Saw IV

The twisted legacy of Jigsaw continues, and the game is far from over.

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The familiar sound of a ticking clock filled the room, and Rigg’s heart raced as he looked around frantically. He couldn’t see a way out of the trap, and panic set in as he realized the gravity of the situation.

“Hello Rigg, I want to play a game,” a chilling voice echoed through the room.

Rigg’s heart sank as he recognized the voice of Jigsaw, the serial killer who had terrorized their community for years. But Jigsaw was dead, wasn’t he?

“You’re probably wondering how I’m speaking to you now, Rigg. Well, let’s just say I have an apprentice. But enough about that, let’s focus on the game at hand,” the voice continued.

Rigg’s eyes darted around the room, searching for any clues or escape routes. But all he could see were walls made of rusted metal and a timer counting down from 90 minutes.

“You’ve spent your entire life protecting others, Rigg. But now, it’s time for you to protect yourself,” Jigsaw’s voice taunted.

Chapter 1: The Aftermath

Agent Strahm and Agent Perez arrived in the small town, their faces grim with the news of Detective Kerry’s murder. They knew that Jigsaw’s games had started again, and they were determined to catch the killer and put an end to his reign of terror once and for all.

The town was in a state of panic, and the streets were filled with police cars and reporters. As they made their way to the police department, they caught a glimpse of the veteran Detective Hoffman.

He looked tired and worn out, and they could tell he had been working tirelessly on the case. They introduced themselves and asked to be briefed on the latest developments.

Hoffman took them to Jigsaw’s latest crime scene, and they were immediately struck by the gruesome remains of the victim. It was clear that Jigsaw was back, and he was more twisted than ever.

They examined the scene, taking photos and gathering evidence. Hoffman explained that the victim was an officer and that Jigsaw had left behind a puzzle for them to solve.

“As you can see, this isn’t your typical crime scene,” Hoffman said, gesturing to the intricate trap that had been left behind.

Strahm and Perez nodded in agreement, and their minds raced with the knowledge that Jigsaw was capable of anything.

As they left the crime scene, Hoffman filled them in on the history of Jigsaw and his games. He explained that Jigsaw had been dead for months, and they had thought the games had ended with him.

But now, with the news of Detective Kerry’s murder and the latest crime scene, it was clear that someone was carrying on his legacy. They were dealing with a copycat or worse, a new apprentice.

“The thing that worries me the most is that Jigsaw’s games always had a purpose. He believed he was helping people see the error of their ways. I don’t know what this new killer’s motives are,” Hoffman said.

Strahm and Perez exchanged a worried glance. They knew that Jigsaw’s games were never just about the traps and puzzles; there was always a deeper meaning behind them.

As they left the police department, Strahm couldn’t help but feel a sense of unease. He knew that they were dealing with a killer who had no sense of right or wrong, and the next victim could be anyone. He shuddered at the thought of what was to come.

Chapter 2: The Game Begins

Rigg opened his eyes to a dimly lit room. His head throbbed, and his throat was dry. He tried to move his arms and legs, but they were restrained. Panic set in, and he struggled against the ropes that bound him. That’s when he saw the timer.

Ninety minutes.

He had ninety minutes to save Detective Matthews, his friend and colleague, from a sick and twisted game. Rigg had heard the rumors about Jigsaw, the serial killer who placed his victims in elaborate traps and forced them to play deadly games. But he had never thought he would be a part of one.

The room was sparse, with a single flickering lightbulb casting eerie shadows on the walls. Rigg scanned the room for clues, hoping to find a way out. That’s when he saw the tape recorder.

“Hello, Detective Rigg. I want to play a game,” a distorted voice said. It was Jigsaw. “The rules of the game are simple. There are three doors in this room. One of them holds the key to your freedom. The other two lead to certain death. You have sixty seconds to choose.”

Rigg’s heart raced as he surveyed the doors. They all looked the same, and he had no idea which one to choose. He was about to make a move when he heard a faint sound. It was muffled, but he could tell it was coming from one of the doors.

“Matthews?” he called out.

There was no response.

Rigg took a deep breath and approached the middle door. He could hear his own heartbeat pounding in his ears as he reached for the handle. He turned it slowly and pushed the door open.

The room beyond was dark, and Rigg could barely make out the shape of a figure in the corner.

“Matthews?” he called out again.

Still no response.

Rigg cautiously stepped into the room, taking care not to trip over anything in the darkness. That’s when he heard a click. He froze, his heart racing as he realized what it meant.

A trap.

He cast around, trying to find a way out, but the door was locked behind him. He was trapped in the room with a ticking time bomb.

Rigg’s mind raced as he tried to find a way out. He searched the room frantically, hoping to find some kind of clue or tool he could use to disarm the trap. But all he found was a box on the floor. It was small, about the size of a shoebox, and covered in wires and buttons.

“Five minutes,” Jigsaw’s voice said from the speakers in the room.

Rigg’s hands shook as he lifted the box. He could see a countdown timer on the front, ticking down the minutes, seconds, and milliseconds.

There was no time to waste.

Rigg began to frantically press the buttons on the box, trying to find the right combination to disarm the trap. But his hands were slick with sweat, and the buttons were slippery. He could feel the seconds ticking away, and he knew that if he didn’t disarm the trap soon, it would be too late.

“Four minutes,” Jigsaw’s voice taunted him.

Rigg’s mind raced as he tried to think of a way out. He couldn’t let Matthews die, but he couldn’t figure out how to disarm the trap. He was out of options.

“Three minutes.”

Rigg closed his eyes, trying to calm himself. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest, and his breathing was ragged. He had to focus. He had to find a way out.

“Two minutes.”

Rigg’s eyes snapped open, and he saw something that made his blood run cold. On the wall across from him was a message written in blood.

“Hello, Rigg. I’m watching you.”

Rigg felt a chill run down his spine. He knew he was being watched, but he had no idea who or where Jigsaw was. He couldn’t let the killer win.

