Across the Universe

“In a world gone mad, two hearts voyage across the universe, finding that love is the only anchor in the storm.”

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In the dark, gritty corners of Liverpool, amidst the humdrum of dock life, lived a young man named Jude. A dockworker by trade, but an unfulfilled dreamer by heart. His skin had become as weathered as the wooden docks he toiled upon, his eyes reflecting the deep, churned sapphire of the Mersey River. And beneath the roughened surface, lay a heart yearning for a sense of belonging, a purpose, a direction. His life, although devoid of the grandeur he sought, was woven with threads of dreams, dreams of a father he never met and a land far across the ocean.

Chapter 1: Liverpool Laments

The Liverpool docks were a cacophony of noise and bustling energy, but to Jude, it had become a monotonous symphony, an incessant drone that underscored his longing for something more. His hands, calloused from years of hard labor, moved with a practiced rhythm, loading and unloading cargo with an efficiency reflecting the bitter years he had spent on the docks.

He looked out at the horizon, the seagulls squawking and soaring above the emerald waters as they transformed into a churning pathway leading to another universe. A universe that held mysteries, challenges, the distinct possibility of a new life, and his long-lost father.

Fuelled by little more than stories his mother had cautiously imparted, Jude yearned to trace his father’s footsteps. He was an American GI who had swept his mother off her feet only to vanish when the war ended, leaving behind a photograph and a broken promise.

Apart from his regular dock work, Jude found solace in his artistic sketches. Drawing the dreamscape of his fatherland often took him on an imaginary voyage across the sea, away from the grime of the dockyard and into the arms of a father he had never known.

One day, an opportunity presented itself. A cargo ship bound for New York needed extra hands. His mother was hesitant, but he was ready. “Every son should know his father,” he asserted, with a hint of desperation lacing his words. There was no stopping him. With a patched-up suitcase and a heart inflated with dreams, Jude embarked on the journey of a lifetime.

As the ship left the harbor, he stood at the stern, watching his old life disappear into a watery haze. He would miss his mum and mates, but the thought of finding his father and discovering himself was intoxicating. The open sea was a blank canvas to him, one he intended to fill with vibrant colors of his new life.

The voyage was arduous, tossing Jude into the merciless currents of the Atlantic. The labor was harsher than the docks, the waves more relentless than the commanding officers back home, and the biting cold chilling him to his marrow. But every shivering night, every grueling chore, and every lonesome thought brought him closer to America, closer to his father.

With newfound excitement, Jude observed the Statue of Liberty emerging from the early morning mist. As the mammoth statue grew in size, so did his dreams. He was finally in America, the land of opportunity, the land of his father. A new chapter of his life was about to commence, one that would reshape him, test him, and perhaps even complete him.

Only time would tell if he could find his estranged father, and in that pursuit, if he would truly find himself. For Jude, the journey across the universe had just begun, and he was both the traveler and the mapmaker, charting his course through the waves of change.

Chapter 2: Father Found, Love Lost

The United States welcomed Jude with broad avenues, towering skyscrapers, and a dizzying amalgamation of cultures. The excitement of the vibrant metropolis, the potential of the American dream, was a stark contrast to his mundane existence as a Liverpool dockworker. Hope sprung within him like a morning bloom. His journey to find his estranged father had been filled with not just miles, but moments – every step was a transition, every breath an adaptation. With each day, the dockyards of Liverpool seemed far away, like another life relegated to the realm of dreams.

His search led him to a small, crumbling cottage at the outskirts of the city. There, lived the man he had traveled across the universe for. His father, a once-loved musician, now a recluse, hiding his bitterness behind a wall of melancholy tunes. Their first meeting was unlike anything Jude had dreamt of. There was no loving embrace, no tearful reunion. Just silence, a vast chasm of questions that echoed in the eyes of the musician. His father was a stranger, a ghost of the man Jude had hoped to find.

But in the midst of this heartbreak, a silver lining emerged. A chance encounter with Lucy, a vivacious and idealistic woman, brought a spark of joy to his disillusioned existence. Lucy was a breath of fresh air, a whirlwind of energy with a heart as vast and sympathetic as the ocean. Her presence was a salve to Jude’s wounded spirit, his constant in a world turned upside down.

