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The Bodyguard

Love, Duty and Danger collide in this thrilling romance. Watch the original version of The Bodyguard ★★★★★ ★★★★★…

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The Blues Brothers

The Blues Brothers are on a mission to save their home, but they’ll need the power of music,…

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Envy, obsession, and music collide in this captivating tale of Mozart and Salieri. Watch the original version of…

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High Fidelity

Love is a compilation of our past, present, and future, and sometimes we have to hit rewind to…

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Some Like It Hot

Witness a hilarious whirlwind of crime, music, and romance as two men go undercover as women in an…

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Dirty Dancing

Their love cascaded like a waterfall, a dance of passion and connection, a secret intimacy of nature, leading…

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Billy Elliot

Follow Billy on his journey of passion, perseverance and triumph as he dances towards his dreams and a…

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Walk the Line

“Follow Johnny Cash’s journey as he battles his demons, breaks records and inspires generations with his music.” Watch…

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8 Mile

“In a world of rhymes, one man’s struggle for a place in the spotlight is a journey that…