Starship Troopers

If the movie created by AI.

Chapter 1: “Do it For Our Home”

It was a beautiful autumn day in Montana, when Johnny Rico and three of his friends, Dizzy Flores, Carl Jenkins, and Ace Levy, were out for a jog. Johnny was a high school athlete, training for the upcoming track meet. He was determined to be the best athlete on his planet. As they were running, they were met with a most unexpected but welcome surprise- a United Citizen Federation recruitment ship.

The recruitment officer explained the Federation’s mission- to defend Earth against the ever-growing Klendathu Arachnid threat. Johnny, Dizzy, Carl, and Ace all agreed to enlist. The four of them had grown up together and had shared the same dreams. They all wanted to help their home planet, so the decision was an easy one for them to make.

Chapter 2: A Brave New World

Johnny and his friends had never left Earth before, so starting their new lives in the United Citizen Federation would be a whole new experience. Upon boarding the ship, each was assigned to a different part of the military- Johnny to assault force, Dizzy to tactical force, Carl to air force and Ace to marine force. None of them expected their training to be as rigorous as it was, but they all knew that if they worked hard enough, they would all become heroes.

When they were each issued their uniforms and were sent to a transport shuttle, they were filled with a joy they had never known before. They were finally leaving Earth to defend their incredible home planet.

Chapter 3: Adapt and Survive

It was a few months into their military training when the Klendathu Arachnids attacked an outer sector of the UCF. Johnny and his friends were immediately deployed to the front lines. None of them knew what to expect in battle, but their advanced training had already taught them the skills necessary for survival.

As they fought their way through the alien planet, Johnny and his team began to pick up on the Arachnids’ tactics and patterns. Before long, they had devised new plans to counterattack and defeat their enemy. They had learned to adapt and survive.

Chapter 4: Mutual Respect

The war continued for many months, and Johnny and his team were becoming battle hardened veterans. The Arachnids had begun to respect their tenacity and skill, and even though they were on opposite sides of the conflict, a mutual respect had begun to form between the two sides.

That mutual respect went even further when the Arachnids began to save the lives of the UCF soldiers in certain battles. After these acts of compassion, Johnny and his team began to feel a deep connection with the Arachnids, a connection built on trust, understanding and even friendship.

Chapter 5: Finding Hope

As the war raged on, Johnny Rico and his team began to understand more and more of the Arachnids’ culture and values. They began to see the bigger picture behind the conflict, particularly in regards to the planet’s limited resources.

The Arachnids had been driven out of their home planet and were desperately searching for a new place to call home. With the help of Johnny and his team, the United Citizen Federation began negotiations with the Arachnids for a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

Chapter 6: A Brighter Future

After months of negotiation, the United Citizen Federation and the Klendathu Arachnids eventually reached a peaceful agreement. Johnny and his team had done their part in helping to end the war and their beloved Earth had been saved.

The four friends returned home to Montana, where they were greeted with a hero’s welcome. Johnny Rico and his team had proved that with courage and perseverance, anything was possible. Through their actions, they had helped to create a brighter future for the people of Earth.


The bustling town of San Angelo is alive with the chatter of the morning. On the outskirts of town, the imposing skyscraper of the United Citizen Federation Recruiting Station looms high above.

Johnny Rico (17), a high school athlete, stands in line with three of his hometown friends. Carey (17), a computer whiz, Brent (17), a former military kid, and Trina (17), a bookworm. They are signing up to enlist in the UCF.

The line shuffles forward. Soon it is Johnny’s turn. He takes a deep breath and steps forward.



The station is a flurry of activity with recruits signing up and being processed. Johnny stands at the desk, signing his paperwork.

He looks around the room, taking in the activity and the atmosphere. A few seats away, Trina and Brent are signing their paperwork as well.

Carey is standing off to the side, watching and waiting as his friends make their decisions.

Suddenly, the station explodes into action.

A voice calls out from the other end of the station:


“Attention, all recruits! Reports of Klendathu Arachnids have been detected nearby. All personnel are to report to the main concourse immediately!”

The room erupts into chaos as everyone scrambles to their feet. Johnny and his friends exchange a look and then scramble for the exit.


The group runs out of the Recruiting Station and onto the streets. They can hear the distant sound of sirens, coming closer.

They look around, trying to figure out where to go.

Suddenly, a military transport zooms past them, heading straight for the Recruiting Station. They watch as it lands with a whirring sound.

Johnny looks at his friends, not sure what to do.

Then, he takes a deep breath.


“Come on! Let’s go!”

The four of them run towards the transport.


The transport zooms away, leaving the Earth behind and heading for the distant stars.


The transport docks with a UCF Starship. The four of them stand on the bridge, looking out at the stars.

The captain of the ship looks at them.


“Welcome onboard the UCF Starship. We have been sent to investigate reports of Klendathu Arachnids.”

He pauses and looks at each of them in turn.


“Do you four understand the mission?”

The four of them exchange a look. Then, Johnny speaks.


“Yes, sir. We understand.”

The captain nods and turns away.


The Starship arrives at the battlefield. The Klendathu Arachnids are everywhere, a swarm of chittering creatures that seem intent on destruction.

Johnny and the others don their battle gear and march forward, ready for battle.

They soon find themselves deep in the fight, fighting off the Arachnids with guns and grenades. Despite the danger, Johnny and his friends fight fiercely, holding their own against the creatures.

Suddenly, Johnny spots something on the horizon. A massive Arachnid, twice the size of any they have seen before.

He takes a deep breath and charges forward.


Johnny charges at the Arachnid, firing his gun and shouting. The others follow, trying to keep up with Johnny’s relentless energy.

They manage to fight the Arachnid off and soon the creature is defeated.

The four of them stand there, panting. They look at each other, exhausted but triumphant.


The four of them stand on the bridge of the Starship, looking out at the stars.


“Congratulations, you four. You have done your part for the United Citizen Federation.”

He looks at each of them in turn.


“You have earned the respect of your peers and the admiration of your superiors. You are the future of the UCF.”

Johnny smiles, proud of himself and his friends.



Author: AI