“One minute.”

Rigg closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He knew he had to take a chance. He pressed a series of buttons on the box, hoping against hope that it was the right combination.

The timer on the front of the box blinked out, and the sound of a click echoed through the room.

Rigg’s heart leapt with hope. He had disarmed the trap.

He turned to leave the room, but before he could take a step, the lights in the room flickered, and he heard a sound that froze him in his tracks.

A metallic clanking sound, getting closer and closer.

Rigg turned slowly, his heart pounding in his chest, and saw the source of the noise.

A rusty, jagged saw blade, slowly moving towards him.

Rigg had no idea what to do. He was trapped, with no escape.

And the clock was still ticking.

Chapter 3: The Abandoned Plant

Agent Perez and Agent Strahm arrived at the abandoned plant where Jigsaw’s latest victim was found. The plant was dark, cold, and foreboding, with an eerie silence enveloping the air. Hoffman was already waiting for them, and as they entered, he greeted them with cold eyes. Perez was suspicious of him and made it clear that she believed he was involved in the Jigsaw murders.

Hoffman led them to the room where the victim was found, and as they entered, a chill ran down their spines. The room was filled with rusty tools and bloodstains, with a message written on the wall in dried blood: “The game has just begun, and the clock is ticking.” Strahm and Perez exchanged a look; they knew they were in for a long night.

As they examined the room, they discovered a key that led them to another room. However, the door was locked, and they had to find another way in. They searched the room and found another message on the wall: “The key to your escape lies in the shadows.” Perez and Strahm searched the room, and finally, Perez discovered a hidden switch behind a painting on the wall.

They pressed the switch, and the wall slid open, revealing a dark tunnel. They entered the tunnel, and as they walked, their footsteps echoed in the darkness. Suddenly, they heard a scream, and they quickened their pace, following the sound. What they found was a woman who had been disfigured and left for dead by Jigsaw.

The woman, who was barely alive, told them that she had survived one of Jigsaw’s games, and that he had an apprentice. She urged them to find the apprentice and bring him to justice before more innocent lives were taken. Strahm and Perez were shocked by her revelations, and they realized that Jigsaw’s legacy was far from over.

Hoffman listened to the woman’s story with a stoic expression, but Perez could sense that he was hiding something. She confronted him, accusing him of being involved in the murders, but Hoffman remained calm, denying any involvement.

As they searched the abandoned plant, they discovered more clues and messages left by Jigsaw. The puzzles became more demented, and the stakes higher. The tension between Perez and Hoffman grew, and Strahm found himself caught in the middle.

Finally, they discovered a room that was locked from the inside. They entered the room, and what they found was the most gruesome puzzle of all. They were trapped, and the clock was ticking. They had to solve the puzzle before the room filled with deadly gas.

Strahm and Perez worked together to solve the puzzle, but Hoffman stood apart, watching with a calculating expression. Finally, with seconds to spare, they solved the last piece of the puzzle, and the door to the room opened. They stumbled out, gasping for air, and collapsed on the floor.

As they caught their breath, Hoffman quietly slipped away, leaving Strahm and Perez to wonder about his involvement in the Jigsaw murders. They knew their investigation was far from over, and that they were dealing with a mastermind who was always one step ahead of them. The abandoned plant was just the beginning, and they were in for a long and grueling journey.

Chapter 4: The Disfigured Woman

Agent Perez and Strahm were still trying to piece together the case of Jigsaw’s latest game when they stumbled upon an abandoned building. The walls were dark and dank, and there was a terrible smell emanating from within. They cautiously made their way inside, guns drawn, and found themselves in a room filled with darkness.

As they searched the area, they heard a faint whimpering. Following the sound, they discovered a disfigured woman cowering in the corner. Her face was badly scarred, and her hands were trembling. Perez approached her gently.

“Are you okay?” she said softly. “What happened to you?”

The woman hesitated, but eventually spoke. “I’m a survivor of one of Jigsaw’s games,” she said. “I was one of the lucky ones.”

Perez and Strahm exchanged a look. “What do you mean, lucky?” Strahm asked.

“I was one of the few who completed the game,” the woman replied. “Jigsaw said I had the will to live. But the others…they weren’t so lucky.”

Perez and Strahm listened in horror as the woman described the gruesome games she had witnessed. She spoke of people being burned alive, mutilated, and forced to make impossible choices. It was clear that Jigsaw’s reign of terror had affected her deeply.

Eventually, the woman revealed some crucial information. “Jigsaw had a secret apprentice,” she said. “Someone he was grooming to take over from him. I heard him talking to this person once, but I couldn’t see who it was. It was someone he trusted completely.”

Perez and Strahm were taken aback by this revelation. “Do you have any idea who it might be?” Perez asked.

The woman shook her head. “I wish I did. But Jigsaw was very secretive. He only ever spoke to his apprentice in private. I never even saw their face.”

As they were about to leave, the woman spoke up again. “Please be careful,” she said. “Jigsaw’s games aren’t just about pain and suffering. They’re about testing people’s will to survive. And if you’re not careful, you could end up in one of his traps.”

Strahm and Perez left the building, deep in thought. They knew they needed to find out who Jigsaw’s apprentice was, but it seemed like an impossible task. They also wondered whether they could trust their own colleague, Detective Hoffman. He had been working closely with Jigsaw for some time, and they couldn’t be sure he wasn’t involved in some way.

As they drove back to the station, they tried to make sense of the pieces of the puzzle they had gathered so far. But the more they thought about it, the more confused they became. Jigsaw seemed to have a plan that was much bigger than they had anticipated, and they were just scratching the surface of his twisted games.

Little did they know that as they were investigating, Rigg was facing his own set of challenges. He was alone and afraid, trapped in a game that he had no hope of winning. And Jigsaw’s legacy continued to cast a long shadow over the city.

