The Bodyguard

Love, Duty and Danger collide in this thrilling romance.

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Prologue: The Fear Within

Kevin Costner sat in his living room, staring at the phone. He knew it was only a matter of time before it rang, and he would be forced back into a world he had left behind. He had been a Secret Service agent for over a decade until a tragic event forced him to resign. But now, he was being called back into service.

The phone rang, and Kevin answered. It was his former colleague, Frank. “Kevin, we need you,” Frank said. “There’s a young pop star in Los Angeles who’s being threatened by a crazed fan. We need you to protect her.”

Kevin hesitated. He had no desire to go back to his old life. He had left it all behind, including the pain and the fear. But something about this request tugged at him. He knew he couldn’t just sit back and let this girl be hurt.

“Alright, I’ll do it,” Kevin said.

Chapter 1: The Assignment

Kevin walked into the sleek modern offices of Sumner Management, where he was met by the company’s CEO, Marty Sumner. Marty was a tall man with greying hair, and he greeted Kevin with a firm handshake.

“Thank you for coming, Mr. Costner,” Marty said. “We’re in a bit of a bind here. As I’m sure you know, our client, Whitney Houston, has been receiving threatening letters and calls from a crazed fan. We need you to protect her.”

Kevin nodded. “I understand.”

“Good,” Marty said. “Whitney is one of the biggest names in the industry, and we can’t afford to take any chances. We need you to do whatever it takes to keep her safe.”

Kevin gave a curt nod. “I’ll do my best.”

Marty led Kevin into a conference room, where Whitney was waiting for them. She was a vision in white, with long curly hair and bright blue eyes. She stood up and smiled shyly at Kevin.

“Hi, I’m Whitney,” she said.

Kevin introduced himself and got straight to the point. “Ms. Houston, I need to know everything you can tell me about this fan who’s been threatening you.”

Whitney’s smile faded, and she bit her lip. “His name is Mark,” she said. “He’s a former lover of mine. He’s been sending me letters and making calls, saying he still loves me and that we’re meant to be together.”

Kevin nodded, taking notes. “Do you have any idea where he might be?”

Whitney shook her head. “No, he’s very elusive. He’s been following me from city to city, and he always seems to know where I am.”

Kevin felt a knot form in his stomach. This was going to be a difficult case.

Marty interrupted his thoughts. “Mr. Costner, we’ve arranged for you and Ms. Houston to travel on a promotional tour starting tomorrow,” he said. “We need you to be with her at all times, and to ensure her safety during the concerts and appearances.”

Kevin nodded. “I’ll take care of it.”

As Kevin walked out of the conference room, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of dread. Protecting Whitney Houston was going to be one of the most challenging assignments of his career. And on top of that, he couldn’t shake the feeling that something wasn’t right about this whole situation. There was more to this than just a crazed fan.

Little did he know that his instincts were spot on, and that he was about to be thrown into a world of danger, secrets, and unexpected love.

Chapter 2: The Threat Escalates

Kevin’s initial reluctance to take on the job of protecting Whitney Houston quickly turns to alarm as he realizes the severity of the threat against her. The fan, who Kevin discovers was a former lover of Whitney’s, has been leaving disturbing messages and sending ominous gifts.

Despite his concerns, Kevin is met with resistance from Whitney’s management team, who seem more focused on publicity than her safety. Kevin’s frustration grows as he realizes they are hiding important information from him, making it much harder for him to do his job.

As the threats escalate, Kevin becomes increasingly vigilant, following Whitney everywhere she goes and making sure her environment is secure. But his strict safety protocols clash with Whitney’s carefree attitude, leading to tension between them.

At one point, Kevin discovers a hidden camera in Whitney’s hotel room, and fears for her privacy and safety. He confronts her management team, but they brush it off as a simple mistake. Kevin’s suspicions grow, and he becomes more determined to uncover what they are hiding.

Meanwhile, the crazed fan continues his relentless campaign, sending packages containing explicit photos and letters to Whitney’s hotel room. Kevin intercepts most of them, but one package slips through the cracks, leaving him and Whitney shaken.