Their affinity was instant, their attraction undeniable. Lucy, with her fiery spirit, was like a beacon to Jude’s drifting soul. He found solace in her company, comfort in her laughter, and strength in her unwavering belief. Yet, despite the bright spark of their connection, a shadow loomed ominously. The reality of war was a constant specter on the horizon, threatening to consume everything in its path.

Lucy, with her fiery idealism, was swept away by the anti-war movement that was catching fire around them. The world was in turmoil, and she was intent on playing her part in the revolution. Jude found himself torn, a bystander caught in the clutches of a cause he barely understood. He, who had come looking for roots, was now adrift in a sea of rebellion. The love that he had just discovered felt threatened by a force far bigger than both of them.

As Lucy delved deeper into the causes that split the nation, they found their worlds drifting apart. Their shared moments were now riddled with heated debates about war, freedom, and change. The passion that had once drawn them together was now causing a rift. Yet, every argument, every tear, only served to reinforce what they had. Their love was real, as tangible as the discord around them.

One evening, as another argument about the war reached its crescendo, Jude found himself walking out into the cold night. He looked up at the stars, the same stars he had gazed upon in Liverpool, hoping they held some answers. But all he saw was his reflection, a man caught in a tug-of-war, between love and war, between past expectations and present realities.

Despite the chaos, despite the confusion, one thing was clear – Jude was home. Not in the cozy corner of a Liverpool dockyard or the crumbling cottage of a regretful musician, but in the sparkle of Lucy’s eyes, in the echo of her laughter, in the depth of her spirit. She was his anchor in the churning sea of uncertainty. He knew then that love would be their only solace amidst the storm. Even as the world around them threatened to implode, their bond was unshakeable.

As Jude gazed at Lucy’s sleeping figure that night, he realized the futility of his quest. He had traveled across the universe seeking the validation of a man who was but a stranger. Instead, he had found a home in a woman who understood him, who loved him despite his flawed past and uncertain future. In her, he had found his universe.

Chapter 2 closed with a poignant realization – The promise of love amidst the chaos. Love that was profound, love that was undeniable, love that would see them through trials they never could have imagined. Little did Jude know, the real journey was only beginning.

Chapter 3: Love and War

Through the exciting whirlwind of their budding romance, Jude and Lucy found solace in each other’s arms. Their love story started in an unconventional way, under the expansive American sky, far away from Jude’s humble dockworker life in Liverpool. The bright-eyed Lucy, with her wild curls and infectious laughter, brought vibrant colors to his gray world, while Jude, with his rugged charm and earnestness, gave Lucy the thrill of first love.

But the world around them was descending into chaos with the escalating Vietnam War. The incessant drone of television broadcasts depicting young men being shipped off to an unknown future, protests erupting on every street corner, the dichotomy of peace signs and clenched fists in the air, the era was defined by its volatility. This turbulence started to bleed into their lives as Lucy got drawn into the anti-war movement.

Lucy’s older brother had been drafted, changing her life irrevocably. She saw letters filled with terror, the cowardly manifestation of bravery, and her brother’s fading smile in faded photographs. The once merry Christmas dinners were replaced with silent prayers and tear-streaked faces. Lucy, who once only cared about love and music, and the man who had traveled an ocean for a father’s love, found themselves at odds against a world that threatened to tear them apart.

As Lucy’s involvement in the movement intensified, so did the strain on their relationship. Jude was a foreigner in a foreign land, and his understanding of the war was limited to what he saw and heard. Despite his attempts to understand Lucy’s fervor, the more ingrained Lucy became within the movement, the more he felt alienated.

The unforgiving tide of war was not just an ocean away as Jude had reckoned, but now sat in his living room, crept into their conversations, and seeped into their once innocent love. The bitter taste of war replaced the sweet kisses they’d shared, and the fiery debates replaced tender whispers.

To Jude, it felt like a war was brewing not just in the jungles of Vietnam, but within the confines of their relationship. He watched the girl he’d fallen in love with transform into a fervent activist, her fiery spirit now directed towards the cause. Though he admired her passion, the growing gulf between them was undeniable.