Chapter 5: The Betrayal

The cold metal walls of the interrogation room seemed to close in on Special Agent Peter Strahm and Agent Lindsey Perez as they stared at the man sitting across from them. It was no longer a mystery to them who the true apprentice of the infamous Jigsaw killer was. It was the very person who was supposed to be helping them solve the case – Detective Hoffman.

Strahm couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He had trusted Hoffman, worked with him for years, and now it was all just a facade. He looked at Perez, who shared his disbelief, but also a fierce determination to stop Hoffman. They had to keep him talking, get as much information out of him as they could.

“So, you’ve been working with Jigsaw all this time?” Perez asked, her voice shaky with anger.

“Jigsaw was a genius,” Hoffman replied, his voice calm and collected. “I learned a lot from him.”

Strahm couldn’t help but feel a little sick as he looked at Hoffman. It was obvious that the man had been lying to them the whole time. How many lives had been lost because of his involvement with Jigsaw?

“What was the point of all these games?” Strahm demanded.

Hoffman leaned back in his chair, his eyes narrowing. “To teach people the value of their lives. To make them appreciate what they have. To make them understand that life is precious.”

“That’s bullshit,” Perez spat out. “You’re just a sick, twisted monster. And now we’re going to make sure you pay for what you’ve done.”

Hoffman chuckled. “You think you’ll be able to stop me?”

Strahm leaned forward, his fists clenched. “We’re going to do everything we can to make sure you don’t hurt anyone else.”

Hoffman’s expression darkened. “You have no idea what you’re up against,” he warned.

Suddenly, a ringing interrupted their conversation. Perez looked at her phone and answered it. Strahm watched as her expression turned horrified.

“It’s Rigg,” she said, standing up. “He’s missing. And we have reason to believe that he’s been taken by Jigsaw.”

Strahm felt a chill run down his spine. Rigg was their last hope, the only officer who had managed to make it through their deadly games unscathed. They had to find him before it was too late.

They rushed out of the room, with Hoffman still sitting there, a smug smile on his face. Strahm couldn’t wait to see that expression wiped off when they finally caught him.

As they raced to the location where Rigg had been taken, Strahm couldn’t shake off his unease. This time, it was personal. Jigsaw had taken their friend, and they had to save him. He couldn’t let himself be distracted by the fact that Hoffman was the true apprentice. They had to focus on the task at hand.

When they arrived, they were greeted by the same grisly sight they had become all too familiar with. Rigg was trapped in a room, surrounded by gruesome contraptions. They could hear his screams, begging for help.

Perez and Strahm exchanged a look, and their eyes narrowed with determination. They had to work fast. They had only ninety minutes to save Rigg before it was too late.

As they began to analyze the traps, Strahm couldn’t help but feel that they were missing something. Something that they couldn’t quite put their finger on. And then he suddenly realized what it was.

“Hoffman,” he muttered under his breath. “He’s involved. He’s been planning this all along.”

Perez looked at him, her eyes widening with understanding. “We have to stop him,” she said.

Strahm nodded, his mind racing with all the possibilities. They had to work together, figure out a way to save Rigg and stop Hoffman once and for all. The clock was ticking, and they were running out of time.

As they worked frantically to save Rigg, Strahm couldn’t help but feel a sense of dread growing inside him. They were up against something bigger than they had ever thought possible. And they had no idea what was going to happen next.

Chapter 6: The Final Test

Perez and Strahm stepped into the abandoned factory and found Hoffman waiting for them. His hands were behind his back, and his eyes were filled with a cold determination that sent shivers down their spines.

“Hello, Agent Perez and Agent Strahm. It’s nice to see you again,” he said, his voice dripping with venom.

“You’re under arrest for multiple murders, Mark,” Perez said, her hand on her gun.

Hoffman chuckled. “You really think you can catch me? You don’t understand the game, Agent Perez. This is all part of Jigsaw’s plan.”

Strahm stepped forward, his eyes narrowed. “Where is Rigg? What have you done to him?”

Hoffman smirked. “He’s still playing the game, Agent Strahm. And he’s about to face his final test.”

“What test?” Perez demanded.

Hoffman gestured to a nearby monitor, showing Rigg trapped in a room with various deadly contraptions. “He has to choose between saving himself or saving someone else. It’s his ultimate test, and he’s running out of time.”

“What kind of sick game is this?” Strahm growled.

“It’s not a game,” Hoffman snarled. “It’s a way of life. Jigsaw’s legacy will live on, no matter what you do to me.”

Perez and Strahm exchanged a look, and then charged at Hoffman. He was ready, though, and easily dodged their attacks. They engaged in a brutal fight, with Hoffman’s skills as a man of action evident. He was no match for them individually, but his knowledge of Jigsaw’s traps gave him an advantage in the fight.

As they struggled, the clock ticked down on Rigg’s life. Perez and Strahm knew they had to find him before it was too late. They broke their hold on Hoffman and ran deeper into the factory. They came across various traps, some of which they narrowly avoided, but many of which left them injured.

Finally, they arrived at Rigg’s room. He was strapped to a chair, with a timer counting down beside him. His eyes widened as he saw them, and he struggled to free himself.

“Get me out of here!” he yelled.

Perez and Strahm worked quickly to find a way to release him. They searched the room frantically, but found no keys or levers. The timer ticked down, and Rigg’s panic increased.

“I can’t do it,” he said, his voice trembling. “I can’t make the choice.”

Perez and Strahm exchanged a look, both understanding the gravity of the situation. They had been through so much together, and they knew they couldn’t let this be the end. They made their choice, and pulled the lever that would release Rigg.

As the door to the room opened, a figure stepped forward. It was Jigsaw’s apprentice, Amanda, who they believed to be dead.

“You made the wrong choice,” she sneered. “You were supposed to let him die. Now you’ll all pay the price.”

She triggered a trap, and the room began to fill with gas. Perez and Strahm fought to get Rigg out of the room, but he was too weak. As the gas filled his lungs, he fell to the ground, unconscious.