In an effort to keep Whitney safe, Kevin suggests they cancel a show in a particularly risky location. But Whitney’s management team insists on going ahead, leading to a tense standoff between Kevin and the management team.

As the night of the concert approaches, Kevin becomes increasingly uneasy. He begins to question whether he can trust Whitney’s team, and whether he is equipped to protect her against such a determined stalker.

Finally, the night of the concert arrives. A palpable tension fills the air as Whitney takes the stage, and Kevin watches nervously from the sidelines. Suddenly, he spots the crazed fan in the crowd, attempting to make his way to the stage.

Kevin springs into action, tackling the fan and dragging him away from the stage. But the incident leaves Kevin more determined than ever to protect Whitney, and more convinced that there is something Whitney’s management team isn’t telling him.

As the chapter ends, Kevin begins to feel the burden of his responsibility to keep Whitney safe. He knows he must stay vigilant, but he can’t help but wonder what other secrets Whitney’s management team is hiding. And as the crazed fan continues to escalate his threats, Kevin realizes that danger may be closer than he ever imagined.

Chapter 3: On the Road

Kevin and Whitney hit the road together, embarking on a promotional tour that will take them to cities all over the country. The tension between them is palpable. Kevin is focused on keeping Whitney safe above all else, while Whitney is more concerned with living her life to the fullest, even if it means taking unnecessary risks.

As they travel from city to city, Kevin begins to notice small things about Whitney that he had overlooked before. He starts to understand her in a way that he hadn’t before. They talk about their lives, their past experiences, and their hopes for the future.

One night after a show, they sit in a hotel room and have a deep conversation about life. Kevin opens up about his own struggles, revealing that he had lost his wife and child to a senseless act of violence years ago. Whitney is moved by Kevin’s vulnerability, and for the first time, she sees him not only as her bodyguard but as a person with his own fears and emotions.

As the tour continues, Kevin’s suspicions about Whitney’s management team deepen. He notices that they are often on their phones, whispering in hushed tones, and exchanging glances that suggest they are hiding something. Kevin confronts them, demanding to know what they are keeping from him, but they brush him off.

One day, while they are traveling in a van between cities, the crazed fan’s threats escalate. Kevin receives a call from an unknown number, and a distorted voice tells him that the fan is planning to make his move at the next concert. Kevin’s heart races, and he immediately jumps into action, ordering the driver to speed up and get to the venue as fast as possible.

As they arrive at the concert, Kevin’s worst fears are realized. The crazed fan is spotted in the crowd, and Kevin and his team rush to stop him. Chaos ensues as the crowd panics and runs in all directions. Kevin spots Whitney in the crowd, and he races to her side, pulling her to safety as the fan is taken down by security.

After the incident, Whitney and Kevin sit together in a dressing room, both shaken by what had just happened. Whitney finally opens up to Kevin about her fears, telling him about a traumatic event from her past that had left her feeling vulnerable and resistant to his protection. Kevin listens intently, realizing that there are deeper issues at play than just a crazed fan.

The two of them sit in silence for a moment, both contemplating what had just happened. Suddenly, Whitney bursts into song, a powerful ballad that speaks to the emotions they are both feeling. Kevin watches in awe as she pours her heart out, her voice filling the room.

As the song comes to an end, Whitney looks up at Kevin, tears streaming down her face. “I was wrong about you,” she says quietly. “I’ve been fighting you this whole time, trying to prove that I don’t need protecting. But I was wrong. I need you, Kevin. I need your strength, your bravery, and your protection.”

Kevin is moved by her words, and he leans in to kiss her. It’s a tender moment, full of raw emotion and vulnerability. For the first time, they kiss not out of passion or desire, but out of a deep emotional connection.

As they break apart, Kevin looks into Whitney’s eyes, his heart racing. He knows that their relationship has changed forever, that they have crossed a line that can never be uncrossed. But he also knows that their love for each other is stronger than any danger that may come their way.