The complexities of love and war were too intertwined for them to ignore. They struggled to navigate the tempestuous waters of their relationship amidst the political discord. Despite their love, the intricacies of war, the pull of societal convulsions, and their personal agonies seemed to be tearing them from their shared axis.

The anti-war slogans that filled their world threatened to drown out the love songs Jude had written for Lucy. Meanwhile, Lucy found herself torn between her heart and her cause. Her commitment to the movement was unwavering, but the sight of Jude, bewildered and hurt, cast a long shadow over her resolve.

By the end of all this, their world had changed, and the star-crossed lovers found themselves entangled in the throes of a world they hardly recognized. They held on to their love, but the question remained – would it be enough to face a world gone mad?

Such was the twisted tale of love and war, where young hearts learned the brutal lessons of life. Their love story was not just about stolen kisses and whispered promises. It was about their struggle to preserve their love amidst the turmoil, their shared dreams clashing with harsh realities, their battle to keep their hearts beating to the same rhythm as the world spiraled out of control.

And so their journey continued, marked by the fury of protests and the escalating war. Despite their struggle, they held on, clinging to each other in the face of a changing world. The end of the chapter found them at a crossroads, facing the harshest test of their relationship yet. Life had turned into an unending battle, but they didn’t have the luxury of choosing their battles. And in their struggle, they learned the true price of love and war.

Chapter 4: Rainbow Revolution

In a world already spinning out of control, Lucy chose to dive headlong into the very eye of the storm. The anti-war movement had become her life, her purpose. Jude watched her, a mixture of admiration and fear swirling within him like a twister. He admired her strength, her resolve, yet feared for her safety amidst the tumult of protests and chaos.

Lucy wasn’t just part of the revolution; she was the revolution. From the fiery speeches she delivered, stirring the crowd into a frenzy, to the passionate arguments she engaged in, she was a beacon of hope for the youth. She wore her convictions like a suit of armor, shielding her from Jude’s pleas and the harsh realities of their quickly deteriorating world.

His once vibrant love story had been overrun by a rainbow-painted revolution, a frenzy of peace signs, vibrant tie-dye, and rebellious music. The Beatles, playing from the gramophone, had become a poetic backdrop to their lives. The songs ‘Revolution’, ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’ and ‘Across the Universe’ echoed their story, their struggles.

As much as Jude clung to the remains of their love, he couldn’t ignore the pull of the movement. It was intoxicating, the way people rallied around a cause, around Lucy, their fiery leader, their hope. He found himself drawn in, swaying to the rhythm of their protests, singing along to their songs of peace.

Yet, even amidst the chaos, there were moments of reprieve, where Jude and Lucy found solace in each other. Late-night discussions on love and war, stolen kisses in between protests, secret meetings in their shared apartment, all became their little island of calm in the stormy sea of revolution.

But the peace was short-lived. Each day, the divide between them grew wider, harder to bridge. Lucy became more embroiled in the anti-war movement, while Jude felt further distanced from her, lost in the blur of flyers and protest marches. Their love, once as vibrant as the colors of a rainbow, was now fading, its hues dulled by the grit of reality and the chaos of revolution.

Then came the day of the massive protest. Lucy, at the forefront, her fiery speeches inspiring the crowd, and Jude, watching from a distance, gripped by a sense of foreboding. The protest escalated quickly, spiraling into a riot. In a heartbeat, the peaceful protest turned into a battlefield. Lucy, amidst the chaos, seemed lost. Jude, his heart pounding, pushed through the crowd, a desperate need to protect her propelling him forward.

Their meeting was not one of lovers reuniting, but of two people clinging on to each other amidst a storm. Their world, once bathed in the vibrant colors of their love, was now steeped in the harsh hues of reality. Fear, uncertainty, and the strains of their relationship hung heavily between the two, their once steady bond now as volatile as the world around them.

Lucy, now more than ever, was a symbol of the revolution. The fiery girl who’d captured Jude’s heart was replaced by a hardened warrior. She was the embodiment of the revolution’s spirit, her passion, her fervor reaching its pinnacle. No longer was she just Lucy, the girl in love with a dockworker from Liverpool. She was Lucy, the voice of a generation, their beacon of hope in a world gone mad.