Perez and Strahm dragged him to safety, but they knew it was too late. Rigg was gone, and they were left with the aftermath of their choices.

As they stumbled out of the factory, they saw Hoffman waiting for them. He was grinning, knowing he had won.

“You see what happens when you try to outsmart Jigsaw?” he said. “No one wins. No one escapes. It’s the ultimate game of life and death, and I’m the winner.”

Perez and Strahm exchanged a look, knowing that the game was far from over. They would find a way to stop Hoffman and ensure that Jigsaw’s legacy would be put to rest. But for now, they were left to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives, haunted by the choices they had made.

Chapter 7: The Escape

The abandoned plant was a maze of dimly lit corridors and rusty machinery, an eerie and foreboding place that seemed to suck the life out of anyone who entered. Strahm and Perez had followed the trail of clues to this decaying factory, searching for answers to the Jigsaw case that had been haunting them for years.

The two FBI agents navigated the labyrinthine corridors, their senses alert for any sign of danger. They had already uncovered several grisly traps, and the memory of the victims’ tortured screams lingered in their minds. But they had to keep moving, they knew that the clock was ticking. Rigg’s life was in their hands, and they couldn’t afford to waste a single second.

As they approached a large steel door, Perez’s instincts kicked in. She sensed that something was off, that there was a trap waiting for them on the other side. She whispered to Strahm to be careful and readied her weapon.

Strahm nodded, his eyes scanning the area for any clues. He spotted a strange symbol etched onto the door, a twisted spiral that seemed to be a signature of Jigsaw’s. He warned Perez, but it was too late. The door swung open, and a cloud of noxious gas billowed out, filling the air with a sickly sweet smell.

Both agents coughed and gagged, struggling to breathe in the toxic fumes. They stumbled forward blindly, only to be stopped by a wall of razor-sharp blades that sliced through their clothes and drew blood.

The blades retracted, and the gas cleared, revealing a steel room with a single door. Strahm and Perez exchanged a look of grim determination and stepped inside.

The door slammed shut behind them, and they heard a familiar voice echoing through the darkness. “Welcome, agents. I see you’ve found my little trap. You’re running out of time, and Rigg is still in danger. But don’t worry, I’ve left you a clue to help you escape.”

Strahm and Perez searched the room, their hearts pounding with fear. They found a small metal box with a keypad, and a message scrawled on the wall in blood. “Seven steps to salvation. One wrong move, and you’ll meet your damnation.”

They inputted the code they had found in the previous room. The box beeped and clicked open, revealing a small key with a number seven attached to it. They knew what they had to do.

The room was split into seven sections, each separated by a wall of spinning blades. They had to cross all seven sections to reach the door on the other side. It was a deadly obstacle course, and they had no idea what horrors lay in wait.

Perez went first, her eyes fixed on the blades as she timed her movements with precision. She made it through the first section unscathed, and Strahm followed suit.

The second section wasn’t as easy. The blades moved faster, and there was a pit of spikes below. Strahm made it across, but Perez stumbled, and her leg was caught in the blades. She screamed in agony as blood spurted from her wound.

Strahm rushed to her aid, pulling her out of harm’s way. But their relief was short-lived. Jigsaw’s voice boomed from the speakers. “You failed the test. One agent must die, the other can go free.”

Strahm’s mind raced as he tried to find a way out of the deadly dilemma. He couldn’t abandon Perez, but he couldn’t afford to lose more time. He was about to make a decision when Perez spoke up.

“Go, Strahm. Save Rigg. I’ll hold them off.”

Strahm hesitated, but Perez’s eyes were resolute. He took the key and rushed through the remaining sections, his heart heavy with guilt.

As he reached the final door, he heard Perez’s screams echoing through the corridors. He tried to push them out of his mind and focused on the task at hand. He unlocked the door and burst into the room, ready to face whatever horrors awaited him.

But what he found was even worse than he could have imagined. The room was empty, except for a tape recorder and a note. He played the tape, and Jigsaw’s voice filled the room.

“Congratulations, Agent Strahm. You’ve proven yourself worthy of the final test. But be warned, the game isn’t over yet. There are still unanswered questions, still secrets waiting to be uncovered. What will you do when the truth is revealed?”

Strahm felt his world collapse around him as he read the note. It was a confession, written by Detective Hoffman himself. The man he had trusted, the man he had worked with for years, was Jigsaw’s true apprentice.

Strahm knew what he had to do. He had to stop Hoffman, no matter the cost. But first, he had to find Rigg. The clock was ticking, and the game was far from over.

Chapter 8: The Legacy

Agent Strahm and Agent Perez felt that they had been chasing their tails for far too long, as they climbed into their car and drove away from the abandoned plant. They felt that they had finally pieced together the mystery, but they couldn’t shake off the feeling that they were missing something crucial.

Perez could sense the frustration radiating from Strahm as he drove, but she knew that it was more than that. She knew that he was consumed with an obsession to uncover the truth behind Jigsaw’s games. She found it difficult to blame him, given the heinous crimes that had been committed.

They drove in silence for a few minutes, each lost in their own thoughts, until Perez decided to break the silence.

“We need to find out who Jigsaw’s apprentice is,” she said, her voice low and intense. “It’s the missing piece of the puzzle.”

Strahm nodded, his eyes fixed on the road ahead. “We know that Hoffman is involved,” he said. “But he couldn’t have done it alone. There has to be someone else.”

Perez rubbed her forehead, feeling the beginnings of a headache. “But who?” she asked, almost to herself. “Who would be stupid enough to get involved in something like this?”

Strahm snorted. “Not stupid,” he said. “Desperate. Maybe there’s someone who was willing to do anything for a taste of power. Someone who was willing to sacrifice themselves for their twisted idea of justice.”

Perez shuddered at the thought. “It’s sick,” she said. “All of it.”

Strahm nodded in agreement. “That’s why we need to stop it. We need to put an end to it.”

They continued driving, until Perez spoke up again. “Do you ever wonder if Jigsaw was right?” she asked.