The chapter ends with Kevin and Whitney sitting in silence, holding each other close. They know that the road ahead will be difficult, but they are ready to face it together.

Chapter 4: Danger at the Concert

While on tour, Kevin and Whitney arrive at a large concert venue for a performance. As they exit the vehicle, Kevin notices something suspicious about the way the fans are gathered. They seem too tightly packed and there’s a sense of urgency in the air. Before he can investigate, Whitney whisks him away, excited to be on stage.

As Kevin watches from the wings, he notices the fans becoming more and more frenzied. Suddenly, a commotion breaks out in the crowd, and Kevin springs into action. He spots a figure making his way towards the stage, and he quickly moves to intercept him.

The man turns out to be a crazed fan, and he’s carrying a weapon. Kevin fights him off, but not before Whitney gets a glimpse of the man’s face. She’s clearly shaken by the experience and demands to know what’s going on. Kevin reluctantly reveals the truth – that there’s a crazed fan who has been making threats against her life.

Whitney is understandably alarmed and frightened, but Kevin assures her that he’ll do everything in his power to keep her safe. He requests backup from his Secret Service colleagues, and they quickly arrive at the venue. Kevin is surprised to find that Whitney’s management team is resistant to the added security, insisting that it will disrupt their plans.

Despite their objections, Kevin and his team implement strict security measures, checking every nook and cranny of the venue for any potential threats. Whitney, however, is still resistant to Kevin’s authority, and the two continue to clash. She thinks Kevin is overreacting, while he sees her as naive and careless.

As the concert approaches, tensions continue to mount. Kevin’s gut instinct tells him that something isn’t right, but he can’t put his finger on what it is. Whitney seems oblivious to the danger, and that only makes Kevin more anxious. He decides to bring in backup from local law enforcement, just in case.

When the concert finally begins, Kevin’s fears seem to be realized. The crazed fan makes another attempt to breach security, this time with a more elaborate plan. As Kevin and his team spring into action, he realizes that the fan must have had inside information. He confronts Whitney’s management team, demanding answers.

It turns out that they were aware of the fan’s location, but chose not to tell Kevin so as not to disrupt the show. Kevin is furious, feeling betrayed and angry. Whitney tries to reason with him, but he’s too angry to listen.

As the concert comes to a close, Kevin is left feeling defeated. He’s failed to protect Whitney, and he’s lost her trust. He’s also starting to realize that he’s developed deeper feelings for her than he anticipated. He’s torn between his duty as her bodyguard and his growing romantic feelings.

Whitney, for her part, is beginning to see Kevin in a new light. She’s starting to realize how much he cares about her safety, and she’s grateful for his dedication. She’s also starting to see him as more than just a bodyguard – she’s beginning to see him as a man.

As they leave the venue, Kevin and Whitney share a look, each of them feeling a sense of confusion and uncertainty. They both want to trust each other, but they’re not sure if they can. However, there’s a spark of something between them that neither can deny.

The stage is set for a complex and dangerous relationship, one that will be tested in ways neither of them could have imagined.

Chapter 5: The Truth Comes Out

Kevin and Whitney have been on the road for several days now. They’ve been promoting Whitney’s new album and each passing day has been tense. Kevin has been trying to keep Whitney safe, but she’s constantly resisting his efforts. Despite the tension between them, Kevin has started to notice things about Whitney that he never saw before. She’s not just the self-centered diva that he initially thought she was. There’s more to her than meets the eye.

One night, after a long day of travel, Kevin finds Whitney sitting alone in her hotel room. She’s staring out the window, lost in thought. He can tell that something is bothering her.

“Whitney, are you okay?” Kevin asks, breaking the silence.

Whitney turns to him, her eyes filled with tears. “No, I’m not okay,” she says, her voice cracking. “I’ve been trying to keep this hidden from everyone, but I can’t do it anymore.”

Kevin sits down next to her, putting his arm around her. “Whatever it is, you can tell me.”