But even as she navigated the storm that her life had become, Lucy yearned for the simpler times. The times when love was all that mattered, when a day did not pass without a stolen moment with Jude. Her heart ached for the lost days of innocence, both theirs and the world’s.

As the revolution raged on, and their world spiraled further into chaos, Jude and Lucy were left standing on the precipice of their love, teetering on the edge of a precipice they could not see. The rainbow revolution had swept them off their feet, pulling them into a psychedelic swirl of peace signs and music, vibrant colors and fervent cries for peace.

Would their love survive the storm? Would they find their way back to each other amidst the chaos or would the revolution, with its promises of a better world, tear them apart? As the world around them crumbled, Lucy and Jude were left with the shards of their dying love, their shared dreams, and the hope that love would, indeed, conquer all.

Chapter 5: Feast and Famine

The world around Jude and Lucy was changing rapidly, and they found themselves caught in the whirlwind. America was in turmoil, a melting pot of protests and counter-protests, political unrest, and a growing anti-war sentiment. A stark contrast to the love that had bloomed between them in the quiet whispers of the night, in the stolen glances and soft smiles.

Lucy, the once vivacious and warm-hearted woman, had been pulled into the maw of the storm, swept up by the anti-war movement that painted the streets around them. Her vibrant laugh was replaced by impassioned speeches about peace and justice. Her gentle fingers that once traced patterns on his arm were now clenched into tight fists, holding placards high above her flame-haired head.

The change in Lucy was alarming to Jude, stirring a dormant fear within him; the fear of losing her. But how could he fight an enemy as invisible and pervasive as the fever of revolution? The barricades between them were not of wood and iron, but of ideologies and beliefs they didn’t equally share.

He saw the transformation in her eyes, the fire of rebellion that was unfamiliar to him. He felt lost and out of place. The man who had traveled across the universe to find his roots was once again adrift, unanchored.

But his love for Lucy was unwavering. Jude, who had been hardened by the harsh realities of Liverpool, was surprisingly soft when it came to the woman he loved. He tried to understand, to accept her need to protest, to stand against the injustice she perceived. Her passion was one of the things he loved about her, but it was driving a wedge between them.

Their love story was no longer just about stolen kisses and whispered promises. It was now stained with the harsh realities of the world around them. The sweet feast of love had turned into a famine of affection.

The dockworker from Liverpool who dreamt of a simple life found himself in the middle of a revolution, a world away from home. He watched as Lucy, his Lucy, was pulled further and further away from him. He saw her risking her life day after day, saw the spark in her eyes get replaced with a dreadful weariness, saw the strain and stress etched on her face.

On weekends, they visited the local cafes where bohemian artists and revolutionary thinkers gathered. Lucy would enthusiastically take part in debates about war, capitalism, and power structures. Jude would sit quietly in a corner, nursing his drink, lost in his thoughts, watching Lucy from afar. The more she got involved in her activism, the more he felt her slipping away from him.

And yet, he wouldn’t, couldn’t, ask her to give it up. It wasn’t his place to chain her dreams, to hold her back. She was a bird meant to fly, and who was he to clip her wings? His father was a man who had let his dreams wither and die, but Lucy was not one to let her fire be smothered by her own love.

Jude found himself torn between his love for Lucy and his fear for her well-being. It was a precarious balance he had to maintain, like walking on a tightrope. One misstep, one wrong word, might send everything crashing down.

In a world on the brink of an upheaval, Jude and Lucy’s story was a tale of love against odds. Their relationship was constantly tested as they navigated the choppy waters of their growing differences. And yet, they held onto each other, their love serving as their beacon in the storm.

Through the tumultuous times, one thing was clear to Jude – he loved Lucy more than he’d ever thought possible. Amid the cries for revolution, the chaos, the discord, he found solace in her. Lucy was his home in this alien land, his anchor in a sea of tumultuous change. And he’d do everything in his power to hold onto her, to protect her, to love her.

“Feast and Famine” wasn’t just the story of Jude and Lucy’s love, but a reflection of the world around them. A world that was a feast of ideas, ideologies, and change, but also a famine of peace, stability, and understanding.

Through every hurdle, through every storm, Jude loved Lucy. His Liverpool laments, his American dreams, all collided in his fervor for Lucy. He might have lost his father and his home, but he found love in a world gone mad. And he’d fight to keep it, come what may.

