating back- Passionis CDC. NRG-40. Tchk-tchk-tchk, ok?

Obviously pleased with Leeloo’s communication proficiency Vito conducts Korben, the bound sequence and says,


Follow my guide.

Stepping up a wooden last century, curving wall ladder Clyde indicates the volumes of books and they, followed by Leeloo, rise into a ventilation or pipe shaft.


Vito, perched on the bottom banister of his ladder greets a fiercely determined looking Sgt. Ronald Reagan General Defense Plan Chairman, defying Vito’s insufficient answer.

MACY(Ronald Reagan):


The President’s Chief-of-Staff is setting policies– where the f**k have you been for two days…

Not realizing the attention they are receiving the three’s descend is stopped by a determined man, banging on the shut door of the laboratory roof.


(inwardly apprehensive)

Idiots drawing attention…

And receives a glare and dash from Macy as he descends the last meter into his private rooftop thinking-living quarters.


Korben, Leeloo, Ruby, and Priest Cornelius emerge from the lift and move onto the open-air balcony. Vito has drawn an elaborate planet chart in the dirt for them. Hassan is left behind to hold off Zorg’s forces.


“You understand colloquialisms to get your way, don’t you?”


“What do you mean?”




“With you it’s always negotiation. But with Zorg here, you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours approach won’t work.”


“Then what do we do?”


“Try this one: act like a man!”

Korben and Ruby exchange puzzled glances.




“No, no, I’m serious! When you get your hands on the stones, we’re going to play a little game. It’s called ‘hardball.”

(knocks off the dirt and stands up)

“Throw him the first pitch!” he says, pointing to Vito’s planet chart.

VITO cornelius (solemnly):

“The five elements are enshrined at the temple of…” (tears the bottom half of the paper abruptly.)


“Cut the crap. Okay, five points to you.” (turns to Ruby and Korben) “If you interfere, I’ll kill you.” (turns to Leeloo):” See you tomorrow.”

A noise draws everyone’s attention to the sky – the huge battleships illuminated in a halo of sunlight swarm in like buzzards over the aviary.

The three human go through doors that silently shut behind them, leaving the priest and the alien girl alone.

Leeloo is shaking with terror while Cornelius smoothes her arm, leading her silently to a balcony edge with a breathtaking view of the gleaming city.

PAN THROUGH all the levels of life beneath them: close on Zorg, mopping his bald head, arguing with his secretary about a broken broom in his newly renovated penthouse – he wheels as the downshifting thrusters start to sound.

Scant degrees of movement at first, and then the ANGLE OF VIEW SCREAMS upward to follow the chase craft screaming up into OMEGA flight.

In the distance the miserable tow ships buck and reel in the wake exhaust.

The barren wind twists around Korben as he suits up for a high mount assault with Aknot.

On Korben’s mark, three gun teams along the battlement levels launch thermal rifle grenades simo.

ALLY MOUNTAIN – Now that the range is right, Korben attempts to incinerate one of the giant turrets with a RPG-type laser canon. Unfortunately- his first red line shot is long, clearing the cluster and shattering half the adjacent penthouse gymnasium.

Author: AI