Whitney takes a deep breath and begins to speak. “When I was just starting out in the music industry, I was in a relationship with someone who was abusive. He was controlling and he hurt me physically and emotionally. I’ve never told anyone about it, not even my family or my closest friends. But every time you try to protect me, it brings back those memories.”

Kevin is taken aback. He never would’ve guessed that something like this had happened to Whitney. He feels a sudden surge of anger toward the person who hurt her. At the same time, he feels a sense of compassion toward Whitney.

“I’m so sorry, Whitney,” he says, holding her tightly. “I had no idea.”

Whitney looks up at him, tears still streaming down her face. “You don’t have to apologize. It’s not your fault.”

“I just wish there was something I could do to make it better,” Kevin says, feeling helpless.

Whitney takes a deep breath, composing herself. “Just do what you’ve been doing,” she says. “Protect me. I need you to keep me safe.”

Kevin nods, feeling a renewed sense of purpose. He’s no longer just protecting a pop star. He’s protecting someone who has been through a traumatic experience. He vows to do his best to keep Whitney safe, no matter what.

As the night wears on, Kevin and Whitney talk more about the abusive relationship. Whitney tells him about how she finally got the courage to leave, and how music became her refuge. Kevin listens intently, amazed by Whitney’s strength and resilience. By the time they finally go to bed, Kevin feels a deeper connection to Whitney than he ever thought possible.

But as they lay in their separate beds, Kevin realizes that this newfound connection is dangerous. He can’t let his feelings for Whitney get in the way of his job. He’s torn between his duty to protect her and his growing feelings of love. He knows that something has to give, but he’s not sure what it will be.

Chapter 6: The Chase

Panic sets in as the crazed fan evades security and makes a dangerous attempt to reach Whitney. Kevin’s adrenaline is pumping as he gets out of the car and chases the fan through the crowded city, pushing people out of the way and risking his own life to save Whitney’s.

As he runs, Kevin’s mind races with all the possible scenarios that could happen. He knows that the fan could be armed and dangerous, and he mentally prepares himself for a fight. His training kicks in as he calculates the quickest and safest route to catch the fan.

Panting and sweating, he finally catches a glimpse of the fan, who is now sprinting down a narrow alleyway. Kevin picks up speed and follows him, his eyes never leaving the target. The fan turns a corner, but Kevin is hot on his heels, determined not to let him get away.

Suddenly, the fan stops and turns around, facing Kevin, who comes to a sudden halt, his heart pounding, and his hand instinctively reaching for his gun. But the fan has no weapon in sight, and instead raises his hands in surrender.

Kevin cautiously approaches him, keeping a safe distance, and asks him to kneel on the ground. The fan complies and begins to sob uncontrollably, revealing that he is not a dangerous criminal, but a deeply troubled individual who has been struggling with mental health issues for years.

Feeling a sense of compassion for the man, Kevin tries to calm him down and asks him why he was after Whitney. The fan explains that he had fallen in love with her after attending one of her concerts and that he had been trying to get her attention ever since.

Kevin realizes that the fan is not a true threat to Whitney’s safety, but rather a victim of his own delusions. However, he knows that he must still take the fan into custody and hand him over to the authorities.

As he calls for backup, Whitney and her team arrive on the scene, having followed Kevin’s chase. Whitney is visibly shaken and thanks Kevin for his heroism, but also expresses her discomfort with the violent nature of the encounter.

Kevin is left with mixed emotions. He is glad he was able to protect Whitney, but he is also burdened by the reality of the situation. He knows that the fan is not a criminal but a person in need of help, and he wonders if he could have handled the situation differently.

As the night comes to a close, Kevin and Whitney retire to their hotel rooms. Whitney tries to comfort Kevin, sensing that he is troubled, but he is distant, lost in his own thoughts.

The aftermath of the chase leaves a lasting impact on Kevin, forcing him to confront the nature of his job and the morality of his actions. He wonders if protecting someone from harm justifies the use of force, and if there is ever a right way to handle a situation like this.