Strahm looked at her in surprise. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, about making people appreciate their lives,” she said. “About showing them that they have something to live for.”

Strahm scoffed. “He was a serial killer,” he said. “He had no right to play god.”

Perez looked out the window, lost in thought. “I know,” she said softly. “But sometimes I wonder if there’s a grain of truth in what he did.”

Strahm shook his head, his eyes narrowing. “You can’t seriously be thinking that,” he said. “We’re supposed to be the good guys, remember?”

Perez sighed. “I know,” she said. “I’m sorry. It’s just that this case has been so difficult. It’s hard not to wonder about the victims and what they went through.”

Strahm reached over and gently squeezed her hand. “I know,” he said. “But we’ll get through this. Together.”

They drove on in silence again, until Strahm suddenly slammed on the brakes, causing Perez to jolt in her seat.

“What the hell?” she exclaimed.

Strahm was staring at his phone, his face pale. “It’s a message,” he said, holding up the screen for Perez to see.

The message was simple, but chilling:


They exchanged a look of dread, knowing that this was far from over. They had uncovered the truth behind Jigsaw’s games, but the legacy of his reign of terror was far from finished. As they drove back to the station, they could feel the weight of the task ahead of them, and the uncertainty of what lay ahead. They knew that the final confrontation was coming – they just didn’t know when, or where it would happen.

Chapter 9: The Confrontation

Agent Strahm and Agent Perez had been chasing after the elusive Jigsaw killer for what felt like an eternity. Each time they thought they were getting close, he always managed to slip away. But now, they were finally within reach. They had discovered the location of Jigsaw’s hideout, and they were ready to bring him to justice.

As they made their way through the dark, damp corridors of the abandoned building, they couldn’t shake the feeling that they were being watched. Every sound echoed through the halls, making it difficult to pinpoint the source. But they pressed on, their weapons at the ready.

Suddenly, a door ahead of them opened, and a figure stepped out. It was a man, dressed in black, with a mask covering his face. They immediately recognized him as one of Jigsaw’s accomplices.

“Stop right there!” Strahm shouted, pointing his gun at the man.

The man raised his hands in surrender, but before they could move closer, he suddenly lunged at them, swinging a metal pipe. They managed to dodge his attack, but he was quick, and he managed to slip away.

“Dammit!” Perez cursed, chasing after him. They chased him down a dark hallway, but when they reached the end, he was gone.

“Where did he go?” Strahm asked, looking around frantically.

Before Perez could answer, they heard a sound behind them. They turned around, guns drawn, but there was nothing there. They continued to move forward cautiously, not sure what to expect.

As they entered a large room, they saw Jigsaw himself, sitting in a chair, his back to them. He was surrounded by monitors, each one showing a different scene. They approached him slowly, their weapons trained on him.

“Jigsaw!” Strahm yelled, his voice echoing through the room. “It’s over! You’re under arrest!”

Jigsaw slowly turned to face them, a smile on his face. “Is it, Agent Strahm?” he asked calmly. “Are you really so sure?”

Perez stepped forward, her gun aimed at Jigsaw’s head. “We have you surrounded. There’s no way out.”

Jigsaw chuckled. “Oh, I wouldn’t be so sure about that. You see, Agent Perez, I have one final game for you to play.”

“What game?” Strahm demanded, his heart racing.

“The game is simple,” Jigsaw explained. “There is a bomb hidden somewhere in this building. You have ten minutes to find it and disarm it, or it will explode, killing everyone in the building.”

Perez and Strahm looked at each other, stunned. “What? That’s insane!” Perez protested. “We can’t play your sick games anymore!”

“Ah, but you have no choice,” Jigsaw replied. “The bomb is hidden well, and you’ll need to work together to find it. The clock is ticking, agents. Good luck.”

With that, Jigsaw stood up and walked out of the room, leaving Perez and Strahm alone with the monitors. They could see the timer ticking down, the seconds slipping away.

“We have to find that bomb,” Perez said, her voice barely above a whisper.

“I know,” Strahm replied, his eyes scanning the room. “But where do we start?”

They looked at each other, both of them knowing that they were running out of time. If they didn’t find the bomb soon, it would be too late. They began to search the room, looking for any clues that might lead them to the bomb.

As they searched, they began to hear strange noises, coming from all around them. The sounds were disorienting, making it difficult to concentrate. But they pressed on, desperate to find the bomb.

Finally, they found a small, metal box hidden behind one of the monitors. Strahm opened it, and they saw a jumble of wires and circuit boards, all connected to a timer. They had found the bomb.

“We have to disarm it,” Perez said, her voice urgent.

Strahm nodded, his hands shaking as he began to work on the bomb. It was a complicated device, made even more difficult by the fact that they only had a few minutes left. But Strahm was determined. He worked quickly, his eyes focused on the device.

Suddenly, the lights went out, plunging them into darkness. They could hear laughter, echoing through the room.

“What’s happening?” Perez asked, her voice rising in panic.

“I don’t know,” Strahm replied, his voice tense. He continued to work on the bomb, his fingers moving as quickly as he could.

But then, the lights came back on, and they saw that the bomb was counting down faster than ever before. They had less than a minute to disarm it.

“We have to get out of here!” Perez yelled, grabbing Strahm’s arm.

But Strahm wouldn’t budge. He was determined to finish the job, no matter what.

In the final seconds, as the bomb ticked down, Strahm managed to disarm it. They both let out a sigh of relief, collapsing on the ground in exhaustion.

But then, they heard a sound behind them. They turned around, guns drawn, but it was too late. Jigsaw’s final trap had been set, and they were the ones who had fallen into it.

The room began to fill with gas, and Perez and Strahm realized that they had been played. They had been Jigsaw’s final pawns in his twisted game, and now, they were going to suffer the consequences.

As they choked on the gas, their vision blurring, they could see Jigsaw standing before them, a triumphant smile on his face.