Chapter 6: Love Against Odds

The streets buzzed with restless energy, protesters shouting slogans, flags flying, an endless sea of colorful defiance. The whole world felt as if it were bustling, frenzied, on the verge of something cataclysmic.

In this chaos, Jude, the Liverpool dockworker, found himself battling uncertainties. He could hardly recognize his life anymore. His world—a kaleidoscope of psychedelic hues, anti-war chants, and a love that seemed to be veering off course. His heart ached as he looked at Lucy, her fiery spirit lighting up the murkiness of their circumstances, equally intoxicating and intimidating.

Lucy had undergone a substantial transformation since the day they had met. Once a vibrant free spirit, she had become a revolutionary, her life closely entwined with the relentless turmoil of the era. Her fervor was admirable, her commitment unshakeable. But underneath his admiration, Jude couldn’t help but feel a pang of fear. He was losing her to a cause, one which he was struggling to belong to.

Meanwhile, Lucy was grappling with her own inner turmoil. The political chaos surrounding her was taking its toll, but more so, she was battling the fear of losing Jude. His support had been her anchor amidst the chaos, yet he was drifting away, his confusion evident.

A silent tension was brewing between them, their love being tested in the crucible of revolutionary fervor. Their conversations were punctuated by unspoken grievances, their shared silences heavy with unresolved complexities.

On one such evening, they found themselves embroiled in a heated debate about the anti-war movement. Lucy, full of revolutionary passion, was arguing about the government’s involvement in the war, while Jude, the pragmatic Liverpool dockworker, was questioning the effectiveness of aggressive protests.

Lucy’s fervor was juxtaposed against Jude’s bewilderment, creating a whirlwind of emotions—love, anger, despair, confusion—but there was also an undercurrent of unspoken fear. The fear of losing each other in this ideological clash. The fear of their love falling prey to this tumultuous period in history.

Against the backdrop of a world on the brink of massive change, it was a poignant moment, their hearts entwined in a complex dance of love and fear. They argued passionately, each trying to make the other see their perspective, yet failing to fully understand each other. It was a struggle, a war on its own, a war of hearts and minds.

Jude could see Lucy’s commitment to the cause overshadowing their relationship, the balance they once had, now teetering on the edge of a precipice. And for Lucy, Jude’s confusion was heartbreaking, his inability to understand her fervor, a chasm growing between them.

Despite the odds, they realized that their love was the only constant in a world gone mad. Their struggle to stick together intensified, leading to unprecedented emotional highs and lows.

As the tension rose to a crescendo, Jude found himself at a rally, amidst a throng of angry protesters. The atmosphere was charged, people shouting slogans, placards held high, the air thick with dissent. He was there for Lucy. He needed to understand her, to see what she saw, to feel what she felt.

The rally soon erupted into chaos. Tear gas was fired, people stampeded in fear, their earlier defiance now replaced by frantic desperation. Amid the chaos, Jude spotted Lucy, her eyes filled with a strange mix of fear and determination. In that unsettling moment, he realized how desperately he needed her, how desperately he wanted to protect her.

Their eyes met, amidst the chaos, amidst the violence. It was a moment frozen in time, a reminder of their love, a promise to face whatever came together. Even though they were both scared, they knew they had each other. Their love was the beacon in the chaos, their sole source of hope.

Their shared gaze was an unspoken pledge, an affirmation that even in this world gone mad, their love would survive. They would survive. They were star-crossed lovers, drawn together by fate, held together by love, tested by the world. As the city burned around them, they found solace in each other’s eyes, promising silently to face the storm, hand in hand.

Chapter 6 was a testament to their struggle, an ode to their love. It was about two individuals, caught in the whirlpool of historical upheaval, trying to make sense of their relationship. It was about love in the time of revolution. A love story that echoed through the ages, an emblem of timeless dedication and resilience, a love tested by odds, a love that survived.

In the face of unrest, amidst the flames of revolution, Jude and Lucy proved that their love could endure. Their struggle, their journey was a testament to the power of love, a beacon of hope in a world teetering on the edge. As the chapter closed, a glimmer of hope prevailed, a promise of love against all odds.