The chapter ends with Kevin on the balcony of his hotel room, staring out at the city, his mind racing with complex thoughts and unanswered questions. He is torn between his duty to protect Whitney and his own sense of morality.

Chapter 7: Love in the Midst of Danger

The sound of Whitney’s voice filled the air as Kevin rushed towards her dressing room. He was relieved to hear that she was safe, but the relief was short-lived as he quickly realized that the crazed fan was still at large.

He could hear the panicked screams of fans as he made his way to Whitney’s room. When he arrived, he found Whitney sitting on a couch, looking shaken but unharmed.

“Are you okay?” Kevin asked, relief evident in his voice as he took in her presence.

Whitney nodded, and Kevin felt a wave of emotion wash over him. Despite the dangerous situation, he couldn’t help but feel a growing attraction to Whitney.

He had always been a love-averse tough guy, but something about her captivated him. He realized that he had fallen for her, and it scared him.

As they made their way out of the venue, Kevin couldn’t shake off the feeling of vulnerability. He knew that the crazed fan would try to attack again, and he was not sure if he could protect Whitney from the danger.

But in the midst of danger, something unexpected happened. Whitney had picked up on the tension between them and started to open up to him. She talked about her fears, the weight of her fame, and the pressure of always having to be perfect.

Kevin listened, and before he knew it, they were laughing and enjoying each other’s company. Their connection deepened, and they both realized that they were becoming more than just bodyguard and client.

As they headed back to the hotel, Kevin could feel the weight of his duty pressing down on him. He knew that he had to protect Whitney at all costs, even if it meant sacrificing his own safety.

But when they got back to the hotel, things took a dangerous turn. The crazed fan had followed them, and Kevin was forced into action.

He ushered Whitney into a safe room and prepared to confront the fan. The adrenaline was pumping through his veins as he prepared himself for the fight of his life.

The fan was stronger than Kevin anticipated, and the fight was brutal. But in the end, Kevin managed to subdue the fan and save Whitney’s life.

As he held Whitney in his arms, he realized that his feelings for her were stronger than he had ever imagined. He was torn between duty and romance, between what was right and what he wanted.

Whitney could sense his turmoil, and she took his hand. “I know this is complicated, but I can’t deny what I feel. Can you?”

Kevin looked into her eyes and saw the sincerity and vulnerability that he had always admired. He knew that he couldn’t deny what he felt, and he pulled her close.

Their kiss was electrifying, and they both knew that they had crossed a line. But in the midst of danger, their love had blossomed, and they couldn’t deny what they felt.

As they parted, Kevin whispered, “We’ll deal with the consequences later. Right now, we need to focus on staying alive.”

Whitney nodded, and they both knew that their lives would never be the same. They had fallen in love in the midst of danger, and they were both willing to fight for that love.

Chapter 8: Aftermath

Kevin held Whitney tightly in his arms, a rush of relief washing over him as he took in the fact that they had survived the attack. The adrenaline was still pumping through his veins, but he couldn’t deny the emotions that were welling up inside him. He had fallen in love with the woman he was sworn to protect, and there was no turning back.

Whitney looked up at Kevin, her eyes filled with tears. She had nearly lost him – the man who had become her rock, her protector, and the person who had shown her what it truly meant to be loved. She couldn’t deny it any longer – she loved him too.

They separated, taking in each other’s faces, and then Whitney spoke first. “I never thought I could feel this way again,” she said, her voice barely above a whisper.

Kevin’s heart swelled with emotion as he heard her words. He brushed a strand of hair from her face and leaned in to kiss her. Their lips met in a passionate embrace, and for a moment, everything else faded away. They broke apart, their foreheads touching as they stared into each other’s eyes.

“I love you,” Kevin said softly.

Whitney’s eyes widened in shock. She had never heard those words from anyone before, not even her ex-husband. But she knew in her heart that Kevin was different. He was the one she had been searching for all her life.

“I love you too,” she said, gripping his hand tightly.