“It’s over,” he said, his voice echoing through the room. “The legacy of Jigsaw will live on. And you, agents, will be the ones to pay the final price.”

Chapter 10: The Endgame

Perez and Strahm were gasping for breath as they made their way through the maze of traps in the final game. Hoffman’s plan had been revealed, but it was far from over. The stakes were higher than ever, and they knew that one wrong move could be fatal.

They had been thrown into a room with two doors. One had a sign that read “Freedom” while the other had the word “Death”. The choice seemed obvious, but they knew it couldn’t be that easy. They had to solve one final puzzle before they could escape.

As they looked around the room, they noticed a large clock on the wall. It was ticking down from five minutes, and they knew they had to act fast. They began searching the room frantically, trying to find any hints or clues that could lead them to the solution.

Suddenly, Perez spotted a small box on a shelf in the corner of the room. She grabbed it eagerly and opened it up. Inside, she found a piece of paper with a cryptic message written on it.

“Time is a thief, and it waits for no one. Solve the riddle and the game is done.”

Strahm read the message over her shoulder and they both began to analyze it. They knew that time was of the essence, and every second counted. They had to solve the riddle quickly if they wanted to escape.

As they worked frantically, they began to notice strange things happening around them. The walls seemed to be closing in, and the room was filled with a gas that made it hard to breathe. They knew that Hoffman was still in control, and he was determined to make them pay for exposing his secrets.

Suddenly, Perez had a breakthrough. “It’s a clock!” she shouted. “The riddle is pointing to the clock on the wall!”

Strahm looked at the clock and realized that it was an antique clock with no hands. They had to figure out what time it was pointing to if they wanted to solve the riddle.

They looked around the room and spotted a calendar with a date circled in red. It was Jigsaw’s birthday, and they knew that must be the key. They calculated the number of years he had lived, subtracted it from the current year, and added the result to the time that the clock was pointing to. They came up with a number, and they knew it was the answer to the riddle.

They both rushed to the door with the sign that read “Freedom” and punched in the number. The door opened, and they stepped outside, gasping for fresh air.

As they looked around, they realized they were standing in the middle of a city street, surrounded by a crowd of people. They both jumped in surprise as they heard a loudspeaker announce their names and declare them as heroes. They had made it out alive, and they had solved Jigsaw’s final puzzle.

As they looked around, they saw Hoffman being led away in handcuffs. They knew that justice had been served, and they felt a sense of relief wash over them.

But as they walked away from the scene, they couldn’t shake the feeling that something was still not right. They knew that Jigsaw’s legacy would continue to haunt them, and they wondered how many more lives would be destroyed before it was finally over.

As they walked away, they promised each other that they would stay vigilant. They knew that the game was never truly over, and they would always be watching, waiting for the next trap to be sprung.

Some scenes from the movie Saw IV written by A.I.

Scene 1

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Logline: When Jigsaw’s legacy resurfaces, a new group of victims must face his sadistic games in order to survive.

Character descriptions:

– Agent Strahm: A dedicated FBI profiler determined to solve the case and bring Jigsaw’s legacy to an end.

– Agent Perez: A cautious FBI agent who follows the rules, but begins to question her own instincts as the investigation unfolds.

– Detective Hoffman: A veteran detective who seems to have a dark secret connection to Jigsaw.

– SWAT Commander Rigg: A hot-headed SWAT officer who is haunted by a tragic past event.

Setting: A dark and gritty city where Jigsaw’s legacy still haunts the community.

Dialogue between the characters:

Agent Strahm: “We need to solve this case and put an end to Jigsaw’s legacy once and for all.”

Agent Perez: “But where do we even start? We don’t even know who his new apprentice is.”

Detective Hoffman: “I may be able to help. But you have to trust me.”

SWAT Commander Rigg: “I’ve seen some messed up things in my line of work, but this is on a whole other level.”

Scene from Chapter 1:


Agent Strahm and Agent Perez arrive at the scene of Detective Kerry’s murder. They meet Detective Hoffman, who seems to be on edge.

AGENT STRAHM: “What do we know so far?”

DETECTIVE HOFFMAN: “Not much. Just that Jigsaw is back, and he’s targeting law enforcement this time.”

AGENT PEREZ: “Can we trust you, Detective?”

DETECTIVE HOFFMAN: “Of course. I want to catch this guy just as much as you do.”

Suddenly, a box appears with a recorded message from Jigsaw.

JIGSAW (through recording): “Detective Hoffman, you are still alive. But I warn you, there will be more bloodshed before this is all over.”

SWAT Commander Rigg appears, and a sense of dread fills the air.

SWAT COMMANDER RIGG: “What the hell is going on here?”

AGENT STRAHM: “Jigsaw is back. And it looks like we’re going to be playing his twisted games once again.”

The group sets out to catch the killer before more lives are lost. Little do they know, they are already caught in Jigsaw’s web of terror.

Scene 2

Logline: A decorated SWAT officer finds himself trapped in the twisted game of a notorious killer, leaving him with just 90 minutes to save his friend before succumbing to a gruesome death.


– Detective Eric Rigg: a dedicated and overzealous SWAT commander, haunted by a tragedy he couldn’t prevent.

– Detective Mark Hoffman: a veteran detective with a mysterious past and ties to Jigsaw’s killings.

– Detective Eric Matthews: Rigg’s partner and friend, who has been kidnapped by Jigsaw as part of his twisted game.


– An abandoned warehouse filled with Jigsaw’s signature traps and puzzles.


– Rigg: (panting) “Matthews! Where the hell are you?”

– Hoffman: (smirking) “You’re one of Jigsaw’s targets now, Rigg. But don’t worry, you still have time to save your friend. Solve the puzzles, and you might just make it out alive.”

Scene 2: The Game Begins


Rigg wakes up in a dimly lit room, his head throbbing. He looks around, confused. Suddenly, a TV turns on, showing Jigsaw’s signature puppet.