Chapter 7: Across the Universe and Back

In the heart of the upheaval, Jude and Lucy’s world was teetering on the brink of an unfamiliar abyss, their love for each other the only beacon illuminating their way. Their bond, once unshakeable, had been tested by political tension, social chaos, and the gruesome reality of war. The rupture created a gulf between them. Their universe seemed to be coming apart at the seams. Yet they resolved to confront the tempest, to chase the shards of their love scattered across this universe gone mad.

Lucy, once a bright-eyed girl full of dreams, had evolved into a strong, passionate advocate of peace. Her voice, once soft, had become the roar of a lioness, echoing the pleas of thousands of mothers, sisters, and wives who had lost their loved ones to the cruelty of war. But the fervor of the protests, the tear gas, and the blood-tainted streets had torn her away from the one person who mattered the most – Jude.

Jude, simultaneously, was dealing with his duel against the world and himself. He missed the energetic, happy girl he’d fallen in love with, now shrouded by the shadow of the anti-war crusader. He felt like a castaway, adrift in a sea of confusion and despair. Yet, his love for Lucy burned brightly, guiding him towards her like a lighthouse on a stormy night.

Jude knew he had to bring back the girl hidden beneath the crusader’s armor. He had crossed an entire universe for her, and he was ready to do it again. He dived into the world of music, using it as a tool to reach out to Lucy. He wrote soulful melodies that encapsulated their shared memories, their dreams, and their love.

Lucy, on the other hand, was battling her own demons. She was torn between her growing commitment to the movement and her love for Jude. The passionate speeches, the sit-ins, and the marches had consumed her. She felt the weight of the world on her slender shoulders, and she didn’t know if she could carry it without losing herself.

One evening, after an emotionally draining protest, she returned home, weary and broken. She found a vinyl record on her table, a note scribbled in Jude’s handwriting – “For the girl I crossed the universe for.” She placed the needle on the vinyl, and as the melody filled the room, she closed her eyes, losing herself in Jude’s music.

The lyrics were poignant, a heartfelt plea to the girl he loved. It was a journey through their memories, their shared dreams, their losing battles, and their small triumphs. It was an echo of their love, which had once been vibrant and untamed – a love that was now whispering in the winds of change.

As the final note hung in the air, Lucy was overwhelmed by a wave of emotions. She realized she had lost her way in the labyrinth of revolution. She had forgotten the essence of their love, the very thing that had catalyzed her transformation. She knew she owed it to Jude, to herself, and to their love to find her way back.

Love was their compass, guiding them through this tumultuous universe. Lucy found Jude at the docks, against the backdrop of a beautiful sunset. Jude turned around to see Lucy, her eyes mirroring his hope and fear. They stood there for a moment, their silhouettes against the twilight, the waves lulled into silence, as if the universe itself was holding its breath.

Lucy walked up to Jude, tears glistening in her eyes. No words were exchanged; their silence spoke volumes. She cupped his face, her touch a promise, a plea, an apology. They wrapped each other in a tight embrace, their hearts beating in sync, their souls intertwining.

Jude and Lucy had crossed the universe and come back to their origin – to each other. Amidst the chaos of a world gone mad, they had found their anchor in their love. Their journey had not been easy, nor was it over, but they were ready to face whatever the universe threw at them.

Together, they stood at the edge of the dock, their hearts intertwined, their spirits soaring, ready to brave the raging storm. Love had taught them that even in a universe gone mad, two hearts beating in unison could create harmony. They were ready to sing their song – their beautiful, chaotic, melodious song – across the universe.

Some scenes from the movie Across the Universe written by A.I.

Scene 1



A symphony of SEAGULLS and CLANKING metal fills the air.

Workers in thick overalls heave heavy crates onto massive ships. Among them, JUDE (20s, ruggedly handsome, haunted eyes) works tirelessly. Sweat drips down his face as he carries the weight of the world on his shoulders.

INSERT: JUDE’S HAND clenches a wrinkled photograph of a YOUNG WOMAN and a MAN holding a guitar, presumably his parents.


(to himself, a whisper)

I have to find him.