Kevin smiled, a feeling of elation coursing through him. He had never expected to find love in the midst of such danger, but here it was, staring him right in the face.

They spent the next few hours in the hospital, getting checked out for injuries and giving their statements to the police. The crazed fan had been apprehended, and there was a sense of relief in the air. But for Kevin and Whitney, the events of the day had changed everything.

As they made their way back to the hotel, they walked in silence, each lost in their own thoughts. But the tension between them was palpable, and Kevin knew he had to say something.

“Whitney, I know this might not be the best time to say this, but I want to be with you. I want to make this work, even though I know it’s complicated.”

Whitney stopped in her tracks, looking at Kevin with a mixture of shock and joy. She had never thought a relationship with someone like him would be possible, but she couldn’t deny the feelings he had stirred up in her.

“I want that too,” she said, taking his hand.

They continued walking, their hands clasped together, and as they reached the hotel room, they knew that their lives would never be the same again.

Over the next few weeks, Kevin and Whitney’s relationship blossomed. They spent time together, learning more about each other and discovering common interests. Kevin was amazed at how much they had in common, from their love of music to their shared sense of humor.

But there were challenges too. Kevin’s job as a bodyguard required him to be constantly vigilant, and Whitney’s fame made it difficult to find privacy. They also had to navigate the complexities of their pasts, including Whitney’s tumultuous marriage and Kevin’s experiences in the Secret Service.

But despite the challenges, their love only grew stronger. They supported each other through the tough times and celebrated the good ones, always keeping their eyes on the future.

Finally, the day came for Whitney’s big concert, the one that would mark the end of their tour. Kevin watched from the wings, his heart swelling with pride as he saw Whitney take the stage. She was radiant, a true star in every sense of the word.

As the concert wound down, Whitney walked offstage, her eyes searching for Kevin. He stepped forward, holding out his hand. She took it, and they shared a kiss, the crowd roaring in approval.

They walked offstage together, hand in hand, their future uncertain but filled with hope. They had survived the dangers that had threatened to tear them apart, and now they knew that nothing could separate them.

As they stepped outside into the cool night air, Whitney turned to Kevin with a smile on her face. “I have a surprise for you,” she said.

Kevin raised an eyebrow, curious. “What is it?”

Whitney grinned. “I’ve written a song for you.”

Kevin was floored. “For me? You didn’t have to do that.”

“Yes, I did,” Whitney said, her voice soft. “It’s called The Bodyguard, and it’s about a man who risks his life to protect the woman he loves.”

Kevin felt his eyes fill with tears as Whitney began to sing. Her voice was pure magic, and as the song came to an end, he knew that this was the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

Together, they would face whatever the future held, with love as their shield and each other as their protector. It was a love that had been tested by danger and trials, but had emerged stronger than ever before. And as they walked off into the night, Kevin knew that with Whitney by his side, anything was possible.

Some scenes from the movie The Bodyguard written by A.I.

Scene 1


Kevin – a gruff, no-nonsense ex-Secret Service agent

Whitney – a self-indulgent pop idol

Liam – a crazed fan of Whitney’s

Manager – Whitney’s manager who Kevin doesn’t trust


The lobby of a hotel in New York City


Kevin: (impatiently) Ms. Houston, I’m Kevin. I’ll be your bodyguard.

Whitney: (rolling her eyes) Finally. Let’s get this over with.

Kevin leads Whitney to the elevator as Liam, the crazed fan, watches from the side.

Liam: (muttering to himself) She’ll be mine. You can’t protect her forever, Kevin.

Manager: (whispering to Kevin) Liam’s been spotted again. I think we need to increase security.

Kevin: (skeptical) Why wasn’t I informed about this earlier?

Manager: (defensive) We didn’t want to alarm Ms. Houston.

Kevin eyes the manager suspiciously before turning back to Whitney.

Kevin: (firmly) Ms. Houston, I need you to follow my instructions exactly. Your safety is my number one priority.