PUPPET (on TV): “Hello, Officer Rigg. You’ve been chosen to play a game. A game that will test your strength, your willpower, and your loyalty to your friend.”

Rigg jumps up, trying to find a way out. He sees a door, but it’s locked.

RIGG: “Matthews! Where the hell are you?”

Suddenly, a timer starts counting down from 90 minutes.

PUPPET (on TV): “You have 90 minutes to save your friend, Detective Matthews. But be warned – each puzzle you fail to solve will result in a deadly consequence.”

Rigg looks around the room and sees a table with a series of objects on it – a hacksaw, a flashlight, a key, and a note.

He picks up the note and reads it out loud.

RIGG: “There’s a key inside your partner that will unlock the door. But time is running out.”

He looks at the hacksaw and shudders.

RIGG: “No way. I’m not cutting into Matthews.”

Suddenly, the floor beneath him starts to move, and he realizes he’s standing on a platform with sharp blades underneath.

RIGG: “Oh, shit.”

He looks at the hacksaw again, desperation in his eyes.

RIGG: “I’m sorry, Matthews.”

He picks up the hacksaw, his hands shaking.

The timer ticks down, and Rigg starts to saw through Matthews’s flesh.

The scene ends with a shot of Rigg screaming as he frantically tries to save his friend before it’s too late.

Scene 3

Character Development:

Detective Hoffman – Jigsaw’s latest apprentice who is revealed to be the mastermind behind the games.

Agent Strahm – An ambitious FBI agent who is determined to uncover the truth behind Jigsaw’s legacy.

Agent Perez – Strahm’s partner, who is haunted by her past and struggles to maintain a professional demeanor.

Rigg – A SWAT commander who is thrust into a deadly game by Jigsaw.


The abandoned plant where Jigsaw’s latest victim is found.


Agent Strahm: “We need to find out who Jigsaw’s apprentice is. We’re running out of time before another game begins.”

Agent Perez: “What if we’re wrong about Hoffman? What if someone else is behind these games?”

Detective Hoffman: “You’re wasting your time. Jigsaw’s legacy is mine to continue.”

Rigg: “I don’t have time for your games. Just tell me how to save my friend.”

Scene Based on Chapter 3:


Agent Strahm, Agent Perez, and Detective Hoffman enter the plant, guns drawn. They find Jigsaw’s latest victim, a man with his eyes sewn shut, lying on the floor.

AGENT STRAHM: (examining the victim) “This is a trap. Jigsaw always has a plan.”

AGENT PEREZ: “What if Jigsaw’s not doing this? What if we’re dealing with a copycat?”

DETECTIVE HOFFMAN: “Jigsaw’s legacy will never die. I will make sure of it.”

Suddenly, a trap is triggered, and the ground beneath them begins to shake. The agents and Hoffman scramble to find cover as debris falls from the ceiling.

Rigg bursts into the room, gun drawn.

RIGG: “What the hell is going on?”

AGENT STRAHM: “We’re in a trap. We need to find a way out.”

DETECTIVE HOFFMAN: “Or we could embrace it. Jigsaw’s games are a test of our willpower.”

RIGG: (pointing his gun at Hoffman) “You’re not helping anyone, Hoffman. Tell me how to save my friend.”

DETECTIVE HOFFMAN: “You’re too late. The game has already begun.”

A door slams shut, separating Rigg from the others.

RIGG: (on his radio) “Matthews, can you hear me? I’m coming for you.”

The other three continue to search for a way out, but every door they try is locked.

AGENT PEREZ: “We’re not going to get out of here, are we?”

AGENT STRAHM: “We have to keep trying. There has to be a way.”

DETECTIVE HOFFMAN: “Or we could accept our fate. Jigsaw’s games are a way to cleanse the world of those who don’t value life.”

As they argue, Rigg walks into another room, and the door shuts behind him. He sees his friend, Detective Matthews, strapped to a chair with a bomb strapped to his chest.

RIGG: “I can get us out of this. Just hold on.”

Suddenly, a TV turns on, and Jigsaw’s puppet appears on screen.

JIGSAW PUPPET: “Hello, Rigg. I want to play a game.”

The scene ends with Rigg staring at the screen in horror, realizing that he’s trapped in another one of Jigsaw’s twisted games.

Scene 4



Strahm and Perez are interviewing a disfigured woman, LISA.


I survived one of Jigsaw’s traps. He had an apprentice, and they’re still out there.

Strahm and Perez exchange a look.


Do you have any idea who this apprentice might be?


No, but Jigsaw’s traps were always about testing people. His apprentice would have to have the same twisted mentality.


We need to find them before anyone else gets hurt.

Suddenly, Hoffman enters the room.


What are you doing here? This is a crime scene.


We’re just following a lead.


What lead?


I told them about Jigsaw’s apprentice.

Hoffman’s face darkens.


I don’t know anything about that.


We’ll see about that.

Hoffman’s phone rings, and he answers it.



I’ll call you back.

Strahm and Perez exchange another look.


What was that about?


I have to go. Stay here and don’t touch anything.

Hoffman quickly exits the room. Strahm and Perez look at each other, both suspecting that Hoffman is involved with Jigsaw’s apprentice.



Hoffman walks outside and dials a number.


(into phone)

We have a problem. They know about the apprentice.


(on the other end)

No matter. We’ll deal with them.

Hoffman hangs up and looks back at the warehouse, a sense of dread settling over him.


The scene ends with Hoffman’s sense of dread signaling to the audience that something sinister is afoot. The tension builds as Strahm and Perez suspect Hoffman’s involvement, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats, eager to see what happens next in this mysterious and engaging world of Jigsaw and his twisted legacy.

Scene 5



Agent Perez and Agent Strahm confront Hoffman in a brutal showdown, in the grimy, dimly-lit warehouse.



You son of a bitch. You’re the one behind all this.



Is it true? You’re Jigsaw’s apprentice?

Hoffman laughs softly, his eyes glistening with insane pleasure.



