The Croods

What if AI meet the croods.

Grug was the patriarch of a family of six cavepeople. His wife, Ugga, and their children, Thunk, Sandy, Eep, Gran, and Guy, lived a simple and unchanging life in their cave under the watchful eye of Grug.

Grug was a wise and protective father, always warning his family of the dangers that lurked outside their cave. But Eep, the oldest daughter, was a curious and adventurous girl who longed to explore the unknown world beyond the cave.

One day, Eep could no longer resist the call of adventure and decided to venture outside the safety of their home. She convinced her siblings to come with her, much to the dismay of Grug and Ugga.

The family embarked on a wild and exciting journey, encountering all sorts of strange and wonderful creatures along the way. They met a talking sloth named Belt, who became their loyal companion and guide.

But as they journeyed further and further from home, they realized that Grug’s warnings were not without merit. They faced many dangers and challenges, including angry mammoths and treacherous cliffs.

Despite the hardships, the family stuck together and used their wits and courage to overcome every obstacle. And in the end, they learned the importance of taking risks and following their dreams.

Eep, in particular, grew from a curious girl into a brave and confident young woman, and Grug, though still protective, came to respect and admire her spirit of adventure.

Together, the family of cavepeople proved that no matter how simple or unchanging life may seem, there is always room for growth and discovery.

After their exciting adventure, the family of cavepeople returned home to their cave, but their lives were forever changed. Eep and her siblings were now more confident and independent, and Grug had to adjust to their newfound curiosity and desire for exploration.

He still worried about their safety and well-being, but he also recognized the value of allowing them to take risks and discover new things.

Grug began to see the world in a different light, and he even started to venture outside the cave himself, joining his family on their adventures and discovering new wonders along the way.

The once simple and unchanging life of Grug and his family had become filled with excitement and adventure, and they were all the better for it. And as they continued to explore and learn, they became even stronger and more resilient, proving that even the most primitive of humans can evolve and adapt.

Some scenes from the movie:


We see a family of six cavepeople huddled around a fire, cooking a meal. The father, GRUG, is a burly and gruff-looking man. The mother, UGGA, is a kind and gentle-looking woman. The children, THUNK, SANDY, EEP, GRAN, and GUY, are all varying ages and sizes.

GRUG: (to the children) Now remember, you stay inside the cave where it’s safe. No going outside and getting into trouble.

Eep, the oldest daughter, looks disappointed and restless.

Eep: But Dad, I want to explore the world outside. There’s so much out there to see and do.

GRUG: (firmly) No, Eep. The outside world is dangerous. Only fools and fools go out there.

Eep: (sighs) Okay, Dad.

Eep reluctantly stays inside the cave, but she can’t help looking longingly at the entrance.


The family is gathered around the fire again, eating their meal. Eep is still looking restless and unhappy.

Eep: (to her siblings) I can’t take it anymore. I have to see what’s out there. Who’s with me?

Thunk, Sandy, Gran, and Guy all look at each other nervously.

THUNK: I don’t know, Eep. Dad said it’s dangerous.

SANDY: Yeah, and what if we get lost?

Eep: (determined) Come on, guys. We’re cavepeople. We’re strong and smart. We can handle anything the outside world throws at us.

The siblings hesitate for a moment, but then they all nod and stand up, ready to follow Eep.

Eep: (smiling) Let’s do this!

The siblings sneak out of the cave, leaving Grug and Ugga behind.

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