Whitney: (rolls her eyes again) Yeah, yeah. Just don’t cramp my style too much, okay tough guy?

Suddenly, the elevator doors open to a surprised Liam on the other side.

Liam: (smirking) Fancy meeting you here, Ms. Houston.

Kevin quickly steps in front of Whitney, blocking Liam’s path.

Kevin: (warningly) Get back, now.

Liam: (tauntingly) What are you gonna do, tough guy? Shoot me?

Whitney: (screaming) Kevin!

Kevin grabs Whitney and pulls her back into the elevator, hitting the button for their floor.

Whitney: (breathless) What the hell was that?

Kevin: (firmly) I told you, Ms. Houston. Your safety is my number one priority. And that includes protecting you from delusional fans like him.

Whitney: (sighs) Whatever. Just don’t ruin my night, okay?

The elevator doors close on Liam, leaving him seething with rage.

Liam: (muttering to himself) I’ll get you, Whitney. You’ll be mine.

The elevator dings as it reaches their floor. Kevin leads Whitney out and into her hotel room.

Kevin: (seriously) Ms. Houston, I need you to promise me that you won’t leave this room without me by your side.

Whitney: (defiantly) And what if I refuse?

Kevin: (warningly) Then I’ll have no choice but to inform your management that I can no longer guarantee your safety.

Whitney pouts but ultimately relents.

Whitney: (sighs) Fine. I won’t leave without you.

Kevin nods before taking a position outside her door, ready for anything.


Scene 2


Kevin Costner – Ex-Secret Service agent

Whitney Houston – Pop Star

Tom – Whitney’s Manager

Crazed Fan – Former lover of Whitney’s


Luxury hotel suite


Kevin: “You’re not telling me everything, Tom. Why didn’t you inform me about the fan’s location?”

Tom: “We didn’t want to alarm Whitney or cause a panic. We’re handling the situation.”

Kevin: “You’re putting Whitney’s life in danger. I can’t do my job if you’re keeping secrets from me.”

Whitney: “Kevin, I trust Tom. He’s been with me for years. You don’t understand the pressures of being a celebrity.”

Kevin: “I understand better than anyone. I’ve seen what can happen when security is lax. I won’t let that happen to you, Whitney.”


Kevin paces back and forth in the hotel suite while Whitney and Tom watch him anxiously. Suddenly, the door bursts open and a man dressed in black rushes in, brandishing a knife. The bodyguard and the fans engaged in a fierce physical fight. Kevin, despite getting hurt, manages to overpower him and neutralize the threat.

Crazed Fan: “You can’t keep us apart, Whitney. We belong together.”

Whitney: “You need to leave. I don’t want to see you again.”

Crazed Fan: “I’ll never give up on us.”

Tom calls hotel security to remove the fan as Kevin tends to his injuries. Kevin is shaken by the attack and realizes that he needs to be more vigilant than ever to protect Whitney. Whitney, on the other hand, begins to see the seriousness of the situation and starts to trust Kevin more.

Scene 3



We see a tour bus rolling down a highway, with the words “Whitney Houston” plastered on the side. The camera zooms in on the window to reveal Kevin Costner driving the bus.



Whitney Houston is lounging on a couch while Kevin is driving. Kevin glances at Whitney through the rearview mirror.

KEVIN: (disapprovingly) Can you please put your phone away, Whitney?

WHITNEY: (rolls her eyes) Relax, Kevin. It’s just a quick tweet to my fans.

KEVIN: (exasperated) I don’t care if it’s a tweet or a text, you can’t be distracted like that. You’re putting yourself in danger.

WHITNEY: (sighs) Look, I know you’re just trying to do your job, but can’t we just enjoy the ride for once?

KEVIN: (pauses) Fine. But only if you promise to stay focused during our next stop.

Whitney nods her head and Kevin relaxes.



The tour bus arrives at the concert venue, where a huge crowd is waiting for Whitney. Kevin scans the area, making sure everything is secure.