Jude, sitting on a worn-out bed, gazes into an old mirror. In his eyes, spark the flicker of hope, fueled by dreams of a father he never knew.


Father, if you can hear me, I’m coming for you. I’m coming to America.



Jude, now standing at the edge of the dockyard, watches as the ships disappear into the horizon. The clamor of the dockyard fades into the distance.


Scene 2



A bustling New York City street. Cars honking, people hustling. JUDE (early 20s, Liverpool accent, rugged charm) looks out of place. He clutches an old photograph of a YOUNG MUSICIAN, his father.


The LIVING ROOM is filled with old records, dusty guitar. A worn-out MAN (60s, grumpy) sits in a recliner. This is the YOUNG MUSICIAN, now old and bitter.



Are you…?


(interupts, gruffly)

I know why you’re here.

The air is thick with tension. Words remain unspoken.


Jude sits at a café, disillusioned. Suddenly, a burst of laugher. Enter LUCY (early 20s, vibrant, beautiful, American).


(disarmed, stutters)

Hi, I’m Jude.



Nice to meet ya, Jude.

They share a light moment, an instant connection.


Scene 3


Lucy, a bright-eyed young woman with a spirit that screams revolution, is glued to the BLACK AND WHITE TELEVISION SCREEN, broadcasting the horrors of Vietnam War.


The body count rises as the Vietnam War continues its gruesome path…

Jude enters, a 24-year-old Liverpudlian with a rugged, blue-collar charm. His eyes are filled with worry.


(angry, frustrated)

Turn it off, Lucy!



We can’t just ignore it, Jude…

Jude strides over, abruptly TURNING OFF THE TELEVISION. There’s a tense silence.



I’m not saying we ignore it… I’m saying we can’t let it consume us!

Lucy turns to face him, her eyes gleaming with a mixture of fury and defiance.


(fired up)

And I’m saying, Jude, that we can’t just pretend things are okay!

She storms out, leaving Jude alone. His face reveals a struggle between his love for her and his fear for the world that threatens to tear them apart.




Lucy marches passionately down the street, a placard of protest in her hands, and righteous fury in her heart. As she melds into a crowd of fellow Protesters, we can see that the battle for their love has just begun.


Scene 4



Close up on LUCY, mid-20’s, beautiful, fiery red hair, a patch of peace sign sewn onto her worn-out jeans. She’s arguing passionately with a YOUNG SOLDIER, her voice strong.



This war isn’t about freedom, it’s about power and control. Don’t you see it?

The soldier walks away, shaking his head. Lucy sighs, then turns as she hears laughter.

ANGLE ON: JUDE, mid 20’s, a dockworker from Liverpool, bemused by the swirl of colors and noise around him.



This is bloody mad, Lucy! But there’s somethin’… exhiliratin’ about it.

Lucy smiles, taking his hand. They join the crowd, lost in a vibrant whirl of COLOR AND MUSIC.


Lucy and Jude sit on a worn-out couch, surrounded by posters of protest and peace. Lucy’s head rests on Jude’s shoulder, a serene silence between them.



Do you ever think… what it would be like if the world was in peace?



Yeah, I do. But right now, all we can do is survive… together.

They hold each other tighter, their shared silence a balm against the chaos outside the apartment.



Scene 5


Jude, now in his worn worker’s clothes but looking slightly out of place, sits across from LUCY, a fiery spirit draped in a peace sign necklace. The atmosphere is tense.


We need to talk, Lucy.


(looking distracted)

About what, Jude?

Jude takes a deep breath, his features tighten.


About us. About what’s happening around us.

Lucy’s face hardens, she knows what’s coming.


(voice almost a whisper)

And what do you think that is, Jude?

Jude swallows, the words seem to stick in his throat.


You’re drifting away, Lucy. The cause… It’s pulling you in too deep.

Lucy looks away, pained. After a moment, she turns back to Jude, eyes glistening but determined.


Maybe it’s just…it’s just pulling us in different directions.


(sighs heavily)

We’re supposed to be in this together, Lucy. That’s what love is.

Lucy hesitates, her fervor warring with her affection for Jude.


This fight… It’s bigger than both of us, Jude.

Jude looks at her in disbelief, realizing that he might be losing Lucy to a war neither of them chose.



Author: AI