You’re too late. The legacy is already set in motion.



What do you mean? What legacy?

Hoffman smiles slowly, his gaze intense.



You’ll see soon enough. But first, there’s one final test to complete.

Strahm and Perez exchange nervous glances. They’ve been through Jigsaw’s games before, and they know how deadly they can be.



We’re not playing your sick games anymore. It ends here.

Hoffman’s smile broadens, and he reaches for a hidden remote.



We’ll see about that.

Suddenly, the warehouse doors slam shut, trapping the agents inside. The walls start to shift and move, and a series of traps spring to life.



What’s happening? We have to get out of here!



No, we have to finish this. We can’t let him get away with it.

The agents battle against impossible odds, dodging traps and racing against time to survive. Hoffman watches on, his eyes gleaming with sick pleasure.



Just like old times. You can’t beat the game.

But Strahm and Perez refuse to give up. They fight on with fierce determination, and their teamwork becomes their greatest weapon.

As they reach the final test, Hoffman cackles maniacally, knowing his victory is at hand. But then, in a stunning twist, Perez and Strahm outsmart him and reveal the truth behind Jigsaw’s twisted legacy.


Scene 6



Agent Perez and Agent Strahm confront Hoffman in a brutal showdown.


You’re Jigsaw’s apprentice? You worked with him to torture and kill innocent people?


It was never about torture or killing. It was about making them appreciate their lives.


Bullshit. You’re just a sick, twisted psychopath.

Hoffman smiles, and suddenly reaches for something in his pocket. Perez and Strahm pull out their guns, but it’s too late. Hoffman throws a smoke bomb, and disappears into the darkness.


Split up! We have to find him!

Perez and Strahm go in opposite directions, guns drawn. The warehouse is eerie and silent, except for the sound of dripping water.

Suddenly, Perez hears a faint clicking sound. She stops, and looks around, but sees nothing. The clicking grows louder, and she realizes it’s a timer.


(to herself)

Oh, no.

She turns to run, but it’s too late. A trap has been triggered, and a sharp blade swings down from the ceiling, slicing her in half. Blood splatters across the floor as her body falls to the ground.

Strahm hears the commotion, and runs to the sound. He sees Perez’s body, and falls to his knees in shock. Suddenly, he hears footsteps, and turns to see Hoffman walking towards him.


You’re not getting away with this.



I already have.

Hoffman pulls out a tape recorder, and presses play. Jigsaw’s voice echoes through the warehouse.


Hello, Agent Strahm. If you’re hearing this, it means that Detective Hoffman has succeeded in his final test. You see, Agent Strahm, your obsession with catching Jigsaw has blinded you to the truth. You’ve become just like him – willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals. Now, you must face the consequences of your actions.

Strahm looks up, horrified. Hoffman walks away, disappearing into the darkness.


Scene 7



Perez and Strahm sprint through the dark corridors, their breathing ragged. The sound of their footsteps echoes through the abandoned plant.



Do you hear that?



Hear what?




Strahm stops, listening carefully. The silence is deafening.



We need to keep moving.

They continue down the corridor, their flashlights illuminating the way.



What do you think Jigsaw’s final test is?



I don’t know, but we need to be prepared for anything.

They turn a corner and stop abruptly. In front of them is a large metal door with a digital lock.



This must be it.



Stand back.

Strahm approaches the door and examines the lock. He takes out a small device from his pocket and begins to work on the lock.



What are you doing?



Disabling the lock.

Suddenly, the lock clicks, and the door swings open. Inside, they see a large room filled with wires and chains.



What the hell is this?



Jigsaw’s final game.

They step inside the room, and the door slams shut behind them. The lights flicker on, revealing a figure in the center of the room.

It’s Rigg, bloodied and bruised, but alive.



Guys, you shouldn’t be here.


(rushing to Rigg’s side)

We had to come. We couldn’t leave you.


(examining the wires and chains)

What do we do?



You have to cut the wires. But be careful. One wrong move, and it’s over.

Perez and Strahm exchange a look before stepping forward, cutting the wires as fast as they can.

Suddenly, the room shakes, and a voice echoes through the walls.


Congratulations. You have passed my final test.

The wires and chains fall to the ground, and Rigg stands up, weak but alive.


(helping Rigg walk)

You did it.



Let’s get out of here.

They turn to leave, but the door won’t budge.



What’s going on?


Welcome to your final test.

The lights go out, and the room is plunged into darkness.


Scene 8



Strahm and Perez arrive at the abandoned plant, guns drawn. They cautiously make their way inside.


The plant is dark and foreboding, with rusted machinery and decaying walls. They hear a faint noise, and their instincts kick in.


Stay alert.


Got it.

Suddenly, they hear a door slam shut in the distance. They run towards it, guns raised.


As they round the corner, they see Hoffman walking away.



Hoffman turns to face them, his face cold and expressionless.


(Long pause)

What are you doing here?


We’ve been looking for you.


I’m working on Jigsaw’s legacy.


What legacy?


The legacy of justice.


You mean revenge.


It’s not about revenge. It’s about making people see the error of their ways.


By setting up sick games and torturing people?


That’s not how I see it.


You’re sick, Hoffman.


I’m carrying on Jigsaw’s message.


Jigsaw is dead.


(long pause)

Jigsaw’s message lives on.

Suddenly, Perez notices something in the shadows.


(Strained whisper)


Strahm turns and sees the silhouette of a figure behind them. They raise their guns, ready to fire.


The figure emerges from the shadows, revealing a disfigured face.


(Long pause)

What do you want with Hoffman?


We want to bring him to justice.


You can’t stop Jigsaw’s legacy.


Where is he?


It’s too late. You’ll never find him.

Suddenly, a trap door opens beneath Strahm’s feet, and he tumbles into darkness.


(Strained shout)


She runs towards the hole, but Hoffman grabs her from behind.


You’re too late.

Perez struggles to free herself, but Hoffman is too strong.


Author: AI