Kevin stands guard outside Whitney’s dressing room door, when Whitney’s manager walks up to him.

MANAGER: (whispers) Listen, Kevin. We received a threat from the crazed fan today. He said he’ll be at the concert tonight.

KEVIN: (frowning) Why didn’t you tell me earlier?

MANAGER: (hesitates) We didn’t want to worry Whitney. Just keep your eyes peeled for anything suspicious.

KEVIN: (gritting his teeth) I’ll take care of it.



Whitney takes the stage and the crowd goes wild. Kevin stands at the side of the stage, scanning the crowd for any signs of danger.

Suddenly, Kevin spots a man making his way onto the stage. He quickly rushes towards him and tackles him to the ground.



Whitney walks into her dressing room, visibly shaken.

WHITNEY: (shaking) Oh my god, Kevin. That was terrifying.

KEVIN: (softly) You’re safe now. That’s all that matters.

Whitney looks up and sees the concern in Kevin’s eyes.

WHITNEY: (gently) Thank you, Kevin. I’m sorry for not taking your job seriously before. You really do care about my safety.

KEVIN: (smiling) Of course I do. It’s my job.

Whitney smiles back, and the two share a moment of understanding.


Scene 4


– Kevin Costner, ex-Secret Service agent

– Whitney Houston, pop star

– Frank, Whitney’s manager

– Steven, crazed fan

– Security Team

Setting: Concert venue


Kevin: “We need to talk about why you’re not taking this seriously.”

Whitney: “I am taking it seriously, Kevin. I just don’t want to live in fear.”

Kevin: “I understand that, but your safety is my top priority.”

Frank: “Let’s focus on the concert tonight. We have extra security measures in place.”

Steven: (from a distance) “Whitney! I love you!”



The concert is in full swing, with Whitney singing and dancing on stage.

Kevin surveys the crowd from backstage, constantly checking the security team’s communication devices. He sees a man in the crowd who seems to be acting strangely.

KEVIN: “Keep an eye on that guy.”

The security team moves in closer to the man, who is identified as Steven, the crazed fan. Steven suddenly bolts and rushes towards the stage.

KEVIN: “Whitney, get down!”

Whitney is confused for a moment, but Kevin grabs her and pulls her to safety just as Steven storms onto the stage.

A chaotic brawl ensues as Kevin fights off Steven and the security team rushes in to help. Finally, Kevin gets Steven into a headlock and subdues him.

WHITNEY: (breathless) “Kevin, are you okay?”

KEVIN: “I’m fine, Whitney. Just doing my job.”

FRANK: “We need to get him out of here before the press gets wind of this.”

The team ushers Whitney away as paramedics attend to the injured. Kevin watches from a distance, his heart pounding with adrenaline.

KEVIN: “This isn’t over yet.”

Scene 5



Kevin and Whitney sit across from each other, both looking tense.


Whitney, why won’t you let me do my job and protect you? You know I’m here to keep you safe.


You don’t understand, Kevin. I’ve been hurt before, and I can’t let anyone get close enough to do it again.


I understand that you’ve been through a lot, but you have to trust me. I won’t let anyone hurt you, I promise.

Whitney looks down, tears in her eyes.


It’s not just that, Kevin. There’s something else I haven’t told you. Something from my past.

Kevin leans forward, concerned.


What is it? You can tell me anything.


When I was younger, I was attacked by a stalker. He broke into my house and held me captive for days. I was so scared, and I didn’t think I was going to make it out alive.

Kevin’s expression softens, and he reaches out to take Whitney’s hand.


I had no idea, Whitney. I’m so sorry that happened to you.


After that, I couldn’t let anyone get close to me again. I was scared that if I did, they would hurt me too. But being with you, Kevin, it’s different. I don’t feel scared anymore. I feel safe.

Kevin smiles, relieved to hear that he’s making progress with Whitney.


I’m glad you feel that way, Whitney. I promise to always protect you, no matter what.

They look into each other’s eyes for a long moment before Whitney leans in and kisses Kevin.


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